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Recognition & Honour ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

Sustainability is a sustainable Islamic wisdom . The University, therefore will pursue this strategic philosophy in all its activities including and more so in the creation of its environment. According to Besim Hakim , the essence of Islamic planning and urban design encompasses three main components which are the Mosque, the Governor or Commander and Suq (basic facilities for the community). The campus is a 'township', not only as a place that provides knowledge, but also forms its’ own distinctive community as a city. Based on Hakim’s studies, the main elements that made up the town planning or placement of Islam and its identity, covers the following aspects: The first, is 'Bab' or entrance. The second, 'Bat'ha' or field. The third, 'Sur' (walls or boundaries). The fourth, 'Burj' (Tower). The fifth, 'Shar' (main street, the boulevard). The sixth, 'Rabad' or 'Mahalla' (cluster accommodation or neighborhood units). The seventh, which is the last but not least, 'Khazzan' (water catchments or pond or lake). However, this does not prevent UIM from inclusion of other elements especially those that convey Malaysian Royal influences.

1 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

The Library is located in the same block as the Chancellory Building. The main functions of a library are to provide resources and research support for students and faculty. It is designed to excite and move students towards knowledge. The Library will offer workshops and courses outside of formal, graded coursework, which are meant to provide students with the tools necessary to succeed in their programs. The Library provides a quiet ambience for students on campus; it may also provide group study space, such as meeting rooms. The library provides a "gateway" for students and researchers to access various resources, both print/physical and digital. It will act as an electronic repository for institutional scholarly research and academic knowledge, such as the collection and curation of digital copies of students' theses and dissertations.

2 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

The Student’s Square is a prominent and splendid physical space that will be multifunctional and openly accessible to students, faculty, and visiting guest of the university. In addition to open gathering for students, it will be the venue where students and faculty can have ‘bazaar’ during special occasions.

3 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

Student’s Courtyard represents a model for the collective social, political and economic functions of the pleasant community of the university. Ethnography, landscape and space syntax analyses were used to reconstruct these functions. Moreover, the courtyard served as a micro-climate modifier that will enhance the environment for student to interact.

4 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

5 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

Faculty 1 comprises of a two-storey U-shaped structure which houses the main teaching and support facilities including a multimedia suite, seminar and tutorial rooms, as well as information technology centres, small lecture spaces and administration accommodation.

6 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

The courtyard form the heart of the faculty building help to determine the atmosphere of the surrounding spaces. The U-shaped building that have corridors, give access to teaching rooms overlooking the central courtyard, and it is the liveliest of the outdoor spaces.

7 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

The Faculty which is adjacent to the other facilities, give students easy access directly. The tower structures distributed throughout the plan are multifunctional which offers good accessibility for vertical circulation throughout the building. The strategic location of access points and vertical circulation stairs within the service towers offers potential zoning of access to give maximum flexibility in usage.

8 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

The University Main Dining Hall serves as the venue for formal dining function, especially during convocation. It is designed to provide comfort and serenity.

9 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

The University Convocation Hall serves as the venue for academic functions, major events, performances and social functions that involve large audiences.

10 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

The Quranic Lab is the centre for Quranic learning. The Q-Lab will be equipped with modern facilities and state-of-art learning systems. It is designed to achieve optimum physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium.

11 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

The Cyber Community Centre will be the place where students from the university and the community meet. It is designed for maximum interactions and healthy activities.

12 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘


USD 24.0 million (taken – under construction)

Auditorium – Global Wisdom Hall

USD 2.2 million

Royal Gallery

USD 2.0 million

University Lounge

USD 1.0 million

Outdoor Terrace Cafe

USD 0.5 million


USD 0.5 million

Student’s Support Areas

USD 0.5 million

Student’s Accommodations – 5 blocks

USD 5.0 million each

Gateway (Bab) – 5 locations

USD 1.0 million each


13 ‘ The Power Of Pragmatic Imagination ‘

ROYAL Islamic University Malaysia  

A Royal Islamic University in Cyberjaya, Malaysia

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