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What is #whatsongala? My Story... Charlotte Redpath I first realised the issue of rural isolation when some of the young people in my village were complaining about having nothing to do. On reflection I realised that when I was younger I didn’t feel there was much to do either. This is partly to do with the fact that my village, Fountainhall, is 12 miles from the nearest town and the buses are every half hour. When I was younger, activities and groups in Galashiels were never advertised therefore I never knew about them. I realised that the issues of rural isolation I faced when I was younger are still quite apparent and not a lot is being done to resolve them.

Young people need social interaction to help them develop and grow into young adults. Rural isolation defers this process which can sometimes leave young people feeling lonely and very bored. If these issues are not addressed the situation can become worse than just feeling lonely.

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Young people in rural areas need to be thought about and included when planning and implementing activities. Often they are forgotten about in terms of bus times and finding out about the activities in the first place. It is important that young people from all around the Borders feel involved in social events and activities.

All young people will benefit from this project. It hopes to reach out to young people and inform them of social events and activities that they can attend as well as relate to personal issues they may be facing. Hopefully young people will be able to relate and will benefit from knowing they are not the only ones out there that face these issues.

I want to see more young people from rural areas being involved in activities and events. I’d like to see advertisements in rural areas as well as suitable times and areas that these events are held. I hope that young people, in time, feel like they are more able to socially interact with friends and peers through social events and activities available for them.


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What’s on in Galashiels? EMERGING EVENTS facebook: twitter: @EmergingEvents Emerging Events is a company set up to organize events for the young people in the local area and to catch some of the local DJs from the Borders, whilst bringing in bigger names in the music scene where possible. Emerging Events also supports charities, by donating a percentage of the money they raise from each event to a different charity every time.

BORDERS SPORTS AND LEISURE web: Check out the website for tons of sports activities for all ages in the local area!

TD1 YOUTH GROUP address: TD1 is based at 47a Ladhope Vale, Galashiels (just next to bus station, in front of B&M’s). tel: 01896 752 442 facebook: td1youthhub twitter: @TD1YH If you’re bored and want somewhere to hang out head over to the TD1 youth group. There’s a pool table, internet access and places to chill.

PAVILION CINEMA GALASHIELS web: address: Pavilion Cinema, Market Street, Galashiels, TD1 3AF tel: 01896 752767 Check out the website for the latest cinema showings. Remember your Student Matriculation Card, or ‘Rewards for Forces’/MOD90 identy card for discount rates!

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THE FOCUS CENTRE web: address: The Focus Centre, Livingstone Place, Galashiels, TD1 1DQ. tel: 01896 752636

Queens Leisure Centre offers activities from fitness classes to roller skating! Check out their website for timetables.

The Focus Centre offers education, recreation and leisure-time activities in the heart of Galashiels.

QUEENS LEISURE CENTRE web: address: Marigold Drive, Galashiels, TD1 2LP tel: 01896 753873

SKATE PARK address: Eastlands Road, Galashiels, TD1 3BU

#whatsongala hashtag! If you have an event coming up in Galashiels add the hashtag #whatsongala to your posts on facebook, twitter and other social media sites! Remember to set your post to public so that others can see it.


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Local Health Advice MENTAL HEALTH

Dear Charlotte, When my doctor first referred me to Penumbra, an organisation that offers emotional support, I too thought I was going mad. After a couple of sessions of support and guidance I began to realise that I was merely having a difficult time and needed to talk to someone outside the situation. In almost eight months I was able to learn new things and challenge myself. I now feel I can work through my issues and use strategies that Penumbra helped me develop. I learned that there are many different aspects to mental health and that you should never be afraid to ask for help.

People associate ‘mental health’ with patients in special hospital units, or ‘loopy’ people. This is not the case at all.

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services (Andrew Lang Unit, Selkirk) web:,selkirk address: Andrew Lang Unit, Viewfield Lane, Selkirk, TD7 4LJ tel: 01750 23715

Penumbra (ages 16-21) web: tel: 0131 475 2380

The Andrew Lang Unit is the base for the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service in the Borders. It provides assessment, treatment and support for children, young people and families who are having problems.

LGBT LGBT Youth Scotland web: (Click on the ‘Hide me!’ tab on right hand side for privacy). facebook: twitter: @lgbtys get in touch: tel: 01896 755 110

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Penumbra Borders Youth Project encourages people to talk about their problems on their own terms in a friendly non-judgemental way. They offer emotional support and advice to young people experiencing any difficulties relating to their mental health and wellbeing.

LGBT Youth Scotland is the largest youth & community based organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) young people in Scotland. In the Central Borders, LGBT Youth Scotland run a weekly youth group for LGBT young people aged 13 – 25 every Wednesday from 5.45pm till 7.45pm. Youth group activities include games nights, topical LGBT workshops, sexual health and relationship workshops, guest speakers and DVD nights. Online and one to one support is also available. Visit our website, Facebook or Twitter page for more details.



Dear Charlotte,

Drugs and alcohol don’t just affect the abuser, they can affect their family and friends too.

My Mother is an alcoholic and I never noticed until I was in my early teens. It got progressively worse and she started to forget things and do dangerous things unknowingly. When she was angry I got the blame and I was threatened if I ever suggested telling my Dad. Eventually I plucked up the courage to tell him how I was feeling and a year later my parents separated. I still don’t have a good relationship with my Mother and it affects my relationships with other family members. I sometimes just wish she would see it from my side, everyone else’s side... but she won’t.

face2face (Young people 11-18 & Parents) web: tel: 01896 668811 face2face borders are a non-profit organisation providing advice, education and one to one support on alcohol, drugs and volatile substance abuse.

SEXUAL HEALTH GUM Clinic web: address: The Health Centre, Currie Road, Galashiels, TD1 2UA tel: 01896 663700. 9am - 1pm. Monday to Friday.

HEALTHY LIFESTYLE Change4Life web: facebook: twitter: @Change4Life app: search “change4life” in your application store.


Hey Chlo, I slept with that guy the other night, after we had been out. I don’t know what to do next? Omg really? Maybe you should get checked out, he has a bit of a reputation... Does he? But wouldn’t know where to go or who to speak to? Just call the health centre and ask for an appointment with the GUM clinic. It’s really simple. All they do is take your name and number and no one knows who you are because it’s over the phone :) Great advice Chlo! I’ll just do that! Thanks for your help, I don’t feel as scared now :)

Change4Life aims to help families and adults make small, sustainable yet significant improvements to their diet, activity levels and alcohol consumption. It uses the slogan “eat well, move more, live longer.”

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Local Travel Advice PUBLIC TRANSPORT First Bus web: east/ or twitter: @FirstScotland app: search “First Bus” in your application store. Bus timetables can change all the time... check out the handy journey planner and service updates on the First Bus website.

Megabus web: twitter: @megabusuk Tweet questions to megabus @megabusuk Mon-Fri 9-5! Check out their website and select ‘Galashiels’ from the dropdown menu to see services to Bolton/Horwich, London, Manchester and Preston.

National Rail web: twitter: @nationalrailenq app: search “National Rail” in your application store. Tweet queries to nationalrail @nationalrailenq 24/7!

USEFUL APPS Traveline Scotland Search “Traveline Scotland” in your application store.

Next Buses Visit: on your mobile device.

This is really handy for planning your journey quickly on the move!

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