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Bath Lifts For The Elderly - Regain Your Independence _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Rion Saio -

As we age, we will find that we struggle to perform simple, day-to-day tasks which can often cause us great distress and upset. An inability to perform simple tasks such as taking a bath can leave us feeling that we have lost our independence as we are required to ask for assistance. As a result, many elderly individuals may contemplate investing in a walk-in bath or shower in order to make daily hygiene easier. However, by investing in a bath lift, these individuals will not only regain their independence but can again enjoy the pleasure and convenience associated with bathing.

What Is Bath Lifts For The Elderly

Walk-in baths can provide a solution for elderly individuals who are unable to safely climb in and out of the bath without assistance but this is a decision that should not be made lightly, as their bathroom will require a whole redesign. Not only will this incur a great deal of cost, but it is also highly inconvenient as they will be unable to use their bathroom for a set period of time. Another added inconvenience of walk-in baths is that the bath must be empty before the individual can enter and exit. Not only can this leave you feeling rather cold, but it can be extremely tedious waiting for your bath to fill and empty come bath time. Luckily, the addition of a bath lift into your home can provide you with a level of

convenience and independence like no other. Not only is it more cost effective compared to walk-in baths, but it also eliminates many of the inconveniences that are associated with walk-in baths. A high quality bath lift works by gently and safely lowering the individual into the bottom of the bath tub, allowing them to cleanse themselves, relax and generally enjoy the pampering experience associated with bathing. The user will also be provided with the comfort that when they wish to get out, the bath lift will gently lift them out again. As an additional safety feature, if the bath lift does not possess enough power to lift the individual in and out of the bath, it will simply not start, eliminating the individual from being unable to exit the bath after cleansing. Furthermore, high quality bath lifts are exceptionally easy to use with the use of a handheld control unit. This means that not only can they be used with ease by the elderly, but they can also be used by an individual's helper or family member if they wish to ensure the user is safe.

Most quality bath lifts are exceptionally light and easy to install in the home meaning that they can be used in alternative locations such as when on vacation or visiting family. With a removable, transportable backrest, you will always benefit from outstanding comfort every time you bathe which can help to eliminate the discomfort often associated with conventional baths. As all aspects of the bath lift are easy to clean, you can ensure the highest level of hygiene to help eliminate infections and maintain the cleanliness of your home. As most bath lifts also run off rechargeable battery power, there is no need for messy, unsafe leads within the bathroom, helping to provide you with peace of mind.

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Bath lifts for the elderly  
Bath lifts for the elderly  

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