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OCTOBER 2012 Volume 19 | Issue 10

The Hardy Outside Furnace. First On The Market, Best In The Field!

• No smoke, ashes or wood trash inside house • Burns up to 16-inch diameter log • Hot water for household use • Burns up to 30-inch long wood • Use present central duct or baseboard system • May be located 10-100 feet from house • All Stainless Steel construction

HUGE Value!



EDGE TO EDGE™ 64 Inch 9,700 Foot TT+ 48 Inch 13,200 Foot TT+


Special Features



AVAILABLE FROM 100,000 - 250,000 BTU

UL ®


Designed for Centrally Heated Homes Dealer Inquiries Welcome For more information, contact:

Green Zebra Stripe



Allow Easier & Safer Handling

End of Roll Markings ★★★

Guaranteed Footage

CoverEdge™ 67 Inch 9,000 Foot TT+ 51 Inch 12,100 Foot TT+






High UV Protection

See Your John Deere Dealer Today!

John Deere Cover Edge™ and Edge to Edge™ Will Work in Competitive Balers

Best choice for Rotary Cutters & Finish Mowers No other quick hitch gives you this flexibility! Gives flexibility between different width implements No changes to tractor or implements needed


SOLID QUALITY you can COUNT ON! r u o t u o k c e Ch atch design! new l

• Installs right over your lift arms









CONCRETE, INC. 1-800-658-9045 • FAX 507-895-2377

Made in USA 800-622-8836 |


We also have sound walls and MSEW, precast manhole, and other specialty items.

487 D E Brown Rd., Brandenburg, KY 40108



• Change your lift arms to a hook



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October 2012

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Volume 19, Issue 10


Clearing The Way HLA has a full line-up of blades suitable for equipment from 20 HP right up to 200 HP. "From sidewalks to estates to commercial clearing we have a blade that will fit your needs," confidently states Paul Horst of HLA. "At HLA we know snow; our product line includes angle blades, bucket mount pushers, v-blades and our versatile SnowWings." New additions to our team are the High Volume Snow Buckets and a new line of Scatter Shot Broadcast Spreaders.

Scatter Shot— Take Aim at Ice HLA makes it easy for professionals with the introduction of the Scatter Shot. These broadcast spreaders make short work of your spreading tasks when there's snow on the ground and when there's not. Made of durable galvanized steel, the Scatter Shot can handle what it dishes out. From sand to salt, the internal agitators prevent the material from clumping or building up on the walls — ensuring you get the most out of every load. Hydraulic powered models feature easy to use self-loading hoppers. These tilt similar to a bucket allowing material to be scooped directly into the hopper.

With a capacity of one and a half yards, the HS200 has you covered. The Double Shot combines two of our rugged hoppers onto a single frame providing twice the bang for the buck.

Snow Wing— Actuator Tough One of the most unique features of the HLA SnowWing is its rotary actuated endplates. This ingenious patented system allows the operator to independently control the endplates in a full 180 degree rotation. Now you can convert your blade from box to angle and add an extra 6 feet of clearing width.

Goodbye Tire Damage All blades that angle and have rotating endplates have potential to cause tire damage, and that’s why HLA developed our Patented Tire Protection System. This adjustable system automatically rotates the endplates away from the tire if there is the potential for collision.

Call 1-866-567-4162 to let HLA Snow help you clear the way. The HS100 is a single hopper broadcast spreader with a half yard capacity. Ideal for skid steers and small tractors, the HS100 runs off hydraulic or PTO power. Capable of spreading up to 40 feet the HS100 can be easily adapted to sidewalks with the addition of an optional sidewalk shield that will limit the spread to 3 feet. October 2012 |

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The popularity of radiant floor heat and sales are rising each year, and more and more consumers are adding radiant floor heating systems to their projects and improvements. Radiant floor heat creates some questions when first starting. In this article series we will explain the key points of radiant floor heat, and give you the confidence to start including radiant floor heat in your projects. –by LES GRAHAM

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat 101 •

Do I need to insulate under the slab?

• Radiant Floor heat is proven to be

The main consideration is the use

You need to consider insulation

the most efficient way to heat a

of insulation – both under the slab

under the slab. Don’t be fooled by

building. Compared to forced air

horizontally, and vertically installed

the statement, heat rises'. Heat does

heating it is approx 30% better.

around the perimeter. The perimeter

NOT rise – it travels in all directions.

insulation needs to have an R – value

Hot air rises! Generally speaking,

of 10. Generally, this is done with 2’’

you should always insulate a project

blue or pink poly-styrene. If possible,

2000 square feet or smaller with an

incorporate this 2’’ foam as part of

R-value of 5 – 10. On larger projects

the original concrete forms. This can

consider the dampness of the soil

save hand digging later, which can

below. If you are high and dry, then

undermine a monolithic slab.

you can consider zero insulation or

• Out of sight – tubing is buried in the concrete or under floor. No bulky duct work, baseboard, ceiling tube convectors, or cast iron radiators. • Quiet – no loud fans, pinging baseboard, etc. • Radiant floor heat is better for people with allergies

The thickness of the slab does not have to change because of radiant floor heat. The base you normally use under does not need to be changed. (Personally speaking, I like to see a 6 mil. vapor barrier under the slab.)

insulate the first 6-8 feet in from outer edge. If the water table is high in an area, then insulation under the whole area becomes necessary. Under concrete there is no benefit or need for reflective type insulation.

• Very low maintenance and cleaning – duct work and tube convectors need cleaning. BELOW: Radiant floor works well with decorative concrete. Farmers love the efficiency of radiant floor heat.

Livestock Directory

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part one

Slab design considerations when using radiant floor heat?

floor is a giant radiator


Five Star Publishing, Inc. publishes The Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory, The Southern Farm & Livestock Directory, The Eastern Farm & Livestock Directory and The Contractors Equipment Directories.

What are the advantages of radiant floor heat?

• Even heat distribution – the whole

Midwest Farm

Where is the tubing placed in the concrete?

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The tubing can go in the middle or

Kim Lennon

at the bottom of the concrete – both

Gayle Reed

Heidi Gorman

have advantages. When placed Editor:

in the middle of the concrete, the heat is delivered a little faster, thus allowing for a slight gain in efficiency. Snowmelt systems should always be installed in the middle of the slab. When placing tubing in the middle of the concrete keep in mind that with


Jan Hilpipre

Kris Taylor

shops you need a minimum of 1-1/2 inches of concrete above the tubing. Homes require a minimum of ¾-inch


above. PRODUCTION/Layout artistS:

The advantages of the tubing placed at the bottom of the concrete are several:

Justine Lee

Nancy Cain

Wendy Novak

Crystal Wendell

Evelyn Bowmer

Christa Helmers

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»monthly favorites The Need for Grain Moisture Testers in the Agricultural Industry ...........................A3 Equipment & Product Announcements.........A4 Equipment at Work........................................A8 Keeping the Family Farm in the Family.......A11 Farm and Ranch Life....................................A12 Pennywise....................................................A14 Clutter Clearing Choices..............................A16 The Knightro Report.....................................A18 Pony Tales by Ponty.....................................A18 Positive Outlook...........................................A19 Your Other 8 Hours......................................A20 Product Spotlight.........................................A29 A2

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October 2012

The Need for Grain Moisture Testers in the Agricultural Industry


–by Carrie Matola, AgraTronix

This season’s precious grain harvest needs to be checked for moisture content before it can be sold for a profit, as every farmer knows. Moisture has the ability to cripple a whole year’s worth of harvest if it is not checked from time to time. In fact, ignoring such a critical issue can actually lead to:


Additional costs if the harvested grain is wetter than is acceptable and needs to be dried before it can be sold.

Loss of value for dried grain since it has to be sold for less than its marketable value.

Spoiling the grain if it happens to be wet and is stored under low temperatures or drying bins.

Needless to say, a grain moisture tester is invaluable when it comes to preserving the value of your crop and ensuring that it sells for what it is worth.

How to Use your Grain Tester Before checking your grain for moisture content, first make sure that your moisture analyzer is in good working order. In other words, ensure that the battery is working, charged and ready to go.


Remember, a tester with a faulty battery will show inaccurate readings. This is not something that you can afford to

happen. A farmer can end up selling his grain for less than half what it was actually worth because his grain tester shows that the moisture content is through the roof. A battery that is low in power will operate no differently so make sure that you have it replaced once a year. Also make sure that you take the battery out when the device isn’t in use. Attempting to test your grain’s moisture content before it has even been harvested will not give you accurate results. Therefore it is best that you sample shelled grain that has already been harvested. In order to cover a wider area, pick the grain from several plants and mix them together in a container before testing it for moisture. Make sure that you get at least three readings for an accurate estimate. Add three or four more points to the reading and you are good to go. Getting Accurate Readings with Elevator Testing If you are still not satisfied with your readings you can always compare them to your grain elevator or mill’s readings. For this you will need to check your grain samples a total of three times with your grain tester for an approximate reading. Do the same with the elevator or mill tester. Comparing samples from an elevator and portable tester is efficient since it will provide you grain samples with

varying levels of moisture content. Make sure that the containers you keep the grain in before testing is sealed tight especially if you want to take the samples home and throw them back in the elevator afterwards. Your tester needs to be checked out if both of the readings differ by more than 1.0 points. This estimate is for dry grain. The average difference for wet grain should not be more than 1.5 points. You can have your chosen grain tester analyzed by a professional service provider on an annual basis in order to ensure that it guarantees accurate readings. Your harvest (and not to mention your profit margin) depends on it. Test 5 to 10 more samples for good measure for a short term alternative. Go with the Flow Better yet, sample the grain when it is being unloaded from a vehicle. How do you do that? Collect samples in a bucket every 50 bushels or so. When the vehicle is emptied out, mix the grain in the bucket thoroughly. After that, take out a specific amount for the moisture test. Remember, it is important that you mix the grain before scooping out a sample to be tested. The moisture content might differ throughout. In other words, taking off a few inches off the top without mixing it will not continued on page A9

Types of Portable Grain Moisture Testers The management of moisture content takes precedence when it comes to perishable crops like grain. In other words, state of the art equipment is necessary when it comes to getting readings that are accurate especially during the wet season. Shown at the top left hand of this page are devices from Agtronix.

1. 08125 MT- PRO™ Portable Grain Moisture Tester: This particular grain tester from AgraTronix is great for nighttime tests since it comes with a backlit display. It also boasts of a Multilanguage display (languages vary from English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish and Portuguese) while its high frequency circuit guarantees accuracy. 2. 09110 Portable Grain Kit - MT-PRO™ with Grain Scale: Of course, you can settle for this portable grain kit if you want to go all out. The MT-PRO™ kit comes complete with a hanging grain weight scale, MT-PRO™ grain moisture tester, operating manual as well as a storage case for easy transport. The 15.5 inch long hanging grain weight scale in particular is designed to help you measure the percentage of moisture in samples of grain as well as the lbs. per bushel. It has a test range 15 to 70 lbs. per bushel and 20 to 90 kg per hectoliters.

3. 08155 MT-16™ Portable Grain Moisture Tester: The MT-16™ grain tester is designed for measuring 16 varieties of seeds and grains in both dried as well as the stored variety. The device is controlled by a microprocessor that requires no additional conversions for moisture readings. Its moisture range for corn is anywhere between 5 to 40% and 5 to 35% for other types of grains.

4. October 2012

4. 09110 Portable Grain Kit - MT-PRO™ with Grain Scale: Of course, you can settle for this portable grain kit if you want to go all out. The MT-PRO™ kit comes complete with a hanging grain weight scale, MT-PRO™ grain moisture tester, operating manual as well as a storage case for easy transport. The 15.5 inch long hanging grain weight scale in particular is designed to help you measure the percentage of moisture in samples of grain as well as the lbs. per bushel. It has a test range 15 to 70 lbs. per bushel and 20 to 90 kg per hectoliters. |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



»what’s new Square balers from case add capacity, efficiency and functional, modern style to haying operations It’s not often that a familiar silhouette changes so dramatically: Case IH has redesigned the new LB4 Series large square baler for both style and function. The new design changes encompass both internal and external changes that make the new LB4 series large square balers significantly more efficient than previous models. “We are very excited about the performance of this new baler series,” says Brett DeVries, Case IH Hay and Forage Marketing Manager. DeVries continued: “The goal is to help producers maximize short baling windows. The new design has increased capacity by as much as 20 percent.” Inside, the LB4 Series balers feature a new, high-inertia flywheel that is 19 percent larger than previous models and results in improved performance in uneven windrows. The new, high-capacity pickup features a roller windguard, feedassist roller and faster rpm’s to maximize crop flow into the baler. The gearbox runs at an astonishing 48 strokes per minute to put crop through the machine quicker and more efficiently. “The high-speed baling means producers can get more done in a day without compromising bale density or shape,” says DeVries. As for the sleek new look? The new curved design allows the baler to shed debris more easily. “Case IH has always had an industry-leading double knotter assembly. The reliable, heavy-duty direct-drive knotters provide outstanding reliability, minimizing mistties,” says DeVries.

The LB4 large square balers also come equipped with steering sensors that interface with the intuitive AFS Pro 700 display to more efficiently help producers build the perfect hay bale. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

universal Skid Steer Adapter for compact pin-on loaders Worksaver, Inc. introduces the Universal Skid Steer Adapter to allow the use of skid steer type attachments for compact tractors up to 40 hp. with pin-on type loaders. The adapter is 54” wide x 17” high and features an all welded design with plated handles, springs and locks. With the universal skid steer adapter, loaders on compact tractors with pin-on buckets can now be updated with the popular skid steer attaching method. Customers can also easily switch attachments between a skid steer loader and compact tractor loader. This adapter can be paired with a pin-on bracket set for compact tractors to complete the unit. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

kiOti rX6010Pc utility tractor offers power shuttle for ease of use and greater comfort KIOTI Tractor set the bar high last year with the launch of its high-performance RX6010C, a durable 59-horsepower utility tractor. However, with the introduction of its new RX6010PC model earlier this month, the company raised the bar even higher.

On top of the 59-horsepower provided by the Daedong diesel engine, an additional 49.1-horsepower at 540 RPM is supplied by the standard independent rear PTO, giving the RX6010PC the ability to run a wide range of implements and attachments. The RX6010PC’s front-end and hood design offers a onetouch control release to simplify and speed up routine service and maintenance. A deluxe cab with a wide-range of comfort features is standard. A flat deck provides a productive work environment which is enhanced by amenities like an AM/FM stereo with CD player, cup holders and a 12-volt power outlet for plug-ins. The 12-speed transmission allows for travel up to 19 mph in either forward or reverse. Additional standard features include an adjustable tilt steering wheel, responsive power steering and wet multi-disc brakes, electric over hydraulic four-wheel drive and rear differential lock, for superior traction over the toughest ground conditions.

kinze introduces iSObuS electronics capability Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. announces a new option for its planters: ISOBUS-compatibility. This capability allows easy “plug and play” operation with any ISO-compatible tractor, including those sold by John Deere with GreenStar™ Displays. With this interconnectivity, farmers do not have to change monitors, displays, wiring harnesses, or electrical connectors with different implements from different manufacturers. The vehicle and equipment electronics speak the same language, enabling simpler operation than ever before. With ISO compatibility, one monitor in the tractor cab can run both the planter and the tractor, saving room in the cab and money on a second monitor, not to mention the time it takes to install a second monitor.

“The LB4 large square baler has been put to the test, baling more than 200,000 bales, and it has excelled in all kinds of crops and conditions,” says DeVries. Together, the new design elements create a product that is not only more efficient and reliable but also is easier to use and maintain. The baler is 2 feet narrower, allowing for better visibility around the baler and easier transport. Most major service points can be accessed by opening just one easyopen service door at ground-level, reducing complexity and maintenance time. The new KIOTI RX6010PC model tractor boasts a hydraulic shuttle transmission versus the synchro shuttle transmission offered on the RX6010C. The hydraulic shuttle provides the operator with the ability to change direction with the quick flip of a Power Shuttle Lever, eliminating the need to stop the tractor and step on the clutch to change direction. Continuous operation increases efficiency and delivers greater productivity when using the KIOTI RX6010PC. The tractor is equipped with a wet multi-plate clutch system to support the intended rigorous and continuous use of the tractor. In addition to the ability to change direction with the push 800-622-8836 |

The RX6010PC houses a 59-horsepower turbocharged Daedong diesel engine that is both powerful and fuel-efficient. KIOTI’s parent company, Daedong Industrial Company, Ltd., designs and builds its own engines, as well the other major components and systems on all KIOTI tractors, a practice the company has branded “The Power of 1™” manufacturing process. Manufacturing in this manner results in a better fit and finish, and optimal operating efficiencies on every KIOTI tractor built.


Many other parts of the baler have been reinforced for better wear and longer life, including the all-new, heavy-duty frame on the pickup and reel.


of a lever, the RX6010PC delivers an easier-to-handle loader experience. The telescoping Category II three-point hitch, which can be controlled directly from the operator’s station with a single-lever joystick, provides 3,710 pounds of lifting power, 24” aft of hitch. Standard quick-attach dual remotes are located near the three-point hitch. Mid-mounted hydraulic remotes are also standard for running front-end tools.

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

Kinze’s new technology means any ISOBUS-equipped tractor can be quickly connected using the ISOBUS standard tractor/ implement connectors. The user interface presented to the operator is the same, regardless of the brand of tractor or virtual terminal. Additionally, all planter settings are saved on the planter, so switching between tractors becomes a nonissue. “This new standard will bring even more convenience to farmers,” said Susanne (Kinzenbaw) Veatch, vice president and chief marketing officer for Kinze. “We understand the

October 2012

what’s new« importance of enabling efficiency and simplicity especially during planting, and ISO-compatibility will make an outstanding difference in giving more time back to farmers."

The newly redesigned Surveyor cab features more interior


step light, and relocated external cab lights. The air-ride,

new case ih titan 30 Series floaters offer best technology for maximum productivity

40-degree swivel seat provides a 180-degree field of vision,

Case IH is proud to welcome the new Titan™ 30 Series floaters to its Efficient Power family. These floaters are both

space, increased glass area, a new overhead control panel, improved interior dome and armrest lights, an exterior

preventing neck strain. “Case IH Titan 30 Series floaters are easier than ever to use,” says Lehmann. “Application control switches are ergonomically placed on a console to the operator’s right, with the most commonly used controls placed on the control lever for simple, one-handed operation.” Designed for Solid Performance

more powerful and more efficient than previous models and

Performance and productivity for any floater rests on the

feature the newly redesigned Surveyor™ cab with accurate

frame’s structural integrity. The Titan 30 Series floaters are

controls to help producers maximize inputs.

designed to withstand the most demanding field conditions.

“The enhanced performance and efficiency of Titan 30 Series

The frames are built of rectangular, cross-section steel tubing

toys or equipment from the harsh elements. Whether it’s for

floaters means operators can cover more acres with less fuel,”

and are continuously welded, not just bolted together. This

4-wheelers, golf carts or RV and boat storage, the options are

says Ken Lehmann, Case IH Application Equipment Sales

gives floaters maximum frame strength, protecting mounted

endless. The ACCENT building can be customized to suit your

and Marketing Manager. “With improved ruggedness and

components from stress cracking.

needs with doors, ends and various foundations options.

Welded-in torsion tubes, plus top and bottom doublers in

BRITESPAN Building Systems is a provider of pre-engineered,

key stress areas, combine to form a rigid frame that easily

steel truss framed fabric covered buildings for agricultural,

carries heavy loads. The floaters contain large rear axles

commercial and government applications as well as non

rated at 34,000 pounds with a wheel-end planetary and two-

engineered single arch lines.

speed air-shift. This ruggedness helps the chassis handle the


efficiency, these floaters are designed to perform in tough conditions.”

demands of day-in, day-out spreading and spraying over tough terrain.

Premium radiant Pex-Al-Pex

“Case IH Titan 30 Series floaters are also designed for ease of

Radiant Outfitters is the official importer of Henco’s Belgium

service, offering easy access to check fluids, batteries, tanks

made Pex-Al-Pex. Henco uses the lastest technology when

and air system components,” says Lehmann.

extruding this premium tubing. It is the only Pex-Al-Pex with

In addition, the new 30 Series offers two applicator options to deliver accurate and even application with less waste, the 610 Liquid System or the 810 Flex-Air™ applicator. “The 810 Flex-Air applicator offers superior, precise fertilizer and nutrient placement that Case IH applicators are known More Horsepower & increased Fuel Efficiency

for,” Lehmann says. “The Case IH Titan 30 Series simply provides greater power and comfort to help producers get

Titan 30 Series floaters are available in four configurations,

the application completed with an uncomplicated, efficient

with three- or four-wheels and the option of 330 or 400


horsepower. These floaters also feature the new Case IH FPT 8.7-liter engine, offering 8 to 9 percent more horsepower than previous models. The diesel engines are designed to handle heavy engine loads while delivering optimum fuel efficiency and meeting Tier 4 standards. Case IH’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions solution operates outside the engine, allowing the engine to be tuned for maximum power and performance while still achieving compliance. This simple design also leads to improved fuel economy and engine durability. “These





The ACCENT buildings are ideal for protecting your valuable

a butt weld verses an overlap weld. This gives it the highest pressure and temperature ratings on the market. The butt weld also allows the Pex to stay uniform thickness both inside and out. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion is 7-8 times better than regular Pex. The aluminum sleeve creates a 100% oxygen barrier and aids in the ease of layout of the tubing. Henco is approved to the standard ASTM 1281 and is available in I.D. of ½’’, 5/8’’, ¾’’, & 1’’.


briteSPAn building Systems introduces the Accent building series BRITESPAN Building Systems is growing again, adding another building to their current product line. The new building series, called the “ACCENT” is less expensive versus the truss style buildings and has nice vertical side walls for


qualifications: increased power, better fuel efficiency and maximized inputs,” says Lehmann.

great storage capacity. There are 2 different styles of the ACCENT buildings available: a 26’ wide low clearance and a 28’ wide high clearance. The

More Comfortable Cab & Easier Controls

high clearance model provides over 18’ clearance to the

Because operators are often in the field for long days and even

center of the building. These building can be constructed to

longer nights, comfort is of utmost importance. That’s why

any length needed and can be easily expanded.

Case IH Titan 30 Series floaters are equipped to help operators work more hours without efficiency-robbing fatigue.

October 2012 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



»what’s new kohler introduces new 999cc cArb compliant engine Kohler® Engines has launched a 999cc California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant engine, which incorporates a Secondary Air Injection (SAI) system to meet the latest emissions standards in all 50 U.S. states. Kohler’s unique SAI system injects air into the engine’s exhaust manifold to significantly minimize pollutants and enhance overall engine performance. The powerful and easy-to-maintain new 999cc is ideal for use in a wide range of commercial applications, including agricultural tractors, lawn tractors, pumps, rollers, generators and other power equipment.

“Twin-row crop production is increasing in popularity due to the potential yield advantages by narrowing corn rows,” says Bill Hoeg, Case IH Planter Sales and Marketing Manager in North America. “Case IH Twin-Row planters allow producers to increase plant populations without having to make any new investments or major modifications to existing harvesting or spraying equipment. Essentially, you change your planter and everything else remains the same as it was with 30-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch or 40-inch rows.”

coating fortified with new, heavy duty resin technology that provides the increased traction. It works well on interior or exterior concrete surfaces such as walkways, steps, ramps, pool decks and other areas that need improved traction. It is not recommended for use on garage floors, parking areas or decks.

The concept involves staggering seed in two rows, eight inches apart on 30-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch or 40-inch centers. Therefore, a corn head set for 30-inch, 36-inch, 38-inch or 40inch rows can harvest twin rows at the same time. However, this technology is not just for those who want more bushels of corn per acre or higher tonnage corn silage.


case ih AFS software offers more functionality and capacity than before

“Twin-row technology can also be used with other row crops, such as soybeans, cotton, milo and sunflowers,” says Hoeg. “Twin-row production is often credited for increased standability of crops, and this system utilizes a higher percentage of an acre compared to standard row widths.”

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems® (AFS) software is new and improved, offering more functionality and capacity to help producers farm more efficiently. Case IH worked with Farm Works® information management solutions to create this industry-leading software, which gives Case IH customers access to a complete range of desktop solutions for their farm operations.

“We’re excited to bring a new option of higher-powered engine to market that meet the most stringent air-quality standards while also delivering unequaled Kohler performance in the field,” said Justin Blount, director of marketing for Kohler Engines. “Of course, we also placed a premium on fuel efficiency and durability when designing these engines, so end users can rest assured knowing they’ve made an incredibly solid investment that’s easy on their wallet and the environment.” OEMs and end users interested in additional details are encouraged to connect with their Kohler sales representative for specific pricing and availability. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

new Quikrete® Anti-Skid textured coating fortified to provide increased traction Looking for more traction and more skid resistance on your concrete surfaces? The new QUIKRETE® Anti-Skid Textured Coating provides increased traction and more protection to both interior and exterior surfaces. “Our new reformulated QUIKRETE® Anti-Skid Textured Coating is the ideal solution for concrete surfaces where increased traction will improve safety,” said Suzette Bojarski, product manager for QUIKRETE® Coatings. “Whether inside or outside, a new surface or a repainted surface, QUIKRETE® Anti-Skid Textured Coating can help make walking and working that much safer.” QUIKRETE® Anti-Skid Textured Coating is a high-build A6

800-622-8836 |

“This software provides Case IH customers with the ability to mark field maps with lagoons, highways or other obstacles; create yield maps to track yields and manage guidance lines; and develop prescriptions based on those yields. And that’s just a sampling of what it can do,” says Trevor Mecham, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems Marketing Manager. The new version of AFS Mapping & Records offers several new features: •

Complete field records, including manual record entry

Enterprise costing and statements

Accurate profit-mapping

Map importing that automatically creates job-based field records

Yield reconciliation by field

Crop purchaser delivery tickets reconciled with yield

Radio data system (RDS) yield compatibility

Yara sensor terminal support, including variable-rate application plans

For more information, visit your local Case IH dealer or www. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

case ih twin-row planters offer innovative technology Advanced twin-row seeding technology is now available from Case IH for 2013. Accurate, dependable Case IH Twin-Row planters provide a best-in-class solution to increase plant populations without changing cropping practices.

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

For 2013 Case IH will offer the following Twin-Row planter models: •

825A3P – This rigid-mounted 8-row-wide planter has positive ground drive and a 1.6-bushel hopper on each row.

4025A3PS – This stack-fold planter is available in 12-rowwide and 16-row 30-inch configurations with either an 82-bushel hopper or a customer-supplied ProBox. The planter folds to a transport width of 25 feet with extra clearance down low for bridges, signs or other obstacles. Row markers also fold down to reduce transport height. A hydraulic seed drive is standard. Weight transfer to the wings is optional.

1225A FF and 1625A FF – These front-fold planter models, with hydraulic seed drive, are available in 12and 16-row 30-inch configurations. They feature an 82or 150-bushel hopper, or may be used with a customersupplied ProBox. Two optional 200-gallon fertilizer tanks are available. Transport width is a narrow 13 feet 6 inches.

When customers purchase a Case IH Twin-Row planter, they also receive access to the full support of the Case IH dealer network and Case IH field team. “Case IH planter specialists are out in the field, working alongside producers whenever help is needed,” says Hoeg. “They have the expertise to help farmers select the right planting system for their specific operation."

October 2012

what’s new« Farm fence energizers that work as hard as you do

F/S Manufacturing inc. introduces homestead 3-Point Sprayers

Tired of the endless walking involved when finding a fault in your fence? First finding the fault, going back to turn off the energizer, fixing the fence, then going back to turn the energizer on – again? Kencove Farm Fence Supplies offers the newest line of energizers with extended features to simplify fence troubleshooting needs. Made in the USA, this series of energizers works as hard as you do. Programmed to work with an optional remote control, the energizer can be turned on or off from anywhere along the fence line. The remote control is also a fault finder and voltage meter, supplying you with three tools in 1one. These energizers are designed with the latest technology using ultra low impedance, allowing your fence to maintain the integrity of the voltage while still performing under “real life” conditions; weather soaked and over grown weeds won’t impede performance.

We stay true to the actual amount of energy used to circulate the voltage through the fence line when sizing energizers. Equipped with diagnostic LED lights, you’ll never question the functionality of your 24 Joule energizer. Kencove energizers give you more power for less money, with power ranges from 3 to 24 joules and everyday low prices. For fast, friendly service and expert advice visit www.kencove. com or call 1-800-KENCOVE. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Schweiss Doors develops new “red Power” hydraulic pump Schweiss Doors, a Minnesota based company, providing quality bifold and hydraulic one-piece doors for agricultural buildings, aircraft hangars, businesses and other installations, announces they have developed a new, more powerful and smoother running hydraulic pump system which goes by the trade name of “Red Power”. Mike Schweiss, owner of the company, said since it was first introduced at various trade shows around the U.S. farmers, ranchers and pilots have been asking for it by name. “Over the years we rolled together our customer comments, combined with our knowledge and experience, and turned it over to our talented Schweiss design team to perfect. What’s really nice for the buyer is that we don’t charge them a penny more for this new pump than they paid before. It goes on all our hydraulic doors and is made at our factory,” said Schweiss.

the new “red Power” hydraulic pump from Schweiss Doors

The Homestead 3-Point Sprayers from F/S Manufacturing Inc. are designed for use in the most challenging terrain. They are ideal for cleanup work behind a large boom sprayer, wet areas, field edges, CRP and pastures. If you are looking for a sprayer with robust steel work and proven quality TeeJet and Hypro components, the Homestead is built to last and ready to go to work for you. The Homestead Sprayer lineup includes the Homestead 55 with a 55 gal. tank and an 18 ft. boom and the Homestead HD with tank sizes of 110, 150, and 200 gallons. The HD model is currently available with 20 or 30 ft. heavy duty

Its power comes from a top quality LEESON motor and offers superior electrical components. The Safety Advantage System and three back-up systems are something buyers are really liking. They allow the door to lock up and down and safely lower the door in an emergency from ground level. The hydraulic directional control valve has a built in manual override.

booms. F/S plans to offer a 45 ft. boom for the 2013 model. The boom can be set up with manual or electric TeeJet controls.

F/S Manufacturing's homestead 3-Point Sprayer

Back-up systems are all in the same compact unit. In case of electrical failure a pilot can use a DC battery, tractor hydraulic or a drill with a 7/16" hex head to raise or lower the door. Red Power hydraulic pumps come in 2 h.p and go all the way up to 10 h.p. for larger d0ors. For more information contact Schweiss Doors at 800-7468273. Visit, or email schweiss@ The 3-point hitch will accommodate either Category 1 or 2

Stoney creek stocks easyPro “Sizable” Pond netting

and will work with a quick attach hitch. Four adjustable legs are used for parking stands making hookup and unhooking a breeze. F/S Manufacturing Inc. is located in West Fargo, ND and has been manufacturing a full line of quality large ag, lawn and garden sprayers and chemical handling Equipment

Don’t be limited by a small variety of prepackaged pond netting that does not fit the needs of many pond and stream applications. EasyPro bulk netting is available in 3 widths and 100’ lengths, it can be custom cut to the exact length you desire for a perfect fit every time.

since 1990. For more information about F/S Manufacturing

This strong black pond netting will last for years keeping ponds clean and fish safe. Netting also prevents poor water quality problems by keeping leaves and other debris from falling into your pond. It can also be used in a variety of settings to protect items in your landscape or farm. This netting features polyethylene strands woven together in a mesh making it very strong.


Inc. and all of our products, call 800-333-2314 or visit our website at Look for our ad in this magazine.

To request a catalog or for more information on Stoney Creek products call 800-448-3873 or visit |

and Livestock Directory encourages and welcomes all types of current, newsworthy editorial material relevant for our industry and appropriate for our readers. For submissions guidelines, go to our website at

The Red Power Hydraulic Pump comes to the buyer in a compact unit, ready to be mounted where the buyer wants it, whether it be on a wall, top-hung, floor or back room.

October 2012

The Midwest Farm and click on 'MEDiA CENTER'. Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



»equipment at work Fencing company claims profits increased by 50% using the

Man Saver Post Driver

Making its mark in the post driver industry, rohrer Manufacturing, creator of the ultra lightweight Man Saver Post Driver, helped increase profits over 45% for Lovewell Fencing, a Midwest based fencing company, in its residential fencing sector. (See case study below.) this driver is an American-made, lightweight portable pneumatic fence post driver on the market for farmers and ranchers, vineyards, construction centers, highway and public works departments to fence thousands of acres in a minimal amount of time without hauling thousands of pounds of equipment. 77-year-old machinist Dan rohrer of rohrer Manufacturing, created the fence post driver concept over 15 years ago. his vision was to create a tool that would reduce injuries, reduce time and budget. today, rohrer has developed a series of fence post drivers and expanded its capabilities with various adapters that allow them to drive almost any shaped post on the market up to 3.5" in diameter. the price of the drivers have never increased, making it the most competitive fence post driver on the market today. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– the following CASE STUDY illustrates the clear comparison of the Man Saver Post Driver versus standard fence post drivers on the market:

CHALLENGE Profits were down for Lovewell Fencing in their residential business sector due to increased expenses of utilizing and hauling heavy equipment for small fencing projects. The need was to acquire fence post driver equipment that required much less hauling costs.

iDEA After months of due diligence in the driver marketplace, Lovewell purchased seven M-type fence post drivers and insert sleeves that don't require large compressors. The ultimate goal was to reduce project expenses by eliminating the requirement to use heavy weight axle trailers to haul equipment and to reduce overall project expenses. The Man Saver Post Drivers run on small compressors that can be

hauled in a small trailer, behind a four wheeler, or in the back of a pickup truck to reach remote areas.

RESULT • Easy access to remote areas resulted in more job orders that may not have been profitable beforehand • Reduced project expenses by 50% • Increased production by 35-40% within six months • Increased profits by 50% during initial six months “It has definitely been a win-win for our company and our customers,” said Tom Lovewell, owner of Lovewell Fencing. “The introduction of the Man Saver Fence Post Drivers has enabled our company to greatly increase profits in just six months,” added Lovewell.

Lone Star Hydraulic Drills provide superior power in tough terrains Little Beaver’s line of Lone Star Hydraulic Drills work easily and efficiently in a variety of applications including, water well drilling, soil sampling, geotechnical testing and auger drilling. Available in four configurations, LS200H, LS200H+, LS300H and LS300H+, Lone Star Hydraulic Drills are capable of achieving drilling depths ranging from 200 to 300 feet. Designed for operation in areas with minimal resources for transportation, all hydraulic models break down to a compact size in order to be easily crated. Ideal for shipping to remote areas, the units are still powerful enough to reach target digging depths in all types of terrains.

but, thanks to its stronger mud pump, drills 6-inch boreholes up to 300 feet. The LS200H+ and LS300H+ feature a more robust hydraulic system ideally suited to handle even more challenging and rough terrain. Built with the same operator-inspired design as the LS200H and LS300H, the LS200H+ and LS300H+ feature greater power and enhanced performance. Each unit is equipped with a 20-horsepower Honda gas or a 19-horsepower Yanmar diesel engine. The easy-to-operate hydraulic system features pullback forces of 5,000 pounds and push down forces adjustable up to 5,000 pounds when anchored, ensuring

The LS200H and LS300H feature a simple hydraulic system with pullback forces of 2,500 pounds and push down forces adjustable up to 2,500 pounds. A convenient bypass flow switch offers precise control and adjustment to achieve desired pushdown force. Equipped with a standard anchor kit, the unit is capable of quick drilling in even the toughest, rockiest surfaces. Strategically placed controls provide easy operation of the rotary and the draw-works. Furthermore, a heavy-duty swivel base design allows the rotary to move aside for full and easy access to the borehole. Each drill is equipped with 11-horsepower Honda gas or 10-horsepower Yanmar or Hatz diesel engine for worry-free performance.

800-622-8836 |

All Lone Star Hydraulic Drills are designed with longevity, ease of operation and convenience in mind. Made with a heavy-duty welded steel frame and reinforced table base, hydraulic drills provide years of reliable operation with little maintenance. For convenience during operation, a 3-way ball valve allows operators to bypass the mudflow when changing the pump, eliminating the need to shut down the mud pump. In addition, each drill is equipped with controls that include rear mounted dual and adjustable relief valves. Lone Star has also developed a package of tools and accessories that includes items needed to successfully operate in challenging environments. Packages vary for each model but include casing slips and a flush tool designed to help clear mud from the borehole and replace it with clean water. Also included is a bailer used to flush the hole and wash out fines and sediment, effectively pulling those loose materials out to create an efficient and clean water well. In addition, each unit is fully equipped with a toolbox containing a set of wrenches, necessary for tightening every bolt on the drill, a grease gun, pipe joint lubricant and a basic set of spare parts. This package allows for easy set-up, and efficient performance – for minimal hassle and downtime.

The LS200H is ideal for drilling 6-inch boreholes in sand, clay, gravel and rock formations and offers a digging depth of 200 feet. The unit provides 70 RPM speed and 375 foot-pounds max torque. The LS300H provides the same speeds and torque


the drill reaches its specified depth every time. Similar to the LS200 and LS300, the LS200+ digs 6-inch boreholes at depths of up to 200 feet, and the LS300+ up to 300 feet. With rotation speeds of 95 RPM at 10 GPM and max torque of 665 footpounds, the added plus of these hydraulic drills make digging through soft to medium rock formations possible.

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2012

Gear up your Grain Cart

HYDRONIC RADIANT FLOOR HEAT 101 • I feel the tubing is more protected during the pour of concrete. The tubing is not suspended on the re-rod waiting for someone to step on it and damage it. • It is more protected during the lifetime of the slab because it is farther away from drill bits, nails and screws.

Kinze offers cart maintenance tips to farmers preparing for harvest.

• Ease of installation – there are special staples and screw clips that utilize the use of tools that allow you to fasten to the Styrofoam from a standing position. These methods are also considered faster than attaching to the re-rod. • When placed at the bottom of the concrete, I feel the tubing is also a little more protected in the event of a crack since the tubing is not totally encased in the concrete (the bottom of tubing is against the foam or other base) it should be more protected.

“Harvest can and should move very quickly when the crop is ready,” says Phil Jennings, service manager at Kinze® Manufacturing, Inc. “The grain cart is a hard-working piece of equipment and farmers should make sure it’s in good shape before heading to the field.”

__________________________________________________________ Part two of Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat 101 will appear in the November edition of the Eastern Farm And Livestock Directory, or you can read it now on our website at The series is located in the «how-to & maintenance area of Equipment Talk. Les Graham is president and owner of Radiant Outfitters based out of New London, Minnesota. Graham has 24 years of experience in radiant floor heating and has certified with the Radiant Panel Association.

To ensure farmers have the most efficient harvest possible, Jennings recommends they perform preseason maintenance on their grain carts.

Grain Moisture Testers give you precise readings. If you plan on testing the sample later, make sure that you cover the container. Getting Accurate Readings through Elevator Testing If you are still not sure about the readings, you can always compare them with the readings from your elevator’s tester. A Word to the Wise Grain testers might be convenient but that is no reason for you to ignore the user manuals that they come with. Give special attention to your chosen device’s temperature compensation. The temperature of your grain can affect the readings on the moisture tester. There are some testers that will adjust the temperature for you. However, there are also some that will either require you to adjust temperature compensation readings manually or measure the temperature of the grain yourself. Grain that is stored in either hot or cold temperatures will not give you accurate readings. For example, testing grain that is being dried is a bad idea. Electronic testers cannot

October 2012

accurately measure the moisture content of grain that is being rapidly heated or rapidly cooled. The fact that grain loses a lot of its moisture while it cools is another reason why you should let it rest in a container before using the device to measure moisture content. Changing moisture levels is also why the same sample of grain should be measured more than three times until you come up with a satisfactory average estimate.

“In farming, there are so many factors that we cannot control. Preventive maintenance helps us maximize the opportunity to be effective and efficient at harvest time,” says Jennings.

Don’t let a few drops of moisture ruin all of your hard work. Farmers need ample time to prepare their crop before sending it to be sold. A grain moisture tester can help you save your harvest and ensure that it sells for what it is actually worth. _________________________________________ About AgraTronix: AgraTronix has been a leader in the electronic moisture sensing instrumentation industry for more than 37 years. They are renowned as the worldwide industry standard for grain, hay and wood moisture testers. Always incorporating the latest technology, AgraTronix offers a wide range of high-quality, competitively priced products with specifications to meet the everyday farmer’s needs. They have built a reputation of quality, reliability, service and state-of-the-art technology. For more information about the AgraTronix brand of grain, hay and wood moisture testers, visit |

Efficiency is key when it comes to harvest, and this has become even more important in recent years as farm sizes increase yet the amount of time to harvest remains the same.

Grain carts are inherently simple products compared to other farm machinery, so most of the pre-harvest maintenance can be done with visual checks in a short amount of time, says Jennings. Farmers who perform these pre-harvest measures will be prepared when the crop is ready. “By the time harvest rolls around, it may have been 10 months since your cart has been used,” says Jennings. “Carts get used hard at harvest, and usually don’t get looked at again until the following year. When you rely on a piece of equipment this much, it’s imperative to take preventive measures to be certain there are no surprises in the field.”

Kinze Manufacturing's 'Gear up your Grain Cart for Harvest' Checklist • Inspect augers for noticeable wear – over time augers may become smaller in diameter, which will diminish their performance. • Check for proper adjustment of the drive belts and make sure serviceable parts of the power take off (PTO) shafts are greased or serviced. • If wheels carry your cart, reset the torque on the wheel nuts and check the tire pressure. • If tracks carry your cart, check the torque on various bolts and tension on the track itself. • Check the oil in the gearbox. • Look over the tarp to make sure there aren’t any tears or spots showing wear. • Confirm the accuracy of the scale system by checking the weight and load of your cart with the legal for trade scale at your local grain elevator. • Inspect the hydraulic hoses to ensure they have no visible wear spots or leaks. • Make sure the lights are working properly. • Check to see that the safety chains are attached securely and in good condition. • Make sure your “Slow Moving Vehicle” sign is clean and clearly visible.

_______________________________________________________________ For more information on grain cart maintenance, consult your local Kinze dealer or visit

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LAM-PLY TRUSS The Truss That Will Carry The Load

• Spans up to 80 ft. • Spans up to 12 ft. depending on the load you desire. • Bird Nesting Control • Better Ventilation & Visibility • No Feed Alley Post Obstruction • Additional Ceiling Height

Free Stall


Storage Building

Starwood Rafter Uses: W24141 Starwood Lane Independence, WI 54747

CALL TOLL FREE: 888-525-5878


Brothers Equipment, Inc. Friend, Nebraska

Phone: 800-228-4582

• Pole Sheds • Free Stalls • Pavilion Shelters • Machinery Storage • Riding Arenas

MODEL 803/804 (8”) MODEL 1003/1004 (10”) MODEL 1204 (12”)


“Serving Agriculture Over 30 Years”

Powered by a PTO Shaft with Constant Velocity Universal Joint for Smooth Operation at Any Speed.

4000 Series Spra-Coupe 400 Gallon

10”-12” Augers Feature Our Heavy Duty Long Lasting 12 Gauge Galvanized Tubing

GVM E-Series Prowler 1800 Gallon Twin Flighting Low Profile Hopper Optional on 10” and Standard on 12”

Made with pride in the Heartland U.S.A. Backed with a full 18 month guarantee!

7000 Series Spra-Coupe 725 Gallon

GVM Prowler 9275 1600 Gallon

We Have a Complete Line-Up of Mechanical Drive Sprayers. Give us a Call Today. 800-228-4582 • 800-742-7746


800-622-8836 |

PECK Manufacturing Company Herman, Nebraska U.S.A. 402-456-7314

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MODEL 803/1003 uses a hydraulic motor on the swing hopper.

STANDARD equipped with hydraulic powered winch on 8” and 10” augers. The 12” augers have dual hydraulic cylinder lift. HOPPER may be used or transported on either side. A few minor changes allow opposite side hook-ups.

MODEL 804/1004/1204 mechanical drive utilizes PTO power to run both the main auger and swing hopper. October 2012

Necessary Topics for a Successful Estate Plan By Michael Baron

Owner/Manager of Great Plains Diversified Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND

“Keeping the Family Farm in the Family”

Great Plains Diversified Services, Inc. | | | 701-255-4079 or Toll-free: 800-373-4078

to is going ke there li s k o lo dy who left d it alrea children ildren an o h c tw e e e r h th .T d We have and I die etting an husband y m n farm is g e h e w th le n o tt d be a ba ho staye he one eceive. T the one w r e l k il li w l e y e fe th the farm an what shooting value th in e r o the whole t m e t g lo ld a u t o will ge ks he sh t twenty farm thin r the pas e fo th d n n o u o d r e a who stay ho stuck ers and et togeth the one w g ’s y e il h m e s t fa cau f g tense a match be e three o dy gettin a e lr a e etween th r b a n s e g k o in p h ns years. T eady bee have alr s d r o w arp a few sh pouses). d their s n (a m e th w up oesn’t blo d it o s n o y is situati o the wa al with th e d to g gs will g in in o g th e s e w c an How are g into e our ch What ar ady gettin ? e ie lr d a e e r w a re y ids even befo when the nd the k ur death o n o p u r backs a u o m e n o th t s ye we wan ot bulls-e e we’ve g k li l e fe I it today? to shoot. g ready are gettin

Dear Mic


The Heat Is On! Battling Siblings Just in the past ten years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift from people having a lot of security as they head into retirement to suddenly realizing they could be working for the rest of their life. easy,

about this situation - and it comes out, oddly enough, in

when you’ve seen

estate planning, as well. That jealousy factor comes into

everything else in

play when talking to your children because things aren’t

your life go down,

so great where they live.



to suddenly look at your farming sibling see



There are a lot of factors coming in to play in the last

their have

gone the opposite

future - or upon your death - Targeted, I think you needn’t worry about that - you are guaranteed things are going to blow up some day if they are already sniping at one another.


When times were tough in agriculture and no one

neither good nor

wanted to farm, estate counseling was a lot easier. Now

bad, but it’s certainly human

that times are tough around the rest of the country

nature, to realize the future shortcomings of what you

coupled with the recent good fortunes in our area and in

thought was a securely planned retirement, and see

agriculture, estate planning is going to get intense.

your sibling suddenly sitting on top of land that’s worth

How to deal with it? Work out a plan that you feel is fair


Sig ned, Targeted

Dear Targeted:


If you think this situation is going to get better in the

a fortune.

to everyone and then discuss that plan with the members

decade that have made this a lot more difficult situation

Three, and this is just part of the economics of this part

of your family. If they come home for holidays or for

than it was in the nineteen-nineties.

of the country right now is North Dakota, and parts

other reasons, tell them to set aside half a day when you

nearby, are suddenly swimming in wealth due to the

can talk over what your plans are - and tell them to leave

economic, agriculture and/or oil development. This

their spouses and kids out of it. You don’t get to weigh

news has been heralded in every major news piece from

in on what your in-laws parents are going to do - why

CBS to PBS as well as Money Magazine to the New York

should they be involved in your property settlements

Times, It used to be when you left the state, when people

(unless they’ve been part of the farm business)?

would ask where you were from, you’d answer and

Before you do, though, take some time to really add up all

One, farming has had a remarkable run and it’s tough for the other kids to come home and see their sibling suddenly prospering in the agricultural business. When they left, no one wanted to farm because there was no money in it. Two, for most of the children who left the farm, they put

they’d reply ‘Is that where the faces of the president’s

their money into their own futures - staying with the

are?’ I was just down in Texas and Denver this summer

same job, keeping up with the company 401k retirement

and everyone, and I mean everyone, knows where and

plan, buying and paying for their real estate. The sad

what is happening up here now.

truth is over the past decade, just about every American has seen a dramatic downslide in their overall net worth - from the loss of value on their homes, the losses in their retirement plans, the governments talk about lowering or changing Social Security. Again, just in the past ten years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift from people having a lot of security as they head into retirement to suddenly realizing they could be working (if they even have a job) for the rest of their life. October 2012

the numbers with an expert. I find a lot of people ‘under value’ the assets they own and expect their children to agree with them when they are blatantly low. If you do that, you’re just throwing fuel on the fire and it’s not

Your other children are also aware of this coverage, as

going to go well. Next week we’ll continue on this vein

well as what they’ve learned by returning back here and

and talk more about what needs to be done.

news from home. Somehow it’s gotten implanted in

NOTE: This information is not to be construed as legal

their heads that everyone here is rich and getting richer - and by gosh, if the farming son is somehow gaining by this, then they should get a piece of the pie, as well. This is something you hear from all across the country - the rest of the country is more than just a little bit jealous |

advice and we recommend you consult an attorney, tax advisor, or other registered advisor for the completion of your plan. Please consult with an attorney regarding the need for legal advice and drafting of any legal documents.

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Farm & Ranch Life

Michael R. Rosmann, Ph.D.

Email Dr. Rosmann at, or visit his website at You can call him at his office in Harlan, Iowa at 712-235-6100.

What Happens After the Affair? A number of popular Hollywood movies involving the farm and ranch population have portrayed extramarital affairs as acceptable, such as The Bridges of Madison County, The Horse Whisperer, and Brokeback Mountain. However, most extramarital affairs usually have devastating effects on the participants, and also on any children in their respective families. Recently a farmer in another state emailed me about an affair he had with his neighbor’s wife. He asked if I would write about marriage and infidelity. I thank this person for bringing up a matter that troubles many farm and nonfarm people alike. After learning about the affair, the neighbor’s husband filed for divorce. The wife of the man who contacted me wants to put the matter behind them but he feels unresolved about a number of things. Between the two couples there are five children. I don’t have personal experience involving adultery because Marilyn and I have always been faithful during our 40 years of marriage. As a professional psychologist, I have worked with many individuals and couples involved in ongoing or past affairs; this article draws on what I have learned about marital fidelity. Children are likely to emulate their parents. Almost always, their parents are their most important role models for their own marriages. How their parents behave makes these behaviors more acceptable to the children. Children who witness – or learn later on – that their parents divorced, have an increased chance of getting divorced from their own spouses. The divorce rates of farm and non-farm couples have been about the same for 30 years, whereas in previous generations farm couples divorced less frequently. Somewhat over 40 percent of first marriages involve divorce; about 60% of second marriages end in divorce and the odds of divorce increase with each successive marriage. In my experience, considerably less than half of farm and non-farm divorces involve extramarital sex, inappropriate internet or telephone contacts, or engaging in pornography with persons other than their mates. A12

800-622-8836 |

Survey statistics suggest that 35-65 percent ofmarriages involving an extramarital affair end in divorce. Even though one or both parents cheated on his/her spouse and they did not divorce, their children still have a higher risk of cheating in their own marriages. Conversely, if children observe their parents repair their marital relationship, the children are more likely to take similar steps when “the going gets tough” in their respective marriages. An extramarital affair does not have to lead to divorce. The sequel to this is even more important: It takes a lot of work to fix what’s wrong in the relationship. Usually there are many underlying issues that contribute to unfaithful behavior. Physical or sexual attraction to participate in an affair is usually temporary and diminishes as the participants realize their thrills are not necessarily love. As persons withdraw from an affair they typically experience depression, uncertainty about their marriage relationship and themselves, and they may seek renewal of illicit relations or a new lover.

Almost always the troubled marriage partners need outside help—such as a trained mediator, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, professional counselor, pastor or other competent professional. The profession of the helper is less important than the skill and wisdom of this person or persons. As the partners resolve the issues that contributed to the affair, it is beneficial to conduct a Renewal of Vows ceremony. It is beneficial to incorporate the children and trusted friends and family members in the service, even if they are not aware of the extramarital affair. Sometimes the marriage is beyond repair and trust can’t be rebuilt. There are occasions when divorce is best for all the involved parties, including the children. Perhaps one partner decides to not endure another affair or deed that earns further mistrust. Like the repair work, the decision to divorce is best made with outside consultation and after giving the partner opportunity to change destructive behaviors.

All these matters require much time and effort to uncover and resolve to the degree that both the husband and wife feel they can go on together. The healing process takes at least a year and usually much longer for both partners to reestablish trust and full commitment to faithfulness thereafter. In a sense, it takes the rest of their lives. The farm persons I see in my professional office are a little different than the nonfarm persons I have assisted over the years. The reasons why farm persons have approached me for marital assistance include these, from more to less frequent: gradually growing apart due to excessive and often continuing farming-related stresses, financial problems, overindulgence in work, problems among in-laws, involvement in alcohol or drug abuse, child or spouse abuse, and failure or refusal to obtain treatment for other behavioral health problems such as major or bipolar depression.

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T&S QUICK ENTERPRISES Route 17 & 170, Blackstone, IL 61313 815-586-4244

October 2012


TRUCK SCALES ARE OUR BUSINESS New, Used, Rebuilt, Turn-Key Job. Serving the Illinois, Indiana Agriculture Market for Over 50 Years. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

NORRIS SCALE CO. INC. 502 E. Beech, Sullivan, IN 47882


Introducing the Can-Am® Commander.™ Featuring industry-leading power, an unmatched power-to-weight ratio, pinpoint handling, rider-focused features ™ that’s built around ™ and an ergonomically advanced interior you. The result is a ride you need to experience to believe.

THe neW oUTlanDer 800r X mr

A race-ready machine born from our success in mud racing and our partnership with Gorilla Axle,∞ one of the most trusted names in the mud-riding community.

THefACTs FacTssAY saYAalOT. loT. THE * ® 800cc eFi engine • 71-Hp roTaX HORsEpOWER

•CAN-AM FronT anD rear air conTrol85.0 COMMANDER 1000 sUspension (acs) ®



• 30" gorilla aXle silverback Tires ARCTIC CAT PROWLER 1000 H2∞


• 14" iTp casT-alUminUm WHeels 51.0


• DUal-moDe DYnamic poWer sTeering 47.0 POLARIS RANGER XP 800 (Dps™) ∞



• inTegraTeD snorkel sYsTem (iss) YAMAHA RHINO 700∞


• relocaTeD raDiaTor ARCTIC CAT PROWLER 41.0 XTX 700 H1∞

• visco-lok† Qe


• 3,000-poUnD [1,361 kg] brp Xl3000 fuEl EffiCiENCY Mpg** FairleaD, [ l / 100 KilOMETERs ] WincH WiTH roller WireD remoTe conTrol anD 18.6 CAN-AM COMMANDER remoTe 1000 inTegraTeD sTorage [12.7] 19.7

COMMANDER 800R [12] •CAN-AM HeavY-DUTY FronT anD rear bUmpers ARCTIC CAT


[17.5] 1000 H2 Taper-proFile •PROWLER alUminUm HanDlebar 15.7 WiTHRZRWinD POLARIS S 800 DeFlecTors [15]


18.2 [13]

14.5 [16.3]



• mUD-riDing FooTresTs


••QuiCK-RATiO sTEERiNg oUTlanDer maX plaTForm


• X-package coloraTion, • 2" DiAMETERanD ROps-AppROvED grapHics seaT cover CAgE • iNDusTRY EXClusivE DuAl-lEvEl™ CARgO bOX

s urtain Hog Cun Shades rps S Ta Truck y Tarps Ha Dairy Free Stall Barn



ASHEnterprises,Inc. L I V E S T O C K


Why install curtains every 2 to 3 years? Use our long lasting coated fabrics. Call for details & samples. TOLL FREE

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In Iowa:


312 North Main St. Everly, IA 51338 712-834-2661

RPM MOTORSPORTS 1251 Wadsworth Lakewood, CO 80214 303-232-7576

TO lEARN MORE, visiT CAN-AM.bRp.COM © 2010 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc (BRP). All rights reserved. ™® and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates. In the U.S.A., the products are distributed by BRP US Inc. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. Read the side-by-side vehicle (SSV) Operator’s Guide and watch the Safety DVD before driving. For your safety: wear a helmet, eye protection and other protective gear. Fasten lateral net and seat belt at all times. Always remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. SSV is for off road use only. Never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. Operator must be at least 16 years old. Passenger must be at least 12 years old and able to hold handgrips and plant feet while seated against the backrest. Never engage in stunt driving and avoid excessive speed. *As per manufacturer’s official MY10 declaration to the California Air Resources Board. **Based on mileage estimates from BRP internal testing on most recent model year available at time of print. Test conducted under identical conditions and test procedure. This data should be used for comparison purposes only. Actual mileage will vary depending on trail conditions, how you drive, maintenance of the vehicle, vehicle accessories, cargo that may be carried, and driver and passenger weight. †Visco-Lok is a trademark of GKN Viscodrive GmbH. ∞All other tradmarks are the property of their respective owners. 9100024


aTvs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: always wear a helmet, eye protection, and other protective clothing. always remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. never carry passengers on any © 2010 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc rights reserved. ™® andterrain. theBRPBRP are trademarks Bombardier Recreational Inc. orlocalits Inwhen the aTv not specifically designed by the manufacturer for such use. never engage in stunt (BRP). driving. avoid All excessive speeds and be particularly careful on difficult urges youlogo to “TREAD LIGHTLY” on public and privateof lands. Preserve your future riding opportunities by showingProducts respect for the environment, laws affi and theliates. rights of others you ride. Make sure that all laws, regulations, and BRP’s warnings/ recommendations for ATV passengers are respected. Ride responsibly. 5108026 U.S.A., the products are distributed by BRP US Inc. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. Read the side-by-side vehicle (SSV) Operator’s Guide and watch the Safety DVD before driving. For your safety: wear a helmet, eye protection and other protective gear. Fasten lateral net and seat belt at all times. Always remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. SSV is for off road use only. Never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. Operator must be at least 16 years old. Passenger must be at least 12 years old and able to hold handgrips and plant feet while seated against the backrest. Never engage in stunt driving and avoid excessive speed. *As per manufacturer’s official MY10 declaration to the California Air Resources Board. **Based on mileage estimates from BRP internal testing on most recent model year available at time of print. Test conducted under identical conditions and test procedure. This data should be used for comparison purposes only. Actual mileage will vary depending on trail conditions, how you drive, maintenance of the vehicle, vehicle accessories, cargo that may be carried, and driver and passenger weight. †Visco-Lok is a trademark of GKN Viscodrive GmbH. ∞All other tradmarks are the property of their respective owners. 9100024

Toll Free 800-369-4131

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Custom side curtains made to your specification, length, width, or weight. Pull up or roll up... any way you need them. (200-1) 200 Pound Stull Feeder with ATV mounting kit

Our standard Stull Feeder is Randy's original design and what he uses today. It holds 200 lbs. of feed and is gravity fed—perfect for use with any bunk feeder. A retractable top allows for easy loading and the long handle allows the driver to easily open the feed door and regulate flow. The tapering chute folds up when not in use. Two strut mounts allow for mounting to any ATV.

Auger Jogger

Work Smarter Not Harder. Made in the USA

(400-2) 400 Pound Stull Feeder with the basic UTV mounting kit

This kit includes the 400-Pound Stull Feeder and all mounting hardware for the basic UTVs, which include the feeder, 2-60in struts, all mounting hardware and instructions for your basic utv. The Basic utv mounting kit would be for any utv that has a metal constructed bed with a lip that bends out or in ward like the pictures of the John Deere Gator. Basic kit is for the following UTVs- Mule, Gator, Cub Cadet, Kubota, Bobcat, Treck, Chuck Wagon, Club Car & other similar type beds.

The Auger Jogger remotely swings auger within a 100 foot range. Runs on 12 volt DC power so you don't have to run a tractor to operate it.


2 high torque drive motors. Mounts easily with existing holes on hopper. No drilling required. 701-263-7397

Save a life. Don’t Drive HoMe buzzeD. BUZZED DRIVING IS DRUNK DRIVING.


October 2012 |

• 12-volt motor can be wired to battery or hooked up to backup battery • 10-foot starter switch lets you operate auger from driver's seat • Ships via UPS. • Measures 30W x 39H x 42D • 16-gauge galvanized metal. • Bolts to bottom of bed of UTVs, and mountable to UTVs and truck beds ONLY. ** NOT MADE TO BE MOUNTED TO ATVS

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‘Draft Dodging’

Starting Early on

time again!

HOLIDAY SEASON SAVING! Cutting the cost of holiday giving doesn’t mean not giving gifts – it means you change your attitude and strategy to fit your pocket. Agriculture is mostly a once-a-year paycheck. Next fall is a long way off, and we have 12 months of bills to keep paid up – so we make a lot of our gifts. ©2012

It’s hard to think about icy winds and cruel, bitter cold when the temperatures are still nice and warm, but the overnight temperatures are getting colder now, and will continue to do so. While the weather is still mild, it’s a good time to go over the outside of your home and ‘bat the cracks’. I read an article that said that almost every home has the equivalent of a 2-1/2 square foot open hole that allows air leakage that can easily cost us anywhere from 30 to 40 percent more in heating and cooling bills! Since this amounts to a fairly large chunk of change to the tune of several hundreds of dollars a year or more, it’s wise to plug those holes any way we can. I buy caulking in the fall every year and go around the outside of my house. A good place to start is where any pipes come into your home – plumbing and heating, etc. To keep out the ‘mouse-type’ critters, plug the biggest holes with steel wool. Mice can’t chew through the stuff. Cover the steel wool with the caulking. I also check the door and window frames, corners of the house where the siding comes together and around my built-in water cooler air conditioner. (Around that piece of metal, I use foam sealant.) I also put caulking around the gap where the house meets the foundation, and I have discovered that this is one of my biggest money savers. It takes a lot of caulk and foam to close the gap, but the amount of savings in heating and cooling are considerable. We also put plastic sheeting over the windows. It cuts down on the drafts considerably in this old farm house, and, it’s something I can do myself. Then, I make some I call ‘Draft Dodgers’. My ‘Draft Dodgers’ are nothing more than old blue jeans legs stitched shut on one end – or you can make a tube out of the fabric of your choice. Fill the fabric ‘tube’ it with anything heavy – like sand, sawdust or grains. I use wood stove pellets in my tubes. I don’t care to use grains or beans because if they get wet, things start to grow or worse, get moldy. I don’t sew the open end of the tube shut for that reason. I just use a heavy rubber band as a closure. Remember: Caulk and save! And make a ‘Dodger’ or two for yourself, or make several to give as practical gifts for Christmas! A14

800-622-8836 |

We listen to folks all year long say, “Gee, I’d sure like a ________(fill in the blank).” If you find that item on sale or can make it for that person, the gift means a lot more than just anything slapped in wrapping paper!

the commercially made blocks. We also decorated the cardboard box with glued-on gift wrap and it lasted for years. We also shopped for things for ‘busy boxes’ for the smaller children nearing school age. Crayons on sale for 25 cents a box, glue sticks for 10 cents each, 25 cents for four to six pencils, a ream of paper ($3 for 500 sheets), and a pair of blunt-nosed school scissors for under a dollar. This keeps the kids busy for days and days, drawing, cutting and coloring. For the ‘Drama Queen’ who loves to pretend, a ‘Dress-Up’ box can be made of yard sale items: Jewelry, fancy dress shoes – what little princess doesn’t love to trip around in high-heels! A fancy dress can be cut to size with a pair of shears so the little ones don’t trip. We go to thrift stores for these things and for under $10 you can dress the princess in style!

Always pay in CASH. By starting early, like October, you can stretch the buying out over time so you won’t have any credit card payments come January. We made a lot of the toys for our children. Wooden blocks cut from ends of lumber, sanded smooth and then either painted (or not) and put in a container for safekeeping. This made for many hours of building things, and we didn’t spend the $30 to $40 for

Home made play dough is also a welcome gift and easily made with one of the many recipes available in craft books and on-line.

Save Money by Getting a Head Start on Holiday Savings (and other helpful hints!)

Cheap Wrapping As the stores clearance their summer merchandise like paper plates, napkins, and tablecloths, you can get ahead of the game and stretch those holiday dollars a little bit further. I buy the paper tablecloths for 50 cents at this time of year, and then use them to wrap gifts for Christmas – especially for the little ones. They don’t care what is printed on the paper; they are going to rip it off anyway to get to the toys inside. Why spend $5 for a fancy roll of gift paper that will end up in the trash? ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Baking Savings Many of our Christmas gifts are food items, either made up for immediate enjoyment or in the form of a basket of baking supplies for those who love to make their own goodies. I watch for sales on things like chocolate chips, nuts, colored sprinkles, brown and powdered sugars, cooking oil and butter/shortening.

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

Be sure and check the prices on different brands of the sugars, etc. Many times the ‘advertised brand names’ will be double the cost of the store brand. When it comes down to it, sugar is sugar, flour is flour, corn syrup is corn syrup (you get the picture. Compare the prices and save many $$$! These items are placed in baskets, boxes and bags that are found at yard sales. Once decorated with some inexpensive wrappings these thoughtful gifts are very cost effective. We also make jams, jellies, pickles and relishes during the summer/fall months when the farmer’s markets are full of good, healthy fruits and vegetables. Why pay $8 or $10 for a jar of expensive jam when you can make five or six jars of jam for the same amount of money, especially if you have several people on your list to give to?

October 2012


Dealer Inquirie s Invited


Powder Stretcher

salts. She then uses this mixture to coat her meats for

For those of you who love the scented bath powder, but hate to pay ‘that much money’ for it, here’s a tip from a reader:

grilling or frying. She says it’s not the biggest moneysaver, but all of the little hints and ideas like this that you use helps to stretch that bottom line a longer ways and with a family, that is important.

Measure out the scented bath powder into a measuring cup, perhaps a quart size, and then put that into a large bowl, then measure out the same amount of cornstarch. (Yes, the kind you buy in the grocery store.) Mix the starch with the scented powder and you have doubled the amount for around a dollar!


Ghosts & Goblins My children loved Halloween. They always made up their own costumes from old clothes, some of mom’s

E.F.S. Distributing 800-441-5365

2285 230th Street • Early, IA 50535

Your Leader In The Field

sheets work pretty well torn into strips for a zombie, or just put over your head with eye holes for a ghost

should read labels because quite a bit of the ‘baby

costume. Costumes out in the country are different

powder’ found in the kids section is nothing more than

that those of the ‘city’ kids because going trick or

simple cornstarch.

treating out here means a minimum of a four mile ride

I used plain cornstarch when my children were babies because they tended to develop rashes when I used the scented products. I assume they were allergic to the chemicals that made the stuff smell pretty! ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

to the nearest neighbor’s house – so costumes were, by necessity, pretty simple because getting in and out of a

Since J&M introduced their first gravity wagon in 1960, they have developed many patented designs and features that have provided farmers with better solutions transporting seed from storage, to the field and back again, saving both time and money.


215 Central Avenue E Minot, ND 58701 701-852-2501

Our durable wagons feature a heavy gauge steel tank with steep slopes and graphite coated interior for complete cleanout, even in higher moisture grains. Our heavy duty sleeved spindles and short turning radius design ensures maximum performance, even in the most demanding conditions.

vehicle a dozen times is a challenge if you are wearing something long and dragging behind you. Encourage the children to be creative and make their

Vinegar Rescue for an Old Teakettle

U.S. Patent No. 5158040

makeup, and scrounged whatever they needed. Old

This same reader also said that folks with babies

costumes from things they find around the house. You will be surprised at what they can come up with for very

• 250 to 760 Bushel Capacity with Optional Dual Compartments • 8 to 24 Ton Running Gear with Optional Hydraulic Drum Brakes • Heavy Duty Sleeved Spindles • Short Turning Radius

little cash, and it’s very good for their imagination!

A reader writes:


I bought a nice looking teakettle at a yard sale for a dollar and when I got it home, I found out why it sold so cheap: It had a ‘crust’ of mineral deposit almost threequarters of the way up on the inside. I took three cups of white vinegar and six cups of water, put it in the

Shop For Stocking Stuffers Almost anything can go in a stocking for Christmas. Start stashing these away now:

kettle and simmered the mixture for a good 30 minutes

• Baseball or football cards

or so and then dumped it out. Most of the white deposit

• Flashlights and batteries

came off the first time through. I repeated the mixture a

• Tools of all kinds, screwdrivers, tape measures,

second time and have been rewarded with a wonderful

folding rulers, pliers, small hammer

‘new to me’ teakettle for the added cost of 50 cents

• Decks of cards

worth of vinegar and a little time.

• New paperback books


• Gloves of any kind

‘Marked’ Eggs as they keep for several days and that will save time and energy. I put a few drops of food coloring in the cooking pan at the start. The eggs get a little bit of color so I can tell which are cooked and which are raw. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Coating Mix for Meats (Almost Free) A reader suggests that you save those last few bits and crumbs in the bottom of cereal boxes, pretzel bags, chip bags, and cracker sleeves. She saves these crumbs in a bag in her freezer until she has about 2 cups of the ‘stuff’, then runs it through the blender or

Machinery Consignment Auction

RV and Sport Auction

Mon., Nov. 19, 2012 • 9:00 am

Sat., Oct. 6, 2012 • 9:00 am

2 miles N. of Floyd, IA on Hwy. 218 Phone: 641-398-2218 • Fax: 641-398-2236

Email: Please check website for consignment list & photos

• Handkerchiefs.

When I hard-boil eggs, I like to cook a dozen at a time

• Stocking caps • Stickers

RANGER Diesel ®

• Sock

Hardest Working Smoothest Riding Features:

Basically, anything small that can be purchased for under

— NEW! Improved dash/seat sealing for increased cab comfort.

$3 can be a stocking stuffer. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

— 40% more range than comparable gas model (RANGER XP ) ®

— 90% of peak torque is available at 1600 RPM for incredible low-speed pulling

If you have tips or ideas to share, send them to Pennywise, Box 518, Kadoka, SD 57543 or better yet, email Pennywise at

— On-Demand True AWD maximizes traction


P.S. Please be sure to mention the “Farm and Livestock Directory” when you respond.

food processor and adds some flour and seasoning

October 2012

• Keeps bale off the ground, no spoilage. • Cost effective - Hay saved from as few as 50 round bales will pay for the feeder. • Rugged 2” angle iron, 1-1/4” high tensile tube and sheeted bottom panel. • Basket large enough for bales 6 feet in diameter and 6 feet long. • Wood floor can be installed by purchaser. • Easy to move with loader. • Dropped hay falls in bottom Adjustable To 3 Different Sizes of feeder, prevents waste. |

11003 U.S. Route 20 W. Lena, IL 61048 815-369-2153


1602 N. Lincoln Ave., Urbana, IL 61801 217-328-5005 2045 E. Ireland Grove Rd. Bloomington, IL 61704 309-662-0508

Vehicles shown with optional accessories. Avoid operating Polaris RANGERs on paved surfaces or public roads. Riders and passengers should always wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing, and seat belts. Always use cab nets. Drivers of RANGER vehicles must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Warning: ATVs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: Avoid operating Polaris ATVs on paved surfaces or public roads. Riders and passengers should wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing and seat belts. Polaris adult ATV models are for riders aged 16 and older. Be sure to take a safety training course. For safety training information in the U.S., call the SVIA at (800) 887-2887, see your dealer, or call Polaris at (800) 342-3764. In Canada, see your local dealer. ©2011 Polaris Industries Inc.

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by Barbara tako Motivational speaker and author of Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life (O Books, 2010).

Thousands of cattle producers using Medi-Dart products realize that fast and low stress treatment of their livestock results in maximum gains, lower costs and an easy to handle herd. Treat your cattle within minutes of seeing a problem. Medi-Dart’s reusable syringe injects the medicine of your choice either IM or Sub-Q, and there’s no cost per shot. Medi-Dart’s patented ejection system pushes the dart out of the animal for fast and easy retrieval. Visit our website: EXTENSION (POLE MOUNTED)



Fall Organization: Interview With An Expert June Cleaver, from the television series Leave It to Beaver, doesn’t live here anymore, but many years ago I married a man whose mother could sure have given June a run for her money. In fact, back in the sixties, my motherin-law, who raised three boys, was nominated for Suburban Homemaker of the Year of St. Paul, Minnesota. Her home was described as “a model of neatness and comfort.” No kidding. For years this has been scary, motivating, and intriguing to me. I wondered: How can I ever keep as nice a home? Gosh, I had better get my act together. And, most important, how did she do it? I finally got the courage to ask her and this is what I learned. Laundry practices were first on my list of questions because my husband still speaks longingly of his childhood underwear drawer, always magically tidy and full. Did she do laundry all the time? Many people who attend my clutter control classes say they are constantly doing laundry. My mother-in-law said no. She did laundry on Mondays and Thursdays. She used bleach alternate times on her whites, so whites would stay white without getting holes in them. She put a fabric sheet in every dryer load so things wouldn’t have static and stick together. How often were sheets and towels changed? (Do you ever wonder how often other people really do this?) My mother-in-law washed towels every time she did laundry and sheets got changed once per week and washed on a laundry day. How about the rest of the bedding? The beds got stripped down, and everything on the beds got washed, and the mattresses were turned in the spring and in the fall. She demonstrated how to neatly fold a fitted sheet by tucking the corners into each other, smoothing the sheet flat, and then folding it neatly. Cool. With three boys and a dog, she must have dusted and vacuumed constantly? No. She said she dusted and vacuumed once per week unless there was a specific mess that needed to be cleaned up. Did she move the furniture every time? No, she only moved it once in a while. Did she clean the baseboards and curtains every time? No. She did a thorough room-byroom cleaning once each spring and fall. What about windows? They got cleaned every six months, including the storms and the screens. Did she empty closets out all the time? No. She would just cull out extra stuff in closets when she was in them. She didn’t empty out the closets at all. Most toys were kept in a central spot downstairs. I am guessing this helped keep the bedrooms tidier and easier to straighten. Maybe the kitchen and bathroom were getting cleaned all the time? Did she spend all her time A16

mopping? No. These rooms got scrubbed down once a week. As a little preventative maintenance, she did quickly swish out the tub each time. The toilet, tub, and the rest of the bathroom got cleaned weekly.

Range 6’ Capacity 35cc

Range 20’ Capacity 30cc

MEDI-DART INC. 1-888-778-7757 (Toll Free) DON’T HESITATE

Did she have special cleaning products that did a better job than anyone else’s? No. She used a solution of one-part vinegar to three-parts water for cleaning glass mirrors and windows. She used an over-the-counter product in the kitchen, a spray product for soap scum, and a clinging product for the toilet bowls. She liked non-sudsing ammonia in water for general cleaning. After wiping down fixtures, this same water would be used to mop the bathroom and kitchen floors. It was a simple effective system, and it didn’t waste cleaning water either. What was I learning? There were no astounding discoveries here, but I began to see a pattern. My mother-in-law had very thorough organizational habits. Also, almost every time I asked a cleaning question, her answer included “unless there was something more important going on that day.” Keeping a clean house was important, but it was clear that people and activities came first. She wasn’t one to waste time lingering over partially completed tasks. When I asked about laundry, she said, “If I’m getting tied down doing laundry, I might as well get it done and over with.” Her secrets to nice housekeeping didn’t include fanatically frequent cleaning schedules or special mystery cleaning products. She had developed regular routines, including a twiceper-year system for those nagging big projects. I often waste time pondering and worrying about some of the big cleaning jobs instead of just doing them. I think it would be very freeing to establish a better weekly schedule and to practice a twice-per-year spring and fall deep cleaning schedule. If I know I am going to do laundry on Thursdays, I don’t have to think about it the other six days of the week. If I mark down a couple weeks twice a year on my calendar for the big projects, I can quit fretting about them the rest of the year. Maybe I can simplify my own housekeeping by following my mother-in-law’s lead of sticking to a few reasonable household cleaning habits. Ultimately, we each have different lives and circumstances, so we each get to find what works best. This is one approach.

Range 30’ Capacity 30cc







11003 U.S. Route 20 W., Lena, IL 61048 815-369-2153 |

FACTORY- AUTHORIZED *Rebates vary by model; see dealer for details. **On a purchase where the amount financed is $7,999, your down payment is $0: no INTEREST CHARGE FOR 6 MONTHS and no payments FOR 7 MONTHS. Thereafter, 60 consecutive monthly payments of $162.17 each. ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE: 7.99%. ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE subject to increase after promotional period. Note: The above financing programs are offered by Sheffield Financial, a Division of BB&T Financial, FSB. Minimum Amount Financed: $1,500; Maximum Amount Financed: $50,000. Subject to credit approval. Approval and any rates and terms provided are based on creditworthiness. Other financing offers are available. See your local dealer for details. All financing promotions are void where prohibited. Offer is effective on select new Polaris® snowmobiles purchased from a participating Polaris dealer between 08/01/2012 and 09/30/2012. Offer subject to change without notice. Rider pictured is professional on a closed course. Polaris recommends that all snowmobile riders take a training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.


The Original

BLOW-HARD BUNK CLEANER DO N'T WAIT! Remember last winter?

End Your Bunk Cleaning Problems

• Never miss a feeding • Works in any shape bunks • Fly spraying attachment available • Replaces men and shovels • Over 25 years of proven performance



• West point, ne 68788 •


CD or DVD video and references available.

Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life is a seasonally organized book of clutter clearing tips that readers can pick and choose from to fit their personal style and needs. Sign up for her free monthly newsletter at 800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

October 2012 |

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Build for Your Future

Using Brock’s Experience for Your Success!

Winter ts Discoun le b a l i a v A ! w o N l l a C

With Products to Help You Profit

Management Systems for Grain Storage, Conditioning, Drying and Handling • Control your grain marketing and maximize your profitability. • Market your grain on your terms. • Contact us today to learn more. In Indiana:

In Illinois:

In Missouri:




1198 S. Kiesel Drive Princeton, IN 47670 812-386-6580 In Kansas:


1858 220th Street Hiawatha, KS 66434 785-544-6592 | 800-544-6530


North Route 32, Strasburg, IL 62465 217-644-2270


1246 West Hwy. K Liberal, MO 64762 417-843-6465


19071 Meridian Rd., Centralia, IL 62801 In Nebraska: NEVILLE CONSTRUCTION, LLC 618-493-7357 417 South 1st Street McCool Junction, NE 68401 NELSON FARM SERVICE 402-724-2413 | Cell: 402-362-7944 13293 N. 450th Avenue Email: Cambridge, IL 61238 309-937-5779 Email: 800-622-8836 |

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404 East B St., P.O. Box 761 McCook, NE 69001 308-345-3194 | 800-638-9183


87827 Swallow Road Ainsworth, NE 69210 402-387-0347 | 800-310-0347

707 6th Street Gothenburg, NE 69138 308-537-3134 | Cell: 308-539-3956 In Wisconsin:


201 Harrison Street Reeseville, WI 53579 920-927-3851 |

October 2012

October 2012 |

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Thinking about planting season?

Now’s the time to think about harvest.


800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

With grain storage on the rise, now’s the time to consider your future requirements. GSI can help with a complete line of 2.66” and 4.00” corrugated storage bins. Available in many sizes and capacities to fit your particular needs, GSI bins provide reliable storage where you need it, when you need it. In Wisconsin:

In Iowa:


S2119 Timothy Lane, Baraboo, WI 53913 608-253-5521 |


3199 155th St. NE, Rice, MN 56367 320-393-2639


In North Dakota:

In Missouri:

119 Morton Avenue, Page, ND 58064 701-668-2258 Email:

N6798 County Road Q, Knapp, WI 54749 715-665-2638

HOSTETLER SALES & CONSTRUCTION 210 Kelly Road, Buffalo, MO 65622 417-345-7418 In Kansas:


608 West 9th Street, Peabody, KS 66866 620-983-2158 | In Illinois:


Route 17 & 170, Blackstone, IL 61313 815-586-4244 In Minnesota:


1822 State Hwy. 210 East Fergus Falls, MN 56537 218-739-6388

October 2012


606 1st Street, Sully, IA 50251 641-594-2931 Email:




1126 W. Main Avenue West Fargo, ND 58078 701-281-0493 | 800-359-1785

1003 Grand Avenue, Alden, IA 50006 515-859-7101 |


201 Lifeline Drive, Sumner, IA 50674 563-578-8033 Email:


In Indiana:


1623 S. County Road 700 East Walton, IN 46994 574-753-8056 Email: In Colorado:

520 West 18th Street, Nevada, IA 50201 515-382-3561 Email:


121 Lassie Street, Hills, IA 52235 319-679-2281 Email:


111 South Main, Fort Morgan, CO 80701 970-867-4369 |

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See for yourself why Valley® is the best value in the industry. Come out and walk our machines. See up close why industry experts, independent lab tests and, most importantly, growers themselves consider Valley to offer the highest quality, for the best value. See how our commitment to the little things makes Valley the best-selling machine in the industry.


S th


Co in im of ou be

1 2

3 3

See for yourself why Valley is UNVERFEHRT FARM SUPPLYin the FRONTLINE AG VALLEY PRO IRRIGATION,the INC. best value industry. 19071 Meridian Rd. 127 South Main 32836 Hwy. 23 1

In Minnesota:

In Iowa:


GRAND IRRIGATION, INC. 7551 State St., P.O. Box 247 Clear Lake, MN 55319 320-743-3000


In Illinois:

HALANE FARMS, INC. 2312 Fruitland Road Muscatine, IA 52761 563-506-0994

In Montana:


Centralia, IL 62801 Conrad, MT 59425 Grant, NE 69140 618-493-7357 406-278-5531 308-352-42422 Come out and walk our machines. See up close why 877-278-5531 Imperial, NE 308-882-5660 industry experts, independent lab tests and, most North Platte, NE 308-532-0950 Choteau, MT VANDEgrowers VOORDE SALES, INC. “The Leader in Precision Irrigation” importantly, themselves consider 406-466-5741 Valley to 18854 E. 2750th St. 866-466-5741 offer the Annawan, highest quality, for the best value. See how IL 61234 In Nebraska/Colorado: Cut Bank, MT Valley the 309-935-6382 to the little things makes our commitment QUALITY IRRIGATION 3 406-278-5531 3900 West Hwy. 34 best-selling machine in the industry. 800-273-5530 In Kansas: Yuma, CO 80759 TRI-STATE IRRIGATION, USA Dillon, MT 970-848-3846 | 866-349-7867 1502 U.S. Hwy. 36 406-683-4281 801 N. Hwy. 83, McCook, NE St. Francis, KS 67756 800-683-4281 308-345-2668 | 888-900-9001 785-332-2597 Email:

The closer you get, the better

In Missouri:

In Nebraska:



1160 North Miami Marshall, MO 65340 660-886-8693

741 17th Street, P.O. Box 547 Henderson, NE 68371 402-723-5833



30995 Old Hwy. 61 Taylor, MO 63471 573-393-2497 | 888-535-9155

6630 Highway 4 Bruning, NE 68322 402-353-6775

The closer you get, the better we look. B6

800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

LOOKING FOR A GOOD DEPENDABLE TRACTOR? BUY A BRANSON TRACTOR! With models available from 24 to 80 horsepower, you are sure to find a tractor right for you. Visit a Branson Tractor Dealer in your area today! Colorado Colorado Tractor Corp Berthoud, CO 80513

Topar Welding

Trinidad, CO 81082

Valley Tractor & Repair Monte Vista, CO 81144

IllInoIs Bastert Farm Equipment Camp Point, IL 62320

DeJong Equipment Beecher, IL 60401

Dunmire Equipment

Rudolph Brothers Implement Booneville, IN 47601

Southern Indiana Equipment Lanesville, IN 47136

Iowa Bremer County Implement Janesville, IA 50647

Kansas Don’s Tractor Repair & Sales Wakefield, KS 67487

MInnesota Johansson Sales & Service Ghent, MN 56239

Pelican OK Tire & Repair Inc Pelican Rapids, MN 56572

Wabasha Implement Company Plainview, MN 55964

MIssourI Cummings Equipment Company LLC

Gateway Farm Equipment Neosho, MO 64850

Jim Coble Equipment Springfield, MO 65802

Cliffs Inc

Friesland, WI 53935

Jakes Sales & Service Beaver, WI 54114

MO River Tire

Bonneville, MO 65233

Ozark Mountain Auto Sales Kimberling City, MO 65686


wyoMIng Covolo Auto Farm Service Mountain View, WY 82939

Shepherd’s Garage

Van Buren, MO 63965

Jackson, MT 59736

Equipment Service Co

Trendline Inc

Fredericktown, MO 63645


Baker, MT 59313

El Paso, IL 61738

Nite Equipment

Pecatonica, IL 61063

IndIana Dave’s Farm Service Edinburgh, IN 46124

Hamilton Equipment Linton, IN 47441

Robinson Farm Equipment Bloomington, IN 47401

October 2012 |

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Take a Big Bite Out of Grinding. H-1130 Big Bite Tub Grinder • High capacity PTO grinder • Heavy duty 50” (127 cm) hammermill • 40% more under screen area for less plugging • Hydraulic folding 24” (61 cm) stacking conveyor • 200-315hp PTO tractor • Grinds hay, straw, stover, bark, mulch, brush and

branches up to 2” (5 cm) in diameter

Grind & Store. GP-50 Grain Processor • High capacity grain grinder • 50” (127cm) hammermill with triple hammer • Choice of two baffled hoppers • Optional loading auger • Hydraulic folding stacking conveyor

The One Machine for a One Man Operation. 2655 Shortcut Balebuster

• Patented shredder chamber handles bales in

any condition • 40 flails with increased r.p.m. along with 9 slug bars and max stripper kits produces consistently shorter cut • Increases feed efficiency • One man operation • Process hay, straw, silage and stover bales

Big Capacity. Big Power. Big Value. 2650 Balebuster • Patented shredder chamber handles

bales in any condition • Right hand discharge • Self loading two bale processor • One man operation • Saves up to 30% on hay and straw • Great for bedding or erosion control

Cut, Mix, Feed, Relax. CMF-425 Vertical Mixer

• Cut, mix and feed efficiently • Fast and “even” mixing of TMR • Large 525 cubic foot feed capacity with

standard extension

• Observation windows • 24”x 42” unloading door • 36” discharge conveyor The Haybuster dealer network is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and fast, dependable parts support.


800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

In South Dakota:

In Nebraska:

In Iowa:



1801 E. Grand Crossing Mobridge, SD 57601 605-845-5400 | Cell: 605-848-1344 Eureka, SD 605-284-2767 Isabel, SD 605-466-2119

750 Hwy. 77 Oakland, NE 68045 402-685-6296


WESTSIDE IMPLEMENT 2033 West Hwy. 212 Clark, SD 57225 605-532-3484 | 800-479-3484

TITAN MACHINERY - PIERRE 29315 East Hwy. 14 Pierre, SD 57501 605-224-9247 In North Dakota:

AG RESOURCES 402 Western Avenue Maddock, ND 58348 701-438-2851

FRONTIER EQUIPMENT 13922 West Front St. Williston, ND 58801 701-774-0957

TITAN MACHINERY - JAMESTOWN 1620 8th Ave. SW Jamestown, ND 58401 701-252-8200

Sigourney, IA 641-622-3838



Centerville, IA 641-437-4100

302 E. Hwy. 20 Gordon, NE 69343 308-282-2368 | 877-282-2368


In Wisconsin:

In Colorado:



Highway 68 West Waupun, WI 53963 920-324-3537

Bloomfield, IA 641-664-3350

29774 Hwy. 257 Windsor, CO 80550 970-686-2110 | 855-374-2927

In Minnesota:


In Wyoming:

Hwy. 30 Lake Wilson, MN 56151 507-879-3593 | 800-821-7092



7917 Hutchins Drive Cheyenne, WY 82007 307-638-8669

207 South Borud St. Winger, MN 56592 218-938-4131

NORTHWOOD EQUIPMENT, INC. 1120 2nd Street NW Aitkin, MN 56431 218-927-2140 The Haybuster dealer network is committed to providing customers with the highest level of service and fast, dependable parts support.

October 2012 |

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Beatthe Heat



ISO 9001






In Nebraska:


707 6th Street Gothenburg, NE 69138 308-537-3134 | Cell: 308-539-3956

WALLY’S SALES & SERVICE, INC. 76070 Hwy. 61, Grant, NE 69140 308-352-2121 Email:


802 16th Avenue, Franklin, NE 68939 308-425-6252


64808 711 Road, Verdon, NE 68457 Cell: 402-245-7046


49491 Hwy. 20, O’Neill, NE 68763 Cell: 402-394-7099 | 402-336-3470 In Illinois:

CLEARY EQUIPMENT, INC. 2080 E. 300 North Road Paxton, IL 60957 217-379-4200 In Wisconsin:


W4666 State Hwy. 85, Durand, WI 54736 715-672-4263 |


800-622-8836 |


1544 County Hwy. 204 Scotts City, MO 63780 573-934-1785 | 573-887-3662 Fax: 573-887-3662


4920 Hwy. 55, Loretto, MN 55357 763-479-1869 B10

In Missouri:

30214 S. State Rte. TT Harrisonville, MO 64701 816-773-6416 | Cell: 816-806-2197 In Wyoming:

IRRIGATION DEVELOPMENT 230 East Oak Street Wheatland, WY 82201 307-322-3815

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

This year’s weather is setting heat records, crop stress is extensive, and the forecasters say the conditions are likely to continue. T-L’s exclusive hydrostatic design gives you better crop production through even water distribution and superior reliability for the long haul of an extended heat wave. You can “Beat the Heat” and get the best value of the year on T-L irrigation systems. Save $5,200 on a quarter-mile system with T-L’s Harvest Special pricing available now. Call your T-L dealer or T-L Irrigation Co. to learn more. Proven Hydrostatic Technology – That Works and is Easier on You – for a Lifetime! Contact T-L Irrigation Co. at 1-800-330-4264 or visit

October 2012



We’re the best...


In North Dakota:

In Wisconsin:



In South Dakota:


15690 69th Street SE, Wyndmere, ND 58081 701-439-2534 | 800-458-4796

VB440 TWIN TWISTER Proudly Manufactured in the USA in Dorchester, WI

MEYER’S EQUIPMENT MFG. CORP. Phone 715.654.5200 Fax 715.654.5558

October 2012 |


1801 E. Grand Crossing, Mobridge, SD 57601 605-845-5400 | Cell: 605-848-1344 Eureka, SD 605-284-2767 Isabel, SD 605-466-2119


Highway 68 West, Waupun, WI 53963 920-324-3537 |

717 South Center Street, Beaver Dam, WI 53916 920-885-3910 | In Iowa:


3260 Iowa Hwy. 9, Rock Rapids, IA 51246 712-472-2828

2033 West Hwy. 212, Clark, SD 57225 605-532-3484 | 800-479-3484


In Minnesota:



840 Pioneer Ave., Lafayette, MN 56054 507-228-8224 | 800-642-4104 Winthrop, MN 507-647-6600


2040 Mahogany St., Mora, MN 55051 320-679-2981 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

312 North Main St., Everly, IA 51338 712-834-2661 |

Highway 30 East, Grand Junction, IA 50107 515-738-2744 |

ENGEL AGRI-SALES CO. 1717 West Main Street Sac City, IA 50583 712-662-3385




12101 386th Ave. • Westport, SD 57481 Email: /


We are here to provide you a full line of your ag and livestock needs

• Made with all NEW square and rectangular tubing • Twin access doors • OUR UNITS ARE PAINTED! • 3 Style Flooring options:

Green Treated 2x12 Wood Floor, 1/4" Steel Treated Plate, 2x8 Rumber Floor


Use our baskets in combination with your disc, cultivator, or field finisher to create an excellent seed bed. Our Round Bar Basket is designed to create downward pressure, reduce clod size, improve the evenness of your seed bed, and knock dirt off of old root crowns and any existing weeds.


• Available in 25’, 30’, & 36’ Lengths • 16” Tires & Wheels Optional new or used 10 ply tires • Easy to adjust rack head setting. (Rest bar/adjustable saddle) • Telescoping tongue makes for easy hook-up



HAY FEEDING WAGON • 16', 24', 32' Models • 31-51 Feed Spaces • 12 ga. Feed Pan • Feed Saving Design

BALE CARRIER • 8 Place - 18,000# Max. Load 4x10 Main Frame • 10 Place - 24,000# Max. Load 4x12 Main Frame • 10 Place HD - 28,000# Max. Load 4x12 Main Frame • 12 Place - 34,000# Max. Load 4x12 Main Frame

For our MN dealer contact: • Available in 32’, 38’, & 42’ Lengths • Independent Front Suspension • 6,000# Torsions Axle with easy lube hub • LED Tail Lights • Optional electric brakes 1 or 2 axle


2589 State Hwy 68 Porter, MN 56280 507-296-4668 507-829-3637





800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

October 2012 |

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1-800-626-9338 Row Tracker All-wheel steering pull-behind fertilizer cart *Perfect for row crop and strip tilling *call for tank sizes to fit your operation 101 Grant Atwood, KS *Heaviest built pull-behind cart available!

1-800-626-9338 Row Tracker All-wheel steering pull-behind fertilizer cart *Perfect for row crop and strip tilling *call for tank sizes to fit your operation *Heaviest built pull-behind cart available!

tanks by

See video @

Pit Stop Chemical System & Sprayer Trailers tanks by

See video @

Liquid Fertilizer Systems Call us for your drill and planter set up needs from the cab to the row, we have it all!

Drainable and Flat Nurse Trailers

Liquid Fertilizer Systems Call us for your drill and planter set up needs from the cab to the row, we have it all!

Drainable and Flat Nurse Trailers

101 Grant Atwood, KS • 800-626-9338


800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

October 2012 |

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Reliable Performance All Year

Versatile Flotation Tire

The Nokian TRI 2 features excellent grip, high load-bearing capacity and superior driving comfort.

The Nokian Country King performs lightly and economically on fields and roads alike.

› › › › ›

Car-like driving Unique wear resistance Low rolling resistance Self cleaning Long working hours

› › › › ›

Only purified oils, no toxic chemicals

Large contact area High load-bearing capacity Stable and comfortable driving Low rolling resistance Mounted assembly available Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, LLC 2930 Allied St., Green Bay, WI 54304 Tel. 920-337-2424

For Price and Availability Call 1-800-236-8891


Pocket gophers cost you money! Every day they run free they destroy your profit potential. There is no better way to control pocket gophers than ELSTON’S . It builds and baits artificial gopher runways so only gophers can get it. Field tested and customer approved for over three decades, it's the industry standard. Dealer and Distributorships Available

1-800-845-1385 B16

800-622-8836 |



elston manufacturing inc. 706 NORTH WEBER •  SIOUX FALLS, SD 57103 Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2012

The JACKJAW® EXTRACTOR ADVANTAGE at Factory Direct Introductory Pricing of $ 00 for Fall 2012!


"My JackJaw works 10 times better than my old puller!"



Uni lube



Thinking of re-flighting or replacing your worn out auger? Tired of losing capacity? Make a smarter investment...The UniTube® belt conveyor moves more bushels per hour, retains its original capacity and provides gentler handling of your material for years of trouble-free use!

Contact us to learn why the UniTube is the most economical choice for you! ®


October 2012

5800 Nordic Drive | P.O. Box 308 | Cedar Falls, IA 50613 | 800-311-9626 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |






2785 West 247th Street

Louisburg, KS 66053







A High-Level DUMP TRAILER Compost, Windrows, Manure, Top Soil, Wood, Stone, Plus 100 Uses

• 5800-6000 gallon • Transport liquid waste anywhere • Optional: Twin Augers for sand removal • Built within GVW Limitations

• Dumps onto pile 4 ft. plus • Cleans out fast • Power up/power down • Hinged tail gate SPECIFICATIONS: • Tires - 10:00x20 on Tandem Walking Beam • Weight - 4440# • Load Capacity - 8-Ton • Box Capacity - Level, 40"x80"x120", approx. 220 cubic ft.

Center Mount Pump With Side Service Panels Optional Augers End Drive 5th Wheel Mount

NTH reserves the right to make changes in design or add improvements without incurring any obligations on previous goods.

Pipe Packages Per Customer Order Hydraulic or Air Valves

NTH reserves the right to make changes in design or add improvements without incurring any obligations on previous goods.

N-TECH/NTH INC. 5 Berger Ave., Barron, WI 54812 800-236-1570 B18

800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

Field Proven For Over 15 Years

Save time when it matters most! Westfield’s new MK Flex portable auger is designed to address the harvest needs of today’s largest farms.

Cropsavers can be used for both fungicide and preharvest desiccating in a variety of solid seeded and row seeded crops

With a hopper that covers up to 287% more surface area than a conventional swing away and patented double joint design to reach and retract further, you’re able to unload double hopper bottom trailers without moving the truck. A built in hydraulic hopper mover and swing cylinder takes all the work out of positioning the intake and offers maximum flexibility.

• New hydraulic jack option for faster and safer tire changes • Quick attach for easier, quicker and safer handling. • Optional airlift available • New in 2012 - Air compressor for machines that do not have an onboard system

Call your authorized Westfield dealer today, or visit us online!



1-866-467-7207 October 2012 |

Call BILLler for a Deaou Near Y

R.R. 2, Neepawa, MB R0J 1H0


204-966-3469 • Fax: 204-966-3335 BILL THOMAS • 701-340-3146 Deering, ND • Email: Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



Transform your planter into a precision seeding eeding machine! Features:


Seed Rate Controller

• 3 pre-set seed rates (user programmable) • Push-button on-the-go seed rate adjustment • Eliminates the inaccuracies of a drive wheel • Eliminates changing chains & sprockets • Wireless remote control makes calibration a 1-person task • Less than 3 gallons of Hydraulic Flow required per planter section • Standard bracket fits most planters • Simple to calibrate, easy to use! • Auto Section Control • GPS seeding capability • As Applied Maps P. O Box 99 • 111 East LeRay Ave. Eagle Lake, MN 56024

For a distributor/dealer listing: or call us at 800-328-9613

Accurate and Affordable Electronics from Micro-Trak

Climbing Mt. Everest: TOUGH.

Being a Cattle Rancher: TOUGHER.

T&S Trip Hopper Range Feeders: TOUGHEST.

DON'T YOU THINK IT'S TIME TO TOUGHEN UP? Feed bulk accurately, save time, labor and money the T&S Way! The T&S Trip Hopper Feeders will measure your feed, put it in piles, or create a steady trail of feed, whichever you choose, This feeder allows you to set the feeder for the number of pounds of feed you want in each pile. It keeps count of your feed for you while you feed. Fits any 12 volt pickup or flatbed.

Let us put our 32 years of experience to work for you. No rope to pull, no sack to pitch - all you do is flip the switch! Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A.

Built Tough...

Dealer Inquiries Welcome

Built to Last! B20

800-622-8836 |

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Jim Taylor • Box 336 • Jermyn, TX 940-342-2005 • Email:

October 2012

HASSLE FREE TARPING Convert your manual, side locking tarp into electric with the ROLTEC™ Electric Tarp Conversion System. • Works on 2” roll tubes on trailers up to 53 ft. • Pre-assembled for quick, easy installation • Open & close the tarp from the comfort of your cab with the Command-5™ Remote • Functions well in moderate wind & frost

In Colorado:

P DIAMOND IRRIGATION SALES & SERVICE 206 Hill Street, Kersey, CO 80644 970-353-1621 | 970-590-0128


0570 East Hwy. 112, Center, CO 81125 719-754-3936 In Kansas:


608 West Ave. A, Cimarron, KS 67835 620-855-2132 Sid Hodgs (HDE) 620-338-5156 “Your Full Service Irrigation Dealer Serving SW Kansas” In Nebraska:


5426 Hwy. 136, Deshler, NE 68340 402-365-7202 In Minnesota:


22100 Lillehei Ave., Hastings, MN 55033 651-437-1973 | 800-944-0880 Email: October 2012 |




Extended auger life with UHMW Auger Flight Facing

Shave the Ground with UHMW Skid Plates Custom UHMW skid plates for swathers and combines. We have the largest stock of material in North America. that allows us to accomodate customers with selection and competitive pricing. Call for all your UHMW needs.

• Abrasion resistant, low friction 1 pitch segments • Extends past helicoil for better cleanout • Reduces caking and material hangup • Heat formed to fit • Attaches w/bolts, rivets or self tapping screws • Available in food grade white, acid resistant

Custom Made Flexible Loading Spouts for Grain Cart Auger Spouts Spouts greatly reduce lost product due to wind.

Fix your worn out troughs with UHMW liners formed to size • Predrilled and bevelled for immediate operation • Quieter operation • Reduces wear costs • Lightweight for easy handling


125 10th Ave. E. • Regina, SK S4N 6G4


Niagara Falls, NY • 800-268-1908 E-mail:

NEW SUNFLOWER 1435 SERIES DISC HARROWS Meet your new competitive edge – the latest innovation in America’s best-selling line of disc harrows. Sunflower 1435 Series disc harrows offer you more stability and better penetration for more efficient operation in the toughest field conditions. Choose from seven models ranging from 20-ft., 7-in. to 35-ft., 10-in. working widths. All models feature aggressive, overlapping 20-degree angle front gangs and staggered rear gangs for superior performance. Plus, a list of options – from heavy-duty walking tandem wheels to hydraulic self-leveling and a choice of finishing attachments – lets you select the package that best suits your needs. Stop by your local dealer

today. Accept no imitations. There is only one Sunflower.



T H E R E I S O N LY O N E . There is only one. The original. sunflower.

s u n f low e r v e r t I ca l t I l l ag e .


sunflower performance, durabiliTy & innovaTion comes To verTical Tillage.

In South Dakota:

SIOUX INTERNATIONAL, INC. 6401 W. 12th Street Sioux Falls, SD 57106 605-336-1933 800-422-4163 In Missouri:


20483 State Hwy. 6 Gallatin, MO 64640 660-663-2183 In Colorado:


33894 State Hwy. 52 Keenesburg, CO 80643 303-732-4321 NOW YOU CAN HAVE SUNFLOWER QUALITY & VALUE IN A HIGH-PERFORMANCE VERTICAL TILLAGE IMPLEMENT The new Sunflower 6630 Series vertical tillage tools feature famous Sunflower durability, efficient, high-performance tillage action, and innovative engineering. Plus, the 6630 implements feature the stay-sharp, serrated Sunflower Saber Blade™ vertical tillage blades. The Saber Blade cuts through tough crop residue with ease and penetrates hard soils. The rippled Saber Blade profile creates a soil mixing action not possible with any other blade. The crop


50597 Hwy. 91 Spalding, NE 68665 308-497-2424


1270 E. Hwy. 275 Neligh, NE 68756 402-887-4607 800-653-2332 In Iowa:


1333 Highway 96 Gladbrook, IA 50635 641-473-2403 800-542-3591

In Nebraska:


East Hwy. 12 Butte, NE 68772 402-775-2464 Email:

residue is sized, mixed and anchored for faster soil warm-up and resistance to wind and water erosion.

See your Sunflower dealer today to learn more about the 6630 vertical tillage line up. vertical tillage implement. | Midwest B22 now you can have sunflower quality & value in a high-performance 800-622-8836 The new Sunflower 6630 Series vertical tillage tools feature famous Sunflower durability, efficient, high-performance tillage action, and innovative engineering. Plus, the 6630 implements feature the stay-sharp, serrated Sunflower Saber Blade™ vertical tillage blades. The Saber Blade cuts through tough crop residue with ease and penetrates hard soils. The rippled Saber Blade profile creates a soil mixing action not possible with any other blade. The crop

Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2012


The Future of Seed Tenders is Here!

Kwik Kleen Grain Cleaner is available in Model 373, Model 572, and Model 772


The first digit of each model indicates the number of grain cleaning tubes.

• Available in three sizes: SS290/SS400/SS500

• All models available with electric or hydraulic drive mechanisms

• 180˚ conveyor swivel w/both side and rear unloading positions

• Capacities range from 1500 up to 3500 BPH (bushels per hour)

• Two 145 unit poly tanks w/ independent slide controls

• Tailings discharge auger is standard equipment on the 572 and 772; optional on the 372

• Two 45"x27" sealed lid openings

• All screens are easily changed by one person and over 20 screen sizes are available

• 10" wide all rubber belt

• 8" diameter tube 23' long conveyor for extra reach • 5.5 Honda motor, battery & variable flow controls

• Spring-loaded hopper allows for easy cleaner loading from end dump truck bodies, side dump wagons, or takeouts on grain storage bins

• Powder coated frame • Heavy-duty frame (4,000 lb. approx. weight)

Toll Free: 800-446-0316 October 2012 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



the speed of rooting was compared in FRE-FLO non-treated conditioned wate Controlin green) and FRE-FLO™ Day 10untreated water (shown waterTestas a control (in with the FRE-FLO The berries, above, have plants liqui- had initiated red). After 10 control weeks none of the untreated speed of rootin roots, while a third those growing has in FRE-FLO conditioned fied. The ofcell structure brokenTMthe Brix Reading: TM water, had started roots. After 12 weeks FRE-FLO produced down. By contrast, the FRE-FLO™ water (shown in g Credit to Dr. Reams with Control on left is 11.2 originating the FRE-FLO on right is 13.4 58% rooting, withare only 8% in theonuntreated TM Dramatic FRE-FLO™ results, plus red). increased TMTHE LEFT BRIX=QUALITY berries still edible day 10. water. FRE-FLO ON VS. ANOTHER After 10 week conceptVS. ANOTHER FRE-FLO ON THE LEFT Percentyields, of Root Initiation in Arctostaphylos Manzanita have been documented with grapes, sweet 66%while a third roots, WATER CONDITIONING BRAND ONresults, THE RIGHT. Dramatic FRE-FLO™ plus potatoes, alfalfa, walnuts, cucumbers, 70% Brix Reading: 58% tomatoes, TM Control WATER CONDITIONING BRAND ON THE RIGHT. In this demonstration alfalfa field, FRE-FLO dramatically increased yields, have been documentwater, had started onions, cotton and many other 60% Credit to Dr. Reams with Control on leftcrops. is 11.2 FRE-FLO™ improved the crop yield by a very large margin. Results: 690 tons fied. The cell structure has broken down. By contrast, the FRE-FLO™ berries are still edible on day 10.


ed with grapes, sweet potatoes, alfalfa,





on right is 13.4 originating the FRE-FLO 50% 58% rooting, with In this demonstration alfalfa FRE-FLO dramatically more crop yield on 360 acres to thefield, crop yield before walnuts,(compared cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, 33%care about QUALITY, If you garden, or 40% farm, and TM BRIX=QUALITY concept FRE-FLO was installed). and by many crops. improved the cropcotton yield aother very large margin. Results: 690 Percent of Roo 25% you will find brixtons (sugar content) values vital. As a TM 20% As a green technology innovator, FRE-FLO is a trailblazer, to con-the crop yield before more crop yield on 360 acres (compared If you garden, or farm, care compa- Dramatic general rule of thumb, 12 or better brix readings FRE-FLO™ results, 8%plus ditioning waterTM naturally since 1972. For 39 years,and various 10% about QUALITY, yousucceeding. will find Using TM installed). FRE-FLO 0% confer reasonable plant pest immunity. , but without nies have tried to was copy FRE-FLO yields, have been document- This is true 0% brix (sugar content) values vital. Non-treatedincreasedFRE-FLO™ advanced scientific technology, with nature as inspiration, FREof both fruit and leaf readings. TM As a general rule of thumb, 12, or 10 Weeks alfalfa, 12 Weeks 16 Weeks grapes, sweet As TMa continues green technology innovator, FRE-FLO ised a with trailblazer, con-potatoes, to be the effective, eco-friendly, FLO better brix readings confer non-chemical walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, scale buster and soil amendment tool. ditioning water naturally 1972. For 39 years, various compareasonablesince plant pest immunity. TM TM


FRE-FLO for a “green environment”

TMand leaf This is true of both fruit Pipe, Pivot, Drip Irrigation cotton and many other crops. environment” nies haveFor tried to copy FRE-FLO , but without succeeding. Using Fre-Flo™ for “green readings. • Use Up toa25% Less Water advanced nature FRE-FLO™scientific enhances technology, even your bestwith irrigation sys-as inspiration, • Save Up toFRE25% on25% Pumping Cost • Use up to less water you garden, or farm, and care FRE-FLO ON THE LEFT VS. ANOTHER TM as tems, the water still needs helpeffective, to percolate eco-friendly, into the • CutsIfExpenses, Yields, Increase Profits FLO continues to be the non-chemical • SaveIncrease up to 25% on pumping about QUALITY, you will findcosts Without ground. This water conditioning system is proven to WATER CONDITIONING BRAND ONall-natural THE RIGHT. • Cut expenses, increase yields, increase profits With FRE-FLO scale buster soilhealthier amendment tool.the water brix (sugar content) values vital. Non-treated FRE-FLO alfalfa givefield, your crops and a dramatically faster, start by getting TM In this demonstration FRE-FLO TM





Water of Nebraska improved crop yield by a very largeitmargin. Results: where needs to be 690 . . .tons what a Ecology difference it makes! Strawberry Shelf Lifethe Test Results

As a general rule of thumb, 12, or For Pipe, Pivot, Drip Irrigation FRE-FLO™ 308-236-5399 better brix readings confer No Magnets, reasonable plant pest immunity. FRE-FLO enhances even your best irrigation sysFRE-FLO No isChemicals, This true of both fruit and leaf

more crop yield on 360 acres (compared to the crop yield before FRE-FLOTM Promotes Healthy Roots FRE-FLOTM was installed). Without TM As a green technology innovator, FRE-FLO is athe trailblazer, conExperiments on propagation has found plants irri™rooting Experiments on the rooting propagation has FRE-FLO With FRE-FLO ditioning water naturally since 1972. For 39 years, various Grow more with less water. TM compagated conditioned water develop far faster TM with FRE-FLO found plants irrigated with Fre-Flo™ conditioned nies have tried to copy FRE-FLO , but without succeeding. Using advanced scientific technology, nature as inspiration, water develop far faster much healthier with with much healthier rootFREsystems than thosewith irrigated with to be the effective, eco-friendly, non-chemical FLOTM continues Without root systems than those awith non-treated non-treated water. The picture below shows comparison scale buster and soil amendment tool. Control TM FRE-FLO™ Test Day 10 TM TM water. The picture below shows a comparison With FRE-FLO with the FRE-FLO Drip Irrigation treated plant on the right. In another test, The control berries,FRE-FLO above,For havePipe, liqui- Pivot, TM on the right. IN with the Fre-Flo™ treated plant speed of rooting was compared in FRE-FLO conditioned fied. The cell FRE-FLO structure has broken the ™ enhances even your best irrigation sysanother test, the speed of rooting was compared water (shown in green) and untreated water as control (in down. By contrast, the FRE-FLO™ tems, as the water still needs help to percolate into in theFre-Flo™ conditioned water a (shown in green) Without TMManzanita ground. water conditioning system isin proven to the berries are still edible onThis dayall-natural 10. red). After 10 weeks none of untreated plants had initiated Percent of Root Initiation Arctostaphylos With FRE-FLO and untreated water FRE-FLO give your crops a faster,roots, healthier startabythird getting the water TM 0% 0% while of those growing in FRE-FLO conditioned as a control (in red). where it needs to be . . . what a difference it makes! Strawberry Shelf Life Test Results Brix Reading: TM water, had started After 12 weeks FRE-FLO 10% After 10produced weeks none Credit to Dr. Reams with ControlFRE-FLO on left is 11.2TM Promotes Healthy Rootsroots. 8% TM untreated water. 13.4rooting originating theExperiments FRE-FLOTM on right 58% rooting,has with only 8%irriin the of the untreated on isthe propagation found plants TM


tems, as the water still needs into the You can’t affordhelp NOT to to!percolate readings. •U No Filters, ground. This all-natural water conditioning system is proven to Do you know how...? • Sa No Electricity. give your crops Call a faster, start by getting the water Nowhealthier and ask how! • Cuts Expen Strawberry Shelf Life Test Results where it needs to be . . . what a difference it makes! • In use since 1972 FRE-FLO Promotes Healthy Roots WaterWater Ecology of Nebraska Ecology of Nebraska Experiments on the rooting propagation has found plants irri308-236-5399 308-236-5399 gated with FRE-FLO conditioned water develop far faster BRIX=QUALITY concept gated with FRE-FLO conditioned water develop far faster in Arctostaphylosplants has initiated Percent of Root Initiation Manzanita No M with much healthier rootwith systems than those irrigated with root25% 66% much healthier systems than those irrigated withwith less water. roots, while a third of Dramatic FRE-FLO™ results, plus Grow more non-treated water. The picture below shows a comparison 58% growing in FreNo C Control increased yields, have FRE-FLO been documentnon-treated water. picture those below shows a comparison treated plant on the33% right. In another test, TheFRE-FLO™ The control berries, above, have liqui- with the Flo™ conditioned Control FRE-FLO™ Test ed with grapes, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, You can’t afford NOT to! 10 the speed of rooting was compared in FRE-FLO conditioned TM fied. The cell structure hasDay broken No F with the water FRE-FLO plantwater, on had thestarted right. In another test, walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, and water (shown in green) untreated as a control (in treated down. Bycontrol contrast, the FRE-FLO™ 33% The berries, above, have liquiroots. After 12 weeks The control berries, have liquifi ed.weeks The cell cotton and many crops. TM berries are still edible on dayabove, 10. Do you know how...? red).other After 10 none of the untreated plants had initiated 25%FRE-FLO the speed of rooting was compared in conditioned Control No E fied. The cell structure hashas broken Fre-Flo™ produced roots, while a third of those growing in FRE-FLO conditioned structure broken FRE-FLO™ If you garden, or farm, and care water, had started roots. After 12 weeks FRE-FLO produced 58% rooting, with down. By contrast, the water (shown in green) Call Now and ask how! 8% and untreated water as a control (in down. By contrast, the FRE-FLO™ 58% about QUALITY, you berries will only find 58% rooting, with only 8% in the 0% FRE-FLO™ are8% in the untreated water. Non-treated FRE-FLO™ brixedible (sugar on content) values vital. Percent of Root Initiation in Arctostaphylos berries are still day 10. 66% red). After 10Manzanita weeks none of the untreated plants had initiated www.frefl • • untreated water. still edible on day 10. 66% As a general rule of thumb, 12, or 10 Weeks 12 Weeks 16 Weeks 10 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks Dramatic FRE-FLO™ results, plus TM 58% Control better brix readings confer roots,FRE-FLO™ while a third of those growing in FRE-FLO conditioned increased yields, have been documentreasonable ed with grapes, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, plant pest immunity. Brix Reading: FRE-FLO for aroots. “green environment” had started After 12 weeks FRE-FLOTM produced walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, This with isonions, true of bothonfruit leaf water,33% Credit to Dr. Reams Control left and is 11.2 In Nebraska: cotton and many other crops. readings. • Use25% Up to 25% Less Water originating the FRE-FLO on right is 13.4 58% rooting, with only 8% in the untreated water. CORNHUSKER IRRIGATION • Save Up to 25% on Pumping Cost If you garden, or farm, and care 8% BRIX=QUALITY A dvAProfits nced controls about QUALITY, you will find concept • 0% Cuts Expenses, Increase Yields, Increase 663 South 33rd Ave., Columbus, NE 68601 Percent of Root Initiation in Arctostaphylos Manzanita FRE-FLO™ brix (sugar content) values vital. Non-treated c U s t o M c o r n e r WAt e r PAt t e r n As a general rule of thumb, 12, or 10 Weeks 12 Weeks 16 Weeks 402-563-3382 66% TM better brix readings confer Dramatic FRE-FLO™ results, plus 70% c o M P l e t e r A n g e o f P i vo FRE-FLO Water Ecology of Nebraska ts reasonable plant pest immunity. 58% FRE-FLO for a “green environment” Control TM







Day 10







Brix Reading:




Credit to Dr. Reams with Control on left is 11.2 originating the FRE-FLOTM on right is 13.4 BRIX=QUALITY concept

50% 40%


10% 0%






50% 40%


20% 10% 0%


This is true of both fruit andhave leaf increased yields, been documentreadings. • Use Up to 25% Less Water 308-236-5399 Save Up to 25% on Pumping ed with grapes, sweet potatoes, •alfalfa, NoCost Magnets, • Cuts Expenses, Increase Yields, Increase Profits Grow tomatoes, more withonions, less water. walnuts, cucumbers, No Chemicals, TM Youother can’t afford NOT to! FRE-FLO Water Ecology of Nebraska cotton and many crops. No Filters, Do you know how...? 308-236-5399 No Electricity. No Magnets,


e n g i n e e r e d s P r i n k l e r PAc k Ag e s 60% FRE-FLO™

Highway 81, Belvidere, NE 68315 402-768-6098 | 800-477-3745

50%g P s P o s i t i o n i n g & g U i dA n c e 40% 20%

c U s t o33% M PUMP systeMs

vA r i A b l e r At e i r r i g At i o n



coMPUter-Aided design 49357 East Douglas St., O’Neill, NE 68763 If youmore garden, orNow farm,and and care Call ask how! Grow with less water. 8% 10% No Chemicals, W i r e l e s s i r r i g At i o n M A n Ag e M e n t 402-336-4437 about QUALITY, find You can’t afford NOTyou to! will No Filters, 0% • 0% s M A r t P H o n e A P P l i c At i o n Do you know how...?values Non-treated FRE-FLO™ brix (sugar content) Novital. Electricity. Call andrule askof how! FREY PIVOT SERVICE, INC. As aNow general thumb, 12, or 10 Weeks 12 Weeks 16 Weeks 54 Avenue 80, Stapleton, NE 69163 better readings confer • 308-636-2327 reasonable plant pest immunity. TM FRE-FLO for a “green environment” This is true of both fruitaDVaNtaGE and leaf tHE LiNDSaY THE PIVOT MAN, INC. readings. • Use Up to 25% Less Water 3719 Westgate Road, Grand Island, NE 68803 • Save Up to 25% on Pumping Cost • Cuts Expenses, Increase Yields, Increase Profits 308-382-5345

From A to Zimmatic

FRE-FLO Water Ecology ofAndNebraska everything in between. Whether it’s pumping systems or customized corners, advanced controls or GPS



positioning, there’s a product for every grower and every field. With so many choices and options, Zimmatic® by Lindsay can engineer a unique system that maximizes time, labor and water savings for each grower’s individual needs.

No Magnets, Grow more with less Growers around thewater. world rely on Zimmatic’s innovative technology supported by a network of knowledgeable Strong No Chemicals, dealers to add value, reduce risk and take full advantage of every growing season. Long-LaSting YouDurabLecan’t afford NOT to! To find out how the Lindsay Advantage can No work forFilters, you year after year, visit or talk to your local dealer. Do you know how...? ruggeD No Electricity. eaSy to uSe the Lindsay advantage

Call Now and ask how! PLug-anD-PLay FamiLy oF add-onS • 800-622-8836 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

In North Dakota:


8973 Hwy. 1 South, Oakes, ND 58474 701-742-3223 |


133 S. Bell Street, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-751-7171 | In Montana:

© 2012 Lindsay. All rights reserved. Zimmatic, FieldNET, Growsmart, Greenfield and Watertronics are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Lindsay Corporation.


1306 Zurich, Palmer, NE 68864 308-894-2155 |


135 Hwy. 16, Glendive, MT 59330 406-365-7010 | 888-777-7880 October 2012


the air in your shop!

Removes: Diesel smoke Welding smoke Oil mist Dust and more.

You have seen this powerful 2500 cu. ft. per minute clean air machine sell for $1,700 to $2,500 each... Now Air-Vac Systems Inc. offers this same powerful 2500 cfm. industrial air cleaner for only $1,490! Change main filter every one or two years ($70) and 4” pre-filter every 2 months ($12) Each unit will clean the air in a shop up to 2000 sq. ft. (Larger shops simply add more units) Hang from ceiling or mount against wall. Plug into 115 V outlet. 9’ cord. Two speed switch. 160 lbs.


Contact us at or Wayne 319-290-2003 Offer ends soon • 60 day money back guarantee 10% lowest price guarantee • No one can beat our prices

October 2012 |

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Introducing The New Schiltz

Honeyville Metal is an industry leader in grain handling equipment. Engineered and manufactured with the farmer, mill & commercial operator in mind. • • • • • • • •


Bucket Elevators Distributors Screw Conveyors Flat Bottom Drag Conveyors Incline Drag Conveyors Bin-Unloading Drag Conveyors Catwalk and Support Towers Dust Collection Systems


Push Blade works on any tractor, payloader or skidloader for moving rocks, cleaning feedlots and leveling dirt. CUSTOM MADE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS

The Perfect AUGER

for Bins with concrete or aeration floors

One of our newer products is the Bin Unloading Drag Conveyor. It is designed to be installed in a grain bin floor system with a floor height of 18-1/2”. There are manual controls for single or multiple gates depending on the bin size. Optional Rack and Pinion power assist multi slide gate controller assembly.

• • • • •

Affordable Easy to install Hydraulic or Electric Custom built for your bin Single motor drive system

Call or visit our website for more information on any of our products and to help locate a dealer near you.

800-658-3637 Topeka IN (800) 593-8377

8’ Portable Tub w/New 18’ Alley

INTRODUCING THE NEW MUD-X GAUGE WHEELS Pro-Stitch “Mud-X” Gauge Wheels • UHMW 1 piece construction • Uses standard bearing • Stops plugging • Fits all planters • JD and Case IH air seeders • Only wheel to offer traction

Pro-Stitch Closing Wheel • UHMW construction • Uses standard bearing • Fits all corn planters plus JD and Case IH air seeders • Ideal for cold/wet conditions • Closes the trench • Reduces side-wall compaction




Stationary Tubs 8’, 10’ & 12’ Complete Line of Heavy Duty Livestock Equipment B26

800-622-8836 |

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October 2012 406-570-4480

Your Direct Line to Discount Steel Buildings • Churches • Storage

• Ag Facilities • Monthly Specials and More

Contact us today for a quote.

Loads of Speed. Tons of Reliability. The new ProAG 16K PLUS Auto Align Bale Runner can pick up to 120 large square bales per hour. Features like loading two bales per loader cycle, bales picked from any direction and unloading up to 18 bales means one operator can move bales with loads of speed. And the 16K PLUS Bale Runner is built tough for demanding conditions and designed for tons of reliability. ® 1-866-545-6272




Rice Feed Ingredients / Co-Products Division Sherry Brantley, Sales Manager P. O . B o x 9 2 7 • S t u t t g a r t , A R 7 2 1 6 0 U S A


October 2012 |

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If Only Everyone’s Looks Lasted This Long!

Spread The Fines

Eliminate: Coring Blending Hotspots

You’ll live with your building choice for a long time. Get the facts first. In Missouri:



1246 West Hwy. K, Liberal, MO 64762 417-843-6465

Uniform Airflow

86360 Hwy. 121 Osmond, NE 68765 402-748-3551 | 866-748-3551

In Nebraska:



302 Howard Ave. St. Paul, NE 68873 308-754-4051 | 800-371-4081

211 East 13th St. McCook, NE 69001 308-345-3660

Store and Ship Your Grain at Market Moisture! Call 1-800-203-5669 or visit

The Original Portable Wireless Back-up Camera System!

Hitch Up Quickly! • Full Color 2.5” LCD Screen with Hi-Definition Resolution of 960 x 240 • 4 hour Camera battery SH01 and 10 hour Camera battery SHO2 – the only 10 hour battery Camera system available • Night Vision function using infrared technology. • Transmission distance 300 feet between Camera and Monitor • Patent-pending one button Reverse Imaging a great tool that helps when backing up • Thousands of satisfied customers since 2006 • 1 Year Warranty • U.S. Based quality control and shipping facility. B28

800-622-8836 |

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888-809-5183 October 2012

Miraco offers innovative, energy-efficient, fresh, cool water systems designed to be the best in the business.

Miraco offers innovative, energy-efficient, fresh, cool water systems designed to be the best in the business.

Over 30 models available! Plus, Miraco makes installation easy! For a free catalog, call us today!

Over 30 Models Available! Plus, Miraco makes installation easy! For a free catalog, call us today!

A WATER SYSTEM FOR EVERY NEED P.O. Box 686 • Grinnell, IA 50112 • 641-236-5822 • Toll-Free: 800-541-7866

October 2012 |

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In Iowa:

CANTRIL FEED & GRAIN 610 West North St. Cantril, IA 52542 319-397-2215

EASTERN IOWA DAIRY SYSTEMS, INC. 105 3rd Avenue NW Epworth, IA 52045 563-876-3087 Email:


603 2nd Street Victor, IA 52347 319-647-3774 | 800-362-0196

SHELDON FARMERS MARKET 1410 Park St. Sheldon, IA 51201 712-324-3721

EASTSIDE FEED & SUPPLY 1214 East Avenue Kalona, IA 52247 319-656-2815


2285 230th Street Early, IA 50535 712-273-5366 | 800-441-5365


105 West Franklin Bloomfield, IA 52537 641-664-2459 | 800-469-7749

LANG’S DAIRY EQUIPMENT, INC. 510 Montgomery Street Decorah, IA 52101 563-382-8722


562 Balltown Rd. Sherrill, IA 52073 563-552-2393 | 563-552-2398 In Missouri:

RACE BROTHERS FARM SUPPLY 210 South Hwy. 37 Monette, MO 65708 417-235-7739 Springfield, MO 417-862-4378 Carthage, MO 417-358-3529


606 3rd Street Belle Plaine, IA 52208 319-444-3477 | 800-258-3477

6311 W. Morgan Avenue Hutchinson, KS 67501 620-662-4555 | 800-491-7369


114 Railroad Street Nortonville, KS 66060 913-886-3921

2074 Hemlock Ave. Fairfield, IA 52556 641-472-4786 Email:

323 South Cedar Stockton, KS 67669 785-425-6511


321 West Jackson St. Francis, KS 67756 785-332-2129 | 800-295-2113 In Nebraska:


In Kansas:




605 12th Street Aurora, NE 68818 402-694-2106 | 800-642-6795 St. Paul, NE 308-754-4431 | 800-821-2783 York, NE 402-362-3994


815 North Brown Minden, NE 68959 308-832-2380 | 308-830-0469

Miraco offers innovative, energy-efficient, fresh, cool water systems designed to be the best in the business.

Over 30 Models Available! Plus, Miraco makes installation easy! For a free catalog, call us today!

A WATER SYSTEM FOR EVERY NEED P.O. Box 686 • Grinnell, IA 50112 • 641-236-5822 • Toll-Free: 800-541-7866


800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

In Minnesota:

PRAIRIE FARM SUPPLY 115 West Church Street Belle Plaine, MN 56011 952-873-4234 In Wisconsin:


1621 E. Division Ave. Barron, WI 54812 715-537-9505 | 800-572-8333


454 State Road 128 Wilson, WI 54027 715-772-3128

BURNHAM LUMBER CO., INC. 839 County Hwy. G Rewey, WI 53580 608-943-6323

FIELD SILO & EQUIPMENT, INC. 1310 Bus. Hwy. 18 & 151 E. Mt. Horeb, WI 53572 608-437-5561


S 9217 Slotty Road Prairie Du Sac, WI 53578 608-544-2421


4107 North U.S. Hwy. 51 Janesville, WI 53545 608-757-2697 | 800-822-7662 424 Watertown Court, Watertown, WI 920-262-0837 | 800-501-9784 Email: In South Dakota:


620 E. 7th Street Platte, SD 57369 605-337-3231


In Nebraska/Minnesota/ South Dakota/Wisconsin:

In Illinois:

3600 North 6th Street Beatrice, NE 68310 402-223-5281 | 800-742-5748 725 N.Main St., Pine Island, MN 55963 507-356-8349 | 800-233-8937 4101 N. Cliff Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57104 605-274-3656 | 800-705-1447 E6597 610th Ave., Menomonie, WI 54751 715-235-5144

1812 N. Cliff Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57103 605-336-2768 | 800-658-3629 Canistota, SD 855-200-5684 Freeman, SD 855-200-5682 Kimball, SD 877-531-9836 Scotland, SD 888-548-3744 Viborg, SD 800-252-9436


TUCKER EQUIPMENT SALES 9933 State Hwy. 78 LaFayette, IL 61449 309-286-3241


RURAL MANUFACTURING CO., INC. 820 North US Hwy. 81 Freeman, SD 57029 605-925-7135 | 800-477-7135 Shop Our Online Store 24/7

85 E. County Rd. 250 North Arthur, IL 61911 217-543-2195 Email:

UNVERFEHRT FARM SUPPLY 19071 Meridian Rd. Centralia, IL 62801 618-493-7357

Miraco offers innovative, energy-efficient, fresh, cool water systems designed to be the best in the business.

Over 30 Models Available! Plus, Miraco makes installation easy! For a free catalog, call us today!

A WATER SYSTEM FOR EVERY NEED P.O. Box 686 • Grinnell, IA 50112 • 641-236-5822 • Toll-Free: 800-541-7866

October 2012 |

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Miraco offers innovative, energy-efficient, fresh, cool water systems designed to be the best in the business.

Miraco offers innovative, energy-efficient, fresh, cool water systems designed to be the best in the business.

Over 30 models available! Plus, Miraco makes installation easy! For a free catalog, call us today!

Over 30 Models Available! Plus, Miraco makes installation easy! For a free catalog, call us today!

A WATER SYSTEM FOR EVERY NEED P.O. Box 686 • Grinnell, IA 50112 • 641-236-5822 • Toll-Free: 800-541-7866


800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

QED Dryer Sales & Mfg., Inc.

When you need a quality building fast, ClearSpan™ by FarmTek is the only choice.

“Growing with You”

Quality Exclusive interior rack to exterior screen design increases test weight 1.5 to 2 pounds over other dryers


100% cooling air & 48% heated air is recycled giving you the most efficient dryer by more than 30%! The colder it gets, the greater the earnings! Add insulation package for cooler climates to increase efficiency

Dependability Built to last 30 to 50 years! Best warranty: 5 year parts and 2 year labor in the USA; Canada is 2 year parts. EXPANDABLE!


From seed to feed in 7 days!

Find us on the Web! 2401 11th St., Rockford, Illinois 815-961-1630

October 2012 |

Call 1.800.327.6835 today for your free catalog or shop online at

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• Can also grind other forages and grains.

pay for t

• Works excellent for chopping and your bagging environment spreading bedding

Improve by making it safer with Wing-line

Egbers Flighting Company

POWER HOPPERS & Leveling Augers

Add a power hopper and tunnel

• 20% more capacity • Safer • No more manual unplugging, self unplugging • Keep your bagger running to full capacity • Will not chew up your feed • Put up wetter feed


Spring or other safety equipment today. bagger tune-ups now. Be ready when you want to bag.


• Smoother bags • Less mold • More consistent packing

Over 1,000 sizes of Auger Flighting on hand! 90% of our stock is Super Edge! Carry flighting for combines, grain carts, grain bins, u-trough, spreaders, mixers, seed tenders, stirrater, post hole, sand augers, brush plastic and more. Need bushings? Our parts inventory includes: PTO, Bushing stock, coupler sleeves, angle rings, swivel clamps, stroke control, stub shafts. Our custom machine shop makes or repairs per your specs. NO more hunting around! Call us. We we either have it or know where to get it! Make us your one-stop shop!

We Are Now Taking Orders To Modify Your Bagger Also a good selection of Kelly Ryan Baggers in stock.


Improve your bagging environment by making it safer with Wing-line


Roll Stand for 60 x 1000 Up North Bunker Covers

• New technology allows grinding of dairy quality alfalfa

• Chopping of high moisture silage bales of up to 70% moisture.



Power M

Will install on A

• Can also grind other forages and grains.

• Works excellent for chopping and

Improve your bagging environment spreading bedding by making it safer with Wing-line POWER HOPPERS & Leveling Augers

Add a power hopper and tunnel ELIMINATE METALS TMR Spring orIN otherYOUR safety equipment today.

THE MOST VERSATILE TUB The Roll Stand can be GRINDER ONmodifi THE MARKET ed to fit other bunker

bagger • 20% more capacity tune-ups With the • Safer now. • No more manual Be ready unplugging, self unplugging when you • Keep your bagger running want to to full capacity bag. Will install on ANY type of mixer • Will not chew up your feed • Put up wetter feed

Power Magnet

• New technology grinding cover sizes andallows comes ready of dairy quality to move withalfalfa Paletines, but

• Chopping of be high moisture silage can also customized to baleswork of upwith to 70% moisture. other things.


If you save one cow, you will pay for Power magnet! We Are Now Taking Orders To the Modify Your Bagger

• Smoother bags • Less mold • More consistent packing

• Can also grind other forages and Contact us to order your grains.

• Worksroll excellent chopping stand for or fi nd out and Improve your bagging spreading bedding more environment information! by making it safer with Wing-line POWER HOPPERS & Leveling Augers

Also a good selection of Kelly Ryan Baggers in stock.

Now taking Orders

Add a power hopper and tunnel

• 20% more capacity • Safer • No more manual unplugging, self unplugging • Keep your bagger running to full capacity • Will not chew up your feed • Put up wetter feed


Spring or other safety equipment today. ™ ™ bagger tune-ups now. Be ready A race-ready machine born from our success in mud racing and our partnership when you with Gorilla Axle,∞ one of the most trusted names in the mud-riding community. want to bag.

Plainview, MN • 507-534-2285 •

THe FacTs saY a loT. Specializing in We Are Now Taking Orders To Modify Your Bagger Complete Customized Building Packages THe neW oUTlanDer 800r X mr TUNNELS

• Smoother bags • Less mold • More consistent packing

Also a good selection of Kelly Ryan Baggers in stock.

• 71-Hp roTaX® 800cc eFi engine A race-ready machine born from our success in mud racing and our partnership • FronT anD rear air conTrol with Gorilla Axle,∞ one of the most trusted names in the mud-riding community. sUspension (acs)

Martin Metal LLC

In Iowa:

• 30" gorilla aXle silverback Tires


THe FacTs saY a loT. • DUal-moDe DYnamic poWer sTeering • 14" iTp casT-alUminUm WHeels (Dps™)

3001 Hwy. 71 East Lake View, IA 51450 712-657-2368 Email: bhmarine@

• inTegraTeD snorkel sYsTem (iss) • relocaTeD raDiaTor

• 71-Hp roTaX® 800cc eFi engine


Metal Roofing & Siding Vinyl Siding Full Line High Grade Lumber Walk-In Doors Windows & Shutters Overhead Garage Doors

† • FronT anD rear air conTrol • visco-lok Qe sUspension (acs)

• 3,000-poUnD [1,361 kg] brp Xl3000

• 30" gorilla aXle silverback Tires WincH WiTH roller FairleaD, • 14" iTp casT-alUminUm WHeels WireD remoTe conTrol anD

inTegraTeD remoTe sTorage

• DUal-moDe DYnamic poWer sTeering (Dps™) • HeavY-DUTY FronT anD rear bUmpers


• inTegraTeD snorkel sYsTem (iss) • alUminUm Taper-proFile HanDlebar

WiTH WinD DeFlecTors

• relocaTeD raDiaTor


• 650-WaTT magneTo

• visco-lok† Qe

• 3,000-poUnD [1,361 kg] brp Xl3000 • mUDgUarDs WincH WiTH roller FairleaD, WireD remoTe conTrol anD • mUD-riDing FooTresTs inTegraTeD remoTe sTorage

312 North Main St. Everly, IA 51338 712-834-2661 oUTlanDer 800r X mr

• oUTlanDer maX plaTForm

• HeavY-DUTY FronT anD rear bUmpers

• X-package coloraTion, • alUminUm Taper-proFile HanDlebar grapHics anD seaT cover WiTH WinD DeFlecTors • 650-WaTT magneTo • mUDgUarDs • mUD-riDing FooTresTs • oUTlanDer maX plaTForm


• X-package coloraTion, grapHics anD seaT cover

In Colorado: oUTlanDer 800r X mr

1251 Wadsworth Lakewood, CO 80214 THe riDe saYs iT all. 303-232-7576




THe riDe saYs iT all.

Metal Roofs

Located outside of Versailles, MO in the heart of Mennonite Country 18151 Hwy K, Versailles MO 65084 • Toll Free: (866) 378-4050


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© 2010 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc (BRP). All rights reserved. ™, ® and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates. In the U.S.A., the products are distributed by BRP US Inc. ∞All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. †Visco-Lok is a trademark of GKN Viscodrive GmbH. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. BRP highly recommends that all ATV drivers take a training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or, in USA, call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800887-2887. In Canada, call the Canadian Safety Council at (613) 739-1535 ext. 227. ATVs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: always wear a helmet, eye protection, and other protective clothing. Always remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. Never carry passengers on any ATV not specifically designed by the manufacturer for such use. Never engage in stunt driving. Avoid excessive speeds and be particularly careful on difficult terrain. BRP urges you to “TREAD LIGHTLY” on public and private lands. Preserve your future riding opportunities by showing respect for the environment, local laws and the rights of others when you ride. Make sure that all laws, regulations, and BRP’s warnings/ recommendations for ATV passengers are respected. Ride responsibly. 5108026

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© 2010 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc (BRP). All rights reserved. ™, ® and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates. In the U.S.A., the products are distributed by BRP US Inc. ∞All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. †Visco-Lok is a trademark of GKN Viscodrive GmbH. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. BRP highly recommends that all ATV drivers take a training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or, in USA, call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887. In Canada, call the Canadian Safety Council at (613) 739-1535 ext. 227. aTvs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: always wear a helmet, eye protection, and other protective clothing. always remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. never carry passengers on any aTv not specifically designed by the manufacturer for such use. never engage in stunt driving. avoid excessive speeds and be particularly careful on difficult terrain. BRP urges you to “TREAD LIGHTLY” on public and private lands. Preserve your future riding opportunities by showing respect for the environment, local laws and the rights of others when ™ Make you ride. sureBRP that regulations, and BRP’s warnings/ recommendations for InATV are respected. Ride by responsibly. © 2010 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc (BRP). All rights reserved. , ® and the logoallarelaws, trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates. thepassengers U.S.A., the products are distributed BRP US Inc. ∞All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. †Visco-Lok is a trademark of GKN Viscodrive GmbH. BRP reserves 5108026 the right, at any time, to discontinue or change specifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. BRP highly recommends that all ATV drivers take a training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or, in USA, call the ATV Safety Institute at

To learn more, | visiT 800-622-8836 | Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory

1-800-887-2887. In Canada, call the Canadian Safety Council at (613) 739-1535 ext. 227. aTvs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: always wear a helmet, eye protection, and other protective clothing. always remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. never carry passengers on any aTv not specifically designed by the manufacturer for such use. never engage in stunt driving. avoid excessive speeds and be particularly careful on difficult terrain. BRP urges you to “TREAD LIGHTLY” on public and private lands. Preserve your future riding opportunities by showing respect for the environment, local laws and the rights of others when you ride. Make sure that all laws, regulations, and BRP’s warnings/ recommendations for ATV passengers are respected. Ride responsibly. 5108026

October 2012


6Turbine Twin Vacuum


and you won't consider anything less than a Brush Wolf #1 SELLING BRUSH CUTTER IN THE U.S.

Great Vacuum for Grain Spills and General Clean Up


Groom Your Champion with a Circuiteer

✔ Fits all Mini Excavators ✔ Powder coat finish ✔ Precision machined motor mount for positive alignment ✔ Overall Width 44" ✔ Deck thickness - 10 ga ✔ Cuts & Mulches trees and brush up to 3"

BRUSH WOLF'S SUPER M-AX WILL MAKE YOU MORE MONEYPER-MILE THAN ANY OTHER BRUSH CUTTER ON THE MARKET! ✔ 12 foot cutting width ✔ High Volume Cutting ✔ It can cut through 8" 10" forest growth ✔ GPM 40-113 ✔ Approximately 4800 lbs. ✔ Blade Carrier Component Protection ✔ Custom Fit to all Front Loaders

Manufacturers of the World's Finest Animal and Industrial Vacuums, Blowers & Dryers for Over 50 Years


Electric cleaner company 50913 Elevator St., Osseo, WI 54758 800-456-9821 |

(218) 692-1050 • Toll Free: 877-390-9857 WWW.BRUSHWOLF.COM

Calf Flooring Systems

10 Ye ar Limite d Warra nty • Less Labor • Self-Cleaning

•  Healthier Environment •  Proven Durability

Tandem Products, Inc. 3444 Dight Ave. S., Mpls., MN 55406 1-800-533-0509 October 2012 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



Custom Made Products e Fre ry ive Del

Humboldt, Iowa


800-760-7871 Anytime

We will n o be un t der sold!

Scrapers Available in Seven Locations:

Humboldt, De Soto, Iowa Falls, Union, Manchester, Huxley & Wayne, NE

Air Seeders

SCRAPERS FOR SALE OR RENT: 3/4 yd. to 31 yd. Ashland, Big Dog, Cat, Garfield, Rowse, IronWolf, Johnson & Arts Way Graders - Dolly Wheel or Direct Mount

LEASE TO OWN Corn Planters

Dramatically reduces plugging and bent rims. Heavy Duty construction throughout. Modular design means all parts are field replaceable. Uses standard bearing and tire. Greatly enhances visibility of and access to inside of wheel.

ROLLERS FOR SALE OR RENT: Riteway, Degelman & Summers

8' to 85' Land Rollers, approx. 40-50 on hand

PATENT #'s 7,584,706 & 7,823,521

Manufactured by MudSmith, LLC To order, phone (877) 240-1675 or (605) 881-4214 Fax 1-866-593-6406 website:



• Big Square, Big Round Bales • Heavy Duty • Double acting hydraulic lift • 10’x24’ Bed • 8 Bolt Hubs



Tandem Bale Racks


• Heavy Duty • All Steel Construction • Guaranteed To Trail • 10’x24’ or 10’x30’ bed



• 8-10-12-15 & 20 ton wagons • Professional welding • Proven reliability • Extended reach available for easy connection • Steering axle has brass bushings and end thrust bearings

Land Rollers


Built With Design Features To Fit Your Needs.


In Iowa:



UNITED FARMERS COOP • 24” drum diameter, 1/2” drum wall thickness • 6-hole hub rated to industry max of 5,000 lbs. • Wing steering for easy folding • 2-7/16 bearings for proven performance • All pivots are grease zirc fitted B36


14451 430th St. • Bertha, MN 56437

218-924-4522 800-622-8836 |


In Minnesota:

27920 Danville Ave. Castle Rock, MN 55010 651-463-8041 | 507-645-5648 800-645-5648

840 Pioneer Ave. Lafayette, MN 56054 507-228-8224 | 800-642-4104 Winthrop, MN 507-647-6600

606 3rd Street Belle Plaine, IA 52208 319-444-3477 | 800-258-3671



1410 East Avenue Kalona, IA 52247 319-656-3211

The Leader In Feeders!

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |


Mfg. By


with High Steel Insert


with Low Steel Insert

October 2012

Waste Oil Furnaces and Boilers

Serving IA, NE

Radiant Diesel Heaters

Made in USA

ng Financi e! l Availab Serving IA, NE, ND, SD

Karcher Commerical Floor Care

Reconditioned Heaters WASTE OIL FURNACES' Specialized Product Lines



Ag Tanks


The EPA mandates a SPCC plan for any petroleum installations of more than 1320 total gallons. Double wall tanks or Containment Systems meet all the specifications needed.

Tanks We manufacture horizontal and vertical double wall, portable fuel, pickup, fertilizer and water tanks in standard sizes as well as to your custom specification.





Containment Systems Custom sized galvanized containment systems for any quantity and size of fuel tanks. Containments available in Round, Oval, Square, & Rectangle.

4401 W Main Ave • Fargo, ND 701-282-2345 220 4th St NW • Huron, SD 605-352-8643 October 2012 |

rp Co s rie ust et d n e I ine.n et n i n rb rb Tu dtu bine. d n i r n Wi w.w ndtu 4 i ww c@w -606 i 7 wt 2) 44 (95

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



Contact us:

8015 Highway 7 S.E. Clara City, MN 56222


Manufacturing Co. Inc.

or 320-847-3674

Great Quality! The Gobbler

36x105 Corn Conveyor

Reclaim your grain piles at high speed! The SWIFT Gobbler features: • Heavy duty auger – high speed chevron belt, fast mounting

Great Products!

• Variable speed feed auger – hydraulic raise front fence • Self contained hydraulic system – clod buster, detachable

Competitive Prices!

The Corn Cannon Stock pile your grain the fast way! The SWIFT Corn Cannon features: • Heavy duty belt conveyor – 24,000 bushel an hour, drive over • Truck unloading – piles 47 feet high by 220 feet wide • Self-propelled

The Swift Corn Conveyor is especially designed to provide the total portability demanded to upload grain at a remote facility. The self-propelled design allows it to pick itself up and move on its own. The Swift Corn Conveyor is designed to move up to 250 bu. a minute while keeping kernel damage to a minimum.

Aggregate conveyors, grain conveyors, material handling conveyors, reclaim tunnel conveyors or custom conveyors... we can build them all. Welcome to SWIFT MANUFACTURING, INC. – a quality manufacturer located in West Central Minnesota. Swift's goal is to help you select the equipment best suited for your specific application(s). We will ensure that you receive a system that is reliable, efficient, cost-effective and quality built to your specifications.

We can finance too!

In today's competitive, time-sensitive marketplace, the ability to move, sort, and distribute materials cost efficiently is more than just important ... it's critical. So let Swift Manufacturing help you with all of your conveyor needs!

N Model Pull Spreader Available in 5 and 6 Ton Capacities

Simple design and durable construction describe Simonsen Pull Spreaders. Feature for Feature there is no better value. Features like all steel constuction, a 50' spread width, the floating tandem suspension, gearbox reduction drive of the conveyor apron, and stainless steel in all critical corrosion areas make Simonsen pull spreaders worth a little more.

Specifications: • Stainless Steel in all critical corrosion areas. • Wide 12" Conveyor Apron. • Stainless Steel Shafts. You have fewer maintenance problems. • Walking Tandem Suspension keeps equal weight on all 4 tires regardless of the terrain. • Single 24" dished distributor fan driven by the tractor pto for accurate 50' spread pattern. • Tested for accuracy, calibrated and field proven. • Gearbox Reduction Drive. Works in tandem with the conveyor apron to deliver a steady flow of material onto the fan.

SMC Pull Spreader Available in 5, 6 and 8 Ton Capacities

Simonsen SMC Series, Hard Working, Accurate Spreaders at a lower cost. With 3 models to choose from you will always be assured that the Simonsen SMC series can grow with your needs. Choose between the 5, 6 or 8 ton models. Like all Simonsen Spreaders, the SMC Series is designed around the same Simonsen Quality, Dependability and Durability you've come to expect.

Specifications: • Walking tandem suspension for better weight distribution. • Larger flotation tires than competitors. • Stainless steel construction in critical corrosion areas. • Heavy guage 7" wide apron chain. • Simple chain and sprocket ground wheel drive system. • Tested for accuracy, calibrated and field proven. • Single 24" dished distributor fan with flow control valve for accurate 50' spread pattern. • Many options available to customize units to your specific needs.

Simonsen Quality. Since 1953 Simonsen has been building top quality equipment.

For More Information Call


Quimby, Iowa 51049 USA • Servicing the Needs of Agribusiness Since 1929

READY TO GO TO WORK! Professionally Detailed and Inspected!

Grain Hauler!

06 Columbia 58” Mid Roof MBE 450 HP,

05 Century Daycab, Detroit 455 HP, 10

10 Speed, Air Slide 5th, 213” WB, Fleet Maintained! 160911

Speed, Alum/Steel Wheels, Air Ride. 345338

See our Entire Inventory 24/7 at Updated Daily!

04 M2, w/22’ HD Steel Flatbed, 33,000# GVW, C7 250 Cat, 6-Speed, New Rear Tires, Serviced, DOT. 343219

2000 FLD Day Cab Cummins 11 L 330 06 Columbia 48” Mid Roof, MBE HP, Super 10 Speed, Air Ride, 3 Units. 435, Jake, Ultra Shift, Air Ride, Air Slide 5th, Multiple Units. 194643 244077

Ask About our LOW, LOW Ag Rates

Find us on

for Qualified Buyers - CALL for Details


Family Owned Since 1958

Iowa Dubuque 800-553-3642 Decorah 888-545-9297 Davenport 800-397-3399 Cedar Rapids 800-332-6158

Wisconsin Appleton 800-236-5271 Green Bay 800-622-6962 Milwaukee 800-236-6061 Madison 800-837-7367 Marinette 888-315-5995 Minocqua 715-358-5200 Shullsburg 800-362-1313 Wausau 800-348-9195


800-622-8836 |

In Wisconsin:

In Missouri:



525 Railroad Street, Allenton, WI 53002 262-629-4104 1200 Maple Avenue, Columbus, WI 920-623-9000 In North Dakota:

FRONTIER EQUIPMENT 13922 West Front Street Williston, ND 58801 701-774-0957

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

11001 Highway 71 Savannah, MO 64485 816-324-5618 In Iowa:


110 N. Columbus Street West Liberty, IA 52776 319-627-2011

October 2012


InfInItely AdjustAble

The Operator can fine-tune the forward lifting point


nylon fIngers

gentle on the crop

QuIck AttAch

gentle on the combIne

QuIck detAch



“The worked very well and were trouble-free.” Ardon Herman - Minnewauken, ND

“This product saved us a lot of headaches and money.” Theo Haberland - Somerset VA


The Choice of Mechanized Farmers Worldwide™









Chops forage. On-board hammermill, 90% cracked or scarified grain.


Metered to the accuracy of current air seeding technology. Guaranteed no hot spots in windrow.

Call us direct at 1-800-665-2010 or 306-258-2233 or call your nearest Highline Dealer




Available in 5 sizes: 5-34 gallons Beef cattle capacities from 20 head to 200+ head

These heated water bowls are manufactured, tested, and proven in North Dakota’s Red River Valley. The ENDURABOWL is designed to perform very well even in the most extreme weather conditions.





SIDE-BY-SIDE TESTING HAS REVEALED THAT THE ENDURABOWL IS 30% MORE EFFICIENT TO OPERATE THAN THE OTHER LEADING BRANDS! January’s subzero temperatures confirmed that the Endurabowl easily maintained an open water source while operating on 30% less power than the popular water bowls tested alongside it. Prove it yourself and put money back in your pocket, time back into your day, and problems out of your operation with a water source you can depend on for every season!

Polymer Innovations

October 2012 TOLL FREE: 1.877.877.4370 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |





alternative waste

Hot Air or Hot Water • Clean Burning • Computerized Safety Control & Fuel Feed • See Us About Your Heating Needs!

Hillco Sidehill Leveling Systems

JS5010-fits John Deere S550 Combines JS7010-fits John Deere S660 & S670 Combines JS9010-fits John Deere S680 & S690 Combines

CS7010-fits Case-IH 5130, 6130 & 7130 Combines



Reduced Sidehill Grain Loss Increased Sidehill Capacity Improved Sample Quality Comfortable Sidehill Operation

Setting the standard for superior engineering, manufacturing and service. SAR Biomass Service, Parts & Furnaces available

18% Slope Compensation Fully Automatic Variable Speed Leveling Fully Automatic Header Height and Lateral Tilt Control Compatible with Single or Dual Tires

Scan this QR code with your smart phone for more information.

PO Box 2057, Mankato, MN 56002


Are Your Crops Protected? A loss can happen at the most inopportune time. Contact your local AgriLogic Insurance Agent to learn how to ensure your crops are protected.

Hillco Technologies, Inc 1010 1st St. Nezperce, Idaho 83543


6925 Hawthorn Park Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46220 317-577-9944

AgriLogic Insurance Services, LLC is one of the fastest growing crop insurance companies in the industry. We pride ourselves on delivering customized risk management solutions to America’s Farmers and Ranchers through agents who assist in managing exposure to risk and optimizing productivity. Since 1994, we have been, and continue to be, a leading developer of crop insurance products. AgriLogic is a member of the IAT Re family of insurance companies who are known for their financial strength with an AM Best Rating of A- (Excellent). AgriLogic employs experienced and knowledgeable local adjusters familiar with your area for timely, efficient and accurate claims service. What you can count on: • Quick response, good communication and swift turnaround • Timely meeting scheduled with adjuster • Electronic processes for maximum efficiency • Expedited claims process when using map-based Acreage & Production Workbook (APW) • Follow-up contact on regular intervals while claim open • Direct deposit or electronic transfer of indemnity payment • Adjuster’s contact information for questions • Feedback opportunity when claims process complete

AgriLogic Insurance Services, LLC (ALIS) “The Crop Insurance Company in Your Community” AgriLogic Insurance Services, LLC

888-AGLOGIC (245-6442) 1000 Ballpark Way, Suite 312 Arlington, TX 76011

©2012 AgriLogic Insurance Services, LLC. All Rights Reserved. AgriLogic is an equal opportunity provider. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, family status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assistance program. Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs. Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact USDA’s TARGET Center at 202-720-2600 (voice and TDD). To file a complaint of discrimination write to: USDA Director, Office of Civil Rights, 1400 Independence Avenue S.W., Washington, D.C. 20250-9410 or call 800-795-3272 (voice) or 202-720-6382 (TDD).


800-622-8836 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2012


TREE SHEAR • Power rotate 0° to 110° • Cuts up to a 14” tree in one cut • Converts your single hydraulics to dual hydraulics • Fits most skid loaders with 2 pin hitch system • US Patent 7,938,153

866-567-9618 HTC


Scan this QR code to see a video of the Timberline Tree Shear in action, or go to. . . • Three models, all available in 1” thick high tensile steel • Abrasion resistant tines break concrete • Handle hay, logs, steel, debris and more • Designed to gain power as jaws close for powerful clamping & crushing

Proudly from Sidney, Iowa 1997 John Deere 8300 Tractor - 10,700 Hrs. Completely overhauled at 8290 Hrs., quick hitch, rear weights, and 3 remotes. Rubber is 20.8.42 at 70%. Excellent condition, Diesel, 6 cylinders, HP-225, power shift transmission - #R01

    

                                            October 2012 |

1999 John Deere 8300T - 6 cylinder, 225 hp, power shift transmission. 5389 Hrs, 38.5 gal hyd pump, 4 remotes, 24” tracks, weights. Very clean, everything works great, serviced regularly. Very well maintained - #R02

John Deere 750 15’ Drill - 7.5 S Pacng, SI Meters, <13’ Kasco quick fill brush auger, nice machine - #R03 2008 Mac Frameless Dump Maxsimizer Hendrickson air, lift front axle, dump axles, air gate, roll tarp, extra lites, coal shut 6” spread pan, 2-way gate, aluminum spare tire rack, 54” sides, clean - #O73

1984 Wilson All alum hopper bottom, fixed West Coast tandem. Roll tarp in good condition, double hoppers. Sides 62”ground to top 9’4 1/2” - #N86 2006 Freightliner Columbia Signature Edition Mercedes engine, chrome dual stacks, Hendrickson air ride suspension, tires 90% or better, dump valve, sliding fifth wheel, headache rack-aluminum w/ chains, utility lights, adjustable lumbar seats, tilt/telescopic steering wheel, very nice, clean truck, 1-owner.

Call Vicki


4377 N. 1200 E., Grovertown, IN 46531 Please Visit Our Website For Complete Inventory

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We have found that planting wheat with a KINZE planter in 15” rows gives you, the producer, more control of seed spacing and seed depth than with a drill. Plants will emerge faster and have less competition between sunlight and moisture.

On the left is a wheat plate and on the right is the wheat plate fitted on a bean unit.

By planting in 15” rows approximately 3/4 of the seeds per acre are needed to produce comparable yields as a drill giving you, the producer, more profit per acre at harvest. Yes, weeds and disease are a concern in wheat, but with 15” spacing between rows less damage is done during chemical and fertilizer applications. Less disease pressure occurs by allowing more air to flow between rows making mildew less of a factor.

Seed Charts are available as an approximation but may vary slightly depending on seed sizes.


Patent #6634522 - KINZE® is a registered trademark.

1812 N. Cliff Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57103 605-336-2768 | 800-658-3629 Canistota, SD 855-200-5684 Freeman, SD 855-200-5682 Kimball, SD 877-531-9836 Scotland, SD 888-548-3744 Viborg, SD 800-252-9436

In South Dakota:

The wheat plate fits on bean units with either the black or blue bean plates with no modifications needed.


47401 SD Hwy. 34 Egan, SD 57024 605-534-3204 | 888-923-9353

Disks are available through local KINZE® Dealers Plates may also be purchased direct.



31341 U.S. Hwy. 18 Winner, SD 57580 605-842-2991 | 800-658-3440 Email:

2393 Werner Rd., Convoy, OH 45832

419-749-4021 • Shop Ph. or Fax • Cell: 260-740-8267

Precision Manufacturing, Inc.

In Minnesota:


112 East St. Paul St., Gully, MN 56646 218-268-4177 | 888-256-9552


TREE & BRUSH Commercial

PROBLEMS Since 1992


• Maximum Cut between 9"and12' • Smooth Cut • Power Rotation

Tree Puller Pallet Fork Grapple


Models available to fit most equipment (Large or Small)


800-622-8836 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2012

Yes, We Rebuild hydraulic pumps, motors, valves & cylinders.

We Sell PTOs, Wet Kits & OEM Heavy-Duty Eaton Combine Pump Parts.

Looking for a shaft, or seal kit? We can help! Now Repairing

Hydraulic Cylinders

SEPTEMBER 8, 2012 84.5± Acres, Des Moines County, Iowa

SEPTEMBER 18, 2012 163.1± Acres, Adair County, Iowa

OCTOBER 13, 2012 9.4± Acres, Jasper County, Iowa

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 214± Acres, Franklin County, Iowa

SEPTEMBER 19, 2012 520± Acres, Decatur County, Iowa

OCTOBER 18, 2012 157± Acres, Humboldt County, Iowa

L-1200673 • Contact John Yeomans, Agent (319) 325-3080 L-1200697 • Contact Jeffrey T Obrecht, Agent/Auctioneer (641) 648-5065

10% DISCOUNT ON ANY REBUILD for first time customers. Tell them you saw it in the Midwest Farm & Livestock Directory.

Repair You Can Count On! “Give us a call and let it be your last”

L-1200746 • Contact Jeffrey T Obrecht, Agent/Auctioneer (641) 648-5065

L-1200774 • Rod Good, AFM/Agent (515) 250-1119 or Ben Price, Farm Manager/Agent (515) 205-3883

SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 77± Acres, Jasper County, Iowa

OCTOBER 23, 2012 60± Acres, O’Brien County, Iowa A-4570 • Contact Paul Sickler, AFM/Agent (605) 366-4704

OCTOBER 23, 2012 155± Acres, Sioux County, Iowa

SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 77± Acres, Black County, Iowa

L-1200430 • Contact John and Kathy Van Zee, Agents (641) 521-0151

SEPTEMBER 13, 2012 636± Acres, Guthrie and Dallas Counties, Iowa

L-1200178 • Contact John and Kathy Van Zee, Agents (641) 521-0151

L-1200817 •Contact Paul Sickler, AFM/Agent (605) 366-4704

OCTOBER 24, 2012 77± Acres, Palo Alto County, Iowa

OCTOBER 6, 2012 120± Acres, Lucas County, Iowa

L-1200747 • Contact John and Kathy Van Zee, Agents (641) 521-0151 L-1200750 • Contact Jeffrey T Obrecht, Agent/Auctioneer (641) 648-5065

SEPTEMBER 18, 2012 231± Acres, Ringgold County, Iowa

L-1200830 • Contact Thad Naeve, Agent (515) 368-0773

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012 474± Acres, Woodbury County, Iowa L-1200811 and L-1200812 • Contact Scott Louscher, AFM/Agent (712) 448-2112

A-19263 • Contact Ken Schmitt, AFM/Agent (712) 830-4326

L-1200829 • Contact John and Kathy Van Zee, Agents (641) 521-0151

L-1200825 • Contact Ben Price, Farm Manager/Agent (515) 205-3883

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 70± Acres, Hardin County, Iowa


L-1200818 • Contact Jon Peterson, Agent (515) 360-1567

SEPTEMBER 20, 2012 155± Acres, Wayne County, Iowa

L-1200741 • Contact Jeffrey T Obrecht, Agent/Auctioneer (641) 648-5065

Save 50%-75% on the cost of new!

Is your combine ready for harvest?

by The Land Report, The Magazine of the American Landowner. The Land Report also rated Farmers National Company as a “Best Brokerage Company” in 2012.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012 147± Acres, Franklin County, Iowa

Today’s equipment runs on hydraulics and we can rebuild your hydraulics for less!

We service combines, crop sprayers (Rogator™) and skid loaders, etc.


FARMERS NATIONAL COMPANY - Rated the #1 Land Auction Company in 2012 and 2011

L-1200823 • Contact Mike Wentzel, Agent (712) 852-2002

OCTOBER 25, 2012 80± Acres, Clinton County, Iowa

OCTOBER 6, 2012 40± Acres, Lucas County, Iowa

L-1200827 • Contact Tom Marcus, Agent (563) 590-2168

OCTOBER 31, 2012 80± Acres, Marion County, Iowa

OCTOBER 13, 2012 40± Acres, Jasper County, Iowa

L-1200798 • Contact Rod Good, AFM/Agent (515) 250-1119

L-1200804 • Contact John and Kathy Van Zee, Agents (641) 521-0151

L-1200677 • Contact Jon Peterson, Agent (515) 360-1567

NOvEMBER 3, 2012 280± Acres, Polk County, Iowa

OCTOBER 13, 2012 78± Acres, Jasper County, Iowa

L-1200763 • Contact John and Kathy Van Zee, Agents (641) 521-0151

L-1200828 • Contact John and Kathy Van Zee, Agents (641) 521-0151

For information about these auctions or any of FNC’s quality services, contact:

Sam Kain • ALC, GRI, ABRM, Area Sales Manager 1-800-798-4509 •

Real Estate Sales • Auctions • Farm and Ranch Management • Appraisal • Insurance Consultation • Oil and Gas Management • Lake Management • National Hunting Leases


work smart work safe work successful Standard, specialized and customizable lowbed single, double drop and detachable gooseneck trailers

TOOLS that work as hard as you

Chain Saws







Available exclusively through local independent servicing dealers. [Not sold in big box stores. Not sold online.] Your hometown source for: n Parts n Knowledgeable Advice n Repair Service n Accessories & Attachments

Palomino Manufacturing Corporation

866-548-2111 October 2012 |

For the authorized Jonsered Dealer nearest you, visit, or call toll-free 1-877-693-7729. (Limited availability in some areas) Legendary Quality & Performance. Since 1954.

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |





Standard Features:

• Simple design cuts installation and maintenance costs • Deep trough and 15" wide belt moves high quantities of feed fast

Standard Features:

• Lengths from 24' to 198' in 6-inch increments

• Heavy duty long-lasting galvanized steel construction

• All galvanized 14 ga. construction

• Fixed gear box drive unit drives the shuttle feeder smoothly

• Large 8" belt idler is crowned and self-cleaning

• Easy to maintain

• Select from one or two-way plows

• Single automatic reversing motor with torque limiter protection

• Large 8" diameter belt drive with rubber lags to keep belt straight

• High capacity feed handling

• Plow speed between 48' to 36' per minute (depending on pulley)

BERG 9104 CHAIN CONVEYOR features the following: • Can move feed up to 80 feet

• Length can be changed on the job

• Chain speed can range between 105-175 FPM • Maximum span allowed 20 feet

• Reversing options at no additional cost • Easy chain tightening

• Optional decline & detachable chain • Pintle chain is standard

or call 1-800-835-0209

Fertilizer/Chemigation Pumps Wide Variety of Capacities! Simplex and Duplex Pumps

30-Gallon Chemigator

If you need a cattle working facility, Parasal Manufacturing has the •MOST PORTABLE•MOST AFFORDABLE•

cattle working facilities on the market today!

Fertilizer Pump and Platform Portable Alley in transport position.

• 3-year warranty • Also available in 60- or 90-gallon containment models Agricultural Services Center:

P.O. Box 406 • 201 S. Georgetown Yuma, CO 80759 Tel: 970-848-2550 • Fax: 970-848-2652 E-mail:


P.O. Box 247 • Lansdale, PA 19446 Tel: 888-3NEPTUNE • Fax: 800-255-4017 E-mail: B44

We have newly designed HYDRAULIC NECK EXTENDERS


Parasal Manufacturing w ww.n ept u n e1 .com

800-622-8836 |

1 1/2 miles west of Valentine, NE • On HWY 20 P.O. Box 74 • Valentine, NE 69201

402-376-3554 days

30 Years Experience - We’ve Got You Covered!

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2012

Water Tanks - Energy Free Lifetime Rubber Water Tanks - NRCS Approved - Water is the cheapest feed available. Cattle will utilize our tanks by drinking more water in both winter and summer - Tanks measure from 5’ to 13’ in diameter (Depth 22” to 28” in height) - Our tanks will last a lifetime and more - Bump proof and bullet proof Rubber tank w/concre - Rubber does not conduct electricity te insert Comes complete with - Tanks will hold from 200 to 2,000 gallons drain hole, drain plug and float valve. - Tanks are very freeze resistant - Indestructible

Rubber Scrapers - Very forgiving in case of operator error - Perfect for scraping manure in dairy barns (will not damage cement) - Ideal for pushing snow – will not damage curbs, manholes or gutter Scraper with squeegee 12' Scraper with Unive Outstanding for feedlot manure management rsal Mount - Works well for moving corn silage and feed - Good for moving slop and manure in cattle yards (no gouging) Bucket Payloader - Scrapers act as a squeegee and do not need repair Rubber Tire like steel scrapers Scraper - Scrapers span 5’-12’ across - Scrapers 5'-8' across with Quicktach and top wipers 9'-12' with universal brackets as well as recently developed attachment straight to bucket on payloaders

888-494-5620 • INTRODUCING THE

Dyna Flo Pump Dyna Flo Drain Tile Lift Pump • 8" & 12" Size

Pump Uses: Flood Control Empty Sloughs Flood Rice Ponds Flood Cranberry Ponds Transfer Water

• 500, 1,000 & 1,500 GPM Models

• Pumps up to 3000 GPM at 15 ft. of lift • Adjustable swivel on the hitch • Spring loaded grease cups for water contaminant resistence • Operates at 1000 RPM

• VFD or Standard Starter • Custom Lengths • Any Style Discharge

• 12"x50' hoses with ring lock ends

Bottom Feeder Attachment Enables longer pumping in shallow water levels SEE OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE P I C T U R E S & I N F O R M AT I O N

Dyna Flo, Inc.

Oakes, ND 58474 | 701-742-3223 | October 2012 |

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Quality Buildings Designed to Offer Exceptional Strength and Efficiency.


The PROVEN Tool For Weed Control.

Go to battle with the ROTATING WEED WIPER that WORKS! WIN the battle against Pigweed, Johnsongrass, Smut Grass and any other noxious weed.

Wiped & Dying Chemical Resistant Pigweed

orks W s s a r G r™ e p i W Weed

ULTS RESTell The Story... Successfully Wiped Johnsongrass in Hay Field

Tractor Mount Units, 6' Up To 50' Tow Behind Units Up To 15'


GrassWorks Weed Wiper, LLC

(888) 80-WIPER or (479) 790-1091



Your Auth orized Independent Ch ief Dealer:

In South Dakota:



In Nebraska:

In Indiana:

305 West Bridge Street, Arcadia, NE 68815 308-789-6254

1172 South Creasey Lane, La Fayette, IN 47905 765-448-7994

468 South Main, Freeman, SD 57029 605-925-7194 | 888-788-9032


217 Lawson Avenue, Worland, WY 82401 307-347-6444


In Wyoming: Mfg. In U.S.A.

Kubota: Power, Versatility and Value On the Go: RTV1100

All-around Versatility: BX2660 Big features define this popular sub-compact tractor – including a 25.5 HP Kubota diesel engine, Category I 3-point hitch, power steering and HST transmission.

Rugged performance meets convenience in this popular utility vehicle, featuring excellent cargo capacity and a factory-installed, premium Grand Cab.

In the Field: M135GX

On the Grass: ZD326 Powerful and durable, the ZD326 lets you handle mowing quickly and efficiently. Featuring a 26 HP Kubota diesel engine and 60" commercial-size mower deck.

In Wisconsin:

In Missouri:



512 Franklin Street Newburg, WI 53060 262-675-6565

Top-of-the-line, 135 HP Kubota CRS diesel engine with triple-range, Intelli-Shift transmission – crowned by the largest Kubota cab ever built.

In Illinois:

11001 Highway 71 Savannah, MO 64485 816-324-5618

9525 W. Irving Park Rd. Schiller Park, IL 60176 847-678-9525


2911 East Malone Ave. Miner, MO 63801 573-471-2531

The Lightning Strike roller screed system is built with state-of-theart technology. We pride ourselves on our dedication to QUALITY, SERVICE and INNOVATION! Call us today for a demonstration. See for yourself why the Lightning Strike is simply the BEST! Visit our website to check out our new products.

1636 N. Aurora Road Naperville, IL 60563 630-219-2440

Phone: 701-281-8989 Fax: 701-281-8995 ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2012 B46 ©Kubota Tractor Corporation,| 2012 Midwest 800-622-8836

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October 2012


PH. 1-641-333-4518 • 1-800-342-7498 FAX 1-641-333-4429

The Mobility 600 Row Crop adjustable (78” to 120” track) and 12.4 x 42” lug tires gives you ground clearance of 40” under spinners and 47” under frame, which allows you to go over the top of standing crop and will fit most row widths. Box material and all gussets are stainless steel above frame including the apron chain and drive chains for many years of dependable service.

Dual Fuel Mixer for Diesel Engines

Combines natural gas with diesel to make your irrigation engines more affordable. Save over $3/hour! Gain 100-150 engine rpm! Change oil less frequently!

Find the Savings in Dual Fuel!

Don Hardy, owner of the company since its origination, has been involved with irrigation engines for 25 years. He has done more efficiency testing than any independent irrigation dealer in the West Texas area. He has also worked very closely with Texas A&M Extension Service to try and reduce fuel cost and make irrigation more economically feasible for the producer.

The DW Series Toolbar is built to meet individual needs. Front to back rank is 60”, which is the widest in the industry. Heavy construction of 6 x 4 rectangular tube gives you the strength you need in today’s environment. This unit features the versatility of handling 15” to 36” row spacing. Down flex of 24 degrees on the wings allows the toolbar to travel over even the roughest of terrain, keeping the fertilizer in a more even soil depth. Hydraulic folding wings, fold-over 45 degrees and gives you more road transport clearance. The DLQHD Series Liquid Applicator is built “TUFF” for the most rugged terrain. The 5 x 7 tubular main frame and the 4 x 6 front mount toolbar give you the strength and the visibility you need in today’s environment. This unit features the versatility of handling a 21’ to 42’ toolbar and 15” – 36” row spacing.

Dual Tank Wagon WNDT1000 - DESIGNED FOR "TWO" 1000 AA TANKS WNDT1500 - DESIGNED FOR "TWO" 1450 AA TANKS This heavy duty, built tough wagon has a tandem axle for easier towing and stability. The short gooseneck keeps the overall length to minimum and maximizes turning radius. Leaf spring lift assist and extendable tongue makes hooking up a one man operation.

Furnishing West Texas and the U.S. with reliable irrigation engines since 1985.

202 W. Missouri, Floydada, Texas 79235-2799

806.983.3774 • 800.783.3774 Ask for Jeff Contact: SERVICE PARTS FOR TOTE, MOBILITY, JTI EQUIPMENT & MODEL 10 VITON PUMP


BEXTRA $$$ Maximize Your Feed Dollars by Minimizing Your Feed Loss


“The Bextra is the BEST Feeder on the Market, Bar NONE!” US Patent No. 7,856,943

balanced effective efficient convenient economical durable

The Bextra Bale Feeder demonstrates hay savings of up to 75% over conventional feeders and consistent with more costly and cumbersome cone feeders as proven in the OK State Study.

Call for a dealer near you and and save $ today

LMP— 1020 Angus Blvd.

Princeton, NE 68404 402-560-5385 Trevor L. Lienemann

Dealer inquires welcome

October 2012 |

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In Wisconsin:

New Cross Groove Pattern Increases Traction


365 E. Racine Street, Jefferson, WI 53549 920-674-9280

10 Year Guarantee

In Illinois:

Rubber Tire ers Alley Scrap Available


1602 N. Lincoln Ave., Urbana, IL 61801 217-328-5005 2045 E. Ireland Grove Rd., Bloomington, IL 61704 309-662-0508

• We have heavy 3/4” thick rubber 5’ & 6’ wide, up to 500’ lengths for feed aisle. • Grooved Rubber. • Parlor ramps, etc. • Good for heavily traveled areas. for Call and info ences r refe

Gabel Belting Doing Business For Over 30 Years Rt. 16, Chaffee, NY 14030 C ALL C OLLECT :

716-496-6025 • Fax 716-496-2006 •

In Wisconsin:

In North Dakota/Montana:



525 Railroad Street, Allentown, WI 53002 262-629-4104 1200 Maple Avenue, Columbus, WI 920-623-9000

13922 West Front St., Williston, ND 58801 701-774-0957 In Missouri:


11001 Highway 71, Savannah, MO 64485 816-324-5618

In South Dakota:


3024 Hwy. 14 Bypass, Brookings, SD 57006 605-693-3522 | In Iowa:


110 N. Columbus Street, West Liberty, IA 52776 319-627-2011 | In North Dakota:


6719 Hwy. 200, Carrington, ND 58421 701-652-2012 | 701-652-2821 800-343-1766


24000 State Hwy. 6, Gallatin, MO 64640 660-663-2104 Email: In Illinois:


340 North Metcalf Ave., Amboy, IL 61310 815-857-2513 | 800-957-2513


Old Highway 6, Beech, ND 58621 701-872-4154 Highway 12 East, Bowman, ND 58623 701-523-3296 107 4th Street, Heddinger, ND 58639 701-567-4505

Frontier Equipment, Inc.

13922 W. Front Street, Williston, ND 58801 701-774-0957

Stanley Equipment, Inc.

8141 Highway 2, Stanley, ND 58784 701-628-2950

Glasgow Implement

Highway 2 East, Glasgow, MT 59230 406-228-9341

All rights reserved. Case IH is a registered trademark of CNH America LLC. B48

800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

3 Sizes Available!

Farming operations come in all sizes - so do our planters.

The first hydraulic corral and still the largest!

Row-crop planting equipment is what we do.

Row-crop planting equipment is what we do.

• Up to 400 head • Pull at highway speeds

3800 Forward Folding Planter ASD

• Fits through any gate your pickup will • Wheels on each panel and electric over hydraulic jack eliminates lifting, saves time

3200 12 Row

• Frame gates for sorting

Rawhide Processor • Permanent sheeted adjustable alley

Booths #1405-1506

• 3 sizes available

Rawhide Portable Corral

• Transport wheels raise and lower with the flip of a switch. No need to slide off axle & roll out of the way • Options for loading chute, head gate and additional 10' bow gate

307 Augustine Ave. Abilene, KS 67410


Farming operations come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why we’ve worked overtime to give growers the best selection of hardworking planters on the planet. Whether it’s pull type or forward folding, from 4 to 36 rows, if you’re thinking planters, think Kinze ®. To learn more, visit your Kinze Dealer or

In Minnesota:

In Missouri:



826 E. Bridge Street Redwood Falls, MN 56283 507-637-2978

1403 N. 2nd Street Clinton, MO 64735 660-885-5591 Harrisonville, MO1 816-887-1985

©2010 Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. All rights reserved. Kinze ® and the Kinze TM logo are trademarks owned by Kinze Manufacturing.


31424 Hwy. 30, Westbrook, MN 56183 507-274-6101

In Iowa:


4406 30th Avenue Armstrong, IA 50514 515-272-4538 | Cell: 515-320-2256


337 Main Street, Nerstrand, MN 55053 507-334-4059


1886 Hwy. 20, Lawton, IA 51030 712-944-5751 |




• Chest Pain • Elevated Blood Pressure • Breathless • Cold Feet • Low Energy • Cholesterol • Heart Failure • Impotence

“I feel so much better all over.”

“In one month my doctor cut my medication in half and after two months he stopped all medication.”

27062 U.S. Hwy. 59 Elbow Lake, MN 56531 218-685-4467

In South Dakota:

FAR BETTER FARM EQUIPMENT 12101 386th Avenue Westport, SD 57481 605-226-0732 | www.

WILDUNG EQUIPMENT 116 4th Street Nassau, MN 56251 320-668-2675

“I used about half a bottle and the chest pain went away.”

Call Now for Your FREE Information Package


Call Toll Free: 1-877-271-1312 TRUST THE ORIGINAL

October 2012

©2010 Kinze Manufacturing, Inc. All rights reserved. Kinze , the Kinze logo are trademarks owned by Kinze Manufacturing. ®



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Pelletized Poultry Fertilizer

THE DEW DROP DRILL An ATV "Native Grass Drill/Seeder" "Overseeding Pastures"

Stop! Before you break up that stubble


Not Just Another... Our Unique little "ATV" food plot machine, but a "native grass planter" that works like the large planters!

Spreads easily with lime spreading equipment. Suitable for organic farming. Superior alternative to chemical fertilizers. Stimulates soil health and improves crop production. Excellent source of slow-releasing nitrogen. Contains 80 lbs. of Nitrogen per ton.

"Seed Delivery System" is capable of handling a large variety of seed types from native grasses to wildflowers and more. Gives you better habitat with more cover and less weed competition.


Herbruck's Poultry Ranch, Inc.

2150 280th Street• Spencer, Iowa 51301 712-264-1186 • INFO@DEWDROPDRILL.COM WWW.DEWDROPDRILL.COM

Brian Geerlings, Fertilizer Sales Manager

Office (616) 642-9421 • Cell (616) 902-2025

Put on your immobile fertilizers, warm up that soil for spring, maybe even plant on time and get better emergence. If you’re looking for ways to reduce fertilizer costs to tractor time...


TWIN DIAMOND INDUSTRIES LLC Manufacturers of the Strip Cat

Hydraulic Rock Trippers Available Row Spacing down to 20”


Grain & Bulk Seed TRAILERS Rear gravity flow design Seed Tender Models 170 & 240 Bu. Grain Trailer Models 300-350-375-400 Bu. Gooseneck & Bumper Pull Utilize your truck investment Equipped with Elec. brake axles, fenders, ladder, DOT lighting

Push your operation to the limit with the Gehl V270 and V330 vertical-lift skid loaders. These full-size machines provide 2,700 lbs. to 3,300 lbs. of rated operating capacity. The vertical-lift linkage provides impressive lift heights and excellent forward reach at the top of the lift cycle. STRONGEST IN CLASS – Full-size skid loader provides high performance and high tractive forces. YANMAR INTERIM TIER IV ENGINE – Powerful turbo-diesel engines provide 206 ft.-lbs. of torque and 70.7 horsepower. VERTICAL-LIFT, HEAVY-DUTY BOOM – High-strength, lowprofile design increases operator visibility and lifts loads in a nearly vertical path. PLUSH CAB DESIGN – Cab-forward design increases visibility to the bucket cutting edge and fully adjustable operator area provides customized comfort.

In Montana:

In Minnesota:

4514 U.S. Hwy. 2 West Havre, MT 59501 406-265-7865

840 Pioneer Ave., Lafayette, MN 56054 507-228-8224 | 800-642-4104 Winthrop, MN 507-647-6600





801 South Hwy. 284 Waconia, MN 55387 952-442-7326 | 888-741-3276

800-622-8836 |

VILLARD IMPLEMENT CO. 671 Lincoln Ave. Villard, MN 56385 320-554-3111 888-554-3111

Options for Shur-Loc Truck Tarps Steel AG-Tops 6” x 14 or 16’ Folding Augers Adjustable end spouts 7’ or 16’ Electric 8HP Hydraulic Power Units. Pup-style tag trailer w/air brakes

Call for details:


Dealers Needed Full Line Trailer Manufacturer

In Missouri:

CUSTOM TRUCK & EQUIPMENT LLC 7701 East 24 Hwy. Kansas City, MO 64125 800-861-1065

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

D&K Trailers, Inc. Coleridge, NE October 2012

In Missouri:


931 N. Hwy. 71, Anderson, MO 64831 417-845-3563 |


6111 Paris Road, Columbia, MO 65202 573-442-1252 | In Illinois:


213 N. McKendrie St., Mt. Morris, IL 61054 815-734-4809 | Cell: 815-821-2132 In Iowa:


1218 49th Street, Monmouth, IA 52309 563-673-6631 In Montana:

1991 U.S. Hwy. 2W, Havre, MT 59501 406-265-2246 |

October 2012 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |



ONE STOP Infra-Red

2-Stage High/Low

Infra-Red Tube Heaters

Eagle Ditcher


Operates 3-Phase Equipment from a Single Phase Line


Serving the Midwest for over 30 Years


LP/Nat. With or Without Electricity

Save 35% to 75% on Fuel Costs

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


Use For: Grain Dryer Systems Grain Handling Systems Irrigation Systems High Power Fans Machine Tools Welders, Compressors


WANTED KARAM Mfg., Inc. 707 Industrial Dr., Omro, WI 54963

ENERGY EFFICIENT! Runs Approximately 80% of the time at the lower setting 800-293-8969

Come see us at the NEBRASKA, IOWA, ILLINOIS, NORTH & SOUTH DAKOTA Farm shows or E-mail â&#x20AC;˘ Total Building Heat â&#x20AC;˘ Outdoor Spot Heat â&#x20AC;˘ Indoor Spot Heat â&#x20AC;˘ Shops and Animals Des Moines â&#x20AC;˘ Omaha â&#x20AC;˘ St. Louis â&#x20AC;˘ Snow & Ice Control P.O. Box 1267, Ankeny, IA 50021

(800) 798-4328 Fax (515) 965-9539

Dealer Inquiries Welcome

We Buy, Sell, Trade & Consign Sprayers


largest feeding equipment line in North America! At last ... an affordable




bedding chopper for big and small square bales ÂŽ



15497 State Hwy 131 Tomah, WI 608-374-2206


Contact your local Valmetal dealer for more details

InWISCONSIN Wisconsin: Allenton


800-622-8836 |

ArkANsAw Blue rIver

cAmP dOUgLAs DurAnD

408 South Madison Street Friesland, WI 53935 920-348-5153 Email:


8897 Old 41 Road, Oconto, WI 54153 920-834-2075

Midwest Farm


Valmetal offers performance and quality at an affordable price

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CLIFFâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S, INC.

2385 C O. ROAD P, MALMO NE 68040 402-642-5 8 7 6 | CELL: 402-480-1430 E M AIL: VE RM ELI NEAGEQUI P@WI NDSTREAM.NET

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There is a difference


1365 21st Ave., Rice Lake, WI 54868 715-234-6788

FALLS FARM AUTOMATION, INC. 16570 County Hwy. O Chippewa Falls, WI 54729 715-382-4142


910 Randolph Drive, Appleton, WI 54913 920-788-3505

FLUEGGEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S AG SALES

2040 Mahogany St., Mora, MN 55051 320-679-2981

FARM SCIENCE REVIEW, Sept. 18-20, Lot 141

See Us At The

Portable Toolboxes • Tools at Your Fingertips • No Drawers to Jam • Powder Coat Paint Finish • Made of 16 Gauge Steel • Welded Seams - No Spot Welding

F/S 3Pt Homestead Sprayers • Category I or II Hitch • TeeJet Controls • Hypro PTO Roller Pump • 4 Point Stand

1102 Center Street West Fargo, ND 58078


You Might As Well Have the Best! October 2012 |

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MILLS BUILT TO FIT YOUR NEEDS Wet or Dry Corn Roller Mills!

HUGE SAVINGS On Livestock Equipment!

Portable or Stationary Crackers!

✫ Heavy Duty 400-4000 Bushels Per Hour Cracking or Crimping Mills ✫ Built with a Heavy Steel Frame, Heavy Bearings, and V-Belt Drive (No light tin or chain driven) ✫ Easy to Operate and Service ✫ Full Width 1" Thick Pull-Out Plate Magnets ✫ Solid Centrifugally Hardened Cast Iron Rollers ✫ Rolls can be Re-Sharpened Many Times ✫ Customize Your PTO or Electric Mill with as Little or as Many Options that You Need! ✫ Augers ✫ Hopper ✫ Hydraulic System

Sioux Working Equipment System Includes: Portable Working Tub, Alley, Palp Cage Squeeze Chute and Head Gate Call For More Details!

Also Roller-Grinders for Hog and Dairy Feed! WE STAND BEHIND OUR PRODUCTS!

Available as individual components for stationary installations.

Give us a call

605-647-3001•866-393-1116 Lennox, SD


In Minnesota:

In Wisconsin:



112 East St. Paul St. Gully, MN 56646 218-268-4177 | 888-256-9552 In South Dakota:


1812 N. Cliff Ave. Sioux Falls, SD 57103 605-336-2768 | 800-658-3629 Canistota, SD 855-200-5684 Freeman, SD 855-200-5682 Kimball, SD 877-531-9836 Scotland, SD 888-548-3744 Viborg, SD 800-252-9436


800-622-8836 |

5371 Commercial Road Lancaster, WI 53813 608-723-2590


525 Railroad Street Allenton, WI 53002 262-629-4104 1200 Maple Ave., Columbus, WI 920-623-9000 In Montana:


620 E. 7th Street Platte, SD 57369 605-337-3231

2703 West Towne Street Glendive, MT 59330 406-377-4398 | 800-423-5219 4251 MT Hwy. 16, Plentywood, MT 406-765-2624 35002 County Rd. 123, Sidney, MT 406-433-7737

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TSR PARTS • 13540 TREVOR DRIVE • COLGATE, ND 58046 800-582-2432 Fax: 701-945-2386 Email: Call us or see our website for dealers in your area

Hooded Mineral Feeder


2.0” Heavy Duty Gate In Iowa:

DOLEZAL FARM SUPPLY 800 West Hwy. 30 Toledo, IA 52342 641-484-4606 In Illinois:

KOHLBRECHER TRUCK SERVICE 8307 Main Street St. Rose, IL 62230 618-526-7548 | 618-526-2276

October 2012

Home of the

Original Concrete Stock Tank

Used & Rebuilt


We install and sell liners for: DUMP TRUCKS, DUMP TRAILERS AND FARM TRUCKS

A liner will release load at 2/3 height, prevents floor wear, gives you a safer more predictable dump. A liner over a worn floor in a manure spreader or feed wagon or farm truck will make the floor better than new. Our Plastic Welder Can: Model shown: 44C

CALL US FOR A FREE QUOTE: 800-383-8843 Visit our web site at:

2471 Hwy. 30, Denison, IA 51442 800-832-7383 • 712-263-2442


2-Way and 3-Way Systems

Easy, efficient sorting with superior control functions Sorter features and benefits: • Reduce labor/increase efficiencies • Pigs line up to go through sorter • Manage the feeding of pigs • Get pigs to market uniformally • Mark pigs at any sort level with different color combinations • HerdStar patented ESP (Electronic Sense of Position) – no troublesome gate triggers or electronic eyes • Open frame design speeds training and reduces stress ®

Re-surface your gravity flow box wagons... Allows for easily flow of material and protects metal surfaces.

for more information or your nearest dealer October 2012

Always Looking to Buy!

DAKOTA SKID STEERS 701-432-5645 • 701-361-4141

EQUIPMENT SALES SUPER SORTER SCALES c/o Baer Manufacturing - Box. 64, Sidney, MB ROH-ILO 204-466-3005 or 877-544-5658 • *NEW DISTRIBUTOR: Andy Thalen Enterprises Ltd. 810 Tremaine Ave. S. RR4, Listowel, Ontario, CN N4W3G9 519-291-3464 • |

- Cutting Width: 66” - Overall Length: 81” - Weight: 2000 Lbs. - Blades: 4-12” Dual Sided Rotary Axe Blades - Motor: Direct Drive Gear Motor, Bi-Directional - Cutting Capacity: Cuts Up to 6” in Dia. - Hydraulic Hoses Included


HerdStar control system: • Easy operation • Monitor daily rates of gain • ID pigs electronically • Manage data to more accurately forecast when pigs will be ready for market • Six sort modes: Simple, Train, Light, Sell, Feed and RFID • Monitor multiple scales, multiple sites with HerdStar’s web-based eHerdsman program

Call 800-657-4698

Insurance Machines Welcomed


No need to replace your entire mixer when you can resurface the inside liner.

Re-surfacing of your feeder wagon offers superior gravity flow of feed. Cows clean up their feed better, the rounded corners reduce/eliminate rancid feed build up.

Any Size or Year.


Get more years out of your TMR mixer...

Self-feeding wagons...

Non-running Bobcat skid steer loaders or Bobcat components.

• Fix Holes or Cracks in Most Plastics • Fix Worn or Broken Combine Snouts • Fix Sprayers, Water & Starter Tanks • We can Match John Deere Green & Case-IH Red

Other models available


Bobcat Parts For Sale

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

FEATURES: 2 cutting widths Bi-directional motor Cuts up to 3 inches in diameter Housing “A-36” plate steel Round stump jumper Lift limit chain Front chain curtain

LOBO POST PULLER THE LOBO WAY Pulling a post in concrete with the Lobo is an easy 1-2-3 one-person job! CALL FOR A DEALER NEAR YOU:

800-432-5955 800-622-8836

BUILT in the



Pull Harder, Pull Smarter, Pull SAFER!


Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products Inc. 3 Pt. Implement Caddies

lift and carry your heavy 3 pt. implements. Works great for strip tillers, rippers, sub soilers, drills, etc.

Model 500: NEW MODEL!

Easy-mount hitch mechanism that mounts to any truck making it easy to pull safely! Model-specific versions make connection a breeze, & custom solutions are also available.


★ Tanks like these measure from 6 feet to 13 feet in diameter. ★ They will hold from 200 to 1,200 gallons. ★ They can be cut to any height. ★ They resist freezing. “You can’t break it and it won’t break you!” Dealer Inquiries Welcome.

Will deliver in semi-loads anywhere.

Designed for mounting tank or hopper on frame.

(Frame does not raise and lower - only the rear hitch)

For More Information On Our Products See: Or Call:


Call: Ryan Harrison

Kringstad Ironworks 406 Tower Street, Park River, ND 58270 701-284-6194




Email: 7600 Series

When calling say you saw it in the Farm & Livestock Directory

8600 Series

7400 Series


remote gateS F R O M K & K M A N U FA C T U R I N G


• needs no external power source - solar panel charged 12-volt battery • controlled by small remote activated up to 350 feet away • 1.25" square tube frame AUTO CATTLE GATE

More tractor. More choices.

• various sizes available

• opens automatically when cow steps on activated mat • 48" wide x 72" tall • needs no external power source - solar panel charged 12volt battery • ideal for corralling livestock in a field or pasture

Be prepared. The first time you experience our Massey Ferguson 8600/7600/7400 tractors, it’ll take your breath away. These are our most advanced tractors, with more space, more comfort, more quiet and new, unequalled engine and transmission technology. See your dealer soon or visit ®

In Illinois:

In Nebraska:

In Minnesota:




22057 IL Hwy. 1 Chrisman, IL 61924 217-269-2412 In Iowa:


2782 360th Street Rock Valley, IA 51247 712-476-2281

East Hwy. 12 Butte, NE 68772 402-775-2464 Email:

671 Lincoln Ave. Villard, MN 56385 320-554-3111

HILLBILLS DIESEL SERVICE 50597 Hwy. 91 Spalding, NE 68665 308-497-2424

K & K M A N U FA C T U R I N G 402-984-8864 • Cell: 402-984-4809 w w w. a u t o c a t t l e g a t e . c o m B56

800-622-8836 |

MASSEY FERGUSON is a worldwide brand of AGCO. © 2010 AGCO Corporation, 4205 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096 (877) 525-4384

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2012



• Model 500 & 510 • Holds one 6’ round or 8’ square bale • 8’, 10’ & 12’ models available

PMC PORTABLE BUNK FEEDER • Model 520 • Feed up to 34 head of cattle at once • 20’ & 24’ models available


High quality roll tarps and roll tarp kits for wagons, grain carts, grain trailers, feed bodies and truck boxes!

• 24 Feed Openings • Holds up to two 6’ round bales at once • 8’, 10’ & 12’ models available

Boscobel, WI 53805

608-375-2656 or 800-873-1911 DEALER INQUIRIES WELCOME



➧ Modular construction for rapid on-site assembly ➧ Single or multiple compartment bins ➧ Load out or ingredient applications ➧ Customization to fit your application ➧ Bin sizes up to 12’x12’ (4000 bu) ➧ Accessories: gates, handrail, ladder, beanladder, headhouse, catwalks, vibrator brackets, screw feeders ➧ Pre-engineered bolt together structure ➧ Dumpit sizes from 22 bu to 650 bu

Superior Industries introduces their new line of sprayers that are not only economical but easy to mount and clean-up takes less than 1 minute!

Pictured from top to bottom: 1) AT 24: New version of the wrap-around sprayer featuring shorter saddles making it easier to mount and dismount on the ATV. Low profile tank, complete drainage w/boom busters; 2) WABB-16-F: featuring 25 gal. back and 16 gal. front for added weight balance and carrying capacity w/separate filters and controls w/ optional hose reel; 3) WA-BB-B12: featured w/best 25 gal. WA tank w/dual boom busters and 12 ft. folding booms; 4) LP 45-BB sprayer w/ chemical injection: No mixing chemicals, easy to operate and maintain, injector pump and dual tanks. Most accurate and durable unit on the market; 5) LP 100BB: made for complete drainage, low tank for complete visibility for driver, w/manual controls mounted by operator; 6) Truck sprayers: mounted in bed of pickup or on flatbed, controls in cab, can be fitted w/booms.

➧ Screw auger or incline conveyor sized to your capacity needs

“Call us for all your sprayer needs”

For a dealer near you, call:

800-950-4792 320-283-5450

Fax: 320-283-5246

1100 East 6th St., Superior, NE 68978


800-333-5161 / 402-879-4700

P.O. Box 121 • 317 Cherry St. • Lowry, MN 56349 Email: • Web: October 2012 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory | 800-622-8836


Elliott Essentials, LLC Hand Poured Soy Candles

Place Your Holiday Orders Now!


STORE FOOD NOW! Are you prepared for illness or disasters that may keep you at home? We offer the highest quality, longest storing, best tasting, dry foods, canned meats, cheese and butter available.

Basic, 11 Case, 1 Year Food Supply for One: $1250 FREE SHIPPING AquaRain Gravity Water Filters (15K gals+): $190+S&H

Prices Starting at $8.00 8 oz. Canning Jar 10 oz. Victorian 16 oz. Apothecary


EFFECTIVE AGAINST BEDBUGS! Eliminate insects and internal parasites with our natural, freshwater, feed-grade DE. Dust surfaces to kill crawling insects. Add to feed to kill internal parasites and cut fly populations. Rub into fur to kill fleas. Safe — under 1% silica. Lowest prices in the country!


Also, grain mills, survival manuals, sprouters, additional emergency essentials, books and more.

BEST PRICES STORABLE FOODS P.O. Box 3182, Quinlan, TX 75474


Prices subject to change.

260-894-4542 • Order online at:

Call for current pricing.

In Minnesota:

Ground-BreakinG Power

We Are Your Online Boot Store With Top Quality Boot Brands for Men and Women

ISAACSON IMPLEMENT CO., INC. 337 Main Street Nerstrand, MN 55053 507-334-4059 In Iowa:

FREE SHIPPING on all orders!


Highway 30 East Grand Junction, IA 50107 515-738-2744


In Illinois:


Top Quality Boot Brands

618 W. 9th Street Gibson City, IL 60936 217-784-4731 | 800-870-5846 Arthur, IL 217-543-2154 | 800-500-5846

FREE Shipping


Kinze 3800 24-30 Kinze 3600 8-RW-15 Kinze 3600 12-30-23 Kinze 3600 16-30 Kinze 3600 16-30-31 Kinze 3660 16-30-31 Kinze 3200 12-30 Kinze 2700 24-30 Kinze 2600 16-30-31 Kinze 2000 6-30-11 White 6322 12-30 JD CCS 30'


NH 8970 MFD, 5000 hrs. NH 8040 MFD 700 hrs. NH 4030 cab, MFD, 200 hrs. NH TG 255, MFD, 2000 hrs. NH TSA 115, MFD, loader, 2000 hrs. Ford TW 15 2WH, 4000 hrs.

50 Used Planters

Used Equipment Kinze 1050 Tracks Kinze 1050 Floaters Kinze 1050 Row Crop Kinze 1040 Row Crop Kinze 850 Grain Cart Kinze 840 Grain Cart Salford RTS 24' Summers S cltr. 23'

SORENSEN’S Harlan, Iowa





DITTAMORE IMPLEMENT CO. 1213 West Main Teutopolis, IL 62467 217-857-3193

Versatile and Cummins are using a DPF/EGR emission control system to achieve interim Tier 4 emissions standards. The single fluid solution requires no additional fuels or additives reducing maintenance and fuelling time. The 350, 375 and 400 use a Cummins QSX 11.9 L while the 450, 500 and 550 use a Cummins QSX 15L engine. The large displacement engines achieve a 13% power bulge at 2100 RPM and an impressive 60% torque rise to provide the power required to pull large implements with ease.

In North Dakota:

RENSCH GARAGE, INC. 121 North Main St. Makoti, ND 58756 701-726-5696

ENERBASE COOPERATIVES 215 Central Avenue E Minot, ND 58701 701-852-2501

©2012 Buhler Versatile inc. » 888.524.1003 » »


2. Remote Depth Control

1. The

Dealer Name / Contact Information No-Tiller

New parallel linkage design Control depth from the cab by selected row or all rows. Uses any Groff row cleaner wheel. No depth band on outside of wheel.

• •

Use in hard ground to cut trash. Excellent in all no-till situations.

•Proven hub and bearing


design with grease zerk.

•Slight concave.

LLC P.O. Box 990

Wellington, CO 80549

Distributed Exclusively by: Imperial Marketing, Box 537, Imperial, NE 69033 308-882-1569 B58

800-622-8836 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

October 2012

A Complete Corral Solution In 7 Minutes!

Patent Pending



• Patent pending hitch design allows livestock to enter, or be loaded out the front or the back • Easy to set up and transport • Unique hydraulics system, will set down or lift up for transporting. • Runs by 12-volt battery with solar power

The Original Builders of Diamond W Corrals, Burlington, OK

Guaranteed Lowest Prices! All Stainless Steel Lifetime Warranty Order Now & Save BIG! Proudly Serving MN-ND-SD-WI

Ask about the Best Floor Heat Water Tubing Volume Discounts & FREE Estimates! w w w. m i k e s h e a t i n g . c o m




Soil Treatment

Satisfied growers WORLDWIDE for 37 years

TA K E A C T I O N O N C O M PA C T I O N IMPROVES SOIL PROBLEMS • Standing Water • Water Run-off • Crusting • Clodding • Poor Root Growth

UNIQUE CHEMICAL FORMULATION • Mixes Well • Applies Well • Low Rate/Economical • 1 Gal. to 55 Gal. Bulk

(800) 348-2608

Soil & Water Management Enhances Yield


Pond Supplies Wind Driven Aerators • Fountains • Aerators • Chemicals • Pond Bacteria • Pond Liners • Waterfall Supplies

• Precision flighting for combines, augers, grain carts, unloaders, feed wagons, mixers, cleaners, driers, etc. • Immediate nationwide shipment from vast stocks in over 1200 different sizes. • Normal, heavy duty and extra heavy duty flights cold rolled from prime quality steel.

Contact us to request your free 2012 color catalog:

RFS makes flighting repairs quick, easy and inexpensive on any implement, any make, any model, any age.


Flighting only from stock. You specify, we ship, you weld.

Call for our new SUPER COMPETITIVE prices!

REPLACEMENT FLIGHTING SUPPLY PH: 888-728-0969 • 402-694-6536

4385 East 110th • Grant, MI 49327 Our 42nd Year ! 

P.O. Box 311, Industrial Park, Aurora, NE 68818

New! Electric Pickup Winch & Hitch For Hooking Up NH3 Tanks, Augers, Boats, Almost Any Trailer!


Hydraulic Implement Winch & Hitch Complete

Bolt-On Unit

(Includes Control Valve)

The "Series 3" winch can be ordered with "bolt on ease" to fit the following Bourgault •Flexi-Coil Concord • Morris John Deere • Ray-Mac







Ruth Rusie is part of United Way’s ongoing work to improve the education, income, and health of our communities. To find out how you can help create opportunities for a better life for all, visit LIVEUNITED.ORG.

October 2012


Scott's Manufacturing

Landa, ND 58783 • 800-806-9686 |

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

Rebuilt to industrial specs with top quality heavy industrial cylinders, hoses and fittings for years of trouble free service. We carry the full line of industrial and ag scrapers. All sizes from 1 to 30 yds. Also used scraper tires. Trades welcome.

Looking to buy Cable Scrapers

LEVER HOLDINGS INC. Box 194, Muenster, SK S0K 2Y0

Shop Phone (306) 682-3332 Email:



Grain Covers Since 1973

The Common Sense


This one-of-a-kind attachment turns your chain saw into an amazing new tool that can be used for a variety of jobs. Since 1984, the name “Log Wizard” has become well-known in the industry for quality and reliability and is widely used by professionals and home handymen. Log home builders, portable sawmill owners as well as ranchers and farmers will find the “Log Wizard” invaluable.

Heavy-Duty Winder!

Polycan Grain Storage Covers ®

Woven & String Reinforced Polyethylene, Custom Bunker and Center Fill Covers Direct OEM Replacement Covers for all Commonly Used Center Fill Systems Complete Installation Services Available. Gridlock Internal Retention Systems.

★ Has a level wind to make your rolls look like a new roll of wire. ★ Mounts on loader bucket or 3-point hitch. Now Available ★ Spool is made so you in John Deere can reuse your wire. Green ★ Spool can be modified Also Offering Wind Breaks • Bale Feeders for high tensile. Feed Thru Panels • Pan Feed Bunks


ALARM SYSTEMS Save Time, Money and Valuable Commodities

Patent Pending

GOLDEC INTERNATIONAL EQUIPMENT INC. Box 3299 • Spruce Grove, AB, T7X 3A5 Toll Free: 1-877-640-2240

Check out our other product lines at:

website: • E-mail:

605-598-4157 or 605-216-0687 (Cell)


1. The Log Wizard is used primarily for debarking logs for log home construction, knot removal, notching and planing. 2. Adapts to all chain saws. 3. Uses standard 3 1/4” blades. 4. Please view video on website.

Kelly Melius, 16008 357th Ave., Faulkton, SD 57438


Canamer Int'l. 800-533-8020

• Log Home Builders • Portable Sawmill Owners • Lodge Operators • Ranchers • Farmers

Is it costing you an arm and a leg to keep ice out of your water every winter?


780-960-2727 •


780-960-2767 S CH MO EVE OO DE RA SE LS L FR TO OM

Colorado Hay Probe Model 2004

P.O. Box 69, Villard, MN 56385

320-554-2051 • Fax: 320-554-2459

No More Guesswork, Eliminate Plugged Conveying System...

• Dependable • High Quality • Low Maintenance Know when your bins are full or empty. Loud Horn (Optional)

Model C36-26

Junction Box Control Panel


Various Sizes Available

How Binful Alarm Operates



Binned material presses against the diaphragm switch which immediately sends a signal to the junction box. The signal is then immediately relayed to the control panel which sets off the audio and individual bin light.


Call Today! 620-277-2333


Doors Built to Last a Lifetime • Strong, Safe • Weathertight • Always Installed

Other Sizes Available


& Hog Waterers




Works in fertilizer, free-flowing materials and grain bins.

Automatic Livestock Hoskins Cattle Waterers

P.O. Box 101 • Hoskins, NE 68740

(402) 565-4420 800-658-4020

“No Advertising Solicitation!!!”

Select Dealerships & Distributorships Available.

16-24’ LCG Grain Body 66 or 60” Sides

201 Rome Court • Fort Collins, CO 80524 Voice 970-482-2060 • Fax 970-482-2067 • Email: New on the market

Pneumatic Drive Grease Buster


96 or 102 wide

Cleans Grease Fittings & Bearings

2012 32’, 34’ & 35’ End Dump

Regular & Combination (Hose Extension $11.00)

2012 34-42’ Hopper Grain Trailer Trailer & Roll Tarp, FET & Tires

TOLL FREE 888-615-6656 701-642-6656 Fax: 701-642-6658 P.O. Box 668 Wahpeton, ND 58075


$39 includes shipping. DEALER INQUIRIES INVITED Cost Saving Tool. Wholesale or Retail Sales. MADE IN U.S.A.

Over 17 Years of Satisfied Customers!

Use a penetrating oil - no aerosol can lube. Shop size holds 2 times the amount of fluid.

$48 includes shipping.

T-J Tools Ltd. ©

P.O. Box 120 • Waynesville, OH 45068

Phone/Fax: 513-897-5142

• No back stop or cables need- • Available in 6 ft., 8 ft., or 10 ft. ed-change from use to high• Wide conveyor loads from way towing in minutes either side • High capacity in forage or grain • 1 year warranty


& SAVE A BUNDLE Highly engineered replacement parts for bottom unloader silos


Lifetime Structure


Steve Groth

POWERLIFT 507-368-9500


800-622-8836 |




Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

580 West 1st Street Zumbrota, MN

Proudly Made in the USA

★ ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★ ★

October 2012

Circle D Corporation • Flatbed Trailers • Low Profile Equipment Trailers • Flatbeds For Pickups & 1 Ton Trucks

Distributor of


• Livestock Trailers • Horse & Stock Combo Trailers • Multipurpose Trailers

Sidewall Curtain Ventilation Solid and woven fabrics available

*Fabtex 50

(woven polypropylene)

*Fabtex White 60 (reinforced white vinyl)

Yo u r A u t h o r i z e d I n d e p e n d e n t C h i e f D e a l e r s :

*Fabtex Clear 40 (solid reinforced polyethylene)

Insulated Curtain Available

In South Dakota:

RAY HOFER STEEL SALES & CONSTRUCTION 468 South Main Freeman, SD 57029 605-925-7194 | 888-788-9033 In Nebraska:

GREENLAND CONSTRUCTION 305 West Bridge Street Arcadia, NE 68815 308-789-6254

ATTENTION! Feed Available! Wet Gluten Feed – Dry Gluten Pellets Dry Distillers Grains – Soy Hull Pellets

Call us today or visit D R FEED, INC.


Victor, IA 800-362-0196 319-647-3774 email:


Precision Cut Interior Kits:

Pre-formed Acoustical Parts:

•AC 7000 Srs. Black Belly .......................$255 •AC8000 Srs. Lower Kit...........................$215 •Gleaner Combine Kit...............................$166 •Ford Srs. I Lower Kit...............................$225 •IH 86-88 Srs. Lower Kit .........................$136 •IH 86/88 Srs. Headliner ..........................$135 •IH 1420 Combine Kit ..............................$162 •CIH 1620 Combine Kit............................$228 •CIH 7110-8950 Lower Kit ......................$186 •CIH 9110-9390 Kit (No Posts) ...............$267 •Case 70 Srs. 2WD .................................$240 •Case 90/94 Srs. 2WD ............................$245 •JD 30 Srs. 2WD Lower Kit .....................$144 •JD 40, 50, 55, 60 2WD Lower ...............$175 •JD 4400 Combine Kit .............................$171 •JD 6600, 7700 Combine ........................$184 •JD 6620-8820 Combine Lwr. ...................$96 •MF 540-860 Combine Kit ............. $211-$508 •NH TR75-95 Combine Kit.......................$190 •NH 1100-1118 Swather Kit ....................$206 •Steiger ST/PT Kit ....................................$252 •Versatile Srs. 3 Kit ..................................$425 •White Srs. 3 Lower Kit ...........................$385

•AC 8000 Srs. Headliner ..........................$257 •CIH 7110-8950 Headliner.......................$195 •CIH 71110-8950 Post Kit .......................$168 •Ford Srs. I Headliner ...............................$267 •JD 30-60 Srs. Headliner .........................$226 •JD 30-60 Srs. Cow Unit .........................$139 $139 •JD 7000 Srs. Headliner ..........................$212 $212 •JD 8000 Srs. Lower Kit ..........................$455 $455 •JD 8000 Srs. Headliner ..........................$227 •JD 9400-9650 Headliner ........................$499 •JD 6620-8820 Headliner ........................$209 •Versatile Srs. 4 Headliner........................$285

Pre-Cut Floor Mats: •AC 7000 Srs......................................$101 •CIH Maxum .......................................$190 •CIH Magnum Front Mat .......................$96 •Ford Series I. .......................................$91 •Gleaner Combine ...............................$102 •IH 1420-1480......................................$67 •IH 86/88 2WD .....................................$72 •JD 30 Srs. 2WD ..................................$82 •Versatile Srs. 3 ..................................$137

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The Universal Filter Preheater Fits Diesel and Bio-Diesel Fuel Filter Housing (8” to 12” circumference, 2.5” to 4” diameter) for lube oil and hydraulic filters too. It wraps around the filter housing and reduces or eliminates the possibility of cold weather fuel gelling stopping the engine. It is easily removable and transferable and is wired for your choice of: direct current or alternating current or a convertible model combining dc and ac. A standard 12v Universal Filter Preheater sells for $138. NEW — Now Available For Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks and Dispensing Pump Fuel Filters!

“Peel & Stick” Engine Preheater The ‘peel & stick’ Universal Preheater attaches to the bottom or the side of the oil pan and converts the housing into a heat transfer element. It warms the oil without burning it making cold starts easy. It can be used on gearboxes, transmissions, transfer cases, water tanks and even bulk oil tanks. The Preheater plugs into any 120 or 240 volt outlet and consists of a thin silicone fiberglass pad containing a metal grid. To install it, you clean an area on the bottom or side of the oil pan and press the pad onto it, then use silicone to seal the edges of the pad and place a flexible ceramic insulation pad over it. It is available in several models depending on the lube capacity. A 50 watt unit sells for $42 and a 350 watt unit sells for $133.

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C LS DiS CiA ls E SP r Detai


l fo



are quality engineered to provide long-lasting reliable performance!


38 AR YE

• Reduces compaction and hardpan down to 4 ft. • Helps balance air and moisture • Reduces water run-off & soil erosion • Agri-SC works in both wet & dry conditions • Free demonstration • NON-TOXIC biodegradable • Up to 47% less crusting

For Farm Equipment, Lawnmowers, Chain Saws and other power accessories.

Lawn Mowers

Corn Growers Assoc. Ridge-Till, Non-Irrigated Div.

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Chain Saws



120 Marine St., East Farmingdale, NY 11735



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SOYBEAN AVERAGE YIELD on 51 Varieties w/AgriSC: 66.5 w/o Agri-SC was 57.0

Spark Plugs

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tion this a for a d 1




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Agri-SC soil treatment


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Ken E. Knight

4-H WORTH SAVING If you recall, we put out a plea for help to save 4-H--about a year ago. The response from people offering to help save 4-H programs across this great country of ours has been overwhelming. The objective has not only been to raise enough money to keep our 4-H programs alive and well, but to philosophically and politically up-grade 4-H to a higher level of importance. From the County to the National scene there has to be a newfound recognition of the importance of 4-H. Both Congress and County Supervisors have to recognize that 4-H is about building character and leadership. The purpose of the projects is to teach skills, but understanding the value of relationships and how to maintain them is far more important than that of finishing a steer or baking a cake. Would this country be in the financial mess that it’s in if our current leaders were as astute as our “founding fathers”? The government way back in the 1800’s saw fit to create 4-H; realizing that this country would be built on the “backs” of its youth. The only thing that has changed in all those years is our deviation from our “roots”. Greed and selfserving bureaucracy that can’t see beyond ME FIRST have watered down those solid “Christian values”. While filling their own pockets and laughing all the way to the bank, government threw us enough crumbs to make us believe that our multi-tiered homes with a car in every stall was the result of their actions. Now we are paying the price for their unscrupulous ways, and suffering the consequences. Should 4-H have to suffer at the expense of these lying, cheating thieves that couldn’t run their own businesses? Giving bailouts to failed companies that, in turn, reward incompetency with multi-million dollar bonuses, is like giving trophies and purple ribbons to he/she who stands at the bottom of the class. How can we justify such financial waste---while, at the same time, saying there isn’t enough money to support 4-H? Rewarding failure, while penalizing success makes little or no sense to me! What kind of a role model have we become for our kids? The younger generation is going to have to pay for our mistakes, but let’s not compound the situation by removing the one model in our life that has stood the test of time and produced a platform of stability and leadership. 4-H is the one constant form which many of us draw strength and measure competitive standards in life. The “standard bearer” of 4-H is that of teaching kids to be good stewards of their life and the lives of those they affect. Life isn’t just about doing it yourself; it is equally that of doing for others. The A18

more you give the more you get back in return! 4-H instills these values in a way that leaves a lifetime impression. Do we really want to see our kids cheated out of this, one of life’s finest opportunities, to develop character and responsibility? When you cheat, you cheat those closest and most dependent upon you. Is there anyone closer to you than your kids? Can the cheaters in Washington really do this with good conscious? Are their priorities so eroded that they no longer recognize those principals that made this country great? 4-H is more than a match for this crazy world. 4-H not only has what it takes to excel at most anything, but to adapt when changes come along. 4-H has an adventurous spirit and sense of assurance that comes from having overcome challenges before. However, are we up to this challenge, or do we stand back with our hands in our pocket? 4-H has taught the skills to self-sustain and overcome the obstacles that life throw our way. It has shown us strength in the weakest of times and a determination that is unmatched. Isn’t this what dreams are made of? Isn’t this why we should step up to the plate and fight for what’s right? I’ve noted, with interest, that there are some counties that have taken the initiative of increasing sales tax. One county in particular is considering adding an extra half-cent to the sales tax to make up for lost state aid and add another revenue stream. This would more than adequately cover the cost of servicing 4-H. When considering cuts in local government aid of more that $100 million per average county, the threat of discontinuing 4-H is understandable. My point of contention is---should it be 4-H that goes, os is there a need for a review board to oversee such action. I am not for raising taxes, but it is one option to put on the table for consideration. Perhaps there are several programs that should be eliminated long before 4-H. It only takes 300 signatures to initiate a countrywide referendum, so maybe that’s the place to start in our county. You still have a voice and more power than a hand-full of county commissioners! Our current economic disaster represents such a contradiction of values. Food and shelter are in such desperate peril; putting businesses, families, and relationships at risk. Contrast this with kids playing sports for multi million dollar salaries. Is this the message we want to send our kids?

800-622-8836 |

–– continues on page A19

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4-H ACHIEVEMENT It was a typical Saturday chore day back on the farm; doing those extra things that never get done during the week. The only thing different about this Saturday was the urgency to get it all done early enough to attend an afternoon county 4-H activities meeting. It was obvious that my Dad was more engaged than usual, and finally, he just couldn’t hold back any longer---he just blurted out, “I’m not supposed to tell you this, but you’re going to get a big reward this afternoon.” He didn’t tell me what it was, but it was pretty obvious that this was his cue for telling me to kick it into high gear and be prepared to be at my best. This meant dressing a little nicer, being on time, and on my best behavior. There is this ol’folklore about dads living their lives vicariously through their son. This was the epiphany of this too familiar scenario. Just as Dad was always front and center in his involvement in all of my 4-H projects, this occasion was the “icing on the cake”. He just couldn’t contain himself in the exuberance of the moment. When the county extension agent (Johnson) presented me with the Alpha Gamma Rho state achievement award it was like the most special thing that had ever happened in my life. A gold, personalized watch to be held in perpetuity was second only to that of my parents’ sense of pride. Though there are times when working on the farm that ones’ finest jewelry shouldn’t be worn, it was such a statement of achievement that I just couldn’t take it off. But much to the chagrin of my mother, I accidently lost it while moving machinery from one field to another. It slipped off my arm, in the most precarious of situations, and later retrieved in that of an unbelievable fluke. It was my mother’s relentless determination of faith that found her following an old county road grader down the road that she had been searching with a “fine tooth comb”. In her mind it was a lost cause, except that she and God had a working relationship like none other. The sun was shining brighter and higher than I had ever seen it, and sure enough there was this bright glistening reflection; almost blinding as she went for the light--it was the watch! There was nothing that could up-stage this experience --- except, maybe the following year when I was now enrolled in college. The announcement wasn’t so dramatic, but, none the less still exciting. It was a more formal a notice, and I again had been selected for the “State Achievement Award.” This time it was a trip to 4-H Congress in Chicago; leadership involvement that more clearly defined my purpose and direction in life. Thanks to 4-H I’ve never wavered from those values of HEAD-HEARTHANDS that have impacted my life.

A Ride Down Memory Lane

October 2012

Positive Outlk


Food for Thought”

continued from A18

Kids being paid obscene amounts of money to play a game that they would otherwise play for nothing is disrespectful to those who just want to play a role in life of responsibility, accomplishment and accountability. We need a reality check--not a check of disproportionate value! We have money enough to support athletic franchise pay rolls in excess of a $100 million, and, yet, we can’t see the rationale and wisdom of supporting our 4-H programs. Until these issues get resolved this country is doomed to fail. Just as sports should stand alone, without public subsidy, 4-H should lead the way in corroborating a co-existence with society. The merits of the building blocks of 4-H should be more sustainable then that game of chance. Consider the building blocks of 4-H: HEAD - HEART - HANDS - HEALTH I pledge my head to clearer thinking, my heart to greater loyalty, my hands to larger service, and my health to better living--for my club, my community, and my world. Talent, persistence, and ability enter the equation of success for any kid; be it that of sports or a lifetime achievement of 4-H. Both 4-H and sports have carved a niche in the lives of our kids. Both play an important role in the development of their future. But to disproportionately support one at the expense of the other seems a little disingenuous. Over-achievers will always be compensated; monetarily or honorably, but may the playing field be made equal. It is an honor to win a championship; an honor that can’t be taken away from with any amount of money, so put the weight of your support in the arena of greatest value! Ken E. Knight is the author of the “Knightro Report”, a nationally syndicated livestock-marketing column, which is featured in this publication on a regular basis. Mr. Knight is a graduate of North Dakota State University, with a major BS Degree in Meat and Animal Science and a minor in Communications. In addition to being a professional auctioneer, public speaker and livestock judge, he brings many years of corporate level meat and livestock market management and expertise to the industry for which he now serves as an independent voice of shared knowledge and experience.


Knightro Sessions

Mending Fences and Tending Senses For more in-depth information regarding the topics that have been touched upon in this report, Knightro conducts livestock marketing seminars on a regular basis. To schedule a seminar, auction, judging, or speaking engagement, please contact Ken Knight, Knightro, W11911 County Road FF, River Falls, WI  54022, phone toll free 1-877-KNIGTRO, phone 715-2628480, fax 715-262-8480, e-mail; or contact the Midwest Farm & Livestock Directory, P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, IA 50501.



By Steve Huneke


The True Meaning of Maturity I would like share a cute story with you by an unknown author: Amber, age 6, was sitting at the kitchen table, watching her mother rinse the dinner dishes before putting them in the dishwasher. Noticing that Mom was sporting a few strands of white hair in addition to her familiar auburn color, Amber asked inquisitivley, “Momma, why are those hairs white?” “Well, every time yo do something wrong and make me cry, or make me unhappy, one of my hairs turns white,” Mom replied. This was a new insight for Amber. She was quiet for a while and then asked, “Momma, how come all of Grandma’s hairs are white?”

Children understand more about life than we sometimes think they do. Maturity is the ability to control anger and settle differences without violence and destruction. Maturity is patience. It is the willingness to pass up immediate pleasure in favor of longterm gain. Maturity is perseverance, the ability to sweat out a project or a situation in spite of heavy opposition and discouraging setbacks. Maturity is the capacity to face unpleasantness and frustration, discomfort and defeat, without complaint or collapse. Maturity is humility. It is being big enough to say, “I was wrong.” And, when you’re right, you need not say, “I told you so.” Maturity is the ability to make a decision and follow through. The immature spend their lives exploring endless possibilities and then do nothing.

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620-726-5281 Burns, KS October 2012 |

Maturity means dependability, keeping one’s word and coming through in a crisis. The immature are masters of the alibi. They are conflicted and disorganized. Their lives are a maze of broken promises, former friends, unfinished business and good intentions that never materialize.

Difficulties in life are intended to make us better – not bitter. And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. 31: If God is for us, who can be against us? This is purely my opinion that other Christians may agree with: If you pursue happiness, it will elude you. But if you focus on God and your family first, the needs of others, your work, meeting new people, and doing the very best you can, happiness will find you.

I would like to close with a brain teaser: I am your constant companion. I can be your greatest asset or heaviest burden. I can push you to success or down to disappointment. I am at your command! Half the things you do might as well be turned over to me because I do them for you as if you are asleep. I can do them quickly, correctly, and profitably. I am easily managed, just be firm with me. In those who are great so am I, In those who are failures, I probably am too. I am not a machine even though I work with the precision of one and the intelligence of a person. You can run me for profit or ruin, show me what you want done, educate me, train me, lead me, reward me! And then I will do it automatically. I am your servant. Who or what am I?

The answer is HABIT!

Enjoy the beautiful change of weather! –Steve Huneke

»ONE-LINER about the DROUGHT: This drought has been so dry that when the salmon swam up stream they left a cloud of dust.

And, based on the Serenity Prayer: Maturity is the art of living in peace with what we cannot change, the courage to change what we know should be changed, and wisdom to know the difference.

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Robert Pagliarini Robert Pagliarini is a CBS MoneyWatch columnist and the author of “The Other 8 Hours: Maximize Your Free Time to Create New Wealth & Purpose” and the national best-seller “The Six Day Financial Makeover.” Visit

Bruce Lee: Personal growth guru?

Replacement Auger Flighting for low cost repair of all types of implement & machinery

A list of the best personal development gurus of all time would have to include Dale Carnegie, Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Bruce Lee. That last one is not a typo. Bruce Lee is known for creating Jeet Kune Do and his many martial arts films from the 1970s, but if you study his philosophy, he was a deep thinker and knew what was required to become successful. Let’s look at a few of his quotes to see how they can help you live a better, fuller, richer life. Achieve your biggest goals “If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” If you talk to any extreme endurance athlete, they will tell you emphatically that the key to success or failure lies in their mind, not in their bodies. Their bodies will succumb to the pain if and only if their minds allow it to. They will condition their minds as much as their bodies because they know that if they allow for a single thought of doubt or weakness, then the game is over. In what areas of your life do you feel stuck? What can you do right now that will help you push forward? Secret to getting anything you want in life “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” The most successful people are often not the smartest, because when you are “smart,” you of course need to calculate, analyze and ponder before tackling a new goal or project. Those of us who aren’t Mensa members don’t feel compelled to conduct such analysis so we just get started. Bruce’s principle is more true today than when he said it. We have access to so much more information than ever before, and we now need turnby-turn navigation for everything in our life or we feel naked. We couldn’t possibly just start, could we? “To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.” We are experiencing a deficit of personal responsibility. There will always be 1,000 A20

reasons why you can’t do something, why it’s not your fault and why you should blame others for your situation. That’s easy. Three-year-old children have already mastered this. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to fully accept responsibility for every area of your life. Unhappy in your relationship? You can continue to blame your partner, but 20 years will pass and you’ll still be unhappy and you’ll still be blaming her. Finances in shambles? You can blame politicians, the economy and Wall Street bankers, but doing so will never help you improve your money situation. That’s the funny thing about blame and responsibility. Who to blame is a whole lot less important than what will be done to resolve the problem – and that requires you taking full responsibility.

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How to invest your time and energy for maximum success “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” Think about the most successful people you know personally. Is there anything special about them? Probably not. What makes them unique is that they invested and dedicated time, energy and focus into a particular area. Find your niche and specialize. Become the best in the world in that area. You can be average at 99 percent of your job, but if you excel at the right 1 percent, then you will be a superstar and will never have to worry about job security. “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” Invest your time and energy into a narrow niche. Don’t be all things to all people – that is a prescription for mediocrity. What’s the one area you can master? This is where you should start your 10,000 “kicks.” Bruce Lee: the martial artist, actor and now personal growth master. His philosophy is timeless as is his approach to creating a better life. For him, there was only one direction – forward. “Be happy, but never satisfied.” Well said, Bruce.




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Protect your investments with the HIGHEST QUALITY hydraulic single-panel doors. • Now manufacturing bi-fold and single-panel hydraulic doors • Pre-assembled, tested and ready for installation • Rugged, high quality components • Maintenance-free operation in all climates • Walk doors, windows and remote operation available • 3-year comprehensive warranty

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Vehicles shown with optional accessories. Avoid operating Polaris RANGERs on paved surfaces or public roads. Riders and passengers should always wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing, and seat belts. Always use cab nets. Drivers of RANGER vehicles must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license. Warning: ATVs can be hazardous to operate. For your safety: Avoid operating Polaris ATVs on paved surfaces or public roads. Riders and passengers should wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing and seat belts. Polaris adult ATV models are for riders aged 16 and older. Be sure to take a safety training course. For safety training information in the U.S., call the SVIA at (800) 887-2887, see your dealer, or call Polaris at (800) 342-3764. In Canada, see your local dealer. ©2011 Polaris Industries Inc.

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13', 18', 23', 28' & 33' American Eagle Windmills

available from $1,445 to $2,495 Includes UPS shipping to the customers' door.

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√ Bottom of boot 10' 4" long, this makes the plow run smooth & hold grade, no matter what the soil condition. √ Approximately 15' long

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OVERHEAD BULK BINS 14-54 Ton Capacity

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FEATURES: • High quality M.I.G. welding process used for complete penetration in all seams. • 48-degree slope on hopper for good clean-out and 42 degree slope on top for complete fill, even in the corners. • External ribbing eliminates side bowing. • Sturdy ladder for ease of access (interior ladder standard). • Prime coated inside and outside, finished coat in any basic color. OPTIONS: • Roof ventilation as required. Anti-corrosive enamel available. • Blower pipe for filling. • Double compartment for storage of two different commodities. CUSTOM: • Bins available in any design and size...built for your specific needs.

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salvage directory« OCTOber ABILENE MACHINE INC. Abilene, KS 800-255-0337, Fax 785-655-3838 Belmond, IA 800-866-1504, Fax 641-444-7353 Website: E-mail:


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M's Machine and Manufacturing Co., Inc. produces high quality, customized machine components for agricultural and industrial use. With over 30 years of experience in CNC machining steel, aluminum, plastic and copper parts.

mbine TRAcToR & co




Featuring parts for all makes and models including AllisChalmers, Case, Case IH, Ford, Gleaner, International, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Minneapolis-Moline, New Holland, Oliver, White and many more.

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(563) 539-4200 • Fax: (563) 539-2295 20547 125th St., Monona, IA 52159 Contact Candace Drahn for information E-mail:

★ Buying & Selling: Claas and JD 5400-5830 and 6000-7000 Series Forage Harvesters ★ Used 40 Knife Dura-Drums ★ New 56 Knife Drum Conversion for 5400-5460 ★ 40 & 56 Knife Conversion for 6000 Series ★ 2001 & 1998 Nitro Sprayer, 1,200 Gal., 60/90 Booms


Mt. Lake, MN


October 2012



More Power for Less Money


The Future of Mowing Excellence Is Here Now™



•1, 3, 6, 9, 13, 24 Joule energizers available • Made in the USA •Remote doubles as fault finder/voltage tester •3 year warranty includes lightning damage

High Tensile Wire • Woven Wire • Gates • Tools • Portable Grazing Supplies • Electric Fence Supplies • Hydraulic Post Drivers

Free Shipping From: Peculiar, MO•Earl Park, IN•Blairsville, PA • 800-536-2683


This revolutionary advance in cutting assembly design:


Saves you Time Saves you Money Increases Productivity


• Mows faster - wet or dry • Blades stay sharp longer

Prices are $59.95 up to $89.95 for each disc plus $7.00 S & H ea. Replacement knives are only $4.95 each For more information or to order contact:

MEG-MO™ SYSTEMS PO Box 423, Sterling, iL 61081

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Change Any Chisel Plow into a Vertical Tillage Coulter Machine


Save $10,000 to $15,000 with our user-friendly conversion kits!

in d grain b n a r b y n a You buy ! HE U.S.A T N I E R ANYWHE

ExclusivE 4 Ball BEarings on thE shaft!

ou y r o f p u it t u p l il and we w


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The Future of Mowing Excellence Is Here Now™

Accepting inquiries From All of north America

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20 Reel-Tites and One Handle………$44.50 50 Reel-Tites an One Handle………$86.00 100 Reel-Tites an One Handle………$150.00 (Prices include UPS Shipping) Please include your complete name and address along with your check or money order. We also accept Mastercard, Visa & Discover. (IA residents add 7% Sales Tax)



• Mulch without changing blades • Blades fold back; avoids damage

This replacement blade will fit most any model or size mower!


We have 4 ball bearings that make it a very heavy duty unit. We have other innovative parts like the DUST SHIELD. Kit includes 18” boron “earthen harden” 13 wave coulter blads and bolts. Works on wheat stubble, corn stalks, and soybean residue in fall and spring. Cut up trash in the field or dry out the ground so you can plant days earlier.

EPA 48598-1

Excellent Control of Indian Meal Moth. Registered for all Major Grains, Insects.


“Made by Farmers, For Farmers.”


Ron’s Mfg.

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800-582-3826 ND, SD, MT 800-INSECTO (467-3286)



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2003 Harrison Avenue Rockford, IL 61104 PN: 800-383-6584 FAX: 815-399-8854 PRESSURE WASHERS

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email us at: COMPRESSORS



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October 2012


Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |





OCTOberused equipment directory« COLORADO TRI-CITY TRUCK & EQUIPMENT, INC. 29774 Hwy. 257, Windsor, CO 80550 970-686-2110 | 855-374-2927

USED LISTINGS: 2006 Ford F350, diesel, 102K miles, good condition........... ..................................................................................$17,500 2004 Chevy Silverado, 132K miles, work truck....... $5,500 2000 Dodge Dakota, V8, rebuilt engine................... $4,500 Haybuster H1000 tub grinder, good condition.......$15,000 Haybuster H1000 tub grinder, good condition...... $12,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


USED LISTINGS: Hutchinson Swingaway 10”x52’ excellent cond...... $5,800 Hutchinson 10”x61’ mid-drive auger....................... $2,800 Brock Super B SQ16D cont. flo dryer, 3PH, full heat LP..............................................................$45,800 Hutchinson 10”x61’ Swingaway auger..................... $3,200 Super B AS 1500C dryer, natural gas, 3PH........... $13,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


1623 S. County Road 700 E., Walton, IN 46994 574-753-8056 Email: USED LISTINGS: Four Used Grain Legs, rebuilt, good condition


(Call for used listings...

1717 West Main Street, Sac City, IA 50583 712-662-3385

ENGEL AGRI-SALES CO. USED LISTINGS: Westfield MK130X71 GLP........................................$11,500 Kuhn Knight 3142 with auger discharge...............$22,000 Jamesway 7200 tanker with 7-row injector............$37,500 New Holland 193 with new floor chains.................$11,000 2009 Alloway 20CD shredder................................. $15,500 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


85 E. County Rd. 250 North, Arthur, IL 61911 217-543-2195 | Email: USED LISTINGS: Used Farrowing crates............................ Asking $100 each Floors also available...............................Call 217-412-8180 One used 2.5 ton Schuld bin, Ph# 217-543-2195..... $500 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

SKIP BREITBACH FEED 562 Balltown Rd., Sherrill, IA 52073 563-552-2398

USED LISTINGS: 20 Gallon Western Crock Copper boiler Sherer counter 10 Gallon Western Crock Hump back trunk ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

TUCKER EQUIPMENT SALES 9933 State Hwy. 78, LaFayette, IL 61449 309-286-3241

USED LISTINGS: 2004 102”x30” Gooseneck Flat Bed, 10,000 lb. tandem dual axles, 5’ dove tail with 3 flipover ramps, excellent condition.....................................................................$7,000 For-Most Cattle Chute, model 150, portable.......... $2,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


4406 30th Avenue, Armstrong, IA 50514 515-272-4538 | Cell: 515-320-2256


USED LISTINGS: Kinze 3800 24 row 30, liquid fertilizer Kinze 3600 16/31 interplant, 30” Kinze 1050 Soft Tred scale and tarp Kinze 840 with scale and tarp Kinze 640, new tires ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Route 17 & 170, Blackstone, IL 61313 815-586-4244

USED LISTINGS: Two 18 ft. bins and floors; #400 bph farm fan dryer; Fans and heaters; Hutch swing away augers; Some 8” unloading equipment (All used items for sale) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

SPORTLAND MOTORSPORTS 1602 N. Lincoln Ave., Urbana, IL 61801 217-328-5005

USED LISTINGS: 2008 Honda TRX-420TE 2WD ATV...........................$3,595 2007 Arctic Cat DVX 400 2WD��������������������������������$2,995 2009 Yamaha Grizzly 4WD 550 PS.......................... $5,999 2007 Honda TRX-450ER, 2WD................................ $3,999 2008 Kawasaki Mule 610 Camo, 4WD.................... $5,699 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

KUHN’S EQUIPMENT CO. 618 W. 9th Street, Gibson City, IL 60936 217-784-4731 | 800-870-5846 Arthur, IL 217-543-2154 | 800-500-5846

(Call for used listings... INDIANA KIESEL ENTERPRISES 1198 S. Kiesel Drive, Princeton, IN 47670 812-386-6580 |


V&H CONSTRUCTION, LTD 520 West 18th Street, Nevada, IA 50201 515-382-3561 | Email:

USED LISTINGS: Grain Bins (call for sizes), Grain Augers, 22 BU Lowery Pit, Grain Vacs, Grain Handling Equipment ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Highway 30 East, Grand Junction, IA 50107 515-738-2744 | USED LISTINGS: Brandt 5200EX grain vac....................................... $13,000 Case IH STX380 tractor, 4150 hours................... $128,500 Sage oil vac system, model 21120.........................$12,750 Transcraft drop-deck trailer, like new!.................. $23,750 1995 John Deere 265 17HP riding lawn mower, snow blade..................................................................$1,200 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

FRIEDMAN DISTRIBUTING, INC. 606 3rd Street, Belle Plaine, IA 52208 319-444-3477 | 800-258-3671

800-622-8836 |


610 West North St., Cantril, IA 52542 319-397-2215

7264 Iowa Street, New Vienna, IA 52065 563-921-2896

USED LISTINGS: 2000 Sterling feed truck, 5 comp Warren body 1995 Ford feed truck, 6 comp CEI body 2011 Walker milk trailer farm pickup 2011 Walker truck mount tank, 6250 gallon ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

(Call for used listings...



3900 West Hwy. 34, Yuma, CO 80759 970-848-3846 | 866-349-7867


USED LISTINGS: 1996 CornPro livestock trailer, 16 ft. 2004 Route 2 trailer, 30’ gooseneck 1976 dump truck, 3 ton 2010 723T2 Grasshopper mower w/61” power fold deck Yamaha gas golf cars ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

312 North Main St., Everly, IA 51338 712-834-2661 |

USED LISTINGS: Liberty 30’ gooseneck trailer............ Blowout Price $8,800 Liberty 35’ gooseneck trailer...........Blowout Price $10,500 Carry-On 6’x10’ mesh ramp, 3500 lb. axle.................$975 Carry-On 7’x14’ mesh rear ramp and side load, 3500 lb. axle...............................................................$1,250 Carry-On 7’x20’ twin 3500 lb. axles, brakes, flip-up ramps............................................................. $2,600 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


510 Montgomery Street, Decorah, IA 52101 563-382-8722 USED LISTINGS: Bou-Matic Companion Stanchion barn detachers Bou-Matic 2000V Parker stall detachers Bou-Matic Pipeline wall-mounted washers Westfalia rebuilt vac pump w/5 or 7 1/2 motors Bou-Matic Pipeline electric pulsators ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


201 Lifeline Drive, Sumner, IA 50674 563-578-8033 | Email: USED LISTINGS: 8x71’ Hutchinson portable top end drive auger, electric motor mount 98’ 3000 BPH grain leg, includes 15HP 3PH motor, 8”-8 hole full round distributor, belt and cups 28” Sukup Axial fan, 10-15HP, 1 PH with controls 10”-6 hole, 45˚ flat back distributor, galv. 12”x20’ 11-trough ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

HOELSCHER AG DIST., INC. 1003 Grand Avenue, Alden, IA 50006 515-859-7101 |

USED LISTINGS: 1993 Farm Fans CMS 650M, 3-LP Farm Fans, CFIAB270, 1-LP Hutchinson 12”x102’ top drive Hutchinson 13”x82’ mech. drive swing Mayrath 10”x72’ mech. drive swing ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

MIDLAND MACHINERY, INC. 3260 Iowa Hwy. 9, Rock Rapids, IA 51246 712-472-2828

USED LISTINGS: 3100 Bale King processor........................................$10,500 7000 Hi-Line processor............................................$8,500 2004 Buhler/Versatile 2160 MFD, 5300 hours......$74,000 2008 CIH Maxxum 110 MFD loader, 900 hours....$62,500 JD 7710 MFD, 5200 hours......................................$64,500 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

800 West Hwy. 30, Toledo, IA 52342 641-484-4606

(Call for used listings...





3001 Hwy. 71 East, Lake View, IA 51450 712-657-2368 | Email:

(Call for used listings... IOWA/WISCONSIN TRUCK COUNTRY

12 Locations in Iowa and Wisconsin NEW & USED TRUCKS Visit our website to see our entire inventory - updated daily! Used Trucks, Professionally Detailed – Ready to go! USED LISTINGS: 2002 International 9900i Pro Flat Top Stock #194277......................................Call 800-348-9195 2004 Columbia 58” Mid Roof Stock #107550......................................Call 800-553-3642 1998 International 4900 Day Cab Stock #351028......................................Call 800-397-3399 2005 Columbia 58” Mid Roof Stock #169070......................................Call 800-332-6158 2006 Columbia 70” Mid Roof XT Stock #347976...................................... Call 800-837-7367

KANSAS TRI-STATE IRRIGATION USA 1502 U.S. Hwy. 36, St. Francis, KS 67756 785-332-2597 | Email:

(Call for used listings... MINNESOTA WACONIA FARM SUPPLY 801 South Hwy. 284, Waconia, MN 55387 952-442-7326 | 888-741-3276

USED LISTINGS: Kuhn Knight 3030 tow TMR....................................$14,950 Kuhn Knight 5073 vert. TMR..................................$22,000 Kuhn Knight 3132 slinger spreader........................$22,900 Knight 3150 tow TMR.............................................$22,500 H&S 560 spreader.................................................. $12,500 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

INGLESIDE ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION 4920 Hwy. 55, Loretto, MN 55357 763-479-1869

USED LISTINGS: Valley and Reinke center pivots Ag Rain hard hose Traveler Boss soft hose traveling gun Deutz pump, deep well pumps and electric motors PTO pump and generator ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

October 2012

OCTOberused equipment directory« NORTHWOOD EQUIPMENT, INC.


USED LISTINGS: John Deere 6210 low profile tractor with 640 loader........... .................................................................................$28,900 International 1466 tractor, cab, loader, major overhaul...... ................................................................................... $9,995 John Deere 946 center pivot, mower conditioner.. $21,500 New Holland 1431 disc bine, hydro swing, 13 ft......$7,900 New Holland 1411 disc bine, like new, 10 ft...........$16,900 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

(Call for used listings...

1120 2nd Street NW, Aitkin, MN 56431 218-927-2140 |

1822 State Hwy. 210 East, Fergus Falls, MN 56537 218-739-6388 |






(Call for used listings...

840 Pioneer Ave., Lafayette, MN 56054 507-228-8224 | 800-642-4104

6111 Paris Road, Columbia, MO 65202 573-442-1252 |


USED LISTINGS: Hardi 6600 132 ft. boom, 22” rows.......................$65,900 Epire roller, 45 ft.....................................................$28,600 Demco grain kart 750..............................................$17,500 2011 Bobcat 5650 2-speed, heat..........................$32,900 NH 175 2-speed, hi-flow, 100 hours...................... $31,500 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

WESTBROOK AG POWER 31424 Hwy. 30, Westbrook, MN 56183 507-274-6101 |

USED LISTINGS: 2004 3600 Kinze 16/31 11,000A field ready.........$74,900 2000 3600 Kinze 16/31 15,000A field ready........$64,900 1995 2600 Kinze 16/31, field ready....................... $39,900 520 JD drill 10”, markers and harrow...................... $5,900 1593 Great Plains with coulter cart, 10” w/markers.......... ................................................................................... $6,500 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


USED LISTINGS: 2009 NH CR9060 #253, 450 sep. hours............. $195,000 2008 NH CR9060 #167, 925 sep. hours.............. $165,000 (2) NH 98C 12 row 30 cornheads.................$59,000 each 2011 NH T8.330 #910, 240 HP, 361 hours.......... $195,000 2010 NH T7050 #948, 165 HP, 646 hours.......... $129,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


R&R SALES & SERVICE, INC. 802 16th Avenue, Franklin, NE 68939 308-425-6252

USED LISTINGS: New Holland TM120, low hours, clean....................$57,500 New Holland 900 forage harvester........................ $12,000 JD 4010 diesel........................................................... $8,995 New Holland C185 traded machine w/air, cab......$28,500 New Holland T5040, 595 hours, loader..................$41,900 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

SEED & FARM SUPPLY 1246 West Hwy. K, Liberal, MO 64762 417-843-6465 |

USED LISTINGS: Brandt 5000 EX vac, rebuilt Hutchinson Swing Away Auger 13”x102’, rebuilt Hutchinson Swing Away Auger 13”x102’ galvanized Hutchinson Swing Away Auger 12”x72’ Hutchinson Swing Away Auger 10”x72’ ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


7701 East 24 Hwy., Kansas City, MO 64125 800-861-1065 |

931 N. Hwy. 71, Anderson, MO 64831 417-845-3563 |



417 South 1st Street, McCool Junction, NE 68401 402-724-2413 | Cell: 402-362-7944 Email:


GOLDEN VALLEY TRACTOR 1403 N. 2nd Street, Clinton, MO 64735 660-885-5591

(Call for used listings... MONTANA FRONTLINE AG

127 South Main Street, Conrad, MT 59425 406-278-5531 | USED LISTINGS: 2002 Case ATX5012 air drill/cart, 50’, 12” spacing, ADX3360 TBT cart Flexi-coil 5000 air drill, 39’, 7’ spacing, steel press wheels, 1610 160 bu. cart

64808 711 Road, Verdon, NE 68457 Cell: 402-245-7046

USED LISTINGS: GSI 510, 400 grain dryer, 3PH, LP Mixer Wagons, 200-950 cu. ft. 700 & 900 cu. ft. Supreme vertical mixers 560VB vertical manure spreader Truck mounted mixers ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

FRONTIER EQUIPMENT 13922 West Front St., Williston, ND 58801 701-744-0957

(Call for used listings...



(Call for used listings...


TITAN MACHINERY, INC. JAMESTOWN 1620 8th Ave. SW, Jamestown, ND 58401 701-252-8200 |

(Call for used listings... AG RESOURCES

402 Western Avenue, Maddock, ND 58348 701-438-2851 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

ELEMENT SOLUTIONS 133 S. Bell Street, Bismarck, ND 58504 701-751-7171 |


(Call for used listings...

6719 Hwy. 200, Carrington, ND 58421 701-652-2012 | 701-652-2821 | 800-343-1766 USED LISTINGS: 2008 Lexion 580R Combine, 578 hours, 620170R42 duals, loaded 2008 Lexion F540 Flex Head w/AWS air bar 2003 CIH 2388, 1813 hours, lateral tilt, loaded 2005 CIH 2388, 866 hours, lateral tilt, loaded 2009 CIH 2020 Flex Head, 30 ft. w/Crary air reel ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

15690 69th Street SE, Wyndmere, ND 58081 701-439-2534 | 800-458-4796

(Call for used listings...

(Call for used listings...

121 North Main St., Makoti, ND 58756 701-726-5696




(Call for used listings... |

(Call for used listings...



USED LISTINGS: 30HP Keho Fan.......................................................... $2,500 12” Spread-All, 3/4HP, single phase axial fan............$360 18” GSI 3HP single phase axial fan.............................$420 42’ Scatter Kat grain spreader..................................$1,320 24” GSI single phase 230v inline fan.......................$1,150 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

8973 Hwy. 1 South, Oakes, ND 58474 701-742-3223 |



October 2012


(Call for used listings...

USED LISTINGS: 2006 Cressoni 12 row 20 chopping cornhead, fits Case IH combine 2005 Brent Avalanche 1084 grain cart on tracks, scale tarp Versatile 4x4 555 3 point, PTO tractor 2007-2008 Wilrich V957 rippers, 5 shank and 7 shank Bush Hog TD1700, 3 section finishing, 17 ft. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

USED LISTINGS: Case IH 1200 16N, bulk fill 1790 JD 12-23 bulk fill with fert. 3650 Kinze bulk fill 16N with fert. 3600 Kinze 16N with fert. 3600 Kinze 16-31 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

USED LISTINGS: 10-tower planetary drive T-L pivot w/pump Feterl 12x72 auger Haybuster 2650 bale processor (2) John Deere 7100 planters Several Hardi sprayers, 60-90’ boom –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 49491 Hwy. 20, O’Neill, NE 68763 Cell: 402-394-7099 | 402-336-3470

(Call for used listings...

116 4th Street, Nassau, MN 56251 320-668-2675

NEBRASKA 302 E. Hwy. 20, Gordon, NE 69343 308-282-2368 | 877-282-2368

337 Main Street, Nerstrand, MN 55053 507-334-4059 |


1126 W. Main Avenue, West Fargo, ND 58078 701-281-0493 | 800-359-1785



USED LISTINGS: 2010 NH H7150, 18 ft. head..................................$33,000 2002 NH CR970 with 42’ head............................ $125,000 1975 Versatile 800 Series, 6097 hours................... $8,000 1974 Versatile 800 Turbo, extra pump, 400 hours on overhaul....................................................................$10,500 2000 NH 678 baler.................................................. $12,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


(Call for used listings...

(Call for used listings...

USED LISTINGS: Case IH 535 QT, 1400 hours, PTO, diff. locks 2007 Case IH AF7010 combine, 1150 eng hours, 892 sep 2002 Case IH 2388 combine, 1950 eng hours, 1450 sep, pusher 2011 Case IH MX335, 450 est. eng hours 2009 Case IH MX275, 2000 eng hours ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

TILLEMAN MOTOR CO. 4514 U.S. Hwy. 2 West, Havre, MT 59501 406-265-7865

Hwy. 30, Lake Wilson, MN 56151 507-879-3593 | 800-821-7092

22100 Lillehei Ave., Hastings, MN 55033 651-437-1973 | 800-944-0880 Email:

826 E. Bridge Street, Redwood Falls, MN 56283 507-637-2978

2001 Flexi-coil 5000 air drill, 57’, 12” spacing, semi pneumatic packers, 3450 TBH cart Flexi-coil 5000 air drill, 57’, 9” spacing, 3450 TBT cart 1997 Flexi-coil 5000 air drill, 57’, 9” spacing, steel press, primary blockage, 3450 TBT cart ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

SOUTH DAKOTA TITAN MACHINERY, INC. PIERRE 29315 East Hwy. 14, Pierre, SD 57501 605-224-9247 |

USED LISTINGS: (3) 2009 JD 9870 Combines, 1260-1350 sep. hours.......... ......................................................................$182,000 each (3) 2009 JD 635F Heads................................$32,000 each 2009 JD 6350 Draper Head....................................$42,000 2007 NH CR9070, 1210 sep. hours..................... $150,000 2010 NH CR9070, 365 sep. hours.......................$252,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––



OCTOberused equipment directory« FAR BETTER FARM EQUIPMENT


12101 386th Ave., Westport, SD 57481 605-226-0732 | USED LISTINGS: 1050 Auger Wagons......................................Call for pricing JD 1750 8R30 Planter, vacuum, TW, dry fert., pro drives.... .................................................................................$25,500 2007 JD 1720 16R30 Stacker, TW, hyd. drive, vacuum....... .................................................................................$48,500 Kinze 24R30 3700 Planters..........................Call for pricing 2008 Miller Nitro 4365, 120’ boom, 1600 gal., Raven Guidance, 1700 hours...........................................$228,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

RAY HOFER STEEL SALES & CONSTRUCTION 468 South Main, Freeman, SD 57029 605-925-7194 | 888-788-9032

Highway 68 West, Waupun, WI 53963 920-324-3537 | 800-236-3768

USED LISTINGS: 2011 MF9795 335/255 hours, 2WD, Field Star yield mapping w/display, chopper spreader, 25’ auger................ ...............................................................................$225,000 2010 JD 9570 STS, 200/125 hours, YM, CM, bin ext., prem. cab............................................................... $231,500 2001 JD 9650 Walker, 3400/2225 hours, YM, CM, hopper topper, 20’ auger, 4WD......................................... $105,000 2008 JD 9770 STS, 900/640 hours, CM, deluxe hdr. controls, prem. cab, duals....................................$225,000 1999 JD 9510 Walker, 4450/3160 hours, bin ext., no CM, DAM, F/A..................................................................$68,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Ride in luxury with this sled that’s loaded with comfort features like smooth suspensions, heated handgrips and optimal wind protection.


USED LISTINGS: (5) Osborn Hog Feeders w/3 ring extensions.....$750 each “Best hog feeder you can buy” ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Choose the top-of-the-line SE package Ride in luxury this sled that’s loaded with and with get heated seats, a suspension comfort features like smooth suspensions, heated adjustable from the handlebars handgrips and optimal wind protection. while riding, even 12V power outlets.

525 Railroad Street, Allenton, WI 53002 262-629-4104 1200 Maple Avenue, Columbus, WI 920-623-9000

USED LISTINGS: 1991 1020 Case IH, #401219, 20 foot head........... $5,495 1996 1020 Case IH, #401406, 25 foot head........... $6,300 1990 1020 Case IH, #400373, 25 foot head.......... $6,900 2004 1020 Case IH, #401436, 30 foot head.........$17,000 2003 74C New Holland, #401268, 20 foot head.. $13,000 (All heads at Allenton location) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

2033 West Hwy. 212, Clark, SD 57225 605-532-3484 | 800-479-3484

(Call or visit website for used listings... WISCONSIN KOMRO SALES & SERVICE, INC.

Photo by Jade Albert


Choose the top-of-the-line SE package and get heated seats, a suspension Stop by to learn more about the Grand Touring and adjustable from the handlebars to experience our excellent customer service.

Some signs to look for: No babbling by 12 months

No words by 16 months

W4666 St. Hwy. 85, Durand, WI 54736 715-672-4263 | USED LISTINGS: 2006 Dry Hill, DH 400; 52’ lagoon pump...............$10,900 Knight 4072, 4 auger TMR w/31” 3 auger discharge.......... ....................................................................................$7,500 2004 Knight 8118, manure spreader, 16.5x16.1 tires, front splash guard.................................................... $9,900 2005 Botec Knight 4090, 4 auger mixer less scale; 3 auger discharge, 31” long.......................................$29,900 2003 John Deere 936; Mo-Co w/impeller conditioner......... ................................................................................... $9,900 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


USED LISTINGS: JD 2510D tractor JD late model 4020 JD 70 JD AR JD 3010G with loader ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Dealer Imprint 1251 Wadsworth 3001 Hwy. 71 East Goes Here Lakewood, CO 80214 Lake View, IA 51450 303-232-7576 712-657-2368 Dealer Imprint Boasting contributions of over $2M Email: to North American snowmobile clubs, to date. Goes Here

DUMKE BROTHERS 8897 Old 41 Road, Oconto, WI 54153 920-834-2075

In Colorado: In the Iowa:Grand Touring and Stop by to learn more about to experience our excellent customer service.


Learn more at No big smiles or other joyful expressions by 6 months

while riding, even 12V power outlets.

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Corn Time


by Bob Lang

MIDWEST GENERAL REPAIR & FABRICATION, LLC 201 Harrison Street, Reeseville, WI 53579 920-927-3851 |

(Call for used listings...


1621 E. Division Ave., Barron, WI 54812 715-537-9505 | 800-572-8333


USED LISTINGS: 1995 773 Bobcat skid loader, 3700 hours, #38663, open cab............................................................................$11,300 2011 S130 Bobcat skid loader, 300 hours, #39232, cab, joysticks................................................................... $23,625 2009 S205 Bobcat skid loader, 600 hours, #35388, cab, air, 2 speed, high-flow............................................ $30,999 2005 T250 Bobcat track loader, 3400 hours, #13696, cab, heat, joysticks.................................................$20,500 2007 331 Bobcat mini ex., 300 hours, #16982, open cab.. .................................................................................$26,500 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

408 South Madison St., Friesland, WI 53935 920-348-5153 | Email:

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S2119 Timothy Lane, Baraboo, WI 53913 608-253-5521 | USED LISTINGS: CFSA 410 30LP Farm Fans grain dryer CMS 320J 30LP Farm Fans grain dryer CF AB510 30LP Farm Fans grain dryer 80X65 EMD GSI grain auger 10x31 EMD Bazooka grain auger


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October 2012

the Original in-bin continuous Flow Drying System... that Grows with your operation! With a Shivvers computerized drying system you can dry your crops as fast as you can combine. Whether your drying needs are 2,000 or 20,000 bushels a day, Shivvers has a system for you. Let us help design a system that’s right for you. Call or stop in today! In Iowa:

In Indiana:

7264 Iowa Street New Vienna, IA 52065 563-921-2896

1198 S. Kiesel Drive Princeton, IN 47670 812-386-6580



South Dakota State University


College of Agriculture & Biological Sciences

Making a Difference...

(100) TRACTORS, 19351975: AC, JD, IH, Ford, Oliver, MM IH-A, Sup A, B, C, Sup C, H, Sup H, M, Sup M, 300, 350, 400, 450, 460, 560, 706 G, MM, Z, U, M5, Sup, 670, Case Vac, SC, DC, Oliver 77, 88, Super 88D, 1650 G IH 350 or 300 Utilities Ford 8N, 871, 960 w/Loaders Ford-Dearborn & Ferg. 3 Pt. Eq. Plows, Disks, Planters, Mowers, Blades & Other Attachments 1210 Case DB, 1800 Hr., 65 HP

by providing educational opportunities for a lifetime through the land-grant tradition of TEACHING students, conducting RESEARCH, and extending unbiased, science-based knowledge through EXTENSION



Ag Hall 135 / SDSU Brookings, SD 57007 / (605) 688-4148


Strat-O-Span Bldgs. 40 x 60 x 13 . . . . . . . .$9,648 22 Locations Nationwide


75.70 per square GALVALUME $ 70.97


50 x 90 x 16 . . . . . . .$16,771 61 x 120 x 16 . . . . . .$23,016 Installation Available


Loosen soils, improves drainage Increase soil moisture holding ability Reduces soil crusting, improves emergence Readily available source of Calcium (21%) and Sulfur (17%) Improves nitrogen utilization Reduces soil PH Reduces iron Chlorosis in soybeans Fights plant diseases caused by fungi such as white mold and stem rot Boosts alfalfa yields significantly Organically approved natural mineral We have pure virgin gypsum for Ag use, at affordable rates. Trucking available.

Quarry Services Inc.

Fort Dodge, IA • 515-408-7700 or 641-425-0246

“NEW” Energy Free with Drink Holes

Water Tanks

Water tanks made from earthmoving tires, 5’ to 13’ sizes with or without bottoms, indestructible, from 2 to 6 inches thick. Also in stock, feed bunks made from tractor tires or earthmoving tires.


ed a ing? e n – erS eL buiLd m r Fa Ste h g u to O W W W.T


Available: Also railroad ties, switch ties, guard rails, and 50# bags of Bentonite.




• Quick-Tach for Skid-Loaders • Pull or Push Tractors for 3-Pt. Hitch • Bucket-Tach for Tractor & Loader

605-770-0111 • 605-996-5423 • 1-800-657-8085 Mitchell, SD October 2012



Line it with a custom drop-in liner. Made to order. Just send the measurements of your tank. Materials for potable and irrigation water storage. We also make ditch and stream liners for easy water transferring.

Since 1962


221 W. Meats Ave., Orange, CA 92865

800-621-6365 • 714-637-6300 FAX 714-637-6302 E-mail: Website:

AG DRIVEN, GOLD QUALITY SOLUTIONS FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW Pro•Tec Engineered Buildings are professionally designed and engineered


.C O M


Scrapers for Feedlots and Dairy Barns Scrapers made of rubber tires make a very efficient tool for cleaning out feedlots, dairy barns and alley ways. They also can be used to push snow. They are strong, but yet durable. Save the cutting edge on your bucket and your concrete by using our rubber scrapers.

IH 1086, Nice – $8,850 (10) JD-A, B, 50, 60, 630, 2010, - Have loaders (10) Finish Mowers, 5”, 6”, 90” (8) Belly Mower Outfits (5) High Wheel Wagons 2 or 4 wheel spreaders (12) Gears, Flare, Barge Boxes (6) Gravity Wagons’ 3 Pt. Fork Lifts



Since 1899

(12) Loader Outfits – $850-$8,550 (25) Plows 2, 3, 4, 5 Bottom N/U Blades, 3 Pt. 6', 7', 8', 9' 3 Pt. Hitch Convs. AC, IH, JD (20) Loaders – $150-$3,650 Gnuse 3 Pt. Hyd. Bkt, 90” Front & Rear Tractor Weights 28", 38" Tires, Several Duals Pair 18.4x38 Tires & Others

ondary All Sec Galvanized l Work d Stee Frame rimere P d e No R

• 50 Year Structural Warranty • 40 Year Paint Warranty • Easy Bolt-Up Rigid Frame Design • All Sizes Available

toPLine SteeL buiLdingS 800-369-3882

Sentry Series building highlights include: • All high strength steel • “Cross-braced” frames • Rolled chords • Universal wall attachments • Grain storage capabilities • Conveyor capabilities • Simplified construction • Many more, that make the “Sentry Series” a state of the art investment for any application.

BHI, INC. CONSTRUCTION 27240 SD Hwy. 115 Harrisburg, SD 57032 605-743-2152 |

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OCTOberclassified advertising«


This listing is provided for the convenience of our readers. This publication assumes no liability for inaccuracy.



AG TRUCK CUSTOMIZING BUSINESS for sale. Shop, inventory and equipment included. Hudson, SD. DAVE DAALE REALTY. Contact

USED IRRIGATION EQUIPMENT: 6”, 8” & 10” alum. and PVC pipe; main line and used fittings; 6,000’ 8”x20” PVC pipe. Call SENKBILE FARM at 308-946-3396. 11/12

Dave at 605-987-5082.





WE BUY LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES for a cash settlement. Contact RELIANT GROUP, INC. at 800-457-2315. 10/12


CULVERTS GOOD USED RR TANK CAR SHELLS (7’-10’ diameter, 30’-55’ long),

also good used steel pipe 5,000’ 18”, 5,000’ 20”, 5,000’ 24”, & 5,000’ 26”. Call Jules at GATEWAY PIPE AND SUPPLY, INC. at 800-4894321. 10/12

FEED/FEED SUPPLEMENTS ALFALFA PELLETS: Sun cured 1/4” and alfalfa meal, 17% protein;

Chopped alfalfa. We buy and sell alfalfa. Call 620-793-7701.


FREE FREE BOOKS AND DVDs Soon the government will enforce the “Mark of the Beast” as Church and State unite! Let the Bible identify it. This is a paid advertisement from THE BIBLE SAYS, P.O.B. 99, Lenoir City, TN 37771. Email: 1-888-211-1715 10/12


Cooking and baking supplies! “How To” books! Meat processing supplies! Contact THE HOME PROCESSOR, 4500 Ledan Rd. Extension, Gainesville, GA 30506, call 770-535-7381, or visit us online at 10/12 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

THE BEST RADIANT FLOOR HEAT WATER TUBING. A must for new construction. Call for a FREE ESTIMATE on a complete system Contractor pricing and volume discounts. Compare & save! GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES. Call 1-800-446-4043. www. 1/13 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

CONKLIN® DEALER NEEDED! Lifetime career in marketing, man-

agement and applying “green” products made in America. Visit For a free catalog, call now at 320-2382370. 10/12


WINDBREAK - SHADE SCREEN - VISUAL BARRIER Save feed $$$. Less work, less stress. Use on panels in fields, working facilities, round pens, hay barns, kennels, patio, or garden. Call SUTHERLAND INDUSTRIES at 800-753-8277, or visit www.sutherlandindustries. com. 3/13


Original Belting for all round balers including new John Deere - in stock! Save hundreds $$! Free shipping anywhere! No 800#, just best prices. Since 1973. MC/Visa/Discover/Am. Express or C.O.D. Contact HAMMOND EQUIPMENT in Faundale, AL 36738, phone 334-627-3348, or visit our website at 12/12




shipping on sets. Call

WANTED – Caterpiller cable scrapers, LEVER HOLDINGS INC. 306-

BALER BELTS – all balers. Genuine JD. Made in the USA. Free




www. 10/12

ings and equipment, including delivery vehicles and grow out building, plus strong customer base. Located in Eastern Iowa. Other options. Call 563-652-5407. 10/12




DAIRY ALFALFA AND STOCKER HAY – All sizes and qualities of square bales delivered to you by semi-load. Call 877-285-8200 or 800-835-2096. 9/12

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NOW OPEN! MIDWEST PLASTIC PRODUCTS (Formerly known as Wisconsin Plastic Drain Tile) at Plainfield, IA

Apex SE


t the k ou d chec ful an Then power its? trawer e lim SE. Ul r ic Po ing th for Apex push Elect e t st th ou – f ir ension g te ab skis ld’s susp na o r or chin io w ai tw e tr et allPass e; th ing on rm-s and strok 12 lls “a est th ust; e 20 hott exha dt ca sis 4Th ar ne ” UP g. EX . arqu ble Ge ndlin sive m M let go u ha r elia Ji cl r p r ve ex ar ne l ne r sh r ing; ex ow you’l razo Stee n Ap and and vetera fort rottle com e th what day of th , allueeze power e sq On . SE Apex


800-362-6642 920-674-3332



Sizes 3”– 48”



For the Yamaha dealer nearest you and to find out about Pro Yamaha dealers, visit

This document contains many of Yamaha’s valuable trademarks. It may also contain trademarks belonging to other companies. Any references to other companies or their products are for identification purposes only, and are not intended to be an endorsement. Rider shown operating a Apex SE. Always wear an approved helmet and eye protection. Observe all state and local laws. Respect the rights of others. Ride within your capabilities. Allow extra time and plenty of distance for maneuvering. Do not perform stunts. ©2011 Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A. All rights reserved.


365 E. Racine Street, Jefferson, WI 53549 920-674-9280 A28

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Distribution Yard at Jesup, IA


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B48 Cayenne Technology ....................... B40 CHIEF BUILDINGS......................... B46 Christianson Systems ...................... B57 Common Sense Mfg. ...................... B60 Construction Accessories, Inc......... B17 Cox Mfg. dba Dalton Ag.................. B47 Crest Precast, Inc..............................IBC Cross Manufacturing ....................... B27 Crosstech Manufacturing ................ B35 Custom Made Products .................. B36 D&K Trailers Mfg. ............................. B50 Dakota Skid Steers .......................... B55 Diamond W Corrals/Burlington Welding.. B59 Don Hardy ........................................ B47 Dyna-Flo Inc. .................................... B45 Egbers Flighting & Supply............... B34 Electric Cleaner Co. ......................... B35 Elk Creek Welding & Steel............... B56 Elliot Essentials................................. B58 Elston Mfg. Inc. ................................ 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B56 May Wes ........................................... B01 MBSC Direct..................................... B27 MEYER’S EQUIPMENT ................. B11 Micro Trak ......................................... B20 Midwest Equipment Sales ............... B41 Mikes Heating Inc. ........................... B59 Mil-Stak, Inc. ..................................... B41 Minden Machine Shop .................... B13 MIRACO ......................................B29-32 MJ Hydrostatics, Inc. ....................... B43 MK Martin Enterprises, Inc. ............. B15 Morris Industries ............................... B27 Mud Smith LLC ................................ B36 Neptune Pump Co. .......................... B44 New Horizon Corp. .......................... B28 Norwood Sales................................. B23 NTH ................................................... B18 Orthman Mfg. ................................... B53 Osseo Plastics & Supply ................. B55 P&L Fertilizer......................................IBC Palomino Mfg. Corp. ........................ B43 Parasal Mfg....................................... B44 Pequea Machine Corp..................... B57 Performance Medical ....................... B49 Peterson Mfg. Co. ............................ B55 Phase-A-Matic .................................. B33 Poly Dome ........................................ B51 Polytech ............................................ B51 Pomp’s Tire....................................... B57 Precision Mfg.................................... B42 Pro-Stitch Distributing ...................... B26 Purple Wave Auction..........................BC QED Dryer Sales & Mfg................... B33 Rawhide Portable Corral .................. B49

REINKE ............................................ B21 Replacement Flighting ..................... B59 Riceland ............................................ B27 Rick’s Welding .................................. B60 Rust Sales, Inc.................................. B35 Schiltz Mfg. ....................................... B26 Scott Manufacturers......................... B26 Scott’s Mfg........................................ B59 SENTINEL........................................ B28 Sheyenne Tooling & Mfg.................. B53 SI Distributing ................................... B53 SI FEEDERS.................................... B36 Sidney Mfg........................................ B41 Simonsen Industries ........................ B38 SIOUX STEEL BINS ....................... B42 SIOUX STEEL LIVESTOCK........... B54 Solar Feeders ................................... B23 Sorensen Equipment ....................... B58 SRS Crisafulli .................................... B59 Star Hill Jawz .................................... B45 Stoney Creek Equipment ................ B59 Strobel Mfg. ...................................... B14 Sudenga Ind. .................................... B15 SUNFLOWER .................................. B22 Super Sorter ..................................... B55 Superior Outdoor Power .................. B57 Sweet Pro ......................................... B42 Swift Hitch ......................................... B28 Swift Mfg. .......................................... B38 Syntex Industries .............................. B57 T-L IRRIGATION .............................. B10 T&S Mfg. ........................................... B20 Tandem Products ............................. B35 Te Slaa Manufacturing ..................... B12 Tilton Equipment Co. ....................... B43 TJ Tools ............................................. B60 Tridekon ............................................ B19 Truck Country ................................... B38 True North Steel................................ B37 TSGC, Inc. ........................................ B33 TSR Parts .......................................... B54 Tubeline ............................................. B13 Tubeline/Horst.....................................FC Twin Diamond Industries ................. B50 Udy Corp. ......................................... B60 Universal Industries, Inc................... B17 USA Tire Mgmt. Systems, Inc. ........ B45 VALLEY ............................................ B06 VALMETAL....................................... B52 Vermeline Ag Equipment ................. B52 VERSATILE ...................................... B58 Walinga ..............................................IBC Waste Oil Furnaces.......................... B37 Wayne’s Inc. ..................................... B25 Westfield Industries .......................... B19 Wiegand Lining Systems ................. B55 Wind Turbine Industries Corp. ......... B37 Wingert Sales ................................... B34 Wingfoot Commercial Tire System . B16 YAMAHA ATV .................................. B48


A.L. Doering Spark Plug .................. A17 All States Ag Parts............................ A22 Ash Enterprises ................................ A13 Auger Jogger.................................... A13 Barron Supply................................... A17 Big Tractor Parts ............................... A22 Britespan Building Systems ............ A13 Brothers Equipment ......................... A10 CAN-AM COMMANDER................ A13 CHIEF BINS..................................... A17 Circle D Corporation ........................ A17 Cloveridge Converting Corp............ A17 D&R Feed ......................................... A17 DMC.................................................. A12 E-Tip, Inc. .......................................... A17 EFS Distributing .............................. A15 Endless Energy ................................ A17 Fehr Cab Interiors ............................ A17 Gilberts Sale Yard LLC ..................... A15 Goodwin Industries .......................... A19 Herrs Machine .................................. A22 Hertz Farm Management ................ A21 Hey Machinery Co. .......................... A21 Hi Fold Door Corp............................ A21 Hydraulic Parts & Supply ................. A22 Hydro Service ................................... A21 J&M WAGONS ............................... A15 Joe Mescan Windmill....................... A21 Johnson Drainage Plows................. A21 Kencove Farm Fence Supplies ....... A23 Kermco-De Haai, Inc. ...................... A23 M’s Machine & Mfg. Co., Inc........... A22 Machine Services, Inc...................... A21 Medi-Dart .......................................... A16 Meg-Mo System............................... A23 Mid America Land Service .............. A20 Natural Insecto Products ................. A23 Neville Construction LLC ................. A21 Norris Scale Co. ............................... A13 OK Enterprises ................................. A22 Peck Mfg........................................... A10 POLARIS ATV.................................. A21 POLARIS RANGER ........................ A15 POLARIS SLEDS ............................ A16 Poly Fabrics ...................................... A27 Quarry Service, Inc........................... A27 Red Horizon Equipment .................. A22 Rhody Steel Construction................ A23 RJ Bowers ........................................ A23 Ron’s Mfg. ........................................ A23 S&W Welding, Inc. ........................... A16 Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors .................. A16 SHIVVERS ....................................... A27 SIOUX STEEL HOOPS .................. A27 SKI-DOO .......................................... A26 South Dakota State University......... A27 Starwood Rafters.............................. A10 Stoens Hydrostatic Service ............. A22 Strat-O-Span..................................... A27 Stull Feeders..................................... A13 Synthetic Resources ........................ A20 Tom Fogerty...................................... A27 Topline Steel Buildings ..................... A27 Turner Mfg. & Welding ..................... A20 Wenzel Construction ........................ A27 Wisconsin Plastic Drain Tile............. A28 YAMAHA RHINO............................. A22 YAMAHA SLED ............................... A28 Zamzow Mfg., Inc. ........................... A20

October 2012

» » » Product Spotlight « « « Stop filter fuel gelling in cold weather

tanks overnight. No cutting or welding, just clean mounting area on fuel tank, peel and stick it on.

To help prevent diesel/biodiesel fuel gelling in cold weather, E-Tip, Inc. introduces the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ that mounts easily to the engine fuel filter. It is just one in an extensive line of products for cold weather starting, security, safety and maintenance.

Include both the “Peel & Stick” Universal Preheater™ for engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, gear boxes, etc. and the Universal Filter Preheater™ in your cold weather package and be assured that you have selected a more effective and complete solution to cold weather-related problems.

Cold conditions often affect fuel flow during start-up and in daily operations. When it is cold enough to cause fuel gelling, over-theroad trucks, heavy machinery, automobiles, generators and other equipment that must operate in low temperatures can become disabled. The gelling plugs the filter, preventing fuel passage. The only solutions are to replace the filter or warm up the fuel until it flows again, requiring towing the equipment to an inside location or bringing a heater to the equipment site.

The Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ carries a three-year materials and workmanship warranty. A standard 12v Pre-heater is priced at $138. Contact E-Tip, Inc. at 800-530-5064, email, or visit www.etipinc. com for more information. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Dyna Flo, Inc. announces the Dyna Flo Pump General Irrigation is licensed in sales, design and installation of deep well and submersible pumps with 40+ years’ handson experience. We have been selling and installing electric pumps, diesel-driven pumps and PTO pumps for irrigation and industrial applications. We have extensive knowledge in handling water and a subsurface and surface dewatering division.

Marine-style wheel bearings with springloaded grease cups will resist water contamination, and has only one greaseable high thrust ball bearing on the drive line behind the PTO shaft. The Dyna Flo pump operates at 1,000 RPM and will produce 3,000 GPM at approx. 15 feet of lift. The 12”x50’ hoses are fitted with ring lock ends. The pump can be used for flood control, emptying sloughs, flooding rice ponds and cranberry ponds as well as for water transfer.

Lam-Ply Trusses can span up to 72 feet Used in many applications, from machinery storage to livestock facilities to horse arenas Starwood Rafters, the manufacturers of Lam-Ply trusses, is a company devoted to building high-quality trusses for large buildings. They offer many types of trusses to meet any need, including: • Pole sheds

• Free stalls

For more information about this pump, visit

• Pavilion shelters • Machinery storage


The Lam-Ply Truss can span up to 72 feet and is used in many applications, from machinery storage to livestock facilities to horse arenas. It also has been developed with a gambrel-style and a mono-slope design.

3-point implement caddies from Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products

• Riding arenas

• Solar barns

The new Model 500 from Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products is designed for mounting tank or hopper on frame. (Frame does not raise and lower - only the rear hitch.)

Elk Creek Model 500

Gelled Diesel Fuel Filter

Features include: • Lift capacity: 15,000 lbs. • Carrying capacity: 27,000 lbs. total with 3,000 lbs. on hitch • Lifting hitch: 3-point style, 12” to 48” lower tug height - Cat. III - adjustable top link • Axle/tires: four 6,000 lbs. hub/spindles 16.5L x 16.1 - floatation tires on “rocking bolster” • Dual wheels: 90” wide center to center (std. width for 30” rows - wider row spacings by special order) Fuel Filter Preheater

The Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ offers a simple solution. It is a thin, flexible, silicone/fiberglass heating pad that easily wraps around the metal filterhousing to maintain full contact and evenly transmit heat quickly. It converts the metal filterhousing into the heating element, acting an electric blanket for the fuel filterhousing. When it is time to change the filter element, the Universal Fuel Filter Preheater™ is easily released for transfer to the new filterhousing. The 4”x7” Preheater draws 85 watts and is available in several voltages. See our website’s Maintenance section for further technical specifications. E-Tip, Inc. also carries the 120v “Peel & Stick” Universal Preheater™ to warm fuel October 2012

Throughout the years, we have had many calls from farmers and contractors desiring a flood pump that would pump 3,000 gallons per minute without exhausting their budget. Two-and-a-half years ago, General Irrigation created the Dyna Flo Pump. We decided it keep it simple using proven technology. The water lube bearings and spiders are similar to what a deep well turbine is built with. The packing box and gland are similar to what a centrifugal pump would use, and the lower end has a greaseable bearing like a turbine pump would. We incorporated an adjustable swivel on the hitch to more easily adapt to ditches, canals and sump holes. Sand collars are used to deflect silt and sand away from the water lube bearing retainers. |

• Frame: 8” square/rectangular tubing • Front hitch: forged steel pintle style with safety chain and jack • Hydraulic depth control valve Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products, Inc. also has bale and portable feeders, panels and fence, feed bins, chutes, tubs, alleys, portable buildings and tree shears. For more information, contact Elk Creek Welding & Steel Products, Inc., Formerly Elk Creek Engineering, Elk Creek, NE 68348, 6 Miles South of Tecumseh, NE on Hwy. 50, phone 402-335-2610, or visit our website at Delivery available! Dealers wanted!

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |

Starwood Rafters: About the Company Founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of laminated arch rafters and beams, the company started out in Independence, Wisconsin as a three-man operation, with the original owners, Joseph Wozney and his two partners working nights after working their regular jobs. In the early 1970’s, they developed the LamPly Truss. It combines plywood, glulams, and dimensional lumber to make a truss that is stronger than a conventional web truss. This allows the builder to space them further apart to reduce erection time and labor costs. This design also limits bird nesting and improves ventilation in livestock facilities. Today, Corey Wozney and Steve Wozney, Joseph’s sons, operate the company. Starwood Rafters is still in Independence, Wisconsin and now ships its products anywhere in the U.S. For more information, contact Starwood Rafters, Inc., W24141 Starwood Lane, Independence, WI 54747. Call 715-985-3117, toll-free 888-525-5878, or fax 715-9855222. Email or visit online at



» » » Product Spotlight « « « The JackJaw® Extractor Advantage at factory direct introductory pricing of $149 for Fall 2012

Flexxifinger™ is the choice of mechanized farmers worldwide

More than 3,000 JackJaw® extractors are now in use in North America in construction, public works, tent rental, public utilities and farming industries. News of the JackJaw® T-post extractor is spreading quickly across North America and Australia as the easiest, safest and quickest method of fence post pulling. The powerful, patent pending jaw and lever mechanism allows you to pull the T-posts straight out of the ground without damage to the posts. The sturdy lever arm gives you a 9- to 1-mechanical advantage. The specially hardened jaws grip the T-post directly for quick and easy extraction. A 100 lb. push down on the handle generates a 900 lb. upward force and an 1800 lb. gripping force on the T-Post. Tilted posts? No problem! Just lean the JackJaw® extractor to align with the post. It never slips and completely eliminates back and shoulder strain from this ranch problem, that is common with other types of pullers. JackJaw® Model 203 T-post extractors are assembled in Dayton, Ohio from heavy gauge steel plate and tubing, to provide years of reliable service. The unit weighs only 18 lbs. and is plated with zinc and clear chromate for long lasting durability and corrosion resistance. Visit the website at and click on the Fencing Section to see the unit in operation. Enter Fall Coupon Code to get the special price. Call Bob Anderson at 937609-8937, or email him at bob@jackjaw. com for more information. Dealer inquires are welcome. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Improving tractor comfort and adding value with a new cab interior

On a hot, harvest day in 1998, Dave Dietrich discovered that long, rigid, metal lifters did not work in short, brittle, pulse crops. More lentils were going on the ground than into his combine. He needed to get those lifters off his header and was frustrated with the length of time it took to remove them since they were bolted on from underneath the header. He was losing valuable harvest time. The third advantage is that it can increase the resale value of your tractor by as much as $1,000 or more, by showing that someone has taken care of it.

The first improvement is a quieter cab and improved sound control. With age, dirt and debris harden the foam liner so that sound waves are no longer absorbed, bouncing from cab wall to wall, damaging your hearing.

Our mission is to develop a reliable line of harvest products that are “The Choice of Mechanized Farmers Worldwide™”. For more information, visit us at www., call 800-544-8512 in USA, 800-952-1510 in Canada or fax us at 306642-3520.

• Is short, to reduce the travel time of the crop moving from ground to header

• Is gentle on the combine - the nylon finger will break before the metal lifter breaks causing virtually no damage to the combine

Eliminate the dangerous and dirty manual clean out of headers

New vacuum-formed headliners are now available for the Versatile Series IV, the Case-IH Magnum and Maxuum Series, JD 9600 Combines, JD 8200, the Ford TW 7700 Series, JD 55 & 60 Series, JD 7200, the AGCO 8000 Series and White Series-3 cabs.

• Has a forward-lifting point that is infinitely adjustable so that all the lifters work in unison

Goodwin Industries has a corn header sweep for you

For complete listing, catalogs or prices anytime, call 815-692-3355 or visit www. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

• Uses a nylon “finger” that is gentle on the crop while it lifts the crop and guides it over the knife and into the header

The above criteria produced the Pulse Crop Lifter which is: • Gentle on the crop • Safe and gentle to the combine • Infinitely adjustable • Quick and easy to attach and remove from the header.

EnduraPlas/AgriMaxx of Neche, North Dakota, has further developed its highly successful poly heated water bowl, finetuning its features to make it the most durable, user-friendly, and economical poly heated cattle waterer on the market.

Call 877-877-4370 for more information and ask for your free product guide or visit www.

800-622-8836 |


Pictured on the right is a header sweep built and manufactured by Goodwin Industries Inc. of Burns, KS. The header sweep is designed to sweep in down corn, broken stalks, and dry leaf buildup. This in turn eliminates dangerous and dirty manual clean out of the header. This is done with drag arms connected to a crank shaft, which continuously pulls the stalks into the auger.

The Pulse Crop Lifter

ENDURABOWL – The most efficient water bowl of its kind!

The second improvement is a cleaner environment, and increased comfort. If you have to work in the cab all day with walls that are sagging, dirty and rattling, it creates a miserable atmosphere. Often mice nest in the insulation (in combine cabs, especially) and it is necessary to replace all the acoustical panels to get rid of the smell and debris. A new Fehr Cab Kit can improve your workspace immensely. A30

• Uses a system of attaching and removing the lifter that is quick and easy (reducing down time)

Fehr Cab Kits are sold as pre-cut panels in original materials, ready to install in the tractor cabs and come complete with adhesive and instructions. Most farmers can replace their old cab parts with the new kits in one afternoon or one day, depending on which tractor they are working on. Fehr Cab Interiors also installs the kits for customers at their shop or on farmers’ farms so they understand how the panels need to fit.

In side-by-side testing, the EnduraBowl was proven to be 30% more efficient than other leading water bowl brands! Less energy consumption means cattle producers can save money daily by using this model.

If your tractor is ten to fifteen years old, replacing the cab interior with a Fehr Cab Kit has three advantages.

What he needed was a lifter that:

This year will see a limited number of FlexxiFloat™ lifters available. The FlexxiFloat™ is a series of lifters that work well where the ground is rough and rolling. All of our lifters, including those still under development, attach to the header using our patented QD™ technology. As the farmer moves from one crop to another through varying ground conditions, the QD™ attaching system makes it very convenient for the farmer to quickly change lifters to have the best “tool” for the job. We are proud to say that our lifters are used in Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and several countries in Europe.

HD Crop Lifter

Pictured: Header sweep built and manufactured by Goodwin Industries

The success of the Pulse Crop Lifter in recovering lentils, peas and edible beans convinced farmers and Dietrich that this technology would be equally effective in salvaging cereal crops that had been flattened by heavy rain, strong winds, hail or insect damage and heavy crops like canola which needed a lifter with additional strength to hold the crop above the cutting knife. The HD (heavy duty) Crop Lifter has proven its worth over the last three years. Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc. now produces the Pulse Crop Lifter, the HD Lifter, the MidCut™ lifter and the HighCut™ lifter. We have a lifting pan that can be attached to the Pulse Crop Lifter to help reduce shatter loss.

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With this design, the drag arms pull back, pickup, and move forward, set down and pull back again. This unit can be left on and in use at all times. It is not big and bulky and will not hinder good standing corn. You just put it on and let it run. The header sweep is powered by a hydraulic motor connected to the reel drive which allows for variable speed adjustment. Each drag arm is connected to a spring bar, which allows for tension release when necessary. Also, by using a “V” belt drive slippage is possible when needed. The design allows for easy installation on most headers. Contact Goodwin Industries, Inc., 215 West Broadway, Burns, KS 66840, phone: 620726-5281, or

October 2012

» » » Product SPotlight « « « hillsboro Series 3000 Aluminum truck bed Hillsboro continues to expand the aluminum product line with the addition of the Series 3000 Aluminum Truck Bed. This new aluminum truck bed has a durable adjustable height bulkhead with 1-1/2” square tube louvers and full height side support gussets. The standard features also include 6” tall fold down side rails with slam latches. The bed comes with a pre-mounted gooseneck hitch with a 2-5/16” ball and a flush-mount lid. The adjustable width long sills allow the bed to be fitted to multiple frame widths. The Series 3000 also comes standard with a 2” receiver hitch. The rear of the bed has tapered corners, while the front corners of the 96” wide beds for dual wheel trucks are also tapered.

hillsboro continues the tradition of quality and class.

The Hillsboro tradition of dominating in quality and excelling in class continues with the addition of the New Series 3000 Aluminum Truck Bed. Call Hillsboro Industries at 800-835-0209, or visit for more information on the new bed as well other quality Hillsboro products.

#3. American Eagle: High volume is more important than high pressure. American Eagle puts out only 8 to 9 psi but can supply up to six diffusers. The competition: Diaphragm more pressure, but can only supply a maximum of two diffusers. #4. American Eagle: 8 to 9 psi will supply one diffuser 14 to 16 feet. The competition: Diaphragms will pump deeper but with very little volume of air. The deeper you pump, the less volume. #5. American Eagle: Bellow warranty, five years. The competition: Diaphragm warranty–ZERO! #6. American Eagle: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1-year warranty with an emailed picture of the defective part–and it ships out FREE the same day. The competition: Diaphragm warranty policy states the part may need to be shipped from as far away as Canada to be evaluated–then determined if it is the customers fault. Any new part will be shipped at the customer’s expense for parts, plus shipping both ways. (This can take months. We know a Diaphragm customer still waiting over a year.)

Simplify cattle containment with automatic gates

convert existing standard StALk StOMPerS to the popular Quick Disconnect

K&K Manufacturing introduces a portable electric livestock gate, enabling you incredible ease of corralling your cattle. You simply put up a temporary fence with the Auto Cattle Gate attached around a water supply. The 48” x 72” gate is then left in the OPEN position for several days, then switched to AUTOMATIC. The Auto Cattle Gate gate opens automatically when a cow steps on a switched mat and then closes once the cow has passed through. Needing no external power source, it is powered by a 12-volt battery, charged by a Photovoltaic solar panel.

Why American eagle beats the competition, reasons one through seven (out of 21)

For more information, call 402-9848864 Cell: 402-984-4809 or visit www. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

May Wes Announces Quick Disconnect StALk StOMPer Product expansion

See our “compare” video on our web site ( to see why 100% of who compare ‘hands on’ buy the American eagle. American eagle Pond Aerating Windmill

#1. American Eagle: the bellow is by Firestone, which can last 15 to 20 years under a heavy duty 2,000# truck. The competition: Diaphragms need replacement as early as two years.

To read fourteen more reasons to choose American Eagle, go to our website at www.

#2. American Eagle: Bellow most volume of air; 3 to 6 cfm with a 10 – 15 mph wind–even more at 15 – 27 mph wind. The competition: Diaphragms 1 to 3 cfm–maximum.

For more information contact Joe Mescan at American Eagle Windmills, 440-2363278; fax 440-236-5496 or email joem@ Visit online at www.

October 2012 |

May Wes is the Original STALK STOMPER manufacturer with over 30 years of experience proving the product line. The May Wes STALK STOMPER shoe comes with a ¼” thick ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) poly liner over the thick metal shoe. The poly finish provides an advantage compared to metal for its nonstick surface and resistance to abrasion. May Wes’s line of STALK STOMPER products are competitively priced and have the manufacturing capacity to meet high quantity seasonal demands.

About May Wes

K&K Manufacturing also introduces the ATV Remote Gate. It is made for remote or hightraffic areas and is controlled by a small remote control that can be activiated from up to 350 feet away. It is also powered by a 12-volt battery, charged by the Photovoltaic solar panel. The frame of the gate is made with 1.25 inch square tubing with the sides doubled for added strength. Each side also includes four eye-bolts to tie wire to the frame.

Pond aeration windmills:

Why choose May Wes Original Stalk Stompers?

Learn more about May Wes Combine STALK STOMPER products by visiting the website at stompers_combines.

#7. American Eagle: Pump action is a huge 1 and 3/4” stroke some call intermittent. Most pumps are. The Eagles huge volume of air creates the most effective method of water circulation. More air, more circulation. The competition: Only 1/2” stroke, also intermittent. Less volume of air results in much less water circulation.


The Quick Disconnect STALK STOMPERS were released in 2011 and designed for ease with installing, adjusting and removal. As a result of the popularity of this design, May Wes now offers an upgrade package to enable corn head owners with the original standard mount May Wes STALK STOMPER to make a straight-forward switch to the new Quick Disconnect design.

May Wes, recognized Ag industry leader for tire protection from stubble damage, has released several new additions to their growing list of Quick Disconnect STALK STOMPER row-mount products. Newly added to their product offerings are the John Deere 90/40 Series, available in 9” and 14” shoes and Case IH 900/1000 Series, both available in 9”and 14” shoes.

Midwest Farm and Livestock Directory |


Since 1972, May Wes Manufacturing has been working with poly-based products and assures all products have been fieldtested and farmer-approved before they’re sold. The company has always been an innovator of the Ag equipment after-market components leveraging expertise with UHMW Polyethylene material. May Wes is a division of Pride Solutions and is located in Hutchinson, MN, USA. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Syntex industries is proud to introduce roll tarps for side dump trailers Available in mesh or 18 oz. vinyl, Syntex uses high tear strength material and adds reinforcements in high stress areas. The side dump tarps are available for any brand of trailer. Syntex also manufactures roll tarps for grain trailers, grain carts, wagons, truck boxes, feed bodies, belly dumps and dump trucks. Contact Syntex Industries for further information at 515-332-3265 or email, or visit


» » » Product Spotlight « « « Unique heart formula saves countless lives

Flock Buster has many uses outside of the agricultural industry as well. The product has proven to be an essential part of an effective wildlife management program assisting airports with bird control. Flock Buster is also useful in eliminating birds at landfills, golf courses, marinas, parks and any other outdoor recreational areas.

Over 20 years ago Jim Strauss suffered a major heart attack and was told he would need bypass surgery or he would die.

For more information on Flock Buster, visit the company’s website at www.flockbuster. com or call 877-NO-CROWS.

Jim was born into a family of herbalists stretching back to the 17th century. He learned these crafts during childhood, gathering medicinal herbs in the Austrian countryside with his grandmother. He was taught that tasting herbs could detect their medicinal value, but balance and proportion were the keys to producing formulas that were effective and immediate. Jim’s heart attack was not a fluke. He admits to having lived in the fast lane, ignoring the healthier lifestyle of his parents. He considers himself fortunate as nearly half of first time heart attacks end in death. Relying on knowledge acquired over the years, he refused the recommended surgery and instead put together an herbal formula which he immediately applied to himself with outstanding results.

the past twenty-plus years and stands alone as the only company to offer a guarantee of this magnitude. PowerLift Doors offers the only hydraulic door and framework in the industry that is totally welded together – top to bottom – to form one piece and without being bolted together in the field. To assure proper installation and customer peace of mind, experienced company specialists add to the guarantee by installing every door. Each door is custom designed and fabricated to the exact building measurements and specifications, ensuring a great fit and solid weather seals in all regions of the country. PowerLift stands alone with its commitment to quality, customer service and now a lifetime warranty. Contact Powerlift Hydraulic Doors at 507-368-9500, email info@powerliftdoors. com or visit for all your hydraulic door needs.


Multi-use high clearance pull spreader The SMC1752HC High Clearance Pull Spreader now available from Simonsen Manufacturing Company is designed to be an all-around spreader used in any application for dry granular fertilizer including row crop, pasture, top dressing, and ridge till.

Need to supplement with different types of feed? Solar Feeders are accurately and reliably programmed to distribute any bulk feed – up to six times a day – with feeds including but not limited to grains, rice and soybean hulls, hominy and citrus pulp. Solar Feeders are readily available in three standard feed capacities: 1000, 2500 and 6000 pounds. Each feeder is designed to last many years; manufactured 100 percent in the U.S.A. with rugged construction and quality components. Solar Feeders are designed so that each component – battery, motor and timer can be replaced at minimal cost at a local co-op or hardware store. Solar Feeders has taken every necessary step to produce a reliable and tested product that is ideal for any size livestock in any climate. Each Solar Feeder is warranted – a testament to the faith Solar Feeders has in its product. For more information call 479-648-0066 or visit

Standard features include:



In 3 months, his 2” arterial blockage was cleared. Since that time, Jim has shared his formula with thousands around the world who are living testimonials to its curative powers.

• 5 ton capacity hopper (170 cu. ft.)

Flockbuster is a valuable tool in bird management

• Adjustable wheel width, 72” to 120”

Star Hill Jawz grabbing tools make chores safer, faster and economical

One of many clients recently wrote:

Save your crops and increase your yields! Birds have been a problem for growers as far back as anyone can remember. Whether it is through partial or complete crop loss, birds are responsible for decreased profits and not to mention, countless headaches. With no signs of this feeding frenzy slowing, one must question, “What can be done about these troublesome birds?” A company in West Fargo, ND has the answer: “Flock Buster.”

“I would like to tell you that after three months of using Strauss Heart Drops, I am a new man. I am 86 years old, no more the tired feeling I had, my swollen feet are normal again, and my bowel is working normally. Two specialists had told me ‘we can’t help you’.” — Sincerely, Peter A. Wiebe. Free Strauss Heart Drops information packages are available by phoning Performance Medical Plus toll-free at 877271-1312. (Not available in Iowa.) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

PowerLift Hydraulic Doors sets new industry standard As of July 1, 2012, PowerLift Hydraulic Doors announced they will provide a Lifetime Door Structure Warranty on new doors for agriculture, aviation, commercial and industrial industries. Only PowerLift, with local partnership locations throughout America’s heartland and their corporate office in Lake Benton, Minnesota, will warrant their doors’ structure to last the lifetime of the building. Minnesota’s oldest commercial hydraulic door manufacturer, PowerLift’s door strength and quality has proven itself over A32

Flock Buster, a bird pest control product which is the first of its kind, is a 100% ecological friendly bird repellent that can be used anywhere birds are undesirable. Either mixing for farm aerial distribution or ground sprayer distribution, Flock Buster is easy to use and proven effective. Flock Buster is an extremely valuable tool for bird management in sunflowers, corn, wheat and rice as well as Canadian Geese feeding on corn, grain, beans and sunflowers. In its 4th season, Flock Buster has already helped numerous farmers reclaim their fields.

800-622-8836 |

• Hydraulic wheel drive actuation • 40” of ground clearance to the distributor fan • Stainless steel construction • New 11.25” x 28” 12 ply tires, mounted and installed • 540 RPM PTO drive (variable rate and GPS compatibility available) • Heavy duty machined steel hitch clevis • Gearbox driven distributor fan • Heavy duty tubular frame For more information, please contact Simonsen Manufacturing Company, 500 Hwy. 31 East, P.O. Box 247, Quimby, Iowa 51049, or call 800-831-4860. You may also visit Simonsen’s is still family owned and operated and has been serving the needs of the farm community since 1927. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Beat the dry season with Solar Feeders

The patented line of Star Hill Jawz Grabbing Tools are designed specifically for removing invasive and unwanted trees and plants – roots and all. The front-end loader attachment makes many tedious and time-consuming chores safer, faster and less costly. Manufactured in the U.S. to high standards, this versatile attachment comes in sizes to fit most compact utility loaders, skid steer and farm tractors, wheel loaders and excavators. Other jobs are made easier, include removing fence posts and stakes and placing large rocks and boulders. The front-end loader attachment is a must-have attachment for the arsenal of all landowners and managers. For more information on Star Hill Jawz Grabbing tools, “grab your world” and visit, or call 877-798JAWZ (5299). "Grab Your World" with Star Hill Jawz!

Solar Feeders are proven to increase the health of livestock while reducing labor hours and waste. Need to move your feeding area to different parts of your pasture? No problem, Solar Feeders are trailer mounted and are individually calibrated to distribute only the amount of feed that each rancher specifies.

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October 2012






Move, Scoop, Haul, and Dump all with one attachment. Whether it is rock, dirt, or anything else you can think of the

Pat's Easy Mover can handle with ease.

Available in the 4', 5', or 6' bucket with Trailer Mover/Tool Bar.

The bucket is easily removed allowing the trailer mover to meet all your trailer hauling needs.

Greenwell Manufacturing

487 D E Brown Rd., Brandenburg, KY 40108

888-243-4204 October 2012

Check out our video!

Made in USA |

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1517 3rd Ave. N.W., P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501





Midwest Farm and



800-622-8836 |

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October 2012

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