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Complete 2013 Season

Oscar Nogues Coming from a family with strong roots in motorsport, Oscar Nogues could not have a different destiny. Born on the 21st of May 1978 near Barcelona, Oscar showed from the very beginning of his career that he was born for motorsport. As a result, he took all the right steps in order to become one of the fastest touring car drivers in the world. Although he had the possibility and the means to move into formula racing, Oscar loved touring cars and the adrenaline rush which was involved in stock car racing. His choice brought him many titles, Oscar becoming one of the most respected race drivers in the world. As a matter of fact, the Spaniard dedicates his entire time and energy to accomplishing his goal to always be the first. He trains every day and at the races he always takes a tour of the track on the bike, even if he already knows the circuit by heart. He does all this and much more in order to always be prepared to win.

CAREER Oscar Nogues is one of the fastest race drivers in the world, winning every competition he entered. After a great career start in karting, where he won against Fernando Alonso, Oscar Nogues stood out in the SuperCopa Seat Leon, which he won many times in the Spanish and European championships. This brought Oscar in the attention of the Seat WTCC works team, which offered him the possibility to race in the World Touring Car Championship. Oscar also won the 24 hours of Barcelona many times, while also racing in the Renault Megane Trophy. In 2011 Oscar Nogues became a Renault Clio Cup Italy champion, whilst in 2012 he leads the Renault Clio Cup Spain championship, having 3 wins in 5 races. His goal for 2013 is to drive in the World Touring Car Championship (WTCC).

WTCC Oscar’s main goal is winning in the World Touring Car Championship. Oscar showed in the races he did with Seat in WTCC that he is capable of great results in the championship and proved with his results that he is capable of fighting with the best drivers in the world.

The World Touring Car Championship is broadcasted live by EuroSport, having millions of viewers at each race, according to the official statistics. Over 25 other TV stations show information and news about the WTCC, including ESPN, FOX Sports and China’s CCTV5. The World Championship is a global competition from both a sporting and media point of view.

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Name Race of Italy Race of Spain Race of Morocco Race of Slovakia Race of Hungary Race of Austria Race of Portugal Race of Brazil Race of the United States Race of Japan Race of China Cuia Race of Macau


Circuit Autodromo Nazionale Monza Circuit Ricardo Tormo Marrakech Street Circuit Automotodr贸m Slovakia Ring Hungaroring Salzburgring Aut贸dromo Internacional do Algarve Aut贸dromo Internacional de Curitiba Sonoma Raceway Suzuka Circuit Shanghai International Circuit Guia Circuit

Racing Gear The most important aspect of the TV and on location promotions is the race car and the racing gear. Both will be branded in the logos of the partners, the highest level of visibility being given to the main partner. The clothing and the gear which will be used at the TV interviews and special events (BTL) will be laso branded with the logos of the partners, in the same proportion as the racecar.

Mass-media The European and world media will be constantly informed about the results and the events at which Oscar Nogues takes part by the PMRacing agency, which handles the Spaniards communication. Apart from this, the WTCC organizers have a good promotion platform. Thus, WTCC is broadcasted live by EuroSport. Also, at an intercontinental level, other 30 TV Stations broadcast reports and images from the World Touring Car Championship, including America and the Asia-Pacific zones.

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Drives in FIA World Touring Car Championship

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