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NATURE By Ryan Scott

Dogs When the snow come’s down they love to go out S I D E And play all day in it and miles to go before to go in side

SUNFISH Eating worms Lives in the water Swim, swim, and swim Fighting the coronet Also eating little fry’s Fight the coronet

Nature Birds chirping chirp, Chirp, chirp, Trees falling Crack, creek, Ckkkkckkc BOOOM

Cobra I slither through the woods people think I am friendly but I trick them I am not lion But I am Poisens As A dart Frog Peaple think iam neet But I am not neet at all I hunt for my prey at Night Just Rember I am not Nice at all

Cheetah Running through the desert As fast as possible Where did it go I lost my Prey almost on my knees Stalking my prey BOOM I burst out With speed!!!!!

The sun Sun, sun shining in my face Late in the morning Getting annoyed I go outside to try to make it mad And go away but I just got sun burn

E poem ryan scott  
E poem ryan scott