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LittleRed is passionate about sharing inspiring words from young poets. With support from Fixers – a

My soul is a house,

movement of young people changing things for the better -

my heart is a garden,

LittleRed’s project, LittleRedEnvelopes, aims to

my spirit an ocean,

bring these words directly to you.

my mind is a field. LittleRedEnvelopes are not intended to change lives, regardless of the shimmer of it’s lining

but simply to be a surprise blessing to help make your day.

every cloud has its appointed place

After all, lives are built of days waiting to be made.

in life’s skyline. These are hope-fuelled words from a handwritten heart. We will live in the house, we will walk in the garden, we will sail on the ocean, we will dance in the field. - LittleRed

These are words for you, with love.

Little Red Envelopes 0248 Flowers  

This resource is a set of bespoke postcards. On the front is an original illustration, and on the reverse is a life-affirming poem written b...