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Backyard Splash

Alfresco Kitchens A growing Memphis trend

Family brings outdoors into everyday life


your Outdoor


explains possible effects +Frosty February: Horticulturist of unseasonably cold temps


n the Midsouth, the name Ken

Garland is synonymous with quality.

Our family has built fine custom homes and

renovated existing homes for generations. “TO THE LAST DETAIL” is our motto for a reason: from the foundation to the crown moulding, we oversee every detail. For your new construction or remodeling projects, let us exceed your expectations.


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G U R L E Y S M E M P H I S . C O M

From The Editor


fter the winter we just had, I could not be more excited to celebrate spring in Memphis with our outdoor issue. We focused on homes and home features that embrace outdoor space. From the gorgeous stone work adorning architect Brad Shapiro’s new home (pg.

18) to the poolside oasis that brought one Memphis family out of the house and into the backyard (pg. 21), we have stories inside to inspire the outdoorsman in all of us. We stopped by the Memphis Botanic Garden and spoke with the director of horticulture about what this year’s unseasonably cold winter could mean for our gardens (pg. 15), and we also shined a light on a couple of local artists (pg. 12, 27), as well as the volunteer work of Memphis Area Master Gardeners (pg. 26). Delve inside for information about outdoor kitchens (pg. 24), the perfect patio furniture (pg. 35) and other local gems that could add the perfect decorative touch to your home (pg. 28). Don’t forget to flip through to the end for a great roasting prep course and accompanying recipes, courtesy of our hospitality guru, Sarah Matheny Gordon. Thanks for reading, and as always, if you are working on a home renovation project or know of one that would make for a great FIX feature, please contact me at patterson@ You can also find us on Facebook ( ) and Pinterest ( All the best,




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Kitchens Unlimited. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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Gurley’s Azalea Garden. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9

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Lampshade House.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10

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CHESTNUT HALL ),1( )851,785( ‡ ,17(5,25 '(6,*1



Artist Spotlight story by Sara P. Shirley • photos by Brandon Dill

Cathy Lancaster


ou might describe Cathy Lancaster’s career as late blooming. The painter never took art classes in high school, and she was a marketing major in college. It wasn’t until she was in her 30s that she opened her mind to the possibility of an art career. Lancaster’s

inspiration came from her mother, painter Priscilla Cunningham. The year was 2004, and at that time, Lancaster lived in New Orleans with her husband and three children. Her mother had been working as a professional artist in the Memphis area for about 10 years. Lancaster said that while she loved to talk with her mother about art, she found herself trying to tell her mother what to paint. Cunningham suggested Lancaster try illustrating her ideas. She gave Lancaster access to all of her art supplies while the family was visiting Memphis during the summer and let Lancaster paint as she pleased. Lancaster created five paintings in three days, and Cunningham took them to a local gallery where she had been selling her work. A month later, four of the paintings had sold, encouraging Lancaster to keep at it. But soon thereafter, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina swept


march • april 2014

Libertyland, 56"x64" mixed media on panel

Zippin Pippin I, 52" round mixed media on panel through New Orleans. Lancaster’s home was one of the many casualties of the devastating storm. The family uprooted to Memphis. Lancaster continued painting, but with a renewed sense of purpose, she said. She strived to show the vibrancy and character of New Orleans in her work. She also learned to embrace the imperfections in her abstract paintings, which are colorful, quizzical and layered. “Looking back, I’m grateful that I didn’t go to art school,” said Lancaster. “Not that I wouldn’t consider going sometime, but I feel like I have more freedom this way. I can figure stuff out on my own.” Lancaster now shares a studio in Midtown Memphis with her mother, and her work has been shown across the country. Eli Manning has one of her paintings, as does the fictitious country star Rayna Jaymes from the television show “Nashville.” “The way I paint is intuitive,” said Lancaster. “I treat it like

Sea World III, 24"x36" mixed media on canvas

problem solving.”

Lancaster’s newest exhibit, titled “Merry Go Round,” will be on display at L Ross Gallery on Sanderlin Avenue in East Memphis until the end of March, with an opening on March 7 from 6-8 p.m.

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Frosty February Story by Sara P. Shirley Photos by Jason Terrell

What will the unseasonably cold temperatures mean for your garden this year? s small granules of ice fell on


The repeat freezing and thawing of

attitude this year,” said Pudwell. “If your

the grounds of the Memphis

the ground this year will spell trouble for

foliage has turned brown that’s a sign of

Botanic Garden in mid-February,

many perennials, said Pudwell, and will

death, of course, but if you scratch the

horticulturist Rick Pudwell talked with

especially hurt plants that typically thrive

FIX about the unseasonably cold winter

in warmer “hardiness” zones.

weather and its potentially frustrating gardening effects.

Hardiness zones are rated by the United States Department of Agriculture and are based on the

Here are a few of the plants that Pudwell

average annual extreme

said were having a tough go of it this year:


Camellias • Gardenias Crape Myrtles • Indian Laurel

in an area.

And here are a few plants that will likely thrive after Memphis’ colder-than-usual winter:

Hostas • Tulips • Peonies


Knowing what zone you garden in will help you determine what plants will survive in your area, said Pudwell. A little planning

“We haven’t had a harsh winter like

and research into where you want to

this since 1989,” said Pudwell, who is the

garden and what you want to buy before

director of horticulture at MBG. “But we

heading to a plant sale could save many

won’t know the full extent of the damage

headaches in the long run, he added.

until we get some hot weather.”

Horticulturalist Rick Pudwell is pictured in one of the greenhouses at the Memphis Botanic Gardens.

“We’ve just got to take a wait and see

Radiant Orchid: Gardening and fashion collided this year when “Radiant Orchid” was named the Pantone color of the year. Radiant Orchid is a captivating shade of purple with rosy undertones. Be on the lookout for this color, which is serving as inspiration for fashion and interior designers this year. On our cover, horticulturist Rick Pudwell is seen holding the intriguing orchid shade that made a splash at this year’s New York Fashion Week.

march • april 2014


Frosty February bark and see green underneath, you know there’s still a chance for life.” For this reason, Pudwell advises against uprooting seemingly dead plants in March or April. “Don’t be in a big hurry,” said Pudwell. “If it gets to be June, though, and nothing has changed, then you’ve unfortunately lost the battle.”


Can you name the carnivorous plant shown in this photo

Inside of a Greenhouse at the Memphis Botanic Gardens.


green beauty uses its sticky, glandular leaves to lure, trap and digest small insects. This plant is great for homeowners battling pesky fruit fly problems. Some variations produce pretty purple flowers. Still unsure of the name? We’ve got the answer on our Facebook page, www.

Locally Owned and Operated for Over 45 Years.

L AWN CARE | SHRU B CARE | AER ATION SEED ING | INSECT AND FU NG US CONTRO L b e a u t yl a w n s p r a y. c o m

9 0 1 . 8 6 7. 8 3 3 5

662.830.8335 TN #282


march • april 2014

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P.O. Box 520 • Cordova,TN 38088

901- 371- 6023 march • april 2014


Personal Design

Story by Sara P. Shirley Photos by Nathan Berry


hen an architect known for building dream homes across the Mid-South embarks on a

project for his own family, it’s something special. So when Brad Shapiro, of Shapiro & Company Architects, moved into his new digs in Germantown, FIX magazine was one of the first visitors to knock on his door. We got a sneak peak of the home before the interior design was finalized and talked with Shapiro about the inspiration




residence. “I used notes from different homes I had designed for clients, and the concept came quickly,” said Shapiro. “I knew how we lived, what we needed and how our tastes had changed and evolved over time.” Shapiro teamed up with Michael Christie, of Christie Cut Stone, to bring several of his concepts to life. The house sits atop a hill, and a flagstone walk way A flagstone walkway leads to the limestone entryway. 18

march • april 2014

brings one to the arched entryway, which is adorned with limestone. The facade is composed of limestone, multi-blend stone and brick. The staircase features a reclaimed post.

The interior of the home features traditional English-style wood paneling, and a multitude of large windows allow natural light to flood into the home. The living room features a vaulted ceiling, with the beams painted an iron ore color that travels throughout the house. The Gothic arch in limestone fireplace ties the exterior to the interior and a courtyard patio adds to the home’s European styling. Recessed, canned lights (with incandescent bulbs) compliment the home’s natural lighting. Other light fixtures in the home were reclaimed, as was the staircase newel post. Shapiro used soapstone for the kitchen countertops and the kitchen floor is a multicolored slate. The most unique feature in the house is likely the soundproofed room Shapiro designed for his teenage son, who plays guitar and drums. “That room,” said Shapiro, “was one we definitely needed.”

A limestone fireplace in the living room ties the exterior to the interior.

march • april 2014


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Backyard Story by Sara P. Shirley Photos by Nathan Berry



fter relocating to Memphis from

“It’s completely different from what it

Florida eight years ago, Noelle

was,” Daniele said. “We have everything

Daniele said her family missed

we need to be outside. I can’t think of

“being outside” more than anything else. “The first house we lived in had a pool

A view of the backyard from the outdoor addition.

anything we have inside that we don’t

includes a fireplace for entertainment

have outside now.”

in any season. A locker-room style

in the backyard but there was no room to

To complete Daniele’s vision, the

expand,” Daniele explained. “So we looked

Above All team built an addition to the

into the Valley Brook neighborhood (in

home for an outdoor kitchen and added

An existing, lagoon-style pool in the

East Memphis) and bought a home with

an overlooking loft with access from

backyard was replaced with a rectangular

a big backyard.”

the home’s second story. The loft, which

pool capped in limestone. To the side of

From there, the transformation from

Daniele nicknamed the “frat room” in

the pool, the team added a koi pond with

ordinary backyard to outdoor oasis began.

honor of her teenaged children, has a

bridge and back patio seating space. The

Daniele went to Above All Custom Pool

glass railing that allows guests to watch

Above All team transported koi fish from

and Landscaping to turn the space into a

the television in the outdoor room without

Daniele’s old house to their new pond,

livable outdoor environment.


a request that was a first for Above All

Copper fountains add an artistic touch to the limestone-capped rectangular pool.


march • april 2014

The outdoor living area

bathroom was added to the garage for pool guests.



business and operations manager E.J. Cox. “This project was really a collaboration with the client,” Cox said. “Noelle ultimately knew what she wanted, and she worked closely with our landscape architect, Jason Dawkins, throughout the process. A lot of the design elements were ideas of hers.” Daniele chose to accent the pool with copper fountains. A wet deck with umbrella stands allows for sunbathing in chaise lounges while partially submerged. “All of the kids’ friends stay at our house now,” said Daniele. “And we’re outside all the time, just like we used to be.”

A wet deck allows swimmers to relax and sunbathe while partially submerged.


march • april 2014


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Prices Include Installation

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Story by Sara P. Shirley Photos by Nathan Berry



cross the Mid-South, homeowners

Who wouldn’t want to be able to cook

without ever leaving the backyard. No

are taking grilling to a new level

a turkey or a steak or a pizza or a batch of

traveling back and forth from the kitchen

with the installation of outdoor

cookies with the same device?

during grill time. No dripping pool water

kitchens. “It’s a growing trend,” said Mike








into the home when your guests need a


snack break. No heading inside to watch the big game.

Edmundson, of Ken Rash’s Inc. in

caddies with ice makers underneath,

Memphis. “They really started getting

outdoor blenders, built-in mini-fridges,

“There’s a lot you can do,” said

popular four or five years ago.”

cutting boards that feed into the garbage

Edmundson. “This is the kind of the next,

can and lowered burners for deep frying.

‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ home

outdoor furniture and has an outdoor

Harry Adams of East Memphis

feature, so more and more people are

kitchen in its showroom that is sometimes

installed an outdoor kitchen in his home

used for cooking demonstrations, FIX

2 ½ years ago and said he couldn’t be

dropped by to learn more about what an

more pleased with the results.

Because Ken Rash’s specializes in

outdoor kitchen has to offer.

“It’s a great place to congregate,” he

The customizable features available

said. “We have a tv outside, a green egg, a

are manifold, but the star of most outdoor

burner…everything you need to entertain

kitchens seems to be “The Big Green


Egg,” which is a grill, oven and smoker all wrapped into one.

looking into it.”

The main perk of having an outdoor kitchen is the ability to cook and entertain

Mike Edmundson shows off The Big Green Egg's cooking capabilities in the outdoor kitchen at Ken Rash's, Inc. 24

march • april 2014

march • april 2014


Blogs We Love

Garden W


Story by Sara P. Shirley Photo courtesy of Suzanne Allen


hat does it mean to be a master gardener? In Tennessee, certified master gardeners wear dual hats as both horticultural

 $ $  

experts and community volunteers.

In Shelby County, the some 400 Memphis Area Master Gardenening

volunteers are tasked with helping the county share horticultural information with the community. One of the ways they do this is with a blog called “Garden Musings.� “I thought having a blog would be a fun thing, and an extra way to get the word out about who we are and what we do,� said Suzanne Allen, a master gardener and the blog’s coordinator. The frequently updated blog includes tours of master gardens; tips and recommendations from the experts; and posts about the volunteer work the gardeners perform. For instance, several of the blog posts refer to work at “PAR� gardens. PAR stands for “planting a row� for the hungry and PAR gardens provide fresh produce for local shelters, halfway houses and other charities. Last year, local master gardeners performed an estimated 28,000 hours of community service in the Mid-South.


In a recent post on the blog, the gardeners mentioned that they’ll be at the 2014 Spring Fling in the Big Red Barn at the Agricenter with





a booth titled “Ask A Master Gardener.� You can take your gardening dilemmas to them at the March 21-22 event, which is free and open to the public. You can also pose your questions to them by calling their hotline during business hours at 901-752-1207. Check out the blog at Memphis Area Master Gardeners make themselves available for questions during the 2013 Spring Fling at the Agricenter.

       %   #

" %  


march • april 2014



Artist Spotlight By Sara P. Shirley


here’s a story that Memphian

Hamlett Dobbins

abstract work.

p.m. The exhibit is composed of small

Hamlett Dobbins likes to tell

In the story with Rebecca, for example,

when he is asked to explain his

Dobbins stripped the moment down to its

artistic point of view.

essential elements—the grass, the skin,

“I am still working with the same

the hair, the sky—and expressed them

goals, but surely the work is changing

separately in his work.

somewhat considering the change in

Dobbins, 43, was visiting

his friend Rebecca a few years ago in Iowa City, his graduate school stomping

“I make abstract paintings because

grounds, when he was struck with an

that’s how my brain works,” he says. “I

acute awareness of his surroundings.

don’t know why, it’s just how it is.”

paintings Dobbins has created since arriving in Rome.

location and the difference in light,” he says. The exhibition’s title was brought

Dobbins has lived in Memphis most

on by his change in studio practice in

of his life, though he is living in Rome,

Rome, where he has been able to relax

Italy, as a visual arts fellow. Dobbins

and paint in long stretches of time. He

has a new show running at David Lusk

compares his regimen to the tending of

Gallery from March 11 to April 19, with

a garden or home, thus the show’s title,

an opening on Friday, March 14 from 6-8

“The Attendant.”

Hamlet Dobbins’ exhibit, “The Attendant,” will be on display at David

Lusk gallery from March 11 to April 19. David Lusk is located in East Memphis, inside the Laurelwood shopping center.

Untitled (For A.A.R./T.T/W) Oil on linen on panel, 2014 “The sky was so blue and she had just had her hair cut and colored this beautiful red,” he says. “We were walking along and came across a pallet of sod that had just been cut. It was so beautiful, green and lush and it had a little bit of dew on it. Rebecca was so taken with it that she leaned down and put her cheek against the sod to feel how it felt on her skin. I have probably made dozens of paintings about that moment.” Those sorts of moments, the kind where you feel connected with the world around you, are at the heart of Dobbins’

Untitled (notes on M.M.R./G.U.T./I.V.), 2013, oil on linen, 40x48”

march • april 2014



From the handmade vintage bracelet that


sparkles in the sun to the piece of driftwood art that brings nature into your home, here are some of our favorite local outdoor accessories.

Argent Outdoor Lantern $108

Magnolia Lighting, Hernando (662) 429-0416

Salvaged ornamental metal window coverings $39 a piece

Echoes of Time, Midtown Memphis (901) 210-5074

“Guitar Man” driftwood wall art $95

Echoes of Time, Midtown Memphis (901) 210-5074

Liztech handmade vintage stone bracelet


Gift Horse, Germantown (855) 446-4939

Metal wall art $73.50

Terri Hannah Home and Garden, Germantown (901) 257-2965


march • april 2014

84 N. Main | Collierville, TN 38017 | 901.861.7111 Monday-Friday 10:00-5:00 Saturday 11:00-4:00


Easter Bunny

By Sara P. Shirley Photos by Jason Terrell


Begin by folding the napkin in half. Fold in half again. Bring each side to meet in the

While browsing Pinterest earlier this month, I stumbled upon several bunny napkinfolding tutorials. I’m no origami master, but these instructions were easy enough to replicate in minutes. Here are four easy bunny folds that will give your Easter table setting a little hop.

middle and fold down. (Your napkin will have a point at the top and a flat bottom). Fold the bottom edges up, creating a diamond shape. Fold the right and left sides in half, bringing their points slightly above the center of the

Classic Rabbit Ears

diamond. (These will be your ears). Take the

This classic look can be enhanced with the

fold it down. Curve your napkin and you’ll see

use of starch and an iron. I did not iron my

that pockets have formed. Slide the right top

napkins during practice, so it isn’t required,

point into a pocket. This is now your base.

but it might help if you are having trouble.

Set upright and fluff the ears.

pointed triangle at the top of your napkin and

Peter Cottontail

Follow the same steps for the classic ears, but don’t worry about the pockets. Instead, tie a ribbon around the ears after you’ve created them. Take the pointed triangle and fold it down. Add a cotton ball to the back.

Bunny Bundles

These napkin bunnies are so cute and easy to make that they might multiply around your house as quickly as rabbits. The Pinterest tutorial that I found used handkerchiefs, and they looked great. Napkins still work, though, and I used both in this example. Begin by folding the napkin in half diagonally. Roll the napkin into a long

tube. Fold the tube in half—the ends are going to become your ears. Hold the ears together, find a point close to midway, and tie a knot. Important: Do NOT tie the two ends of your tube (the ears) into a knot. I did this several times before I figured out that you must treat the ears as one end and the folded bottom as the other. Arrange and fluff the ears.

Follow FIX on Pinterest at And if there is a pinterest-inspired craft project you’d like us to try, send it via social media or email the editor at

Happy Pinning!


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The Cinch

I named this one the cinch because it doesn’t really need any instruction or explanation. Fold your napkin diagonally and roll it up, like you do for the bunny bundles. This time, just cross the ears over one another and fasten together with a ribbon. I placed small candied eggs in the center of my “cinch,” and added a peep on top of the nest.

why we love our home

(Left to right) Lindsey Ammend and her daughter, Maddie Grace Howard, love their home in Collierville.


Diamond in the Rough

Story by Sara P. Shirley Photos by Kyle Kurlick


hen Lindsey Ammend began

down bigger houses for this one, for what

the search for a new home in

I could see myself doing with it,” Ammend

Collierville last year, she didn’t


shy away from fixer uppers. “I didn’t decide on a house for what it had, but for what it could become,”

And a year later, the Central Day School teacher’s extensive renovation work has turned her house into a home.

Ammend said. She worked with real

Ammend began by gutting the kitchen

estate agent Jill McKnatt and put her

and adding all new appliances, cabinetry

roots down in a four bedroom, two

and countertops. The porch, which was an

bathroom home in the Terra Oaks

uncovered slab of concrete, was extended


and screened in. Ammend added two

“When we were looking, I turned

large ceiling fans and an abundance of

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Diamond in the Rough Lindsay Ammend lives with her daughter, Maddie Grace Howard, in this Collierville home.

Ammend renovated the kitchen after buying the home.

light to the room, which is now one of

new cabinets to the laundry room. An

she either created herself or bought

her favorite because, in warmer months,

old closet in the garage became a mud

second hand. One of her favorite

she can relax or work on chores while

room, and Ammend turned the attic into

features is a rustic dining room table

keeping an eye on her daughter Maddie

a playroom for her daughter, Maddie

with bench seating that Ammend found

Grace, who enjoys playing outside with


at Sheffield’s Antiques in Collierville.

Friends describe Ammends’ style

For Ammend, a budding DIYer and

Ammend extended the existing wood

as “shabby chic,” she said, and many of

pinterest enthusiast, the opportunities

flooring on the bottom floor and added

the decorative elements in the home

for home improvement are limitless.

the family’s two dogs.

Lindey Ammend improved the casual dining area by adding her own touches on the reclaimed chairs.


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Diamond in the Rough

“My next project—and I always have a next project—is the front flowerbed,” Ammend said with a laugh. “I’m just really attached to this house because of all I’ve put into it,” she added. “It feels nice to walk through the door every day because the house is just ‘us.’”

(left to right) Lindsey Ammend and her daughter, Maddie Grace Howard, enjoy some ice cream in their dining room, one of their favorite rooms in their Collierville home.


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18 gauge Stainless Steel Under-Mount Sink with each kitchen countertop order

Ammend converted a concrete slab in her backyard into a covered, screen porch with several seating options.

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Pros Who Know

Echoes of Story by Sara P. Shirley Photos by Brandon Dill



t’s known as the “pinteresting” store,

local Memphis art.

Vintage closet out your old furniture, come see me first.”

and the title befits the eclectic, vast

The couple enlists help of salvagers to

The Abrahams’ store is fit to burst,

range of goods and services available

find many of their pieces. They frequent

with thousands of items at prices ranging

at Echoes of Time on Madison Avenue

auctions and estate sales; they hunt

from $1 to $5,000 or more. Product

in Midtown.

for driftwood at Sardis Lake and they

examples include an antique empire

barter for goods in house. Chris does the

dresser, a vintage closet, salvaged

woodworking and Stacey, the painting.

doorknobs, repurposed vanities, lamps,

If you’re looking to spruce up your

windowpanes and wall art. The variety

home using pieces you already have,

of goods reflect the couple’s desire to

Stacey and Chris are the pros who know

appeal to customers at any price range.

how to help you.

to walk in a store, and even if you don’t

to chalk paint) to give new life to heirloom

have a lot of money, to be able to buy a

furniture pieces, and she also teaches

gift—to do a little something special for

DIY-savvy customers how to repurpose

somebody,” Stacey said.

old or found objects.

projects Stacey and Chris have worked

experience for me, personally, because I

on, including before and after pictures,

discovered an artistic talent and to see it

visit the store’s Facebook page by typing

come out has been so much fun,” Stacey

of “Echoes of Time Memphis” into the

said. “If you’re thinking about throwing

search bar.

Owners Chris and Stacey Abraham opened their business two years ago, and recently moved to a larger storefront a couple of doors down from the original space. What started as Chris Abraham’s side project selling wares at antique customers looking to repurpose furniture, find vintage and antique home pieces or browse through a rotating collection of 34

march • april 2014

To see some of the repurposing

“This has been such a wonderful

Refurbished corner cabinet

malls has become a destination for

“I know how important it is to be able

Stacey mixes her own paints (similar

Echoes of Time owners Chris and Stacey Abraham hunt for vintage and antique items in a variety of places.


Story by Sara P. Shirley

home in Upstate New York set


out to create the ultimate in lawn

workers caught a glimpse of Carlisle’s

for the


century ago, a man with a summer


who was also retiring.

As soon as friends and former co-

work, orders for Adirondack chairs

The style of chair he came up with

started pouring in, he said.

around 50 pounds, and Carlisle’s orders are usually for a pair and matching table, he said. Carlisle will also engrave the owner’s names on the chairs for a more personal,

is now known as the Adirondack and

“I started doing these two years ago in

was named for the region of New York

June, and that was about 150 chairs ago,”

“I’ve done some Tennessee chairs,

known as the birthplace of the American

Carlisle said in a recent interview. “I’ve

some U of M chairs—that kind of stuff,”

vacation. Demand for the classic style,

got some 20 orders right now, and it’s all

said Carlisle. “People like the team colors.”

which includes wide arms, a slanted back

come from word of mouth. I put pictures

Asked why the chairs are still so

and low seat, has survived well into the

of them on Facebook occasionally but I

popular today, Carlisle said it all came

twenty-first century.

haven’t advertised or anything.”

down to comfort.

It’s a demand that Bartlett resident David Carlisle has capitalized on in the last couple of years. After Carlisle retired from Riverdale Elementary School, where he was principal for 29 years, he returned to his love of woodworking. Soon after

Even though they are wooden chairs, it’s amazing how comfortable they are. David Carlisle, woodworker

his retirement, Carlisle received a request

Carlisle crafts his chairs from cypress

to build a set of Adirondack chairs as a

wood and uses stainless steel screws

gift for Riverdale’s assistant principal,

to ensure durability. Each chair weighs


customized look.

“Even though they are wooden chairs, it’s amazing how comfortable they are,” he said. “You have to get the angles just right. I wait for the customer to sit down, and say, ‘oooohhh,’ and that’s how I know they’re OK.”

more information on Carlisle’s work, visit

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hospitality fix


Prep Course

Recipes by Sarah Matheny Gordon


Roasting and a vegetable to be roasted in the same pan, such as the following recipe for Herbed Butter-Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables.

Perhaps the

best thing about recipes such as these is that one-dish cooking means less time spent cleaning up after dinner. With a little planning ahead, this dish is simple enough to prepare for a family dinner and delicious enough to serve at a dinner party. Family and friends alike are sure to enjoy the juicy


oasting is one of the easiest


methods for creating flavorful

vary significantly so consult a recipe





This basic technique

and use a meat thermometer to test

involves cooking foods in the dry

for “doneness” without overcooking.

heat of an oven, which caramelizes

Vegetables, on the other hand, are

the surface of foods and produces

very easy to roast, including basically



all root vegetables, as well as squash,

Preparation is quick and

zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels

each bite.



chicken with crisp, flavorful skin and tender root vegetables.


straightforward because few other

sprouts, etc.

ingredients are needed to boost flavors

spread equally sized pieces onto

– often olive oil, salt, and pepper are

one layer on a sheet pan. Toss with

the only added ingredients.


olive oil, salt and pepper. Roast in a

roasting, as the warmth of the

the dish has been put into the oven,

hot oven, stirring occasionally, until

oven is welcome in the kitchen

recipes are almost entirely hands-off,

vegetables are nicely browned and

which makes roasting an excellent

cooked through.

preparation for weeknight dinners.

vary among different vegetables, so if

there and give this comforting,

mixing types of vegetables, pick ones

delicious recipe a try.

Proteins such as beef, pork, chicken, fish, and game birds are all excellent roasted.

Fair warning, preparations,

The general rule is to

Cooking time will

is the perfect

time of year to experiment with

on cold winter days, so get in

with similar texture and density. Some recipes even call for a protein

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hospitality fix

Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables INGREDIENTs 1 whole Kosher chicken (4 ½ - 5 ½ pounds*), giblets discarded *If using a smaller bird, shorten cooking times slightly 3 Tbs. herbed butter (see accompanying recipe) 1 ½ pounds small red potatoes cut into quarters 3 large parsnips cut into one-inch pieces 2 cups baby-cut carrots 8 medium shallots, peeled and cut in half pole-to-pole 8 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed with the back of a knife 3 Tbs. olive oil Kosher salt and pepper

Directions Preheat oven to 275 degrees.

chicken on the breasts and tops of

the cavity of the chicken (if using

Spread vegetables including garlic

the legs. Massage herbed butter

a non-Kosher chicken, double

across bottom of roasting pan.

underneath skin being careful not

amount of salt used).

Drizzle with 2 tablespoons olive oil,

to tear it. Place chicken, breast

sprinkle with 2 teaspoons salt and

side up, on top of vegetables.

for about 1 ½ hours until the

pepper to taste, and gently toss to

Tuck wings underneath the body

temperature in the thickest part of


and tie the drumsticks together

the breast reaches 130 degrees.

using cooking twine. Brush the

Increase the oven temperature to

towels, including the cavity. Using

outside of the chicken with olive oil.

475 degrees and continue to roast

the back of a wooden spoon,

Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper

30 minutes longer, until the thickest

gently separate the skin from the

evenly onto the entire outside and

part of the breast reaches 160-165

Pat chicken dry with paper


march • april 2014

Roast chicken and vegetables



erbed butter is a tasty and versatile

potatoes, dinner rolls, or biscuits. This

ingredient to know how to prepare.

recipe is flexible so feel free to use your

It makes an excellent finishing

favorite herbs to compliment your dish.

butter on steak, adds flavor to pan

Do not use dried herbs to make herbed

sauces, and breathes life into plain pasta,


degrees and the thickest part of the thigh reaches 170-175 degrees. Carefully transfer chicken to a cutting board and let rest uncovered for 10-15 minutes. Return vegetables to the oven and continue to roast, stirring

Directions Stir together all ingredients to combine. Cover and refrigerate for up to 5 days. Allow to come to almost-room temperature before serving.


occasionally, until fork-tender and

1 stick (8 Tbs.) salted butter, softened

golden, 10-15 minutes. Carve

2 Tbs. chopped fresh thyme*

the chicken and serve with the

1 tsp. finely chopped fresh rosemary*


1 tsp. chopped fresh tarragon* 1 clove garlic, smashed and minced

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Embrace your outdoor space

FIX March/April 2014  

Embrace your outdoor space