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“He felt with the force of a revelation that to throw up the clods of earth manfully is as beneficent as to revolutionize the world. It was not the matter of the work, but the mind that went into it, that counted -- and the man who was not content to do small things well would leave great things undone.” – Ellen Glasgow

‘Giggles & Wiggles’ by Donald Zolan

In This Issue: Foundation Flood Vents Prevented Destruction Caused by Hurricane Sandy........................................... A5 Industry News.................................. A8 Monthly Favorites: What's New: Equipment & Products........A6 Keeping the Family Farm in the Family....A9 Farm and Ranch Life..............................A10 Your Other 8 Hours...............................A11 Pennywise.............................................A12 Clutter Clearing Choices........................A27 Positive Outlook....................................A25 Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen......A26 Pony Tales by Ponty..............................A28 Product Spotlight...................................A31


For more information about Donald Zolan, see his biography on page A1 inside.

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Southern Farm and

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Volume 15, Issue 3 | March 2013

teditorial Foundation Flood Vents Prevented Destruction Caused by Hurricane Sandy.............................. A3

Pennywise.................................................... A10

Gayle Reed

Industry News.. .............................................. A6

Positive Outlook............................................ A11


What’s New.. ................................................. A4

Your Other 8 Hours......................................... A9

Heidi Gorman

tevery month

Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen.................. A12


Keeping the Family Farm in the Family.. ............. A7

Pony Tales by Ponty....................................... A14

Farm and Ranch Life....................................... A8

Product Spotlight........................................... A17

Administration Kim Lennon

Jan Hilpipre Kris Taylor

Clutter Clearing Choices.................................. A13

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Donald Zolan

he first time you meet Donald Zolan, you have the feeling of meeting an old friend whom you just haven't seen for awhile. His warmth, candor and interest in others can disguise the fact that he's one of our nation's most talented and popular artists. A very positive and forward looking man, he's at peace with himself and his world. The love and joy you see in his paintings are a sincere expression of himself. A fifth generation artist, Zolan began drawing at age three, and, by age five, was working in watercolors and winning local competitions. He won his first major art competition at age thirteen and was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. By sixteen, he won a scholarship to Chicago's American Academy of Art. Full-time formal training began after high school with a full scholarship to the American Academy of Fine Art. Upon graduation, he was selected to apprentice with Haddon Sundblom, a famous Chicago illustrator most known for his Coca-Cola Santa Claus. Zolan moved into the field of commercial art, where he was a great success over the next twelve years. His true love, however, was his fine art paintings which were shown in leading galleries and museums around the world. By the 1970’s, he finally established his own gallery on Nantucket Island. In 1977, the President of the Bradford Exchange visited a Chicago gallery and was so impressed with Zolan's paintings of children that he decided to commission a new work for a collector plate. One April afternoon, Zolan was watching his son blowing a dandelion in the backyard. Inspired by the wonder and fascination of his young son blowing a dandelion, he created his famous painting – Erik and Dandelion - which launched his thirty year collectible career. This new work immediately became Plate of the Year, the first of countless awards Zolan won as a limited edition collectible artist. Zolan's work soared in popularity with collectors and his images were soon licensed on a wide range of products by more than 25 national and international companies, spanning the globe from the Americas, to Europe, and to Australia. In 2008, Zolan introduced a new collection of Santa Claus paintings inspired by his apprenticeship with Haddon Sundblom. In-

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

Donald Zolan, Artist

troduced at the New York Licensing Show, Zolan’s new collection captivated and excited collectors with his amazing portrayals of the traditional jolly Americana Santa. As Sundblom created his Santas for the Coke corporation, Zolan too has introduced a new collection of John Deere Santa’s. Zolan is continually inspired by his happy childhood in Brookfield, IL. His parents fully supported and nurtured their son's talent, and, by his own admission, Zolan had an idyllic childhood. In his own words, Zolan recalls, "Each painting is emblematic of my happy and carefree childhood days growing up in the Heartland. Life was an adventure with my dog, Skipper, always discovering something new and exciting in my little world.” All of Zolan’s paintings rekindle a spark of nostalgia in each of us as the warmth and richness of his work touches the heart and enlivens the soul. This love and joy is reflected in his works. The unique combination of a subject matter so close to his heart and incredible talent, nurtured through years of technical training and experience, make Zolan's paintings among the most popular in the world. To view more of Zolan’s paintings visit For more information or licensing inquiries contact The Zolan Company at 32857 N. 74th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85266, or call 408306-5680, email: © The Zolan Company, llc. All Rights Reserved.

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


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A 2

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MA RC H 2 0 1 3

Customers Testify Foundation Flood Vents Prevented Destruction Caused by Hurricane Sandy


n the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic tropical system on record, Smart Vent Products, Inc. urges homeowners to build to the National Flood In-

surance Program (NFIP) standards and beyond to minimize danger and destruction that a hurricane, flood or other natural disaster may cause. In addition to the enormous costs of repairing homes damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, homeowners in storm-damaged areas will soon face soaring flood insurance rates and heightened standards for rebuilding. Retrofitting with compliant NFIP products, such as automatic flood foundation systems, not only reduces insurance premiums, but gives homeowners peace of mind that their home and family is protected from the devastating effects of a flood. One example comes from Woodbridge, NJ where the Woodbridge Code Official reports that 35 homes were reported with collapsed foundations after Sandy. A Woodbridge resident (and SMART VENT customer), rebuilt his ravaged home to compliance after Hurricane Irene hit in 2011, and reported no damage after Hurricane Sandy: "My home, along with many others on my block, was destroyed in Hurricane Irene. The tidal surge was so strong, that the pressure of the water outside pushed against my foundation walls, causing them to give way and collapse. Many on my block decided to repair, but I decided to build a new house on the same property, but this time elevate it above the floodplain. My contractor and engineer explained to me about a product called SMART VENT, which has built-in floats to have the doors only open to allow flood water to enter. I had five vents installed in my For a free property evaluation you can contact a Certified Floodplain Manager (CFM) at 877-441-8368 or visit

new foundation walls,” said Justin Kooy of Woodbridge, NJ. “Hurricane Sandy came by 3 weeks after moving back home, and hit my neighborhood hard. At least a dozen houses, including some just repaired after Irene, had foundation collapses on my block. My foundation stood strong. Even though Sandy was a much more powerful storm, and water levels were much higher than Irene, there was no structural damage at all. The SMART VENTS did their job, allowing water to enter the crawl space under the home, relieving all pressure from the foundation walls. To make things better, they even lowered my flood insurance bill!"

Building to National Floor Insurance Program (NFIP) standards and beyond after Hurricane Irene proved to minimize damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

M A R C H 2 01 3

Certified by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) and accepted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), each standard vent model is certified for 200 square feet of flood coverage per unit. SMART VENT provides a line of engineered openings that utilizes the best flood venting practices to out perform a traditional air vent. An automatic foundation flood vent system, controlled by patented dual floats, SMART VENT automatically opens when flood water levels rise, without electricity and without human intervention. Temperature controlled louvers control the airflow in and out of a crawlspace on all dual function models. “So many people out there in flood zones have the thought that their home is never going to flood. So much so that builders and homeowners choose not to build up to NFIP standards including going with cheap, untested air vents as their required flood openings instead of compliant, certified flood vents,” said Brian Shaw, Business Development Manager, Smart Vent Products, Inc. “Mr. Kooy from Woodbridge, NJ is just one example of thousands that saw their foundation stay intact during Hurricane Sandy, by installing SMART VENTS. "Utilizing wet floodproofing, also known as flood vents, is not only a Building Code and NFIP Regulation for residential structures, but also the most logical way to protect floodplain structures without expanding the floodplain. Wet floodproofing is also a great option for non-residential buildings, eliminating the high cost and liability of dry floodproofing.”

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

w ww.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


«What's New Hutchinson Reaches Higher and Farther with New Portable Grain Pump

Optronics Unveils Radically New GloLight Series Stop, Tail, Turn Lamps

As grain bins have grown in size and diameter, Hutchinson/Mayrath, a division of Global Industries Inc., has recognized and answered the need to reach higher and farther with an all-new Chain Commander 130 Portable Grain Pump. With a tube length of 130 feet, it can easily reach the center of a 120-foot bunker or the top of grain bins up to 75 feet in diameter, thanks to an 83-foot maximum discharge height. The 12-inch diameter main conveying chamber provides an impressive capacity of 10,000 bushels per hour using either electric motor or tractor PTO power.

Glolight is capturing attention with a unique optical signature that visually sets it apart from most lights.

Hutchinson/Mayrath was the pioneer of grain pump technology and has promoted the gentle handling, energy efficient, excellent capacity at steep inclines, long life, and low maintenance features of the chain and paddle conveyors. “The Chain Commander 130 is our most versatile conveyor to date as it can be lowered to an overall height of only 13 feet, six inches for safe transport,” says Mike Williams, sales manager for Hutchinson. “The widestance, stable undercarriage, which contributes to its low transport profile, also features a dual-cylinder hydraulic lift system that quickly elevates the 130-foot unit for either bin or bunker unloading,” he adds, noting that a hydraulic hitch assists in raising and lowering the hitch for transport. Another popular feature is the optional remote swivel spout, which is conveniently controlled at ground level, for complete control of the grain pile when filling bunkers. The remote control spout also minimizes the need to relocate the conveyor as the bunker is filled. “As storage units become larger and the need for temporary bunker storage continues to increase, we’re confident the Chain Commander 130 will fill a valuable role,” Williams concludes. “Our customers have told us they need more reach without sacrificing capacity and I believe the 130 adequately answers both requests.”

For more information on the all new Chain Commander 130 Portable Grain Pump, call 800-523-6993 or visit their web site at

Optronics International, a leading manufacturer and supplier of heavy-duty LED vehicle lighting, formally debuted its unique new GloLight Series 4-inch round and 6-inch oval LED stop, tail, turn lamps to the transportation industry recently. The introduction of the GloLight Series represents the first truly different approach to the visual presentation of stop, tail, turn lamps in years. What makes the new lamps visually remarkable is a smoothly illuminated outer band that surrounds a central LED array that remains unlit during standard tail light operation. The dual-function outer ring brightens and the central LED array lights only during stop and turn functions. “The GloLight is the stunning combination of premiere lighting technology meeting world-class styling capabilities,” Brett Johnson, president and CEO of Optronics International, said. “This is a clear expression of our greatly enhanced product development capabilities.” All the lamps in the new GloLight Series meet all FMVSS 108 and SAE photometric requirements for visibility and safety. The lamps come with a lifetime warranty and are built to be as durable as they are attractive. Lenses and housings are made of tough polycarbonate material that is sonically welded, and the lamps employ a solid-state, surface-mount device (SMD) design that protects their electronics against moisture, shock and vibration. Optronics has leveraged advancements in diode technology and innovative optic design techniques to achieve the diffused outer ring that gives the GloLight its signature look. With their smooth, glowing outer rings and dark centers, the new lamps fundamentally change the appearance of any vehicle they adorn. Johnson said that Optronics has been gathering qualitative marketplace data by showing the GloLight to select customers and that the new lamps have been getting rave reviews. Johnson said that OEs see the lamps as a valuable product enhancement, while fleets appreciate the high quality and reasonable price point. “Lighting is one of the most visibly predominant features on any vehicle, and this is a completely different looking, yet highly-effective light,” Charlie Mudd, president of Vanguard National Trailer Corporation, said. “Innovation is important to Vanguard, our customers and our industry. We expect these new lights to clearly represent the innovative partnership between Vanguard and Optronics.” GloLight Lamps will be available in flange-mount and grommet-mount versions and are expected to begin shipping on Feb. 1, 2013. The lamps are available with standard PL-3 and Weather Tight termination options, allowing them to make use of existing harness connections for installation flexibility and cost effective retrofitting. The new lamps are expected to be widely embraced by the heavy-duty trailer, light-duty trailer, RV, transit

A 4

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UT H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

and marine markets Optronics currently serves. Product information is available and may be obtained by contacting Optronics or members of its North American distribution network. “From a visual perspective, nobody has done much to change the round and oval shapes that comprise today’s stop, tail, turn lamps,” Marcus Hester, director of sales and marketing for Optronics International, said. “The GloLight stands out and changes the way vehicle lighting looks, shifting trends and broadening lighting choices along the way.” For more information visit ______________________________________

Case IH Helps Make Every Seed Count With New Precision Disk Drills Redesigned from the ground up, the all-new Precision Disk single-disk air drills deliver best-in-class seed placement accuracy for an array of crops grown in diverse conditions and geographies. The new offering includes the Precision Disk 500T with an on-board bulk seed tank in 25-, 30- and 40-foot working widths and the Precision Disk 500 in 30- and 40-foot sizes, which are paired with a tow-between or tow-behind air cart. At the heart of each Precision Disk drill is a completely new row unit, engineered to help Case IH customers achieve more even emergence and improved plant stand establishment when seeding crops like soybeans, wheat, milo and hybrid rice. The new design delivers accurate seed placement and depth control across varying soil and tillage conditions, as well as more consistent seed-to-soil contact. These drills can cover more acres each day with increased field speeds and quicker cycle times when moving from field to field. They also are easily adjustable and require less daily maintenance, allowing more time for seeding during those critical spring or fall seeding windows. “Producers can seed with confidence with the Case IH Precision Disk 500 and 500T drills,” says Dale Simpson, Case IH Seeding Marketing Manager. “These drills have been thoroughly tested on more than 55,000 acres since 2009. They are designed to help producers maximize their acres seeded per day with increased operating speeds and exceptional versatility.” •


“The new Case IH single-disk row unit sets a higher standard for seeding,” adds Simpson. “Our agronomic design cuts through residue, opens a uniform seed trench, accurately delivers the seed and closes and seals the trench for improved germination and plant-stand establishment.” Single-bevel 18-inch disks are set at a 7-degree angle to slice through residue and open a high-quality seed trench, even at shallow depths, while also minimizing hair pinning of residue in the seed trench.

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

«What's New The Case IH Precision Disk parallel-link row unit design helps ensure unmatched seed placement accuracy for improved emergence and stand establishment. Patentpending variable down-pressure springs apply the right amount of pressure on individual row units to ensure better penetration across varying residue and soil conditions. In addition, the forward-facing seed tube design directs the seed, working in conjunction with the scraper, for more consistent placement in the bottom of the seed trench. To close and seal the seed trench, the newly designed double-edged closing wheels, with three easy-to adjust pressure settings, eliminate air pockets and ensure good seed-to-soil contact. These new press wheels have been designed and tested to endure in the higher speed operations, variable soil and high residue conditions experienced by today’s growers across North America. Hydraulic down pressure across the full width of the disk drill can be adjusted either manually or via in-cab display option. Three convenient presets help maintain ideal row unit down pressure for changing field conditions and making it easier to adjust “on the run.” •


Case IH Precision Disk drill owners can get more done each day because these drills provide the tire packages and walking-beam axle options that will allow you to “shift-up” when appropriate – while maintaining accurate seed placement across a wide spectrum of field and tillage practices. In addition, operators will spend more time in the field and less in transport, with some of the industry’s narrowest transport widths. Operators can quickly and easily move from field to transport mode, and back again. In addition, overall machine length and working widths make the Precision Disk drills easy to transport and improve field maneuverability. •


Case IH Precision Disk drills provide seeding flexibility across multiple crops and conditions: Three meter-roller options provide accurate metering across a wide range of crops, including soybeans, wheat, hybrid rice, milo or other small grains. Single, easy-to-reach “T” handles select and lock in seeding depth with one adjustment – no tools necessary. Depth settings range from zero to 3.5 inches in 14 increments. Rugged, reliable frames hold up to changing field conditions, even going from no-till to conventional with minimal time-robbing adjustments. “The main center-frame is oriented in a “V” to evenly distribute the weight across the carrying wheels,” says Simpson. “The orientation provides exceptional weight distribution, especially in softer soils, and it adds additional stability during transport.” In addition, Case IH Precision Disk drills deliver an integrated, less complex precision farming solution with Advanced Farming Systems® (AFS) and the AFS Pro 700 display. Built on industry-compatible architecture, AFS can interface with a farmer’s existing ISO 11783 compliant equipment no matter what the brand.

M A R C H 2 01 3

New Portable Grain Moisture Tester from AgraTronix AgraTronix has unveiled the much anticipated MTPRO+ 05100 Portable Grain Moisture Tester. The MTPRO+ features a direct readout for 40 different grain scales for high moisture grain up to 40%. The grain meter accurately indicates the above limit and below limit moisture values for farmers working to preserve the value of their crops and ensure that their grain sells for what it is worth. The new MT-PRO+ stands apart from its predecessor with its many advantages including a USB port for personalization (adding user name), grain scale, firmware and diagnostic updates. The MT-PRO+ has a new, large, 2.5 in. LCD screen with selectable large or standard size fonts. The screen displays the active function and allows the user to scroll up or down through the numbered grain scales with ease. Other great additions include the grain tester’s capability to automatically average a selectable number of tests and its ability to store the average calibration for all grains tested. The grain tester also boasts to be the industry first moisture meter with a backlit push-button interface for low light conditions. It has a battery power indicator that warns users at power up when the two 9V alkaline batteries are below 15% capacity and a battery saving feature that includes a user selectable shut-down time. The AgraTronix 05100 MT-PRO+ Portable Grain Moisture Tester includes a protective carrying case with shoulder strap. Its illuminated, multilingual display is available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. Technical specifications include a moisture range of 5% to 40% depending on grain tested and a temperature range of 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C). Please be sure to check out the new MTPRO+ for yourself to see why it’s the hottest new tester to maximize grain yield at the elevator. AgraTronix is the leading manufacturer of electronic moisture sensing instrumentation in the agricultural industry for more than 37 years. They are renowned as the worldwide industry standard for grain and hay moisture testing devices. Always incorporating the latest technology, AgraTronix offers a wide range of highquality, competitively priced products with specifications to meet the everyday farmer’s needs. They have built a reputation of quality, reliability, service and state-of-the-art technology. For more information call 800-821-9542 or visit

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

Simplicity Redefines Landoll 2400 Series Weatherproofer I If there is one key feature on the redesigned 2400 Series Weatherproofer I tillage tools from Landoll Corporation, it is simplicity. Available in six- through 13-shank models for a total of five sizes, the WP I is easy to set and levels perfectly. The entire machine — no matter the size — is set with the convenience of a single front-mounted depth control crank. This means producers can pull into the field and, with one control, set the machine to disc and deep till the soil in one pass, uniformly mixing residue, while penetrating the compaction zone for enhanced water intake and root growth. “Unlike some manufacturers that promote ‘adjustable angle’ disc gangs, Landoll elected to go with gangs that are fixed on a field-proven 15-degree angle,” says Jamie Meier, Landoll ag sales manager. “The ¼-inch thick, 24- or 26-inch discs are also set on a narrow 10.5-inch spacing so they quickly resize and mix the toughest residue. Overall, the machine will require much less maintenance, due to fewer moving parts, and provide years of trouble-free service.” In addition, Meier says Landoll engineers chose to position auto-reset shanks on 24-inch centers, rather than the traditional 30-inch spacing. This provides better soil fraction and allows the operator to run at shallower depths and higher speeds, saving both fuel and labor, while leaving an extremely level field. The parabolic shanks feature a maximum 3,500-pound point load with a 16” trip height. “We’ve also incorporated our time-tested, heavy-duty trunnion mounted bearings, which have proven their performance and reliability on other Landoll products, into the WP I,” Meier adds. “These self-aligning bearings are triple-lip sealed and, when coupled with the cushioned gang hangers, provide years of trouble-free performance. “The Landoll Weatherproofer has always been a rugged and reliable machine that manages the soil profile to achieve maximum yield each season,” he concludes. “Now, with the WP I, we’ve added ‘simpler’ to the description.” For more information on the WP 1 or other Landoll products, call 785-738-6613 or visit

Simplicity Redefines Landoll 2400 Series Weatherproofer I w ww.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


«Industry News

«Industry News

minsDiesel Kit To Conversion Repower Specialists Offers Complete Cummins Kit To Repower Ford Power Stroke Trucks shroud and intercooler are reused. Conversion kits include: engine mounts, adapter plate, flex plate wiring harness modifications, bushing kits for gauges, crank and cam sensor kits, alternator mount bracket, exhaust manifold, A/C manifold, power steering pump mounting and more. Diesel Conversion Specialists can often supply other OEM parts depending on your needs. The list includes an exhaust downpipe, intercooler tubes, throttle cable, accelerator pedal and throttle position sensor. Diesel Conversion Specialists can also supply new, used or rebuilt Cummins engines. Some customers choose to ship their trucks to Diesel Conversion Specialists and have the job professionally done. For more information, email sales@dieselconversion. Diesel Conversion Specialist offers a solution for Ford owners who want to com or call 406-755-8878. Visit them online at www. keep their Super Duty trucks but want time-proven power.

Improve the air quality in led Environment your farm shop armTek Industrial Maidfee T 3000 series air cleaners have been The CEAThe school attendance is $995, which used in hundreds of farm shops, implement repair and diesel includes three nights’ lodging and lunch each repair shops to control welding smoke and fumes, grinding day. As an added bonus, if you decide to purdust, nuisance dusts and diesel smoke. chase a system after completing the school, you will receive $995 off the purchase of a complete This simple yet effective air filtration system can be chain hydroponic, or aquaponic If you hungfodder and uses two stagessystem. of filtration to separate dust, fumes have already purchased a system, you can attend air, so your heat and particles. You do not have to exhaust the CEAremains school free of charge. inside. The Merv 8 (45%) pleated pre-filters take out the larger particles and then the multi-pocket Merv 15 (95%) main bag filters take out the very fine particles. The units are builtisincurrently Nebraska, havefor a three year warranty and Industrial Registration open the March Maid offers an unconditional guarantee. 19-21, 2013 CEA school. Attendance isperformance limited

to 24 people, so if you aren’t able to attend this shop clean andSeptember safe. Protect the large investseminar,Keep thereyour will farm be another session ment you have made in the structure 17-19, 2013. To register, contact Kim March atand your farm equipment. 800-327-6835, ext. 700 for a registration form, which includes lodging options. Registration For more information contact Industrial Maid at 877-624-3247 closes one the event, so hurry and or week emailprior Jeff; visit online at reserve your spot now. About FarmTek: FarmTek is the leading manufacturer of tension fabric structures and greenhouses. The FarmTek catalog features over 30,000 products designed to meet agricultural, equine, growing and gardening needs. Corporate headquarters are located in South Windsor, CT. Our Hercules Truss Arch manufacturing and distribution center is located in Dyersville, IA. Visit us on the web at or call 800-327-6835.

Late-model Ford Super Duty owners like their trucks. However, the recent-generation Power Stroke diesels are problem-prone. Once out of warranty, these engines' head/head gasket and other "thermal event" issues present Power Stroke owners with a difficult choice: an expensive repair bill or trading in the truck on something more reliable.

shroud and intercooler are reused. Conversion kits include: engine mounts, adapter plate, flex plate wiring harness modifications, bushing kits for gauges, crank and cam sensor kits, alternator mount bracket, exhaust manifold, A/C manifold, power steering pump mounting and more.

Diesel Conversion Specialist offers a solution for Ford owners who want to keep their Super Duty trucks but want time-proven power: a complete kit to install a 5.9L Cummins engine: 12-valve, 24-valve or Common Rail. Benefits include improved economy, impressive towing capability, many aftermarket performance parts and legendary durability.

Diesel Conversion Specialists can often supply other OEM parts depending on your needs. The list includes an exhaust downpipe, intercooler tubes, throttle cable, accelerator pedal and throttle position sensor. Diesel Conversion Specialists can also supply new, used or rebuilt Cummins engines. Some customers choose to ship their trucks to Diesel Conversion Specialists and have the job professionally done.

The conversion can be done with the cab on the truck. No firewall, core support or floorpan modifications are necessary. The Ford radiator, fan

For more information, email sales@dieselconversion. com or call 406-755-8878. Visit them online at www.

Take part in the Controlled Environment Agriculture School at FarmTek FarmTek will be hosting its first ever Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) School March 19-21, 2013. FarmTek’s mission is to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices and excellent customer service. Now, they are taking their goal of serving you one step further by offering you the chance to learn about some of the latest trends in horticulture and agriculture, such as year-round hydroponic growing, fodder production and an introduction to aquaponics.

The purpose of these sessions is to educate growers of any background about the variety of controlled environment agriculture opportunities. The hydroponics portion of the event will discuss production factors, trouble-shooting, disease control, marketing your produce and more. FarmTek has a large variety of hydroponic systems at their campus, allowing you much hands-on experience. The fodder curriculum will cover using fodder in your operation, system components, sanitation, producing microgreens for high-end markets and more. The introduction to aquaponics will go over the basics of fish farming, the connection between hydroponic vegetable production and fish farming, how to construct aquaponics systems to produce at a variety of levels and more.

The CEA school attendance fee is $995, which includes three nights’ lodging and lunch each day. As an added bonus, if you decide to purchase a system after completing the school, you will receive $995 off the purchase of a complete hydroponic, fodder or aquaponic system. If you have already purchased a system, you can attend the CEA school free of charge.

Registration is currently open for the March 19-21, 2013 CEA school. Attendance is limited to 24 people, so if you aren’t able to attend this seminar, there will be another session September 17-19, 2013. To register, contact Kim March at 800-327-6835, ext. 700 for a registration form, which includes lodging options. Registration closes one week prior to the event, so hurry and reserve your spot now. About FarmTek: FarmTek is the leading manufacturer of tension fabric structures and greenhouses. The FarmTek catalog features over 30,000 products designed to meet agricultural, equine, growing and gardening needs. Corporate headquarters are located in South Windsor, CT. Our Hercules Truss Arch manufacturing and distribution center is located in Dyersville, IA. Visit us on the web at or call 800-327-6835.

The Industrial Maid T 3000 series air cleaner. A 6

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UT H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

Tank Coating Roof Coatings Available for metal, composition shingle or tar roofs. Long lasting and easy to apply.

We also manufacture tank coatings for concrete, rock, steel, galvanized & mobile tanks Call for a free catalog Virden Perma-Bilt Co. 806-352-2761

“Keeping the Family Farm in the Family”

Necessary Topics for a Successful Estate Plan By Michael Baron

Owner/Manager of Great Plains, Diversified Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND

New Tax Laws for 2013 Dear Michael: We are so relieved we don't need to worry about estate taxes – if they had gone to $1,000,000 and they stayed at $5,000,000 per person. However, we still have a lot of issues with health and are concerned about the long-term impact of our health on the ownership of our land. What things were included in the new tax bill or the Health Care Act that will negatively affect us going forward? – Relievedl Dear Relieved: In the new legislation in the tax bill, they made the Unified Credit permanent. Unlike past tax bills that had sunset provisions in them regarding how long the Unified Credit would be good for, this one made the $5,120,000 a 'permanent' amount, as well as the fact this amount will be indexed for inflation in years to come.

In Tennessee:

HIGHLAND RIM TRACTOR 1333 Louisville Hwy. Goodlettsville, TN 37072 615-859-5037

In Kentucky:

HUTCHINS TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT 6628 Clermont Rd., Coxs Creek, KY 40013 502-921-0000

Indexing means that this $5,120,000 should grow by an index tied to inflation. The past few years, this indexing hasn't added much, as the overall economy did not grow very much. If we return to higher inflation years, this indexing should add more and more value. In addition, they made the 'reciprocity' of the Unified Credit permanent. This means if the first spouse dies and leaves everything to the surviving spouse, the survivor can apply to use the unused Unified Credit of the first spouse. One must remember, though, in order to qualify for this unused credit, one must file with the IRS for this credit transfer within nine months of the date of death of the first decedent spouse. Nine months and one day later, you're too late and you lose the $5,120,000 credit. I always put 'permanent' into parentheses these days, as any legislation is 'permanent' until a new Congress comes along and decides to change any or all of a 'permanent' part of existing law. In other words, nothing is truly permanent based on the ability of Congress to change the law. It is, however, much easier to contemplate certain estate planning techniques knowing the Unified Credit has been made permanent.

CAN-AM OF STATESBORO 22681 Hwy. 80 East, Statesboro, GA 30461 912-764-2547 • 800-860-8666

© 2012 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ™, ®, and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc. or its affiliates. In the USA, the products are distributed by BRP US Inc. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change pecifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. BRP highly recommends that all ATV drivers take a training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or, in USA, call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887. In Canada, call the Canadian Safety Council at (613) 739-1535 ext 227. Read the Operator’s Guide and watch the Safety DVD before riding. Wear appropriate protective clothing and helmet. For side-by-side vehicles, fasten lateral net and seat belt at all times. Never engage in stunt driving and avoid excessive speed. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Side-by-side vehicles and ATVs are recommended for drivers aged 16 and older, and passengers aged 12 and older only. For off-road use only. Never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. Always ride responsibly and remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. 5108362

M A R C H 2 01 3

One thing is for people who are considering setting up life estates, or trusts, or other methods of protecting their farm or other assets from Medicaid attachment, the five million/single ten million/married gift amount was left open. This allows for people to continue to use gifting as a method of protecting their assets. The life estate was especially problematic as there was a gift of value at the time of the transfer of the residuary deed to children while retaining a life estate in the property. The value of this gift is based on an actuarial table set out by IRS to determine what this gift might be. This gift would then have been subtracted from the Unified Credit at the time of your death.

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

The life estate ownership has one unique tax aspect, however, that if estate taxes credits had been lowered, would have caused a great deal of problems. Life estates are still included in the decedent's estates at their full market value at the time of death of the life estate owners. In other words, if you have property worth one million, set up a life estate and gave the residuary deed to your children, you may have given a gift of $400,000 (40% of a $1,000,000 value on the land based on IRS's actuarial table.) Then, upon your death, the land is again placed in your estate for estate tax purposes and the $1,000,000 land had now grown to $1,500,000. If the estate credit had been lowered to $1,000,000, you would subtract the $400,000 gift (at the time of transfer) leaving you only $600,000 of credit, but then still have to include the land at $1,500,000 for estate tax purposes. You would have been $900,000 over and taxed at 40% or $360,000. Being as the credit has been left at $5,000,000 dollars, this type of planning for smaller farms and ranches is still available – for now. One thing people don't realize is that to change the rules regarding Medicaid approval and protection of assets, the Department of Health and Human Services doesn't need presidential or congressional approval. If they decide to change the look back period, or recognizing life estates as viable, or any other changes to Medicaid rules, they can change this in a heartbeat and give very little warning to the American public. Considering all of the financial issues of our country – and most of these are regarding our aging population and their healthcare, don't be surprised that a new ruling regarding Medicaid is already in the works. Last time they changed the rules from three years to five years, they announced they made the changes on January 15th and the rules changed on February 6th, 2006 – roughly three weeks later. They didn't people much of a chance to react – which is kind of the idea. ________________________________________ Do you have questions about estate planning? Need to know more about how you can "Keep the Family Farm in the Family"? Email questions to Michael Baron at or call him at 800-373-4078.

w ww.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


Farmers tend to work harder and to suffer silently when stressed financially. Some family members acquire second or even third jobs to enhance household income.


Kirk Kardashian described in Milk Money how some dairy producers sought economic relief and failed by applying these approaches to dealing with stress. Working harder usually causes people to experience loss of necessary sleep and recreation, faster burn-out, and more frustration. Foremost, we need to take care of ourselves physically and behaviorally.

By Dr. Michael R. Rosmann

How Dairy Producers And Other Farmers Can Cope With Stress Dairy producers currently are enduring one of the most serious and protracted economic crises of any segment of agriculture.

response to below-break-even milk prices and increasing feed costs. This was 6.7 percent more than in all of 2011, and the most cows culled since 1986.

The recent temporary extension of the current Farm Bill by Congress addresses neither the cyclical stresses that affect dairy producers nor the greater ongoing fundamental shift in the dairy industry. The temporary extension put off meaningful solutions.

Reducing increasingly expensive inputs such as protein and grain has cut milk production somewhat, along with drought negatively affecting the quality of pastures and hay production.

What should be done to improve the bottom line for dairy producers is a matter for debate. I will leave that part of the problem to farm economists, dairy producers and legislators. For a penetrating analysis of the dairy situation, see Kirk Kardashian’s recently published book, Milk Money: Cash Cows and the Death of the American Dairy Farm. Kardashian is affiliated with the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He examined the dairy industry from its inception as an agricultural enterprise to its current state. I will focus on ways dairy persons, and any farmer, can cope better with behavioral health issues that accompany severe financial pressures. Hunkering down is a way many farmers deal with economic challenges. Livestock and dairy producers often sell off a portion of their herd, usually the poorest producing animals. Some farmers also delay improvements to their operation and reduce purchases of inputs. The aim is to retain enough animals, whether swine, bovines or whatever animals the farmer raises, to have a solid genetic base from which to expand when prices for the finished products improve. In an October 9, 2012 article for Bloomberg, Elizabeth Campbell reported that 2.04 million dairy cows were slaughtered during the first eight months of 2012 in

Reducing the number of dairy cows and their feed has not resolved the milk price problem however, because production per cow has increased slightly. Economic forecasters predict further cow sell-offs, and bankruptcies among producers before milk production declines enough to boost prices sufficiently. Both large and family-sized operations are being affected. It is psychologically better for farmers to sell off some of the herd than to fully liquidate the herd or resort to filing bankruptcy. In most cases partial liquidation gives producers hope for the future as well as enough capital to “hang on” longer. Partial liquidation also helps producers to feel they are contributing to necessary changes within the industry— that is, reducing the overall supply in comparison to the demand for their products. Producers feel they are sharing in the solution. Total bankruptcy can be a killer. The farm crisis of the 1980s taught us that bankruptcy was associated with increases in anxiety and depression within farm families, family relationship strains such as bickering and blaming, substance abuse and suicide. Suicide has increased recently among dairy operators who have been forced into foreclosure. It goes without saying that proactive partial liquidation, along with temporarily reducing inputs and improvements, are healthier coping strategies.

It is preferable to bring outside inputs into the solution planning. Seeking consultations with farm financial managers, psychological counselors and trustworthy advisors are usually helpful. Some of the best advice-givers are other farmers, but one must select all advisors wisely to make sure they have your best interest at heart and can maintain confidentiality. They also must “know something,” that is, they must have knowledge that is useful for your situation. We need to share our troubles to obtain feedback, to gain perspective and sometimes just to hear ourselves verbalize what bothers us. Hope usually is easier to maintain, or reestablish, when we talk with sage confidants. Consumers are increasingly turning to organic dairy products. Conversion of conventional dairy operations into organic production units could be a long-term contributor (usually it takes 3 years or longer) to solutions for the dairy industry. Improvements in the overall U.S. economy will probably lead to continued greater demand for dairy products, even if they cost more. Passage of a Farm Bill that constructively addresses the problems within the dairy industry could help, but I wouldn’t count on Congress fixing the problem. It is better for stressed dairy producers and other farmers to adopt healthy behavioral coping strategies for the immediate future. _______________________________________________________ Dr. Michael R. Rosmann brings the perspective of a farmer in “Farm And Ranch Life”. Dr. Rosmann grew up on a mixed grain and livestock farm in Western Iowa where he experienced enjoyable hard work and 4-H, and witnessed the stresses that accompany farming and farm life. Dr. Rosmann developed the first mental health response in Iowa to the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. In 2001, Dr. Rosmann, along with partners in seven states, founded the nonprofit network, AgriWellness Inc. AgriWellness conducted research and provided counseling services to farm people. It became clearer that a specialized field – agricultural behavioral health – was needed to respond to the unique problems experienced by farmers, ranchers and others involved in agriculture. Email Dr. Rosmann at, or visit his website at You can call him at his office in Harlan, Iowa at 712-235-6100.



Choose from gas engines up to 60 HP, a 30 HP AC electric motor or a fuel-efficient high-torque diesel. Choose from 2- and 4-passenger mid-size models or 3- and 6-passenger full-size models All models feature On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) to maximize traction Detailed customization with hundreds of rugged and reliable Polaris accessories


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A 8

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Warning: The Polaris RANGER and RZR are not intended for on-road use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp the hand holds and plant feet firmly on the floor. All SxS drivers should take a safety training course. Contact ROHVA at or (949) 255-2560 for additional information. Drivers and passengers should always wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing, and seat belts. Always use cab nets. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never drive on public roads or paved surfaces. Never engage in stunt driving, and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Check local laws before riding on trails. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

MA RC H 2 0 1 3


ther 8 Hours

Consume Or Create? Your Decision Will Change Your 2013

Grower, Conditioner and Distributor — Quality Seeds


• Hatcher • Winterhawk • TAM 401 • • TAM 111 • Endurance • Registered Dumas •

T-23 Triticale & Deer Corn Also Available Anticipating High Demand for Limited Supply! CALL TO BOOK YOUR SEED TODAY! Custom Seed Cleaning, Treating & Bagging CALL US – WE HAVE THE SEED YOU NEED!


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That bloated sensation you feel isn't just from the excess eggnog and stuffing you ate over the holidays. It's far worse. It's actually the end, not the beginning, of each January that's the most important time of the year. Most people are focused on losing the extra pounds they gained and paying off their credit card debt–in the publishing world the focus is almost exclusively "health and wealth." We have literally and figuratively stuffed ourselves with too much food and too much spending and in late January we realize the damage we've done. However, the issue is much bigger than eating or spending too much. In fact, the choice is as important as the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, success and failure. Which way you choose to go will either lead you to feel full or fulfilled. It's a simple choice with dramatic ramifications. Choose wrongly and you'll feel agitated, depressed and uninspired. Choose correctly, and you'll feel energized, happy and at peace. But what are the two choices? Consuming and creating. Or more accurately, consuming versus creating. Consuming is easy and fun. We all do it so well. Sure, we eat too much and spend too much, but our consumption response runs much deeper. The consumption

I'm referring to is less about calories and dollars (although those are important, too) and more of a way of life– consumption of thoughts, ideas, values and habits through talk radio, TV and gossip magazines at the grocery checkout. These forces have a powerful grip on us by capturing our attention and then shaping our beliefs. Worse yet, they prevent us from creating. Imagine a pipe connected to our soul that extends to the outside world. If we've become complacent by consuming too much of what other people create–the movies, the shows, the articles–these ideas flow into us and change who we are, what we believe and what we value. It gets worse. By overconsuming, the flow of ideas is always from the world into us, and there isn't any opportunity to create and allow what's in your soul, head and heart to flow out into the world–the book you've always wanted to write, the documentary you want to film, the business you want to start, etc. This is the real tragedy. There is something within you that can improve your life, your family's lives and the world, but if you're too busy passively consuming other people's values and creations, yours will remain forever stuck inside of you.

Frame Mounted Plow & 3 Pt. Plow Now Available √ Wheels run on float tip boot to control depth √ Color change on boot 4' mark √ 5' plow will cut 5'11", up to 12" tile 9,000 lbs. √ 6' plow will cut 7'6" up to 12" tile 12,000 lbs. √ Front of plow 27 degrees √ Bottom of boot 10' 4" long, this makes the plow run smooth & hold grade, no matter what the soil condition. √ Approximately 15' long email: website:


1741 Blue Ridge Hwy., Blairsville, GA 30512 706-745-9671

Robert Pagliarini

You need to start looking at the world a little differently. You need to create instead of consume and build instead of buy. You've got to turn everything you've learned on its head. Instead of always thinking about what you can buy, you need to shift your thinking to focus on what you can create. Instead of being brainwashed by billion dollar ad budgets to think that consumption leads to happiness and success, I want you to reject that premise. Consuming has morphed from being a luxury into being a hobby. We've become a consumer culture where almost everything is directed at selling us something. The goal is to find a balance between consuming and creating. Happiness and contentment come from creating. You simply cannot consume your way to fulfillment. It doesn't work. It never works. True joy occurs when you produce something meaningful. Start small, but just start. ____________________________________

Robert Pagliarini is a CBS MoneyWatch columnist and the author of "The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose" and the national best-seller "The Six Day Financial Makeover." Visit

Change Any Chisel Plow into a Vertical Tillage Coulter Machine Save $10,000 to $15,000 with our user-friendly conversion kits! ExclusivE 4 Ball BEarings on thE shaft!

We have 4 ball bearings that make it a very heavy duty unit. We have other innovative parts like the DUST SHIELD. Kit includes 18” boron “earthen harden” 13 wave coulter blads and bolts. Works on wheat stubble, corn stalks, and soybean residue in fall and spring. Cut up trash in the field or dry out the ground so you can plant days earlier.


“Made by Farmers, For Farmers.”

Ron’s Mfg.

605-266-2177 See Article in the Product Spotlight Section

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tractor books, oil cans, seeds and tractor junk. It was a major challenge to clean up, but I wouldn’t trade it for the fanciest of china cabinets. Every time I open one of the doors to retrieve a dish, I think of great-grandma’s hands.

Another Tool in the Fine Art of Money Management

My buffet in the dining room is an old cast iron cook stove, complete with warming ovens and water reservoir. I didn’t want a fancy piece of furniture that everyone would be afraid of scratching. My kids used to roller skate from the living room through the dining room to the mud room, and I told my husband that if they ever hit that stove the only thing that could get hurt would be the kid!

By Paula Vogelgesang Email: Pennywise at

My family room couch came from another grandmother and dates back to the 1940s. It’s saggy and worn, but we still use it.

Making Do With What You Have (or how to achieve the ‘Eclectic’ look!) Last month I commented on an exchange that I overheard between a couple discussing the purchase of some furniture. She wanted new, and he said that they couldn’t afford it–because the credit card interest rate was too high. As I walked away, I thought about the early years of our marriage and how, as a young couple just starting out, we had to ‘make do’ with whatever cast off furniture the relatives could spare. We’ve never had a decorator magazine looking home. We’ve always said that our home is furnished in the style of early junkyard and late attic. I think the term today is eclectic– meaning nothing matches! Most of this furniture is still in use in my house. Some of it is old, some, not so old. Some may be considered antique now, but when we got them, they were in the category “old stuff nobody wants but too good to throw away”. But we have everything we need, and it’s fairly comfortable. No, it will never look like a furniture store showroom, but we’ve never had any credit card payments, time payments or the interest charges either, just to pay for something to sit on. Ours is a country home. March means calving time, and it’s entirely possible that there will be a baby calf curled up in front of the heating stove in the living room. We used to have litters of newborn baby pigs in that exact same spot. Yes, the thought of this might cause some ‘ick factor’ grimaces on the faces of the city folks, but when the critters are your bread and butter,

My point is, be creative and use what you have and accept anything else someone gives you. If you can’t use it, chances are that you know someone you could pass it along to. Refreshing the looks of a room may be as simple as moving the furniture around to a different location. Just putting some of those things away for a few months and changing out table covers or pillows can change the look for very little money.

you do whatever is needed to see to their needs first. And floors should always be scrubbable! Having a country home with an eclectic look means I can have anything I want, as long as I can get it in the door and we all like it. I know I’m going to keep my look forever. I once had a visitor that said to my husband, “Your house is like a hug and it makes me feel good to be here.” I can’t think of a better reason to leave things as they are. Some of the pieces are recycled belongings of family members. I have an old sewing rocker in my bedroom that belonged to a great grandmother, passed down to my mother, who rocked her eight children in it. I have memories of rocking my baby brothers and sisters in that same chair when I was growing up. The chair was passed on to me when my children came along. We believe in rocking our babies! We have an old icebox from the pre-refrigerator and electricity days in the dining room. This belonged to my husband’s greatgrandparents, and the handles are worn from years of use. We rescued it from the farm shop about 30 years ago where it held

I’m a great one to use washable covers for my living room couch and chair; sometimes the guys’ coveralls carry things into the house I’d just as soon not have on the furniture. I made my covers by simply sewing strips of denim cut from their old worn out jeans and hemmed around the edges. Denim blue is the main color in my living room. Yard sale time isn’t that far off in my part of the country, and is already underway in warmer regions. If you can, make yourself a savings bank (I use an old peanut butter jar) and put away any stray quarters or dimes that come your way. I gather mine from cashing in what few coupons I do use. I just might end up with enough to buy something pretty to add to my country home–without spending a fortune! Remember, it’s all about how you use YOUR money! –Till next time, Paula

Make You Own 'Cream of Something' Soup Mix, Recycle Those Rubber Gloves, Freeze Your Extra Eggs and More! Cream Of ‘Something’ Soup Mix Condensed Cream of ‘Something’ Soup is a dry mix, so when you need some cream soup for a recipe you just add water and cook. It is much less expensive than buying the cans at the supermarket. Mix together in a jar: 1 cup non-fat dry milk powder ¾ cup cornstarch ¼ cup bouillon powder (If you have cubes, you have to smash them up. Use whatever kind you have–beef, chicken, veggie.) 4 tablespoons dried minced onions 1 teaspoon dried basil 1 teaspoon dried thyme (I couldn’t find thyme so I used dried parsley) 1 teaspoon pepper For the equivalent of one can of condensed cream soup, mix 1/3 cup dry mix with 1-¼ cups water and cook until thick, then add to your recipe. If you want to add mushrooms, stir in as many as you need or want. I use about 1 cup of canned chicken in mine for cream of chicken soup. I keep the mix in the pantry and the recipe taped to the door so I don’t lose it. This is a real dollar saver!

A 10

‘Gummy’ Hair This hint has been around forever, but needs repeating every once in a while. When–not if–your child gets bubble gum or any other kind of sticky mess in his or her hair, you don’t have to cut the hair off. Simply grab your jar of peanut butter and work it in, around and through the ‘gummy’ hair. There is something in peanut butter that causes the gum to break down into little rubber balls. A quick shampoo and all is well. (I’ve used this on my kids, the neighbors kids and even 4-H kids on occasion!)

Recycle Rubber Gloves If you have access to worn out rubber gloves (some folks wear them when they do the dishes), cut off the cuff portion and then slice it into 1” wide ‘rubber bands’. They are so useful in farm shops to corral all sorts of things, like belts, hoses, etc.

Frozen Eggs? My hens are working overtime, and now that Christmas is over and I don’t need to be baking all those goodies, I have eggs galore! So, I am freezing some of the excess eggs to use

this summer when it’s hot and the hens don’t lay as well. I take the small sandwich freezer bags and put in as many eggs as I need for the recipes I use, anywhere from two to six eggs per bag. I break the yolks and add just a few grains of salt, squeeze out the air, seal and freeze on cookie sheets. When they are frozen solid, I put the bags of eggs in a larger freezer bag and store where I can find them in the freezer. Frozen eggs can keep for 6 to 8 months. I just take out what I need and thaw in the fridge as needed. I also freeze whites and yolks separately for the two dessert cakes I make often–12 whites to a bag for the angel food and 12 yolks to a bag for the spongecake.

Bulletin Board For Wherever You Need It If you need a cheap bulletin board for the milk barn, farm shop, utility room or even the children’s rooms, here’s an idea from a subscriber that works really well. Her advice: Buy a sheet of that foam insulation board at the lumber yard. Cut it into appropriate sized pieces with a sharp knife and then cover it with that sticky-backed paper

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UT H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

that is available almost anywhere. (I found some white colored paper that has worked wonderfully well for my family in a bargain bin.) I made hangers out of wire, but a friend of mine used some lightweight chain for hers and that works too. I bought some of those erasable markers on sale, and my friend found dry-erase markers for hers. Just buy and use what you have available. This works so well for me in the kitchen–I have four children with differing schedules. We divided the board into four sections, and each child had their own place and a different color of marker. They write down what needs to be done, and by what time (piano lessons for example) and it makes it so easy for me to check on things. –C.W., Kansas

Please The Bees With the cold weather this winter, your honey bees might need a little extra help. A normal hive should have had a good 60 pounds of honey left in it for the inhabitants, but if the winter is extra cold, that’s not enough. You can mix half white sugar and half warm water (to dissolve the sugar), put into quart

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

continued on Page A11 > MA RC H 2 0 1 3

Harvester Draper Belts H Combine Pick-up Belts H Bale Thrower Belts Tub Grinder Belts H Bunk Feeder Wagon Belts Genuine John Deere Diamond Top Replacement Belts with HP Rivet Lacing Our everyday prices will beat all manufacturers' prices. GUARANTEED all USA Made Belting

Free Freight On All OUR BELTING ITEMS With Minimum Order of $75.00.

We’ve got the Strongest and Best Quality USA Belt Products. John Deere • Case IH • Ford • New Holland • Hesston • Claas • Massey Ferguson • McKee • New Idea • Challenger • Vermeer • Gehl •Vicon

U.S. Made GENUINE DIAMOND TOP BELTS: 330, 335, 375, 385, 410, 430, 435, 446, 447, 456, 457, 457SS, 458, 458SS, 466, 467, 468, 468SS, 500, 510, 530, 535, 546, 547, 556, 557, 558, 566, 567, 568

All Types of Fasteners and Tools

Each kit includes an installation tool, guide block with screw, two pneumatic punches, hand punch and air hammer. Packaged in a durable plastic tool box.

Each kit includes an installation tool, rough-top belt skiver, pneumatic punch, hand punch & two Alligator® Rivet packages. Packaged in a durable plastic tool box. For field installation, all that's required is the applicator tool and a 1 lb. (0.45kg) hammer - special punches are not required. Plus, you never have to remove the belt from the baler.

The Alligator® Rivet splice is easier to install and less costly - than other plate-style baler fasteners. Using the specially made installation tool can install on-site without removing belts from the baler.







800-337-9826 • 903-640-5000 423 Meadow Road, Bonham, TX 75418 • Fax (903) 640-0371

USA Distributor All Major Credit Cards

E-mail Catalog Available A Genetic Science Company M A R C H 20 13

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

w ww.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


Breathe Easy.... Keep your farm shop clean

Simple to install and offers years of trouble-free service. The Industrial Main T3000 is a cost effective way to keep your farm shop clean. Proven performance Guaranteed satisfaction • 3000 CFM • 115 V/I Phase with 12 ft. cord • High/Low/Off switch • 170 lbs — 25"x25"x72" long • 3/4 HP direct drive motor blower



T3000 $1,699 (includes shipping)

(877) 624-3247

B 2

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UTH E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

351 S. 12TH ROAD CORTLAND, NE 68331

w w w. f a r m a n d l i ve sto ckdi re cto m

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

NEW0 0 BT 4 Bulk r e Tend

3 models & 6 sizes BOX SCRAPERS


Box Scrapers • Pull-Type Graders Earth Packers • Rolling Stalk Cutters Forced-Ejection Scrapers • Bulk Seed Tenders Box Seed Tenders • Grass Seeders





Strobel Manufacturing, Inc. 308-548-2254 M A R C H 2 01 3

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory | w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


Fuel Efficient Portable John Deere Diesel Power Units by

Hoover Diesel Service

High quality diesel engines with Tayloria PTO Clutch Reductions mounted on a 2-wheeled cart. Many options available — up to 250 horse power. Save fuel and maintenance costs. Use it to power your Blower, Manure Pump, Hammer Mill, Irrigation Pump, Stationary Mixer or PTO Generator for stand-by!

Call today for more information! 717-354-3322 or 1-888-DIESEL-0 Visit us at

Process your own meat... the natural way. The Original The Clamp Meat Chopper

American Meat Grinders

The Screw Down Meat Chopper

The Sausage Stuffer

The Cherry Stoner

A company dedicated to the American people and providing quality workmanship.

Pricess start as low a00 $73 B 4

Call 1-800-683-5858 531 Old Skippack Road Harleysville, PA 19438 On the Web:

In South Carolina:

In Mississippi:



303 E. North Ave. Westminster, SC 29693 864-647-0791

704 Hill St. Ellisville, MS 39437 601-477-8577 • 866-960-0825

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UTH E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

w w w. f a r m a n d l i ve sto ckdi re cto m

In North Carolina:

WEST END SALES 110 N. Hwy. 18, Vale, NC 28168 704-538-5345

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

PACER PUMPS 1-800-233-3861 Email:


Your Direct Line To Discount Steel Buildings Churches • Ag Facilities • Storage Monthly Specials Contact us today for a quote.

1-866-545-6272 M A R C H 2 01 3

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory | w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m









CONSTRUCTION TRAILER SPECIALISTS, INC. P.O. BOX 159 • 2535 ROSE PARKWAY •  SIKESTON, MO 63801 Toll Free (888) 669-0003 • Office (573) 481-0941 Fax (573) 481-0953 • E-Mail:

In Virginia:

In Alabama:

In Louisiana:




7274 Centreville Rd. Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135

1030 Hwy. 20 Tuscumbia, AL 35674 256-383-5601

B 6

5810 Airline Hwy. Baton Rouge, LA 70805 225-355-7716

In South Carolina:

In Mississippi:



303 E. North Ave. Westminster, SC 29693 864-647-0791

704 Hill St. Ellisville, MS 39437 601-477-8577 • 866-960-0825

In Arkansas/Louisiana:

In North Carolina:



904 Hwy. 65 S. McGehee, AR 71654 870-222-3100 Rayville, LA 318-728-6016

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109 S. Marshall St. Graham, NC 27253 336-226-2272

w w w. f a r m a n d l i ve sto ckdi re cto m

In North Carolina:

WEST END SALES 110 N. Hwy. 18, Vale, NC 28168 704-538-5345

In Louisiana:

M&L INDUSTIRES INC 5810 Airline Hwy. Baton Rouge, LA 70805 225-355-7716

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

Check us out at or call toll free 877-POND-505

Home of the

Original Concrete Stock Tank

Model shown: 44C

1 (855) IT-LASTS

w w w. G ulfC oastS upply. c om

Other models available

Petersen Mfg. Co., Inc. 2471 Hwy. 30, Denison, IA 51442 800-832-7383 • 712-263-2442 M A R C H 2 01 3

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory | w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


E. Rissler Mfg. LLC


TRAILER STORAGE, INC . For all Your On Site Storage Needs & Much More

“Conditioning the World’s Water Naturally Since 1972”

MFG. IN PENNSYLVANIA SINCE 1971 • All Poly & Treated Wood Conveyors • Taper Board Feeders • Bottom & Top Delivery Conveyors • 11" - 18" - 24" - 30" Widths • Single & Double Chain • Belt Conveyors, S.S. Body


E. Rissler Spiro-Mix TMR & Trailer Mixers • Spiro-Mix TMR Mixers • Trailer Mixers • Spiro Reel & auger provide TRUE end to end mixing! • Gentle tumbling action easy on feed • Stainless Steel in all critical areas • Optional hay knives process hay and straw

• Hydro Cart, HONDA Powered Feed Carts • Stainless Steel Feed Box • Heavy-duty drive

Storage containers are delivered to your home or business to provide convenient ground-level access and the perfect on-site storage solution.

If you grow it.... FREE DELIVERY WITHIN 50 MILES!

Dealer Inquiries Welcome!

FRE-FLO™ can improve it

Water Ecology of Nebraska ~ 308-236-5399 ~

2794 Brumbaugh Road, New Enterprise, PA 16664


Salt, Magnets, Chemicals, Filters or Electricity

• Big Savings In Irrigation Water - Up to 29% • Increases Crop Production - Up to 25% • Acts As A Soil Admendment Tool • Improves Overall Plant Health - Production • Increases Water Penetration • Has Increased Crop Revenue Up to $1,091 Annually Per Acre

These all steel containers are convenient, weatherproof and secure for storage of valuable tool, equipment, overstock merchandise or personal items. Products: • Portable Storage Solutions • 20', 40', & 45' Storage Container • Used Storage Trailers • Used Semi-Trailers • 48', 53', & 57' Air-Ride Available • Flatbeds & Dropdecks • 20' Portable Offices • 40' Portable Office-Storage Combos • Sales & Rental of Equipment • Lease Purchase Option Available • Local Freight Pickup & Delivery


Call Today!

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One System Serves Household, Lawn and Garden. In Georgia:

CHANEY BUSH IRRIGATION INC. 115 Witchard Rd. Fitzgerald, GA 31750 229-423-5402 • 888-4 VALLEY Email:

MEDDERS IRRIGATION INC. 1006 E. Franklin St. Sylvester, GA 31791 229-776-8595

RENTZ IRRIGATION 1044 Brinson Airbase Rd. Brinson, GA 39825 229-246-8688 In Tennessee:

NEWBERRY FARMS IRRIGATION 4932 Buzzard Creek Rd. Cedar Hill, TN 37032 615-696-0133 Jason’s Cell: 615-642-6642

See for yourself why Valley® is the best value in the industry. Come out and walk our machines. See up close why industry experts, independent lab tests and, most importantly, growers themselves consider Valley to offer the highest quality, for the best value. See how our commitment to the little things makes Valley the best-selling machine in the industry.

B 8

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UTH E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

w w w. f a r m a n d l i ve sto ckdi re cto m

TENNESSEE TRACTOR LLC 1551 Hwy. 54 North Alamo, TN 38001 731-696-2922 In Florida:

TRI-COUNTY IRRIGATION 10022 Hwy. 129 S. Live Oak, FL 32060 386-362-6066 Email:

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

Track your harvest with a Grain Tracker GT460 readout


This new technology works with a rotation counter on your grain cart and is fully automated to record and store field weights. Data is transferred by USB flash drive to your computer.

Boost your drilling accuracy and cut f i e l d t i m e w i t h S c a l e -T ec ’ s patented K its f o r dri l l s


PH. 1-641-333-4518 • 1-800-342-7498 FAX 1-641-333-4429

The Mobility 600 Row Crop adjustable (78” to 120” track) and 12.4 x 42” lug tires gives you ground clearance of 40” under spinners and 47” under frame, which allows you to go over the top of standing crop and will fit most row widths. Box material and all gussets are stainless steel above frame including the apron chain and drive chains for many years of dependable service.


Scale Link™ is the future! Use existing virtual terminal as scale indicator interface display. For use with all brands of implements.

DN345 Fer tilizer Spreader Kit • Kits available for all brands of fertilizer applicators and tenders

• Bolt on kits for easy installation • Some units utilize our Universal Kits • 99.5% accurate

New & Used Scales For… • Bulk Seed Equipment • Grain Carts • Platform Scales • Feed Wagons • Gravity Wagons • Grinders • Pallet Scales

• Livestock Scales • Custom Applications • Bin/hoppers • Portable Scales • CCS Planters

Scale-Tec Kits for every style and

The DW Series Toolbar is built to meet individual needs. Front to back rank is 60”, which is the widest in the industry. Heavy construction of 6 x 4 rectangular tube gives you the strength you need in today’s environment. This unit features the versatility of handling 15” to 36” row spacing. Down flex of 24 degrees on the wings allows the toolbar to travel over even the roughest of terrain, keeping the fertilizer in a more even soil depth. Hydraulic folding wings, fold-over 45 degrees and gives you more road transport clearance.

ISOBUS Compatible Scale Link™ communicates and adapts for

use with many different brands of virtual terminal displays..

4" Remote Display

size grain carts.


The DLQHD Series Liquid Applicator is built “TUFF” for the most rugged terrain. The 5 x 7 tubular main frame and the 4 x 6 front mount toolbar give you the strength and the visibility you need in today’s environment. This unit features the versatility of handling a 21’ to 42’ toolbar and 15” – 36” row spacing.

Dual Tank Wagon WNDT1000 - DESIGNED FOR "TWO" 1000 AA TANKS WNDT1500 - DESIGNED FOR "TWO" 1450 AA TANKS This heavy duty, built tough wagon has a tandem axle for easier towing and stability. The short gooseneck keeps the overall length to minimum and maximizes turning radius. Leaf spring lift assist and extendable tongue makes hooking up a one man operation. SERVICE PARTS FOR TOTE, MOBILITY, JTI EQUIPMENT & MODEL 10 VITON PUMP


Unwanted Trees a Nuisance?

Don't Get Snippy... Get the

Kansas Klipper Don't be fooled by imitations!

Evans Cooling Systems offers the only waterless engine coolant available. With a boiling point of 375°, Evans HDTC has the capacity to safely operate at higher temperatures without overheating, resulting in less down time. Fuel economy is improved. Your engine is protected. Maintenance costs are decreased. Plus, Evans HDTC is environmentally safe and eco-friendly.

No Coolant Changeouts Necessary

ADAMS TRUSS, INC. 12425 Collins Road • Gentry, AR 72734 (479) 736-8581 • (800) 228-9221


This self-leveling, low maintenance, is the First and Original single blade tree cutter still built in Southeast Kansas!

No Overheating

Check Out Our

Reduced Toxicity


Beeson Mfg., Inc. 827 State Hwy 99, Sedan, KS 67361 Phone: (620) 725-4117 | Fax (620)-725-5491 Email: M A R C H 2 01 3

Improved Fuel Economy Stops Cylinder Cavitation Erosion

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. 860-668-1114 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME

Quality at a Competitive Price FREE Customized Materials Bid 24' - 60' Spans in Stock Complete Technical Support from Adams Truss

Continual Operation Under Severe Conditions INC.


800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory | w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m



A Complete Corral Solution In 7 Minutes!

• Available in 6 ft., 8 ft., or 10 ft. • No back stop or cables needed-change from use to • Wide conveyor loads from highway towing in minutes either side • High capacity in forage or grain • 1 year warranty

Patent Pending



Mid-South’s Largest Distributor of Poly Tanks. TANKS FROM 12-12,000 GALLONS Your Liquid Handling Specialists. • • • • • • • • • • •

Storage Tanks Phone: 662-895-4337 or 901-521-2735 Transport Tanks Cone Bottom Tanks Fax: 662-895-4338 Indoor Water Tanks Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Sprayer Tanks 866-PROTANK Inductor and Mixing Tanks Low-Profile Storage Tanks 8971 Yahweh Dr. Septic Tanks Olive Branch, MS 38654 Poly and SS Fittings Ship PTS: Central GA, Northern MS, Poly and SS Valves Quick Couplers Central TX & Southern OK. Poly, AL & SS • Strainers VISIT OUR WEBSITE: • Pumps

or CALL US TOLL FREE: 1-866-PROTANK (776-8265)



The Original Builders of Diamond W Corrals, Burlington, OK


for early castration ...

Constant Force Technology (CFT) ensures humane, consistent results. Quality and service you can trust! for delayed castration ...



Cattle Sheep Goats Castration Horn Removal Tail Docking


In Tennessee:

Strauss Heart Drops


100% Guaranteed Satisfaction CLIENTS’ COMMENTS:


67 Watkins Lane Linden, TN 37096 931-589-5134 • 800-227-4631

“I feel so much better all over.”

• Chest Pain • Elevated Blood Pressure • Breathless • Cold Feet • Low Energy • Cholesterol • Heart Failure • Impotence

• Patent pending hitch design allows livestock to enter, or be loaded out the front or the back • Easy to set up and transport • Unique hydraulics system, will set down or lift up for transporting. • Runs by 12-volt battery with solar power

“In one month my doctor cut my medication in half and after two months he stopped all medication.”

In South Carolina:


“I used about half a bottle and the chest pain went away.”

Call Now for Your FREE Information Package

2248 Carolina Hwy. Denmark, SC 29042 803-793-5021

Call Toll Free: 1-877-271-1312

In South Carolina, North Carolina & Florida:




Darlington, SC 843-395-2120 • 800-597-8903 Clinton, NC 910-596-0010 Palmetto, FL 941-722-3433 • 800-771-3420



Soil Treatment

Satisfied growers worldwide for 37 years TA K E A C T I O N O N C O M PA C T I O N IMPROVES SOIL PROBLEMS • Standing Water • Water Run-off • Crusting • Clodding • Poor Root Growth

In Mississippi:



20983 Hwy. 14 Macon, MS 39341 662-889-3577

• Mixes Well • Applies Well • Low Rate/Economical • 1 Gal. to 55 Gal. Bulk

In Florida:

CHAMPION IRRIGATION P.O. Box 1236 Live Oak, FL 32064 386-362-5719

(800) 348-2608

Soil & Water Management Enhances Yield B 10

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UTH E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

w w w. f a r m a n d l i ve sto ckdi re cto m

MA RC H 2 0 1 3


#1UinSA the

Bermuda Grass Seeds on the Market

8 Ton


6 Ton

SunGrazer 5.71



4 Ton 2 Ton

KF19 Cheyenne Guymon Wrangler Test 2001-1 Eastern Research Station Haskell, OK (forage yields ton/acre) 2 Yr. Avg. on 4 Varieties Tested

SunGrazer 6.34




8 Ton 6 Ton 4 Ton


2 Ton

Sungrazer Sungrazer OSU 777 Plus Wrangler


#1 Forage Producing Seed Bermuda Grass 2008, 2009 & 2010!! Get your neighbors to try for added discount on multi bag orders ONLY AVAILABLE THRU AMERICAS SEED & BELTING

Call Today


Test 2006 SE Agriculture Research Center Kansas State University 2 year average on 4 varieties tested


Order online:

Radiators for all your AG NEEDS...

Wide Fin Radiators

Custom wide fin spacing for:

CAT 324 Oil Cooler

CAT D-10 Oil Cooler



Give us a call we'll treat you right! w w w. R a d i a t o r S u p p l y H o u s e . c o m

M A R C H 2 01 3

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory | w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m



Paris, Texas 903-732-4056 • 903-495-5624 w w w. 2 t c a t t l e g u a r d . c o m g r e g h o d n e t t @ ya h o o . c o m

The E-Z RISE CATTLEGUARD requires no pit. the patented Flexa-Floor compresses when driven across and slowly returns to its original height within 30 seconds after exiting. Safe for extremely heavy loads because the ground bears all of the weight. The easy to move, portable design provides added convenience for leased pasture, rotational grazing, hay fields and other high traffic areas.

Steiger Tractor Specialist Red & Green

No Pits To Clean Easy Installation Horse Friendly Maintenance Free

1. Minimum 10-25% savings on new replacement parts for your Steiger Drivetrain. 2. 50% savings on any used parts. 3. We rebuild transmissions, dropboxes, and axles with 1 year warranty. 4. We buy running or damaged Steiger tractors. These are American Made!


Emerson Manufacturing Corporation 1-800-633-5124

HYDRAULIC 3RD LINK Thgina i rs Or reat ounltivato e



1-800-982-1769 U.S. or Canada

GROW YOUR OWN  POULTRY AND EGGS! Whether you are a backyard poultry enthusiast or a large,


G nt C u Mo

commercial producer, Moyer’s Chicks has the best broiler crosses and brown or white egg pullets available. Hatching over 16 million chicks annually, Moyer’s welcomes orders of 50 or 50,000.We guarantee shipment of 100% healthy chicks.

Tired of adjusting your tractor’s 3rd link? Now you can do it from the seat of your tractor with the Gnuse Powerlink. Makes it easier to hook up your quick tatch machinery Heavy-duty • Years of field-proven service Adjust equipment on the go • Affordable low price

Call your local implement dealer or phone direct to:


Box 189, Arlington, NE 68002 MFG. CO.

266 E. Paletown Road, QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951

(215) 536-3155

Broilers-Brown and White Egg Layers

Build Fence without a Hammer

Engineering Grain Harvesting Innovations Since 1919.

Force FEED Feeder chain

Use a Pnuematic 400 Stapler



Solve your combine feeding problems, with the patented Force Feed Feeder Chain.

Eliminates annoying weeds from your crops!

Available for ALL Combines.

We Can Help Your Grain Feeding Problems! You’re proud of the investment in your combine. Don’t let that investment go to waste - upgrade your current feeder chain to the FORCE FEED FEEDER CHAIN!



Hillside Raddle Holds grain while harvesting on a hillside.

Plastic Inserts for edible crop and stripper headers.

13/4 inch & 2 inch 9 gauge barbed staples

Manchester Manufacturing Co. Main & Hwy. 132 • P.O. Box 36 • Manchester, OK 73758-0036

For FAST Service, Call


Send us an Email: •

Robert Beihn Frankfort, KY 502-223-8857 office 502-545-0910 cell

FOR SALE You can't break them, and they won't break you! What are the advantages of our tanks?

Jet Grain Trailers For Available units visit

Chattanooga Trailer & Rental, Inc. 7445 Lee Highway, Chattanooga, TN 37421 423-899-1744 • Fax: 423-899-9512

B 12

+ Unconditional Lifetime Warranty + Heavy insulation moderates water temperatures in both extreme heat or cold + Cost effective compared to other solutions + High-capacity 12+ can drink simultaneously

+ Grow less algae, keep water cleaner + Can be customized for any size livestock + Sizes available from 300 - 1800 gallons + Make excellent feeders for corrosive feeds + Approved for cost-share in most areas To find your nearest dealer, or to inquire about becoming a dealer, please call Will Mahoney at 800-365-5850 or visit or

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UTH E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

w w w. f a r m a n d l i ve sto ckdi re cto m

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

"Make You Own 'Cream of Something' Soup Mix, Recycle Those Rubber Gloves, Freeze Your Extra Eggs and More!", continued from Page A10 jars, punch six holes in the top of the lid with a nail and then invert the jar on an old saucer. Place near the entrance to the hive on warmer days when the bees are moving about. A hive will consume one or two gallons of this mix on a warmer day. When spring arrives and there aren’t many flowers blooming yet, simply mix two parts of powdered sugar to one part solid vegetable shortening and mix well. Make into patties and put near the hive. If it’s not all used up after three months, just replace the patties. The shortening in the mix will kill the throat mites in the bees and the sugar will give them the needed boost to live until flower time. –F.F., California

Dust And Toss You can make a toss away duster from sections of old newspapers. Roll together a couple of good sized sections, tie in the middle with some baler twin and use your scissors to cut deep fringes on one end and dust away. I use these in the basement and in the rafters of the barn to get down the cobwebs and dust and other debris from the critters that inhabit the outbuildings (I tied a big duster to a broom handle). I don’t like spiders crawling down my neck when I’m trying to get an orphaned calf to drink from a bottle or a pail! –A.S., North Dakota

Press ‘N Seal To The Rescue I have had both knees and both hips replaced over the last few years and have discovered during that ‘no shower’ time after surgery, all you have to do is use Glad Press N Seal; tear off a length of it and press it over the incision site, and your bandage will stay nice and dry in the shower. I wouldn’t try it in the bathtub, but it works great in the shower. –E.E., Texas

Instant Scrubber My old pot scratcher finally bit the dust and I didn’t want to spend the $$$ for a new one. My neighbor told me to use the mesh onion bag I had just emptied. She just took it and scrunched it up into a ball and put a big heavy rubber band around it. It’s not quite as sturdy as the stainless steel one that I had, but for now it’s working great, and best of all, I’m using something I would have just tossed away. –J.C., Nebraska


__________________________________________ If you have tips or ideas to share, send them to Pennywise, Box 518, Kadoka, SD 57543 or better yet, email Pennywise at Please be sure to mention the "Farm And Livestock Directory" when you respond.


The Positive Outlook  By Steve Huneke


I just got started with a great new book that has not been on the market that long, and it seems to explain the Bible well to the average lay reader, me, so I thought I would recommend it to you. It is called “The Story”.

every other chapter in the Bible? What sets them apart? The New Heaven and the New Earth that are promised by God to everyone who believes in Him is different from the Garden of Eden.

I think a lot of people in this world have a hard time explaining all the points God is trying to accomplish in the Bible, and this book seems to be able to do that with the average Joe. At least, it is doing that with me. I am not quite finished with it yet, but the initial feeling is great, with a different perspective that sort of comes to you quickly since you are supposed to read it over the course of 31 weeks (there are 31 chapters are in the book). There are numerous Bible studies for all ages to accompany it, so you can enjoy learning about our loving God in groups.

What would make it different? Since I mentioned Coach John Wooden earlier, I once again would like to mention some of his great thoughts and sayings; they are inspiring!

A common question in society lately is: How can a loving God allow such evil to happen in this world? I am not initially going to answer that question because it is answered all through the process of reading and studying the book. I really do not want to give away the value and enjoyment you will have by reading it. I will try to give you enough about it to tease you into absolutely deciding you need to buy and read it. If you want more general knowledge about just understanding God’s great will and desire all during the different times of the Bible, this is for you. If you want to see how God’s will and plan (Upper Level) intertwine with our lives here on earth (Lower Level), this is the book. If you want to see through a layman’s eyes what God’s intentions were for humankind, how humankind messed it up and still does, and yet how God pursues us for that same relationship, this book is for you. The book starts off by admitting that it is starting with the basics and the very beginning of the world in Genesis. It uses some analogies, from how John Wooden used to coach the UCLA Bruins from starting to how you put your socks and shoes on. This is important because we got a lot of firsts in Genesis about 6,000 years ago. Just a taste would be water, land, the sky, stars, planets, plants, animals, humans, marriage, perfectness, sin, children, and love!

Shown with optional accessories


� � �

On-Demand True AWD maximizes traction Legendary smooth Independent Rear Suspension with 9.5" of travel Big integrated storage box has 6.5 gal. volume A full 11.25" of obstacle-clearing ground clearance



Shown with optional accessories

Shown with optional accessories


� � � � � � �

On-Demand True AWD maximizes traction On-Demandsmooth True AWD maximizesRear traction Legendary Independent Suspension with 9.5" of travel Legendary smooth Independent Reargal. Suspension Big integrated storage box has 6.5 volume with 9.5" of travel box has 6.5ground gal. volume ABigfullintegrated 11.25" ofstorage obstacle-clearing clearance A full 11.25" of obstacle-clearing ground clearance

find yours today at:


22681 Hwy. 80AT: East, Statesboro, GA 30461 FIND YOURS TODAY 912-764-2547 • 800-860-8666

Pa r t s & S a lva g e

“It is most difficult, in my mind, to separate any success, whether it be in your profession, your family, or as in my case, in basketball, from religion.” “If you do your best, angels can do no better.” “I tried to convince them they had always won when they had done their best.” “At the same time I always tried to make it clear that basketball is not the ultimate. It is of small importance in comparison to the total life we live. There is only one kind of a life that truly wins, and that is the one that place faith in the hands of the Savior. Until that is done, we are on an aimless course that runs in circles and goes nowhere. Material possessions, winning scores, and great reputations are meaningless in the eyes of the Lord, because He knows what we really are and that is all that matters.” “It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.” “Young people need models, not critics.” I got a little off-topic of the book “The Story” with the great sayings of John Wooden, which are taken from his book “They Call Me Coach”. They both have a couple of things in common: God is the reason and driving force, and all things end well in the “Upper Level” if we have faith in God, meaning Heaven. It does not always look or feel that way in the “Lower Level” earth! If you are looking for a good book to explain the Bible in simple terms, “The Story” is your book for enjoyment and a 'Positive Outlook'. Steve Huneke




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Hwy. 121 S., P.O. Box 184, Aubrey, AR 72311 In State 870-295-6059, Out of State 800-643-1444 Fax 870-295-9262 Largest selection of used parts in Arkansas. We ship anywhere. 03/13 —————————————————————————

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ATVs can be hazardous to operate. Polaris adult models are for riders 16 and older. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing, and be sure to take a safety training course. For safety and training information in the U.S., call the SVIA at (800) 887-2887. You may also contact your Polaris dealer or call Polaris at (800) 342-3764. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.

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 

The Bible, Written Like a Story

Did you know that the first two chapters and the last two chapters of the Bible are the same and are different from


“Food for Thought”

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MID SOUTH SALVAGE P.O. Box 545, Hwy. 24 West, Decatur, AL 35602 256-353-5661, Fax 256-350-4878 New & used tractor parts for all makes and models farm tractors, backhoes and crawlers. We ship anywhere. 04/13

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Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen By Renae B. Vander Schaaf

Getting Started in Farming Has Never Been Easy Last summer, I was admiring a farmer's antique tractor. He informed me that the restoration project was undertaken partially because it was a challenge, but also because the men who share this interest are his friends. Frankly, he said, his farming neighbors could care less about him. They would be happy if he died so they can get their hands on his land.

risks that made good. The progress on their farms ought to be admired, setting a standard for others to works towards. Things have been changing on the farm with older retiring farmers facing a lot of uncertainty. They wonder if they have accumulated enough to last. At they same time wonder what will happen to their life's work when they are gone. Especially now as the inheritance tax is set to take most of what they have laid up for their children. His situation may not seem a problem at all. There are enough obstacles in your path to. Such as finding an opportunity, then acquiring the capital and make a living. Do you think that just because you are young, that a landlord should sign a contract with you based on that alone? You might be dealing with someone who has invested his life in that farm. He raised his family there, through drought, hailstorms, bumper yields, with good or low prices.

Welcome to the world of agriculture, young men and women. Getting started farming has never been easy, in my estimation. Yet, one can understand why you want to--it is a vocation one is called to and has to be the best place to raise a family. Freedom to be your own man, with a bond between the farm, yourself and God.

They somehow understood that for every dollar not delegated back into the farm, it took x number of bushels to pay for money spent elsewhere. Later in life, some did begin taking trips or wintering down south, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

There is something good and noble about producing food that is important to sustaining life.

Young farmer, why should they entrust their land and livestock to you?

That's why arrogance, egotistical actions and covetous thoughts have no place in farm country. Yet they exist in any size or style of farming operation there is.

But then again, why not? He was once a young farmer at one time too, looking for an opportunity. ___________________________________________________

Renae B. Vander Schaaf, freelance writer, lives on a real working farm in northwest Iowa. To Contact Renae B. Vander Schaaf, please email her at

The Smartest Buy on the Road! Love that Featherlite!

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Highly Corrosion Resistant Computer Designed Unaffected by Weather Easy & Economical to Repair Sprayer Units Applicator Units The "Husky" 1,000 Gallon Nurse Unit Hi-Clearance 5th Wheel Unit • Original "Quick Move" Storage Tank


Broad Breasted, Extremely hearty, Fast Growing.

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Serving Dairymen and Ranchers in Central Texas

ABF PACKING, INC. “The Udder Packers”

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Gooseneck combo trailer has Featherlite’s solid structural integrity, top features and many options at a price you'll love! Perfect for livestock and horse owners as well as hobby farmers, this versatile trailer comes in 16', 20', 24' and 28' lengths.

Featherlite’s Model 8125 is patterned after the very popular gooseneck 8127. It can be hauled by a wider selection of vehicles including some campers and SUVs.

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The Original In-Bin Continuous Flow Drying System... that Grows with your operation!

Red Ewald, Inc. combines 50 years of fabricating experience to provide you with the most rugged, yet economical fertilizing products on the market today.


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Capons, Heavy Cornish Broilers, Colored Broilers (7 Meat Varieties for freedom ranging), Layer Chicks, Ducklings, Goslings, Bantams, Turkeys, Game Birds, Guineas, French Guineas, Broad Breasted White & Bronze Turkeys, Rare Breed Turkeys

Seldom taking a day off, they don't understand how snowmobiling trips in the winter and summer weekends at the lakes are considered normal budget expenditures. Nor why cable t.v. and multiple cell phones are necessary. Remember these are the people who chose to eat eggs for supper and oatmeal for their breakfast because that is what the pocketbook said they could afford. Coffee came from the old pot on the stove that you added cream from the top of the milk jar too, not a glorified mocha latte.


966 Ragers Hill Rd., South Fork, PA 15956

He was the land's caretaker, keeping ditches mowed, digging every fence post by hand. In the barn milking cows before daybreak, cleaning out hog barns because the money they generated helped to pay the mortgage off.

Another farmer told me, some farmers were happy rents and land prices were so high, because it kept the young guys from getting started, meaning there were less farmers competing for land.

Successful farmers are often belittled, even when the achievement results from honest hard work, thrift and

Myers Poultry Farm

Providing a product that “meats” your needs

– Model 8117 Featherlite’s new Model 8117 stock trailer is designed with the style, features and price point that farmers and ranchers desire. It features a heavy-duty center gate with slam latch, full swing rear gate with lockable slider and curbside unload door for your convenient loading. With its premium, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, new Model 8117 is a great option for your livestock hauling.

In South Carolina:

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With a Shivvers computerized drying system you can dry your crops as fast as you can combine. Whether your drying needs are 2,000 or 20,000 bushels a day, Shivvers has a system for you. Let us help design a system that’s right for you.

Call or stop in today!

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clear clutter, organize your home, & reclaim your life Sadly Sorting Socks and Solving Laundry Woes Barbara Tako ­— Motivational Speaker and Author

Are you tired of doing the laundry dance or do you delight in it? Does the drudgery and repetition of this common task wear you down, or maybe you love the smell of clean clothes fresh from the dryer and thrill to the calming mood induced by sorting clothes and putting them away? If you are not happy with the laundry dance and you hate to fold or to put away (these are actually two different “issues” which call for two different solutions), then read how to simplify each process. Hate to fold? Folding clothes can be a repetitive boring task, so any way to speed up the process can help. I find sorting socks to be a major player here— you know, the large white mound of halfway turned insideout nuggets heaped on my bed that I have vowed to finish before I crawl into bed. Many laundry “experts” have told me the same “solution”: Train family members to pin their socks together before laundering. Ha! There are simpler ideas: Buy a different sock brand or style for each person in the family so you can sort them quickly. When that isn’t possible, for example, all little white anklet socks look pretty much the same, what then? How can you tell if that tiny white sock is really little sister’s sock, or if it is big sister’s sock that has lingered in the dryer too long? I don’t care to stand pondering these weighty matters at 11 p.m.! If you like to sew, put a different color stitch on the toe of each sibling’s sock. Pick one color for each person and stick with it. I am lazy. I make a dot on each sock toe with a permanent marker. Markers come in many colors.

Another sock option is to keep two mesh laundry bags in each person’s sock drawer. Use one bag for clean socks and the other bag for dirty ones. Dirty sock bags are gathered weekly and washed, leaving the socks in the bags throughout the process. After being laundered, clean socks are transferred to the clean sock bag in each person’s drawer. Family members are responsible for finding matched pairs in their bags when they need them and putting dirty socks in their dirty sock bag.

General Laundry Sorting & Folding Solutions If you have a large family, consider eliminating sorting. Some large families simply do laundry by person rather than by type of laundry. This eliminates sorting by person all together. Marking clothing, using mesh bags, and laundering by person are techniques that work for t-shirts, underwear, and other laundry too. A way to reduce laundry-folding repetition is to do it less often. Give yourself a longer break between sessions by borrowing a trick from our mothers or grandmothers: Pick a laundry day and do laundry only once per week. Make this day known to other family members so they know when they can get things washed. If a teenager has a problem with this, just say “no,” or better yet, say, “do it yourself!” If you have children, delegate folding! Long before I was fully comfortable with children running electrical kitchen gadgets, they folded laundry for me. Finally, some people don’t mind folding laundry at all. They find it relaxing

or they catch up on a television series by watching a prerecorded show, or they chat with a friend on the phone while they work. So, consider simply reframing how you view this task in your own mind.

What Comes After the Laundry is Folded? Putting folded laundry away is sometimes what frustrates people. They have nice clean neat stacks of laundry waiting in laundry baskets, stacked on the table, piled on a chair, down on the floor, or waiting by the stairs to go up to the bedrooms. Of course, these piles only stay neat and clean until some poor partially clothed soul comes along to dig through them to find what they need. Does this sound like your situation? Why does this happen? Maybe it just isn’t fun to put nice neat clean clothing into jumbled up or overcrowded drawers and closets?

Weed out to conquer Simplify putting laundry away by keeping closets and drawers clutter-free and organized. Regularly weed out clothing that isn’t being used. Strictly speaking, if you do laundry weekly, you wouldn’t need more than seven pairs of anything. The exception is the need to change clothing for activities like sports, exercise, or dress-up occasions. Toss mismatches, extras, things that are so worn that they are never worn, and what you and others never wear because it isn’t liked. Styles don’t come back quite the same, and if you don’t like something today, you probably won’t like it tomorrow. The same thought applies to everyone in your family. Free yourself today from extraneous laundry clutter that simply crams and wrinkles the things your family really wants to wear.

Divide to conquer Install drawer dividers to divide and conquer drawers. Drawer dividers can be as easy and simple as cardboard boxes cut to size. Dividing drawers keeps drawers from looking like they’ve been stirred up with a spoon. It provides great visual organization that is easy to maintain. Dividing space also helps quickly clue you in on when it is time to weed out a clothing category: If the sock section of the drawer is overflowing, it is time to weed out socks!

Finally, delegate to conquer Another way to simplify putting laundry away is to assign the task to others. Make each family member responsible for putting away his or her own laundry. If the drawers look like they’ve been stirred with a spoon but you don’t have to look in them anymore, are they still stirred up?


HARDIN FARMERS COOPERATIVE 1535 Wayne Rd., Savannah, TN 38372 731-925-3931 M A R C H 2 01 3

1741 Blue Ridge Hwy., Blairsville, GA 30512 706-745-9671

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

Barbara Tako is a clutter clearing motivational speaker and author of "Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life" (O Books, 2010), a seasonally organized book of clutter clearing tips that readers can pick and choose from to fit their personal style and needs. Sign up for her free monthly clutter clearing tips newsletter at

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“PROFITS GROW WITH KNIGHTRO” –Ken E. Knight Knightro Sessions | Mending Fences and Tending Senses

The World’s Largest Brat

(courtesy of the Ptacek Family from Prescott, Wisconsin) The Ptacek family's IGA Grocery store in Prescott, WI, recently celebrated its 100 year anniversary with the creation of the world's largest bratwurst.

20 assistants lined up along the grill to systematically turn the brat for even cooking. If either the brat or the bun was broken, they would be disqualified from the contest. To comply with the standards and regulations of the Guinness Book of Records, they called in the city police chief and a state weights and measurements officer to make the official measurement of 52’ (feet) and 2” (inches) before having it registered with the World Record academy.

It's folks like the Ptacek family that become the driving force that fuels an industry of interrelated dependency. Without those creative juices flowing, there would be a lot of feedlots sitting empty across the country. Building and creating demand may be the most important integral part in the scheme of meat and livestock production. We can grow and process it, but until someone creates a consumer driven product, all of our efforts are for naught.

This was no small feat to accomplish, nor was it cheap, as the World Record Academy required a fee of $1900 to have it officially recognized. It was so much money that Pat Ptacek was having second thoughts (and even audible whispers of profanity) before digging deep into his coffers for another couple thousand dollars. After a $20,000 bun and the cost of a couple of gigantic brats , one for the record and one for the road, what's a couple more dollars?

The brat is one such product, and none does it better than the Ptaceks. They have not only created the world's largest brat but they hold the distinction of producing the Reserve Grand Champion Brat, as awarded by the T.Z.A.M. It seems only fitting that such prestigious accomplishments should happen in the state of Wisconsin — home to the very iconic roots of the meat and livestock industry. Oscar Mayer & Co., the gold standard of the meat industry, migrated from Germany to Wisconsin about 25 years prior to the opening of the Ptacek family business. So along with other national brands such as Hillshire Meats, the brat has become as uniquely Wisconsin as motherhood and apple pie, or more appropriately, beer and brats. The Ptacek family business can be traced back to Grandpa John Ptacek who started the business 100 years ago, and the reason for the 100year celebration which featured the world's largest brat. Mike Ptacek, the patriarch of both the family and the business, took the business over from his parents, Don & Charlotte Ptacek, and handed it over to his children as of Jan. 1st. Catherine, Raphael, Pat, Tom, Nick and Rochelle will each be 8% owners of a business that they have so deservedly earned. Like their father, they have worked hard to earn this ownership position. They have played a big role in the success of a business that has grown out of quality, integrity, and a sense of appreciation for serving its customer clientele. If there was ever a more community dominant enterprise in America, I would be hard pressed to know where. The Ptacek family-run IGA Grocery Store is without a doubt, the most honored and respected business in Prescott, WI.

It took a village to produce the world's largest Brat. In this beautifully nestled city, located on the confluence of the Mississippi/St. Croix Rivers is the often emulated template of the St Croix Valley, and home to the world's largest brat. The city is unique, as just as it took a dedicated family; it took a village to put this celebration together. This was apparent on the day of the celebration, as hundreds of people turned out to help celebrate and witness history in the making. Cars were lined up on every side street in the city, and everybody within walking distance was there to huddle in close to witness this once in a life-time experience. It took many willing hands to roll out a 50-foot plus bratwurst onto an improvised grill of gigantic proportion. And even more ingenuity to create a bun of this magnitude. It took 40 pounds of dough prepared by the Village Hearth Natural Bread Company of St. Cloud, MN, to form and bake the record bun. The bun had to be delivered by a semi-trailer tractor long enough to accommodate the 50plus feet brat. This in itself was a sight to behold, as it was gently put in place and strategically sliced.

But the Brat itself was the crescendo of crowd anticipation. At last, the coals were hot enough, and the 35-pound bratwurst was unwound from its tub onto the smoldering grill, and over

YOUR VOICE IN THE MARKETING PLACE OF YOUR CHOICE Ken E. Knight is the author of the “Knightro Report”, a nationally syndicated livestock-marketing column, which is featured in this publication on a regular basis. Mr. Knight is a graduate of North Dakota State University, with a major BS Degree in Meat and Animal Science and a minor in Communications. In addition to being a professional auctioneer, public speaker and livestock judge, he brings many years of corporate level meat and livestock market management and expertise to the industry for which he now serves as an independent voice of shared knowledge and experience. For more in-depth information regarding the topics that have been touched upon in this report, Knightro conducts livestock marketing seminars on a regular basis. To schedule a seminar, auction, judging, or speaking engagement, please contact Ken Knight, Knightro, 136 Hillridge Ct., Prescott, WI  54021, phone 715-262-8480, fax 715-2628480, e-mail; or contact the Farm & Livestock Directory, P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, IA 50501; email

A 14

But this family has always been reaching deep to find ways to serve the community that has

supported them so well for more than a 100 years. In recognition for their service, they have been awarded the Chamber Business of the Year award, and have received the IGA Star Store award for five consecutive years. Mike Ptacek (father) has become such a fixture in the store, that it is doubtful that the kids will be able to persuade him otherwise, but it is their wish for the New Year that Mike and his wife Jan be rewarded for their many years of hard work and dedication by having some well-deserved time to themselves. The meat and livestock industry thanks them for their many years of service and contribution. And the Prescott community thanks them and their staff of "Mike-minded" people for what they have meant to this community. It is with deepest respect that we continue to support the Ptacek family tradition for the next 100 the Ptacek family tradition for the next 100 years.

Pony Tales by PONTY:

The Family That Makes You Feel Like Family Mike Ptacek knows nearly everyone in the community by their first name, and has cultivated that skill with such decorum that he has united a community to feel like an extended part of the Ptacek family. There is no one in this little town of Prescott that hasn't made an effort to support the Ptaceks', and likewise, there has been no one that hasn't been the beneficiary of their gracious giving support of the entire community. If there was ever a business model of success to be emulated, it would be the Ptackes IGA meat and grocery store. Though they are known by their reputation for an outstanding meat department, it has been their people skills and ability to build customer relationships that have distinguished this business for more than 100 years. On a personal note, I recall going into their store some thirty plus years ago—as nearly a perfect stranger—noticing a sense of anxiety and panic behind the meat counter. They had advertised a big "pork loin sale" that had out-responded their anticipation. So I asked Mike if I could be of some help by running up to S. St Paul, to Iowa Pork Industries (I.P.I.) to retrieve a few boxes of pork loins from their cold storage warehouse. (Now, remember, I worked for I.P.I., but not in sales.) This was a brand new experience for me, but back I came with a pick-up load of pork loins. The moral of the story: Never

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UT H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

back away from an opportunity to help, as it can pay dividends far beyond that of the "bottom line". From that point on our relationship has always been one of trust and a hand-shake. Not only was there no price established for the pork loins, I.P.I. suggestively insinuated that I might be a better hog salesman than I was a hog buyer! On several occasions, I remember sending my auction crew up to the Ptaceks store for lunch and groceries throughout the day. They were like kids in a candy store, as their cost was nothing more than their signature—an element of trust that was foreign to most of their personal/business relationships. But the most meaningful auction regarding the Ptacek family was a fund raiser for Mike's son Nick. Nick was stricken with a very serious neurological disorder in his adolescence years. Thankfully, he has fully recovered, and is now a major contributor to the Ptacek family management team. In typical Ptacek/Community relationships, the entire community — led by the Prescott high school, rallied in support of the Ptacek family. This was an out-pouring of love and concern for a very special family in our community. As in this and all other related associations, I'm proud to acknowledge and respectfully honor this special family on this — their 100 year celebration.

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

Pain in the rear? Be alert for signs of sciatica



That shooting pain in your lower back or leg could be a bee sting or a splinter, but if it lasts for a prolonged period, it might be sciatica—an irritation of one of the sciatic nerves that originate in the lower part of the back and run through the buttocks down into the legs. The sciatic nerves are the longest, widest nerves in the human body.


ALABAMA __________________________________________________________

ANDALUSIA FORD LLC 301 Dr. MLK Jr. Expressway, Andalusia, AL 36420

The pain can vary in intensity, from mild discomfort to sharp burning sensations similar to an electric shock. Generally limited to just one side of the lower body, the pain can be aggravated by coughing, sneezing, or lengthy periods of sitting. In most cases it’s not dangerous—just annoying—but you should see a doctor promptly if you experience severe pain, weakness, or numbness in the area, if you’re having difficult controlling your bladder or bowels, or if the pain is the result of a traumatic injury.

334-222-1103 • 888-799-3673 Used Listings: 2005 Featherlite, living quarters, 14', 4-horse..................$35,900 2009 Biason 4-horse, living quarters, slide-out................$29,500 2007 Dreamcoach, 3-horse, air cond., awning.................$13,900 2007 Dreamcoach 4-horse, bumper pull......................... $17,900 2003 Keifer, 4-horse, living quarters.................................$26,900 __________________________________________________________

Sciatica will usually fade in a matter of weeks or months, although surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve is an option if the pain persists for more than six weeks. Traditional treatments include heat and cold packs, pain medication (both over the counter and prescription), or an epidural steroid injection. Alternative approaches may involve chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

Kentucky __________________________________________________________

HUTCHINS TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT 6628 Clermont Rd., Coxs Creek, KY 40013 502-921-0000 • Used Listings:

Your best bet, though, is to avoid the risk factors. Sciatica tends to be more common in middle age, but other causes are within your control. Being overweight puts greater stress on your spine; jobs that call for prolonged sitting or heavy lifting can increase the likelihood of sciatic pain; and diabetes can affect the way your body processes blood sugar, contributing to nerve damage.

 CALL FOR LISTINGS __________________________________________________________

VIRGINIA __________________________________________________________


7274 Centreville Rd., Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 • Used Listings: Kubota B2400 HSD, 24 hp. diesel, 1175 hrs., 4WD hydrostatic, loader with toothbar, canopy.........................................$9,970 Kubota BX2200, 22 hp. diesel, 255 hrs., 4WD hydrostatic,

loader, mower, grass catcher, soft cab.......................$12,700

The best advice: Don’t just sit there for hours on end—get up and move around frequently to keep your back muscles flexible and in good shape.

John Deere 325, 76 hp., 2850 ROC, FOPS, 295 hours, 6'-6" smooth bucket, foam filled tires..................................$24,970 2007 Kubota BX24, 24 hp. diesel, 425 hours, 4WD hydro,

grapple, toothbar, work lights.....................................$14,000

Kubota BX22, 22 hp. diesel, 4WD hydro, 290 hours,

12" bucket...................................................................$13,000


You can’t sell it if they don’t know you have it! Advertise your services & equipment in the

Farm and Livestock Directory, and see out how easy it is to attract buyers!

Call 800-622-8836

The enduring quest for a close shave A close shave has been coveted for thousands of years. It all started in the Stone Age, when sharpened flint-blade razors edged out the earlier Neanderthal tool for hair removal: seashells. Egyptians obsessed over hair removal in 3,000 B.C., regarding a clean-shaven face as a sign of good breeding. They used razors, creams, and pumice stones.

Toll Free 800-369-4131 11052 Hwy. 392 Harrison, Arkansas 72601 (200-1) 200 Pound Stull Feeder with ATV mounting kit

Our standard Stull Feeder is Randy's original design and what he uses today. It holds 200 lbs. of feed and is gravity fed—perfect for use with any bunk feeder. A retractable top allows for easy loading and the long handle allows the driver to easily open the feed door and regulate flow. The tapering chute folds up when not in use. Two strut mounts allow for mounting to any ATV.

(400-2) 400 Pound Stull Feeder with the basic UTV mounting kit

In 330 B.C., Greeks and Romans emulated the Egyptians by shaving their heads and beards during the reign of Alexander the Great. Across the ocean, Aztecs shaved with razors made from volcanic glass (obsidian) in the 1500s. Then came the breakthrough: In the late 1600s, steel blades were introduced in Sheffield, England. Fast-forward to 1929, when Col. Jacob Schick marketed the first electric shaver.  In the 1960s, disposable razors hit the market, and in 1971, Gillette began selling a twin-blade razor. Then, in 1998, Gillette introduced the Mach3 triple-blade shaver— after spending a reported $750 million to develop it.

This kit includes the 400-Pound Stull Feeder and all mounting hardware for the basic UTVs, which include the feeder, 2-60in struts, all mounting hardware and instructions for your basic utv. The Basic utv mounting kit would be for any utv that has a metal constructed bed with a lip that bends out or in ward like the pictures of the John Deere Gator. Basic kit is for the following UTVs- Mule, Gator, Cub Cadet, Kubota, Bobcat, Treck, Chuck Wagon, Club Car & other similar type beds.

OUR NEWEST PRODUCT — UP TO 600 LB. CAPACITY "AUGER" FED FEEDER** • 12-volt motor can be wired to battery or hooked up to backup battery • 10-foot starter switch lets you operate auger from driver's seat • Ships via UPS. • Measures 30W x 39H x 42D • 16-gauge galvanized metal. • Bolts to bottom of bed of UTVs, and mountable to UTVs and truck beds ONLY. ** NOT MADE TO BE MOUNTED TO ATVS

M A R C H 2 01 3

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

w ww.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


C LA S S I F I E D S EQUIPMENT COMPANY Kennel, Rabbit, and small animal supplies HOME OFFICE & PLANT CALL OR GO P.O. BOX 352 ON-LINE MONETT, MO 65708 AND REQUEST 417-235-7557 ONE OF OUR FREE 1-800-798-0150 COLOR FAX 417-235-4312 CATALOGS TODAY!

WESTERN WAREHOUSE 11264 EASTSIDE RD. HEALDSBURG, CA 95448 707-433-6177 1-800-369-7518







WORKS LIKE A RATCHET! TIGHTENS ANY WIRE! RUSTY, PITTED WIRE THAT’S BEYOND HANDSPLICING! GREAT FOR HIGH TENSILE, SMOOTH BARBLESS, VINE WIRE, ELECTRIC FENCE, SMALL CABLE NO UNSTAPLING NECESSARY! SAVES 75-90% OF YOUR LABOR THE MOST ECONOMICAL WAY TO MAINTAIN FENCES! CAN BE RETIGHTENED YEAR AFTER YEAR! UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! 20 Reel-Tites and One Handle………$44.50 50 Reel-Tites an One Handle………$86.00 100 Reel-Tites an One Handle………$150.00 (Prices include UPS Shipping) Please include your complete name and address along with your check or money order. We also accept Mastercard, Visa & Discover. (IA residents add 7% Sales Tax)

Kermco-DeHaai, Inc.

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– FARM EQUIPMENT/MACHINERY –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– HAY & HAY EQUIPMENT –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

USED FORD TRACTORS, running or not. 5000 to 5610 Series, etc. 6600 Series, etc. 7000 Series. Call Mike: 229-777-3710, 229-848-0295. 03/13 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– KADDATZ AUCTIONEERING & FARM EQ., 6676. Tractors and farm equipment. Salvage: tractors and farm equipment. Order parts online. New and used parts. 254-582-3000. 05/13

ROUND BALER BELTING AMERICAN MADE: Largest dealer in U.S. Original belting for all round balers including new John Deere - in stock! Save hundreds$$! Free shipping anywhere! No 800#, just best prices. Since 1973. MC/Visa/Discover/ Am. Express or C.O.D. Contact Hammond Equipment in Faundale, AL 36738, at 334-627-3348, or visit our website at 03/13

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WANT TO BUY –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– POULTRY/EQUIPMENT/SUPPLIES –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

WANTED: Caterpillar Cable Scrapers. Lever Holdings Inc. 306-682-3332. 03/13

“FREE” CHICK & TURKEY CATALOG. Quality chicks as low as $29.95 per 100. Call toll free 1-866-365-0367. Reich Poultry Farms, P.O. Box 100, Marietta, PA 17547. 03/13

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– FREE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– FREE BOOKS AND DVD's. Soon the government will enforce the "Mark of the Beast" as Church and State unite! Let the Bible identify it. This is a paid advertisement from: The Bible Says, P.O.B. 99, Lenoir City, TN 37771, thebiblesaystruth@yahoo. com, 1-888-211-1715. 04/13

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– MISCELLANEOUS ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– MEAT PROCESSING SUPPLIES - Grinders, cubers, all butcher supplies needed for farm and wild game processing. The Home Processor, call 770-535-7381, or visit us online at, 03/13 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CONKLIN® DEALERS NEEDED! Lifetime career in marketing, management, and applying green products made in America. Visit www.frankemarketing. com. For a free catalog, call now at 320-238-2370, or 855-238-2570. 03/13

Dept. S, 741 Carpenter St., Monroe, IA 50170

PH (641) 259-2987 FAX (641) 259-2754 Visit our website:

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– NURSERY/SEEDLINGS/SUPPLIES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SWEET POTATO PLANTS available middle of April thru July 2013, taking orders now. Call Scarbor & Sons, 5194 U.S. Hwy. 319 South, Tifton (Omega), GA 31793, 229-528-4204. 03/13

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CULVERTS ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– GOOD USED RR TANK CAR SHELLS (7’-10’ diameter, 30’-55’ long), also good used steel pipe 5,000' 18", 5,000' 20”, 5,000’ 24”, & 5,000’ 26”. Call Jules, Gateway Pipe and Supply, Inc. at 800-489-4321. 03/13

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BUSINESS SERVICES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WE BUY LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES for a cash settlement. Contact Reliant Group, Inc. 800-457-2315 03/13


MARCH 2013 Index This listing is provided for the convenience of our readers. This publication assumes no liability for inaccuracy.

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT . . . A17-A20

Trans-Fer® Systems The safe, economical way to move grain and maintain quality.

In Tennessee:

PERRY FARM SUPPLY 6230 Hwy. 89 Palmersville, TN 38241 731-822-4455 800-594-4455 Call for more information or visit us at

A 16

WATKINS & SONS MFG. INC. 67 Watkins Lane Linden, TN 37096 931-589-5134 • 800-227-4631

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UT H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– PRIORITY PAGES 2T Cattle Guard. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B12 Adams Truss Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B9 AGCO PARTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B2 Agri Dry LLC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B4 Americas Seed & Belting . . . . . . . . . B1 Americas Seed & Belting . . . . . . . . B11 Beeson Mfg. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B9 Beilers Engine. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B8 Bermuda King. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IFC Best Livestock Equipment. . . . . . . . B12 Big Tractor Parts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B12 Chattanooga Trailer. . . . . . . . . . . . . B12 Chop Rite Two Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B4 Construction Trailer Specialists. . . . . B6 Cox Mfg dba Dalton Ag. . . . . . . . . . . B9 Diamond W Corrals. . . . . . . . . . . . . B10 E. Rissler Mfg.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B8 Emerson Manufacturing . . . . . . . . . B12 Evans Cooling Systems . . . . . . . . . . B9 Four Star Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . B10 Fre-Flo Water Systems. . . . . . . . . . . B8 Gnuse Mfg. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B12 Grassworks Weed Wiper. . . . . . . . . . B5 Greenwell Mfg. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IBC Gulf Coast Supply & Mfg Inc. . . . . . . B7 Hoover Diesel Service LLC. . . . . . . . B4 Horst Welding. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B3 Industrial Maid. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B2 JBM Advantage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B7 KIOTI TRACTOR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B4 KIOTI UTV. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B6 Knutson Irrigation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B11 KUBOTA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B6 Livestock Steel/All Rail . . . . . . . . . . B12 Maljohn Co . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IBC Manchester Mfg. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B12 Marr Bros.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IFC Martin Baggers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B10 MBSC Direct. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B5 Moyer’s Chicks . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B12 NEW HOLLAND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B6

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

No Bull Enterprises LLC. . . . . . . . . B10 Nuera Transport . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B11 Pacer Pumps. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B5 Performance Medical . . . . . . . . . . . B10 Petersen Mfg. Co . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B7 Phase-A-Matic. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B5 Pond Enviro. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B7 Power Tek. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IBC Protank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B10 Radiator Supply House Inc. . . . . . . B11 REINKE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B10 Scale Tec . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B9 Strobel Mfg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B3 Trailer Storage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B8 TSGC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . IFC Tubeline. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B1 VALLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . B8 Walinga Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BC Wire Fence Stapler. . . . . . . . . . . . . B12 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– GENERAL ABF Packing Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A12 Ag Industrial, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A2 Bass Equipment Co. . . . . . . . . . . . A16 Buddy Tucker Tire. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A2 CAN-AM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A7 DMC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A16 FEATHERLITE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A12 Fehr Cab Interiors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A2 GSI . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A2 Joe Mescan Windmill . . . . . . . . . . . . A2 Johnson Drainage Plows. . . . . . . . . A9 KAWASAKI ATV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A13 KAWASAKI MULE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . A9 Kermco-Dehaai Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . A16 KRONE BALER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A13 KUBOTA BX SERIES. . . . . . . . . . . . A2 MAHINDRA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A7 Myers Poultry Farm. . . . . . . . . . . . . A12 POLARIS ATV . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A11 POLARIS RANGER. . . . . . . . . . . . . A8 Red Ewald Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A12 RK Products Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A9 Ron’s Mfg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A9 Schweiss Doors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A8 Seed Inc . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A9 SHIVVERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A12 Stull Feeders. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A15 Virden Products. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A7

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

Product Spotlight

Nuera Transport: Common components, uncommon people Unless you build or repair trailers for a living, Nuera Transport (Nuera) might not be a name you are familiar with. However, for over 20 years, their parts have been going into the toughest and hardest working trailers in North America. Trailer manufacturers, dealers, and repair shops across the nation and Canada have come to rely on their impressive inventory and unmatched technical expertise and dedication to service. Although Nuera boasts over 10,000 parts in Inventory, it’s really their “People” that separates them from other parts supply sites. Like the gray-haired employee walking the aisles of your neighborhood hardware store, Nuera prides itself on solving problems and getting to know its customers. Visit their site, and if you don’t find the part you need or have a trailer-related question, call their Customer Success (not service) Department at 1-877294-7343.

Get a quieter, cleaner cab environment with a new Fehr Cab Kit Is your tractor cab making you sick with the foam sagging and the ceiling drooping and deteriorating, all dirty, dusty and rattling? Our tractor cabs start showing their age (just like us farmers) after years of hard work. Fehr Cab Interiors can help your tractor cab environment become quieter and cleaner, as they have been renewing the linings of agri-cabs for 23 years. When a cab is over 10 years old, the foam lining loses all acoustical properties and starts to harden and deteriorate from exposure to sunlight and the extreme seasonal temperature changes. The foam should be replaced when it deteriorates, because it makes the cab so much quieter, silencing the vibrations that can damage your hearing. Another advantage to installing a new Fehr cab kit is that it can increase the resale value of your tractor as much as $2,000 or more. It just looks like someone has taken care of it. M A R C H 2 01 3

Fehr Cab Interiors can custom fabricate any cab parts, using the original panels and patterns, carefully duplicating them using new insulation to renew any cab. The more insulation foam that is added to a cab, the quieter it will become. Do-it-yourself kits are available with pre-cut, pre-sewn panels, complete with a super bond adhesive with instructions and diagrams for any farmer to install in his own tractor. Fehr Cab Interiors also installs many of their own kits so they know how the parts need to fit. The new interior kits make the cab atmosphere so much more pleasant, clean and quiet. Many cabs now have plastic pre-molded panels with the foam vacuum-formed onto the parts. Fehr Cab Interiors now makes these laminated parts for Case-IH, some AC, JD, Ford and White tractors. We are especially excited about the new JD 8100 series, 7200 series, and JD 6400 series cab parts. Other kits available for Steiger, Versatile, Massey Ferguson, Hiniker an Year-A-Round QT-1 cabs. Many pre-cut floor mats are also available. To make a difference in sound control in your cab, contact Fehr Cab Interiors, 10116 N. 1900 E. Rd., Fairbury, IL 61739. Phone 815-692-3355, fax 815-692-2574, or visit

Revolutionary new wire fence stapling system designed for farmers and professional fencers Available for the first time in North America, Wire Fence Stapler introduces the Stockade 400 wire fence stapling system designed specifically with the professional fencer, farmer, and rancher in mind. This new stapling system developed by Paslode New Zealand will save time and money. Simply load a rack of 2 inch or 1 3/4 inch galvanized barbed staples into the Stockade 400 and begin single or multiwire fence construction. With a groundbreaking pneumatic (125 psi) fencing tool and hot dipped galvanized barbed fence staples designed to perform in all weather conditions Paslode has just made a tough job a whole lot easier!

The revolutionary Stockade 400 pneumatic stapler is light weight (8.2 lbs), tough, and has enough power to drive staples into even the hardest fence posts. Loaded with depth adjustment features the 400 wire fence stapler is designed for any fencing job, saving up to 70% of the time currently taken to hand hammer fence staples. That time saving is money in your back pocket. Contact your distributor, Wire Fence Stapler at

‘Smokeless’ wood burners feature an overall efficiency of over 86%

to 0.45 grams of particulates per hour, depending on conditions. “There’s no furnace in the world that does what this one does,” said Daryl Lamppa. “The Kuuma furnaces are so efficient,” says Daryl, “because of a patented design that truly gasifies the wood, ensuring the cleanest and most efficient burn possible. It gasifies the logs and burns them clean. It really does burn in a different way, using a natural draft.” For more information, contact Lamppa Manufacturing at 800-358-2049 or visit Videos and financing also available. Kuuma today for a better tomorrow.

It’s all about safety, high efficiency, and enhancing our environment when it comes to using a wood burning furnace.

Stull’s 600 pound auger fed feeder

Lamppa Manufacturing has developed two remarkably clean burning furnaces – the Kuuma VaporFire 100 and 200. Both can heat an average insulated home up to 3,200 square feet, and are designed to eliminate wood smoke. By diminshing creosote and air pollution at the same time, the Kuuma VaporFire furnace is truly a ‘green’ product.

Our 600 lb. auger fed feeder is Stull Feeder’s newest feeder. It has the same basic design as the 400 lb. feeder, holds up to 600 lbs. of feed and is auger fed. A 12-volt motor can be wired to a battery or hooked up to a backup battery. A 10-foot starter switch lets you operate the auger from the driver’s seat. The Stull Feeders 600 lb. feeder bolts to the bottom of beds of UTVs and trucks. (It is not made to be mounted on ATVs.)

Benefits of VaporFire Furnaces: • Makes wood burning safe • Environmentally and operator friendly • Burns wood up to 99% smokeless • Less than 1 gram per hour of emissions produced for less environmental harm • The burn is controlled automatically by a simple knob • Its unique 24-volt computer eliminates the guesswork involved in safely and cleanly burning wood One of the world’s leading testing labs have found that the VaporFire wood furnaces burn with virtually no smoke, and with an overall efficiency of more than 86% — an efficiency unheard of for wood furnaces of any kind. The furnace also scored an incredible 99.4 in combustion efficiency.

For more information contact Stull Feeders by calling 800-369-4131 or email:, or vist our website at

New EPA guidelines, which were developed to reduce the emissions of particulates from new wood stoves, allow up to 7 grams per hour of particulates, which is a level that many wood stove manufacturers struggle to meet. However, the latest testing shows that the Kuuma furnaces are a spectacular exception, with results ranging from 1.0

800- 622- 8836 | T h e S O U T H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

w ww.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


Product Spotlight

Pond aeration windmills: Why American Eagle beats the competition, reasons one through seven (out of 21) #1. American Eagle: the bellow is by Firestone, which can last 15 to 20 years under a heavy duty 2,000# truck. The competition: Diaphragms need replacement as early as two years.

To read fourteen more reasons to choose American Eagle, go to our website at www. For more information contact Joe Mescan at American Eagle Windmills, 440-2363278; fax 440-236-5496 or email joem@ Visit online at www.

farmers a range of options and tire choices to suit their specific application. Business has not been without its share of difficult times. A shop fire gutted the manufacturing facility late in 2012, shutting down production until the facility was re-built. However, the expanded manufacturing space in the new facility means more efficient production of equipment. Back in business, JBM is continuing what it does best – producing products that farmers across North American can both afford and trust.

#2. American Eagle: Bellow most volume of air; 3 to 6 cfm with a 10 – 15 mph wind–even more at 15 – 27 mph wind. The competition: Diaphragms 1 to 3 cfm–maximum.

which saves time. The Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment allows for quick mixing of manure and soil to prevent loss of nutrients and control odor. It can also be used for very shallow incorporation of fertilizer and select herbicides. The Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment can be equipped with a wide selection of coulter blades. Spaced on 6” centers, the coulter blades can be matched to achieve the desired amount of tillage and residue sizing.

For more information, contact John BM Manufacturing at 519-699-4324, fax 519699-6105, email, or visit

Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment gets even stronger Ron’s Manufacturing has added two more bearings to their kits. This makes the kits even more heavy duty. See our “Compare” video on our web site ( to see why 100% of who compare ‘hands on’ buy the American Eagle.

#3. American Eagle: High volume is more important than high pressure. American Eagle puts out only 8 to 9 psi but can supply up to six diffusers. The competition: Diaphragm more pressure, but can only supply a maximum of two diffusers. #4. American Eagle: 8 to 9 psi will supply one diffuser 14 to 16 feet. The competition: Diaphragms will pump deeper but with very little volume of air. The deeper you pump, the less volume. #5. American Eagle: Bellow warranty, five years. The competition: Diaphragm warranty–ZERO! #6. American Eagle: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1-year warranty with an emailed picture of the defective part–and it ships out FREE the same day. The competition: Diaphragm warranty policy states the part may need to be shipped from as far away as Canada to be evaluated– then determined if it is the customers fault. Any new part will be shipped at the customer’s expense for parts, plus shipping both ways. (This can take months. We know a Diaphragm customer still waiting over a year.) #7. American Eagle: Pump action is a huge 1 and 3/4” stroke some call intermittent. Most pumps are. The Eagles huge volume of air creates the most effective method of water circulation. More air, more circulation. The competition: Only 1/2” stroke, also intermittent. Less volume of air results in much less water circulation. A 18

American Eagle Pond Aerating Windmill

Farm equipment built by farmers for farmers JBM Manufacturing hits the ag market with built-to-last equipment JBM Manufacturing is an Ontario based manufacturer of heavy-duty farm equipment, including a complete line of bale feeders, bale wagons and dump trailers – each one built with a passion for farmerfriendly products for over 20 years. Being a farmer turned manufacturer himself, owner Joe Martin realizes by firsthand experience the attention to detail that is essential for “farmer friendly” products.

Coulter kits from Ron’s Manufacturing converts any chisel plow to a year ‘round tool to prepare your fields. These kits are your year around tool for the perfect seedbed. The Vertical Tillage Attachment has a wide variety of capabilities, making it ideal for use in spring and fall. In the fall, it can be used to lightly till the soil and incorporate and size residue, setting the stage for the spring planting season. It is also a practical way to dry out wet soils. The Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment works well in no-till conservation tillage, as well as conventional tillage operations, extending the growing season and creating better planting conditions. Vertical tillage prepares the soil to warm more quickly in early spring, energizing the seedbed for maximum growth and yield potential. In addition the Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment allows for shallow seedbed preparation which decreases the risk of excess soil density below the root zone.

“I used to be a farmer myself – now we’re manufacturing good, quality products for farmers,” says Martin. It seems their hard work has paid off. John BM Manufacturing now has a dealer presence across North America. JBM’s complete line-up of products includes feeder wagons, skid feeders, bunk feeders, bale wagons and thrower racks. The popular Grain & Forage Boss Dumpers, Dirt Boss Dumpers, and Mighty Dumpers make the ultimate dump trailer lineup for handling everything from grain to dirt and rocks. Additionally, many items can be customized to customer specifications, and JBM offers

For more information contact Ron’s Manufacturing at 40582 187th St., Carpenter, SD 57322 or call 605-266-2177. E-mail

Tandem Products produces animalfriendly livestock flooring Tandem Products manufactures “animalfriendly” plastisol coated steel mesh flooring under the trademark, Tenderfoot®. We produce flooring for animals up to 550 lbs in primarily the calf, swine and pet and research markets. In the calf industry we manufacture flooring for both veal calves and replacement heifers for the dairy industry. In the swine industry we manufacture a variety of flooring options for nursery through farrowing. We also produce a variety of flooring options for caging/kennels for the pet and research industry under the Dek-Cellent® trademark. The flooring has been proven to reduce labor costs and death loss while providing a clean dry environment for the animals. The plastisol coating is resistant to fungi and bacteria.

The Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment is a smart investment in that it has multiple uses, which will ultimately produce savings in terms of time and money. It also has a low operating cost per acre and can be used in a wider range of conditions than most tillage tools. It operates at a relatively high speed of 6 to 10 MPH,

800- 622- 8836 | The SO UT H E RN Fa r m a n d L i v esto ck D i re ctory |

We manufacture a full line of animal flooring products that are distributed worldwide. Call for more information at 800-5330509 or visit us online at

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

MA RC H 2 0 1 3

Product Spotlight

But, after years of promoting delayed castration, he began to realize he wouldn’t convince many more ranchers to delay their castration practices. It was a tradition that was hard to break.

Hoover Diesel Service LLC has the expertise and sources to provide complete power unit packages for the stationary non-road market Gehman Bros. of Terre Hill, Pa, was a lawnmower shop as well as a Petter Diesel dealer. Melvin Hoover joined Gehman Bros in 1973 to work in their diesel division and in 1974 bought the Petter Diesel aspect of the company and renamed the company Hoover Diesel Service. Two years later, in 1976, the business was moved to a larger facility for a higher parts stock and more engine storage space. Distributorship of the Lombardini Diesels was taken on at the same time. In 1985, the Lister company and the Petter Diesel company merged, giving us access to the Lister-Petter line of diesels. With the added capacity of selling both Lombardini and Lister-Petter engines, and after several additional employees, it was decided to build a 9,000 square foot structure in 1986. It included a dedicated engine rebuilding department, larger parts department, and a road service bay. In 1992 we were introduced to the Iveco Industrial dealership, which gave us access to an excellent line of diesels. 2005 brought on two more dealerships, as we added John Deere and Yanmar to our collection. With our ever increasing stock of parts, along with the generator sales, our facility gradually filled up. In 2011 we opened our brand new 31,000 square foot building.

Power Units Hoover Diesel Service offers a variety of diesel power units, built specifically to fit your needs. We can custom build a power unit to include a skid, clutch, muffler, or fuel tank. We have new and rebuilt units available.

Call us today to see what we can build for you! For more information on products contact Hoover Diesel Service LLC at 717-3543322 (New Holland) or 717-786-8839 (Quarryville), or visit www.hooverdiesel. com.

Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander provides humane care while improving financial returns Fifteen years ago, Mike Callicrate was working on a delayed castration trial with Temple Grandin and its affect on bigger bulls. “We were interested in the effects delayed castration with the Callicrate Bander had on bigger bulls - pain levels, growth, etc.” he recalled.

Generators Hoover Diesel Service has a large selection of generators in stock, both the double bearing belt driven style and the single bearing SAE housing mount. We also stock parts to keep your unit operating and provide field service to repair or maintain your generator. Give us a call to find the best generator to fit your application.

Generator Sets Hoover Diesel offers Hi-Power and Lister Petter genset units. We can also custom build a genset to suit your needs. Whether you need a backup power source for when the power goes out, or a mobile unit for on

M A R C H 2 01 3

the job site, we have something to fill your needs.

The study went well. Even with late castration, bulls castrated with the original Callicrate Bander went right back to eating and showed minimal signs of stress and pain. Waiting until later to castrate bulls allows the animals the growth benefit associated with natural testosterone. “Today ranchers still, for the most part, castrate early using elastrator bands or a knife. Then they typically implant the calves with a variety of synthetic growth promotants,” said Callicrate. “If they would wait until later they could grow their beef naturally and still have the growth and development benefits of testosterone.”

“I recalled that Temple Grandin mentioned that one of the most stressful things you could do to an animal was the use of elastrator rings. They simply don’t get tight enough. The animal swells into it. There was concern about the negative effects this procedure had on vulnerable young animals working to develop their immune systems. A knife was considered the second most stressful way to handle them,” Callicrate said. Those comments by Grandin, stayed in the back of Callicrate’s mind for over a decade. Recalling Temple’s comment about how the elastrator ring didn’t provide sufficient tension for complete ligation, a problem the Callicrate Bander finally solved in 1994, he decided to work on a more humane method of castration for young animals that would replace the highly stressful elastrator ring. Callicrate was explaining the elastrator ring dilemma to friend, Roy Harbach, an experienced aerospace manufacturing engineer. Roy came up with a few ideas, and between them, the Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander was invented. “We’re talking very young animals. The new Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander is designed for newborn calves, sheep and goats, up to approximately three weeks of age. It’s for those producers who want to castrate early,” he explained. The Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander was just released in January of this year and already the response has been very positive. The ‘WEE’ band is tight enough that it shuts off the blood supply and the pain response as well. Studies of high-tension banding have demonstrated that the complete negation of blood flow triggers a natural analgesic effect that blocks pain while minimizing swelling and related complications. “Many ranchers apply an elastrator ring, then drive over the hill and don’t notice what happens next,” he said. “Because elastrator rings are not tight enough, the animals experience pain until swelling finally blocks the blood flow and the pain eventually subsides.” Until that happens, Callicrate said, “these young animals lay on their side in pain, they roll and they paddle. It’s particularly noticeable in lambs and goats. They do a lot of vocalizing. They are in severe pain for a prolonged period of time.” Most people who raise livestock really do care about their animals and want to make sure they are treated humanely, The new Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander provides another tool for allowing better humane care while improving financial returns. Just like the original Callicrate Bander, the ‘Wee’ Bander also works on tails and

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horns. “If it fits through the triangular loop opening, it is the right size,” said Callicrate. The Callicrate ‘WEE’ Bander is consistent with the Callicrate method for hightension banding and is the most stressfree castration option on the market. It is also easy for the person performing the operation. After positioning the loop around the testicles, the loop is released securing the band firmly in place above the testicles. Then a pull handle is retracted applying the proper tension. Both banders are available at animal health and ranching supply stores. For more information, check out their web site or call 1-800-858-5974.

GulfCoast Supply Premium Metal Roofing–Made here, made now, made to last. With our state-of-the-art in-house equipment, GulfCoast Supply is able to quickly and professionally turn around all of your metal roofing needs. We have an extensive offering of available panel types, sizes and colors all in stock so your project can be produced in short order. Our fleet of delivery trucks come standard with heavy duty crane lifts and experienced drivers/operators ensuring safe delivery of your product - where you want it, when you want it! Our friendly and experienced sales staff is ready to help you place your order and answer any technical questions you may have. We are very familiar with the current building trends, codes and requirements for your project needs, and offer an extensive library of product manuals and design specifications for your use. All product testing, engineering and approvals are available upon request for any purchase, and can be found in print-ready format directly from our website. Not sure what your new metal roof is going to look like? No problem! With our new ProofMyRoof™ service you can virtually try on your new Premium Metal Roof before you buy. Simply send us a photo of your project and we will superimpose your metal roof profile and color selections right onto your project photo! Call us today at 855-IT-LASTS or visit our website at to get started!

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Product Spotlight

High-quality portable and permanent storage tanks and products “Quick Move” storage tanks from Red Ewald, Inc. are the quickest and easiest way to handle all temporary and permanent storage needs for the person on the move. Tanks from Red Ewald, Inc. are your best investment in storage. There are many features and benefits, including: - Up to 42,000 gallon storage capacity - Seamless one-piece construction - Non-corroding, maintenance free fiberglass - Pigmented for maximum UV protection The company builds one of the largest onepiece fiberglass storage tanks available for agricultural use. Measuring 15’6” in diameter with a 30’-0” straight side wall height, it provides a 42,000 gallon capacity, giving you the best price per gallon in fiberglass tanks. Pumps, plumbing, valves, manifold stands, and meters are available with all units. For more information, contact Red Ewald, Inc. at P.O. Box 519, Karnes City, TX 781180519. Call 830-780-3304, 800-242-3524, Fax 830-780-4272, or online at www.

Red Ewald, Inc. has 38 years experience in designing and engineering permanent and portable storage tanks and complimentary products.

Our years of experience, and our company’s diversified operation have allowed us to design, engineer, and fabricate the highest quality FRP products available today. We have the personnel to help you select and design a tank for your specific needs, and the know-how to custom fit your tank to meet these requirements. Upto-date manufacturing capabilities will assure prompt delivery of your tank. Quality, pride and experience, built into each Red Ewald, Inc. tank will assure you complete satisfaction.

Unique heart formula saves countless lives Over 20 years ago Jim Strauss suffered a major heart attack and was told he would need bypass surgery or he would die. Jim was born into a family of herbalists stretching back to the 17th century. He learned these crafts during childhood, gathering medicinal herbs in the Austrian countryside with his grandmother. He was taught that tasting herbs could detect their medicinal value, but balance and proportion were the keys to producing formulas that were effective and immediate.

Schweiss Doors’ spherical bearings unique to the hydraulic door industry

Established over 30 years ago, Schweiss Doors continues to be at the top of its trade. You can always rely on Schweiss Doors for the very best in agricultural, aeronautical, industrial, commercial, residential and designer doors.

Schweiss Doors, proven to be a worldwide leader in production of hydraulic and bifold doors, is proud to announce the addition of ‘spherical’ bearings, another unique design improvement to its hydraulic onepiece doors.

Visit us at or call 800-746-8273.

These bearing - critical to safe and smooth door operation - are now built into all Schweiss ‘Red Power’ Hydraulic Doors. During an extensive testing phase, the design team at Schweiss Doors found them to be the perfect answer to a stronger, longer-lasting door. Content with the use of conventional bearings, no one else in the industry has adopted this unique feature. Schweiss Doors engineering team has proven that spherical bearings are far superior, and when you use superior components, you get a superior product.

Benefits of this scale option are: • Determine pounds of fertilizer used per acre • Determine pounds of fertilizer used per farm • Know inventory of fertilizer at all times with 99.5% accuracy • 99,000 lb. capacity scale system • Durable enough to withstand rapid application and rough ground

In 3 months, his 2” arterial blockage was cleared. Since that time, Jim has shared his formula with thousands around the world who are living testimonials to its curative powers.

Scale-Tec also offers kits for other types of fertilizer spreaders. For more infromation, contact Scale-Tec at 888-962-2344, email scaletec@scale-tec. com or visit online at

One of many clients recently wrote:

About Red Ewald, Inc. Located in Karnes City Texas, the company has been supplying fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) tanks and process vessels since 1963. These tanks continually serve a wide range of applications in the chemical handling, mining, pulp and paper, petrochemical, waste water treatment, oil and gas drilling and testing, food processing, pollution control industries, agriculture and aquaculture environments. A 20

Free Strauss Heart Drops information packages are available by phoning Performance Medical Plus toll-free at 877271-1312. (Not available in Iowa.)

New for 2012, Scale-Tec introduces the John Deere DN345 Fertilizer Spreader scale kit, that includes six load cells, wiring, mounting brackets and a waterproof, backlit readout. The installation time is 8 hours, with no modification or welding required.

Spherical bearings are not new, but they are something ‘new’ to the door industry. They are being used in tractor 3-point hitches, planters, drawbars, car suspensions, engines, driveshafts, heavy machinery and many other applications. Schweiss Doors is ‘light years’ ahead of the curve in engineering genius by using these bearings in their large and heavy Red Power lift doors.

Jim’s heart attack was not a fluke. He admits to having lived in the fast lane, ignoring the healthier lifestyle of his parents. He considers himself fortunate as nearly half of first time heart attacks end in death. Relying on knowledge acquired over the years, he refused the recommended surgery and instead put together an herbal formula which he immediately applied to himself with outstanding results.

“I would like to tell you that after three months of using Strauss Heart Drops, I am a new man. I am 86 years old, no more the tired feeling I had, my swollen feet are normal again, and my bowel is working normally. Two specialists had told me ‘we can’t help you’.” — Sincerely, Peter A. Wiebe.

New scale option for John Deere DN345 fertilizer and lime spreaders

Schweiss Hydraulic Door spherical bearings are strategically located between the teardrop area and cylinder plate at each end of the doors’ large, lifting and closing cylinders. Each door frame has a certain amount of deflection when in operation, and spherical bearings allow for less friction, eliminate binding, wear and damage to a door cylinder and any flexing of the door frame.

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PowerTek Chippers are designed for rugged reliability. The 360° rotating discharge chute allows you to direct the flow of chips into a pile or the back of your truck.

PowerTek offers the chipper in a gravity feed or hydraulic feed model, the 30" flywheel will handle the toughest jobs.

PowerTek P.O. Box 3 Lebanon, IN 46052


Extended auger life with UHMW Auger Flight Facing

Shave the Ground with UHMW Skid Plates Custom UHMW skid plates for swathers and combines. We have the largest stock of material in North America. that allows us to accomodate customers with selection and competitive pricing. Call for all your UHMW needs.

Custom Made Flexible Loading Spouts for Grain Cart Auger Spouts Spouts greatly reduce lost product due to wind.

Fix your worn out troughs with UHMW liners formed to size • Predrilled and bevelled for immediate operation • Quieter operation • Reduces wear costs • Lightweight for easy handling m a r c h 2 01 3

• Abrasion resistant, low friction 1 pitch segments • Extends past helicoil for better cleanout • Reduces caking and material hangup • Heat formed to fit • Attaches w/bolts, rivets or self tapping screws • Available in food grade white, acid resistant


125 10th Ave. E. • Regina, SK S4N 6G4


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