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 Jørgen in an IFMGA certified mountain guide with 20 years of experience. He lives in Hemsedal and also work for the Norwegian avalanche forecasting service.

 Øyvind is currently following the mountain guide training in Norway. He lives in Hemsedal and is responsible for the daily correspondence with our guests.


Tor Olav is an IFMGA certified mountain guide with 20 years of experience. He lives in Oppdal and also work for the Norwegian avalanche forecasting service.

PÅL RØSRUD Pål is currently following the mountain guide training in Norway. He has extensive experience as an instructor in outdoor activities and has worked in Nepal, Greenland and Argentina.


Roald is currently following the mountain guide training in Norway. He has a college degree in outdoor activities and is also a certified glacier and climbing instructor. Tel: +47 977 65 192

FJELLSENTRALEN Fjellsentralen oer professional guiding and courses on rock, snow ice and tracks. All our guides are experienced mountain people with extensive experience. Our goal is to give all our guests get an educational, safe and memorable mountain experience. In addition to the program in our catalogue we oer tailor-made tours and experiences by request. Our core areas are Hemsedal, Oppdal, the Sunndal region and Jotunheimen, but we are available for on demand requests for other areas. IFMGA MOUNTAIN GUIDE is the title for the highest certification within mountain guiding. Norske Tindevegledere is the Norwegian representative in the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (IFMGA). Today there are over 20 countries that are members of the federation. The education last for a minimum of three years and involves courses, work and practice in all disciplines on rock, ice and snow. Our partners:



Do you know enough about snow and avalanche hazards to go skiing in the backcountry in a safe way? Fjellsentralen has much experience arranging avalanche courses and we know the needs of the modern free skiers and backcountry skiers and recreationalists. The duration of the course is minimum two days and will provide you with knowledge necessary to make good decisions whilst in the backcountry.

Central themes for the course: Trip planning, snow knowledge, routefinding, companion rescue, behaviour pattern for skiing, practical use of weather reports and avalanche bulletins.

Duration: From 2 days Time: On request Price: On request


Fjellsentralen takes you skitouring in Romsdalen, Sunndalen, Hemsedal, Jotunheimen and Oppdal. We have solid knowledge of these areas and have first hand information concerning the snowpack and where to find good skiing. During your day out we focus on route finding, safety, ski technique and finding terrain suited your level of skiing.

We cooperate with Phillipshaugen Lodge in Ă˜ksendalen, located in the mountain region of Sunndalen, with fantastic possibilities for skiing right outside the door! We oer packages with accommodation, meals and guiding.

Duration: From 1 day Time: On request Price: On request


Vatnahalsen has a long tradition for winter tourism, and in old guestbooks the place is referred to as the Nordic St.Moritz. The mountains surrounding Vatnahalsen and the Flåm railway has a high vertical drop and are made for skiing. From the starting point at Vatnahalsen Høyfjellshotell we ascend between 500 - 700 vertical meters and then get up to a 1000 meter descent. We also use the train for the ascent back up to our starting point at the hotel.

touring and avalanche courses in this magical place.

The hotel has a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a traditional Norwegian cuisine. We cooperate with the hotel and offer both ski

Duration: From 1 day Time: On request Price: On request

PS. The Flåm railway is by international press described as one of the most scenic in the world!


Ski touring is something that many people have heard about and it has become a very popular recreational activity over the last years. For what is better than to enjoy the descent after using nothing but your body in order to get to the top of a mountain? The mountains surrounding Hemsedal and Oppdal are very well suited to learn the basic knowledge needed to move safely in backcountry terrain.

On this course we focus on route finding, trip planning, snow knowledge and look at dierent gear to bring with us and how to utilize it. In addition you will get loads of good tips and advice on how to make the most of your ski touring.

Duration: 2 days Time: On request Price: On request


Do you dream about becoming a better freeskier? The Freeride School can help you well on your way: Learn to ski technically better Stick your cli jump landings Find the best snow Terrain and snow management Avoid avalanches The Freeride School is a two day course held in Hemsedal and Oppdal. Highly competent free skiers help you progress to become a safe and solid skier, and will adapt the level to your specific needs.

Duration: 2 days Time: On request Price: On request


Come join us on an adventure to the remote and arctic island of Svalbard. Fjellsentralen oer an eight day ski expedition to Atomfjella, located on the northern part of Spitsbergen. This region has countless possibilities for skiing in a beautiful setting. The first and last day is spent on a snowmobile, 160 km each way. We establish a basecamp from which we go ski touring. For more detailed information please contact us or see our website. Duration: 8 days Time: May 2016 Price: On request


The classic crossing of Jostedalsbreen, the largest glacier in Norway. The tour last for four days and most of the time we will be skiing on snowcovered glacier. To participate on this trip you need to be in good physical shape and being used to skiing with a large backpack several days in a row. For more details on this tour please contact us or see our website.

Duration: 4 days Time: May Price: On request


Ice climbing course

Guided ice and alpine climbs

This is a two day introduction course to the fascinating world of ice climbing. During the course we focus on correct use of equipment such as placing ice screws and axes, assessment of the ice and lots of climbing. The content of the course will be adapted to your level and needs.

Do you dream about climbing a particular waterfall or alpine route? The areas surrounding Hemsedal and Oppdal has some of the best ice climbing in Norway and with a stable and cold winter climate the season usually last from November to March.

Duration: 2 days Time: On request Price: On request

Duration: From 1 day Time: On request Price: On request


We offer guided mountaineering and alpine climbing on numerous classic mountains across Norway. Please contact us if you wish to summit a particular mountain or climbing route. The main regions we offer mountain guiding are:

On request we offer guiding in the Alps on summits such as Mont Blanc and Matterhorn.


CLIMBINGCOURSE Our tailored rock climbing courses focus on the level of each participant. Whether you are a beginner wanting to take the step from the climbing gym to the outdoors or an experienced climber we can help you on your way to the next level. We also arrange courses in companion rescue for those who wish to learn more about how to handle situations where your climbing partner is in need of your help. On our courses you will learn how to place natural protection, build belays, rope handling on multi pitch climbing, techniques for abseiling, correct use of dierent equipment and much more. No prequalifications needed. The courses are held in Hemsedal or Innerdalen.

Place: Hemsedal or Innerdalen Duration: From 2 days Time: May to October Price: On request

MOUNTAINEERINGCOURSE This course is intended for those who wish to learn more about how to travel safely in the mountains on rock, ice and glacier. Underway we focus on dierent methods for protection on rock and ice, route finding, rope - and belay techniques and companion rescue. The course is divided into sessions at designated climbing areas in the lowlands as well as longer days out in higher mountainous terrain where the participants will seek out more complex challenges consisting of both alpine climbing and glacier travel. No prequalifications are needed, but it is beneficial to be in good physical shape.

Place: Jotunheimen/Sogn Duration: 6 days Time: May-October Price: On request


In Norway we have a long tradition for glacier travel and it is an important part of mountaineering. Often one must cross glaciers to access climbing routes or get to the top of a summit. The aim for this course is to enable the participants to move safely on snowcovered glaciers as well as on pure blue ice. During the five days we focus on how to read the glaciers, safe routefinding, companion rescue, choosing from dierent methods for moving on the glacier and correct use of equipment. The course is held on some of the most scenic glaciers of Jostedalen and Jotunheimen.

Place: Jostedal/Jotunheimen Duration: 5 days Time: June - October Price: On request


We arrange guided trail riding tours in both Oppdal and Hemsedal and have very good knowledge of the best trails suited to your level. YOU NEED: • Bike (we can arrange hire) • Backpack with food and drinks for a day out • Helmet • Kneepads and tools/spare hose/pump (if you have)

Duration: From 1 day Time: June - October Price: On request Tel: +47 977 65 192