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Welcome to Kragerø !

Kragerø 350 years


Kragerø became a township in 1666 - 350 years ago! Our Town Jubilee will be celebrated throughout the year with many events and activities! On January 16th. 1666 danish King Frederick III signed the Kragerø town privileges at his castle in Copenhagen. With this town privileges Kragerø became township and we got our own councilman and Bailiff. Kragerø was from now on no longer dependent on Skien. On the 12th. of July we will celebrate the 350th. anniversary of Kragerøs township. This will be the biggest and most important day of the Town Jubilee celebration 2016, but there will also be held festivities and activities throughout the year!


Kragerø is part of Telemark county. The municipality has approximately 11.000 residents and the total land area is 307 km². Kragerø has a rich history entailing ships and shipbuilding, artists, painters, shipping, export of ice and timber trade. Many of the town’s residents live in the town and central areas. Kalstad, Sjåen, Helle and Sannidal are other popular residential areas. There are also scattered settlements throughout the district, and on the islands. Within the municipal boundaries there are open areas with 190 lakes , ideal for hiking, kayaking and freshwater fishing. Today, tourism is one of the largest and most important industries in Kragerø. There are over 4000 holiday homes and cabins in the municipality. Kragerø is a popular holiday destination that every summer is visited by thousands of tourists from both Norway and other countries.


Kragerøguiden 2016

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