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Welcome to Kragerø - The pearl of the coastal towns. Kragerø centre is an attraction by itself with its old wooden houses, narrow streets and alleyways, small squares and winding streets. A marina, long piers, charming bridges and a pleasant promenade pier creates a maritime atmosphere. The swimming areas, small parks, galleries, sights, shops, cinema, restaurants, cafes and pubs will keep you busy throughout the day. Take a short walk to Steinmann or Veten, where you can take in the beautiful view of the town and archipelago. You simply must go exploring in Kragerø! For a long time, artists have traveled to Kragerø where they have been inspired by the light, the nature and the cultural landscape. Theodor Kittelsen, the artist known for his interpretation of mythical creatures and fairytales, was born here in 1857. His childhood home in the town centre has been transformed into a museum – Kittelsenhuset. Edvard Munch moved to Kragerø in 1909. Throughout his years here, he painted some of his most famous paintings, like “The Sun”. By using the map on page 138-139, you can walk in the footsteps of Edvard Munch and visit several of the places he painted his pictures. Some things are hard to describe in words, and the coast of Kragerø is just that! A 493 km coastline and 495 island and islets makes up this spectacular archipelago. Explore the islands by ferry, kayak or boat. Sannidal and Kjølebrønd has many beautiful farms and a rich history. This was a farming community in the old days. This area is a mecca for hiking, fishing and exploring nature. Helle is a vibrant, small community approx. 7 km from Kragerø, with large new housing developments and many families. Several of the properties have stunning views of Hellefjorden and Lovisenberg on the other side. Stabbestad is a junction on Levangsheia with a ferry connection to Kragerø several times a day, a beautiful hotel and golf course. Portør is paradise out of the ordinary. Nothing can compare with sunbathing on the sheer rocks at Portør and Stangnes when the wind is absent and the sea is quiet.



Kragerøguiden 2016

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