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FIXIT GRUPPE philosophy


FIXIT GRUPPE philosophy

FIXIT GRUPPE philosophy

The philosophy of FIXIT GRUPPE Four brands − one philosophy. How we are structured, what we believe in and which quality we live.

A strong team. Cohesion for the best results. And one philosophy that underlies these values. We have all of that. Our team members are the specialists of the four building supplier brands FIXIT, HASIT, KREISEL and RÖFIX. FIXIT GRUPPE is their umbrella organisation. Together we offer building supplies and solutions for residential and non-residential construction, structural and civil engineering, newbuilds and refurbishment. Our range of innovative products gives the best idea of our services. These products range from quality building materials manufactured from our own raw materials to compact system solutions for ceilings, walls and floors. What makes our products so good? Because we have a powerful philosophy to guide us.

The underlying values

on which our success is built. n Satisfied customers Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. That is why we do everything we can to maintain customer confidence. n Top-quality products Top-quality products help us gain customer satisfaction. That is why we rely on decades of experience, technical progress and environmental friendliness. n Motivated employees The competence, commitment, creativity and integrity of our employees are key factors to our success.


n Efficient ways of working We are geared to operate economically and profitably in order to continuously achieve excellent results.



FIXIT GRUPPE philosophy

FIXIT GRUPPE philosophy


Milestones of our success. Development based on experience.

2011 2008 Other milestones in eastern Europe1.

1997 1968


Today’s HASIT Trockenmörtel GmbH starts operations.

The present RÖFIX AG starts operating its first lime and brick kiln. The history of FIXIT AG begins with a gypsum quarry in Switzerland.


The foundation stone of KREISEL Qualitätsbaustoffe GmbH & Co. KG is laid.

Acquisition of FIXIT AG.

Expansion eastwards with the KREISEL brand.


KREISEL becomes a 100 percent subsidiary of HASIT.


The FIXIT GRUPPE takes on its present form and welcomes RÖFIX, its latest member.

Expanded capacity at the plant in Voskresensk (Russia).

Expansion of branches and production facilities3.

The FIXIT GRUPPE expands in the east and west2.

Opening of the branch in Skopje (Macedonia).

Opening of the branch in Novi Pazar (Bulgaria).





1: Ukraine, Tastov plant | Albania, Tirana plant | Poland, Rogowiec plant 2: Russia, Voskresensk plant | Italy, Villanova Mondovi plant | Croatia, Siverić plant 3: Poland, Ostrolęka plant | Italy, Prevalle wet production plant


A focus on five target groups.

For whom we work and what we offer.

One of our priority aims is to position our group as an attractive employer. That is why we make generous and ongoing investments in training and the personal development of our most important resource, our employees.


2,500 staff in 19 countries

As a team, we offer even greater value. Integrating the four brands means a broader product offering. Our multinational orientation and dense network of branches ensures that we are geographically close to our customers, can offer comprehensive services and more efficient logistics.

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We employ some 2,500 people in 19 countries. The environment in which they work is focused on cooperation and international exchange.

But no matter where and what the scale, FIXIT GRUPPE is in constant two-way communication with its customers, familiar with their markets and requirements, and as a result able to offer the most appropriate and practical products and systems, providing the best quality, cost effectiveness and optimum value for money.






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Our success can be primarily credited to our employees, whose dedication to the company and whose competence make an important contribution. Our quality, innovativeness and competitiveness are based on our employees.



The cornerstone of the FIXIT GRUPPE.


Our customers are builders, merchants and DIY stores, architects and planners, commercial and private investors. Their are wholesale suppliers at an international level, medium-sized businesses and small regional enterprises or house owners with innovative and environmental demands.

Motivated employees.


res 5

The products of FIXIT GRUPPE

The products of FIXIT GRUPPE

The products of FIXIT GRUPPE Top-quality products Then as now.

Our central research unit has an international team of specialists working on product development and optimisation. Our interdisciplinary team of construction material engineers, mineralogists and chemists provides synergies and innovations. This helps us to keep abreast of customer requirements, technological changes and progress in the construction industry.

With decades of

experience in building

materials development,

FIXIT GRUPPE is just as committed to

innovation now as then.

A sound footing to recognise new

opportunities. Efficiency at the highest level.

Our great strength is the cooperation of our four brands within the group. It provides synergies that go beyond regions, brands and product groups. Our local presence ensures that we are close to our customers, can provide services, offer regional strategies for raw materials and optimised warehousing for efficient buying and a modern internal infrastructure for fast decision-making. That is how we secure our core markets. We create opportunities for the future by discovering new markets. Innovative product ranges open up developing markets. Our wide-ranging presence in eastern Europe ensures regional independence. Our bundled services, joined-up thinking and tapping of new markets mean that our group is based on sound economic pillars, providing the highest level of quality at the best cost-benefit ratio. We pass this on to our customers and partners.



The products of FIXIT GRUPPE

The products of FIXIT GRUPPE

Strong teams mean strong offerings. Our product range can meet all your building supply needs. We offer system products that meet the highest technical, environmental and economic requirements. Top quality from the basement to the roof.




Finishing coats

4 Refurbishment and renovation systems

6 Heat insulation systems




3 Paints and coatings

5 Screed and floor systems

7 Mortar





Garden and landscaping

Tiling systems

Concrete and civil engineering

Machines and tools

4 9





The products of FIXIT GRUPPE

The products of FIXIT GRUPPE

New products −

FIXIT GRUPPE’s innovation highlights. We keep a close eye on the latest trends and develop the products and solutions our customers need, always keeping in step with the times.


Alte Mühle, Sissach, Switzerland: Insulated with HASIT Fixit Aerogel HASIT foam mortar floor installation

Fixit Aerogel high-performance insulating plaster Mineral insulation for special projects. Foam mortar: stable, light and efficient Heat, energy and air conditioning - available at any time and (almost) anywhere? Modern building technology makes this possible: the heating system is digitally controlled, the air-conditioning ensures that the room is at a comfortable temperature and the freestanding island kitchen unit is connected to the gas, water and power mains. Until now, wiring and pipes have been installed through vertical shafts with few central distribution points. Nowadays, they can be installed within the floor itself, thus giving building owners free rein in their designs.

HASIT Fixit 222 Aerogel is a high-performance mineral insulating plaster containing aerogel granulate. It’s the first insulating plaster in the world to combine the properties of mineral lime plaster with the benefits of a high-performance insulating material. n Energy-saving refurbishment for challenging projects n Optimum performance qualities n Aerogel insulating plaster system n Simple and economical to use

n Good results and ease of installation n Layers from 20-400 mm n Great filling qualities n Walkable after 48-72 hours.

Its special properties mean that HASIT Fixit 222 Aerogel is particularly suitable for insulating the outside walls of historic and listed buildings and internal and external niches, gaps and window arches.


Fixit 222 Aerogel was developed thanks to a joint research project by EMPA and FIXIT AG, a FIXIT GRUPPE company. Our highperformance insulating plaster was awarded the 2014 Swiss environmental prize in the Innovations category.






11 product groups

19 countries

NatĂźrlich gesund bauen

Bauen mit System

Since September 2006 the FIXIT GRUPPE has been the umbrella organisation of the 4 building material brands FIXIT, HASIT, KREISEL and RĂ–FIX. With 62 branches in 19 European countries and approximately 2,500 employees, FIXIT GRUPPE is a leading building material system supplier. 12

2,500 employees


The brands of FIXIT GRUPPE

The brands of FIXIT GRUPPE




FIXIT, located near its customers Fixit AG started off as a quarry in Switzerland. As a leading manufacturer and provider of the full range of building products, it is committed to switzerland as a production location. It manufactures over 540 products at five plants which are oriented towards local customer demands. HASIT, a reliable partner for construction systems Its slogan “Natürlich besser bauen” (“Build better naturally”) defines the building materials manufacturer’s activities. Building systems which have been closely matched and tested in HASIT’s laboratories guarantee customer satisfaction. In the end, every house gets built, but what every owner knows is that no project is ever completely finished. That’s why HASIT is a long-term partner, during and after the actual construction phase. The KREISEL brand Whether a professional or a DIYer, anyone who gets involved in any aspect of construction knows how important the right materials are. They must be easy and safe to handle, come in the optimum package sizes and developed by the trade for the trade. And that is exactly how KREISEL products are made. RÖFIX, building supply systems RÖFIX places the focus on looking towards the future. Starting out as a lime kiln using the simplest of resources, after decades of intensive expansion it has become a group with wide-reaching international operations. RÖFIX provides a complete range of building products in over 10 European countries as a partner for manufacturers and end-customers.

Natürlich gesund bauen


Bauen mit System


The brands of FIXIT GRUPPE

1896 SINCE


FIXIT AG offers

a full range of products on the Swiss

building supplies market.

Fixit AG, as the Swiss market leader with over 100 years’ experience, two gypsum quarries and more than 540 products for the building industry, has its strategic focus on the development of innovative building materials. Environmental awareness and sustainability in the manufacture and sale of its building materials (gypsum) is a given for Fixit AG. In 2014, its Fixit 222 Aerogel highperformance insulating plaster was awarded the 2014 Swiss environmental prize in the Innovation category. It is the first product of its kind in the world and achieves excellent insulation values. Fixit 222 high-performance insulating render means that the energy efficiency of old buildings, including listed buildings, can be improved while preserving the character of the building.

Vitznauerhof, Lucerne

Alte Mühle, Sissach, Basel

Giessen Park Pool, Bad Ragaz

Products and tailor-made solutions The Alpina Gstaad, Gstaad

for newbuilds, conversions, restoration, renovation, heat insulation systems and gardens and landscaping.

The Alpina Gstaad, Gstaad

We manufacture products tailored to our customers’ demands at five sites from Bündnerland to Lake Geneva. Our regional logistics partners help us to deliver these products anywhere in the country in an environmentally-friendly way (short distances), flexibly and quickly, thereby contributing significantly to reducing CO2 emissions. Coordinating with external logistics partners (lorries, helicopters or railways) means that customers can benefit from Fixit products even in very isolated places, such as high Alpine regions. Tailored to the conditions in Switzerland - in tune with the requirements of the region.



The brands of FIXIT GRUPPE

Germany | Romania | Slovakia | Czech Republic

From idea to implementation:

Tailored solutions with HASIT. Innovation Centre, Karlsruhe

Lenbachgärten, Munich

We started out in Freising. As suppliers of a wide range of

products for the building trade, we represent top product quality


combined with environmental ideas and action, specialist know-how,


Watertower, Munich

innovation and excellent customer service.

Build better naturally - with precision HASIT has grown from a regional lime producer to Europe-wide building materials specialist offering high-performing products and systems. Closely bound by the past and tradition, it has over the past few years redefined itself as an innovative product and systems provider. Precision and reliability are just as important values in our philosophy as the responsible use of resources. Customers have been relying on the HASIT brand for decades. Our strengths are our geographical closeness to our customers and years of experience with building materials and their application. Our motto is “HASIT and the trade - building better together”. This illustrates our clear commitment to the building trade.

Ruzomberok Synagogue, Slovakia 18

For architects, planners and contracting authorities, HASIT offers tailored solutions. Right from the initial idea to implementation. Our project management team is there to advise you throughout the planning process. In addition, we are a major partner in the building supplies trade. Our local sales are backed up by wide-ranging logistics and service offerings, combined with the comprehensive and the personal advice we provide. 19

The brands of FIXIT GRUPPE

Products, mission and awards: KREISEL

Hotel Odyssey, Kielce

A full range of quality building

supplies – easy and safe to work

with. This is the slogan of KREISEL, a building chemicals supplier that

has been successful for more than


30 years. Innovative products and


exemplary application concepts ensure that KREISEL’s quality

building supplies are an attractive option for retailers and users.

Cristal Resort, Szklarska Porȩba

Apartment house, Piotrkow Trybunalski

Our focus is on developing a brand that is associated with quality and dialogue with customers. We develop all of our products at our own laboratories and test them to ensure compliance with European standards. As a result we received the highest Polish business distinctions, such as the “Teraz Polska” (“Poland now”) and “Lider Rynku” (“Market Leader”) awards, and the Gold Medal of the BUDMA International Building Fair in Poznań. In addition, we offer our customers comprehensive consulting, training and symposia in collaboration with various research institutes.

Poland | Lithuania | Russia | Ukraine 20

Kindergarten, Moscow 21

The brands of FIXIT GRUPPE

Bauen mit System

Kundennah und Innovationsstark – RÖFIX ist attraktiver Partner in 11 Ländern

Schönbrunn Castle, Vienna Snežnik Castle, Mokrice

Building supply

systems: Product

solutions for all building Park Villa Ottolenghi, Italy

requirements. Starting out as a lime kiln in

Röthis, Austria, using the simplest of

1888 SINCE

For more than one hundred years, the Europe-wide building materials manufacturer RÖFIX has contributed to the development of high-quality building technologies. Today we offer innovative systems that meet the highest technical, environmental and economic requirements.

resources, decades of

Our many years of experience and close liaison with our customers are the hallmark of our approach.

have made it a brand

Constant innovation and the development and improvement of new building materials help our customers get the results they want and make us an attractive business partner.

intensive expansion with wide-reaching international

operations. As well as Austria, Italy and

Switzerland, RÖFIX is particularly strongly represented on the

Albania Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Italy Croatia Macedonia Montenegro Austria Switzerland Serbia Slovenia

market in south-eastern Villa Farm House, Italy 22

Europe as a building system supplier.


FIXIT GRUPPE philosophy

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FIXIT GRUPPE englische version  

Four brands − one philosophy. How we are structured, what we believe in and which quality we live.