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"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." - Lou Holtz

"Amazin' Grazin'" by Bonnie Mohr For more information about Bonnie Mohr, see her biography on page A1 inside.

FEBRUARY 2014 Volume 16 | Issue 2

Best choice for Rotary Cutters & Finish Mowers No other quick hitch gives you this flexibility! Gives flexibility between different width implements No changes to tractor or implements needed

ur o t u o k c e h C atch design! new l

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10 HD, 12’, 14’ & 16’ Rear Steer Models • Blade moves up to 5’ left and right of the tractor • Great for filling in washouts • Building & repairing terraces • Drainage ditch building & cleaning • Cleaning feed lots

MODEL 1400RS • 10’ HD, 12’, 14’ & 16’ blade width from 90-400 H.P. • 45° blade angle • 15° blade tilt • Hydraulically controlled from tractor seat

MODEL 1000


• 8’ & 10’ models for 25-100 H.P. • Hydraulically controlled blade, angle, tilt, up & down from tractor seat

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F EB RU A RY 2 0 1 4

on the cover Bonnie Mohr

contents Volume 16, Issue 2 | February


visit to the Bonnie Mohr Studio is a bit different than one to other fine art galleries. Like other studios, you will find the usual artist originals, art prints and note cards. What makes this studio unique is that you will also find one of Bonnie’s favorite art subjects-the dairy cow. Live cows are generally not allowed in the studio which is located on the Mohr farm, but visitors will see them lining the drive way to the studio in rural Glencoe, MN. Bonnie and her husband John both grew up on dairy farms in southern Minnesota. They married in 1983 and after a several years of marriage and working in the Minneapolis area. They used the money they saved to invest in their dream of owning their own farm and genetics business, Glenmark Genetics. It was about that time that Bonnie became serious about her god-given ability to re-create onto canvas the things in life she so loves and respects. Nearly two decades and five Mohr children later, the studio is now staffed by a marketing person,

features» Product Challenge: Evans Waterless Coolant....................4 office manager and a “just down the road” neighbor who is the shipping specialist. Bonnie still has the passion, but doesn’t always have the time to paint as much as she’d like, as there are always business decisions and family responsibilities. However, she makes the most of her limited painting time and has published several recent releases including the fall 2002 limited edition hit “First Christmas”, “October Blessing”, and the BARNS ACROSS AMERICA open edition four print series. She also has over 30 print selections and cards from her popular “Just Down the Road” note card series. (Including the Christmas card “First Christmas”) For more information regarding Bonnie’s paintings, prints or note cards call 1-800-264-6647 for a free catalog or visit her web site To request a catalog by mail write Bonnie Mohr Studio, PO Box 32, Glencoe, MN 55336.

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Bonnie Mohr Studio

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ORDER LINE: 1-800-264-6647

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Putting the extraordinary into the ordinary one painting at a time. Limited and Open edition art prints • "Just Down the Road" note cards Bonnie Mohr Studio, P.O. Box 32, Glencoe, MN 55336

PH: 320-864-6642 • FX: 320-864-6646 •

Southern Farm and





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8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY | andl ivest ockdirect A1

t product challenge: Evans Waterless Coolant

Ocean to Ocean World Record Set by Vintage Adventurer in 83 Year-Old Ford Australian motoring enthusiast Rod Wade, aka the Vintage Adventurer, has set a new world record in the Ocean to Ocean Driving Challenge with Evans Waterless Coolant running through the engine of his 1930 Model A Ford. The non-stop drive was completed in 50 hours, 20 minutes and 6 seconds, beating his goal by almost 10 hours. The journey began on a Friday morning in November, precisely at 12:01 am, where Rod and his codriver, Michael Flanders filled a bottle with water from the Atlantic Ocean. The engine ran reliably through snow and rain, and hills and plains, until arrival at California’s Venice Beach Saturday night at 11:20 pm, where they poured the water from the Atlantic into the Pacific Ocean, officially completing the Ocean 2 Ocean Challenge. Rod and Michael traveled the 2,947 mile trip averaging just over 58 miles per hour without any water in the cooling system, and without worries of overheating either. Evans Waterless Coolant was used to ensure the cooling system functioned under demanding conditions. Water was on board, but used where it was needed the most – to hydrate Rod and Michael during their marathon adventure.


Just before departure Rod said, “Evans waterless coolant performed so well when we drove through Asia in the hot summer that we insisted on using it for this trip. We are very confident with Evans.”

trolysis and cavitation erosion.

This past June, the car completed the Peking to Paris Rally, considered to be the world’s greatest motoring challenge. Along this rigorous route, Evans waterless coolant successfully demonstrated its capabilities of performing under extreme conditions.

The next goal of the Vintage Adventurer team will be to take on the Ocean to Ocean Australia, again in the Model A Ford. Scheduled for June 2014, that event is a timed challenge from Queensland to Fremantle and return. Rod’s goal is to raise awareness and much needed money for Kidney Health Australia and the American Kidney Fund.

With a boiling point of 375°F, Evans High Performance Coolant will function well past the failure point of water-based coolants. Evans High Performance Coolant provides permanent cooling protection for the life of the engine, and protects against corrosion, elec-

For more information on the Ocean 2 Ocean Challenge, the Vintage Adventurer and the latest updates, visit

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. f a r ma ndl ivest ockdirect

F EB RUARY 2 0 1 4

what’s new t

The Climate Technology Platform™ Provides Real-Time, Hyper-Local Tools to Help Enable Optimal Decisions through the Entire Growing Season The Climate Corporation recently announced the availability of CLIMATE Basic™ and CLIMATE Pro™ for the 2014 Crop Year. CLIMATE Basic™ is a mobile service that optimizes a farmer’s daily decision making by providing up-to-theminute, field-level current and future weather, soil, and crop growth stage information. Currently, it is available to farmers nationwide at no cost. CLIMATE Pro™ is a revolutionary web and mobile service that can increase profitability through customized field recommendations that maximize yield and minimize costs. CLIMATE Pro™ provides recommendations before and during the growing season that dynamically adjust to changing weather-related and other field conditions. Key recommendations offered by CLIMATE Pro™ include what relative maturity and planting date will optimize yield, where, when, and how much to sidedress nitrogen, what integrated pest management mitigates yield loss, where variable rate application will be beneficial, and what harvest date optimizes dry down costs, grain moisture and yield. Farmers will also have access to up-to-the-minute, field-specific weather, forecasts, and crop conditions as well as farm-level yield projections. CLIMATE Pro™ for 2014 provides corn farmers with the potential to increase profits over $100 per acre for only $15 per acre and soybean farmers with the potential to increase profits over $50 acre for only $7.50 per acre. “We’re at a very important point in agriculture – the ability to better understand and interpret environmental and agricultural data will help farmers optimize yield through smarter seed genetics, planting rates, and a myriad of measurable crop production decisions. Today, farmers have access to so much data, but they tell us they don’t know how to drive actionable value from it,”

says David Friedberg, CEO of The Climate Corporation. “Over the past five years, our scientists and engineers have developed the Climate Technology Platform™ to transform complex information into actionable insight and real-time farm management recommendations to help farmers increase their profitability.” The Climate Technology Platform™ is the same proprietary technology that powers The Climate Corporation’s risk management products, consisting of hyper-local weather monitoring, high resolution weather simulations, and unique agronomic models. Rob Sladek and his family run a large corn and soybean operation across five counties in eastern Iowa, and Rob has become an avid user of, the precursor to CLIMATE Basic™, during the 2013 growing season.

Hyper-local weather monitoring across the country provides assessments of field and subfield-level environmental conditions by incorporating dozens of public and private environmental observation networks and remote sensing systems, coupled with various proprietary and published models.

“Keeping track of what is going on in every field is a challenge,” says Sladek. “With different planting dates, seed varieties and variable weather, we experience a wide variety of field conditions each day. Our service has changed how we run our operation by giving us up-to-the-minute weather and crop conditions for each field accessible at the click of a button. As a result, we’re able to be more efficient in deploying resources throughout the growing season. And we have come to believe in the advanced features of the service like Harvest Advisor to accurately predict yields and crop moisture levels. I’m eager to use the new tools for the 2014 crop year.”

High-resolution weather simulations incorporate current hyper-local environmental observations, shortrange weather forecasts, climate signals, long-range trends, and other proprietary research models to produce a dynamic, full-season, probabilistic forecast for each field. Agronomic models represent the intersection of agronomy and data science, estimating agricultural production outcomes based on various static and dynamic inputs, including farming practices, field characteristics, weather simulations, and other key variables.

To get a free demo and to find a local provider visit

"Coolbean the Soybean" Character Created to Helped Kids Learn About Agriculture Author Shawn Conley, PhD, created the character of Coolbean the Soybean to help children learn about agronomic, crop and soil sciences. He has written a book, which carries the same title as the character, and is published jointly by the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America, and the Soil Science Society of America. Coolbean the Soybean explains the job of farmers and agronomists through characters named Haila and Aliah, respectively, who Conley named after his daughters. Along the way, Coolbean explains modern farming techniques, how a seed becomes a plant and then produces a crop. The book tells the story of how soil, sunshine, and water affect the growth of the plant.


Conley is an agronomy professor and the Soybean and Wheat Extension Specialist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “I wanted to develop a fun, yet educational, tool to help teach today’s youth about where food comes from, career opportunities in agriculture, and explain why soybeans are so important, not only here in the US, but around the world,” says Conley. “My daughters were the main reason for writing this book, but I also remember being inspired at an early age by my first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Swiggum. Hopefully this book can help inspire the next generation of agricultural scientists.” Coolbean’s content follows Common Core education standards. “We chose to follow the format of the STEM

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

(Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) graphic novels and comics because it’s a style that kids are very comfortable with,” says Lisa Al-Amoodi, managing editor of books for the societies. “It also allowed us to package a lot of nonfiction science content into a cool story about a soybean.” Coolbean the Soybean went on sale December 16, and can be purchased on, or by calling 608-268-4960. Educators interested in classroom adoption may contact Lisa Al-Amoodi ( The book was published with generous support from the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board. andl ivest ockdirect A3

t what’s new

Stormo Now Offers Durable, Versatile Tractor Axle Tubes Stormo Sustainables announces the acquisition of K&M Industries, a company making replacement versatile axle tubes in North Idaho. These durable tubes are able to stand up under the most rigorous conditions and are the top aftermarket choice for replacing factory tubes. Through this acquisition, Stormo Sustainables will now be able to offer these tubes at prices well below factory. Factory parts on tractors are rarely up for the challenge of rugged day in, day out use, and this is clearly seen in axle tubes. The K&M Industries axle tubes now offered by Stormo Sustainables use high tensile heat treatment on 4140 ChroMoly alloy steel, making them much stronger than factory cast parts. In addition, they have added gussets to help limit breakage at the flange. A strong-back adapter can be used to protect the differential housing, another weak point in these tubes.

Kinze Announces the World’s First Electric MultiHybrid Concept Planter Technology allows farmers to change the seed hybrid automatically. In order to help farmers optimize their seed hybrids and increase their yields, Kinze® Manufacturing, Inc. announces the world’s first electric multi-hybrid concept planter. Multi-hybrid technology provides farmers with the ability to change the seed hybrid they are planting automatically as the planter moves through the field. Instead of selecting an average seed variety for use across an entire field, seed hybrids can be selected and automatically planted to suit different field management zones.

proven themselves in the tractor pulling industry. They have gone through a 500+ horsepower competition that broke factory parts every other turn, without breaking. While stronger than factory parts, the axle tubs are made to factory spec tolerances. This ensures that they are easy to install and that the bearings fit well. A good fit helps protect the system and prevent breaking. Stormo Sustainables is able to offer these axles at below dealership cost, with all models in stock. This includes

The new Kinze electric multi-hybrid concept planter has new row units that incorporate two meters for every row. The meters feed a single seed tube, so the row unit gauge wheels, openers, and closing wheels are identical to a standard Kinze 4000 series row unit. “This was only possible by using the new electric drive option on the Kinze 4000 series meters. By eliminating the drive chain and clutch, we were able to orient the meters close together so that they feed a single seed tube,” said Schildroth. “It is a very elegant way to add the multi-hybrid planting capability.”

a brand new HHT series with an 18-bolt flange. Many of these models are no longer made by the factory and are hard to find in the salvage yard. All come with a five-year warranty. Call 208-301-1800 or visit www.stormo-sustainables. com to learn more.


Worksaver, Inc. introduces spears designed for John Deere H480 loader with Global Series II tool carrier. Two models are available. JDBS-2480 features two bolt-in spears (42” useable length) for handling round bales rated at 3,000 lbs., while the JDBS-3480 offers three bolt-in spears (42” useable length) for large, rectangular bales rated at 4,000 lbs. An optional upright kit is also available for JDBS-3480 to allow handling of two rectangular bales simultaneously.

For example, in parts of the field with high productivity soil, a “racehorse” seed variety can be utilized, whereas a “workhorse” seed variety can be used in the less productive areas. In fields with poor drainage, a variety that can handle moisture can be planted in the lower areas, with a more productive variety used in field locations with a higher elevation. “The electric multi-hybrid planter will allow farmers to maximize yield in every part of their field, and not have to make compromises,” said Rhett Schildroth, senior product manager at Kinze Manufacturing. “The yield gains in our trials varied from 2 bushels per acre to more than 10 bushels per acre by utilizing multihybrid planting. And unlike other crop practices that seem to have good results one year and negative results the next, every trial we’ve conducted with multi-hybrid planting has resulted in a yield increase.”

These tubes now offered by Stormo Sustainable have

New John Deere Bale Spears From Worksaver

Kinze will be partnering with Midwestern farmers during spring 2014 to showcase the technology in the field on several electric multi-hybrid concept planters. Visit for more information on multi-hybrid planting or Kinze Manufacturing.

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

For more information contact Worksaver, Inc. at 217324-5973 or visit the web site at _____________________________________

New Case SR210 RadialLift Model Replaces BestSelling SR200 Skid Steer CASE Construction Equipment introduces the SR210 radial-lift skid steer, a new Tier 4 Final model that features EZ EH controls and best-in-class torque, breakout force and standard auxiliary hydraulic flow. The new machine increases its rated operating capacity to 2,100 pounds when compared to its predecessor, the SR200. The cooled exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR) engine design with particulate matter catalyst helps reduce maintenance and increases engine power by 10 percent. The SR210 also features one of the largest cabs and lowest entry thresholds in the industry, improving operator comfort. Weighing in at 6,970 pounds, the SR210 is an excellent all-purpose skid steer that offers standard (24.2 gallons-per-minute (gpm)) and high-flow auxiliary (33.2 gpm) hydraulics for excellent power and attachment versatility. Rated at 74 gross horsepower, the new machine offers class-leading bucket breakout force (7,270 pounds) and torque (232 foot pounds). A 19.5-gallon

www. f a r ma ndl ivest ockdirect

F EB RUARY 2 0 1 4

what’s new t

fuel tank helps extend runtimes and ensures that the machine can work the entire day without refueling. EZ EH Controls Provide Options and Flexibility The SR210 offers a new EZ EH (electro-hydraulic) setup menu that features nine preset speed and control settings that can be adjusted on the fly. This allows the operator to match controls to their preference for comfort and greater productivity. A single rocker switch allows operators to switch between the CASE “H” operating pattern and ISO pattern controls. New handles with additional “feel points” improve controllability and feathering.

Comfort for the Operator

getting in and out of the cab.

Like other Alpha Series skid steers from CASE, the SR210 offers one of the widest cabs in the industry at nearly three feet. The cab is fully sealed and pressurized against noise, dust and fumes. The cab-forward design provides best-in-class visibility with excellent site lines down to the bucket edge and curb lines, and to the rear of the machine. Ultra-narrow wire side screens, side lighting and a skylight further improve visibility. The low step and entry threshold makes it easy for the operator to get in and out of the cab. The machine also features an optional radio and upgraded climate controls for optimal comfort.

The depth of the mount to the moldboard has also been dramatically reduced, improving the performance and maneuverability of the pusher.

Telematics Ready The SR210 features a new electronic control module that logs operating data and has CAN-bus capabilities for diagnostic monitoring and telematics. This makes it compatible with CASE’s SiteWatch™ telematics platform, which helps equipment owners better track operating performance, maintenance intervals and demands, as well as equipment utilization and security.

Easy to Use and Maintain The machine also features push-button Ride Control™, hydraulic one-way self-leveling, two-speed ground drive, and an advanced instrument cluster with programmable security and automatic shutdown as options.

A New Approach to Tier 4 Final The new skid steer features a CEGR engine with a particulate matter catalyst, which is made up of a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a high-efficiency flowthrough filter. This solution is more efficient and maintenance free as it does not require manual regeneration or filter replacement (compared to a diesel particulate filter). The DOC converts emissions into neutral gasses. The remaining particulate matter then passes through to the high-efficiency flow-through filter where it is stored and burned off through passive regeneration powered by the heat of the exhaust gas. These efficiencies are achieved while also improving engine power by 10 percent.

Extended Wheelbase Builds Confidence The CASE PowerStance wheelbase improves stability during lifting and hauling, which helps retain more material in the bucket. That stability also improves operator confidence when working on varied terrain. Additional counterweights can further improve stability and performance while also increasing the rated operating capacity by 100 pounds. FE BRUA RY 2014

The engine, filters and fill points are all located at the rear of the machine for quick access. The SR210 also features CASE’s easy-tilt cab for convenient access to the drivetrain compartment. Hydraulic quick couplers allow operators to quickly change attachments from the comfort of the cab, while Connect Under Pressure (CUP) manifolds require no tools to connect or disconnect hydraulic lines.

The new EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes are available in 6-ft., 7-ft., 8-ft. and 10-ft. sizes and continue to feature standard replaceable rubber cutting edges and adjustable skid shoes. Optional pull-back kits are also available to give an operator the ability to draw materials back from confined areas such as loading docks or buildings. For more information visit or call our attachment experts at 866-232-8224. _____________________________________

Visit for more information.

Mahindra Introduces Eight New Tier IV Compliant Tractors


New EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes The EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes have been reengineered for more efficient and reliable performance in moving snow, flood wastewater, manure or other materials. These new Low Profile Snow Pushes are designed with lower endplates, decreasing the overall height of the pusher to only 25.7 inches and providing greater visibility for operators. The strength of these new endplates have also been significantly increased by angling the cross brace to the lower corner. The new design also features a formed upper section, without obstructing visibility, that provides additional strength while acting as a snow deflector. This upper section also features grated step plates to assist with

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

New Mahindra tractors to be available in January 2014 (the Max 24 will be available in December 2013). The eMax, a new line of heavy-duty sub-compact tractors available at 22 HP and 25 HP, a solid workhorse in a smaller frame; the Max 24 will join the Max tractor series. At the other end of the spectrum, Mahindra expands its larger utility tractor line-up to include the mPower 75.The company will add two 50 HP tractors, the 3550 and 4550, a 55 HP tractor, 5555 in 2WD and 4WD, and a 65 HP tractor, 4565. Each of the new tractors is Tier IV compliant while the mPower 75, 3550, 4550, 5555 and 4565 tractors all (continued) andl ivest ockdirect A5

t what’s new

feature the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), unique to the Mahindra mCRD engine. The mCRD engine is a lower cost, low maintenance solution to meet the Tier IV emission standards. The DOC eliminates the diesel particulate filter resulting in no backpressure monitor or filter cleaning for greater protection. “We are committed to investing in research and product development to expand the Mahindra product line and continually moving the brand forward,” said Mani Iyer, President, Mahindra USA. “Mahindra is the fastest growing tractor brand in North America because we deliver a quality product at a great value that repeatedly out-performs the market place.” All new models are covered by Mahindra’s industryleading five-year powertrain warranty and built to the unyielding specifications of the brand including steel construction, larger tires and the heaviest weight-byclass to ensure optimum performance in its category. “These new tractors offer the superior performance and rugged reliability the brand is known for along with a best-in-class warranty to back it up,” said Cleo Franklin, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mahindra USA. “Push more, pull more, lift more is the intention in the design and development of each new Mahindra tractor. We are driven by our goal to meet and exceed the expectations of our dealers and customers.”

Wireless Seed Tender System with Handheld Controller Combines Wireless Weighing and Function Control All in One Intercomp’s RFX wireless seed tender system, with handheld controller, combines wireless scale control operation and weight viewing with the ability to control seed tender functions wirelessly all in one handheld remote. The New Controller and all of Intercomps products will be exhibited at the upcoming National Farm Machinery Show. The controller allows the operator to number individual seed boxes/bins with preset weights to accurately know the seed weight remaining in each box/bin. With the handheld controller, the operator may control up to 16-functions on the seed tender, and utilize the ‘Automatic Dispense Mode’ to automatically shut down the conveyor/auger when a preset dispense seed weight is reached.

The new sub-compact tractor series, eMax 22 and 25, features: •

bigger tires for greater stability

heavier built-in weight at 1,540 for greater load capacity

twin pedal (side-by-side), HST transmission

best-in-class three-point lift capacity

75” high and 900 pound loader capability

22 HP has six forward and two reverse gears

Xpress seat II

drive-over mower with fabricated deck, midmount and fast blade tip for a high-quality cut

Highlights of Mahindra’s unique Tier IV compliant mCRD engine: • •

• •

high pressure fuel injection engine greatly reducing visible engine smoke multiple injection points for fuel efficiency with greener emissions including a reduction in NOx and Particulate Matter (PM) diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) after treatment system that does not require regeneration high-efficiency positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) technology to capture and clean gases from the combustion chamber before releasing them into the environment

As KIOTI Tractor recently unveiled 23 new Tier 4 compliant tractor models, they announce the addition of the CK2510 model to the CK Series. Built with a Daedong® eco friendly diesel engine, the CK2510 tractor provides an environmentally friendly option for fans of the low-maintenance KIOTI CK tractor series. The CK2510 tractor is available with a 2 range manual or hydrostatic transmission. Outfitted with standard 4WD, dry single clutch and a category I 3-point hitch, the new tractor is packed with power. Along with an ultra-quiet, low vibration experience that is the trademark of the CK Series tractors, the CK2510 engine meets the strictest requirements for Tier 4 compliance, while improving fuel efficiency and increasing output. “KIOTI’s CK Series is renowned for its low maintenance and convenient features. Our new model, the CK2510 tractor, takes the CK tractor to a new level,” said Peter Dong-Kyun Kim, chief executive officer of Daedong-USA, Inc., KIOTI Tractor Division. “By equipping our CK2510 tractor with Tier 4 technology, our customers can be reassured they are receiving quality, convenience and power all wrapped into a compact package.” Built with a 24.5 HP diesel engine, the CK2510 tractor includes hydrostatic power steering, rear PTO and wet multi disc brakes. Additionally, the new model features suspended brake and clutch pedals to maximize the operator platform for ease of movement. The new CK2510 tractor delivers rear PTO speeds of 540 rpm, as well as a 1,203-pound lift capacity.

Whether filling central fill, or row planters, Intercomp’s RFX wireless technology, with the handheld wireless controller, increases productivity to accurately track seed weights, and improves safety and efficiency with the ability to remotely Start/Stop the auger/conveyor, or operate other tender functions. For more information call 800-328-3336 or visit their web site at

More information available at


Kioti Tractor Announces New CK2510 Model

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

The CK2510 tractor can be augmented with the following KIOTI attachments: the KL2510 front end loader and KB2465 backhoe. The CK Series is available now and is competitively priced with great finance and rebate offers for qualified buyers. For more information visit

www. f a r ma ndl ivest ockdirect

F EB RUARY 2 0 1 4

featured products t

Waste Less Feed with Roller-Grinding Mills from Lone Star Industries

Starwood Rafters Improves Building Process with Lam-Ply Trusses

Livestock owners who are looking to replace their existing roller mills or rotary/hammer mills with something that will create less wasted feed will want to consider the roller mill from Lone Star Enterprises.

Farmers and other agricultural businesses know they can trust Starwood Rafters to give them strong, easyto-install trusses for their building needs.

This carefully-designed mill was created by looking at the weak points of different brands, improving them and building a new mill from scratch. With the roller-grinder design of Lone Star Enterprises mills, a movable roll allows both vertical and horizontal paralleling. The roller mill design produces less fines, which leads to less wasted feed, saving the operation money and time.

The company has a long history, being in business since 1964. Since the 1970s, Starwood Rafters has been making their patented Lam-Ply truss. This unique truss is stronger than a traditional truss, allowing the builder to put more space between each one, saving time and money.

For more information visit www.lonestarenterprises. com or call 866-393-1116.

For many years, Shur-Co has been the name farmers have trusted for trailer accessories. The Shur-Co line of SMARTrailer accessories helps increase your bottom line by decreasing the amount of time and labor necessary when loading and unloading grain and similar products. Together, they create a comprehensive system to maximize the productivity of a trailer. The SMARTrailer line starts with the 4500 Series HD electric tarp, which has a pivoting motor mount on a powerful, U.S.-built motor. This design prevents misalignment of the roll tube without presenting unnecessary stress to the motor and arms. The tarp also has the industry's strongest arms that are backed by a lifetime warranty. The ProTrap is designed to slide hopper doors open and closed, allowing the operator to stay out of the dust while operating the hopper. It features all-metal gears, which handle hard stops well. It also has a patentpending sealed SMARTwire harness that prevents corrosion. The harness's plug-and-play convenience makes installation fast and efficient.

With these roller-grinding mills, your company can process your own feed. This makes feeding your livestock easier and more convenient, and can also result in money savings. "Farmers can now control the crack or grind particle size and quality," stated a company spokesperson. "This gives a more favorable feed conversion ratio at each stage of the animal's life, even if you need a different product size for the different animals in your barn." To process the feed, simply move a handle on this mill. The need to replace a screen, as in a rotary/hammer style mill, is eliminated. You will also notice that these mills create less dust, which means lest wasted food product.

Increase Efficiency with Accessories for Trailers

When asked about the truss, a company spokesperson said, "By spacing out the Lam-Ply Truss, the builder is able to reduce erection time and labor costs. This helps improve overall efficiency of the agricultural operation and limit down time during the building process."

The unique design of Lam-Ply Trusses has additional benefits. The closed web design is hard for birds to nest on, so barns and sheds have les of a risk of damage from birds. Also, the design provides better ventilation, which is crucial to keeping livestock healthy.

The SMART2 remote joins this lineup, providing the operator with digital feedback to use when positioning traps and tarps. This allows for automation of the system, which helps lessen wear and tear. This digital remote can run up to 100 devices and works from a distance of over 100 feet. Finally, Shur-Co's offerings are completed with the LiteALL, a work light hinged on mounting brackets designed for easy positioning. All of these products are designed to make loading and unloading of trailers fast and efficient. Call 800-474-8756 or visit to learn more.

A Lam-Ply Truss can span up to 72 feet, so it can be used to build everything from storage sheds to horse arenas. It is available in mono-slope and gambrel-style designs. Because the design features an arched bottom chord, the entire building has more headroom, giving greater usable space. These designs combined with the strength of the LamPly Truss makes it the preferred option for agricultural buildings. To learn more visit or call 888-525-5878.


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | andl ivest ockdirect A7


PRICES INCLUDE COLOR SIDES & GALVALUME ROOF 30’ x 50’ x 10’.................................................. $8,440 40’ x 60’ x 12’.................................................$11,850 60’ x 100’ x 12’.............................................. $23,700 100’ x 150’ x 16’............................................$55,995

BIG DOOR SPECIALS 60’ x 100’ x 16’..............................................$33,990 70’ x 150’ x 18’.............................................. $49,995 30’ x 16’ Overhead Door with Opener Included

See your area dealer today.

HOLLIDAYS FARM EQUIPMENT SALES 3180 Hwy. 14 Laurens, SC 29360 864-682-3931

In Georgia:

CHANEY BUSH IRRIGATION INC. 115 Witchard Rd. Fitzgerald, GA 31750 229-423-5402 • 888-4 VALLEY Hazelhurst, GA 912-375-3363

MEDDERS IRRIGATION INC. 1006 E. Franklin St. Sylvester, GA 31791 229-776-8595 In Florida:


In Tennessee:

TENNESSEE TRACTOR LLC 1318 South Dupree St. Brownsville, TN 38012 731-779-1275 500 Community Park Road Dyersburg, TN 38024 1007 Mt. Zion Road Union City, TN 38261

In Alabama:



22463 State Hwy. 59 S. Robertsdale, AL 36567 251-947-4171

1030 Hwy. 20 Tuscumbia, AL 35674 256-383-5601

In Louisiana:

In South Carolina:



5810 Airline Hwy. 5671 W. Oak Hwy. Baton Rouge, LA 70805 Westminster, SC 29693 225-355-7716 • 800-960-0069 864-972-3640 • 888-805-1991

10022 Hwy. 129 South Live Oak, FL 32060 386-362-6066


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e S O U T H E R N Fa rm a n d Li v esto c k Di re ctory |

www. f a r mandl ivest ockdirect

F EB RUARY 2 0 1 4

“Keeping the Family Farm in the Family”

Necessary Topics for a Successful Estate Plan By Michael Baron

Owner/Manager of Great Plains, Diversified Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND

When Family Fighting Causes Mom and Dad to Avoid Estate Planning Dear Michael:

them eat their green beans.

We have nine kids and we are working on setting up a life estate to protect the farm

Now, thirty years later, comes the ultimate 'green beans' in life, where you have to tell your children, "Look, if you don't find a way to eat your green beans, you're not getting any dessert!"

from if we end up in a nursing home. We have a couple of the kids who are involved in the farm, although raising nine kids didn't leave us a lot of room for expanding our farm operation, so we don't have all that much. The problem is the two kids who farm

Or, in estate planning terms you'd say this: "Look, this is the way I see how things are going to be fair and I understand you don't necessarily agree with me. However, here are your options. You and your brother either come up with a workable solution in two week's time, or we move on to option two, and we are going to split it up between all the kids, share and share alike. So, you two better sit down and eat your green beans right now, or there's not going to be any dessert, got it?"

don't get along and both are making rather angry statements to each other, and even to us, as to how they want to deal with these asset. My husband and I are not in good health at all, and we've been arguing over this for two years already. My husband and I are ready to throw up our hands in disgust and let the chips fall where they may. Do you have any suggestions?

– Signed, End of Our Rope

Dear End of the Rope: There's a tried and tested rule in estate planning that everyone learns sooner or later: No matter how long or how many discussions you have with your children about how your estate is going to be handled upon your death(s), you are not going to make everyone one hundred percent happy. As harsh as that sounds, it falls under the same category of taking the whole family out to dinner at a restaurant and letting them choose the restaurant. Guess what? You won't get a decision by everyone that's going to make everyone happy. In other words, it's human nature, and fighting human nature can exhaust and paralyze the process of effective estate planning. I would guess as many as forty percent of the people out there without estate plans – wills, trusts or other up-to-date planning – don't have this done because

they try to make everyone happy. Well, that's the ultimate in 'cutting off your nose to spite your face' action a family can take. I've had cases – much like yours – where the children kept right on fighting up until their parents when into the nursing home, right up until Medicaid showed up and said they are ineligible for care until they sell down their assets to nothing, and right up until the assets all gone. And they were still fighting. Sometimes, estate planning can be the 'green beans' of life. By that I mean, when your kids were little, if you'd let them, they'd eat nothing but candy or cereal or whatever they liked and never eat any of the things necessary to stay strong and healthy. You, being a good parent, knew that if your kids didn't eat their green beans or other good fruits and vegetables, your children would die of scurvy – if you let them eat only what they wanted to eat. So, you made

And if they are still acting like five-year olds two weeks later, I'd say "Okay, you didn't want to eat your green beans, and now we're going to divide the estate pie dessert with you, your brother and all of the other kids, share and share alike, so there won't be a very big slice of pie left over for you. We gave you the chance – you said 'no, thank you'. So we did what good parents do – we made the decision we had to. The life estate deed is being filed this coming Friday." Then, go on with your life knowing you've done the best that could be done. I bet if you look back, you've made hundreds – if not thousands – of these decisions with your kids from the time you became a parent. Some good, some so-so but all of them still better than making no decision. Otherwise, scurvy would be a leading killer of children in this country. ________________________________________ Do you have questions about estate planning? Need to know more about how you can "Keep the Family Farm in the Family"? Email questions to Michael Baron at or call him at 800-373-4078.

ALDOR Spark Plugs... sales & service

Since 1890...the name you can trust NEW HOLLAND, PA parts 717-354-4191

& toys

Where Experience and Knowledge is Recognized

Looking for those hard to find parts for your IMT tractor? AG INDUSTRIAL INC. is the best source for IMT parts for customers in the United States, Canada and South America.

(800) 346-8319

or visit us on the web FEB RUA RY 2014

We ship UPS daily

Mid-South’s Largest Distributor of Poly Tanks. TANKS FROM 12-12,000 GALLONS Your Liquid Handling Specialists. • • • • • • • • • • •

Storage Tanks Phone: 662-895-4337 or 901-521-2735 Transport Tanks Cone Bottom Tanks Fax: 662-895-4338 Indoor Water Tanks Dealer Inquiries Welcome. Sprayer Tanks 866-PROTANK Inductor and Mixing Tanks Low-Profile Storage Tanks 8971 Yahweh Dr. Septic Tanks Olive Branch, MS 38654 Poly and SS Fittings Ship PTS: Central GA, Northern MS, Poly and SS Valves Quick Couplers Central TX & Southern OK. Poly, AL & SS • Strainers VISIT OUR WEBSITE: • Pumps

or CALL US TOLL FREE: 1-866-PROTANK (776-8265)

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N Fa r m a n d Livesto c k Di rectory |

Trusted Quality Engineering, Long-Lasting Reliability and Performance.

Your farm equipment, trucks, lawnmowers, chain saws and other power accessories deserve the best! Small engine plugs are available at reduced rates.

Mention this ad for a


A.L. Doering

Spark Plug Corporation

120 Marine St., East Farmingdale, NY 11735

800-886-7074 • 631-249-1425 w w andl ivest ockdirect A9

Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen By Renae B. Vander Schaaf

What Will We Outsource Next? FRIENDLY POWERSPORTS 888 Old Spanish Trl. Slidell, LA 70458 985-643-4556


hen my farmer and I wed some thirty plus years ago on a Wednesday night, it was like Christmas in June with all the gifts marked ‘Mr. and Mrs. Vander Schaaf’. Back then, the toaster was a popular wedding gift – but to our amazement, not one toaster was in our gift pile. One of our first purchases as man and wife was a toaster, and in hindsight, I think we should have invested in two or three more. That first toaster we bought lasted just shy of our silver anniversary. While we mourned just a bit, we were ecstatic to update to a four-slot toaster because during BLT season, one toaster just couldn't keep up. That toaster lasted all of five years. We then invested time shopping for what we thought was a top-of-the-line toaster. That imported toaster, shiny and new, looked like it could do the job. Instead, it turned out to be a miserable excuse for a toaster. It did not toast evenly, and it didn't like to release the bread. And no one even cared when one morning, after toasting enough bread for two people, it outright refused to put out any more toast. After it was properly examined, it was determined no amount of resuscitation would make it useful again. We added another toaster to the recycling graveyard. Because of all the shoddily made stuff, like that toaster, a huge pile of scrap keeps growing across America. (So much for reducing garbage, footprints and consumerism!) Like most families we don't like replacing mixers, electric frying pans, washers and other appliances. We like to think we paid the money once and said purchase would last a reasonable period of time. We decided our next toaster would be American-made. We found one, but at $285, its price was a bit prohibitive. The toaster has not been replaced, and I have no intentions of

doing so. Yes, we still eat toast with our eggs, but the homemade bread is toasted in a cast iron pan on top of the stove or in the oven. Both methods work wonderfully.

Shown with optional accessories. AT Vs shown are recommended for use only by riders age 16 years and older. Yamaha recommends that all AT V riders take an approved training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or call the AT V Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887. AT Vs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: Always avoid paved surfaces. Never ride on public roads. Always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing ; never carry passengers ; never engage in stunt riding ; riding and alcohol /drugs don’t mix; avoid excessive speed ; and be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Specifications subject to change without notice. ©2013 Yamaha Motor Corporation. U.S. A . All rights reserved. •

American industry once made high quality products – stuff companies were proud to put their name on. And when you found a brand you liked, there was customer loyalty because it had 'proven itself'. Now, too often a brand name doesn’t necessarily equal high quality. Most everything we buy these days claims to be made according to company specifications. Really? Then why are toys recalled because lead is found in the paint? And who knows how many farm equipment fires were caused by imported bearings? Now the USDA says its okay to import chicken, and Smithfields is now owned by the Chinese. Are we being led to believe that chicken will always be chicken, raised on American farms, and pork will never come from Chinese pork? I'm not buying it. We have already lost our manufacturing and textile industries to overseas. It might not be long before we have outsourced growing America's food. What will our food quality and safety be like then?­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ ­­­———————————————————— Renae B. Vander Schaaf, freelance writer, lives on a real working farm in northwest Iowa, and authored a book titled "A Place Of Refuge". To Contact Renae B. Vander Schaaf, please email her at

In Arkansas:

DEAN HENDERSON EQUIPMENT CO. Altheimer, AR 72004 870-766-8416 • 800-541-5753 England, AR 72046 501-842-2521 • 888-842-2521 Case IH is a registered trademark of CNH America LLC.

A1 0

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e S O U T H E R N Fa rm a n d Li v esto c k Di re ctory |

www. f a r mandl ivest ockdirect

In North Carolina:

MILLS INTERNATIONAL INC. 801 South Queen St. Kinston, NC 28502 252-527-8083 • 800-347-8083

F EB RUARY 2 0 1 4


Conditioning the World’s Water Naturally Since 1972

NO SALT, MAGNETS, CHEMICALS, FILTERS OR ELECTRICITY If you can grow it...FRE-FLO™ can improve it. FRE-FLO™ enhances even your best irrigation systems, as the water still needs help to percolate into the ground. This all-natural water conditioning system is proven to give your crops a strong root system along with a faster, healthier start by getting the water where it needs to be faster and deeper — what a difference the FRE-FLO™ makes! (14 Sizes) • Big Savings in Irrigation Water - Up to 29% • Increases Crop Production and Revenue, Verified up 15 to 40% Annually Per Acre — Once the

Percent of Root Initiation in Arctostaphylos Manzania

Water is FRE-FLO™ Treated it Stays Treated

• Improves the Bottom Line - Rapid ROI • Acts as a Soil Amendment Tool • Improves Overall Plant Health - Production • Increases Water Penetration



Water Ecology of Nebraska • 308-236-5399 FRE-FLO™ Improves Your Water and Soil Results


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

In another test, the speed of rooting was compared in FRE-FLO™ conditioned water (shown in green) and untreated water as a control (in red). After 10-weeks Once Water is FRE-FLO™ none of the untreated Treated it Stays Treated plants had initiated roots, while a third of those growing in FRE-FLO™ conditioned water, had started roots. After 12-weeks FRE-FLO™ produced 58% rooting, with only 8% in the untreated water.

w w w.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 1

Extended auger life with UHMW Auger Flight Facing

Shave the Ground with UHMW Skid Plates Custom UHMW skid plates for swathers and combines. We have the largest stock of material in North America. that allows us to accomodate customers with selection and competitive pricing. Call for all your UHMW needs.

• Abrasion resistant, low friction 1 pitch segments • Extends past helicoil for better cleanout • Reduces caking and material hangup • Heat formed to fit • Attaches w/bolts, rivets or self tapping screws • Available in food grade white, acid resistant

Custom Made Flexible Loading Spouts for Grain Cart Auger Spouts Spouts greatly reduce lost product due to wind.

Fix your worn out troughs with UHMW liners formed to size


• Predrilled and bevelled for immediate operation • Quieter operation • Reduces wear costs • Lightweight for easy handling

125 10th Ave. E. • Regina, SK S4N 6G4


Niagara Falls, NY • 800-268-1908 E-mail:

Box Scrapers • Pull-Type Graders Earth Packers • Rolling Stalk Cutters Forced-Ejection Scrapers • Bulk Seed Tenders Box Seed Tenders • Grass Seeders

NEW0 0 BT 4 l Bu k r e Tend

3 models & 6 sizes BOX SCRAPERS






Strobel Manufacturing, Inc. 308-548-2254 B2

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or

F EB RUA RY 2014

COMPTON ENTERPRISES Adds Dust Collection to Their Frac Sand Transloaders

Contact us today at 530-895-1942 or visit us on the web at Dust Collection System

Unloading Railcar

Rail to Pneumatic Truck

COMPTON ENTERPRISES 2434 Dayton Road Chico, CA 95928

New Door Opener


Loading Railcar



8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 3


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or

F EB RUA RY 2014

Double Bar Feeder "The feeder that sells itself" 8'-12'-16' long - 8' wide

Double Bar Feeder Wagon 16, 20, 24' long - For round & square bales, chopped greens and TMR

Mighty Bale Hauler 20' Model - 16,000 lbs. capacity Carries up to 11 bales - 8 1/2' width 24' Model - 20,000 lbs. capacity Carries up to 13 bales - 8 1/2' width

"The only double beam hauler on the market."

T1200DB Dirt Boss Dumper 12 ton - 7' x 12' deck - 24" sides

ACI Dist. Ltd. 800-237-0562 AL AR GA IL KS KY MO MS SC TN Cummings & Bricker 800-252-1552 NY PA OH WV VA NC MD DE NJ CT RI MA NH VT ME WalcoUSA 507-663-9090 MN WI ND SD • Schmitt Implement 563-552-1005 IA Swihart Sales 800-864-4595 KS • Gateway Mfg. 989-386-4198 Clare, MI Mike Messing Sales 989-864-3030 Ruth, MI • General Implement Dist. 800-767-0555 UT Southern Indiana Supply 812-309-0009 IN IL Northern KY Western OH

HUGE Value! EDGE TO EDGE™ 64 Inch 9,700 Foot TT+ 48 Inch 13,200 Foot TT+



T E C +™

Special Features ★★★


Allow Easier & Safer Handling

Green Zebra Stripe ★★★

End of Roll Markings ★★★

CoverEdge™ 67 Inch 9,000 Foot TT+ 51 Inch 12,100 Foot TT+

High UV Protection

Guaranteed Footage

BUY NETTING TO SWEAR BY .­ ..NOT AT! See Your John Deere Dealer Today!

John Deere Cover Edge™ and Edge to Edge™ Will Work in Competitive Balers F EBRUA RY 2014


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 5


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N Far m a n d Liv esto c k Dire ctory |

www. fa r m a ndlive st ockdire ct or

f ebruary 2014


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 7


• Unique blade cuts 1" to 24" diameter trees and brush • Rotates 180° to prune or cut downed trees • S5 tooling steel cutting blade with Kodiak carbide replaceable teeth • Electrical interface "Plug & Play" allows use of OEM controls on most machines



• Power rotate 0° to 110° • Cuts up to a 14” tree in one cut • Converts your single hydraulics to dual hydraulics • Fits most skid loaders with 2 pin hitch system • US Patent 7,938,153 • Three models, all available in 1” thick high tensile steel • Abrasion resistant tines break concrete • Handle hay, logs, steel, debris and more • Designed to gain power as jaws close for powerful clamping and crushing

866-567-9618 Proudly from Sidney, Iowa


The Practical Approach to Grinding High Moisture and Dry Grains HAMMER MILLS D Low Initial Cost D Low Maintenance D Low Operating Cost D Compact Design D Easy to Service D Heavy Duty Magnet D18” Dia. 360° Screen D Wear Plate D Self Locking Latches D 3/32” - 3/4” Screens D10-20 HP Motors



AUTOMATIC FARM SYSTEMS 608 East Evergreen Road • Lebanon, PA 17042 B8

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or

F EB RUA RY 2014


BACKING PLATE ALLOWS YOU TO PLANT MULTIPLE SEEDS We have found that planting wheat with a KINZE planter in 15" rows gives you, the producer, more control of seed spacing and seed depth than with a drill. Plants will emerge faster and have less competition between sunlight and moisture. By planting in 15" rows approximately 3/4 of the seeds per acre are needed to produce comparable yield as a drill giving you, the producer, more profit per acre at harvest.

Your Direct Line To Discount Steel Buildings Churches • Ag Facilities • Storage Monthly Specials

Yes, weeds and disease are concern in wheat, but with 15" spacer between rows less damage is done during chemical and fertilizer application. Less disease pressure occurs by allowing more air to flow between rows making mildew less of a factor.

Contact us today for a quote.

Disks are available through local KINZE® Dealers Plates may also be purchased direct.


Call to get information on how to adjust for Cover Crops.


2393 Werner Rd., Convoy, OH 45832 Shop or Fax: 419-749-4021 Cell: 260-740-8267 Email:


Building Solutions ™


Dyna Flo Pump

Pump Uses: Flood Control Empty Sloughs Flood Rice Ponds Flood Cranberry Ponds Transfer Water

• Pumps up to 4,000 GPM

• 8" & 12" Size

• Adjustable swivel on the hitch

• 500, 1,000 & 1,500 GPM Models

• Electric Option

• VFD or Standard Starter

• Operates at 540 or 1,000 RPM

• Custom Lengths

• 12"x50' hoses with ring lock ends

• Any Style Discharge

Bottom Feeder Attachment Enables longer pumping in shallow water levels, as little as 6" SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE P I C T U R E S & I N F O R M AT I O N |

Dyna Flo, Inc.

Oakes, ND 58474 701-742-3223 | F EBRUA RY 2014

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 9

Build Fence without a Hammer

Use a Pnuematic 400 Stapler Fertilizer Application Products Anhydrous (NH3) Toolbars, NH3 Row Units and Sealers, Dry Fertilizer Spreaders, Liquid Nitrogen Applicators

Dealers Wanted in the following states: WV, VA, KY, TN, MO, AR, MS, AND LA ANHYDROUS AMMONIA TOOLBARS






13/4 inch & 2 inch 9 gauge barbed staples

Robert Beihn Frankfort, KY 502-223-8857 office 502-545-0910 cell

602 E. VAN BUREN • LENOX, IA 50851 PH. 1-641-333-4518 • 1-800-342-7498 FAX 1-641-333-4429 Visit Us On....



American Eagle Windmill Made in the USA


√ 4 Leg Tower for More Stability √ DVD for Easy & Proper Installation √ Combats Algae & Aquatic Weeds √ Prevents Winter Kill of Fish √ Improves Water Quality √ Bellow Pump for More Air √ 5-Year Warranty

(440) 236-3278

e l HYDRAULIC 3RD LINK Thgina i rs Or reat ounltivato G tC oun M ar

We have developed and field tested our DOUBLE PUMPING COMPRESSOR consisting of 2-Firestone and/or Goodyear Air Shocks ( Bellows ).

FIVE SIZES: 13', 18', 23', 28' & 33'

This compressor will pump twice as much air as our Single — our DOUBLE PUMPING COMPRESSOR pumps air on both the forward and back stroke.


Ideal for customers with ponds up to 4-acres, and it cost about 25% more for 100% more air.

American Eagle Windmills

Joe Mescan Windmill 27162 Capel Road, Columbia Station, Ohio 44028

Double Pumping Compressors. Now Available!

30 Years In the Aeration Business


Rugged - Reliable Easy Maintenance Call Today! 620-277-2333


Tired of adjusting your tractor’s 3rd link? Now you can do it from the seat of your tractor with the Gnuse Powerlink. Makes it easier to hook up your quick tatch machinery Heavy-duty • Years of field-proven service Adjust equipment on the go • Affordable low price CALL YOUR LOCAL IMPLEMENT DEALER OR PHONE DIRECT TO:

402-478-4433 Box 189, Arlington, NE 68002


B1 0

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |


www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or

F EB RUA RY 2014


225 horsepower portable PTO power cart

Hoover Diesel Service LLC

866-524-4111 • 812-234-4111

Specializing in Portable Diesel PTO Power Carts Diesel and gaseous fueled industrial generators, stand alone power units and replacement engines. Call today for price and availability 717-354-3322 or 888-DIESEL-0 Visit our website @


Caterpillar Folded/ Modular Core Conversion


Tier 4 Custom Cooling Packages Radiator/Charge Air Cooler/Oil Cooler

Units In Stock


John Deere Charge Air Coolers

Samsung 210 Oil Cooler

400 KW Natural Gas generator set


Big Bud PTO Ag Core


All Metal Replacements Kolbelco 250 Oil Cooler



This new technology works with a rotation counter on your grain cart and is fully automated to record and store field weights. Data is transferred by USB flash drive to your computer.

Boost your drilling accuracy and cut f i e l d t i m e w i t h S C A L E -T E C ’ S PAT E N T E D KITS FOR DRILLS


SCALE LINK™ is the future!

DN345 Fer tilizer Spreader Kit • Kits available for all brands of fertilizer applicators and tenders

• Bolt on kits for easy installation • Some units utilize our Universal Kits • 99.5% accurate



• Bulk Seed Equipment • Grain Carts • Platform Scales • Feed Wagons • Gravity Wagons • Grinders • Pallet Scales

• Livestock Scales • Custom Applications • Bin/hoppers • Portable Scales • CCS Planters


4" Remote Display

for every style and size grain carts. F EBRUA RY 2014

Use existing virtual terminal as scale indicator interface display. For use with all brands of implements. ISOBUS Compatible Scale Link™ communicates and adapts for use with many different brands of virtual terminal displays..


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 11






In Florida:


The Amazing

P.O. Box 1236 Live Oak, FL 32064 386-362-5719

FLAT TIRE PROTECTION GUARD for Truck, Industrial, Farm, Off-Road Tires In Alabama:

Guards Against



11122 Cty. Rd. 65 Foley, AL 36535 251-943-4344


In Tennessee/Alabama:

WATKINS & SONS MFG. INC. 67 Watkins Lane Linden, TN 37096 931-589-5134 • 800-227-4631

Watkins Irrigiation of Alabama



For Free Brochure 1-800-837-5650

14827 Main St. Town Creek, AL 35672 Dwight Lansdell: 256-415-0677

Just like the equipment they sell

Paris, Texas 903-732-3846 • 903-495-5624 w w w. 2 t c a t t l e g u a r d . c o m g r e g h o d n e t t @ ya h o o . c o m In South Carolina,

The Reinke dealer network is the backbone of the Reinke brand. Armed with experience, expertise and extensive factory training, your local Reinke dealer is the perfect irrigation partner for your growing operation.

North Carolina & Florida:


The E-Z RISE CATTLEGUARD requires no pit. the patented Flexa-Floor compresses when driven across and slowly returns to its original height within 30 seconds after exiting. Safe for extremely heavy loads because the ground bears all of the weight. The easy to move, portable design provides added convenience for leased pasture, rotational grazing, hay fields and other high traffic areas.

Darlington, SC 843-395-2120 • 800-597-8903 Clinton, NC 910-596-0010 Palmetto, FL 941-722-3433 • 800-771-3420

Visit your local Reinke dealer today to learn how mechanized irrigation can improve your yields and your bottom line.



In Kentucky:

M & M IRRIGATION 2186 Rayburn Rd. Murray, KY 42071 270-978-0303

GROW YOUR OWN  POULTRY AND EGGS! Whether you are a backyard poultry enthusiast or a large,


KITS AVAILABLE New on the market

Pneumatic Drive Grease Buster



Manufacturing, LLC 500 N. Main St. • St. Elmo, IL 62458

commercial producer, Moyer’s Chicks has the best broiler crosses and brown or white egg pullets available. Hatching over 16 million chicks annually, Moyer’s welcomes orders of 50 or 50,000.We guarantee shipment of 100% healthy chicks.

618-829-5997 • Fax: 618-829-5998

Cleans Grease Fittings & Bearings

Oakwind Products are Great for...Home Owners, Landscapers, Truck Farmers, Gardeners, and Family Projects

Regular & Combination


(Hose Extension $11.00)


$39 includes shipping. DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED 266 E. Paletown Road, QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951

(215) 536-3155

Broilers-Brown and White Egg Layers

Cost Saving Tool. Wholesale or Retail Sales. MADE IN U.S.A.

Over 17 Years of Satisfied Customers!


Use a penetrating oil - no aerosol can lube. Shop size holds 2 times the amount of fluid.


$48 includes shipping.

T-J Tools Ltd. ©

P.O. Box 120 • Waynesville, OH 45068

Phone/Fax: 513-897-5142



DESIGNED TO SHIP UPS — ONLY $99 SHIPPING ON MOST TRUCK-SHIPPED ITEMS! Oakwind Mfg products can be purchased online at

Is it costing you an arm and a leg to keep ice out of your water every winter?

Model C36-26 Sizes Available up to 120”

Jet Grain Trailers For Available units visit

B1 2

Then Maybe It’s TIME To Look Into An Automatic Waterer From:


Emerson Manufacturing Corporation 1-800-633-5124

No Pits To Clean Easy Installation Horse Friendly Maintenance Free

Chattanooga Trailer & Rental, Inc. 7445 Lee Highway, Chattanooga, TN 37421 423-899-1744 • Fax: 423-899-9512

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |


Automatic Livestock Hoskins Cattle Waterers

& Hog Waterers

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or

P.O. Box 101 • Hoskins, NE 68740

(402) 565-4420 800-658-4020

“No Advertising Solicitation!!!”

Select Dealerships & Distributorships Available.

F EB RUA RY 2014

FARM and RANCH LIFE By Dr. Michael R. Rosmann

What Will 2014 and The Next Few Years Hold for Agriculture? The Midwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health Conference in Ames, Iowa in mid-November featured reviews of changes in agriculture during the past 40 years, along with predictions about what the next 40 years will offer. Some of the people whom I most respect for their understanding of agriculture and rural life tendered their assessments. This is the first of two columns about the nearby future of agriculture. Nobody can predict more than a few years anymore. Dr. Kelley Donham, an international leader in the agricultural medicine field who recently retired as director of Iowa’s Center for Agricultural Safety and Health and is now emeritus professor at the University of Iowa, indicated that farming fatalities are about half as likely as they were 40 years ago, thanks to improvements in injury prevention, farmer health education and machinery design.

Recent reductions in federal funding could slow progress in the field over the next few years, Donham advised. Alternative resources for basic research, such as partnerships with producer and consumer groups and a “research-to-practice” approach are critical in keeping the momentum going toward healthier farming. Certifying farms as safe environments, annual reviews of farm family health at AgriSafe Clinics, and tying these preventive approaches to reductions in insurance premiums for farm family health insurance, worker compensation costs and farm liability policies are important avenues for continued pursuit, Donham said.

Who are today’s most productive farmers? Highly respected rural sociologists and economists, Drs. Mike Duffy and Paul Lasley of Iowa State University, described today’s farmers and what the next few years offer for agriculture, based on their annual Iowa Rural Life Poll and surveys of farmland values, and national trends in agriculture. Already, the top 15 percent of farms produce 85 percent of U.S. food, fiber and other consumable agricultural products. The trend toward fewer farmers producing an ever larger

share of agricultural goods will continue and could speed up. These increasingly large operators will own less of the land they farm, but they will gain an ever larger share of the farm product marketplace, Duffy said. The number of small farms with operators who pursue farming mainly as a lifestyle connection to the land continues to increase but their portion of the total agricultural goods produced continues to decline.

Farmland prices? Duffy said the boom in farmland values over the past few years in Iowa and most of the Midwest is reminiscent of the booms that occurred in the 1920s and during the latter half of the 1970s and first couple years of the 1980s. Both eras preceded economic depressions in agriculture. Now we are in another era of farmland price escalation, or possibly at the high point, Duffy suggested. Farmland prices will probably retract 20-30 percent over the next few years, but any economic depression in agriculture will be gentler than those in the last century.

There are many uncertainties. Duffy and Lasley listed uncertainties to include: climate change, lack of a federal Farm Bill, possible changes in crop insurance and environmental regulations. There also are issues attributable to GMOs, food safety and lack of access to some markets, as well as farmers being blamed for everything that is wrong and farmers sensing loss of control.

Agriculture in the future will depend increasingly on technology, said Dr. Paul Gunderson. He is past director of the National Farm Medicine Center, the current director of the Dakota Center for Technology-Optimized Agriculture and has headed several United Nations commissions on food and labor issues. Gunderson said 92 percent of central U.S. agricultural producers routinely use one or more precision agriculture technologies. These might include GPS (global positioning systems) that use satellite communications to guide farming,

such as continuous recording of crop yields during harvest; the data enable calculating recommended soil nutrients for all parcels next year to optimize production throughout each field. There are many precision agriculture technology applications. Gunderson mentioned use of unmanned aerial viewers (UAVs), which are drone aircraft that can fly over pastures to assess the locations and health of grazing animals. The UAVs can sense the body temperatures, digestive activities, and a host of health indicators by flying close enough to the animals to detect and report them to the herd manager. The herd manager can select and treat animals needing assistance; perhaps in the future UAV robots will conduct the treatments of animals needing veterinary interventions.

Geo-tagging is another technology that has arrived. Gunderson recommended that every farmer carry a cell phone on his/her body so that any person can be located through signal triangulation in case of a reported event needing a response or when there is no response to a requested reply. Farming is changing. In my next column I will offer my views about what the immediate future holds. I will address the issues as a farm producer, a behavioral health specialist, researcher and observer of agriculture for many years. I welcome your thoughts. _______________________________________ Dr. Michael R. Rosmann brings the perspective of a farmer in “Farm And Ranch Life”. Dr. Rosmann grew up on a mixed grain and livestock farm in Western Iowa where he experienced enjoyable hard work and 4-H, and witnessed the stresses that accompany farming and farm life. Dr. Rosmann developed the first mental health response in Iowa to the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. In 2001, Dr. Rosmann, along with partners in seven states, founded the nonprofit network, AgriWellness Inc. AgriWellness conducted research and provided counseling services to farm people. It became clearer that a specialized field – agricultural behavioral health – was needed to respond to the unique problems experienced by farmers, ranchers and others involved in agriculture. Email Dr. Rosmann at, or visit his website at www. You can call him at his office in Harlan, Iowa at 712-235-6100.



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Another Tool in the Fine Art of Money Management

By Paula Vogelgesang Email: Pennywise at

How Much Do We Truly “Need”? Ah, February. Not only is it cold and snowy here where I live, out in the middle of nowhere, but it is also the month that ranchers and farmers need to have their income taxes figured out and sent to the IRS. Answering Uncle Sam's questions really makes you think about how you spent your money in the past year. (And especially when you only get ONE PAYCHECK a year.) The highest expenses for running a farm or ranch are usually in this order:

#1. Tractors and other machinery necessary to plant and harvest the crops, along with any needed maintenance and repairs for this equipment. • Livestock fences – wire and posts purchased and put in the ground, etc. • Wells to water the livestock have to be cared for, kept clean etc. and pumps are very expensive. • Our cattle, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, and any other kind of animals need attention on a daily basis. Feed and medicines are not free and usually must be paid for at the time of purchase. • Vehicles are also a big expense; think how much fuel costs!

#2. Family living is usually at the bottom of the heap as far as expenses go. This is the one area where living beneath your means is the norm out here. Money is stretched wherever possible. • We raise as much of our own food as we possibly can. • Doctors and dentists are seen on an ‘as needed’ basis. • Entertainment is pretty much homegrown fun, like a dunk in the river or creek versus a trip to ‘town’ to the swimming pool. (Besides, the river or creek doesn’t care when you are wearing 'holey' old jeans but the folks in the swimming pool frown on anything but swim suits!) • A softball game between neighboring families is great fun – all you need is a ball, some bats, and folks to play and to cheer! Clothing is an area where there are some misconceptions about country folk. Sometimes 'town' people think country folk are 'rich' because they are dressed nicely when they come to town. In reality, most farmers here only have one or two good pairs of jeans or shirts to wear when not working. An old neighbor of mine used to say, "We clean up pretty good when we need to be out in public!" This man had ONE pair of 'new-ish' jeans, two 'good shirts' and one pair of 'church' boots! Most of us country folks wear our old clothes when working around the place. We wear the old stained, ripped and torn shirts and jeans when driving a tractor in the fields, running a combine or steering a truck over to the combine, or taking the loaded truck to the auger so the grain can be put into storage. If you do have to run a truck to the elevator, nobody usually sees you except the grain handler since elevators are usually located at the edge of the town. And one can’t do much shopping driving a semi! All of us do ‘get caught’ once in a while, though. I remember a flying trip to town for repairs while in the middle of paintA1 2

ing. I had paint in my hair, all over my jeans and shirt as well as my face and arms. Naturally, I ran into a neighbor who stopped in his tracks at the sight of me – and I’ll admit, it was a sight! So, I just said, “What you see is what you get!”

the herd still in the pasture. I worried that all the rest were dead for there was only about forty head left. We decided we were going to push them all to Roy’s corrals. We pushed for a while, but then my dad disappeared to go help somewhere else. I couldn’t keep the cows going in the right direction until finally Jed came to help. After a while we got them headed in the right direction. In the cold hard wind, a big calf fell to weather the storm. Our group moved on until yet again a Hereford cow couldn’t stand any longer. The look in her eyes was of hopelessness. I felt useless, but there wasn’t anything I could do. We moved on, but there was something about this cow that didn’t make me want to leave.

Other tough on clothing jobs include mucking out the barn, cleaning the chicken house, and fixing fences – notorious for ripping holes in shirts and jeans. And also, the body fluids of critters during calving and lambing will soak though coveralls – and every other item of clothing you have on, many times at 3 a.m. during a blizzard. So, do we really need 20 good pairs of jeans, or 35 shirts or blouses? The money spent on all that new clothing could be put to a better use!

About dark we got to the corrals and had all the cows to shelter. We were all relieved but I still couldn’t get my mind off that Hereford cow, so I ran back to find her. Through the snow I faintly saw the outline of the Hereford down by the three acre pasture next to the corrals. The determined cow got back up and stumbled towards the corral. I ran to take her to the barn but was met by my dad on a four-wheeler. We pushed her closer to the shed and corrals, but she fell a hundred yards short. I was commanded to get hay, so Jed and I came back with our arms full to cover her up.

Speaking of blizzards, we’ve been ‘cussed and discussed’ ever since the October blizzard named Atlas that killed so many thousands of cattle, horses and sheep. "Ranchers don’t care about their livestock!" was one remark bandied about. Well, they DO CARE and the following piece written by a 12-year-old, 4th generation ranch kid says it all. I have known three generations of this young man’s family and they are very dedicated to their animals and the land they live on and love.

We started to walk away and decided that she needed a name. We came up with several, and decided HOPE fit her best. With that we were forced to leave. I said another prayer. With the help of God I knew Hope was going to make it through this, and that she did.

What I Learned from a Cow Named Hope –by Marcus Herber October 18, 2013, Jed Brown and my family were all forced into my house by the Atlas Storm. It had been raining and snowing for about a day. My dad told us that we had dead cattle in a pasture we own down by Belvidere. My dad, Jed and I all hopped in a pickup and headed out to try to save some cattle. When we finally turned on the dirt road and saw that Mitchell’s cattle were on CRP land next to the Belvidere Cemetery. Jed and I hustled to get around them and chased them into the nearest pasture Mitchell’s owned. After that, about three o’clock we worked our way to our pasture, stopping to put cows in the correct pasture based on their brands. We stopped to put Roy Brown’s cattle back in his pasture, then to chat and see how everyone was doing with their losses. So far, everyone was doing fine. We broke up and went to find my dad’s cattle.

After seeing all those deaths, I decided I wouldn’t take anything for granted like too many people do. I thank God for all I have. Nobody realizes how much we really have to lose.

————————————————————————————— If you have tips or ideas to share, send them to Pennywise, Box 518, Kadoka, SD 57543 or better yet, email Pennywise at pennywise@ Please be sure to mention the "Farm And Livestock Directory" when you respond.

The next sight we saw was a horrible one. As we drove down the hill, you could see dead cattle strung out along the fence line of the CRP south of our pasture. There was a pile of dead cattle in the corner right next to the road. I wished they weren’t ours, but I didn’t want to wish that luck on anyone else. Three dead cows and two big calves were lying dead in the corner. Three other calves were still alive but lying down. The cow in the middle had her head sticking through the fence wires. The two calves were cuddled up to the rears of the cows. The sight made me want to cry. We used Roy’s tractor to scoop the calves up, put them on the back of a pickup and take them to his barn. I quickly said a silent prayer, asking God if all the cows could go to heaven so I could see them after I die. Jed was put in charge of hauling the cattle back to the barn while my dad and I collected ear tags. We finally waded through the snow to the next corner, but I wish we wouldn’t have. There was at least fifteen dead cattle lying half covered in mud. Standing a few hundred yards away, huddled into a pack, were the rest of

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Money & Time-Saving Tips from Pennywise:

Make Your Own Extracts, Cleaners, Valentine Gift Ideas and More! Picture Perfect

orange extract. I let the peelings/beans ‘work’ for about 6 weeks before I start to use the extracts. Just use them as

To save money on reprints of colored photographs, make

you would any commercial extract you can buy. These are

color copies on your printer or at a local print shop. An

much better, and a lot cheaper! (tip submitted by PE, CA)

8 x 10 enlargement usually costs a dollar or two, compared to $10 or $15 at some of the photo places. Once it’s behind the glass in the frame and hung on the wall, only your wallet will know the difference. (tip submitted by SI, NC)

Recycle Plastic Bolts I do a lot of sewing and buy lace by the yard (25 yards at a time) on a plastic bolt. I had saved several of the bolts, thinking I would find a use for them eventually. I had

Repurpose Those Christmas Tins

some ribbon my cat had teased off of the spool, making a grand mess. I wound it [ribbon] on a lace bolt, and now it's

I’ve found that the empty popcorn and candy tins we get

safe. My son used a couple of the bolts to wind up several

during Christmas time make great containers for my

strings of icicle lights after Christmas, and my husband

glass ornaments and other decorations for my Christmas

uses them in the garage shop to wind and store the

tree. I also wind the garlands round and round and store

extension cords that always end up in a mess. (tip

in a couple of them in the tin as well. We have several

submitted by SP, UT)

smaller strings of colored lights and wind them around chunks of paper towel cardboard and put them in yet another tin. (tip submitted by DF, IA)

Clean the Cookware

Urine (Pee) Stain Remover 1 cup peroxide, 3 Tablespoons of baking soda and a drop or two of dish soap mixed together will remove urine out of carpets, clothing, rugs, etc. The only drawback to this

I have some copper cookware inherited from my

mixture is that it has to be mixed and used right because

grandmother and cleaning it is a tedious job – but, I

the chemical mix of peroxide and soda only last about 20

found that about 3 spoons full of table salt mixed with

minutes. To use, scrub into the stain – people, cats, dogs,

some vinegar scrubbed onto the pretty bottoms with one

kids, doesn’t matter. It will work on old stains as well. But

of those plastic ‘scrubbie’ scratchers will clean it

make sure you use it right after it's mixed. It’s cheap and

beautifully without spending a fortune on copper cleaner.

it works very well. (tip submitted by HK, NE)

(tip submitted by SA, MT)

Valentine Surprises

(Pennywise Tip: Catsup poured on an old terry cloth washrag also works well. I guess it’s the acid in the

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the media

tomatoes that does the trick along with the salt/

is full of ads telling us to spend more money. A big screen television, a fancy dinner, a cruise, an above

vinegar in the mixture.)

ground swimming pool all cost a lot of

Save the Seal on Your Fridge/Freezer

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money at a time when most haven’t even recovered from Christmas yet!

Most of us have refrigerators or

Do one (or all) of these things instead for your

freezers with those big thick seals

loved one (or Valentine):

around the doors that are so expensive to replace. I’ve found that

• Make a good home-cooked meal of family

if I smear a little bit of plain


petroleum jelly over the seals

• Go through all the old family photos and set

every 6 months or so, it keeps

them into a group frame for the parents/

them very pliable and less likely to crack or split and have to be replaced. A jar of plain petroleum jelly is less than $5 and will last for years. (tip submitted by MJ, WY)

grandparents/valentine • Complete a special project for your family, like clean and reorganize the garage as a ‘group’

*Hay tool not included


Homemade Extract

• Perhaps a room needs painting and the one

I make as many of my own extracts as possible. All you need is a bottle of cheap vodka and some pint jars. I put a little over a cup (1 - 1/3 cups) in each of 3 jars and then split 4 or 5 vanilla beans and put into one jar to make vanilla extract. In another jar, I peel lemons with a potato peeler – just scrape off the yellow part – and add it to the jar to make lemon extract. I do the same with orange

needing the job done is physically challenged and can’t really do the job • Baking a heart shaped cake to serve for a family meal isn’t all that hard, and you don’t need a special pan either. Just bake a round cake and then cut a V-shape out of the top edge of the cake and frost it!

peelings and the remaining 1 1/3 cups of vodka to make

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Plan Ahead for Your Online Hereafter: 3 Steps to Take Now


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Now, you really can live forever, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Many of your online accounts – from automatic bill payments to eBay – may remain active after you pass away, unless you take steps to ensure they don’t, says attorney Hillel Presser, author of “Financial Self-Defense (Revised Edition),” Automatic bill pay, for example, can theoretically keep tapping your bank account long after you’re gone or, at least, until your money is. “It’s important to make sure your online bank and shopping accounts, even your social media, can be closed out, or that your loved ones are authorized to access them,” Presser says. “You may ask, ‘Why would I care if I’m gone?’ I can tell you from experience: because it can create real headaches, and more heartache, for your family.” Bank and shopping accounts will be vulnerable to identity theft, which would affect your estate if someone opens credit cards in your name. You might have valuable intellectual property, like domain names. They may need access to your health records, particularly if you died under questionable circumstances, he says. There’s the sentimental stuff – photos and emails -- that your family may want as a remembrance of you, and the libraries of music and ebooks, which may represent a considerable investment on your part. “The problem is, even if you provide a family member with all of your accounts, log-ins and passwords, they may not be legally allowed to access them,” Presser says. “In many cases, they may be violating the accounts’ terms of service or violating federal privacy and computer fraud laws. Some states have laws governing online materials, but they’re different and which of your accounts are covered depends on where the provider is located.” What can you do to ensure your family isn’t left with a virtual nightmare after your passing? Presser offers these tips:

• Create a list of all of your accounts, including log-in names, passwords, and answers to any security questions. Obviously, your list will need to be securely stored. Since you’ll need to update it regularly as you add accounts or change passwords, it will be easiest if you keep the list on

your computer in a password-protected folder. Some versions of Windows allow you to create protected folders, but you may need to get third-party software to do this, such as free AxCrypt. Remember to create a backup of your list, whether it’s on a jump drive or printed out on paper. Store the backup in a secure place such as a safe deposit box. Do not put password information in your will, which is a public document.

• If you have a Google account, set up the new inactive account manager. In May 2013, Google became the first site to give users an option for choosing what becomes of their content if they should become debilitated or die. Under the profile button, click “Account,” scroll down to “Account Management,” and you’ll find instructions for “Control what happens to your account when you stop using Google.” You can select how long the account should be inactive before your plans are set into motion; choose to whom you want to offer content, such as YouTube videos, Gmail, Google+ posts, Blogger and Picasa web albums, or whether it should simply be deleted.

• Appoint a digital executor. Perhaps the simplest way to ensure your online life is taken care of is to appoint a digital executor – a tech-savvy person who will be willing and able to carry out your wishes. Authorize the person to access your inventory of log-in information and spell out what you want done with each account, whether it’s providing access to loved ones or business partners, or deleting it. The digital world has grown and transformed so rapidly, the law hasn’t kept up, which makes managing your digital afterlife challenging, Presser says. “Until there are more consistent laws and procedures governing this area, it’s best to plan ahead, leave clear instructions and be sure you have a list of accounts where your estate lawyer or a loved one can find it and access it,” he says. “It will make a world of difference to your survivors.”


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clear clutter, organize your home, & reclaim your life by Barbara Tako ­— Motivational Speaker and Author

As Simple as it Gets: Just One New Year's Resolution to be more like a foam rubber ball that bounces back and recovers its shape.

le imp tion s one resolu e e r 's he ov Is t Year impr I have New could s life? e-size t ' tha r yone n a on inker. eve er bee t of th st it— nk r i nev all so ave lo to th fits be I h d dare ze-fits i y l Ma wou one-s that o wh e is a to life r yone r r the nswe ke eve a all ld ma u wo py? ha p Hah! Pondering this brought up a related question to consider: Why do some people find peace, happiness and success while other people fail? Why, when bad things happen, do some people suffer while other people make lemonade? I want to find the secret to making lemonade from life’s lemons and make it my New Year's resolution for this year and for life. Why do some of us hang up in frustration when we have been put on hold for the fourth time and other people persist? Why can some veterans come home from war and function well while others struggle? Why do some people with a debilitating disease exude grace and peace while others are overwhelmed and depressed? I once asked a special needs teacher about kids who come from troubled families. I asked her why some kids from tough backgrounds or challenging family situations make it while others don't. Her response was: resilience. She felt some kids simply had more natural resilience than others had and could therefore overcome life's negative events better. Resilience is defined in my Merriam-Webster’s dictionary as "the capability of a strained body to recover its size and shape after deformation caused by compressive stress" or "an ability to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change." Resilience sounds like a quality we would all want. These definitions remind me of a foam rubber ball. I want

Barbara Tako is a clutter clearing motivational speaker and author of "Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life" (O Books, 2010), a seasonally organized book of clutter clearing tips that readers can pick and choose from to fit their personal style and needs. Sign up for her free monthly clutter clearing tips newsletter at


My New Year's resolution for this year is simple. I am going to try to be more resilient. I found myself wondering if that would even be possible if resilience is a natural ability or an innate quality? Yes, I still think so. I think we all actively cultivate qualities we want to see in ourselves. After all, we choose new behaviors like weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, and frugality, or we make relationship, career, or other life changes, and we try to pursue a host of other good qualities like calmness, patience, or persistence. Why not greater resilience? First, I am going to work to make countless choices to be resilient when life kicks up the usual problems throughout the year. I am a huge believer in the power of choice. I believe that we, as people, have the power to choose. I think we all can make better and different choices on a daily basis. Every day life gives us many opportunities to make choices. For example, when my kids are stomping around the house and arguing, I can choose to yell at them or I can try to approach the situation

calmly. If I choose calm, I have made a good choice. If I yell, I can reflect afterwards to try to turn it into a learning experience in the hope that next time, I will be more ready to make a better choice. Second, I am going to surround myself with things that help me be resilient. Nature is one of the first things that come to mind. Nature can be calming and it does a great job of redirecting my focus when I am upset. I appreciate nature. It is big. I am small. I sometimes simply take an outdoor walk or look out the window to help me regain perspective. Owning dogs also helps me to be resilient. Coming home to unconditional puppy love every day definitely improves my resiliency. When my emotions are stirred up, it also helps to have something in my hands like crocheting, to calm myself and redirect my focus. Figure out what environment or people or pets or activities or things help you to be more resilient and surround yourself with them. You know what things soothe you. Focus on them. Third, I am going to work on my attitude. If I can't change events, I can still change how I perceive them

and how I choose to react to them. Is the glass half empty or half full? When the garage door spring breaks in the middle of winter, am I going to panic or problem solve? Am I going to be grateful for what's going right in my life or am I going to dwell on the stuff that upsets me? Finally, I am going to learn to get comfortable with living with life’s paradoxes. Some things both scare me and challenge me—such as the opportunity to give a presentation in front of a very large audience. Some things make me feel happy and sad— for instance, watching my children leave home and start their own lives. The better I get at accepting paradoxes rather than resisting them, the easier it is for me to make lemonade rather than stare sadly at the lemons! What would happen if we all worked to be more resilient? I think it would be amazing. Instead of banging into each other and coming away shattered, cracked, bent, or broken, we would bounce away like a foam rubber ball and come back whole and ready for the next adventure! Are you ready to work on your resilience for this New Year's resolution?

Change Any Chisel Plow into a Vertical Tillage Coulter Machine Save $10,000 to $15,000 with our user-friendly conversion kits! ExclusivE 4 Ball BEarings on thE shaft!

We have 4 ball bearings that make it a very heavy duty unit. We have other innovative parts like the DUST SHIELD. Kit includes 18” boron “earthen harden” 13 wave coulter blads and bolts. Works on wheat stubble, corn stalks, and soybean residue in fall and spring. Cut up trash in the field or dry out the ground so you can plant days earlier.


“Made by Farmers, For Farmers.”

Ron’s Mfg.

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Why Texas Hog Production Should be Considered the "Next Big Thing" If the name PORK TEXAS doesn’t ring a bell with you, it soon will. As this project gets off the ground, you’ll be hearing more and more about hogs being raised free range on the ground — being raised as Mother Nature intended. If hogs can run wild and flourish in the state of Texas, why can’t domestic hogs survive and multiply in the same environment? The answer is, yes – they can! Texas pork production is nothing new, they aren’t re-inventing the wheel— it is simply sustainable hog production. It is producing pork in the greenest, most efficient way possible. In comparison, confinement pork production exposes itself to every negative cause and effect known to the swine industry, at a cost that far exceeds a favorable rate of return on investment. As a result, we have seen a dramatic shift over the past 20 years of small to midsized hog operations reverting back to sustainable production. The astronomical startup and facility replacement costs, environmental regulations, use of growth hormones and antibiotics, along with animal welfare issues and practices is forcing many producers to revert back to sustainable production. In fact it may be an issue that will be forced upon

the industry because of pressure from the fast food network. McDonalds and Burger King are just a couple of examples of companies that no longer want their pork to be inhumanly raised in cages. Not only do hogs do better in their natural environment, they produce a more acceptable product. Sustainable pork is not only more economical to produce, but the demand is creating premium prices that further add to the bottom line. It ’s all about profitability and healthiness for all concerned. As well as being more profitable, the sustainable pork product is one that meets these certain consumer-driven criteria:

• Animal Friendly • Environmental Friendly • Worker Health And Safety Friendly • Community Friendly—No Offensive Odors • No Manure Nutrient Build-Up • Manure Nutrients Recycled • Healthy Animal Environment • Reduce Food Infra-Structure Cost • Economically Competitive Sustainable pasture-based production is an alternative approach for raising hogs outdoors, using pastures as a major source of nutrients compared to confinement or other indoor systems. The sustainable pasture approach can offer the producer lower initial costs, lower production costs, and a sustainable method for producing pork. The typical design of a pasture system uses low cost portable housing and wire fencing. Since these systems require no expensive buildings, according to Texas Tech Pork Institute, 40-70% of startup can be saved over conventional indoor systems, saving approximately 4.5 million dollars per 1000 head operation.

of all, lending support to this project, is location. The Texas climate is ideally suited to sustainable outdoor pork production, thus the low overhead and investment requirements.

Investment Opportunity Alert! An opportunity to invest in Texas pork is available. For more information about this opportunity, contact Kevin Bottke at 817-262-0621 or Watch his video about sustainable pork production at This is an investment like no other — you can hedge your bet with land appreciation. Unlike most conventional hog production investments which are driven by cost of production, appreciating land values become a source of price protection for your investment. The 40 to 70% reduction in startup costs will buy a lot of Texas land — non-productive land that will only get more valuable as the hogs clear the land for their own habitation and enrichment. Sustainable pork production is mother natures way of providing God given resources for a cause greater than that for which it was originally intended. Combining production techniques to enhance profits and improve environmental and socioeconomics is not only a good sound investment, it is worthy of the innate nature of mankind. Pork Texas is a breath of fresh air for investors looking for an opportunity to invest in something that isn’t hidden behind a mirage of high risk and sophisticated jargon. It is simply doing that which comes naturally!

Multiply this by tens of thousands and the investment savings and lower overhead costs become substantial. To further compound this investment opportunity, consider the fact that this can all be done on non-productive wasteland — land that is native to non-valued vegetation and trees growing on light, sandy soils. Certainly not green lush pastures, but when fortified with a balanced corn ration, the effect can be similar.


"Bringing Home The Bacon"

Cost of land will be minimal, and over the years will add value at a high rate of return. The most conducive condition

YOUR V O I C E I N T H E M AR K ET I N G P LAC E O F YOUR C H O I C E — K N I G H TRO S E S S I O N S M E N D I N G F E N C E S A N D TE N D I N G S E N S E S Ken E. Knight is the author of the “Knightro Report”, a nationally syndicated livestock-marketing column, which is featured in this publication on a regular basis. Mr. Knight is a graduate of North Dakota State University, with a major BS Degree in Meat and Animal Science and a minor in Communications. In addition to being a professional auctioneer, public speaker and livestock judge, he brings many years of corporate level meat and livestock market management and expertise to the industry for which he now serves as an independent voice of shared knowledge and experience. For more in-depth information regarding the topics that have been touched upon in this report, Knightro conducts livestock marketing seminars on a regular basis. To schedule a seminar, auction, judging, or speaking engagement, please contact Ken Knight, Knightro, 136 Hillridge Ct., Prescott, WI  54021, phone 715-262-8480, fax 715-262-8480, e-mail knightro1@; or contact the Farm & Livestock Directory, P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, IA 50501; email

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WHITLEY POWER EQUIPMENT 4308 Pageland Hwy., Monroe, NC 28112 704-764-3910

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A ‘flop’ that became a success

Pony Tales by PONTY

The Driving Force Behind TEXAS PORK

In 1968, athletes performed the high jump by facing forward as they plunged over the bar. According to a story in the book Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, by Maria Konniokva (Penguin), that changed

He developed a style of leaping the bar backward. He knew it looked awkward, and he wasn’t quite sure why it worked. People laughed at him, and no one expected him to qualify for the U.S. Olympic team. But they stopped laughing when he set records with his technique, succeeding at a jump that came within 1.5 inches of the world record. The “Fosbury Flop” became standard practice because Fosbury didn’t care what other people thought. “I don’t even think about the high jump,” he told Sports Illustrated. “It’s positive thinking. I just let it happen.”

(The driving force behind the Texas Pork enterprise is Kevin Bottke. He can be reached at 817-262-0621, or Not only is Kevin a personal friend, his entrepreneurial spirit, background in the livestock industry, leadership in every phase of his life, and strength of character lend credence to the Pork Texas phenomenon. His ethical and moral track record speaks volumes about a spiritually driven man.)


I met Kevin Bottke more than a quarter century ago,

~Quiets Cab/More Comfortable Cab Environment ~Restores Original Insulation Qualities Increases Resale Value 700+ Models Available

while sharing the platform at a livestock producers gathering in central Iowa. I was impressed with not only his demeanor, but his grasp of entourage involvement and interest. He left no doubt about his knowledge of the livestock industry. From that point on, we developed a bond that has been more special than words can express. Like the time I was faced with some serious health issues – who was the first person (other than family) to be there at my side? It has always been Kevin there to support me in my every endeavor. This speaks volumes about the kind of man you would be involved with if you should choose to become an investor in Texas Pork. As an investor, the scrutiny of the man becomes more important than that of the project itself. If you believe and trust the man you’re doing business with, the rest will fall in place.

together a Pork Texas business plan that is worthy of your consideration. It describes in detail the concept of utilizing virtually waste land to produce pork in

Precision Cut Interior Kits:

Pre-formed Acoustical Parts:

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•AC 8000 Srs. Headliner...........................$257 •CIH 7110-8950 Headliner.......................$195 •CIH 71110-8950 Post Kit........................$168 •Ford Srs. I Headliner................................$267 •JD 30-60 Srs. Headliner..........................$228 •JD 30-60 Srs. Cow Unit..........................$139 •JD 7000 Srs. Headliner...........................$212 •JD 8000 Srs. Lower Kit...........................$458 •JD 8000 Srs. Headliner...........................$227 •JD 9400-9650 Headliner.........................$502 •JD 6620-8820 Headliner.........................$209 •Versatile Srs. 4 Headliner.........................$285

Pre-Cut Floor Mats: •AC 7000 Srs......................................$101 •CIH Maxum........................................$190 •CIH Magnum Front Mat........................$96 •Ford Series I.........................................$91 •Gleaner Combine................................$102 •IH 1420-1480.......................................$67 •IH 86/88 2WD......................................$72 •JD 30 Srs. 2WD...................................$82 •Versatile Srs. 3...................................$137

View Our Website Or Call For A Complete Product List.

To find out more about this man and the business model that he represents, he has perspicuously put

when a jumper named Dick Fosbury decided to try something completely different—a maneuver that to many of his peers must have seemed foolish.

TRI-COUNTY INTERNATIONAL 1030 Hwy. 20, Tuscumbia, AL 35674 256-383-5601

QUALITY GUARANTEED 10116 N. 1900 E. Rd. Fairbury, IL 61739 (815) 692-3355

the most consumer/producer friendly way possible. In the pork industry there is nothing that compares with the project potential and consumer appeal. There isn’t space enough in this column to do justice to the explanation of this proposal, so I urge you to get a copy and decide for yourself. The project is only as good as the man that’s leading it, so take the time to get acquainted. You’ll be a better person for having done so, for whether you’re an investor or just have an inquisitive mind, the knowledge you’ll glean from this relationship will serve you well for the rest of your life. But far more important will be the intrinsic values of humanity that will strengthen and enhance your life forever.

WATKINS & SONS MFG. INC. 67 Watkins Lane Linden, TN 37096 931-589-5134 • 800-227-4631 FEB RUA RY 2014

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In the Barn with


equipment & livestock prodUCtion services

Beef Barns: What’s Right For Your Operation? By Kelly and Leah Daniels

Life is a highway and it sure feels like we’re speeding down Interstate 2013 these days, pulling over only to fuel up, rest a bit, make any necessary repairs and head back out again. Seems like the exits marked “Projects to Finish” and “Unexpected Issues” are plentiful, but the signs for exits named “Reconnect with Friends” and “Take a Vacation” are few and far between. Not to complain, though. We’ve had a great first year here at Hedgewood, having completed new building projects in three states and helped lots of farmers improve their existing livestock facilities, sometimes in ways they didn’t know were possible. It’s a road we’re happy to be on and, as we merge onto Interstate 2014, we look forward with


I’m seeing a lot of talk about beef barns. How can I know if it’s something I should consider for my feed lot?


That’s right, slats and shelters aren’t just for pigs these days. More and more beef producers are erecting hoop buildings or mono-slope structures with concrete floors, feed bunks and fountains. One of the main reasons is an expanding body of research pointing to the fact that providing shelter can improve feed efficiency and rate of gain, helping get cattle to market cheaper and faster – without compromising meat quality. A side benefit is the ability to design gating that makes it easier and safer to work or load cattle – an important improvement for both the animals and the people involved. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


One word: Manure. In addition to providing stable

footing for animals and people, a solid surface in a beef barn allows the farmer to capture as much of the manure output as possible and store it where it is protected from the nutrient loss caused by exposure to weather. No matter the species, manure is a very valuable crop input, replacing nutrients used up by the previous year’s crop and adding soil-building organic material that can’t be replicated by commercial fertilizers. Some beef producers are also building pit storage to capture liquid and solids which, when treated with an effective biological or polymeric product, can be pumped and knifed into crop acres. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Which is better, a hoop building or a mono-slope?

That’s an important decision that should be based on

your production practices, geographic area, budget and, mostly, personal preference. Each has its own set of features and benefits. The best bet is to examine the pros and cons of both types of construction to determine how each would fit into your production plan.

A1 8

Most likely, you’re also mapping out plans for 2014 – either on paper or in your head – and starting to put into motion all those projects you planned to do “next year.” As you’re thinking about ways to update barns, beautify your property or, if a new facility is in your future, we hope you’ll consider calling upon Hedgewood to help you navigate. In Arkansas:

Remember, if you have a question you’d like Hedgewood to take a swing at, please drop a line to the editor of this fine publication and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.


DEAN HENDERSON EQUIPMENT CO. Altheimer, AR 72004 870-766-8416 • 800-541-5753 England, AR 72046 501-842-2521 • 888-842-2521 In North Carolina:

How will I – OK, my banker – know whether a new beef barn will cash flow?


When a farmer is interested in moving cattle under shelter, we work with our trusted team of construction, equipment and cattle production experts to paint an accurate picture of what you should expect. We have tools to estimate construction costs; determine which equipment is best suited for this type of production; give you a heads-up about environmental management requirements; and help you calculate the monetary value of manure you’re now able to capture. Also, like the pork production model, some beef producers are now seeking contract growers to feed out their calves, opening up the industry to folks who like working with cattle but don’t want to invest in ownership of a herd. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

I can see how shelter and gating would improve cattle performance and handling safety, but why build a solid surface floor?


excitement to the opportunities and challenges awaiting us down the road.


801 South Queen St., Kinston, NC 28502 252-527-8083 • 800-347-8083 CNH Capital and Case IH is a registered trademark of CNH America LLC.

Myers Poultry Farm

Providing a product that “meats” your needs 966 Ragers Hill Rd., South Fork, PA 15956

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Broad Breasted, Extremely hearty, Fast Growing.

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Durable • No Maintenance • Affordable ———————————————

Used Strong Steel I-Beam Posts ALL GALVANIZED


Great for...Beef/Dairy/Bulls


Corrals - Pens - Chutes - Feeders

Those structures seem pretty simple. Do I really need such a detailed plan?


There are lots of guys out there who will take your

money to slap up a barn, but won’t be there later to fix the problems they’ve created. At Hedgewood, our goal is to identify and resolve any issues before construction begins and to manage the project’s multitude of moving parts, so you end up with a quality facility that makes you money rather than an ongoing headache that continues to dip into your profits. If you’d like more information on the equipment or products we’ve mentioned, please give Kelly a call or text at 515-8519194 or shoot us an email at kelly@hedgewoodconsulting. com. Thanks for spending a little time with us today. We’ll see you next time at “In the Barn with Hedgewood”. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Kelly Daniels is a long-time pork production manager and, more recently, worked with farmers as an equipment representative for one of the oldest names in the industry. Leah Daniels is the owner of NewsWorks, a strategic communications firm that provides marketing and public relations services to companies and associations, primarily in the pork industry. She recently worked with the National Pork Board to create an on-farm crisis communications tool for that enables farmers to effectively manage through incidents that can impact lives and reputations.

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The Way To Quickly Protect Farms, Homes, and Businesses From Flooding!

The Difference Between

PRESERVATION and DEVASTATION is the Quantity of Sandbags in Place

L Capable of producing

4,800 - 6,200 bags in 8 hours with only 3 people!!!


The logistical nightmare of sandbagging operations is over as the SandMaster creates and delivers sandbags AT THE AREA OF NEED. Can bag most materials wet or dry that are available on site. Phone: 360-217-8215 • Email:




M AR K ET P LA C E __________________________________________




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You can’t sell it if they Don’T KNOW YOU HAVE IT!

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Big Capacity. Big Power. Big Value.

The Round-The-Clock Dinner Bell.

Advertise your services & equipment in the Farm and Livestock Directory, and see how easy it is to attract buyers!




2650 Balebuster •Shredder chamber handles bales in any condition •Right hand discharge •Self loading two bale processor •One man operation •Saves up to 30% on hay and straw •Great for bedding or erosion control

CMF-830 Vertical Mixer •Heavy-duty 88” twin screw augers mix rations fast •Large 830 cu. ft. feed capacity with standard extension •Large front-center unloading door •36” discharge conveyor unloads left or right •Four point scale •HD axles are oscillating to provide smooth, even travel through rough feed lots

12521 James Madison Hwy. Orange, VA 22960 540-672-4900 The Haybuster dealer network is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and fast, dependable parts support.


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Quotes "It’s easy to be independent when you’ve got money. But to be independent when you haven’t got a thing—that’s the Lord’s test." — Mahalia Jackson

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– EQUIPMENT/MACHINERY/SERVICES –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

"I think if human beings had genuine courage, they’d wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween." — Douglas Coupland

KADDATZ AUCTIONEERING & FARM EQ., 6676. Tractors and farm equipment. Salvage: tractors and farm equipment. Order parts online. New and used parts. 254-582-3000. 02/14

"You’re alive. Do something. The directive in life, the moral imperative was so uncomplicated. It could be expressed in single words, not complete sentences. It sounded like this: Look. Listen. Choose. Act." — Barbara Hall

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––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– MISCELLANEOUS ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– CONKLIN® DEALERS NEEDED! Lifetime career in marketing, management, and applying green products made in America. Full time/part time. For a free catalog, call now at 320-238-2370 or toll free 855-238-2570. Visit 02/14

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– HAY & HAY EQUIPMENT –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

ROUND BALER BELTING AMERICAN MADE: Largest dealer in U.S. Original belting for all round balers including new John Deere - in stock! Save hundreds$$! Free shipping anywhere! No 800#, just best prices. Since 1973. MC/Visa/Discover/ Am. Express or C.O.D. Contact Hammond Equipment in Faundale, AL 36738, at 334-627-3348, or visit our website at 02/14 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Baler Belts – all balers. Genuine JD. Made in USA. Free shipping on sets. Call 1-800-223-1312.


––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– POULTRY/EQUIPMENT/SUPPLIES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– FREE CHICK & TURKEY CATALOG. Quality chicks as low as $29.95 per 100. Call toll free 1-866-365-0367. Reich Poultry Farms, P.O. Box 100, Marietta, PA 17547. 02/14


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Southern Farm And Livestock Directory | February 2014  

Equipment news, trends and technology, to general advice and interest stories for today’s crop and livestock farmers.

Southern Farm And Livestock Directory | February 2014  

Equipment news, trends and technology, to general advice and interest stories for today’s crop and livestock farmers.