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The holiday season has seen the Kindle Fire rise to the top of both markets for tablets and ereaders. For awhile, Kindles were perceived by many consumers as the more popular, lesserfunctioning little sisters of the Barnes & Noble Nook Color. The Kindle Fire appeared to change that perception in a hurry, though. Suddenly, a wide range of people were shopping for the more powerful version of Amazon's ereader and buying them as gifts for others and even for themselves. The great thing about shopping for and getting this latest Kindle device is that the device is supported by one of the world's largest online marketplaces. What Makes the Latest Kindle Version More Powerful? The latest version of Kindle is offered at a competitive price for an ereader that has the computing power and operating system support of a tablet PC. This ereader immediately took the Kindle reading device from a lesser-functioning ereader to a tablet PC competitor, pitting it against the more featured, and far more expensive iPad 2. While there is actually very little that these tablets have in common, some of their main features, such as etext display and multimedia playback, overlap to the extent that many shoppers are discovering that the Kindle Fire is powerful enough to meet all of their needs at a significantly lower price. Start Shopping for this Powerful Kindle Version Interested in owning this ereader? You can go straight to Amazon for deals on a new Kindle Fire or you can shop around and wait for clearance sales. Either way, you'll get an ereader that can also be used for watching movies and listening to music. The viewing experience is particularly nice on the clear 7-inch widescreen display. Perhaps the most powerful Kindle Fire feature is the steady supply of media provided by Amazon. You can choose from thousands of movies or thousands of books. These are readily available and will be delivered straight from Amazon to your Kindle device. You also have a choice whether to rent books and movies or buy them. More Than Just Providing Entertainment and Education The latest version of Kindle can also be used to browse the Web and take advantage of a variety of other Internet protocols over a wireless connection. You can use it at hotspots or in the comfort of your home. The Amazon Silk browser has gotten rave reviews for its ease of use from current Kindle Fire owners. It is among the many features that make the Kindle Fire one of the hottest ereaders on the market today.

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The latest version of Kindle is offered at a competitive price for an ereader that has the computing power and operating system support of a...

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