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Helpful Coupon Tips

With money being tight these days, I have learned to turn to the internet to save money on my weekly groceries. There are several excuses as to why people don't use coupons, with the three top excuses being: I don't need the items I forget the coupons It takes a lot of time to clip coupons While it is true that there are several coupons that you really can't use, there are several more that are worth a lot of money. You have to take the time to read and figure out what you can use and make sure those are clipped. If you tend to forget coupons, make a binder and organize them by category. I never leave my book at home, it is too big to forget! Once you get a routine going, coupons do not take a lot of time. When you are first setting up your book, yes, it will take some time. Once your book is finished, it will take about an hour each Sunday to clip your coupons, purge expired coupons and refill your book. An hour of my time is worth the savings at the store. Think of it as being an hourly salary, if I saved $50.00 one week, I made $50.00 an hour organizing my coupons. When you are working with coupons, the first thing you have to remember is that coupons are good for stockpiling, meaning when something is on sale you need to purchase quantity. Depending on the sales each week, you will end up getting items for free. As a rule, I purchase 10 of each insert each week. If I feel I need more than 10 of each coupons, I will search popular websites to see if they are for sale individually. There are several websites out there that sell just the coupons, do a search in your search engine to pull them up. There are also several free websites that match up your coupons with the store sales, making it pretty simple to see how much your final total will be if you bought only the sale items. Good luck couponing!

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How Grocery Coupon Websites Can Help You Save Money  
How Grocery Coupon Websites Can Help You Save Money  

Coupons are frequently used as a marketing tool. They are tickets that can be exchanged for a discount or rebate when purchasing a product o...