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16 February 2017 Good Health


fit at every age SPORT OR PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Strength training SUPPORT: God, my mom and my girlfriend WHY I WORK OUT: I hear about the problem with obesity and people that are older who can’t get in shape. My dad died at 59 and he was in the military his entire life. Marines stressed that your body is your weapon and you can do anything if your body is in shape. Exercise is one of the freest things you can do to alleviate a lot of problems. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO BECOME A PERSONAL TRAINER? I figure if I stay on top of my body and keep my food clean, it alleviates a lot of problems. I teach a boot camp class outdoors when weather is warm. A lot of people don’t know how to start or eat properly and how to incorporate eating, exercise and resting. It’s like having a car and not knowing how to take care of it. WHAT KEEPS YOU MOTIVATED TO STAY ON TRACK? The fact that people ask me questions and they want to know how I got to where I’m at, at my age. They think I have taken supplements and steroids but it’s actually a compliment, and it motivates me to stay on top of it. Young people tell me I look young or don’t look the age I am and I tell them they can do it. I’m just like everyone else. I’ve had times when my weight fluctuated. But when my father passed away at 59 due to complications from diabetes, I really looked at it. I realized that exercise kills a lot of the health problems we could have. WHO/WHAT INSPIRES YOU? The fact that people need help. Other trainers look at the dollar signs and how much money they can get. It’s not like that to me. I’m inspired by honestly trying to help somebody because if I help you, you’re doing to tell others about it. And they may have qualities that help me in my life. A lot of people don’t have money to buy supplements and personal trainers. I’m the dollar store of personal training – I don’t charge a lot, but you get a lot. BRAGGING RIGHTS: I pat myself on the back that I am this fit at 55. Younger people hate on me but if people hate on you, that means you’re on the right track. I’ve had the opportunity to train some major athletes, those in high positions. They consider me over all these other guys that have won body building contests. FITNESS GOAL: Honestly, I was thinking about may-

Anthony Eggleston Personal Trainer, Club Bouncer



Anthony Eggleston is a personal trainer and bouncer on Beale Street.

be competing, just to see where I might place or if I’m capable of doing that. FAVORITE GEAR: I love Dri-fit clothing. I love Nike and I love Under Armour gear. I also like to use waist trainers sometimes. NOBODY KNOWS: I have transportation but I love to walk everywhere I need to go. If you’re within a certain mileage of me, I’ll walk or run. I don’t care what kind of weather it is. I can jog 3-5 miles. Walking, I’ll do 10 to 20 miles. I try to time myself to get places on time. FIT TIP: You need to control and watch your eating habits. Food consumption is the biggest issue with working out — how many times of day you eat, and what you’re eating. You have to watch your food intake, especially when you get older. You can lift

weights, run, do cardio all day long, forever, but if you’re not controlling what’s going into your body, you are just be spinning your wheels. You can start at the age of 55 and get in shape. You can start at the age of 65. I’m trying to show people — you can do this. GUILTY PLEASURE: I love cake. I love any type of cake, especially chocolate. If it’s chocolate, I’ll eat it up. If I see chocolate I go crazy. NEXT UP: Right now, getting my information to people in Memphis. I want to reach out to the people of Memphis. I want to make it very, very affordable. I want to help Memphis as much as I can. TEACH: Planet Fitness, stadiums, parks CONTACT INFO: 901-417-9362,

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