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Southern Farm and


AUGUST 2013 Volume 15 | Issue 8

"Agriculture…is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness." – Thomas Jefferson

‘Sweet Summer’ by Bonnie Mohr


For more information about Bonnie Mohr, see her biography on page A1 inside.

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A U GU S T 2 0 1 3

on the cover Bonnie Mohr



Volume 15, Issue 8 | August 2013

visit to the Bonnie Mohr Studio is a bit different than one to other fine art galleries. Like other studios, you will find the usual artist originals, art prints and note cards. What makes this studio unique is that you will also find one of Bonnie’s favorite art subjects-the dairy cow. Live cows are generally not allowed in the studio which is located on the Mohr farm, but visitors will see them lining the drive way to the studio in rural Glencoe, MN. Bonnie and her husband John both grew up on dairy farms in southern Minnesota. They married in 1983 and after a several years of marriage and working in the Minneapolis area. They used the money they saved to invest in their dream of owning their own farm and genetics business, Glenmark Genetics. It was about that time that Bonnie became serious about her god-given ability to re-create onto canvas the things in life she so loves and respects. Nearly two decades and five Mohr children later, the

studio is now staffed by a marketing person, office manager and a “just down the road” neighbor who is the shipping specialist. Bonnie still has the passion, but doesn’t always have the time to paint as much as she’d like, as there are always business decisions and family responsibilities. However, she makes the most of her limited painting time and has published several recent releases including the fall 2002 limited edition hit “First Christmas”, “October Blessing”, and the BARNS ACROSS AMERICA open edition four print series. She also has over 30 print selections and cards from her popular “Just Down the Road” note card series. (Including the Christmas card “First Christmas”) For more information regarding Bonnie’s paintings, prints or note cards call 1-800-264-6647 (MOHR) for a free catalog or visit her web site www.bonniemohr. com. To request a catalog by mail write Bonnie Mohr Studio, PO Box 32, Glencoe, MN 55336.

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Bonnie Mohr Studio

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Putting the extraordinary into the ordinary one painting at a time. Limited and Open edition art prints • "Just Down the Road" note cards Bonnie Mohr Studio, P.O. Box 32, Glencoe, MN 55336

PH: 320-864-6642 • FX: 320-864-6646 •

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AUG UST 2013

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8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY | andl ivest ockdirect A1

t Power Earth Auger Safety

–by Mike Hale, Sales Manager, LITTLE BEAVER INC.

Don’t Dig Dangerously: Safety First When Working With Power Earth Augers A power earth auger accomplishes its work beneath the ground, but the most important aspect of any project – making sure everything is safe for the operator and other people helping – starts before the machine’s point ever pierces the surface. It sounds like common sense, but keeping safety top of mind before starting any job is crucial to avoiding injuries, some of which can be serious. There are potential hazards for any digging job, and while most machines are designed with safety in mind, it’s always a good idea to review best practices and stay up to date with industry guidelines to protect everyone involved in the project.

It’s All In The Call

the owner’s manual. Be sure all kill switches and wires are

Knowing the site and preparing accordingly is a crucial first step before beginning any digging project. Hazards may lurk just a few feet below the surface, where anything from utility lines to underground sprinklers, sewer pipes

undamaged, properly connected and functioning. To ensure the throttle is working properly, start the engine and let it run for a few seconds before releasing the throttle. If the engine is functioning correctly, it will return to idle.

to transmission cables can be hiding. Inadvertently

Next, check gearboxes and tighten loose bolts. Inspect

hitting any of them can cause a big mess, create a costly

both the leg pad and handle grips for tears and replace

problem and, in the worst cases, cause serious injuries.

them if necessary. Be sure there are no cracks or other

Buried gas lines or power lines are the most dangerous,

damage to handles or the gearbox housing.

with the potential for electrocution, fire, severe burns or Misalignment of the point and blades might cause the

even fatalities.

auger to vibrate excessively or “walk” during use, so make

Operators need to wear appropriate personal protective gear and follow basic dress code practices when operating a power earth auger.

Always call the national one-call line at 811 at least 48

sure they are tight and secure. Be aware of the sharp

hours prior to digging to have underground utilities

edges so you don’t get cut. If you’re installing these for the

marked. No exceptions, no excuses. When there are un-

first time, follow the instructions outlined in the owner’s

derground obstacles, allow an adequate amount of space


around them. The general rule of thumb is a radius of two If the engine has a torque tube, a safety feature that

to three feet around a marked area.

protects the operator by absorbing dangerous kickbacks, After the site has been prepped, with the underground

properly connect and secure it. The procedure might vary

lines marked, it’s time to ready yourself and the machine

slightly from one model to another, so follow the steps as

for safe and effective digging.

outlined in the owner’s manual.

Check Yourself, Check Your Machine A torque tube connecting the auger to the chassis-mounted engine prevents injury to the operator by absorbing dangerous kickback.

On models that have an engine mounted on a separate, wheeled chassis, it’s important to check the tire pressure.

Operators need to wear appropriate personal protective gear and follow basic dress code practices when operating a power earth auger. Opt for work boots or quality athletic shoes. Avoid loose clothing and hanging shoelaces that could get caught in the auger. To protect against flying dirt and debris, wear safety goggles and work gloves whenever the unit is running.

manual prior to operating a power earth auger. Even if you’re accustomed to operating one, different brands have different safety features, and practices and procedures can vary from model to model.

the auger for repairs or maintenance needs and to ensure all the necessary parts and pieces are intact. First, identify all instruction and warning labels and be sure they’re properly affixed to the unit. Anyone operating the machine must understand and be able to easily recognize these labels, which should be outlined and explained in 8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

tal hazard you want to avoid. Finally, check all he machine’s fluids and change or refill if necessary. Remember that trying to change or refill fluids when the machine is hot could result in serious injupower deck. It’s best to change or refill fluids before you even start a job. If you have to do it mid-project, let the auger cool completely first. Wit the pre-operation checklist addressed, safety is now in the operator’s or owner’s hands.

Once you’ve read the owner’s manual, thoroughly inspect


port, it can tip over. That’s both a safety and environmen-

ries from accidentally touching a hot engine or hydraulic

Operators also should be familiar with the owner’s

Carefully ensure points and blades are tight and secure. Misalignment could cause the auger to vibrate excessively during use.

If there’s a tire blowout or the unit isn’t level during trans-

Do It Right Now that you’ve gone through all the machine and operator safety precautions, it’s important to also remember the safety of others. Always ensure bystanders are at least 10 feet away before starting the auger. Once the auger is running, position it perpendicular to

www. f a r ma ndl ivest ockdirect

AU G U ST 2 0 1 3


the ground for the best possible control and optimal results. For even greater control, adjust the downward pressure based on the soil conditions. If the soil is soft, ease up slightly. If the ground is harder, apply a little more pressure, but not so much that rotation slows or stops.

Safety By Design Some machines feature safeguards to prevent potential hazards before they become full-fledged issues. One-man power auger designs vary depending on the manufacturer and specific model, but you should look for a few common features that enhance safe

The most important tip to remember when using an earth auger is a variation of the


The Way To Quickly Protect Farms, Homes, and Businesses From Flooding!

The Difference Between


operation. Even in well-ventilated areas, carbo mon-

common saying, “Lift with your legs, not with your back.” With an earth auger, all the power should come from the legs to avoid

is the Quantity of Sandbags in Place

oxide poisoning can be a serious threat. It can be minimized, however, based on how the engine is mounted on the power

serious back strain and injury.

auger. There are two typical designs for

Once you’ve reached the desired depth,

the engine mount: handle-mounted and

there’s a proper procedure for safely remov-

chassis-mounted. As the name implies, the

ing the auger from the ground. Because it

engine on a handle-mounted unit is right

spins at such a high speed, never remove an

on the handle, which means the operator is

auger from the ground completely while it’s

constantly breathing in potentially harm-

still running. The force from the revolution

ful exhaust. A chassis-mounted unit, on the

can easily cause loss of control, even for an

other hand, has the engine on a wheeled

experienced operator. When retracting the

chassis that sits back a few feet from the

auger, release the throttle control and allow

operation point to keep the operator away

the auger to come to a complete stop. Once

from emissions.

the auger has stopped turning, it can safely be removed from the hole.

Another advantage of certain chassismounted units is that they incorporate steel

If the auger hits a tree root or unusually

torque tubes that transfer digging torque

hard piece of earth and gets stuck, turn off

from the drill head to the engine carriage to

the machine and disconnect the handle from

protect operators from dangerous kickback.

the auger. Turn the auger counterclockwise

This significantly minimizes the potential

to free the unit. In tougher soils, it might be

for finger, hand and arm injuries. As an

necessary to use a pipe wrench and, if you

added benefit it makes the machine easier

still can’t dislodge it, you might have to dig

to operate, which, in turn, reduces fatigue

the auger out.

and physical stress that can lead to back

L Capable of producing

4,800 - 6,200 bags in 8 hours with only 3 people!!!


The logistical nightmare of sandbagging operations is over as the SandMaster creates and delivers sandbags AT THE AREA OF NEED. Can bag most materials wet or dry that are available on site. Phone: 360-217-8215 • Email:


Certain applications call for a greater depth


A pressure relief valve, a valuable safety

facturers offer extensions. When the auger

feature found on some hydraulic-powered

reaches its maximum depth, it’s typically a

units, engages if the auger becomes

fast and simple process to attach an exten-

overworked and the drill reaches a certain

sion, but don’t forget to keep safety in mind

hydraulic pressure. This automatically stops

when doing so. Once the lead auger has

the auger’s rotation and halts the drill before

reached its maximum depth, stop the power

it reaches a dangerous overload point. In ad-

unit. Disconnect the drive adaptor from the

dition to increasing safety for the operator, it

auger that is in the ground and connect the

also prevents damage to the machine.

extension to it as specified in the owner’s manual. Reconnect the power unit and drive adaptor to the top of the extension and continue to dig. When the desired depth is reached, stop the unit, disconnect the drive adaptor from the extension and remove it from the hole. It may be necessary to use an auger fork, a tool that keeps the auger from falling in the hole, before you reconnect the machine. Reconnect the power unit and

Whether it is for food, feed, or fuel, we need to move grain more efficiently than ever. GSI’s new Z-Tek™ Roof System, with its large flat top and higher peak loads, supports larger material handling equipment, allowing more grain to move into storage faster than ever before. The design of GSI’s new stiffener profile increases strength, allowing you to go taller with your grain storage system and have more flexibility in design.


With rising commodity prices, it is critical to protect this high value inventory and optimize its condition. Flashing-free roof overlaps, increased snow load capacities, and polyethylene sealing washers all provide superior protection of your grain from the elements.


Power earth augers that are not hydrauli-

Taking care of your grain takes an entire system, and GSI offers a complete family of grain bin accessories that make working in and around your storage system an easy and safe experience.

cally powered, often called mechanical units, also are built with unique safety features. The centrifugal clutch is a perfect example. If the auger encounters an object beneath the surface or if it’s overloaded, the clutch automatically slips to protect the operator from serious injury. The advanced, thoughtful designs of power

repeat the process to remove the auger.

earth augers help take the guesswork out of

Finally, for first-time and newer operators, slow and steady is the key to safely digging a hole with an earth auger. Running it at a slightly slower speed than typical will help newer users gain comfort and control and, as a result, reduce the likelihood of injuries. AUG UST 2013



problems and muscle strains. than the auger can reach, so many manu-


safe operation and make it simple for even first-time users. But safety doesn’t begin or end with the machine, but with the owner and operator. With a strong commitment to safety, everyone can go home at the end of the day with all fingers, toes and backs

In Tennessee:

PERRY FARM SUPPLY 6230 Highway 89 Palmersville, TN 38241 731-822-4455 • 800-594-4455


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

In Mississippi:

WATKINS & SONS MFG. INC. 67 Watkins Lane Linden, TN 37096 931-589-5134 • 800-227-4631

TRIPLE J EQUIPMENT 4777 Prairie Point Rd. Macon, MS 39341 662-726-9912

ww andl ivest ockdirect A3

t what’s new

Laforge is Expanding its Front 3-Point Hitch Line for John Deere to the 9R-Series

The ETG-26 features two upper grapples that are 20” wide, lower tines are spaced 10” apart, overall width is 72-inches. The tine grapple is ideal for, piling, loading brush and handling other materials while leaving dirt behind.

LAFORGE continues the commitment to meeting the diversified needs of customers for front 3-point hitch technology. The GreenLink® line of hitches for John Deere tractors is now expanded with the introduction of the powerful HD6/9R PowerFold® for the 9RSeries articulated 4WD tractors with up to 560 HP.

An extensive list of options include remote switches, hydraulic center link, LAFORGE’s full line of automatic control systems, including the patented DynaContour® as well as FLEXIMASS® ballasting system and EASYMASS® weights.

The upper grapple design provides clamping force to hold material securely, featuring greaseable pivot points for long service life and a shield plates to protect the hydraulic cylinders. A low profile design offers great forward visibility for superior control in close quarters and easy access to skid steer or loader seat. For more information call 217-324-5973, or visit www. ____________________________________

LAFORGE SYSTEMS INC., with warehouses in Concord, CA and Cedar Falls, IA was established over 20 years ago as a subsidiary of Laforge SAS, France, to ensure quality distribution, service, and support of Laforge made products in North America. In addition to the Laforge label, products are also marketed under the EASYMASS®, FLEXIMASS®, GreenLink®, PowerFold®, and VersaDeck™ trade names. For more information call 800-422-5636 or visit ____________________________________

ETG Tine Grapple Rake from Worksaver Worksaver, Inc. offers the ETG-26 Dual Tine Grapple Rake for use on 30-80 horsepower front loaders or skid steers with the “Universal” attaching system. A4

The new also offers easier page-topage navigation, with streamlined buy and sell pages. It now requires fewer steps to shop for equipment or post equipment for sale. Dealers can easily list equipment along with photos, videos, and unlimited specifications. They can also enhance their listings with standard OEM specifications powered by the IRON Official Guides. “The new vastly simplifies the buying and selling process and makes for a much more enjoyable equipment shopping experience," said Scott Derksen, CIO of IRON Solutions. "Both buyers and dealers will appreciate how much easier we have made the website to use, and we expect significant traffic increases as a result."

With 14 100 lb. lift capacity and the heavy-duty premium design criteria, this system is ready to handle any application on the front of these large HP tractors, from tanks and cultivators, to rippers and dozer blades without impairing ground clearance or maneuverability. The exclusive and patented PowerFold® system, allowing the operator to fold and unfold the hitch from the cab is standard.

grated with the respected IRON Official Guides and real-time appraisal tools, so it ensures competitive and fair prices for both dealers and equipment buyers.

IRON Solutions Redesigns Popular to Connect Equipment Buyers, Sellers Faster Than Ever IRON Solutions recently launched its enhanced and redesigned site, with streamlined features that allow buyers and sellers of agricultural and industrial equipment to connect and close deals faster than ever before. The design of the new increases the visibility of equipment for sale, enabling buyers to perform highly targeted searches and assuring that dealers get more views for their equipment offerings. Because it gives buyers more options for contacting sellers, it means more leads for dealers – leads that are closer to a purchasing decision. is a trusted and popular online marketplace for the efficient and profitable exchange of equipment, driving more than $2 billion in annual sales. The redesigned site is even more tightly inte-

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY | covers the U.S. and Canadian equipment markets, with growing coverage of international markets. The site has consistently delivered more than 200,000 leads annually, with more than 400,000 monthly visitors and some 70 million page views annually. That makes it one of the equipment industry’s most heavily used sources for connecting buyers with equipment. ____________________________________

Premier’s Weighted Down Pressure Mounting Bracket Can Double Your Drilling Productivity Premier has introduced the addition of a skid-steer mounting bracket to their lineup of hydraulic earth auger attachments, which can easily double drilling productivity in the field. The extra heavy duty Down Pressure Mounting Bracket is made of solid steel, weighing a hefty 500 pounds itself, and additional one hundred pound cast weights are then added, with capacity for twelve total weights. It all adds up to a combined total of a whopping 1,700 pounds of down pressure added to your drilling project. Using the new Down Pressure Mounting Bracket with your skid steer loader, drilling through concrete, rock or any other difficult ground conditions will be easier than ever before. Headquartered in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Premier has built a solid reputation for the craftsmanship and reliability of their U.S.A. made attachments, as well as the best lead times in the industry. For more information call 866-458-0008 or visit

www. f a r ma ndl ivest ockdirect

AU G U ST 2 0 1 3

what’s new t

Raven Industries Introduces New Viper 4 Field Computer Among Other Innovations Raven Industries introduced new advances in precision agriculture technology including the highly anticipated summer release of its new Viper 4 field computer as well as other ag technology during the eleventh annual Raven Innovation Summit held June 4-5. Over the last ten years, Raven's line of Viper field computers has built an outstanding reputation for innovation among agricultural retailers and custom applicators. As our most robust field computer to date, Viper 4 will not only improve how customers manage critical machine functions, but more importantly, enhance the way data collected in the field is managed and utilized. The Viper 4 field computer features a 12.1" responsive touchscreen and sleek design with a ruggedized magnesium casing. A customizable user interface utilizing new Raven Operating Software allows users to set up machine profiles, user profiles, and grower-farm-field information, expediting job start-up and streamlining information management functionality. "Data management is critical to our customers' success. Viper 4 hardware, software, and 3rd party applications will operate separate from each other, providing an open platform for data management with our Slingshot(R) API platform and agX(TM) compatibility," said Matt Burkhart, vice president and general manager for Raven's Applied Technology Division.

New Kubota Grand L60 Series Features All-New Styling and a Level of Productivity Never Before Seen in its Class A Spacious New Cab, Smoother All-Around Operation and Clean-Emission Engines Make the Grand L60 Series More Grand Than Ever. Kubota Tractor Corporation has announced the addition of the new Grand L60 Series to its lineup. Available now at dealerships nationwide, the new series includes six models, including the L3560, L4060, L4760, L5060, L5460, and the L6060 flagship tractor. The Kubota Grand L60 Series is equipped with highly advanced, yet user-friendly, computer controls. Additionally, the eye-catching series offers enhanced style and operator comfort with a deluxe Grand Cab ™ and a sharply styled, one-piece hood. Clean engine emissions, favorable fuel economy and uncompromising power further define the Grand L60 models as a best-in-class tractor series.

Raven also released the industry's first, patent pending, multi-hybrid planter control solution. This new multi-hybrid system is an enhancement to Raven's OmniRow(R) advanced planter control solution, and when combined with variable rate seeding, it will help increase yield potential and profitability. The Innovation Summit is an annual meeting hosted by Raven, that brings together key customers, dealers, OEMs, and media partners from across the globe to collaborate on how technology and innovation can help solve the great challenge of feeding the world. For more information on Raven's lineup of precision ag products visit or call 800-243-5435.

AUG UST 2013

The Grand L60 Series features reduced noise and vibration levels, as well as an integrated loader valve and control lever, helping improve operations and reduce operator fatigue. Additional cab features include a tilt steering wheel, power steering, an electric PTO switch and easy access to the 12 volt power supply.

Intuitive Operation and a “Kubota Original” Throttle-Up Feature Kubota Grand L60 Series tractor operation is made easier with the new IntelliPanel™ electronic dash. Incorporating highly intuitive computer controls, the large-screen digital panel combines an analog tachometer, temperature gauge, fuel gauge and standard indicators to keep operators informed on the tractor’s operating status and maintenance needs. In addition, cruise control and the new combination headlights/indicator lights lever allow for simple, carlike operation. On L60 HST Plus models, a “Kubota original” feature has been added for superior power. The Kubota Throttle-Up switch, located on the loader lever, gives operators more engine RPM power with the push of a button, allowing operators to complete loader jobs quickly and easily. Throttle up functionality allows the operator to set their preferred RPM speed in the IntellipanelTM. Engine speeds are raised on demand and only when necessary, resulting in reduced noise and improved fuel efficiency. “Right now, Kubota is the only tractor line to feature the Throttle-Up Switch,” Williams said. “It further demonstrates that Kubota excels at engineering deluxe, high performance tractors.”

Additional Technology Introduced at Eleventh Raven Innovation Summit In addition to the upcoming release of the Viper 4, Raven also announced a new partnership with AMW Machine Control, a leader in water management solutions, to further enhance their full spectrum of precision ag solutions to grow more food on less land.

than ever.

Cleaner Emissions and Outstanding Fuel Economy

“The Kubota Grand L60 Series raises the standard of tractor styling and luxury, comfortable operation, and ease of use,” said Paul Williams, senior product manager for Kubota. “With its simple, intuitive operation, this technologically advanced, great-looking, hardworking series is sure to be highly sought-after from coast to coast.”

The New Grand Cab™ The interior of the Kubota Grand L60 cab model offers spaciousness and deluxe features, including a wider cab with 20 percent more space than previous models, extensive glass windows to minimize blind spots, and increased legroom and headroom. Also, wider opening doors allow for easy entry and exit, and an ergonomically designed suspension seat, abundant storage compartments, and an air conditioner/heater make operation comfortable and more productive

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

Get all the power while using less fuel with the Kubota Grand L60 Series, which comes equipped with cleanemission Common Rail direct injection engines. In compliance with Tier IV emission regulation, the Kubota Grand L60 engines deliver greater fuel savings and lower emissions while maintaining a high level of power and torque. Three state-of-the-art transmissions are available: Hydrostatic Transmission (HST) Plus, Glide Shift Transmission (GST) or Fully Synchronized Main and Shuffle Transmission (FST). “The Kubota Grand L60 Series is truly the total package,” Williams said. “With a choice of five clean-emission engines and three advanced transmissions, the series offers a higher level of performance while going easy on the environment and providing exceptional value for the dollar.” For more information call 888-458-2682 or visit

ww andl ivest ockdirect A5

t what’s new

Syngenta Offers 20 New Soybean Varieties for 2014 While there isn’t a crystal ball that can predict the weather or reveal which pests will be widespread for the 2014 growing season, farmers can enable their soybeans to start strong with the right seed selection. To assist U.S. soybean farmers, Syngenta is releasing 20 new NK® brand soybean varieties for the 2014 season that offer superior performance across various environments. “A successful season begins with variety selection,” said Doug Tigges, soybean genetics product manager at Syngenta. “NK soybeans are designed to improve the soybean grower’s crop through enhanced agronomic traits and break through the yield barrier. We bring only top-performing seed varieties to the market.”

When horn fly infestations become a nuisance to cattle during hot summer months, producers can apply the VetCap as remotely as 15 to 30 feet away, without unnecessary stress and labor. The VetCap bursts upon contact with the animal, causing little or no discomfort. “The VetGun delivery system and AiM-L VetCaps are a logical choice to control horn flies, giving you total flexibility to decide when and where you want to dose your cattle. The time savings, among other attributes, makes life easier for you and the animals. It’s more efficient, plain and simple,” says Adam Yankowsky, business unit manager for livestock products, AgriLabs. The rancher can deliver the insecticide without corralling or running the animals through a chute. By handling the cattle in a manner that they are familiar with, the rancher can deliver the VetCaps in a more effective way.

NK soybeans combine ground-breaking technologies with elite genetics and industry-leading traits that offer early-season insect and disease protection to optimize overall performance and maximize yield potential. Spanning maturity groups 0 through V, the new varieties feature built-in resistance to disease pressures such as Phytophthora root rot and sudden death syndrome, and yield- robbing pests like soybean cyst nematode (SCN).

“The patented VetGun delivery system removes the need for additional labor or special handling facilities, making it ideal for operations that may not have sufficient working facilities or labor available to move and work cattle, particularly when it is hot. One person could dose at least 100 head in a fraction of the time it would require with other methods,” noted Randall Tosh, general manager, SmartVet.

“Developed from one of the most advanced germplasm pools in the industry, these new NK varieties offer versatility across varying environments, provide superior defensive packages and boost yield potential,” said Tigges. “We are looking forward to a successful 2014 season.”

“The VetGun system is proving to be an excellent tool in low stress handling systems,” added Tosh. “With this new application system, cattle ranchers will find that horn fly control can be quicker, easier and safer with immediate results that go straight to the bottom line. It truly is a new category of horn fly control.”

While it is impossible to foresee future weather and other environmental stressors, farmers can expect NK soybeans to start the season strong so they can grow more soybeans.

To learn more visit

For more information, visit NK soybeans. ____________________________________

New Category of No-nonsense Horn Fly Control Approved for Use, AiM-L VetCaps AiM-L VetCaps are a first-of-its-kind, whole-herd application, offering cattle raisers an easier way to control horn flies. Ranchers are now able to give cattle a break from flies by eliminating the need to run cattle through the chute when treatment is needed. The new delivery system available through AgriLabs® is comprised of the VetGun® and AiM-L insecticide VetCaps, developed and manufactured by SmartVet™.


requirements well suited for a smaller tank size. Tier 4i-compliant, it is equipped with the latest technology systems, is easy to operate and, like larger RoGator models, features an application-specific cab design that maximizes operator comfort and safety.

“From the ground up, the RG700 is designed to deliver exceptional precision and performance at the top of its class,” said Mark Sharitz, director of marketing for AGCO Application Equipment. “No matter what the conditions, the RG700 provides all the power and dependability to get in the fields and get the job done.” The RG700 offers an industry-leading AWD Smart Drive System™, even weight distribution and Parallel C-channel flex frame, all of which combine to provide consistent field speed without shifting and excellent traction with all four wheels remaining on the ground. The result is a smoother ride, less wear and tear on the booms, and more precise product application, even under varying field conditions. Other key features include: •

Powerful, high-torque engine – With 165-hp, the RG700’s engine is more powerful than many competitive sprayers, and produces more torque that provides consistent power to pull through hills, rough terrain and soft, wet ground. The RG700 is equipped with AGCO’s advanced selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology that meets EPA Tier 4i requirements without sacrificing power and provides better fuel economy.

Adjustable track widths – Two axle configurations (narrow and standard) allow for multiple track widths to operate quickly and easily through a wide variety of crops, crop heights and field conditions.

Application cab design – All RoGator models feature the industry’s only cabs designed specifically for application, built with operator comfort and safety top of mind. The RG700 has a six-post cab design that provides a wide, panoramic front windshield and curved windows in the corners for unmatched visibility; folded booms that rest below the sightlines for better road visibility; wider platforms and a lower first step onto the walkway that provide easier, safe access; sound-dampening materials for a quieter ride; and an ergonomic armrest and joystick configuration that controls all functions for field operations, so operators


AGCO to Launch the New RG700 Self-Propelled RoGator Sprayer in Fall 2013 Latest Addition to the RoGator Lineup Offers Professional-Grade Quality and Dependability in a Versatile 700-Gallon Machine AGCO Application Equipment is introducing the newest addition to its RoGator® lineup – the RG700 – a 700-gallon machine built with the same attention to detail and durability as its bigger RoGator brothers. Launching in fall 2013, the RG700 self-propelled sprayer combines RoGator professional-grade quality and dependability with flexibility to meet spraying

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what’s new t

don’t have to reach or search for a control while operating the machine. •

Efficient reload station design – The reload station is designed for a quick, simple and safe reload process. The liquid system is designed to achieve maximum output flow and industryleading tip-to-tip application accuracy.

Leading technology systems – From sprayer and boom height controllers to assisted steering systems to the RoGator Management Center and AGCOMMAND® telemetry system for monitoring machine performance data, the RG700 is fitted with the latest technology systems to maximize productivity and profitability.

“The addition of the RG700 to our industry-leading RoGator and TerraGator® lineup reinforces our commitment to the application industry by providing the best machines for growers and professional operators across North America,” Sharitz said. “We look forward to showcasing this new machine at farm shows and regional events this fall.” For more information, visit RG700. ____________________________________

New Spray Nozzle Technologies Boost Product Performance A new suite of tools to boost crop protection placement and performance is available to farmers and custom spray applicators. AppliMax Spray Performance Tools include nozzle performance and spray application measurement and testing systems, and spray nozzle lights to improve the application of crop protection products. “Spray nozzles are the smallest part of your sprayer but can make the biggest difference in effective, uniform application,” says Robert Letkeman, director of sales ATI Agritronics Inc. “Our new technology means farmers and custom applicators can ensure optimal spray application and even offer more accurate night time application options.” These new technologies, developed and distributed by ATI Agritronics Inc., are transforming the application of crop protection sprays by extending application opportunities to nighttime spraying and maximizing product performance through increased placement accuracy. AppliMax Spray Performance Tools provide everything a farmer or custom applicator needs to optimize spray product placement. Spray Performance Tools include a spray boom remote control, spray nozzle calibrator, nozzle pressure tester, water pH tester, wind meter, nozzle cleaners and safety equipment. AUG UST 2013

if we had a hydraulic drawbar?’” stated Van Oss, “and then I searched online and found there was one already on the market.” Van Oss has already sold several ProTrakker systems to growers looking to plant accurate and repeatable rows on various sizes and slopes of hills, and expects more of his customers to follow suit soon.

“AppliMax spray nozzle lights are opening application opportunities – allowing nighttime spraying when there is typically less wind, reducing spray drift,” says Letkeman. “Slower evaporation of crop protection product occurs at night with cooler temperatures, allowing better plant absorption.” High intensity LED lights on the AppliMax spray nozzle illuminate spray patterns, making it easier for operators to make sure nozzles are spraying correctly. The lights also include the patent pending Strobe spray pattern diagnostic setting to “freeze” the pattern and highlight distortions from blockage or wear.

Simon Hill of Gnowangerup in Western Australia was drawn to the ProTrakker because of its ability to help farmers in the region to overcome dry conditions when planting staple crops such as wheat, barley, and canola. The accuracy of the guidance system allows growers to follow the previous year’s furrows so the seeds can have access to stored moisture in the soil. “The ProTrakker enables us to follow these existing pathways and establish a crop on extreme minimum rainfall without changing the soil profile of an entire field,” states Hill. Hill went on to say that he expects to gain even greater benefit in his second year using the ProTrakker, once rows are further straightened and repeatable.

AppliMax spray nozzle lights fit most sprayers and are now available for Case, New Holland, John Deere and most other brands. AppliMax Spray Performance Tools and spray nozzle lights are available from local dealers or by visiting ____________________________________

Unique implement guidance system making an impact on international markets

“We know we have a versatile, quality product and are extremely pleased that customers across the globe are discovering the many benefits of ProTrakker,” said Cory Miller, President of Protrakker’s manufacturer MBW Products. ProTrakker puts growers in control of their implement with precision GPS steering and sub-inch accuracy. With three available models and a variety of applications, ranging from planters to sprayers to strip-till machines, ProTrakker can work with virtually any setup. For more information, talk to your nearest precision agriculture dealer, call 877-568-4240 or visit

ProTrakker, the innovative GPS-ready implement guidance hydraulic hitch originating from Odebolt, Iowa, is beginning to grow in popularity across the world. From rural Iowa to Canada and Australia, ProTrakker is proving its worth, taking precision farming to another level and providing growers with outstanding results. Before discovering ProTrakker, side hill navigation has been a challenge to farmers in Exeter in Ontario, Canada, for years. Paul Van Oss of Exeter’s Huron Tractor described plotting on hills as guessing. “I said to one of my customers, ‘Wouldn’t it be something


Kayla Degner

The Farm And Livestock Directory is pleased to announce the addition of Kayla Degner to their lineup of monthly contributors. Her monthly column will be titled "A Pathway Through Agriculture". Kayla Degner was born and raised in rural Lytton, IA on a diversified grain and livestock family farm. She graduated from Rockwell City-Lytton in May 2012 and currently attends Iowa State University studying Agricultural Communications. Her past involved many agriculture venues. Kayla has a strong interest in advocating to the youth involved in agriculture. Contact her at

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Web Site:

ATVs can be hazardous to operate. Polaris adult models are for riders 16 and older. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing, and be sure to take a safety training course. For safety and training information in the U.S., call the SVIA at (800) 887-2887. You may also contact your Polaris dealer or call Polaris at (800) 342-3764. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc. ATVs can be hazardous to operate. Polaris adult models are for riders 16 and older. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing, and be sure to take a safety training course. For safety and training information in the U.S., call the SVIA at (800) 887-2887. You may also contact your Polaris dealer or call Polaris at (800) 342-3764. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.

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“Keeping the Family Farm in the Family”

Necessary Topics for a Successful Estate Plan By Michael Baron

Owner/Manager of Great Plains, Diversified Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND

Minnesota Enacts New Gift Taxes Dropping this to one million dollars at a ten percent rate is like a forty percent increase in estate taxes on the federal level. People would be marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. if they increased the federal estate and gift tax by forty percent with pitchforks and hot oil. We almost saw that in January of this year when the estate tax law was subject to running out on December 31st, 2012 and returning to one million dollars.

Dear Michael: We are from Minnesota and have heard rumblings of a new tax on gifts given in the state of Minnesota. We were intending to do some gifting through an LLP and now have heard that our kids may have to pay taxes on the gifts. Is this true? Is there anything you can add to this? – Taxing Gifts in Minnesota Dear Taxing: I hate to say it, but yes, it's true. The state of Minnesota is rolling out a new tax on gifts of more than $1,000,000 per person and it is effective July 1st, 2013. The tax will be a whopping ten percent of the value of any gifts over and above a one million dollar lifetime exemption. There are a few things to state about this new tax bill and, just to forewarn you, none of them are good. One, they made this announcement of these new taxes somewhere between June 1st and June 13th and gave the residents of Minnesota less than two weeks' notice about a huge change in the way the state of Minnesota will receive taxes from their residents. I understand the challenges many states have, being cash strapped to meet their costs of highways, Medicaid, Medicare, etc., etc. But only giving the people of Minnesota two weeks' notice before a momentous – and there's no way to understate how big this is – smacks of a fox trap on the part of Minnesota legislators. It's amazing when there's something this big – like this new tax - just how tight a lid can be kept on it until it's sprung on you. Second, the state not only is going to collect these taxes on all things given within the state to Minnesota residents, but they are going to collect this tax on non-residents, as well, on any real estate or 'tangible' property gifted of property in the state of Minnesota. If I'm a resident of North Dakota, Iowa, Wis-

consin, or any state and I wanted to make a gift of Minnesota owned land or tangible assets, the state can now take ten percent of that gift if it's in excess of one million lifetime.

What isn't stated at this point in time is whether or not the ten percent will be based on the Fair Market Value (FMV) of the asset, the possible lesser value of FMV brought on by fractured ownership interest of an LLP or LLC, or what type of valuation method the state of Minnesota is going to allow residents – and non-residents – to use as a valuation method.

This includes any real estate or tangible property held within 'pass through' entities – such as corporations, S-corporations, LLC's and LLP's and even some trusts.

The information piece I have also does not state whether or not 'prior gifts' given would be used as a part of the 'lifetime' gifts. In other words, if I gave away two million dollars last year, do I immediately pay ten percent on future gifts?

Additionally, on this part of the tax law, the state wants to make this part of the law to non-residents 'retroactive' to January 1st, 2013.

Based on the prior bombs they dropped in this legislation, I wouldn't expect any breaks off of the FMV and or appraised value, but I don't know.

The history on 'retroactive' tax bills hasn't been real good for any government entity that's tried to make them a part of law. I would assume that any non-resident who made good faith gifts prior to the enactment of this law will soon be getting in line with the Supreme Court with all of the other people who made good faith gifts without knowledge of this.

You folks who were planning on gifting in Minnesota – or gifting a part of Minnesota – have about one week to make this change to avoid this ten percent tax on assets over and above the one million dollar lifetime limit on gifts mandated by the state of Minnesota and I have no way to tell you how this is going to work regarding prior gifts, valuation of the gifts themselves or how 'retroactivity' is going to stand up for non-residents.

When about two thousand people get lined up with the Federal Supreme Court to hear court cases on the 'retroactivity' of this law to pay taxes to the state of Minnesota, I'm guessing it'll go the way of other retroactive tax bills and get shot down. But kudos to Minnesota for bucking history. Third, this tax of ten percent starts at a one million dollar exemption per person (less any exclusionary federal gifts of currently $14,000 per year per person). The federal government does not start charging taxes on gifts or estates on anything over a five million dollar lifetime exemption.

All I can say is 'Wow'. Minnesota joins a long list of two states who have enacted similar legislation. ________________________________________ Do you have questions about estate planning? Need to know more about how you can "Keep the Family Farm in the Family"? Email questions to Michael Baron at or call him at 800-373-4078.

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5’ Dovetail, 2 fold-up deck level ramps, 2-12,000# drop-leg jacks, 2-10,000# oil bath brake axles with 1 year warranty, adjustable coupler, chain box, 12x19# I-beam frame, 3” channel crossmembers, stake pockets, 3” rub rail, dual rubber mounted tail lights, treated wood floor, primed & painted w/break-away kit and reflective tape. Other sizes available.


5’ Dovetail, 2 fold-up deck level ramps, 1-12,000# drop-leg jacks, 2-7,000# brake axles, adjustable coupler, chain box, 12x14# I-beam frame, 3” channel crossmembers, stake pockets, 3” rub rail, rubber mounted tail lights, treated wood floor, primed & painted w/break-away kit and reflective tape. Other sizes available.

AUG UST 2013

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Keep your creative juices flowing at any age

WE SELL NEW & USED TIRES We can repair 12" cuts or softball size holes in farm tires. We also buy or trade for used or damaged tires. TUCKER TIRE

You don’t have to give up on your creativity as you grow older. You just need to take better care of your brain. Here are some tips for staying mentally fit no matter what your age is:

844 S. Main St., Dyersburg, TN 38024

• Limit exposure to stress. You may not be able to eliminate stress from your life entirely, but do what you


can to keep it in perspective. Stress can narrow your mental vision and decrease your ability to think differently. Learning how to relax and remain calm as you confront problems will help you find solutions more efficiently.

• Don’t multitask. Distractions and lack of focus are the enemy of creative thought. Train yourself to work on one task or problem at a time so you can think deeply about what you’re doing and use your whole brain.

• Rest your brain. By the same token, don’t try to focus your mind like a laser all the time. You need to give it some rest so it can refresh and recharge. Often, you’ll find the solution to a puzzle when you step back and allow your mind to work on it without the pressure of conscious thought. Bins Are Available Call Now!

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FARM and

RANCH LIFE By Dr. Michael R. Rosmann

Employment is Vital, Especially for Farm People


Employment and economic success are vital to our well-being. Persons engaged in agriculture, like everybody else, are pleased when success occurs in their chosen vocation but particularly sensitive to feelings of failure that accompany loss of the farm or layoffs from agricultural occupations. Agriculture is a vocational path that entails production of items we need to survive: food and material for clothing, shelter and fuel. That others depend on agriculture contributes to the agrarian population feeling vulnerable when problems occur that stop farmers from working.

Unemployment is a threat to our well-being. Few circumstances in life can erode our sense of self-worth more than becoming unemployed. Remaining unemployed when others are gainfully working heightens our despair. TOP DRESS



EPA 48598-1

Excellent Control of Indian Meal Moth. Registered for all Major Grains, Insects.

ORGANIC PRODUCTION See Your Dealer or Call:


800-582-3826 ND, SD, MT 800-INSECTO (467-3286) ,

The urge to produce food, clothing, shelter and fuel, along with the urge to acquire the resources that enable us to produce these necessities, is a basic human drive. The drive is somewhat akin to territoriality in animals, but more complicated. Survival of the human species is dependent on this drive, called the agrarian imperative. Even if we are not engaged in agriculture as our life’s work, we feel the need to take care of our families and to contribute to the overall welfare of the human population. We can’t all be farmers or ranchers; the vast majority of people in the industrialized world have other occupations that earn income for the care of their families and communities. Indeed, some nonfarm family businesses (e.g., a family-owned restaurant or dealership) are passed from one generation to the next and their attachments to the business are much like those of agricultural producers to their land. When business closure occurs or when employees are laid off, the unemployed people become scared they won’t be able to take care of their families, and sometimes even themselves.

Unemployed people feel shame, fear that they won’t obtain a new job, and uncertainty about being able to fulfill obligations such as to pay for their children’s healthcare and educations. Most unemployed people feel they are a drain on society during this time, when what they want most is to be contributors. Initially, when the bad news becomes a reality, we gear up to deal with assumed and real threats by invoking the fight/flight/freeze response, which I wrote about in June 2012. In other words, we try to cope with unemployment, but when unemployment becomes chronic, we wear out from the stress. Over time, anxiety and apprehension give way to depression and sometimes suicidal thoughts. Then, hopelessness, helplessness, frustration, and anger become the primary feelings associated with unemployment. HUTSON, INC. 250 Shelton Lane, Russellville, KY 42276 270-726-7171 Clarksville, KY 931-647-0029 • Clinton, KY 270-653-4311 Cypress, IL 618-657-2342 • Mayfield, KY 270-247-4456 Princeton, KY 270-365-2053

AUG UST 2013

Long-term stress takes a toll on our immune system. I drew on a meta-analysis of 30 years of inquiry by Drs. Suzanne C. Segerstrom and Gregory E.

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

Miller that was published in July 2004 in the Psychological Bulletin for an explanation. Acute stressors lasting minutes to several hours actually fortify our immune system, for our bodies temporarily produce more neutrophil and macrophage cells that congregate and produce toxic substances that fight invading pathogens. Antibodies can accumulate, natural killer cells are released and proteins are released that produce inflammation–the body’s signal that it is fighting invading pathogens. Segerstrom and Miller indicate when stress becomes chronic, such as unemployment, almost all functions of the immune system become negatively affected. The immune system can become overwhelmed by bacterial or viral pathogen invasions because of its weakened defenses. The body’s defense system can also undergo mutations that allow already existing predispositions to diseases, such as many cancers, to emerge.

Behavioral health difficulties also increase during unemployment, as illustrated by a small rise in the U.S. suicide rate during the current recession. Sometimes the effects are felt by the unemployed after a recession as well. A longitudinal study authored by Drs. Anthony Garcy and Denny Vagero in the June 2013 issue of the American Journal of Public Health, reports that the suicide rate of 3.4 million Swedish men and women did not change during their deep economic recession from 1993-1996, but the suicide rate of men who remained unemployed over the next five years increased significantly in comparison to employed men, while the suicide rate for Swedish women did not change significantly, whether employed or not employed.

The effects of unemployment are more pronounced for farm men than for those not engaged in farming. The suicide rate of displaced farm men quadrupled the rate of suicide of nonfarm men during the U.S. recession in the 1980s. The suicide rate of women indicates they were less affected by unemployment than men. Women shared the economic upheaval, stress and emotional insecurity of unemployment, but they had better coping strategies than men. Women tended to seek emotional support more readily than men and they talked more honestly than men about their frustrations and worries. There is a lesson in this finding for farm men: seek helpful supports and talk candidly about deep concerns. _______________________________________________________

Dr. Michael R. Rosmann brings the perspective of a farmer in “Farm And Ranch Life”. Dr. Rosmann grew up on a mixed grain and livestock farm in Western Iowa where he experienced enjoyable hard work and 4-H, and witnessed the stresses that accompany farming and farm life. Dr. Rosmann developed the first mental health response in Iowa to the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. In 2001, Dr. Rosmann, along with partners in seven states, founded the nonprofit network, AgriWellness Inc. AgriWellness conducted research and provided counseling services to farm people. It became clearer that a specialized field – agricultural behavioral health – was needed to respond to the unique problems experienced by farmers, ranchers and others involved in agriculture. Email Dr. Rosmann at, or visit his website at You can call him at his office in Harlan, Iowa at 712-235-6100.

ww andl ivest ockdirect A1 1

Pathways Through Agriculture by Kayla Degner

Raising 4-H Sheep: We Weren’t Always Just ‘Wooling’ Around


can’t say I loved every minute of raising sheep, but I am sure glad I did it. As soon as

PIONEER FARM EQUIPMENT, INC. 847 Big Buck Blvd. (Hwy. 301 N.) Orangeburg, SC 29116 803-536-9411 • 800-849-9412

I was old enough, my responsibility was to take care of the sheep at my neighbor’s farm. The sheep were my brother’s and I. Every year we had about fifty ewes that we

bred. The baby lambs always arrived around Christmas. We would check the barn every couple hours during the lambing season to see if we had any new arrivals. The twins and triplets were the hardest to take care of because the ewe wouldn’t always claim the lambs. That is when bottle-feeding came into play. Any baby lamb you bottle fed would follow you around no matter how old they were. Once the lambs were a week or two old we would give them their necessary shots and band the little boys. I don’t enjoy needles much, so I usually just caught the lambs and had my brother give the shots. The process was the same every year but it was a good project to watch the timeline of the lambs and seeing the end product. Our lambs were also a 4-H project every summer. In my opinion, sheep are very, very stubborn! Breaking our 4-H lambs was always a long, hot process that took many days. Between my brother and I we usually showed market lambs at the county and state fair. This 14 year flock of sheep also helped me attain my Iowa FFA Degree when I was in high school, just as my brother did. I am thankful for our sheep because it


allowed us to sell our flock and become

6230 Hwy. 89 Palmersville, TN 38241 731-822-4455 • 800-594-4455

more serious in the cattle market. My brother and I also learned a lot about


the birthing and breeding process that

67 Watkins Lane, Linden, TN 37096 931-589-5134 • 800-227-4631

helped us with our cow-calf herd. I will never forget the cold winter days or hot summer days working with the sheep. There was also so much anticipation waiting for the first baby lamb, which definitely was my favorite part! As I get older, I treasure my memories and lessons learned. My family and I often find ourselves reminiscing on cleaning the sheep barn out on Thanksgiving break, sheering, sorting and catching the sheep if someone ever left the gate open! (Trust me it happens on every farm!)

Kayla is shown here winning Junior Showmanship at the Calhoun County Fair when she was 10 years old. Kelly Lantz (center) was the 2005 Calhoun County (Iowa) Fair Queen, and Mariah Pagel (left) was the Little Miss. (Photo Credit: Julie Degner)

Kayla Degner was born and raised in rural Lytton, IA on a diversified grain and livestock family farm. She graduated from Rockwell City-Lytton in May 2012 and currently attends Iowa State University studying Agricultural Communications. Her past involved many agriculture venues. Kayla has a strong interest in advocating to the youth involved in agriculture. Contact her at


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |


1357 N. Norwood St., Wallace, NC 28466 910-285-5581 •

www. f a r ma ndl ivest ockdirect

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Draper Belts

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800-337-9826 • 903-640-5000 A Genetic Science Company

432 Meadow Road, Bonham, TX 75418 • Fax (903) 640-0371

USA Belting Distributor Email catalog available AU GU ST 2013

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

w w w.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 1

PowerTek Chippers are designed for rugged reliability. The 360째 rotating discharge chute allows you to direct the flow of chips into a pile or the back of your truck.

PowerTek offers the chipper in a gravity feed or hydraulic feed model, the 30" flywheel will handle the toughest jobs.

PowerTek P.O. Box 3 Lebanon, IN 46052



8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or


Tree Saws

Heavy Duty Brush Cutters Root Grapples



Pallet Forks

Auger Drives Tree Pullers Phone: 417-876-3011 Watch our equipment videos at Limited Dealerships Available

AU G U ST 2013

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 3

Tree Terminator For 12” Diameter Trees

The original Tree Terminator tree shear designed to withstand continued use on medium-sized trees to give years of trouble free operation. • Use for thinning or clearing overgrown pastures • Leaves minimal ground disturbance • Includes a brush guard with screen • Sprayer, swivel, and grapple options available • Models available for cutting 5”, 12”, or 20” diameter trees

Mounts on skidloaders, front-end tractor loaders, and 3-pt. hitch. Also available the “Tree Terminator Grande” for 20” diameter trees

Rotary Mower STANDARD FEATURES • Floating deck to follow contour of land. • Leveling wheel to ensure level cut on any terrain. • Lift limit chain for safety. • Cushion valve for fast shutdown. • Bi-directional cutting for extended blade life. • Heavy duty construction. • Two year warranty on all welded components.

“The Specialist in Heavy Duty Equipment”

GRACE MANUFACTURING 11200 Turkey Ridge Drive • Plato, MO 65552 417-458-4350 • FAX 417-458-3243


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or


The Most Sought After Drought & Cold Tolerant Ryegrass Seed On The Market. W inter Hawk





We have combined the 2 very best ryegrasses into one bag. Get a flying jump start with the WD-40 early growth with greater forage yields or greater hay yields with our Winterhawk, WD-40 Blend for 2012-2013

NEW 'Winter Hawk' - WD-40 Annual Ryegrass Combination. Cold Tolerant, Disease Resistant Diploid Annual Ryegrasses w/Above Average Dry-Matter Yields Winterhawk 1,656 29.4, 2,795 19.0, 1,140 23.9, 1,178 17.9, 3,301 14.5, Total 10,070 lbs.


Sold in USA - Canada - Mexico - Australia - New Zealand

Everyone is going GREEN changing to our 5 Yr. Faster Pasture Environmental Forage Programs — Proven to be the most successful in the nation offering:

27" in 58 Days

• BEST Weigh Gain On Calves • Extra Forage • Good Regrowth From Crowns • Quick Start With Long Term Growth • High Forage And Hay Production • NO Toxicity • Add Faster Pasture Wheat, Rye or Oats

Animals that do best on Faster Pasture: WH+WD-40 Ryegrass is the best for

bison buffalo, water buffalo, yak, pig, gulf coast sheep, wool sheep, meat sheep, milk goats, meat goats, camels, donkeys, mules, rabbits, alpacas, llamas, chickens, turkey, poultry or any type wildlife, whitetail deer, black tail deer, black buck, caribou, reindeer, axes deer elk, moose, red stag. HORSES LOVE THIS GRASS VERY MUCH.

It Truly is Faster! 75 Day Old Faster Pasture Ryegrass!

Planting dates: Faster Pasture Ryegrass in Late August through November 2013 for Winter Forage and Hay Production.

Planting again in February, March, April 2014 in Northern Zone Areas for Spring Forage or Hay


Seed is Available by Booking Only! Farmers & Ranchers... Book Your Seeds NOW!

Don't Miss Out! Call Today For Best Prices! (800) 337-9826 • (903) 640-5000 • Fax (903) 640-0371 •

All Major Credit Cards

432 Meadow Road, Bonham, TX 75418

NEW0 0 BT 4 l Bu k r e Tend

3 models & 6 sizes BOX SCRAPERS




Box Scrapers • Pull-Type Graders Earth Packers • Rolling Stalk Cutters Forced-Ejection Scrapers • Bulk Seed Tenders Box Seed Tenders • Grass Seeders



Strobel Manufacturing, Inc. 308-548-2254 AU G U ST 2013

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 5

HUGE Value!



EDGE TO EDGE™ 64 Inch 9,700 Foot TT+ 48 Inch 13,200 Foot TT+

T E C +™

Special Features ★★★

Green Zebra Stripe



Allow Easier & Safer Handling

End of Roll Markings ★★★

Guaranteed Footage

CoverEdge™ 67 Inch 9,000 Foot TT+ 51 Inch 12,100 Foot TT+

High UV Protection

BUY NETTING TO SWEAR BY ­...NOT AT! See Your John Deere Dealer Today!

John Deere Cover Edge™ and Edge to Edge™ Will Work in Competitive Balers


In Tennessee:



1333 Louisville Hwy. Goodlettsville, TN 37072 615-859-5037



Defatted RICE BRAN

88 Millies PL. Dahlonega, GA 30533 706-864-3364



1111 College St. Eastman, GA 31023


478-374-7717 In Kentucky:


Rice Feed Ingredients / Co-Products Division Sherry Brantley, Sales Manager P. O . B o x 9 2 7 • S t u t t g a r t , A R 7 2 1 6 0 U S A

6628 Clermont Rd. Coxs Creek, KY 40013 502-921-0000



8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or




An industry leader in Grain Handling equipment & Dust Collection systems. Engineered and manufactured for the small to the large commercial operators.

Quality Manufacturing Since 1951

Providing innovative solutions to make grain production easier, more efficient and more profitable. Committed to the small up to the large commercial operations. We engineer, manufacture and install a complete quality system for your application.

Elevators • Bucket • Distributors Screw Conveyors • U-Trough Drag Conveyors • Horizontal Drag Conveyors • Incline Unloading Drag Conveyors • Bin and Support Towers • Catwalk Dust Collection Systems • (Baghouse Filters, Shakers, Cyclones, Fans)

MARTIN & MARTIN AUCTIONEERS, INC. • Proposals tailored to your needs Auctions are • Outright offers to purchase your equipment our business. We can offer you:

• Variable commission structures • Guaranteed or up-front advances as appropriate

Our live auctions are open to the public, and we offer convenient onsite and online bidding options. With onsite bidding, you simply arrive at the auction site on auction day, check the schedule for the items you are interested in, go to the bidding area, and start bidding. With online bidding, you simply register online prior to auction day, login to the online bidding system on auction day, and join the auction to bid online in real time.


Zooks Farm Equipment

July 9-11 Farm Tech Days / New London, WI July 16-18 Michign Ag Expo / E. Lansing, MI Aug. 6-8 Empire Farm Days / Seneca Falls, NY Aug. 6-8 Farmfest / Redwood Falls, MN Aug. 20-22 Ag Progress Days / Rock Springs, PA Aug. 20-22 Dakotafest / Mitchell, SD Aug. 27-29 Farm Progress / Decatur, IL

Alto, MI


License Numbers: MSAL 1255 AL 5 287 – FL AU483

2236 Hwy. 49., Brooklyn, MS 39425

Fax: 601-450-4980



Kiesel Enterprises, Inc. Princeton, IN



Ohio Farm Systems Mansfield, OH


4200 South 900 West, Topeka IN 46571 (800) 593-8377

Fuel Efficient Portable John Deere Diesel Power Units by

Hoover Diesel Service

High quality diesel engines with Tayloria PTO Clutch Reductions mounted on a 2-wheeled cart. Many options available — up to 250 horse power. Save fuel and maintenance costs. Use it to power your Blower, Manure Pump, Hammer Mill, Irrigation Pump, Stationary Mixer or PTO Generator for stand-by!

Call today for more information! 717-354-3322 or 1-888-DIESEL-0 Visit us at

w w w. d e l AU G U ST 2013

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 7




Maize Corporation:

The Big Bale Specialist We have the parts you need to keep you up and running. • Knotter Parts • Stuffer Area • Plunger Parts • Pick-up Parts • Packer Cranks • Haydogs • Electrical Parts • Hydralic Parts • Bale Chutes

• Accumulator Parts • Knotter Blowers • Tires • Windguards • Clutches & Brakes • Driveline Parts • Liners • Shields

Replacement Parts for Hesston©, Massey®, Challenger® and Case® 8000 Series Balers

Maize Corporation now provides parts for windrowers and swathers

Your headquarters for New and Used Hay and Forage Equipment

888-722-8710 Shipped The Same Day.


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or



We have found that planting wheat with a KINZE planter in 15” rows gives you, the producer, more control of seed spacing and seed depth than with a drill. Plants will emerge faster and have less competition between sunlight and moisture.

On the left is a wheat plate and on the right is the wheat plate fitted on a bean unit.

By planting in 15” rows approximately 3/4 of the seeds per acre are needed to produce comparable yields as a drill giving you, the producer, more profit per acre at harvest. Yes, weeds and disease are a concern in wheat, but with 15” spacing between rows less damage is done during chemical and fertilizer applications. Less disease pressure occurs by allowing more air to flow between rows making mildew less of a factor.

Seed Charts are available as an approximation but may vary slightly depending on seed sizes.

The wheat plate fits on bean units with either the black or blue bean plates with no modifications needed.

Patent #6634522 - KINZE® is a registered trademark.

Disks are available through local KINZE® Dealers Plates may also be purchased direct.


2393 Werner Rd., Convoy, OH 45832 Shop or Fax: 419-749-4021 Cell: 260-740-8267 Email:

TRAILER STORAGE, INC . For all Your On Site Storage Needs & Much More

Home of the

Original Concrete Stock Tank

Storage containers are delivered to your home or business to provide convenient ground-level access and the perfect on-site storage solution. These all steel containers are convenient, weatherproof and secure for storage of valuable tool, equipment, overstock merchandise or personal items.

In Tennessee:

WHITE’S CYCLE & MARINE 4917 Hwy. 58, Chattanooga, TN 37416 423-499-6000 In Mississippi:

Products: • Portable Storage Solutions • 20', 40', & 45' Storage Container • Used Storage Trailers • Used Semi-Trailers • 48', 53', & 57' Air-Ride Available • Flatbeds & Dropdecks • 20' Portable Offices • 40' Portable Office-Storage Combos • Sales & Rental of Equipment • Lease Purchase Option Available • Local Freight Pickup & Delivery

Model shown: 44C


GOT GEAR MOTORSPORTS 230 Hwy. 51 N., Ridgeland, MS 39157 601-206-8880

Other models available

Call Today!

817-625-8254 • 214-616-3758 AU G U ST 2013

PETERSEN MFG. CO., INC. 2471 Hwy. 30, Denison, IA 51442 800-832-7383 • 712-263-2442

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 9

See for yourself why Valley® is the best value in the industry. Come out and walk our machines. See up close why industry experts, independent lab tests and, most importantly, growers themselves consider Valley to offer the highest quality, for the best value. See how our commitment to the little things makes Valley the best-selling machine in the industry.

In Georgia:

CHANEY BUSH IRRIGATION INC. 115 Witchard Rd. Fitzgerald, GA 31750 229-423-5402 888-4 VALLEY Hazelhurst, GA 912-375-3363


At DeMott Auction Company, Inc., our main goal is to provide the Southeastern United States with an effective means of transacting Farm, Construction & Citrus equipment. To provide an effective means for individuals and corporations alike to transact their equipment in a swift, profitable manner. We facilitate this through:

1006 E. Franklin St. Sylvester, GA 31791 229-776-8595

RENTZ IRRIGATION 1044 Brinson Airbase Rd. Brinson, GA 39825 229-246-8688 In Tennessee:

1 1 2

Auctions . Appraisals . Purchases


1894 Sylvester Hwy, Moultrie, GA 31768 (229) 985-4565 • Fax 229-985-0754 email: Auctioneer: Terry DeMott, Sr. Mobile 229-891-1832 GA # 002554 • FL #AU1833 • AB1285

Call now! 800-985-5699

3 3

See for yourself why Valley is 1551 Hwy. 54 North Alamo, TN 38001 the best value in the industry. TENNESSEE TRACTOR®LLC

731-696-2922 500 Community Park Road Come out and walk our machines. See up close why Dyersburg, TN 38024 industry experts, independent lab tests731-285-6662 and, most 1007 Mt. Zion Road importantly, growers themselves consider Valley to Union City, TN 38261 731-885-0867 offer the highest quality, for the best value. See how

our commitment to the little things makes Valley the best-selling machine in the industry. In Florida: TRI-COUNTY IRRIGATION

10022 Hwy. 129 South Live Oak, FL 32060 386-362-6066

The closer you get, the better we look.

Dual Fuel Mixer for Diesel Engines Dealer Imprint

4 COLUMN x 5” (SAU50) 7.708” x 5”

1 1

Combines natural gas with diesel to make your irrigation engines more affordable. Save over $3/hour! Gain 100-150 engine rpm! Change oil less frequently! See for yourself why Valley is Find the Savings in Dual Fuel!®

the best value in the industry.

2 2

3 3

Come out and walk our machines. See up close why industry experts, independent lab tests and, most importantly, growers themselves consider Valley to offer the highest quality, for the best value. See how our commitment to the little things makes Valley the best-selling machine in the industry.

The closer you get, the better we look.

Don Hardy, owner Furnishing West Texas and the U.S. with reliable irrigation engines since 1985.

Dealer Imprint

FUEL EFFICIENT ENGINES 202 W. Missouri, Floydada, Texas 79235-2799 806.983.3774 • 800.783.3774 Contact:

B1 0

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or



Manufacturing, LLC


500 N. Main St. • St. Elmo, IL 62458

Online Marketing

Oakwind Manufacturing’s

Cultivator/Ripper Great for... Home Owners, Landscapers, Truck Farmers, Gardeners, and Family Projects

NOW is the time to buy and get Federal and State Renewable Energy Rebates along with special factory direct incentives.

• 5-shanks on 12” centers – 5' effec- • Use to break surface prior to tive widths loosens soil completely. secondary tillage, or to allow wet soil to dry. • Unique offset shank placement allows trash to pass through. • Loosen hard soils for shaping and landscaping. • Designed for tractors with Category I 3-Pt. Hitch (20 - 45 HP). • Break heavy sod in preparation for flower beds and shrubbery plots. • Shanks have three vertical hole positions for varying tractor wheel heights. • Optional gauge wheels available for depth control.

• Clear areas for wildlife food plots. • Commercial steel construction and painted finish keeps it looking new.


Available thru our ONLINE STORE at

eFarmTools is a division of Oakwind Manufacturing, LLC

4496 North Co Road O E/W Frankfort, IN 46041


AU G U ST 2013

1(855) IT-LASTS (485-2787) w w w .Gu

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 11

EVANS WATERLESS COOLANT AVOIDS CORROSION Evans Cooling Systems offers the only waterless engine coolant available. With a boiling point of 375°, Evans HDTC has the capacity to safely operate at higher temperatures without overheating, resulting in less down time. Fuel economy is improved. Your engine is protected. Maintenance costs are decreased. Plus, Evans HDTC is environmentally safe and ecofriendly.

In Alabama:

BALDWIN TRACTOR & EQUIPMENT 22463 State Hwy. 59 S. Robertsdale, AL 36567 251-947-4171

No Coolant Changeouts Necessary

TRI-COUNTY INTERNATIONAL 1030 Hwy. 20 Tuscumbia, AL 35674 256-383-5601 In Virginia:

BYRD TRACTOR INC. 7274 Centreville Rd. Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 In South Carolina:

OAKWAY TRACTOR & IMPLEMENT CO. INC. 5671 W. Oak Hwy. Westminster, SC 29693 864-972-3640

No Overheating


Reduced Toxicity

847 Big Buck Blvd. (Hwy. 301 N.) Orangeburg, SC 29116 803-536-9411 • 800-849-9412

Improved Fuel Economy Stops Cylinder Cavitation Erosion

Evans Cooling Systems, Inc. 860-668-1114

In Tennessee:


Continual Operation Under Severe Conditions

802 Beersheba Hwy. McMinnville, TN 37110 931-474-1201


In Tennessee:

WATKINS & SONS MFG. 67 Watkins Lane Linden, TN 37096 931-589-5134 • 800-227-4631 In South Carolina:

PALMETTO IRRIGATION INC. 2248 Carolina Hwy. Denmark, SC 29042 803-793-5021 In Alabama:

SOUTHERN AG SERVICE INC. 11122 Cty. Rd. 65 Foley, AL 36535 251-943-4344 In Georgia:

MD ELECTRIC INC. 610A SW Bowens Mill Rd. Douglas, GA 31533 912-260-1170 In Florida:

CHAMPION IRRIGATION P.O. Box 1236 Live Oak, FL 32064 386-362-5719

B1 2

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |


www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or



Manufacturing, LLC


500 N. Main St. • St. Elmo, IL 62458

Online Marketing

5' Offset Disc

The 5 Ft. Offset Disc is designed for those who want a clean, level finish with no uncut area or center ridge. It can be used for many applications such as gardening, landscaping, and preparing food plots, restoring utility trenches and roadway shoulders.

Four greaseable plain bearings with double grease fittings provide long trouble free life. Blades are designed for heavy 1-1/2" square shaft for superior strength and rigidity. Welded steel frame is designed for optional weight frame kit to accommodate six concrete blocks (over 200 lbs.) for additional penetration in hard or untilled soils.

•5' width - offset design. •Two gangs of 10, 10" diameter blades on 6" spacing (20 blades total). •Cat-I 3-Pt. hitch with 7/8" dia.. lower lift pins.

•Welded steel construction with powder coat paint finish, makes this disc a premier product to most other models on the market today. •Optional weight bracket kit available. •Ships via truck.


Available thru our ONLINE STORE at

eFarmTools is a division of Oakwind Manufacturing, LLC

TRACK YOUR HARVEST WITH A GRAIN TRACKER GT460 READOUT This new technology works with a rotation counter on your grain cart and is fully automated to record and store field weights. Data is transferred by USB flash drive to your computer.

Fertilizer Application Products Anhydrous (NH3) Toolbars, Row Unit Accessories, Dry Fertilizer Spreaders, Liquid Nitrogen Applicators, Running Gears for Anhydrous Nurse Tanks, and Agricultural Trailers.


Boost your drilling accuracy and cut f i e l d t i m e w i t h S C A L E -T E C ’ S PAT E N T E D KITS FOR DRILLS


SCALE LINK™ is the future!



DN345 Fer tilizer Spreader Kit • Kits available for all brands of fertilizer applicators and tenders



• Bolt on kits for easy installation • Some units utilize our Universal Kits • 99.5% accurate



P.O. BOX 70 • EAST VAN BUREN • LENOX, IA 50851 PH. 1-641-333-4518 • 1-800-342-7498 FAX 1-641-333-4429 SERVICE PARTS FOR TOTE, MOBILITY & JTI EQUIPMENT AU G U ST 2013

Use existing virtual terminal as scale indicator interface display. For use with all brands of implements. ISOBUS Compatible Scale Link™ communicates and adapts for use with many different brands of virtual terminal displays..

• Bulk Seed Equipment • Grain Carts • Platform Scales • Feed Wagons • Gravity Wagons • Grinders • Pallet Scales

• Livestock Scales • Custom Applications • Bin/hoppers • Portable Scales • CCS Planters

SCALE-TEC KITS for every style and

4" Remote Display

size grain carts.


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 13

ALARM SYSTEMS Save Time, Money and Valuable Commodities

Parrish AgriTurf

P.O. Box 69, Villard, MN 56385

320-554-2051 • Fax: 320-554-2459

No More Guesswork, Eliminate Plugged Conveying System...


• Dependable • High Quality • Low Maintenance Know when your bins are full or empty.

We believe it's the simpliest hay accumulator on the market today.

Visit • Simplicity in Design Our Website • Very Low Maintenance To V i e w A • Reliable Demo Video • One Man Can Load A Trailer With 350 Bales in 50 Minutes Call for • One Man Can Put 250 Bales Per Hour In Barn

Loud Horn (Optional)

Junction Box Control Panel


How Binful Alarm Operates

Binned material presses against the diaphragm switch which immediately sends a signal to the junction box. The signal is then immediately relayed to the control panel which sets off the audio and individual bin light.


Parrish AgriTurf Services 1933 Asbury Road • Albertsville, AL 35951

the location of a Dealer near you.

256-302-3456 • 256-470-0751 •

Works in fertilizer, free-flowing materials and grain bins.


For more information see the Product Spotlight Section of this magazine.

Paris, Texas 903-732-4056 • 903-495-5624 w w w. 2 t c a t t l e g u a r d . c o m g r e g h o d n e t t @ ya h o o . c o m

No Pits To Clean Easy Installation Horse Friendly Maintenance Free

The E-Z RISE CATTLEGUARD requires no pit. the patented Flexa-Floor compresses when driven across and slowly returns to its original height within 30 seconds after exiting. Safe for extremely heavy loads because the ground bears all of the weight. The easy to move, portable design provides added convenience for leased pasture, rotational grazing, hay fields and other high traffic areas.


You can't break them, and they won't break you! What are the advantages of our tanks? + Unconditional Lifetime Warranty + Heavy insulation moderates water temperatures in both extreme heat or cold + Cost effective compared to other solutions + High-capacity 12+ can drink simultaneously

To find your nearest dealer, or to inquire about becoming a dealer, please call Will Mahoney at 800-365-5850 or visit or



New Cross Groove Pattern Increases Traction

+ Grow less algae, keep water cleaner + Can be customized for any size livestock + Sizes available from 300 - 1800 gallons + Make excellent feeders for corrosive feeds + Approved for cost-share in most areas


10 Year Guarantee

We Load Test Our Buildings!

Rubber Tire ers Alley Scrap e bl Availa


• We have heavy 3/4” thick rubber 5’ & 6’ wide, up to 500’ lengths for feed aisle. • Grooved Rubber. • Parlor ramps, etc. • Good for heavily traveled areas. for Call and o f in ences r refe

Gabel Belting Doing Business For Over 30 Years Rt. 16, Chaffee, NY 14030 C all C ollect :

866-524-4111 • 812-234-4111

716-496-6025 • Fax 716-496-2006 • New on the market

Pneumatic Drive Grease Buster


Cleans Grease Fittings & Bearings

For A Grain Vac That R E A L LY S U C K S , Choose.. .


Grain Vacs

Regular & Combination (Hose Extension $11.00)

$39 includes shipping. DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Cost Saving Tool. Wholesale or Retail Sales. MADE IN U.S.A.

Over 17 Years of Satisfied Customers! B1 4

th e M a d e in .A U .S .

Use a penetrating oil - no aerosol can lube. Shop size holds 2 times the amount of fluid.

DK 666


P.O. Box 120 • Waynesville, OH 45068

Phone/Fax: 513-897-5142


• Lower horsepower requirements • Patented air filtration system PROUDLY MADE • No augers to wear out IN THE U.S.A. • Fill a semi in 10 minutes


$48 includes shipping.

T-J Tools Ltd.


Your New Factory Authorized Distributor

Frey Mfg. & Dist.


419-957-5700 •

Visit Us At MICHIGAN AG EXPO, East Lansing, MI - July 16-18; EMPIRE FARM DAYS,

Seneca Falls, NY - August 6-8 and FARM PROGRESS, Decatur, IL - August 27-29

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U THE R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. fa r m a n d l i v e st ockdire ct or




American Eagle Windmill Made in the USA


√ 4 Leg Tower for More Stability √ DVD for Easy & Proper Installation √ Combats Algae & Aquatic Weeds √ Prevents Winter Kill of Fish √ Improves Water Quality √ Bellow Pump for More Air √ 5-Year Warranty

This compressor will pump twice as much air as our Single — our DOUBLE PUMPING COMPRESSOR pumps air on both the forward and back stroke.


Ideal for customers with ponds up to 4-acres, and it cost about 25% more for 100% more air.

30 Years In the Aeration Business

(440) 236-3278

We have developed and field tested our DOUBLE PUMPING COMPRESSOR consisting of 2-Firestone and/or Goodyear Air Shocks ( Bellows ).

FIVE SIZES: 13', 18', 23', 28' & 33'

American Eagle Windmills

Joe Mescan Windmill 27162 Capel Road, Columbia Station, Ohio 44028

Double Pumping Compressors. Now Available!


In Tennessee:

WHITE’S CYCLE & MARINE 4917 Hwy. 58, Chattanooga, TN 37416 423-499-6000 In Mississippi:

GOT GEAR MOTORSPORTS 230 Hwy. 51 N., Ridgeland, MS 39157 601-206-8880

A Complete Corral Solution In 7 Minutes! • Patent pending hitch design allows livestock to enter, or be loaded out the front or the back • Easy to set up and transport • Unique hydraulics system, will set down or lift up for transporting. • Runs by 12-volt battery with solar power

Patent Pending

580-596-3381BURLINGTON WELDING, LLC The Original Builders of Diamond W Corrals 580-884-08211101 Industrial Boulevard, Cherokee, OK 73728

Build Fence without a Hammer

Use a Pnuematic 400 Stapler

In Arkansas/Louisiana:

SOUTH ARK EQUIPMENT 904 Hwy. 65 S., McGehee, AR 71654 870-222-3100 Rayville, LA 318-728-6016

13/4 inch & 2 inch 9 gauge barbed staples AU G U ST 2013

Robert Beihn Frankfort, KY 502-223-8857 office 502-545-0910 cell

In Florida:

OCALA TRACTOR INC. 5841 N. Hwy. 441, Ocala, FL 34475 352-732-8585 © 2012 CNH America LLC. New Holland is a registered trademark of CNH America LLC.

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY | www.far man dlive st ockdire ct or B 15



Soil Treatment

Satisfied growers WORLDWIDE for 37 years TA K E A C T I O N O N C O M PA C T I O N IMPROVES SOIL PROBLEMS • Standing Water • Water Run-off • Crusting • Clodding • Poor Root Growth

Emerson Manufacturing Corporation 1-800-633-5124

UNIQUE CHEMICAL FORMULATION • Mixes Well • Applies Well • Low Rate/Economical • 1 Gal. to 55 Gal. Bulk

(800) 348-2608

Soil & Water Management Enhances Yield





ergonomic seat cushion protects your back by reducing shock & vibration up to 80%. This portable cushion prevents and alleviates back pain and NEW other symptoms associated with whole body vibration. Lumbar Support It is built to last for any heavy equipment machinery with Cushion heavy-duty cordura, fabric and a durable viscoelastic polymer. It will not flatten like a gel pad and is resilient in temperature Now Available! extremes of –20 to 200 degrees. Use it in any vehicle to prevent and alleviate back pain associated with whole body vibration.

All the Back-Up You'll Ever Need!

“I feel so much better all over.”

• Chest Pain • Elevated Blood Pressure • Breathless • Cold Feet • Low Energy • Cholesterol • Heart Failure • Impotence

“In one month my doctor cut my medication in half and after two months he stopped all medication.” “I used about half a bottle and the chest pain went away.”

National Safety Council Award Winner

Call Now for Your FREE Information Package

5307 E. 118th Pl., Thornton, CO 80233

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for early castration ...

Constant Force Technology (CFT) ensures humane, consistent results. Quality and service you can trust! for delayed castration ...



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Cattle Sheep Goats Castration Horn Removal Tail Docking

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PENNYWISE Another Tool in the Fine Art of Money Management By Paula Vogelgesang Email: Pennywise at

How To Save Money by Home Preser ving PRESERVING: An old-fashioned word for saving things; in this case, FOOD for your table. I keep hearing talk in the media about folks being ‘food insecure’, which means they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Perhaps they could take a lesson from some of the ‘old folks’. Home canning is one of the most effective ways to save those precious grocery dollars. The fine art of canning food was one of the first things I began to master as a new bride. I raised my first garden with the help of my father-in-law and some of my neighbors. They shared plants from their established gardens, and gave me a lot of helpful advice. I still have the gooseberry and raspberry bushes, asparagus bed, rhubarb patch and the ever-bearing strawberries to this day–old heirloom varieties that are probably long gone from the ‘official’ list of garden plants.

away! The pea patch was always the biggest ‘draw’. Raw peas straight from the pod were like candy to those kids. We would walk down to the garden after the kids had been visiting and my husband would say, ”Looks like the Jolly Green Giant has visited again” as he viewed rows of peas stripped of their bounty and between the rows, empty pea pods. Needless to say, we didn’t have many frozen peas that year. (Those same kids would look at cooked vegetables on the dinner table and remark, ”I don’t like that stuff!” having never tried it at all–until they ate it fresh from the garden and decided it was pretty good after all!)

Canners, jars and rings, lids, picking wild fruit, plums, chokecherries, buffalo berries, currants for jelly-making (complete with chigger/tick bites) was all part of the learning experience of this town girl when I married my cowboy and moved to the country. I did get a lot of free information from the Extension Office. The agents have all sorts of recipe books and instructions on safe canning/freezing procedures that were more than useful to me. This is one service of our federal government that I am much in favor of: Teaching people how to preserve food for future use. Good food, with no chemicals or additives. There are groups in several towns now that have a program called ‘Bountiful Baskets’, where a person joins and pays a fee for the produce. It is very fresh, and varies from one delivery to the next. (What a great way to introduce your children to new foods.) Farmers Markets abound in most urban areas as well as in the smaller towns. The food is perfectly fresh, and you can visit with the one who grew the food!

We had lots of company as the new couple in the neighborhood, and some of the relatives stayed for several days at a time. My sisters and brothers and various assorted cousins and neighbor kids taught me that kids will try anything at least once! We didn’t have a garden when I was growing up so the raw green beans, peas, radishes, and other things eaten right in the garden was an experience. My cousins would sit in the green bean rows and gobble down several handfuls of freshly picked green beans, pull up the radishes and carrots, wipe the dirt off on their jeans and chomp

Most people assume you have to have a huge garden in order to be able to do much canning. That’s not necessarily true–just put the word out’ that you will take any excess garden produce from others. Your friends will give you baskets of tomatoes, peppers,

continued on page A14 >>

Make Your Own Wet Wipes, Critter Catcher, Lemon Oil Polish, and more! NEW USE FOR TAPE Right about now, lots of the ‘creepy crawlies’ start finding their way into our homes to make nests for winter away from the wet and cold. I don’t like to spray if I don’t have too. If it doesn’t bite or sting, I use the ‘tape it’ method to dispose of a critter that finds it’s way to a windowsill or is walking around on the curtains, wallpaper, or that new paint job. No kidding, this really works: Grab your trusty clear tape, and simply stick a piece of tape to said bug! It can’t get away and can be disposed of real quickly and neatly. I just fold the tape over the critter, smash it with my fingers and drop it in the wastebasket. If it’s a beetle type, I will just step on it and then dispose of it. I know it’s just a bug, but I can’t stand the thought of it escaping and invading my space again. –submitted by MA, VT

with their birthdate and anniversary date. To make it extraspecial, make notes of how this person is related to or close to your family–grandmother/grandfather, step grandparents/ cousins, kids of cousins, old family friends, etc. With families of today living on both coasts, overseas and several states away, this little book can be invaluable for anyone who receives it. This makes a great gift for any new bride entering a family. –submitted by NF, OR

MAKE YOUR OWN WET WIPES You need a paper towel that can be used in the microwave for this one; the reason is that cheaper towels are made from recycled paper and may have tiny bits of metal imbedded in the paper, which could cause an injury to the skin.


First, take the cardboard core out of the center of the roll of towels and discard, and then cut the roll of paper towels in half. (I found that a bandsaw did the best job of cutting the towels with the least amount of tearing.)

My friend has very dark hair that will start showing grey around the edges, so in an emergency, she takes her mascara brush and lightly colors the ‘greys’ with that. It works great as a quick camouflage and washes out. –submitted by NV, SD

Next, mix 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of baby oil (scented or not, your choice), and 1 tablespoon liquid hand soap in a container with a lid. (Ask a friend who buys wipes if you can have an empty container or two.)


Now put the half-roll of towels in the container and pour the water, oil, soap mixture over the towels and let it soak up. Put the towels out from the center of the roll to use them. – submitted by GW, MN

You can get spiral notebooks that look quite nice at office supply stores and some even are alphabetized. Fill in with the names and addresses of friends and family members along

AUG UST 2013

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DISSOLVE STAINS AND MINERAL DEPOSITS Sprinkle a cup full of powdered Borax around the rim of your toilet bowl before bed. It will work overnight to dissolve the mineral deposits and stains. It may take more than one treatment if the porcelain is badly stained or the minerals are pretty thick. –submitted by SK, AZ

MAKE-IT-YOURSELF LEMON OIL POLISH Buy a one-ounce bottle of lemon oil at a craft store and a bottle of mineral oil at the drugstore. Mix 1 ½ teaspoons lemon oil with 2 cups of the mineral oil. Put this into a spray bottle and shake to combine. You can then spray the furniture, or just soak a rag in the mixture to use when you want. I keep my rag in a plastic bag alongside the bottle of lemon polish.. –submitted by MM, IL

RECYCLED KNEE PADS I love to garden, but my old knees will only stand so much and then they rebel. I was at a yard sale a while back and spotted an old sports coat in the free stuff, so I took it home and repurposed the shoulder pads. I stitched them into the jeans I wear when I’m down on my knees weeding–the extra cushion has made a big difference! The rest of the coat went into the dog kennel for extra padding. –submitted by DD, MI

ww andl ivest ockdirect A1 3

Pennywise: How To Save Money By Home Preserving, continued from Page A13 zucchini, cucumbers, etc. Much of the time gardeners would rather give the produce away than to let it go to the compost heap. Some years here, we’ve had hoards of grasshoppers or sudden hailstorms that have completely wiped out my garden, but friends always come to my rescue with bushels of tomatoes, baskets of cucumbers, boxes of fall apples, grapes, etc. One year, a friend who lives 15 miles from me gave me about 20 five gallon buckets of cucumbers. I made over 100 quarts of pickles and relishes from those ‘gift cucumbers’ and they lasted for several years. In fact, we gave some of the jars away in our Christmas boxes to friends. The hail that got the garden also wiped out our grain crop and most of the hay so $$$ were mighty short that year! Another friend called and told me to come get some apples, so, away I went and was blessed with between eight or nine bushels of beautiful freshly picked fall apples, and she even told me how to preserve them and gave me several of her really good recipes! I sorted through the apples like she told me, and any that had bruised spots or any damaged were ‘worked up’ at once into apple butter (about 30 pints of it), and several more bushels were made into apple pie filling–over 100 quarts of that! I still make that same pie filling any time I have extra apples, then I use it for crisps, tarts and cobblers as well as pies. We also tested a way to keep apples over the winter. My idea for trying this came from the commercial apple growers who keep their crops in big coolers and sell them during the winter, so there are plenty of fresh apples in the grocery stores. Anyway, we put about 50 pounds of good apples into a sturdy cardboard box with air holes in it, covered the whole box with some plastic shopping bags loosely taped to the outside of the box. We then put the box on a shelf in the extra refrigerator we have in the basement. This worked really well and we had fresh apples all winter and well into spring. I’ve always stored pumpkins, squash, onions, potatoes and carrots in the basement in a cool corner and they pretty

well last until late spring. If anything starts to get soft, like a pumpkin, I feed it to my chickens as a special treat. When I have time, I cook the carrots, potatoes, etc. and freeze them for future meals of soups, stews, and meat pies using the ‘planed over’ bits of roast beef or other cooked meats and mixing in all kinds of vegetables. I can put an assortment in the slow cooker, be gone for the day and know there is a hot meal waiting at home. All I have to do is dish it up! My whole point is, can, freeze or dry any extra produce that comes your way as the growing season winds down. This will save you many precious dollars during the wintertime, when heating bills always take a bigger bite of the family budget. Then you won’t have to raid Fort Knox just to eat! –Until next time, Paula _______________________________ If you have tips or ideas to share, send them to Pennywise, Box 518, Kadoka, SD 57543 or better yet, email Pennywise at Please be sure to mention the "Farm And Livestock Directory" when you respond.


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 

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In North Carolina:

MILLS INTERNATIONAL INC. 801 South Queen Street, Kinston, NC 28502 252-527-8083 • 800-347-8083 In Tennessee:

TRI-COUNTY FARMERS EQUIPMENT 206 Park Street, Newbern, TN 38059 731-627-2541 Trenton, TN 731-855-2232

 

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The Positive Outlook   

“Food for Thought”

By Steve Huneke

Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen By Renae B. Vander Schaff


The Value of Integrity: A Look Back in Biblical Times? Integrity is who you are, and what you do when no one is looking! I would like to talk about a few men of integrity in the Old Testament. We can point to the young shepherd Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his own brothers. He had integrity, and God raised him up to be Pharoah’s right hand man. God often raised His own up by giving them greater wisdom with the gift of understanding the meaning of their dreams. Many times, with Heathen nations controlling things, God would raise up His own to be leaders, even though they did not have the formal title. God was working through them to accomplish what He wanted–His will, that is, the Savior Jesus Christ was going to come out of the heritage of the Israelites to save sinners. Let’s look into the Old Testament book of Daniel, when the Israelites were just beginning their captivity in Babylon, which was to last around 70 years. The king was Nebuchadnezzer, and as far as we know did not worship the one true Triune God. The King had many visions and dreams that no one in his royal family of magicians and enchanters could solve or explain. So word got to the king that Daniel had a God that would give him the power to interpret dreams for the king. Daniel was promoted to a high position and lavished with many gifts. Unfortunately, King Nebuchadnezzer, like many people in high positions, had developed a big ego. He had an image of his likeness made of gold. It was 90 feet high, and everyone in Babylon was ordered to worship it. If they refused, they would be thrown into the fiery furnace. Three of Daniel’s friends, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, were to be set up for punishment by some of the King’s officials, who didn’t like the Jews. They didn’t like that they did not worship their idols/gods, and that they where being elevated to higher positions in the King’s court. Word got back to the king that these three would not bow down to the 90-foot gold statue, so they were thrown into the furnace. But the one true God protected them. The King and his men observed that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had a fourth person in the furnace with them; I don’t know for AUG UST 2013

sure who that was (nor is important). This is just an example of how God protects His own that keep their integrity to Him. A little later in King Nebuchadnezzzar’s reign, Daniel was brought in to interpret another dream the King had. God gave Daniel the wisdom to interpret that the King’s reign was coming to an end quickly, and it did. The new King Darius also held Daniel in high regard, which made others in his royal family angry to have a Jew so honored. They plotted for Daniels’ demise, as they had with his three friends beforehand. But they knew that Daniel was a man of integrity, and was going to be hard to corner. So they coerced the King to make an edict that if anyone would pray to any god or King other than Darius in the next 30 days, they would be thrown into the lion’s den. Of course, Daniel kept praying to the one true God, and he was caught by the King’s administrators, who where jealous of Daniels elevation in stature in the Kingdom. This distressed the King because he was fond of Daniel–but an edict is and edict, so they threw him into the lion’s den. The next morning the King hurried out to the den to see if David was safe and sound. He was, and the King was delighted! Once more, God protected His own child, who had kept his integrity and worshiped only the one true God. The unique thing about the Jews who were elevated to a high honor, is they still followed the rules of the government within the administration that they were in. They kept their integrity when it appeared nobody important “was looking.” They drew the line when it came to worshiping a false god or an idol. We can be in the same boat in our lives today. God has ordered us to follow governmental laws, which is what we should do. We also need to stand up for what is good and right, which is integrity. If you want some great reading about integrity, jump right into the book of Daniel–it is a fast read with only 12 chapters.

Rhubarb – Esculent, Savory and Dependable Recently our menu became just a bit more varied; the garden is beginning to produce fun stuff to eat – like asparagus, lettuce, beet tops, spinach and rhubarb. Time to get out my notebook with the collection of rhubarb recipes. The old favorites of rhubarb cake that came from a farm wife friend, the rhubarb whip that I intended to dazzle my farmer with as a newlywed so many years ago, only to hear him say, "My mother makes this." Argh! The favorites are repeated often during rhubarb season and we always try a new recipe or two; there are so many ways to prepare rhubarb. It even pairs up nicely with pork chops, and my adventurous children even put it in a chipolte sauce. Growing up, rhubarb was something every farm had. When in season, the ever versatile plant would show up at any church dinner or farm meal and lunches. Why not? After a long winter of eating canned fruit from the cellar, it was high time our taste buds got to eat something fresh. Something of a spring tonic, one might say! As I grew older, I discovered that not everyone has a rhubarb patch in their backyard. It can actually be found in the grocery store. And it is somewhat in demand, because last year I heard rhubarb was mysteriously disappearing from backyards in town. Don't look at me – my farmer made sure I had plenty of rhubarb; there are at least fifty plants here at our place. There was a small patch by the house from which we started new plantings from; just possibly, that first patch is as old as this farm. With this area being settled in 1870, it could be quite ancient. It just keeps on coming back. Wonderful, as it makes the best pies, desserts and jams.

God Bless, Steve Huneke

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

Historians tell us that rhubarb was introduced to the USA by Benjamin Franklin. He must have realized that farm wives everywhere would appreciate saving a penny or two on the grocery bill once rhubarb was ready for use. Wouldn't it had been great to see people's faces when they first sampled it raw – because who could resist trying a new fruit and then developing recipes for it? Actually, there are many debates about rhubarb. There is the debate over whether it is fruit or vegetable. People debate its flavor as to being a food highly sought, or just plum awful. "Plow the plants in," they say. My debate with it is only which favorite recipe to fix up next! I feel sorry for our southern friends, because rhubarb is a northern plant. It prefers a climate of four distinct seasons (smart plant). So when we have southern guests coming for dinner, we often serve a rhubarb pie or dessert. One must treat them to flavors of the Midwest. Since rhubarb grows so well here, I have often wondered why there are not rhubarb plantations in this area. If there were, imagine how our Christmas letters would sound: "Spent six weeks harvesting rhubarb. It was a bumper crop and in high demand. It appears that it has medicinal purposes besides tasting good in everything. During harvest I pulled rhubarb every day from my fifty acres of plants filling truck after truck then hauled it to the cannery." Curious as to how farm wives used rhubarb in 1907, I decided to look in an old book titled Household Discoveries – An Encyclopedia of Practical Recipes and Processes by Sidney Moore. The recipes in there are for drying rhubarb and curing rhubarb root. I can't imagine what they did with that as the book does not tell me. No doubt it was common knowledge a hundred years ago, thus no need for further instructions. Time to go – rhubarb is calling! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­———————————————————— Renae B. Vander Schaaf, freelance writer, lives on a real working farm in northwest Iowa, and authored a book titled "A Place Of Refuge". To Contact Renae B. Vander Schaaf, please email her at

ww andl ivest ockdirect A1 5

clear clutter, organize your home, & reclaim your life by Barbara Tako ­— Motivational Speaker and Author


MARKETPLACE ________________________________________________



HUDDLESTON EQUIPMENT SALES 29233 Hwy. 431, Wedowee, AL 36278 256-363-1132 •

Kitchen Organizing: Get Out of the Kitchen and Get Outside!

Used Listings:



MOTORSPORTS SUPERSTORE 210 Bexar Ave. W., Hamilton, AL 35570 205-921-4400 • 888-880-2277 Used Listings: 2013 Polaris Sportsman 500............................$4,499

Summer! I don't know about you, but I would rather be anywhere but stuck in my hot west-facing kitchen this time of year. Here are a few quick and easy kitchenorganizing tips to help minimize your time in the kitchen this summer—we’ll work with a few questions to get you thinking. Would you ever alphabetize your spices? I never thought I would. I tried to be organized, but alphabetizing spices still struck me as going too far. Then it happened. One winter I got tired of reading all the organizing "experts" who kept saying to alphabetize those spices. It was a long night. I was bored. I decided to try it. My spices had been on a shelf in our food closet (yes, it was a “closet,” and I wouldn’t dignify it with the word “pantry.” The spices that I used most often were toward the front. Wasn't that logical enough? As I pulled everything out, I had a few surprises. Oops. I found several duplicates, numerous dried up globs in the bottoms of very old jars, and five jars, count them, five, of something called Five Spice Powder--used for stir fry. Five Spice Powder costs about $6 per jar. I wanted $24 back! What a waste, but I was now converted to alphabetize spices. My spices are now alphabetized on wire coated racks attached to the inside of my food closet door. To all of you who still aren't convinced, let me continue: Alphabetizing prevents duplicate purchases. It speeds menu planning because you can tell faster if you have or don’t have what you need to make the recipe. It helps you generate a shopping list faster. You can even cook faster because you won't waste time hunting for assorted seasonings. Ultimately, you get out of your kitchen faster.

2012 Polaris Ranger 800XP LE......................$10,799 2012 John Deere Gator 625 I.........................$10,999 2008 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EFI..........................$5,199 Honda Rancher 350, 4WD, ES.........................$2,999 ________________________________________________



EASTMAN EQUIPMENT CO. INC. P.O. Box 485, Eastman, GA 31023 478-374-7717

Airtight containers keep food fresher (and spider-free). Rectangular, or square containers make the best use of small spaces. No wasted corners. They will stack and fit next to each other well too. See-through containers are great because certain members of my family, who shall remain anonymous, tend to put a nearly empty cereal or cracker box right back into the cupboard. This behavior foils my shopping attempts to keep our pantry stocked. I see what looks like a full box, but it really isn't. Surprise! Organize food by type. Put all baking products on the same shelf. Group breakfast items together. Keep snack foods together. Keeping food categorized makes it faster for you to find and inventory what you have. Are your kitchen cupboards crammed full of stuff? How many sets of dishes do you really need to store in the kitchen? You know the answer. How many coffee mugs would you ever really use all at once? Honestly, if more than six or eight people came to my house, I'd be getting out the disposables. So why was I hanging on to all those mugs dating back to my high school days?

Do you date your spices? I am working on this one. I have heard that spices can last as little as six months or as long as two to three years. I am not ready to throw everything out and start over (though I have a friend who did this and she claims all her food suddenly tasted better). I do keep a permanent marker in my kitchen and I have started to date new spices as they come into my house. I also try to buy the smallest spice container available. A smaller container increases the chance that I will use a spice up before it gets too old.

Do you have as many partial sets of unused stemware in your cupboard as I do? Consider keeping what you use and donating or storing the rest of it elsewhere. As for cookbooks, I was finally able to reduce the excessive number when it dawned on me: How many recipes for apple crisp do I really need? Many cookbooks have a lot of similar recipes in common, plus I can find recipes on the Internet. There was a bonus too. Once I weeded out my cupboards, I actually had space for a few cookbooks in my kitchen.

Are your dry goods organized and stored simply? I like rectangular, airtight, seethrough containers. I began this a few years ago. My husband had poured a bowl of cereal for himself from a previously opened box, and, after several bites of cereal and milk, a small spider bubbled to the surface, scrambled to the edge of the bowl, and attempted to escape. Yum.

How are those base cabinets? Does everything clatter out onto the floor when you try to make dinner? Base cabinets can be worse than uppers. Consider your pots, pans, nesting bowls, and bake-ware. Organize them to make meal preparation faster and easier. Keep only what you regularly use in these cabinets. Get rid of duplicates and extras. After all, how many


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“PROFITS GROW WITH KNIGHTRO” –Ken E. Knight Knightro Sessions | Mending Fences and Tending Senses

COUNTY FAIR REVIVAL As a follow up to the May issue of the “Knightro Report”, I was asked to speak at the Burke County Fair in northwestern North Dakota, accompanied by the popular Country Sunshine Band from Powers Lake, ND. The following message is a synopsis of the Sunday morning revival that was delivered to an over flow crowd near the grandstand. The grandstand that I remembered as a kid no longer exists. It, along with many of the other buildings that used to be on the grounds have either been torn down or replaced by less memorable structures. Such is the state of the fair, as compared to its glory days. I wanted to break into song, singing glory glory hallelujah to the good ol’ days. As, if I’ve ever stood on hallowed ground, it’s the fairgrounds of the Burke County Fair. Nothing has impacted my life more than the Burke County Fair. It is here that the foundation of my life was built, and sustains me to this day. If this doesn’t meet the definition of hallowed: to respect or honor greatly; revere—then I’ve somehow missed the whole point of my passion for this fair and my religious convictions—summed up in John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” Just as the focus of “Knightro” is that of livestock market planning, I wanted to emphasize the importance of planning if the county fairs are ever going to revive themselves back to what they once were. But plans in and of themselves are worthless, it’s the planning that becomes valuable and brings people together like that of the county fairs we still remember. Like any plan it should be part of a bigger plan. God has a plan for each of us that may or not be inclusive of the County Fair. But one thing is for certain, if the road you’re on is rough and full of chuck holes maybe you’re on the wrong road. Maybe we haven’t listened to the higher power, and we’ve drifted off course entirely, without any kind of a plan. Without a plan, for either our personal lives, or that of the fair, it becomes one of emptiness—or worse yet, one of nothingness! That’s the challenge for all of us here today— what is it that we want to have happen? Do we reach out to one another? Do we make it a labor of love? Do we reach out in prayer for those answers? It’s hard to imagine a revival of the fair without those who served it so well for so long. They probably couldn't have imagined the fair without them in it either–but God couldn't imagine heaven without them in it. So they’ve gone on to serve in a higher capacA18

ity, and are probably smiling down on what they’re seeing happen here today.

about me. It was about a cause far greater than that of ourselves.

I know that my mom and dad are dancing with the stars this morning, as are those friends and family that have joined them. Where the spirit is alive and well, there is no death!

The fair was the perfection of relationships, knowing that by ourselves we accomplish nothing, but together we become everything for which this community stands.

When I think of them, I’m reminded of so many memories—if I had a nickel for every time I rode around this track, or a dollar for every time my mother couldn't find me, or five dollars for every time she couldn't find my dad­—I might have ended up rich. Well, I didn’t end up rich, but richer for having had the experience of the Burke County Fair.

The Fair Was All Of The Above The fair was more about its people than it was the sideshows. Remember Bruce Bair and the run-away ostrich, or being reprimanded by Hank, Hans and Chris. For many of you the list just goes on and on, but for those that are no longer with us—their memories are so much a part of the past.

Like that plant growing in the crevasse of a rock, our own lives are so dependent upon those generations of family that passed before us; reminding us that all life no matter how humble or brief has meaning when it makes this county fair a better place for generations to come.

If we forget those who came before us or where we came from, it doesn’t really matter where we’re going. Tell me who a man respects and who he walks with and I’ll tell you

Pony Tales by PONTY:

The Prayer of The Fair by: Livestock Judge Ken Knight I read the bible every day, and in this book I find, The story of creation, so great it really blows my mind. Now, everyone plays favorite — and God does too, but just to be fair, From what I read, his favorite is the Burke County Fair. Now days I mostly attend fairs for a livin’, so I really shouldn’t complain, ‘Cause every time I attend one; it’s mostly for my own financial gain. And though I really know bettern’ to question God, sometimes I really wonder, If when he created farm animals, he didn’t accidently blunder. For if you haven’t been stomped on by a calf or kicked by a horse, You haven’t really spoken in tongues, as Christian folks do, of course. Hey, I try to be Christian in all that I do, but try singing “Amazing Grace”, When picking yourself up off the ground with excrement on your face. Like I said, it ain’t proper to question God, ‘cause I know he knows what he’s doin’, But deep down inside I wonder if he’d made em‘ if he was the one who had to judge em‘ For as I judge every animal and look into the eyes of every exhibitor, It is as though one can see under the hide, and into the hearts of every competitor. A competition of over achievers, so fierce and competitively intense, That neither the heart nor the soul can be contained within the fence. Fenced and corralled, while striving to win, are the legacies of a champion. Expressed by proud moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas for a job well done. The prayer of the county fair is that the results will be fair. That in the show ring, every cow calf, pig, sheep, stallion, and mare, Will be shown’ to represent the best of its class. And will, respectively, do so without giving the judge any sass.

God Has A Plan! And when we respectively pause to honor and remember those that dedicated their life to a cause greater than that of themselves, we are reminded of how special this fair once was.

God’s creation of all those county fair animals on parade, Is from whom I’ve been blest, and the best of memories are made. To have shown’ and won, is a memory that never dies. To second best go the spoils, for whom the tear never cries.

The fair was the reflection of respect. Respect for one another and all of that for which we proudly put on display for all to see. The fair was the definition of caring. Caring for one another and the vitality of our community. The fair was the revelation of understanding. Understanding that it wasn’t just

Or perhaps like me, to have learned most of life’s lessons right here at the fairgrounds, it is humbling to know from whence we came. Our time on earth is limited, so obviously, we don’t want to waste it living someone else’s life—but it is good to remember those who dedicated their lives to this fair.

Continued >>

If the county fair can take the sting out of death, think about what it can do for the living. Just as there is no sunrise without a sunset, there is no life without death, and there is no success without failure. So let us not put a limit on anything regarding the rebuilding of the county fair–for the more you dream about it, the closer it will come to becoming reality. We all know how hard it is to make something grow in this part of the country; be it a crop or a county fair. But what does grow here seems more special because it is! It’s kind of like seeing a plant sprout and grow out of the crevasse of a rock. The only reason that plant sprouts and survives is because generations of seeds have landed and died in that crevasse. It spouts, then dies, leaving a bit of organic matter for the next seed, which lives a little longer, and so on until untold generations of plants have expanded and enriched the crevasse enough to give the plant a running start; like that of getting a running start at the horse races here–before the inception of starting gates.

Like that of participating in front of the grandstand, riding a camel, playing in Mr. Engers high school band, or marching in the parade of champions—your memories are so much a part of the past.

GOD BLESS THE BURKE COUNTY FAIR *Adapted from: “The Gospel According To A Horseshooer” by Steve Wonick, from the great state of Oklahoma.

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

www. f a r ma ndl ivest ockdirect

AU G U ST 2 0 1 3

what he stands for. The county fair produced a lot of those kinds of people over the years. Thank you for the memories! If the county fair has taught us anything, it’s that life isn’t about what we are; it’s about who we are. And the real purpose in life is to matter! The great arrogance of the present is to forget the intelligence of the past–those that made the fair what it once was. The fair used to be the heart and soul of this community. Today it cries out for a spiritual awakening, bonding people of a common interest together, and a place where friends, neighbors, and family built relationships that have lasted a lifetime. The spirit of this fair is as much a part of us as our own flesh and blood–and if we fail to keep it nourished, it dies. Bringing the fair back to what is once was, doesn’t require something miraculous to happen. It just requires a little bit of good from a lot of good people.

Super-Size Your Fair/Life This reminds me of a conversation I overheard while standing in the receiving line at a wake. The wife turned to her husband and said, “Do you think this will be a big funeral?” His response, “The size of one’s funeral often depends on the size of one’s life!” Profound words that remind us that maybe we should not only be thinking of growing the fair, we should be supersizing our own lives—not unlike that of driving up to the order window at a fast food restaurant and asking the attendant to super-size the order. That’s really all God asks of us, when we turn our life over to him. Just as we never know how much we need God until God is all that we have left, so it is with a fair that no longer reaches out to the community for which it once served. This isn’t to suggest that we should dwell on what the fair could’ve been, as God teaches us that forgiveness is giving up all hope that the past could’ve been different. And if you’re truly serious about changing this fair, you have to dream big, wish hard, and chase after your goals, because no one is going to do it for you. A little prayer wouldn’t hurt either, for just as the goal in life isn’t to live forever; it is the goal to create something that will—the county fair! The great paradox of attempting to revive the county fair, is realizing that in the midst of great disappointment, you can have great joy as well. My fondest memories are that of the fair; like that of my Dad buying me my most special horse, showing grand champion steers, or winning horse races. So much of what was is gone; the feeling of the past taken from us, but that doesn’t mean that the future can’t be as bright as the light from my bedroom window. As a kid I can remember looking out from my upstairs bedroom at the bright lights of the midway, and think about what it might be like be old enough to still be on the grounds when the lights were dimmed for the night. I got that old, and even a little older. But instead of the future looking dimmer, it appears brighter for those who have a vision of what could still come to be. As an old man I’ve come to realize that God gave me two hands–one for helping myself, and the other for helping others, and if you think you’re finished, it only means that you haven’t started yet. All that is really worth doing is what we do for others! This community gave so much to me, so I feel honored here today to have had the opportunity to give back just a little— thanks for the memories. GOD BLESS!

YOUR VOICE IN THE MARKETING PLACE OF YOUR CHOICE — KNIGHTRO SESSIONS MENDING FENCES AND TENDING SENSES Ken E. Knight is the author of the “Knightro Report”, a nationally syndicated livestock-marketing column, which is featured in this publication on a regular basis. Mr. Knight is a graduate of North Dakota State University, with a major BS Degree in Meat and Animal Science and a minor in Communications. In addition to being a professional auctioneer, public speaker and livestock judge, he brings many years of corporate level meat and livestock market management and expertise to the industry for which he now serves as an independent voice of shared knowledge and experience. For more in-depth information regarding the topics that have been touched upon in this report, Knightro conducts livestock marketing seminars on a regular basis. To schedule a seminar, auction, judging, or speaking engagement, please contact Ken Knight, Knightro, 136 Hillridge Ct., Prescott, WI  54021, phone 715-262-8480, fax 715262-8480, e-mail; or contact the Farm & Livestock Directory, P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, IA 50501; email

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possibly interface with any commercial radio system. The digital, programmable, processor control unit is located in a weatherproof case with quick waterproof connections. The heavy-duty 12-volt DC hydraulic power pack and solenoid operated valves with emergency manual override are column mounted. Additional Cobra features: • Sheaves are made in low friction, high-strength and weatherproof polymer • Safety latch has a full safety control system with a load limiting device • The anti-two block and stop-end cable system is located on the drum

of injury from handling heavy ramps or having equipment slip while loading. Air-tow Trailers are ideal for loading equipment with poor traction at low ground clearance such as scissor lifts, pavement sweepers, compactors, rollers, etc. The low ramp angle also makes hand loading of heavy items such as safes, vending machines, ATM machines, and appliances safe and easy. So many choices, so many uses! For more information about Air-tow Trailers, contact Rock Line Products, Inc. at 909-392-2170 or visit

Diesel Air Filter Cleaner

• The winches are supplied with a non-twisting cable and placed on a proper bracket on the column Extensive inventory is located in the United States with full parts and service support. For more information or product literature, please contact our inside product sales department at 716-853-7996, or visit online at

The unique trailer that quickly pays for itself Air ride suspension systems have been in common use for over forty years and have proven to provide the smoothest and most shock-free ride of any known vehicle suspension system.

WePe Industry is introducing a revolutionary method to clean radial seal filters on diesel equipment. Buy this one tool and clean multiple sizes of air filters— starting at 4 inch diameter. Dirty air filters on diesel combines, tractors and trucks cost machine owners thousands of dollars every year. The cleaner consists of a 29—inch long metal tube that slips through the center of a round cover that’s placed on the top of a filter. A standard 3/8—inch air chuck connects to the top end of the tube and blows compressed air out the bottom through a rotary nozzel with three arms. As the tube is pushed up and down inside the filter, the air nozzels rotate and blow dust out of the filter membrane.

Air-tow Trailers provide extremely smooth ride quality and air ride suspension with a system that automatically adjusts air pressure in the air bag so the trailer always rides at the same height - whether lightly or heavily loaded. The higher air bag pressure automatically provides a stiffer suspension which is exactly what is required for a smooth ride. The lower air bag pressure for lighter loads provides a softer suspension, thus providing the same ride quality for all trailer loading conditions. Since each axle is independently supported by its own air bag, the air ride suspension is a truly, fully independent suspension system.

Ground level loading eliminates the need for difficult tilt beds or dangerous loading ramps. Since the deck remains level at all times, it is easy for one person to load multiple items. It eliminates the possibility

The round cover lid is designed to fit any diameter filter. The lid design prevents dust from re-entering the filter because the cover seals tightly to the top of the filter being cleaned. The cover also keeps the center pipe from any lateral movement, protecting your filter.

The rotating end consists of three nozzle arms that create a centrifugal action that blows air uniformly through the filter membrane. The uniform air distribution cleans the filter without damaging the filter membrane. The air pressure should not exceed 130 psi so the output at the arm nozzles will be 30 to 40 psi.

when I’m reminded that operating with Evans has a performance advantage.” The engine is from the pre-EGR cooler era and the fan clutch is actuated by a “fan-stat”. The actuation temperature is elevated to reduce fan-on time for fuel economy. Mr. Umstead has been averaging about 7.5 mpg over the past twenty three years.

The patent pending Diesel Air Filter Cleaner is designed with replaceable arms. Nozzle extensions give you different roating diameters to clean multiple sizes of filters.

At the Mid America Truck Show, held at Louisville, KY in late March, Joe spent time at the Evans booth sharing his experience with hundreds of owner operators. When one curious attendee asked Joe about the cost of coolant, Joe simply replied, “I have no idea how much coolant costs these days – I haven’t had to buy any for twenty three years!”

Diesel Air Filter Cleaner will help you safely clean your filter and prolong the life of your air filter. A clean filter will increase filter life and reduce engine maintenance while saving up to 5 gallons of fuel per hour. Contact us today to purchase your air filter cleaner by calling 605-796-4288 or visit

Evans Cooling Systems announces an endurance milestone with waterless coolant Evans Cooling Systems announced an important milestone that demonstrates the durability and long life performance of its waterless engine coolant. Joe Umstead, an independent owner operator, has put a million miles on the 1990 Freightliner that he bought new. At the time of purchase, he converted its Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine to using an experimental waterless coolant provided by Evans. Twenty three years and a million miles later, Joe has never changed or topped off his coolant, or used any supplemental coolant additives.

Heavy duty truck engines have changed a lot since 1990 and so have Evans waterless coolants. Today’s offerings provide better heat transfer and lower viscosity than the experimental coolants of 1990, but the basic feature of a huge separation between operating temperature and boiling point remains. It is that separation that keeps vapor out of the cooling system, vapor that makes an insulating barrier between hot metal and liquid coolant, the barrier that makes hot spots and that brings premature death to EGR coolers. Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., headquartered in Suffield, CT, has focused on engine cooling for over 25 years. Evans is committed to improving engine performance for vehicles and stationary engines, while maintaining a cleaner, safer environment. For more information on Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., please visit www. Contact: Mike Tourville at, or call 860-668-1114.

“The coolant performs like the day I had it installed, and I haven’t lost a drop!” says Joe, “and I drive all 48 states and in plenty of hot weather conditions.” The waterless coolant has a boiling point of 375°F and at operating temperatures has a very low vapor pressure. The low pressure has reduced the stress on cooling system components and the hoses for Joe’s engine are the original ones. The metals in his engine have not suffered the effects of corrosion, electrolysis, or cavitation erosion. “It performs as advertised,” adds Joe, “and I never think about hot climates or altitude, except when I’m passing someone going up a steep grade. That’s AUG UST 2013

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The S O U T H E R N FAR M a n d LI V E STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

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Stop rotor loss in ALL John Deere STS and “S” series combines

started mixing natural gas with diesel, and discovered they saved $80-100 on average per day, per engine. Don Hardy, owner of Don Hardy Fuel

The ‘RPR’ Thrashing/Separating Concave System will thrash all crops by simply adding or removing the included cover plate. Thrash and separate 20-300 Bu. both wet and dry corn having the cleanest sample and fastest ground speed you’ve ever experienced with zero rotor loss. Thrash and separate soybeans (green stem of dry) and wheat with NO rotor loss. With the cover plates on in a 9870 you can thrash 60 Bu. popcorn with a twelve row head with an excellent test. Five-foottall rye grass has been thrashed with no losses; 300 Bu. corn with a 16 row head at 18% moisture produced 5300 Bu. per hour at 4 1/2 MPH with no loss. This comes out to 1.477 Bu. per second! The concave is made of 1” round bars that have a restricted flow notch with progressive open bar spacing. Where the crops come in the spacing is 7/8” on the right side and 11/8” opening on the left side. This lets crops separate in the thrashing area and not travel to the back separating area.

The RPR Thrashing/Separating Concave System was prototyped in 2011, sold to a limited number of customers in 2012, and is now publicly available. For more information, contact CM Welding, Inc. of Frankfort, IN at 765-2584024 and ask for Donnie. Or you may visit online at

Irrigation engines can be more affordable with a fuel mixer Realize saving of up to $3.00 per hour, per engine using a Dual Fuel Mixer Just ten years ago, diesel fuel was the fuel of choice for irrigation engines. At that time, is was much cheaper than natural gas. Producers started purchasing diesel engines and abandoning natural gas. Today, things are different. Diesel fuel has tripled in price since 2000. Producers had to do something to make operating irrigation engines more affordable. They


Efficient Engine Services in Floydada, Texas, developed a dual fuel mixer for diesel engines to combine natural gas and diesel. The fuel mixing process could then be done economically, by all producers. In the spring of 2007, Hardy and Leon New, an engineer with the Texas Cooperative Extension Service in Amarillo, tested this mixer on three engines in Floyd County. Two engines were Case IH engines–one waas a turbo-charged, and the other engine, a 4-cylinder non-turbo. The third engine was a John Deere 4T100. During the testing, straight diesel was used, followed by a diesel and natural gas mix. The dual fuel outperformed the diesel on all three engines.

Revolutionary new wire fence stapling system designed for farmers and professional fencers Available for the first time in North America, Wire Fence Stapler introduces the Stockade 400 wire fence stapling system designed specifically with the professional fencer, farmer, and rancher in mind. This new stapling system developed by Paslode New Zealand will save time and money. Simply load a rack of 2 inch or 1 3/4 inch galvanized barbed staples into the Stockade 400 and begin single or multi-wire fence construction. With a ground-breaking pneumatic (125 psi) fencing tool and hot dipped galvanized barbed fence staples designed to perform in all weather conditions Paslode has just made a tough job a whole lot easier! The revolutionary Stockade 400 pneumatic stapler is light weight (8.2 lbs), tough, and has enough power to drive staples into even the hardest fence posts. Loaded with depth adjustment features the 400 wire fence stapler is designed for any fencing job, saving up to 70% of the time currently taken to hand hammer fence staples. That time saving is money in your back pocket.

The Case 4-cylinder had a savings of $1.06 per hour; the John Deere saved $2.40 per hour, and the Case turbo saved a whopping $3.55 per hour.

In the past few years, several producers using the mixer have reported their fuel cost savings has been very substantial. Hardy said producers have told him they have savings of over $3.00 per hour by using the mixer over straight diesel, and have had gains of 100-150 rpm from their engines. Another benefit they have reported is oil change intervals could be longer with the fuel mix versus the straight diesel. The Hardy Duel Fuel Mixer comes in a kit, and the cost is $1,595. For more information visit www.donhardyengines. com; or call 806-983-3774.

divider and cladding materials can come in multiple applications or combined with metal, glass or other materials to your liking. A perfect example of this was a first-ofits-kind Schweiss gate built by Schweiss Doors for “The Paw,” an upscale dog and cat resort. The owner of the 27,000 sq. ft. luxury pet resort needed a room divider gate, wall if you wish, to separate a 96 ft. room in half for dog training and handling purposes. Who you gonna call? Schweiss Doors. What made this Schweiss 46 ft wide, 1,500 lb. multiple-function designer gate different was how Schweiss Doors built it to his personal gate design. Yenish wanted a quiet and smooth operating Schweiss gate that stood about head high with the top half of seethrough polycarbonate panels and below that utilized steel paneling.

From a fuel savings standpoint, mixing propane and diesel might have been yet an even cheaper mix–but propane proved to be more cost prohibitive, and made the engines run hotter. Hardy says the mixture of natural gas and diesel is “the way to go”, and his mixer is designed to reduce the high costs of running irrigation engines.

The Paw, an exclusive dog and cat resort in Minnesota had Schweiss Doors install a 46 ft. liftstrap moving gate. The gate lifts to the ceiling when open and divides a 96 ft. room in half when down.

Contact your distributor, Wire Fence Stapler at

New innovative Schweiss Moving Gate gives versatility Schweiss one piece hydraulic and patented lift strap bifold doors have been on the market for years. Schweiss now has a newcomer on the scene — the Schweiss Moving Gate. The Schweiss Moving Gate still utilizes the patented liftstraps, but instead of folding like a bifold door or outward like a hydraulic door, it lifts straight upward. The gate is a perfect solution for a room

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

This particular Schweiss gate allows humans and animals to see across to the other side of the room without having to raise the Schweiss gate. A push button control on the side wall lifts the Schweiss gate conveniently out of sight and the Schweiss gate lifts in less than a minute. Schweiss Doors designed it to lift straight up to the high ceiling, up and out of the way when not in use. Five popular patented Schweiss Bifold liftstraps and a 2 h.p. topmounted Schweiss quality electric motor easily and quietly lift the Schweiss Moving Gate. The owner was absolutely needing a safe gate that would not cause harm to humans or animals in the public facility. He also noted that it was reasonably priced and

www. f a r ma ndl ivest ockdirect

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comparative in price to a pocket door, but much easier to use. He enjoyed working with the professional Schweiss design team to get this Schweiss designer gate done. The Schweiss gate now virtually gives animal resort two rooms to work in, or when in the up position, a larger size room. “If You Can Think It — Schweiss Doors Can Build It!” Learn more about Schweiss Doors at: or call (800) 746-8273.

Unique heart formula saves countless lives Over 20 years ago Jim Strauss suffered a major heart attack and was told he would need bypass surgery or he would die.

The Original Grease Buster™, patented and made in the USA for 15 years, cleans grease fittings and bearings using penetrating oil and hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. The Grease Buster™ is the answer to the problem of plugged up grease fittings and bearings, a problem common in machinery. The tool consists of a heavyduty adjustable hydraulic coupler, cylinder and a piston with a knob. Remove the piston, fill the cylinder by pouring in a penetrating solvent, start the piston back into the cylinder, place the tool onto the grease fitting and by tapping the piston (or utilizing the new pneumatic piston) force the solvent into the fitting/bearing. The new pneumatic piston (patent pending) for the Shop Size Grease Buster™, fits into a pneumatic hammer. I have opened frozen bearings that would otherwise have to be disassembled and cleaned to get lubrication into the fitting using this new pneumatic piston with the Shop Size Grease Buster™. In the short time it’s been on the market I’ve received 100% positive comments!

Jim was born into a family of herbalists stretching back to the 17th century. He learned these crafts during childhood, gathering medicinal herbs in the Austrian countryside with his grandmother. He was taught that tasting herbs could detect their medicinal value, but balance and proportion were the keys to producing formulas that were effective and immediate. Jim’s heart attack was not a fluke. He admits to having lived in the fast lane, ignoring the healthier lifestyle of his parents. He considers himself fortunate as nearly half of first time heart attacks end in death. Relying on knowledge acquired over the years, he refused the recommended surgery and instead put together an herbal formula which he immediately applied to himself with outstanding results. In 3 months, his 2” arterial blockage was cleared. Since that time, Jim has shared his formula with thousands around the world who are living testimonials to its curative powers. One of many clients recently wrote: “I would like to tell you that after three months of using Strauss Heart Drops, I am a new man. I am 86 years old, no more the tired feeling I had, my swollen feet are normal again, and my bowel is working normally. Two specialists had told me ‘we can’t help you’.” — Sincerely, Peter A. Wiebe. Free Strauss Heart Drops information packages are available by phoning Performance Medical Plus toll-free at 877271-1312. (Not available in Iowa.)

AUG UST 2013

Farm equipment built by farmers for farmers

Grease Buster™ cleans grease fittings

For more information contact T-J Tool dba Grease Buster™ Tools, P. O. Box 120, Waynesville, OH 45068, or call 513-8975142.

Pond aeration windmills: Why American Eagle beats the competition, Reasons 1-7 (Out of 21)

JBM Manufacturing hits the ag market with built-to-last equipment See our “Compare” video on our web site ( to see why 100% of who compare ‘hands on’ buy the American Eagle.

Diaphragm more pressure, but can only supply a maximum of two diffusers. 4. American Eagle: 8 to 9 psi will supply one diffuser 14 to 16 feet. The competition: Diaphragms will pump deeper but with very little volume of air. The deeper you pump, the less volume. 5. American Eagle: Bellow warranty, five years. The competition: Diaphragm warranty–ZERO! 6. American Eagle: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1-year warranty with an emailed picture of the defective part–and it ships out FREE the same day. The competition: Diaphragm warranty policy states the part may need to be shipped from as far away as Canada to be evaluated–then determined if it is the customers fault. Any new part will be shipped at the customer’s expense for parts, plus shipping both ways. (This can take months. We know a Diaphragm customer still waiting over a year.) 7. American Eagle: Pump action is a huge 1 and 3/4” stroke some call intermittent. Most pumps are. The Eagles huge volume of air creates the most effective method of water circulation. More air, more circulation. The competition: Only 1/2” stroke, also intermittent. Less volume of air results in much less water circulation. For fourteen more reasons to choose American Eagle, visit our website at www. For more information, call Joe Mescan at American Eagle Windmills, 440-2363278; fax 440-236-5496 or email joem@ You may also visit online at

JBM Manufacturing is an Ontario based manufacturer of heavy-duty farm equipment, including a complete line of bale feeders, bale wagons and dump trailers – each one built with a passion for farmerfriendly products for over 20 years. Being a farmer turned manufacturer himself, owner Joe Martin realizes by firsthand experience the attention to detail that is essential for “farmer friendly” products. “I used to be a farmer myself – now we’re manufacturing good, quality products for farmers,” says Martin. It seems their hard work has paid off. John BM Manufacturing now has a dealer presence across North America. JBM’s complete line-up of products includes feeder wagons, skid feeders, bunk feeders, bale wagons and thrower racks. The popular Grain & Forage Boss Dumpers, Dirt Boss Dumpers, and Mighty Dumpers make the ultimate dump trailer lineup for handling everything from grain to dirt and rocks. Additionally, many items can be customized to customer specifications, and JBM offers farmers a range of options and tire choices to suit their specific application. Business has not been without its share of difficult times. A shop fire gutted the manufacturing facility late in 2012, shutting down production until the facility was re-built. However, the expanded manufacturing space in the new facility means more efficient production of equipment. Back in business, JBM is continuing what it does best – producing products that farmers across North American can both afford and trust. For more information, contact John BM Manufacturing at 519-699-4324, fax 519699-6105, email, or visit

1. American Eagle: the bellow is by Firestone, which can last 15 to 20 years under a heavy duty 2,000# truck. The competition: Diaphragms need replacement as early as two years. 2. American Eagle: Bellow most volume of air; 3 to 6 cfm with a 10 – 15 mph wind–even more at 15 – 27 mph wind. The competition: Diaphragms 1 to 3 cfm– maximum. 3. American Eagle: High volume is more important than high pressure. American Eagle puts out only 8 to 9 psi but can supply up to six diffusers. The competition:

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Eliminate the dangerous and dirty manual clean out of headers

Hoover Diesel Service LLC has the expertise and sources to provide complete power unit packages for the stationary non-road market

Goodwin Industries has a corn header sweep for you Pictured on the right is a header sweep built and manufactured by Goodwin Industries Inc. of Burns, KS. The header sweep is designed to sweep in down corn, broken stalks, and dry leaf buildup. This in turn eliminates dangerous and dirty manual clean out of the header. This is done with drag arms connected to a crank shaft, which continuously pulls the stalks into the auger.

box and a trailer mover/toolbar that can be used to tow trailers using your tractor. The front end loader style bucket attaches to the rear of your tractor using the included 3 point hitch trailer mover/toolbar. Pat’s Easy Mover provides a lower cost way for any tractor with a 3 point hitch to complete many of the tasks that were previously only possible with expensive front end loaders. The Pat’s Easy Mover is tough enough to dig into the ground or scoop piles of dirt or other debris, while the dumping mechanism makes Pat’s Easy Mover ideally suited for scooping and evenly spreading rock on driveways, leveling dirt piles or spreading mulch.

Pictured: Header sweep built and manufactured by Goodwin Industries

With this design, the drag arms pull back, pickup, and move forward, set down and pull back again. This unit can be left on and in use at all times. It is not big and bulky and will not hinder good standing corn. You just put it on and let it run.

The system also includes a removable tailgate which makes it a transport box, well suited for carrying fencing materials, tools, sprayers, firewood or anything you need to carry with you to do a job or move from place to place. The tailgate is easily

Product line expands with the new Pat’s Easy Mover Greenwell Manufacturing LLC, manufacturer of the Pat’s Easy Change system is proud to introduce the newest addition to their popular Pat’s product line, The Pat’s Easy Mover. This system is a front end loader style bucket, a transport


For more information on products contact Hoover Diesel Service LLC at 717-3543322 (New Holland) or 717-786-8839 (Quarryville), or visit www.hooverdiesel. com. For over 35 years Hoover Diesel Service LLC has specialized in diesel power units. If you need reliable PTO power but don’t  want to invest in a new tractor, consider our  PTO power units. Towed by your truck or  tractor, these units are designed to provide stationary PTO power for your irrigation pump, manure pump, silage blower, stationary TMR mixer, hammer mill, or PTO generator. 540 and/or 1000 rpm PTO and hydraulics available. Call us with your needs and we can build to your specs!   

Generators Hoover Diesel Service has a large selection of generators in stock, both the double bearing belt driven style and the single bearing SAE housing mount. We also stock parts to keep your unit operating and provide field service to repair or maintain your generator. Give us a call to find the best generator to fit your application.

The header sweep is powered by a hydraulic motor connected to the reel drive which allows for variable speed adjustment. Each drag arm is connected to a spring bar, which allows for tension release when necessary. Also, by using a “V” belt drive slippage is possible when needed. The design allows for easy installation on most headers. Contact Goodwin Industries, Inc., 215 West Broadway, Burns, KS 66840, phone: 620-726-5281, or www.goodwinsweep. com.

We stock a large selection of exhaust components and engine control systems.

stored inside the bucket when not in use. The Pat’s Easy Mover can be easily removed from the trailer mover/toolbar, a useful tool in its own right, by removing two mounting pins. The trailer mover/ toolbar comes with a 2” receiver hitch as well as place to mount a gooseneck ball (ball not included). The Pat’s Easy Mover is made in the USA and is available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ models. All three of the models use a category 1 trailer mover/toolbar. For more information about Pat’s Easy Mover or any other Greenwell Manufacturing products call 888-2434204, email us at or visit us online at

Generator Sets Hoover Diesel offers a wide range of genset units. We can also custom build a genset to suit your needs. Whether you need a backup power source for when the power goes out, or a mobile unit for on the job site, we offer what you want to fill your needs.

Hay handling made simple and efficient Parrish AgriTurf Hay Systems are simple, yet efficient. They come in several different designs, from 8-10-12 bales, and are capable of being pulled directly behind the baler or beside a tractor, truck or ATV. The systems are completely self-contained and don’t require any electrical or hydraulic power from the tractor to operate. The most popular design is the 10-bale, which crosses two bales to tie the stack together, and forms a group of hay eight feet wide. The stack of hay can then be picked up by the grapple from either end. This allows the operator to change sides with the tie bales each layer. The 10-bale design makes it possible for one man to load 400 bales per hour onto a trailer or stacking in a barn. The Parrish AgriTurf Hay Systems offers years of trouble-free operation. The systems are virtually maintenance-free because there are very few moving parts and require no timing. If you would like to find out more information about AgriTurf Hay Systems, call 256-302-3456, email spike@ with any questions or visit to find a dealer near you.

Power Units Hoover Diesel Service offers a variety of diesel power units, built specifically to fit your needs. We can custom build a power unit to include a skid, clutch, muffler, or fuel tank. We have new and rebuilt units available. Call us today to see what we can build for you!

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e SO U T H E R N FAR M a n d LIV E STO C K DIR E CTO RY |

Parrish AgriTurf Hay Systems most popular design is the 10-bale unit.

www. f a r ma ndl ivest ockdirect

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Clean Savings Starts Here! Save money and extend filter life with this revolutionary method for air filter cleaning.

The Diesel Air Filter Cleaner is designed to help you save fuel, thus saving you money. Patent Pending

The Diesel Air Filter Cleaner's patented design makes cleaning your diesel filters easier and saves you money by increasing your fuel flow. Diesel Air Filter Cleaners clean more efficient than the traditional way and can save you up to 5 gallons of fuel per hour. Diesel Air Filter Cleaners work for multiple size radial seal filters, shop vac filters and auto filters. Purchase one tool attachment and clean multiple types of equipment — saving you time and money. Use it in conjunction with an ordinary shop compressor.

Includes 3-sizes of rotating ends

Keep a clean filter on hand at all times. Diesel Air Filter Cleaners are portable, just throw one in your service truck and clean in the field!



Watch Our Demonstration Video Online Today!


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