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Extreme Couponing Without The Extreme

You may have seen shows about "extreme couponing" - using coupons to buy hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for just pennies on the dollars - on TV, but maybe you think you don't have the hours and hours required to research store sales, and look through paper coupons and online coupons to see what's available. Good news - you don't have to spend hours to save money with coupons! Read on to learn how to coupon and save thousands of dollars per year, without "extreme couponing." Learning to Coupon: Sales Cycles You may have heard the "extreme coupon" folks discuss store sales cycles. First, most grocery stores follow a twelve-week sales cycle. During the cycle nearly every grocery store item will reach a high price and a low price. It's essential to buy the items you use while they are at their rock bottom low price, and stock up for the next twelve weeks until they reach their low price again. This way you avoid ever paying the highest price for your pantry essentials, and can get brand name products for much cheaper than the store brand. Unlike the "extreme couponers," you don't have to buy 100 boxes of cereal, but stocking up on six boxes of cereal at a time could save you an extreme amount of money in the long run Combining Sales and Coupons Using paper, direct to store card or printable coupons alone, you will always save you some money, but couponing, even extreme couponing can only save you so much. You can save even more money when you combine your coupons with other sales. Once the items you like have reached their rock-bottom low price you can save a bundle using your coupons at the same time. Think about it would you rather save $.50 off a $4.00 box of cereal or save $.50 off a $2.00 box of the same cereal? It's a no-brainer, right? Organizing Your Grocery Coupons Walking around the grocery store holding a stack of coupons can be confusing, takes a lot more time than it should, and often you miss a lot of bargains due to lack of organization. One tip for organizing your grocery coupons is to use a binder or accordion file to organize every single coupon you receive in the Sunday newspaper each week (even if you think the store brand will be cheaper). If you don't want to cut out each one, just keep them uncut within their inserts and file them by date. Grocery coupon listing websites will tell you which coupons to use each week as well as which insert

you can find them in. This makes it quick and easy to maximize your extreme couponing savings at the supermarket! Everyone has their own version of extreme. If you have never used coupons before, extreme couponing may be saving just $20 a week on groceries. But with the help of a grocery coupon listing website, even coupon "newbies" can save hundreds of dollars on their groceries every month. These websites make it easy to use coupons by doing all the work for you. They tell you when each product has reached its low point in the sales cycle, which coupons to use with each sale, and much more. You're friends will be shocked and amazed at how much money you save on your groceries using your newly learned extreme couponing techniques!

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