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cyber bullying workshops


i introduction 1

sophie’s story 5

cyber safety 2

banter or bullying ? 6

carney’s story 3

List of social media sites 4

block/report 7

private profile 8

what would you do ? 9


Go to your home page

Click the ‘Settings’ tab

select Security and privacy

Click ‘Protect My Tweets’

on your homepage, click on the settings Tab

Click ‘more options’

select privacy settings

Click ‘friends only’ & save




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Fixers is a campaign that helps young people ‘ by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund.

and is part funded

Carney is a Fixer with past experience of cyber bullying. His project aim is to educate people about the effects cyber bullying can have on someone’s life.

DISCLAIMER These are the views of a young person and should not be relied on or substitute for formal (medical or other) advice.

Cyberbullying Workshops  

After experiencing online abuse when he was a teenager, Carney Bonner (20) from Cheltenham is campaigning for an anti-cyberbullying week to...