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MAY 2013 Volume 16 | Issue 5

"When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of human civilization." – Daniel Webster

‘Reach For The Sky’ by Donald Zolan


For more information about Donald Zolan, see his biography on page A1 inside.

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Spreads easily with lime spreading equipment. Suitable for organic farming. Superior alternative to chemical fertilizers. Stimulates soil health and improves crop production. Excellent source of slow-releasing nitrogen. Contains 80 lbs. of Nitrogen per ton.



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Eastern Farm and




Volume 16, Issue 5 | May 2013

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How Protective Coatings Help Keep Costs Down......................................................... 5

Keeping the Family Farm...............................................11 Essays from My Farm House Kitchen....................27 Farm & Ranch Life...............................................................12


Pig Poop Pavement? | INNOVATIONS...... 4


Pennywise................................................................................14 The KNIGHTRO REPORT.................................................30


How a Fodder-Pro Feed System Reduced Feed Costs | CASE STUDY........28


Clutter Clearing Choices.................................................29 The Positive Outlook........................................................27


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Donald Zolan

he first time you meet Donald Zolan, you have the feeling of meeting an old friend whom you just haven't seen for awhile. His warmth, candor and interest in others can disguise the fact that he's one of our nation's most talented and popular artists. A very positive and forward looking man, he's at peace with himself and his world. The love and joy you see in his paintings are a sincere expression of himself. A fifth generation artist, Zolan began drawing at age three, and, by age five, was working in watercolors and winning local competitions. He won his first major art competition at age thirteen and was awarded a scholarship to the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago. By sixteen, he won a scholarship to Chicago's American Academy of Art. Full-time formal training began after high school with a full scholarship to the American Academy of Fine Art. Upon graduation, he was selected to apprentice with Haddon Sundblom, a famous Chicago illustrator most known for his Coca-Cola Santa Claus. Zolan moved into the field of commercial art, where he was a great success over the next twelve years. His true love, however, was his fine art paintings which were shown in leading galleries and museums around the world. By the 1970’s, he finally established his own gallery on Nantucket Island. In 1977, the President of the Bradford Exchange visited a Chicago gallery and was so impressed with Zolan's paintings of children that he decided to commission a new work for a collector plate. One April afternoon, Zolan was watching his son blowing a dandelion in the backyard. Inspired by the wonder and fascination of his young son blowing a dandelion, he created his famous painting – Erik and Dandelion - which launched his thirty year collectible career. This new work immediately became Plate of the Year, the first of countless awards Zolan won as a limited edition collectible artist. Zolan's work soared in popularity with collectors and his images were soon licensed on a wide range of products by more than 25 national and international companies, spanning the globe from the Americas, to Europe, and to Australia. In 2008, Zolan introduced a new collection of Santa Claus paintings inspired by his apprenticeship with Haddon Sundblom. In-

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E A S T E RN FA RM a n d L I V E S T O CK D I RE CT O RY |

Donald Zolan, Artist

troduced at the New York Licensing Show, Zolan’s new collection captivated and excited collectors with his amazing portrayals of the traditional jolly Americana Santa. As Sundblom created his Santas for the Coke corporation, Zolan too has introduced a new collection of John Deere Santa’s. Zolan is continually inspired by his happy childhood in Brookfield, IL. His parents fully supported and nurtured their son's talent, and, by his own admission, Zolan had an idyllic childhood. In his own words, Zolan recalls, "Each painting is emblematic of my happy and carefree childhood days growing up in the Heartland. Life was an adventure with my dog, Skipper, always discovering something new and exciting in my little world.” All of Zolan’s paintings rekindle a spark of nostalgia in each of us as the warmth and richness of his work touches the heart and enlivens the soul. This love and joy is reflected in his works. The unique combination of a subject matter so close to his heart and incredible talent, nurtured through years of technical training and experience, make Zolan's paintings among the most popular in the world. To view more of Zolan’s paintings visit For more information or licensing inquiries contact The Zolan Company at 32857 N. 74th Way, Scottsdale, AZ 85266, or call 480306-5680, email: © The Zolan Company, llc. All Rights Reserved.

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m A 1


Professor Pioneers Ground-breaking Sustainable Pig Poop Asphalt Disposing of hog waste is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. Dr. Elham Fini, an assistant professor of civil engineering and researcher at Greensboro-based North Carolina A&T State University, decided that she was the woman for the job and developed a revolutionary process that has the potential to change both the paving and hog farming industries forever. After spending over four years researching the adhesive properties of pig manure, Dr. Fini pioneered a unique process to break down the manure and convert it into an asphaltbinding adhesive. The innovative biobinder can be used as either a full or partial substitute to standard petroleum-based adhesives and, at only about $0.54 a gallon, costs significantly less than its $2-a-gallon petroleum-based binder counterparts. With the majority of her research behind her, Fini is ready to prove this product in the marketplace and has started a company with her N.C. A&T colleagues called PiGrid. PiGrid (rhymes with ‘hybrid’) hopes to establish a pilot production facility some-

Free Stall

where in North Carolina before moving forward with plans for national hubs. Why North Carolina? Waste management and the disposal of hog manure has been a long-time problem for North Carolina farmers. While other parts of the country use hog waste up to twice a year to fertilize crops, North Carolina has fewer crops so farmers store waste in pits and lagoons. Not only does PiGrid reduce the cost of the storage pits but it also reduces the environmental pollution caused by manure odors, prevents spills of millions of gallons of untreated waste into groundwater, and even reduces the amount of CO2 emissions during construction. Dr. Fini received more than $1 million in financial support from the National Science Foundation, National Academy of Science and N.C. A&T State University for her PiGrid development. Research has been a long-time hallmark of the Greensboro university where Dr. Fini works. Current major research projects at the university include innovations in biomedical

Storage Building

Dr. Fini holding her pig waste asphalt creation.

engineering and nanobio applications, as well as the development of advanced thermochemical biomass conversion technology. Fini says the creation of


(photo: Charles E. Watkins)

PiGrid is in line with the university’s goals of economic development and innovation, as outlined in its Preeminence 2020 strategic plan.


LAM-PLY TRUSS The Truss That Will Carry The Load Spans up to 80 ft. Spans up to 12 ft. depending on the load you desire Bird Nesting Control Better Ventilation and Visibility No Feed Alley Post Obstruction

W24141 Starwood Lane, Independence, WI 54747 Call Toll Free: 888-525-5878 A2

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Rafter Uses: Pole Sheds, Free Stalls Pavilion Shelters Machinery Storage Riding Arenas

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

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Protective Coatings Keep Equipment Running and Maintenance Costs Down Protecting your equipment today means you’ll be able to make and keep more money tomorrow. Every moment your equipment is unable to do its job, it is costing you money. Common chemical substances such as acids, urea, salt, chlorides, fertilizer, potash, lime, as well as environmental conditions like moisture, water, snow, ice, and UV rays, are the main culprits in the corrosion and deterioration of equipment that lead to high costs from maintenance, malfunction and lost productivity. These factors combined also reduce the overall equipment lifetime. Today’s farm equipment is equipped with sensitive electrical and mechanical components. And while it’s easy to see how the appearance on a machine’s exterior is degrading, peeling or oxidizing, to prevent extremely accelerated wear and premature equipment replacements costs, it’s critical to give attention to the effects highly corrosive agents can have on the machine’s internal connections, engine compartment and undercarriage.

Nyalic® coated Komatsu wheel loader kept inside the highly corrosive Kinder Morgan urea facility (Tampa Bay, FL area) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for three years; mechanic responsible for machine describes it as "looks perfect, almost new."

It can be a difficult undertaking to control, prevent and mitigate common corrosive agents from disabling and destroying equipment. And while machines all have different jobs and operate in diverse environments, a protective coating will help shield every single one from harmful corrosive environments that cause equipment decay and breakdown, which leads to increased downtime, lost revenue and shorter machine life. Waxes and polishes can prevent some corrosion, but they are not designed to cover every part of a machine (specifically internal) and they require regular polishing and buffing; time that mission critical equipment could be spending in the field. The cost to coat a machine can provide a substantial return on investment. The coating materials and application are typically less than one percent of the machine cost, and new machine owners

are able to capitalize the cost of coating. A properly prepared and applied coating can provide many years of protection, generating significant cost savings in equipment maintenance and downtime. In terms of materials, a polymeric resin coating provides substantial benefits. It is clear, ultra-thin and can be applied on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, galvanized, anodized and powder coated surfaces, and painted surfaces. Specially blended polymeric resin coatings are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, typically ranging from 350 degrees F to below zero degrees F, and perform at film thicknesses as low as 5 microns. These coatings do not yellow, crack, peel or flake when properly applied, and they are easy to clean and maintain. There should be no need for harsh chemical cleaners. Polymeric resin coatings also provide a surface that is easy to touch-up and repair in the field as areas of the coating may become damaged over time. All owners and operators have to do is wipe down the affected area, dry it and spot apply the protective coating to reseal the area. Additionally, if any internal electrical connections need to be repaired or changed out, all that needs to be done is cleaning off the area and recoating. By applying a specially blended polymeric resin coating, equipment owners and operators can significantly reduce corrosion risk, and keep their machines in service for longer periods of time. The cost-effective protective coating reduces equipment maintenance, malfunction and failures, and increases a highly valuable machine’s lifetime and overall productivity.

Bottom line: by protecting your

equipment today, you’ll be able to make and keep more money tomorrow.

Author Skip Hawkins is the president of Nyalic®, a company that protects equipment nationwide against corrosion, paint oxidation and staining by sealing surfaces and preventing chemical and environmental corrosive agents from reaching the surface. Nyalic® is a proprietary clear, ultra-thin polymeric resin coating that was originally developed for the Apollo Space Program specifically to protect critical components from harsh environments, and is an ideal surface protectant from chemical and environmental corrosive conditions.

m ay 2013

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w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m A3

«what's new

Silostop Orange Now Available Bruno Rimini Corp., makers of Silostop® oxygen barrier film, introduces Silostop® Orange®.

thickness. The lower height profile makes the snaptight grid ideal for over-pour or retrofit applications where a thicker panel cannot always be used. The S20 Contractor Floor Panel is 2’ x 4’ x 2” thick and features 8 radial staggered snap-tight grids for optimal tubing spacing.

The new Silostop Orange combines all of the qualities needed to maximize feed quality: strong and stretchy with both cling and barrier. In fact, the barrier is so good that it is referred to as a "Total Oxygen Barrier™".

“Financial losses from throwing away damaged feed and spoiled silage is unnecessary and can be avoided with the use of Silostop Orange,” says Wigley. Silostop total oxygen barrier film reduces dry matter loss, decreases visible spoilage, maintains feed quality, improves aerobic stability and saves labor. Now in a wide range of sizes, Silostop total oxygen barrier film is available up to 65 x 1,000 feet with larger sizes available by special order. Silostop® total oxygen barrier film is produced under the Bruno Rimini brand as a specifically engineered oxygen barrier film that is proven to protect ensiled forage and grain with superior performance over traditional plastic covers.

On-center points exist every six inches and the patented design allows the installers to run tubing at 45-degree angles with ease. The S20 Contractor Floor Panel can support the installation of 1/2” and 5/8” PEX Tubing. The new panel will be manufactured at existing Creatherm production facilities. Customers now have the ability to split orders between the widely popular T45, S45 and U45 Floor Panels by bundle quantity. All Creatherm ™ radiant floor panels are manufactured out of BASF Styropor® EPS. Styropor®, an expandable polystyrene (EPS) was invented by BASF in 1952 and today is a classic among the raw materials employed for cost-effective construction, as well as efficient and reliable packaging. The most important properties of Styropor® EPS include: excellent thermal insulation capacity, high compressive strength, outstanding impact absorption, low weight, and flexible design capabilities.



Creatherm S20 Contractor Radiant Floor Panel

The fourth panel from Creatherm ™ is ready for market and combines benefits of its first three radiant floor panels into one economical product. The S20 Contractor Floor Panel is two-inches in overall A4

Less maintenance downtime.

"Pre-cleaning air before it enters an air cleaner can dramatically improve the life of an air filter, and help avoid costly engine failure," said John Fitzgerald, Product Manager, Donaldson Engine Air Filtration. "TopSpin HD is a cost effective solution that is designed specifically to perform in punishing conditions where precleaners can really take a beating."

Learn more at

For more information visit

Visit or call 866-912-0358 for info.

Donaldson offers a full line of pre-cleaner and rain cover accessories, including Air Ram™ inlet hoods, industry leading pre-cleaners such as Strata™ Cap, TopSpin HD, TopSpin, Full-View and Donaspin™, plus moisture skimmers and eliminators.

The foam panels are also quiet, resistant to insects and mold, and virtually allergen free.

Silostop® offers a complete line of products to address specific silage storage management needs including barrier films, gravel bags and protective nets.

Lower operating costs, and

TopSpin HD is offered in eight sizes, so the end user can choose one that is appropriate for their air filtration system.

“Silostop Orange gives producers the confidence that they are purchasing oxygen barrier film from Silostop and no other product in the marketplace compares to the protective power of a total oxygen barrier,” says Simon Wigley from Bruno Rimini Corp. Selecting the right covering and achieving the proper seal when putting up silage has a significant financial impact on an operation. Losses from unsealed or incorrectly sealed corn silage exceed a quarter billion dollars every year.


New 10’ Vari-Slice Seeder From Kasco

Kasco Manufacturing introduced a new 10’ wide VariSlice seeder at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY. The Vari-Slice seeder is suitable for applications including pasture seeding, beef, dairy and horse farms for worked or no-till conditions and where tight germination of grass seed is needed. The disc angle can be adjusted quickly to move more aggressively over the ground with rugged cutting coulters to cut through roots, limbs and debris. Other widths of 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ and 8’ are also available. These seeders feature a unique metering system for planting a variety of a seeds such as Bermuda, alfalfa, timothy, rye and oats. A patented, optional positive feed agitator system is also in a second box to plant native or warm season grasses. Vari-Slice units with a standard seedbox and warm season grass box are able to plant virtually any seed variety. Call 800-458-9129 or visit for info. ______________________________________

Donaldson Announces New TopSpin HD HeavyDuty Pre-Cleaners

The all-metal TopSpin HD is built for high-dust and heavy-debris environments, such as agriculture. Its high efficiency design delivers low restriction and enables it to separate and eject up to 80% of incoming contamination before it can reach the engine’s air cleaner. It also helps prolong air filter life, which results in: •

Less frequent air filter replacement,

800- 622- 8836 | The Easte rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

Kasco Manufacturing has introduced a new 10’ Vari-Slice seeder for applications including pasture seeding, beef, dairy and horse farms for worked or no-till conditions and where tight germination of grass seed is needed.

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«what's new

Free Planting Date AdvisorSM Tool on climate. com Helps Identify Ideal Planting Windows The Climate Corporation recently announced that the free service is now live for the 2013 growing season. Using remote sensing technologies, physical and geospatial mapping, unique weather simulations, and proprietary agronomic models, climate. com provides growers with field-level weather monitoring and forecasting, field-specific crop insights, and decision support tools to help them better manage their operations and increase their profitability. The Climate Corporation also announced the availability of Planting Date Advisor,℠ a new tool that dynamically quantifies spring and fall freeze risks by planting date for each field. With the help of Planting Date Advisor, growers can better identify an ideal planting window and evaluate the potential risk-reward of their seed relative maturity choice. "Every year growers miss out on hundreds of millions of bushels of yield potential valued in excess of $1 billion because of lack of access to data and insights to inform their planting date decisions,” says Jeff Hamlin, director of agronomic research at The Climate Corporation. “Planting Date Advisor is a unique online tool that growers can put to use in the coming months to understand freeze risks by planting date and risk-reward tradeoffs of their seed relative maturity choice. The goal of is to help growers increase their profitability, and Planting Date Advisor is the first tool that can help growers make more profitable decisions in the face of increasingly extreme weather." Powered by The Climate Corporation’s unique weather monitoring, forecasting and agronomic modeling technology platform, Planting Date Advisor: •

Calculates the risk that a corn or soybean crop in any of over 20 million U.S. fields could be damaged by a spring freeze post-emergence or damaged by a fall freeze before the crop has a chance to reach full maturity, with risks calculated for each potential planting date. Allows a grower to vary the relative maturity of the seed to assist cost-benefit analyses regarding the additional fall freeze risk the grower would be taking on by planting a longer-season, higher-yielding variety. Provides dynamic field-level planting date risk analyses using real-time weather forecasting technologies.

The full service drives more profitable farming by saving growers time and improving their operational decision making. In addition to Planting Date Advisor, key features for the 2013 growing season include: •

Farm-Level Dashboard: Growers can easily scan

m ay 2013

current field-level weather conditions and key status indicators for each of their fields, including 24-hour and 7-day accumulated precipitation, growth stage, soil moisture, projected yield impact of season-to-date weather conditions, and estimated yield projections. •

Precipitation and Temperature Tracking: Growers can track daily and cumulative season-to-date precipitation on each of their fields, monitor high and low temperatures, and receive notifications of yield-impacting and operational-impacting weather events. Soil Moisture Tracking: Corn and soybean growers can monitor current soil moisture levels to evaluate whether a given field is experiencing drought or excess moisture stress and to assess field workability. Growth Stage Tracking: Corn and soybean growers can track the field-level progression of their crops through each growth stage to full maturity during the growing season, and monitor the expected timing of future crop growth stages based on season to-date weather conditions. Crop Impact: Corn and soybean growers can track the occurrence, severity and estimated yield impact of heat, drought, excess moisture and freezing weather events.

This powerful feature delivers a more complete view of how the implement is performing and will arm farmers with the data they need to more effectively tune and balance their equipment for maximum performance and efficiency. IAS has also designed and implemented new low flow rate algorithms for improved system performance in applications such as planting sunflowers, canola and flax. These algorithms make the Wireless Blockage Monitor even more versatile for farmers planting a wide range of crops. Additionally, IAS has improved support for customers running multiple systems in the same field. “This release of updates and improvements continues to move the Wireless Blockage Monitor forward,” said Bobby Volesky, IAS product manager. “We’re already leading the industry technologically, and continuing to innovate with features like flow monitoring across the implement shows our dedication to our customers and to ensuring that the system remains cutting-edge far into the future.” The new functionality will be released as an update to the Wireless Blockage Monitor application on the Apple App Store at the beginning of April.

“Farmers tell us that they can’t get all the weather and agronomic data that they need to make informed daily decisions,” says David Friedberg, CEO of The Climate Corporation. “We have built technology to acquire, analyze and provide weather and agronomic data for every field and operation in the United States, allowing farmers of all sizes to improve their outcomes and profitability using simple tools on” Growers can create a free trial account at www.climate. com. Ongoing free access to the service is available through Climate Corporation authorized independent crop insurance agents. ______________________________________

IAS Announces Wireless Blockage Monitor Updates Intelligent Agricultural Solutions (IAS) is pleased to announce several software updates and improvements to its groundbreaking Wireless Blockage Monitor system. The Wireless Blockage Monitor system is an innovative acoustic-based seed monitoring system for air seeding implements. Launched in 2011, the system monitors every opener on the implement and uses the popular Apple iPad to instantly display blockages anywhere on the tool. The system has been well received by forwardlooking farmers and is now in use across the US, Canada and Australia. The most compelling improvement is the system’s new flow monitoring feature, which displays total flow levels and flow variance from manifold to manifold.

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

For more information call 701-356-9222 or 701-6304117; or email ______________________________________

New In-Cab Cell Phone and Tablet Mounting Brackets from John Deere

The proliferation of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices has made them popular and essential communications and information resources for today's farmers and ranchers. As a result, John Deere is introducing mounting brackets and attachments to make it easier and more convenient for producers to have hands-free access and improved viewing of their mobile devices while operating equipment. Continued on next page

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m A5

«what's new

According to Tyler Rouse, senior marketing representative for John Deere Tractor Parts, for proper machine operation, it's critical that mobile devices be located and mounted where they are accessible but do not interfere with visibility and machine controls. "These brackets and mounts are designed to allow operators to access a wide variety of different mobile devices while in the cab of the tractor, combine, sprayer or other machine." These new brackets include a cell phone mount bracket kit, a tablet mount kit, and accessory mounting bracket kit. They are all cross-compatible with current John Deere monitor kits and are customizable to fit each operator's specific requirements in the cab. The cell phone mount bracket features the fourpronged RAM X-Grip™, which was specifically chosen because it meets John Deere's tough requirements and customer needs. It is designed to securely hold cell phones, GPS and other devices of similar size, without the need for foam pads or other stabilizing materials. The RAM X-Grip is compatible and interchangeable with a wide range of popular RAM and John Deere mounts.

Farmer DM Series mowers are available in widths from 5-1/2 to 9 feet. With discs spinning at 3,000 rpm, they deliver a clean cut at a faster pace than a sicklebar mower. Their extremely flat, low-profile spur gear design achieves a clean cut even on difficult, rolling terrain. This design also helps ensure high forage flow without material buildup, for fluffy swaths and highquality forage.

For more information see your local John Deere dealer or visit Part numbers for the kits are as follows: BRE10015 – Cellphone Kit, BRE10034 – Tablet Kit, and RE343680 – Accessory Mounting Bracket Kit. ______________________________________

New Farmer DM Series Mowers from Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson® introduces the Farmer DM Series mowers, offering farmers and ranchers the smooth-cutting, low maintenance and reliability they have become accustomed to from Massey Ferguson disc mowers. No matter what size tractor you operate or how challenging your terrain, one of the economical Massey Ferguson Farmer DM Series mowers can handle the job. This Series includes four new models (DM1305, DM1306, DM1308 and DM1309) to match a wide range of horsepower requirements. A6

The windshield is made of AS2 tempered safety glass with internal latches to allow maximum circulation.

“We’ve designed these new disc mowers to give farmers and ranchers an advantage in speed, efficiency and durability,” says Massey Ferguson’s Dean Morrell, product marketing manager, Hay and Forage. “Regardless of your hay operation’s size or the horsepower you have in the shed, the Farmer DM Series will provide the performance and reliability you need.” Rocks and uneven terrain are less likely to cause damage to Farmer DM Series mowers because these mowers are deliberately designed tough to take on the realities of hay production.

Also standard with the new BX Series is the pre-drilled holes in the rear for easier wiper installation. This new cab system is less than seven feet in overall height (with ROPs folded) for easy storage in a homeowner's garage.

The tablet mounting kit also attaches to the accessory mounting bracket or existing monitor mounting bracket in the equipment cab and securely holds larger devices such as iPads® and other tablets. Its durable RAM design holds devices firmly, even in rugged terrain, and features easy-to-adjust wing nuts and ball joints that allow the operator to change the position of the device to fit their needs. "All the mounts allow the operator to quickly and easily attach or remove the devices from the holder without sacrificing stability or durability," Rouse adds. "These mounts make it convenient for customers to incorporate these devices into their cabs while maximizing visibility, accessibility and operational efficiency."

With a tilted Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS), the operator can work in a safe and efficient environment and the structured steel frame provides the strength and durability needed for heavy-duty work.

The cutterbar is equipped with a roll/shear pin for every disc. The shear pin is positioned to break outside of the cutterbed, preventing internal damage and eliminating contamination of the oil bath. A springloaded anti-collision breakaway system allows the entire mower to pivot backwards if the mower comes in contact with an object protruding from the ground, so the operator has time to stop the tractor before serious damage can occur. For more information contact your local Massey Ferguson dealer or visit ______________________________________

New Kubota BX Series Curtis Cab for SubCompact Tractors

Curtis Industries, LLC has introduced another cab system for the Kubota line of Sub-Compact Tractors. The new BX Series Curtis Cab fits multiple models and features a wide variety of enhancements for improved comfort, visibility and durability. Adding to its extensive line of quality cabs for Kubota, the BX Series Curtis Cab offers a soft sided version and a hard sided version which includes full sliding glass windows for optimum ventilation and pin-hinged doors for quick and easy removal.

800- 622- 8836 | The Easte rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

Scott Nelson, CEO of Curtis Industries stated, "We're excited about this new product launch. Listening to our customers is what drives our innovation here at Curtis." He also added, "Not only do we put our focus on innovation and quality but we're always thinking of new ways to provide our dealers with the best tools possible to help them succeed." The BX Series Curtis Cab also includes new options for accessories which include adjustable, low amp draw LED lights for a longer battery life and vehicle style mirrors. High performance heaters, defroster vents and work lights are also available. For more information visit or call 800-343-7676. ______________________________________

Agrilabs Introduces a Unique Solution for Managing Calf Stress

AgriLabs announces the introduction of StressMate™, a unique product developed from colostrum that provides a source of small proteins commonly referred to as bioactives, which help calves cope with stress. "Stress in calves is certain," said Adam Yankowsky, Business Unit Manager for Livestock Products for AgriLabs. "Beginning at birth, calves face stressful conditions that may have a long lasting impairment on their growth and productivity." Calves require quality colostrum or replacer immediately following birth. However, in many instances, quality colostrum is not available or the calf is unable

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

may 2 0 1 3

«what's new

to consume what it needs for the best start possible. "That is why StressMate has been developed," said Dustin Kjelden of Sterling Technology, AgriLabs' marketing partner for North and South America. Producers now have an effective option to treat stressed calves and to help calves exposed to stressful conditions such as birth, commingling, transport or adverse weather. "StressMate's unique formulation is comprised of concentrated small proteins that are essential in helping to boost the calf's own natural or innate defense system," said Dr. Jennifer Trout, Technical Services Veterinarian for AgriLabs. "When fed to young calves, even after gut closure, calves have an immediate source of essential immune supportive nutrients."

“Agri-retailers make a significant investment in training their professional applicators because of the important role they play, so increasing their comfort and safety is essential,” says Dave Lovell, field sales and marketing support manager for AGCO Application Equipment. Lovell notes that recent enhancements to AGCO’s RoGator® sprayers specifically address this objective for professional operators, as well as large farming operations that have their own application equipment. Design enhancements include: •

Unobstructed visibility in all directions during operation due to a six-post cab design with large windows on all four sides, including a wide, panoramic front windshield and curved windows in the corners.

A lower boom position when configured for liquid application during transport and superior lighting to provide improved road safety.

Wider cab entry for easier operator access.

A one-level, slatted walking platform for firmer footing and more accessible daily engine maintenance, plus a lower first step from the ground onto the walkway.

m ay 2013

Sound-dampening material strategically placed throughout the cab to reduce external noise, allowing for one of the lowest noise levels on a selfpropelled applicator.

An “air ride” cab suspension system and semiactive seat suspension for a more comfortable ride over rough field terrain.

“Demanding work schedules are just part of the job for many operators,” Lovell says, “but making them safer and more comfortable can also translate into greater efficiency. A safe, happy operator is a productive operator.” For more information visit ______________________________________

Claas Of America Receives Two AE50 Awards for Advancements in Lexion 700 Combines

The Cruise Pilot automatic throughput control system was also identified by ASABE as a superior innovation. This component tracks speed, feederhouse crop volume, engine load and grain losses. Through the constant monitoring of these aspects, the Cruise Pilot system can anticipate peak loads and maintain maximum productivity levels. The constant ground speed, throughput and throughput with losses are all maximized by the automatic technology. With this feature, LEXION combines can adapt to changing crop conditions and capitalize on efficiency.


That’s why recent advances in application equipment not only focus on improved accuracy and efficiency, but also on greater operator comfort and safety.

Automatic temperature control to provide a continuous, comfortable environment without having to adjust the cabin temperature.

The CLAAS C-Motion Ergonomic Joystick is designed to allow a three-finger operational style. The thumb, index and middle fingers are each incorporated to control separate aspects of the machine. An operator can use his or her thumb to control header height, reel height, auto-pilot and feederhouse/header stops. The index finger is used to control unloading tube swing-in and swing-out and engage/disengage, while the middle finger controls the rocker switch for manual header tilt control and cutter bar position.

StressMate is packaged in convenient 250 mL bottles. It can be fed orally alone, or in milk, milk replacer or electrolyte solution. For newborn calves, feed 10 mL orally immediately following birth or as soon as possible afterwards. Then, continue feeding for at least two more days.

Each growing season, custom applicators spend long hours in the field applying fertilizer and crop protection products over millions of acres. The spring planting season is especially demanding, as professional operators race the clock to complete farmer field applications on schedule.

The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) recently announced that CLAAS has won six AE50 awards for their advances in agricultural engineering. Two awards were given for innovations in the LEXION 700 Series combines — C-Motion Ergonomic Joystick and Cruise Pilot.

"StressMate is available through AgriLabs' network of distribution partners and will be included in the AgriLabs' Healthy Difference Calf Care campaign," said Yankowsky. The Healthy Difference Program is designed to provide practical education with information prepared by veterinarians, about how newborn beef or dairy calves can start and stay healthy from birth through weaning.

Comfort and Safety Features Help Applicators Cope with Long Hours in the Fields

dust-, chemical- and odor-free.

Right-side armrest that holds all the functions needed for field operations. This console “floats” with seat movement so operators don’t have to reach or search for a control while operating the machine.

Switch styles that don’t require applicators to look at the switches during field operation.

Positive cab pressure and a three-level air filtration system that keep the air inside the cab virtually

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50 years in the business!

• Hi-Hog Squeeze Chutes • Hydraulic & Manual Chutes • Working Alleys • Crowding Tubs • Palpation Cages • Sorting Sections


No-Rot Doors Windows Utilite™ & Tufftex Ceiling & Wall Liners • Jan Aire Natural Ventilation

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Change Any Chisel Plow into a Vertical Tillage Coulter Machine Save $10,000 to $15,000 with our user-friendly conversion kits! ExclusivE 4 Ball BEarings on thE shaft!

Pressure washing - 7 to 8,000 lbs.

We have 4 ball bearings that make it a very heavy duty unit. We have other innovative parts like the DUST SHIELD. Kit includes 18” boron “earthen harden” 13 wave coulter blads and bolts.

• Farm Buildings • Grain Systems • Residential Homes • Roofs • Also Industrial Work

• T-Walls • Bunker Silos • Feed Bunks • Cattle Slats

Where we are proud to stock and supply a number of high quality products from various manufacturers and suppliers. Whatever your requirements; agriculture, commercial, or residential, we will endeavor to meet your needs.


Works on wheat stubble, corn stalks, and soybean residue in fall and spring. Cut up trash in the field or dry out the ground so you can plant days earlier.


Cell: 419-305-4996 Email:

1-800-561-1706 H

w w w. d a v o n s a l e s . c o m


“Made by Farmers, For Farmers.”

Ron’s Mfg.

605-266-2177 See Article in the Product Spotlight Section


No Electric 100% Wind Power

American Eagle Windmill Made in the USA

√ 4 Leg Tower for More Stability √ DVD for Easy & Proper Installation √ Combats Algae & Aquatic Weeds √ Prevents Winter Kill of Fish √ Improves Water Quality √ Bellow Pump for More Air √ 5-Year Warranty

FIVE SIZES: 13', 18', 23', 28' & 33' American Eagle Windmills FREE SHIPPING

Joe Mescan Windmill 27162 Capel Road, Columbia Station, Ohio 44028 (440) 236-3278


10221 Lancaster Newark Rd. N.E. Millersport, OH 43046 740-467-2424

30 Years In the Aeration Business

The Smartest Buy on the Road! Love that Featherlite!

U.S. 27 MOTORSPORTS & TRAILERS 5301 N. U.S. Hwy. 27 St. Johns, MI 48879 989-224-8874

– Model 8413

– Model 8125

Gooseneck combo trailer has Featherlite’s solid structural integrity, top features and many options at a price you'll love! Perfect for livestock and horse owners as well as hobby farmers, this versatile trailer comes in 16', 20', 24' and 28' lengths.

Featherlite’s Model 8125 is patterned after the very popular gooseneck 8127. It can be hauled by a wider selection of vehicles including some campers and SUVs.

– Model 8117 Featherlite’s new Model 8117 stock trailer is designed with the style, features and price point that farmers and ranchers desire. It features a heavy-duty center gate with slam latch, full swing rear gate with lockable slider and curbside unload door for your convenient loading. With its premium, corrosion-resistant aluminum construction, new Model 8117 is a great option for your livestock hauling.


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FREE 5 YEAR WARRANTY plus 0% up to © 2012 Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. (BRP). All rights reserved. ™, ®, and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products, Inc. or its affiliates. In the USA, the products are distributed by BRP US Inc. BRP reserves the right, at any time, to discontinue or change pecifications, prices, designs, features, models or equipment without incurring obligation. Some models depicted may include optional equipment. BRP highly recommends that all ATV drivers take a training course. For safety and training information, see your dealer or, in USA, call the ATV Safety Institute at 1-800-887-2887. In Canada, call the Canadian Safety Council at (613) 739-1535 ext 227. Read the Operator’s Guide and watch the Safety DVD before riding. Wear appropriate protective clothing and helmet. For side-by-side vehicles, fasten lateral net and seat belt at all times. Never engage in stunt driving and avoid excessive speed. Always observe applicable local laws and regulations. Side-by-side vehicles and ATVs are recommended for drivers aged 16 and older, and passengers aged 12 and older only. For off-road use only. Never ride on paved surfaces or public roads. Always ride responsibly and remember that riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. 5108362


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*Offer available March 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Rebates and/or financing based on the purchase of eligible equipment defined in promotional program. Financing subject to credit approval. Customers must take delivery prior to the end of the program period. Some customers will not qualify. Some restrictions apply. Offers available on new equipment only. Prior purchases are not eligible. See dealer for details.

HOLTSCLAW SALES & SERVICE 138 Charlotte Ave., Switz City, IN 47465 812-659-2614

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may 2 0 1 3

Myers Poultry Farm

“Keeping the Family Farm in the Family”

Providing a product that “meats” your needs 966 Ragers Hill Rd., South Fork, PA 15956

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Capons, Heavy Cornish Broilers, Colored Broilers (7 Meat Varieties for freedom ranging), Layer Chicks, Ducklings, Goslings, Bantams, Turkeys, Game Birds, Guineas, French Guineas, Broad Breasted White & Bronze Turkeys, Rare Breed Turkeys


Broad Breasted, Extremely hearty, Fast Growing.

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Necessary Topics for a Successful Estate Plan By Michael Baron

Owner/Manager of Great Plains, Diversified Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND

• • • • •

Heavy one-piece polyethylene body. Fastest valve in the industry Finger-lift service center Built in over-flow Heater optional Quick emptying & cleaning

Life Insurance Trusts Revisited

WaterMaster Superior construction for longer life WaterMaster 90 WaterMaster 54

F.C. Mason Co. Northern Indiana, Michigan, Northern Ohio Call to find local dealer. 1-800-292-9031 Website:

Truck Scales Are Our Business New, Used, Rebuilt, Turn-Key Job. Serving the Illinois, Indiana Agriculture Market for Over 50 Years. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

norris scale co. inc. 502 E. Beech, Sullivan, IN 47882


Dear Michael: At the end of last year, I inquired with an insurance agent friend of mine about purchasing enough life insurance to pay any estate taxes. Because I lost my wife years ago and never remarried, my estate is in excess of the five million two hundred and fifty-thousand dollars. I was truly concerned about the possibility of the Unified Credit dropping to a lower amount. After all was said and done, I still need the life insurance to pay the estate taxes. I applied for the insurance in December and the agent took a check with the application. Now I have been approved and am wondering if I did this in the right way because I acted in haste. He said we can now put the policy into a trust and it would be excluded from my estate. What's your opinion? – Haste Makes Waste? Dear Haste: With an estate in excess of the Unified Credit, sometimes it makes sense to buy life insurance to cover the estate tax issues than other options. Many people use gifting to lower their estate taxes. But with values going so high so quickly, sometimes it's a lot cheaper to gift life insurance premiums to your children or to a trust than to gift real property. For example, if you may need to move fifty, sixty or even one hundred thousand dollars of real property per year to remove the inflation from your estate and/or lower your estate below the taxable level, or you could gift ten or fifteen thousand dollars a year to provide for the estate taxes, which one is less expensive and gives you more control over your assets in the years to come? Most people use a combination of gifting real property and setting up Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILIT's) just to maintain with inflation. However, IRS has a certain way they want things done when you purchase life insurance. The number one rule is ‘You or your spouse cannot buy the insurance'. When the agent took a check from you, he violated the ‘first' rule of buying life insurance for estate tax purposes. When he said ‘We can move it to a trust after the policy is approved' this, too, was a mistake. IRS states any life insurance not originally purchased by the trust (or by your children) that is placed into trust will still be included in your estate for estate tax purposes for three years. If you die within the next three years, you will have increased your estate taxes rather than decreased them. Many people want to see if they are insurable and at what cost before they go through the process of setting up a trust. For these people, an application can be submitted. Once you are approved and you approve of the pricing, then the trust can be established and the trustee can do a second app mimicking the first so that the trust applied for the insurance rather than you. Most insurance companies, if completed in a timely fashion, have no new requirements for approving the second policy.

LOWE & YOUNG INC. 7058 E. Lincoln Way, Wooster, OH 44691 330-264-7151 • m ay 2013

Once the trust is established, you must gift to the trust as soon as possible – before the second policy is issued, by setting up a checking account for the trust. Likely the finan-

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

cial institution will need a copy of the trust to establish a checking account. IRS has a second rule which states once the funds are in the trust, the trustee must inform all the beneficiaries of the trust, using a Crummey Letter, of this deposit and give them ample time to withdraw these funds. IRS typically states this period to be sixty days. If the trustee hears no response within 60 days, s/he can pay the premium. However, this time frame can be shortened by the other beneficiaries writing back to the trustee they do not want the funds and then the trustee can pay the insurance premium when the new policy arrives. Being as the beneficiaries and the trustee(s) are typically family members (children), this can all be done by email, but the trustee must give some consideration time (one week) before paying the premium and s/he must keep the copies of the emails received by the siblings in a separate paper file for possible audit in the future. When the premium comes due the next year, you have to pay it earlier than the due date. If you get the billing one day, make a deposit to the trust account, the trustee sends out an email and receives responses in the next day and pays the premium, this alacrity likely won't survive and IRS audit. IRS would argue the beneficiaries did not have sufficient time to consider withdrawal of the funds. So, get the gift of the premiums into the trust early, get the letters out to the beneficiaries, and pay the premium after a period of time – one to two weeks – and IRS will be fine with the process. The agent who sold you on this has had no or little training in handling estate issues or how IRS views trusts and gifts. You need to find an agent who knows exactly what they are doing, because not following the proper steps could cost your family hundreds of thousands of dollars. ________________________________________ Do you have questions about estate planning? Need to know more about how you can "Keep the Family Farm in the Family"? Email questions to Michael Baron at or call him at 800-373-4078.

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m A9


Agriculture changed our food consumption. When farming and raising livestock began to be undertaken some 15,000 years ago, our diets changed, but not our consumption habits. We were still accustomed to gorging on nutrient-dense foods because they gave us satisfaction.

By Dr. Michael R. Rosmann

Is The Industrial Food Chain Responsible For Obesity? An article by Bruce M. King in the February-March 2013 issue of The American Psychologist indicates 502 million persons worldwide are obese (i.e., a body mass index greater than 30, calculated by weight in kilograms divided by height in meters, squared). Another billion of the world’s population of seven billion people are overweight.

It is now common to observe farm residents walking, riding bikes or jogging on countryside roads and trails. A generation ago when we spotted a neighbor walking alongside a road we stopped to offer the neighbor a ride, but no longer.

A 2010 survey of 4,111 U.S. residents by Cynthia L. Ogden and her associates (See: www.ncbi.nlm.nih. gov/pubmed/22253364) reported that 35.7 percent of adults and 16.9 percent of children were obese. Another third of American adults were overweight and 16 percent more children were overweight.

Psychologist states, “The prevalence in obesity in the United States has doubled since 1980.”

In his popular 2006 book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan blames the industrial food chain, particularly corn, for influencing American tastes and imparting our diet with too many starches. Corn is part of most dairy products, meats, soft drinks, snacks and many other foods and beverages.

Dr. King suggests our body systems that regulate taste and smell were gradually developed over the preceding two million years and were highly useful to our hunter-gatherer ancestors who relied heavily on these senses to locate food. Like our animal predecessors, much of the food consumed by early humans was found with their noses and tasted to determine its acceptability.

Is the industrial food chain at fault? A 2011 Lancet article about worldwide obesity by Boyd A. Swinburn and his colleagues (See: pubmed/21872749) states: "The simultaneous increases in obesity in almost all countries seem to be driven mainly by changes in the global food system, which is producing more processed, affordable and effectively marketed food than ever before.” “This passive overconsumption of energy leading to obesity is a predictable outcome of market economies predicated on consumption-based growth.” Whoa! Is this the whole story? While a good argument can be made that a ready supply of skillfully marketed energy-rich foods contributes to obesity, additional factors are involved.

Our genetics play an important role in obesity. Dr. King’s recent article in The American

“The increase in the prevalence of obese and overweight individuals has happened too rapidly for it to be due to an alteration in the genome.”

Dr. King added that hunter-gatherers were accustomed to gorging on food when available because they might have to endure periods of deprivation when palatable food could not be found. Accumulating fat for lean periods had survival value.

Raising grains and fattening livestock on pastures gave agrarians ample food and reduced the need to sometimes traverse long distances to find foods. Many of the calories that agriculturalists produced were stored in our bodies as fat, as well as in granaries, livestock and substances such as beer and other alcoholic drinks. Dr. King elaborates: “Brain reward circuitry that was acquired during evolution to seek out and eat as many nutritionally high-dense foods as possible is able to overrule the physiological inhibitory mechanisms that were designed to limit meal size and weight gain.” Sometimes we eat even when satiated.

In short, we are predisposed to eat and drink more than we need to exist. That doesn’t mean we can’t control ourselves. We must be aware how we are inclined by our genes to overly consume food and how we are easily influenced by advertisements that capitalize on both real and imagined tastes and smells. As highly intelligent and rational beings we have the capacity to make healthy choices about what we consume, how much, and how we use up calories. We are responsible for managing the influence of the industrial food chain on our lives. _______________________________________________________ Dr. Michael R. Rosmann brings the perspective of a farmer in “Farm And Ranch Life”. Dr. Rosmann grew up on a mixed grain and livestock farm in Western Iowa where he experienced enjoyable hard work and 4-H, and witnessed the stresses that accompany farming and farm life. Dr. Rosmann developed the first mental health response in Iowa to the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. In 2001, Dr. Rosmann, along with partners in seven states, founded the nonprofit network, AgriWellness Inc. AgriWellness conducted research and provided counseling services to farm people. It became clearer that a specialized field – agricultural behavioral health – was needed to respond to the unique problems experienced by farmers, ranchers and others involved in agriculture. Email Dr. Rosmann at, or visit his website at You can call him at his office in Harlan, Iowa at 712-235-6100.

Trans-Fer® Systems The safe, economical way to move grain and maintain quality.

Our behaviors and genetic make-up also contribute to obesity. Choosing what and how much to consume, as well as exercising to burn calories, are behaviors that are largely under our control. Despite clever advertisements, we are still in charge of what we eat and drink. A growing number of careful shoppers read labels on processed foods in the grocery stores and request caloric counts in restaurants to select items that are healthy and low in sugars and fats. Work has become more sedentary as machinery and technology have eased physical labor requirements. We have to replace the physical activity lost because of office-bound work with other ways to use up calories. Active recreation, working out at the gym or elsewhere and finding ways to make work routines more energy-consuming (e.g., taking the stairs instead of the elevator) can offset low activity work. A10

In Michigan:

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may 2 0 1 3

Zetts Fish Farm & Hatcheries

"Oldest Fish Hatchery Established in 1900"

Large selection of Game Fish, Pond Equipment & Supplies, Aquatic Plants

LIVE GAME FISH • KOI Call or Write For Catalog

Truck, Air, U.P.S. Parcel Post Delivery

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Frame Mounted Plow & 3 Pt. Plow Now Available



√ Wheels run on float tip boot to control depth √ Color change on boot 4' mark


√ 5' plow will cut 5'11", up to 12" tile 9,000 lbs. √ 6' plow will cut 7'6" up to 12" tile 12,000 lbs. √ Front of plow 27 degrees

From single parts to complete units

√ Bottom of boot 10' 4" long, this makes the plow run smooth & hold grade, no matter what the soil condition.

Conveniently located in Central Ohio at:

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Wood Gasification by


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#1 Hot Air Woodburning ™ Furnace!

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m ay 2013

ZOOK FARM EQUIPMENT INC. 7980 Pratt Lake Rd., Alto, MI 49302 616-868-6195

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Fantastic Wood & Electric Sauna stoves

Lamppa Manufacturing 800-358-2049


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Pennywise Another Tool in the Fine Art of Money Management By Paula Vogelgesang Email: Pennywise at

What Happened To May Day? “April showers bring May flowers...” Remember that old childhood rhyme? I was looking through some old pictures the other day and found one of my mother and her sister as young children back in the Dirty Thirties, dancing around a Maypole in the school yard. The Maypole had ribbons attached to the top of the pole and I remember Mom saying that the children danced and sang as they wove the ribbons from the top of the pole to the bottom. I also remember her telling me that it was a tradition to have a Mayday princess in each classroom and that everyone got to dance around the Maypole in the schoolyard at recess time.

pole at school as a child, but we did make May baskets from paper doilies or other colored papers, filled them with fresh flowers from the bushes in the yard (lilacs in our case, wild plums from others) put in a little bit of candy if we had any .and took them to elderly friends and family members on May 1st. The delivery was the fun part; we put the baskets on the doorsteps or hung them on the door knob, knocked or rang the bell and ran...because if you got caught, you got kissed!

I don’t remember ever having a May-

Some communities yet put baskets of fresh flowers out on their doorsteps or alongside the sidewalk so folks strolling along can enjoy the beauty of the flowers. Perhaps this is one celebration that should be brought back? What do you think?

When I did a little researching on May Day, I found that it goes a long way back in history and was a celebration of the beginning of spring and the coming of summer.

Till next time, –Paula _______________________________ If you have tips or ideas to share, send them to Pennywise, Box 518, Kadoka, SD 57543 or better yet, email Pennywise at Please be sure to mention the "Farm And Livestock Directory" when you respond.

A Gift For All Seasons, Phone Book Recycling, Safer Jackts, Cheap Plastic Bag Holder and More Mother’s Day is May 12th: Plan something special for Mother’s Day if you can, even if it’s only a picnic in the back yard. Just let Mom rest on ‘her day’ and let the rest of the family do the work of getting the food ready–and cleaning up afterwards.

A Gift For All Occasions Spring brings all sorts of occasions where gifts are needed. Mother’s Day, Graduations, Bridal Showers, Birthdays, Wedding Anniversaries, to name just a few. This particular gift takes very little time to make and costs just pennies. When I make it, I recycle old canning jars and decorate with ribbons, stickers (or both).

Scented Bath Salts You will need: 1 cupful of salt (You can use either Epsom salts, Kosher salt, sea salt, or any other coarse salt. I’ve even used canning salt when that’s all I had!) 1 cup of baking soda (Yes, the kind you have in your kitchen cupboard) 6 to 8 drops of essential oil–more if you like (I found mine at a craft store, but some discount stores and even grocery stores carry the stuff now.) 2 Tablespoons of glycerin (I got mine from our vet, but you can also find it in craft stores and most drug stores.) Food coloring (Optional, but makes it pretty–just use a little tiny bit though. You don’t want to turn


Grandma bright blue!) Mix the salt and soda in a glass bowl. Add the essential oil just 1 drop at a time and stir well after each addition. Then add the glycerin in a drop or two at a time. (Most of the commercial directions tell you to stir the salts with a spoon, but I like to use my hands so I can work out any clumps or lumps that appear.) The color is added drop by drop also and mixed in with my fingers. The advantage of the color is to make it pretty on the shelf and to warn folks that this stuff is non-edible! Put the completed salts in a wide mouth canning jar, tie on a tag with a decorative ribbon and give with pride. To use: Add anywhere from 2 Tablespoons to ½ cup of the salts, depending on how full you fill the tub. Light a candle, relax and enjoy. (If this is a gift, you might also purchase a scented candle to go along with the salts.)

lars. Mine will run for just 1 hour and then shut off. I had a bad habit of turning the sprinkler on the yard, and then going shopping for the afternoon. When we would return home, the water was running down the gutter and the water bill was out of sight! –submitted by DE, CO

when we wash the shirt, all the cruddy stuff goes down the drain! We have had a couple of them that we had to work over twice, but as my son says, “You can’t beat a new shirt for a quarter!” –submitted by Allison G, MI

(TIP: I invested in some of those recycled black rubber oozing soaker hoses for the garden. I put straw around the plants and then laid the hose on top of the straw right next to the tomatoes. There is almost no evaporation when I do this and it sure takes a lot less water.)

This is the time of year when many of us spend long hours outside working with the livestock or helping with planting spring crops.

Cheap Plastic Bag Holder Did you know that you can stash those plastic bags from the supermarket in a plastic gallon milk jug? I used a cup as a pattern and just cut a circle on the side of a clean, empty jug with a pair of kitchen scissors.

(TIP: I use wide mouth canning jars for the container because if the lid is left off, the salt draws moisture and sets up like cement, and then you have to scrape out the remainder with a spoon.)

My kids kept track of how many plastic bags we got in to one jug and it was almost 60! Sure a lot easier for me to store them that way. I recycle all of mine by using them to line the wastebaskets in the bathrooms and the bedrooms. –submitted by CW, NE

Phone Book Recycling

Ring Around A Collar

When you get your new telephone book for the home, take last year’s model and put it in your vehicle. If you need a telephone number or an address, you can look it up in a jiffy from the safety and comfort of your car. –submitted by VB, NE

My kids buy most of their clothing at yard sales and thrift stores (by their own choice). But, every once in a while, they will find a really nice shirt that has grime around the collar and the cuffs. My Mom told me to use some of the kids’ white blackboard chalk to fix this.

Water Saving Idea

We take the plain white chalk and mark a heavy line along the ‘grime line’, concentrating on the collars. We then let this ‘set’ for a few days before we wash them. The chalk dust takes out the body oil that traps the dirt–and

Use a timer on your garden hose when watering. I bought one a couple of years ago for just $10 and I know it’s saved me hundreds of dol-

800- 622- 8836 | The Easte rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

Safer Jackets

If you find a good deal on the hooded sweatshirts or jackets at the local mall–or run into a super deal at the thrift store, be sure to check for strings! By the strings, I mean those that pull the hood down next to your face with a cord, or those that cinch up the waist or bottom with a heavy cord. WARNING: PLEASE REMOVE THESE COMPLETELY! Too many people have been severely injured by getting a cord caught in a power takeoff or spinning motor. You cannot move quickly enough to avoid injury! To replace to cord, simply use a piece of hook and loop tape, available almost anywhere. (Velcro is one of the brand names.) Just stitch it on by hand or machine, and STAY SAFE. –submitted by GR, MN

Tape A Trap We have ‘meeses’ (mice) in the granary, but I don’t want to use poison because of the cats and dogs–so, I use traps. But the problem with this is finding the darn things afterward. I finally put a piece of reflective tape on each of the mouse traps so I can find them with the flashlight. This works! –submitted by LH, SD

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

may 2 0 1 3

ITL Hay Tarp Systems

BULL FLEX™•PERFORMER™ Premium Quality - Built To Last If drought conditions hit, all the more reason to protect your hay stacks.

Next day shipping on stock sizes

r Square and round bale tarps for every stacking pattern r Bull Flex™ Hay Tarps 52 ft. length (cover more hay) r Patented Super Cinch™ Tie-Down System... “stays on in heavy winds” r Compare – thicker material 17 mil thick r UV stable – white side up to reduce heat absorption r 3 to 5 year life with proper care r 2-year limited warranty r National Distributors/Dealers Network

Serving the industry for over 30 Years

Round Bales' Cover Guide 2-1 Stack Configuration

3-2-1 Stack Configuration

4-3-2-1 Stack Configuration

23' wide tarp

28' wide tarp

Diameter 4' Bale Diameter

12' wide tarp special order

4.5' Bale Diameter

14' wide tarp

25' wide tarp

30' wide tarp

5' Bale Diameter

15' wide tarp

25' wide tarp

33' wide tarp

5.5' Bale Diameter

18' wide tarp

28' wide tarp

40' wide tarp

6' Bale Diameter

18' wide tarp

30' wide tarp

45' wide tarp special order

Round Bales' Cover Guide 2-1 Stack Configuration


3-2-1 Stack Configuration

4-3-2-1 Stack Configuration

Performer . . . 48' Tarp Length 4' Bale Length

36 Bales

72 Bales

120 Bales

5' Bale Length

27 Bales

54 Bales

90 Bales

6' Bale Length

24 Bales

48 Bales

80 Bales

Bull Flex . . . 52' Tarp Length 4' Bale Length

39 Bales

78 Bales

130 Bales

5' Bale Length

30 Bales

60 Bales

100 Bales

6' Bale Length

24 Bales

48 Bales

80 Bales

ITL Distribution Centers:

• Moses Lake, Washington • Deshler, Nebraska • Fostoria, Ohio • Greeneville, Tennessee

Distributor/Dealer inquiries welcomed.

Call for special pricing

800-346-7744 Ad Code: FSP13

m ay 20 13

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


19500 N 1425 East Road • Hudson, IL 61748 Phone: (309) 820-1090 • •

**NEW 40’ Hay Mower - Widest in the industry! Folds up to 12-1/2’ transport width

Available in smaller cutting widths. Forage Harvesters also available.

Model 9100 Vertical Tillage Unit **NEW** - 32-1/2’ Model

Adjustable Gang Angles from 0 to 16 degrees Other Widths Available - 15’ & 25’

Kongskilde Grain Vacs


Sidedress Applicators Available Sizes - 15’ to 90’

Also Available: Anhydrous Toolbars Dry or Liquid Strip-Till Applicators


Kongskilde Stonebear


Easy collection and removal of stones (1” to 12”)

•Available in 21’, 24-1/2’, & 27’ working widths •10’ Transport Width

B 2

8 00 - 622- 8836 | The Easte r n Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

w w w. f a r m a n d l i v e st ockdi re cto m

may 2 0 1 3 m ay 201 3

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


Interested in profits? Come join the

Liquid Revolution. In 2013 - Switch for Top Profits

Here is a list of our fully Energized products: C INSTA-CAL C 3-18-18 C INSTA-K C 5-15-15 C INSTA-SUL C 5-20-5 C 9-18-9 C 16-4-4

Developed by research - Made for farmers.

63 years in research and development in the liquid plant food industry. Liquid calcium, sulfur, potash and starter/foliar plant food.

rofit an acre! p a tr x e 0 9 1 $ $90

insta gro

Distributors available in some states



Call for current discounts!

419-845-3046 or 740-386-7129 • Caledonia, OH • Dealerships Available

Extended auger life with UHMW Auger Flight Facing

Shave the Ground with UHMW Skid Plates Custom UHMW skid plates for swathers and combines. We have the largest stock of material in North America. that allows us to accomodate customers with selection and competitive pricing. Call for all your UHMW needs.

• Abrasion resistant, low friction 1 pitch segments • Extends past helicoil for better cleanout • Reduces caking and material hangup • Heat formed to fit • Attaches w/bolts, rivets or self tapping screws • Available in food grade white, acid resistant

Custom Made Flexible Loading Spouts for Grain Cart Auger Spouts Spouts greatly reduce lost product due to wind.

Fix your worn out troughs with UHMW liners formed to size


• Predrilled and bevelled for immediate operation • Quieter operation • Reduces wear costs • Lightweight for easy handling B 4

8 00 - 622- 8836 | The Easte r n Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

Company Limited

125 10th Ave. E. • Regina, SK S4N 6G4


Niagara Falls, NY • 800-268-1908 E-mail:

w w w. f a r m a n d l i v e st ockdi re cto m

may 2 0 1 3

Harvester Draper Belts H Combine Pick-up Belts H Bale Thrower Belts Tub Grinder Belts H Bunk Feeder Wagon Belts Genuine John Deere Diamond Top Replacement Belts with HP Rivet Lacing Our everyday prices will beat all manufacturers' prices. GUARANTEED all USA Made Belting

We’ve got the Strongest and Best Quality USA Belt Products. John Deere • Case IH • Ford • New Holland • Hesston • Claas • Massey Ferguson • McKee • New Idea • Challenger • Vermeer • Gehl •Vicon U.S. Made GENUINE DIAMOND TOP BELTS: 330, 335, 375, 385, 410, 430, 435, 446, 447, 456, 457, 457SS, 458, 458SS, 466, 467, 468, 468SS, 500, 510, 530, 535, 546, 547, 556, 557, 558, 566, 567, 568

All Types of Fasteners and Tools

Each kit includes an installation tool, guide block with screw, two pneumatic punches, hand punch and air hammer. Packaged in a durable plastic tool box.

Each kit includes an installation tool, rough-top belt skiver, pneumatic punch, hand punch & two Alligator® Rivet packages. Packaged in a durable plastic tool box. For field installation, all that's required is the applicator tool and a 1 lb. (0.45kg) hammer - special punches are not required. Plus, you never have to remove the belt from the baler.

The Alligator® Rivet splice is easier to install and less costly - than other plate-style baler fasteners. Using the specially made installation tool can install on-site without removing belts from the baler.







800-337-9826 • 903-640-5000 423 Meadow Road, Bonham, TX 75418 • Fax (903) 640-0371

USA Distributor All Major Credit Cards

E-mail Catalog Available A Genetic Science Company m ay 201 3

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


B 6

8 00 - 622- 8836 | The Easte r n Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

w w w. f a r m a n d l i v e st ockdi re cto m

may 2 0 1 3

Fuel Efficient Portable John Deere Diesel Power Units by

Hoover Diesel Service

High quality diesel engines with Tayloria PTO Clutch Reductions mounted on a 2-wheeled cart. Many options available — up to 250 horse power. Save fuel and maintenance costs. Use it to power your Blower, Manure Pump, Hammer Mill, Irrigation Pump, Stationary Mixer or PTO Generator for stand-by!

Call today for more information! 717-354-3322 or 1-888-DIESEL-0 Visit us at

Call 1.800.327.6835 today for your free catalog or shop online at m ay 201 3

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w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


Precision Manufacturing, Inc.





Since 1992


• Maximum Cut between 9"and12' • Smooth Cut • Power Rotation

Tree Puller Pallet Fork Grapple


Models available to fit most equipment (Large or Small)


In Indiana:


739 West Chestnut Union City, IN 47390 765-964-7224 Email: 1.800.289.1456

B 8

8 00 - 622- 8836 | The Easte r n Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |


1280 3rd Ave. Jasper, IN 47546 812-634-5101




8875 W. County Rd. 400 N. Kokomo, IN 46901 765-457-1633

w w w. f a r m a n d l i v e st ockdi re cto m

In Michigan:


415 East Lake St. South Lyon, MI 48178 248-437-1751

may 2 0 1 3

A. Link has a Security Blanket of A. Link has a A. Link has a Security Blanket of Protection for You. Security Blanket of Protection for You. Protection for You. OR

Ex-Cit Ex-Cit Bactericide, Fungicide. Ex-Cit Low rates for prevention Bactericide, Fungicide. or

OR EF 400 OR 400 EffectiveEF Fungicide EFhard 400 Effective Fungicide controls to controls hard to control diseases Effective Fungicide control diseases controls hard to control diseases

disease control. or Low rates forFungicide. prevention Bactericide, disease control. Low rates for prevention or disease control.

70% Calcium Carbonate

with or without Boron. 70% Calcium Carbonate Foliar applied. with or without Boron. 70% Calcium Carbonate applied.Boron. withFoliar or without Foliar applied.

Give the sun a hand by

Soil and/or foliar Soil and/or foliar beneficial bacteria. beneficial bacteria. Reduce your by40% 40% Soil and/or Reduce your foliar NNby beneficial bacteria. Reduce your N by 40% Organic Products Organic Products Mean Safety, Mean Safety,Not Not Poor Performance. Organic Products Poor Performance. Mean Safety, Not Poor Performance.

Give the sun a photosynthesis, hand by increasing increasing photosynthesis, more sugar Over 80 balanced Giveproducing the sun a hand producing more sugarby Over 80 balanced a better micronutrients. increasing photosynthesis, and aand better yield. yield. micronutrients. Foliar applied. producing moreApplied. sugar Over 80 applied. balanced FoliarFoliar Applied. Foliar and a better yield. micronutrients. Foliar Applied. FoliarP.O. applied. P.O. 5069, Grand Forks, ND 58206 BoxBox 5069, Grand Forks, ND 58206 877-246-9722 | 877-246-9722 | P.O. Box 5069, Grand Forks, ND 58206 877-246-9722 |

A. A. Link’s products are are usedused by both conventional and organic growersgrowers Link’s products by both conventional and organic and areare notnot cropcrop specific... Gardeners to large production. and specific... Gardeners to large production. A. Link’s products are used by both conventional and organic growers and are not crop specific... Gardeners to large production.

m ay 201 3

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m


POLE BUILDINGS 30' x 40' x 12' 1-16' x 11' sliding door 1-3' 0" x 6' 8" walk door Trusses 4' O.C. $10,800 ERECTED PRICE H H H H H H H 40' x 64' x 14' 1-20' x 14' sliding door 1-3' 0" x 6' 8" walk door Trusses 4' O.C. $16,900 ERECTED PRICE

48' x 80' x 14' 1-20' x 12' 8" sliding door 1-24' x 14' sliding door 1-3' 0" x 6' 8" walk door Trusses 4' O.C. $25,600 ERECTED PRICE H H H H H H H 60' x 120' x 14' 1-20' x 12' 6" sliding door 1-24' x 14' sliding door 1-3' 0" x 6' 8" walk door Trusses 4' O.C. $39,500 ERECTED PRICE

We will custom build any size. Call for all your building needs.

Emerson Manufacturing Corporation 1-800-633-5124

Rotary Phase Converter

Operates 3-Phase Equipment from a Single Phase Line

RELIABLE. EASY TO USE. QUALITY. power up to a total of 125 hp with a single unit

Arnold Lumber co. Decatur, Indiana


Serving Ohio, Indiana, Northern Kentucky, Southern Michigan

FABRAL Grandrib 3-Steel Roofing & Siding

35 Years of Great Service

• • • • • •

Use For: Grain Dryer Systems Grain Handling Systems Irrigation Systems High Power Fans Machine Tools Welders, Compressors


wanted Karam Mfg., Inc. 707 Industrial Dr., Omro, WI 54963 800-293-8969


“Conditioning the World’s Water Naturally Since 1972”


Salt, Magnets, Chemicals, Filters or Electricity

• Big Savings In Irrigation Water - Up to 29% • Increases Crop Production - Up to 25% • Acts As A Soil Admendment Tool • Improves Overall Plant Health - Production • Increases Water Penetration • Has Increased Crop Revenue Up to $1,091 Annually Per Acre

Chris Ramsey, Fleet Consultant Richard Klepfer, Fleet Consultant

3326 South 460 East, Lafayette, IN 47905 765-471-9400 • Cell 765-409-5735 Fax: 765-471-9227 • EBS: 877-528-4737 Email: Email:

~ Agricultural ~ Commercial ~ Industrial ~ rubber tracks ~ Off-The-Road Tires ~ Medium Truck Tires

If you grow it....

FRE-FLO™ can improve it

Water Ecology of Nebraska ~ 308-236-5399 ~ One System Serves Household, Lawn and Garden. B 10

8 00 - 622- 8836 | The Easte r n Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

w w w. f a r m a n d l i v e st ockdi re cto m

may 2 0 1 3

EDWARDS SPRAY EQUIPMENT 344 2nd St., Plainville, IN 47568 812-687-7570

TROXEL EQUIPMENT CO. 5068 E 100 N, Bluffton, IN 46714 260-565-3659 • 800-876-9351 4777 W. 500 N., Huntington, IN 46750 888-876-9352 983 N. State Rd. 13, Wabash, IN 46992 888-876-9353


Build Fence without a Hammer

Use a Pnuematic 400 Stapler

Can you afford to guess when it comes to feeding your crops, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, small grains and produce? Gro-Mor has the programs that produce PROFITS.

Corn 9-18-9, 5-15-15 • Alfalfa and Beans 5-15-15 • Add 5-15-15 with your Roundup Ready Spray

Customers report increased yields of 7 to 15 bushel! Sulfur available for all analysis. • Environmentally Safe. We use only 100% Orthophosphoric Acid. Call For Our Spring Prices.

13/4 inch & 2 inch 9 gauge barbed staples

Robert Beihn Frankfort, KY 502-223-8857 office 502-545-0910 cell

281 Farmland Road, Leola, PA 17540-9503 Telephone:

717-656-4166 • Toll Free: 800-322-0060 (MEMBER OF DUNN & BRAD AND BBB)

Check our web page for more information: DEALERSHIPS AVAILABLE

Fertilizer Application Products Anhydrous (NH3) Toolbars, Row Unit Accessories, Dry Fertilizer Spreaders, Liquid Nitrogen Applicators, Running Gears for Anhydrous Nurse Tanks, and Agricultural Trailers.







super tarp

• 7.5 oz. waterproof fabric, strongest tensile strength on the market. • UV resistant fabric with reinforced seams. • Silver exterior reflects sunlight while the white Interior reduces temp. by 15-20 degrees.

Stress is distributed evenly, no more eyelets Ripping out!

The Best Method of Covering Hay! Unique Sleeve design runs the full length of the tarp for secure tie-down strength.

m ay 201 3

• Multiple seasons of service (when properly secured and stored). • Large inventory/next day shipping. • Custom sizes also available.

CALL FOR PRICES We beat our competitors in quality and price, ask about volume discounts.

Rocky Meadow Farm 810 S. 14th Ave. • Lebanon, PA 17042

866-887-2727 • 717-228-2727 w w w. s u p e r t a r p . c o m

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

P.O. BOX 70 • EAST VAN BUREN • LENOX, IA 50851 PH. 1-641-333-4518 • 1-800-342-7498 FAX 1-641-333-4429 SERVICE PARTS FOR TOTE, MOBILITY & JTI EQUIPMENT w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m



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1-800-982-1769 U.S. or Canada




Strauss Heart Drops

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction CLIENTS’ COMMENTS:


Soil Treatment

“I feel so much better all over.”

• Chest Pain • Elevated Blood Pressure • Breathless • Cold Feet • Low Energy • Cholesterol • Heart Failure • Impotence

“In one month my doctor cut my medication in half and after two months he stopped all medication.” “I used about half a bottle and the chest pain went away.”

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Satisfied growers worldwide for 37 years TA K E A C T I O N O N C O M PA C T I O N IMPROVES SOIL PROBLEMS • Standing Water • Water Run-off • Crusting • Clodding • Poor Root Growth

UNIQUE CHEMICAL FORMULATION • Mixes Well • Applies Well • Low Rate/Economical • 1 Gal. to 55 Gal. Bulk

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Soil & Water Management Enhances Yield

GROW YOUR OWN  POULTRY AND EGGS! Whether you are a backyard poultry enthusiast or a large, commercial producer, Moyer’s Chicks has the best broiler crosses and brown or white egg pullets available. Hatching over 16 million chicks annually, Moyer’s welcomes orders of 50 or 50,000.We guarantee shipment of 100% healthy chicks. 266 E. Paletown Road, QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951

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Broilers-Brown and White Egg Layers




Call (419) 962-4215 FOOD or LIQUID (419)PLANT 962-4707

5-15-15 PLUS OTHERS!


Have you ever considered switching to a really top quality liquid plant food? We precisely formulate to a wide variety of Midwest soil types. Our repeat customers have increased greatly for 30+ years. You may be missing out. Call right now. Lower production costs with All Plant Complete Program. ALL PLANT™ Liquid Plant Food, Inc. 804 St. Rt. 511 N. • Ashland, OH 44805


Caterpillar Folded/ Modular Core Conversion

Tier 4 Custom Cooling Packages Radiator/Charge Air Cooler/Oil Cooler

John Deere Charge Air Coolers

Samsung 210 Oil Cooler

B 12

8 00 - 622- 8836 | The Easte r n Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

Big Bud PTO Ag Core

10,000 Units In Stock



w w w. f a r m a n d l i v e st ockdi re cto m

All Metal Replacements Kolbelco 250 Oil Cooler

may 2 0 1 3

The Positive Outlook   

“Food for Thought”

By Steve Huneke

Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen By Renae B. Vander Schaff


The Difference Between Faith and Unbelief While continuing my studies of the Old Testament, at the end of the Judges period and beginning of the Kings rule, I discovered some very compelling lessons that would greatly enrich our lives if we just listen, learn and follow. I Samuel starts out with Elkanah, who has two wives, which was not sanctioned by God–then or now. One wife was Peninnah – the other was Hannah, which means Grace. Eli was the High Priest at the time with his sons (Levites) serving and conducting the duties in the Temple. While Peninnah was fertile and had many children, Hannah was barren. It appeared Peninnah’s life was bountiful, but it was really empty; she had no faith in God, and was disobedient. In contrast, it appeared Hannah had nothing because she had no children, but her life was rich as she was full of faith in God, and she was also obedient. Peninnah taunted Hannah; being barren was perceived as a curse from God. In Deuteronomy 7:13, God told Moses and the Israelites how He was going to bless them: The Lord thy God will bless thy womb, increase thy kin, thou shalt be blessed above all people: there shall not be male or female barren among you, or your cattle. Whereas it looked as Hannah was not blessed, she believed in the power of prayer and prayed fervently and confidently to God to bear a child. She promised that if she could bear a child, the child would be devoted to God’s work, and it came to pass with Samuel. As this was happening, the children of Israel were being poorly led by Eli the High Priest. Since “The Word of God” was rare in those days, the children of Israel had a difficult time fending off enemies – the Philistines, who were beating them in battles. It was

manifesting in Eli’s life as blindness, physical and spiritual, to the Word of God. Along comes Samuel the Prophet to bring them back to God, and restore them once again to God’s favor and grace. This worked well for a period of time, but eventually, the Children of Israel become jealous when they saw what everyone else had or was doing. Everyone else had a King, and the Children of Israel thought they needed one too. Even though things were going well with Samuel leading, and they had a spiritual King, Jesus, who they wanted on Earth to be the physical King, (which is what they thought had happened on Palm Sunday), they weren’t satisfied. God gives them what they ask for: King Saul, a huge man, starts out believing and with God’s favor. Unfortunately, Saul’s confidence in God wavers. He doesn’t wait for Samuel to show up during battle and takes things into his own hands, and makes decisions contrary to God’s commands. Consequently, under duress, Saul is replaced. What is the moral of these true stories? We see the difference between faith and unbelief; good leadership and bad, emptiness and fullness. Things that look great in the world’s eyes are not always what they seem. We look at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. Our response to God’s grace often times determines our destiny. Prayer is powerful. An authentic, intentional Christian life is visible. The Devil is evil, and we need God’s grace in our lives to have absolute truth and wisdom to live by. We can have faith to live a successful life with God’s favor. A successful life may not be fully recognized on Earth, but it will be later in Heaven!


Steve Huneke


Choose from gas engines up to 60 HP, a 30 HP AC electric motor or a fuel-efficient high-torque diesel. Choose from 2- and 4-passenger mid-size models or 3- and 6-passenger full-size models All models feature On-Demand True All-Wheel Drive (AWD) to maximize traction Detailed customization with hundreds of rugged and reliable Polaris accessories



NEW! 2013 RANGER XP® 900

5301 N. U.S. Hwy. 27 St. Johns, MI 48879 989-224-8874



m ay 2013

Warning: The Polaris RANGER and RZR are not intended for on-road use. Driver must be at least 16 years old with a valid driver’s license to operate. Passengers must be at least 12 years old and tall enough to grasp the hand holds and plant feet firmly on the floor. All SxS drivers should take a safety training course. Contact ROHVA at or (949) 255-2560 for additional information. Drivers and passengers should always wear helmets, eye protection, protective clothing, and seat belts. Always use cab nets. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Never drive on public roads or paved surfaces. Never engage in stunt driving, and avoid excessive speeds and sharp turns. Riding and alcohol/drugs don’t mix. Check local laws before riding on trails. ©2012 Polaris Industries Inc.

WTFWTF (Where is the Food, Without the Farmer?) We have finally discovered YouTube. I guess we are not so far behind the times, as YouTube has only been around since 2005. These little videos are just an excellent way of learning current events, history and real life. One of the things my farmer discovered were videos of farming during WWII in England. Before the war England imported much of her food, their farming methods were inefficient and archaic. As the horrors of war increased, blockades prevented food from coming in, ships were needed for military use. It soon became apparent, they had to rely on their farmland to produce the food they needed. It is almost painful to watch them repurpose abandoned farm machinery from the countryside into useful equipment, all done under the threat of war. It is an eye opener. America, a vast land, with some of the best soils, climate that encourages abundant yields, farm families willing to dedicate their lives to seeing their countrymen are fed good, nourishing food and plenty of it. Sounds like a recipe for tables overflowing with food. But it is not. Chew on this for a minute: America's cattle inventory is about the same as it was in 1973. Yet our population has grown by 100 million. Where's the beef? During the years 1998 to 2007, beef imports doubled. The same story could be told in seafood. When you read labels, can you find United State fish? Not very often, because 91 percent of the fish on our shelves is imported, a portion from our neighbor to the north; but most of it from Asian countries. (source: The United States imports of grain, dairy, fruits and vegetables continues to grow rapidly. One almost gets the idea of two ships passing on the ocean! One year the hot pepper crop failed in Texas. Just across the Rio Grande there was a bumper crop. Turns out, they were able to use a pesticide in Mexico that was banned in the United States. Where do

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

you think those peppers ended up? Increased regulations, EPA, farm programs and other factors including subsidies are destroying America's own ability to remain independent and self-reliant. It is true, farm subsidies are formulated to help agribusinesses rather than the family farm. According to EWG, $195 billion has been spent on farm subsidies since 1995. (How much of that came to your farm?) Much of agriculture is not subsidized, and it thrives. The USDA says that 62% of farms did not collect subsidies. They also say that ten percent of the farms collect the money. Let me calculate ten percent of $195 billion is... Might as well admit that subsidies keep most of us poor. There are some things that can be learned from YouTube, reading textbooks, but nothing can replace learning from fathers, grandfathers. Growing up, doing the work is similar to apprenticeships. There are the little things that are picked up that makes a big difference. Experience at any job counts for much. If we lose the knowledge that comes from just doing the work, planning, operating machinery that intuitive know how, what happens if the United States had to depend on itself? There is a bit of winter left, still time to see how England met the challenge of producing the food needed. We still have time to investigate just why the number of farms continues to drop and kindly ask to return to a market base farm economy without the government handouts picking the winners and losers. Oh yes, WTFWTF: Where is the food, Without the Farmer? Excellent question. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­———————————————————— Renae B. Vander Schaaf, freelance writer, lives on a real working farm in northwest Iowa. To Contact Renae B. Vander Schaaf, please email her at

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m A 1 3

«case study

Farm Combats High Organic Feed Prices With Hydroponic Fodder At Holy Mountain Farm in Redbush, KY, the Bruno family raises Katahdin sheep, Alpine dairy goats, Jersey milk cows and Heritage breeds of turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese. Their goal is “to raise livestock organically to help feed others the way that God intended.” The Bruno family raises their animals humanely and lovingly, and one of the main components of this is making sure they have a healthy, complete feed ration. The Brunos realized that the diet they were feeding their animals was very expensive and something had to change. They say, “We were feeding our animals with certified organic grain which was very costly. We do not have a lot of pasture here, but use all that we have to feed our animals.” The Brunos discovered the Fodder-Pro Feed System in the FarmTek catalog, which they had been receiving for a while. They continue, “We thought that the Fodder-Pro Feed System would help us out during the winter months when the pasture is lacking for the animals.” The system is working out quite well for

Holy Mountain Farm. “It provides enough fresh fodder to supplement our goats, sheep, chickens and dairy cows at the same time. It is very cost effective by making the organic grains last a lot longer,” says the Bruno Family. They have seen a real improvement in the health and wellbeing of their livestock as well. “The fodder is very healthy for the animals and their production has gone up. The poultry are a lot healthier and the milking animals’ production has really increased.” The Brunos are happy, not only that their system is easy to use and economical, but that their animals seem so happy with fodder as part of their diet. “We have been able to make our grain stretch for quite a while longer, which means we are spending money less often. Also, we feel that with fodder, the animals are getting the extra nutrition they need.” They continue, “They all seem so content on the fodder diet. This system has been a blessing and the animals love it!” For more information call 800-201-3414 or visit

Challenge: High costs of organic livestock feed Solution: Fodder-Pro Feed System Application: Feeding livestock for meat and dairy production

Memory challenge A man drank two beers in a bar and was told that his tab came to $6.50. “I paid you already,” he told the bartender. “Don’t you remember?”     The bartender scratched his head. “Not really, but if you say you did, I believe you.”      On the street, the man ran into a friend and told him what he’d done. 

   The friend immediately went into the bar, had two beers, and told the bartender, “No, I paid you when I ordered them.”       “Well, you have an honest face,” the bartender said. “I guess I’ll take your word for it.”       The second man called a friend, who showed up at the bar a half-hour later. When he was on his second Scotch, the

bartender leaned over to him and said: “You know, two guys have already said they paid for their drinks when I know they didn’t. The next guy who says that is going to get thrown out of here.”     “Well, you don’t have to get mad about it,” the man said. “Just give me my change, and I’ll leave.”

Pa r t s & S a lva g e

D I RE C T O R Y ABILENE MACHINE INC. Abilene, KS 800-255-0337, Fax 785-655-3838 Belmond, IA 800-866-1504, Fax 641-444-7353 Website: E-mail:



• We Have Over 7000 Parted Tractors • Many Late Models • New & Used Parts • UPS Daily *Nationwide parts locating service*

Anderson Tractor Supply, Inc. 20968 TR51 • Bluffton, OH 45817





TheFastest Growing Tractor in North America with the Industries Only and Best 5-Year Warranty


Contact your local TYM Dealer today!

LINNDALE FARM EQUIPMENT 3593 W. State Rte. 22 & 3 Wilmington, OH 45177 937-382-4549 • 877-789-5445

Bishopville, SC 800-543-2451, Fax 803-428-6070 Website: E-mail: Tractor, combine, picker and sprayer parts. High-quality new, used and remanufactured parts for many makes and models. Online shopping, 220 acres of salvage, same-day shipping. 05/13 ———————————————————————


4100 Dialton Rd., Springfield, OH 45502 937-964-1486 Aftermarket parts available, used tractor parts, rebuilt torque and clutches. Call us for prices on O.H. Kits. 06/13 ———————————————————————


Models Ranging from 23 to 100 Horsepower Cab Models starting at 23 Horsepower


800- 622- 8836 | The Easte rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

2782 S.R. 99 South, Willard, OH 44890 419-933-6791 E-mail: Buy-Sell-Trade. Antique farm tractors, light industrial equipment parts & sales. New after-market parts available.07/13

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

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clear clutter, organize your home, & reclaim your life by Barbara Tako — Motivational Speaker and Author

Simplify Home Decorating The trick to simple home decorating is to create a home that reflects and enhances your life. Unfortunately, clutter often creeps in and weighs our homes down. One couple I know has a nearly full wine rack above the refrigerator in their kitchen. From a decorating standpoint, I object because neither of them likes to drink wine! Another family has a large and very expensive stand mixer on their kitchen counter. I shake my head because I know they don't bake, except maybe once per year. Another person has several beautiful, dusty, unused candles on a living room table. It bewilders me because I know she doesn’t light them for fear of causing a fire. All three situations are unauthentic decorating choices that clutter instead of beautify their homes. Decorating helps people when it enhances their home life, so consider decorating in ways that are authentic, functional, and simple for you.

Authentic Decorating Your home is your castle. It is not The Jones' castle. Since this is where you nest, entertain, and hang out, let your home express your personal hobbies, interests, and color preferences. If you don't like wine, why keep a wine rack with dusty bottles in your kitchen? People who like wine store most of it in a cool, dark place, like a wine cellar or basement. It is okay to decorate to reflect the potential for fun at home, but make sure it is your idea of fun. Choose art and colors that make you happy instead of matching the current trend. This means the art might reflect your family’s travels, hobbies, or interests. This approach


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Go natural. Natural colors often look better than artificial colors. There is no substitute for using real fruit and flowers to add color to a home if you like them. Fill a pretty bowl in the kitchen with fruit–just make sure it is fruit your family likes to eat!

is authentic, frugal and more enduring--your preferences probably don't change as often as the trends. Buy art and decorations you like instead of worrying about whether or not they match your window coverings. Remove dusty faded valences and drapes. Make a conscious decision about whether or not you want your window décor and privacy options to block part of the window. Consider blinds or pleated shades if you don’t want to cover up the view. Notice what you like and keep a clipping file for your emerging personal decorating style.

Functional Decorating Functional decorating means filling your dwelling space with things that work for you, not against you. Why move, clean, and wipe under a heavy stand mixer if you don't regularly use it? Put kitchen tools you enjoy using frequently on your counter and store the rest elsewhere. Consider combining decorating and functionality. Use decorative baskets or boxes in colors and styles that excite you to store your magazines and hobbies where you can easily reach them. Put decorative mirrors in places you need them, and use them to maximize space and light in small dark places. Don't over-decorate in rooms that need regular thorough cleaning, like kitchens or bathrooms. Dried silk flowers and knick-knacks that get dusty and dripped on don't belong in these spaces. Remember the universal law of dirt: light items show dark dirt and dark items show light dirt. Most household dirt is light. At our house, we chose light-haired dogs (yellow instead of black labs) to go with our already light-colored carpet.

If you like flowers, buy a couple of potted flowers like azaleas or get a bucket filled with an assortment of bulbs that bloom at different times for the living room or family room. They will last for weeks and are a better value for your dollar than cut flowers. They can brighten your home and your attitude, especially if you are in a hurry for spring. Enhance your home with scents you like–baked goods or any other cooking you enjoy. Try scented candles or oils, or a simple pot pourri on the stovetop--a pan of water with some cut up fruit such as oranges and apples tossed in with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Be careful. Don’t let it burn dry, wreck a pan, or become a fire hazard! Show off your family and encourage discussion. Display family and vacation photos in attractive-to-you picture frames. If you are a parent, grandparent, or other recipient of "kid art," show it off in "real" picture frames. This will thrill the young artist, beautify your home, and make a great conversation piece. If, like me, you hate to move a lot of frames to dust tables, hang them on the walls instead. Change a few simple things every few weeks to keep your interest. It isn't necessary to go out and buy new stuff all the time. Sometimes shifting around what you already have will sufficiently perk up your rooms. These ideas can help you find a balance between "warmth and character" and "chaos and clutter" that works for you and your family. Most importantly, enjoy! This is your castle! Lauri Ward, author of "Use What You Have Decorating" (G.P. Putnam’s Sons New York, 1998) and Trade Secrets from Use What You Have Decorating (Putnam Adult, 2002) offers simple decorating solutions that use the stuff we already have! Her many “before” and “after” pictures and her very specific and detailed ideas are very helpful. She has a website at

Simple Decorating My favorite! People know their authentic personal preferences and they know what items in their lives are functional. Here are a few simple decorating tips, and when in doubt, go back to the first two thoughts--authentic and functional. Decorate "Big." Use a few large pieces instead of lots of little things that must be moved around frequently to clean and dust. Use one large figurine or bowl to catch the eye instead of many little items that compete for attention. Decorate vertically instead of horizontally. Put interesting items up on the walls instead of cluttering table and counter surfaces. Try large wall hangings and bright big tablecloths to make a change or reflect the seasons. Remember, if you miss the dusty candles or little stuff, you can set them back out again. This isn't rocket science! It is just simplified decorating.

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Barbara Tako is a clutter clearing motivational speaker and author of "Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life" (O Books, 2010), a seasonally organized book of clutter clearing tips that readers can pick and choose from to fit their personal style and needs. Sign up for her free monthly clutter clearing tips newsletter at

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“PROFITS GROW WITH KNIGHTRO” –Ken E. Knight Knightro Sessions | Mending Fences and Tending Senses

The Best Job I Ever Had If I had stayed with Oscar Meyer, I am sure everyone would be more in love with me, as it was the best company I ever worked for. Though it was the Oscar Meyer Wiener that made Oscar Meyer famous, it was the Oscar Meyer marketing concepts that became the foundation of Knightro Powered Marketing. While speaking to a farm group in Iowa, I once misspoke the phrase, "It was Oscar Meyer's wiener that made him famous." The crowd just roared with laughter. But little did I know that it was more about the phraseology than it was about my ability to speak. It wasn't until after the program that the error of my ways was pointed out. After that point in time, it kind of became one of my standard jokes in crowd appropriate presentations. That was my job as Livestock Promotion Manager to speak all over the country on behalf of the Oscar Meyer Livestock Procurement Department. Though the job entailed a lot more than speaking, it was what I enjoyed most. Oscar Meyer was considered the Utopia of livestock marketing programs, so it was an easy job to sell the best. There's nothing that can give you confidence like that of knowing you're representing the best in the industry. It was my job to make sure the company maintained that image and sell it to our clientele. One of the more important aspects was the development of one of the industry's first grade and yield programs. Having corroborated that effort with many outstanding management personal, we came up with an industry standard that has stood the test of time and is still the basic format for all my teaching and marketing seminars. As much as I preach the power of knowledge, when it comes to profitable livestock marketing, I was never smart enough to stay with the company that was responsible for everything I had become. Instead, I got itchy feet to go back to North Dakota as a county extension agent. Fortunately there were those in the company

best; they wanted to get better. So what a great opportunity to incorporate Oscar Meyer into the mix of things. Through education, marketing seminars, and the advent of carcass shows, the quality of hogs produced in that area was second to none. It was a win/win partnership between Oscar Meyer and hog producers. The producers never lacked for cooperation and sponsorship, and Oscar Meyer was rewarded with the best hogs that money could buy. It was here that we kicked off value-based marketing; fairly compensating producers for premium production. What was started there is now the norm in the industry.

The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile. that knew me better than I did, and I was asked to come back. It was a week day afternoon, while attending a county extension workshop at NDSU, that I received word from the corporate level livestock procurement office in Madison — that the company would like for me to reconsider coming back to work for them. The question from them was this, "Do you still think North Dakota is the best place the world to live?" I hadn't been back in ND for long, but long enough to realize that I had just left the best company in the world. So without hesitation, I accepted their offer to come back. The offer was a promotion to relocate in Davenport, Iowa. Without a doubt, it was the best job decision I ever made. It was here that I met some of the people that have made the greatest influence on my life — not only lifetime friends, but mentors for which I will be forever grateful. Getting involved with hog producers at the grass roots level was like opening up a whole new frontier. Unlike the urban feel of Madison, this was the rural feel of hands-on production. Some of the best hog producers in the nation resided in this area. There was Henry Co., Illinois, on one side of the river and Scott Co., Iowa, on the other — the hog capital of the world. I was in hog heaven! These people weren't satisfied with being the

Much like the gold standard is to our US currency, Oscar Meyer has become the standard of excellence for which the entire meat and livestock industry measures success. Likewise, it has become my measure of achievement in every endeavor of my profession.

Though I have regrets for leaving the company, I have no regrets for having experienced a working relationship that included both hog procurement and producer relations. These are the experiences for which I will continue to share with livestock producers that are eager to learn and become more profitable. "OHHH—I'd love to be an Oscar Meyer wiener, that is what I'd truly like to BE-EE-EE, cause if I were an Oscar Meyer wiener, everyone would be more in love with me." And OHHHH—how much more would I be in love with me if I had stayed with Oscar Meyer, as the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.

Pony Tales by PONTY:

TATTOOED Back when I worked for Oscar Meyer, tattoos were taboo. So to have one, whether it was accidental or not, was something you kept under cover. It was the premier of what was to become one of the finest hog shows in the state of Iowa. We were all excited because it was going to be the first carcass evaluation to be associated with a live show. This meant that every hog had to be permanently identified, the forerunner of modern day tattooing. Today there are pretty sophisticated systems in place to accomplish this feat. But back then it was a pretty archaic procedure. Not being very ambidextrous, plus young and over-zealous about the prospects of this venture, it was an accident waiting to happen. The tattoo hammer was in the hands of the wrong guy — anybody else but me. Just as the hog zinged as I went to zag, the hammer came down hard on my knee. But it wasn't quite a square hit, there was only the imprint of two of the four letter/ numerical characters that went deep into my knee: – – O X. It was many years before that fitting imprint finally faded away.

Before the evening was over, there were a lot more mishaps, but none that serious. Nothing serious enough to require medical attention, but a couple of libations were in order. Everyone was so pumped up about the prospects of a carcass evaluation following the live shows. It had never been done before, so there were plenty of reasons to celebrate. Sometimes it didn't take a reason for this bunch to imbibe. On this occasion though, we kind of over did it, but it was all for a good cause with a lot of public relations involved — a justifiable corporate expense. At least this is what a voice from the back seat thought, as we started back for home. "Hey, pull over to the side of the road by this cemetery". "Why?" "We need a few names for our expense accounts." That was the beginning of the carcass shows that have since revolutionized the hog industry. It took all the prejudice and politics out of livestock shows. And remains to this day the best measuring tool of achievement for the livestock industry.


Ken E. Knight is the author of the “Knightro Report”, a nationally syndicated livestock-marketing column, which is featured in this publication on a regular basis. Mr. Knight is a graduate of North Dakota State University, with a major BS Degree in Meat and Animal Science and a minor in Communications. In addition to being a professional auctioneer, public speaker and livestock judge, he brings many years of corporate level meat and livestock market management and expertise to the industry for which he now serves as an independent voice of shared knowledge and experience. For more in-depth information regarding the topics that have been touched upon in this report, Knightro conducts livestock marketing seminars on a regular basis. To schedule a seminar, auction, judging, or speaking engagement, please contact Ken Knight, Knightro, 136 Hillridge Ct., Prescott, WI  54021, phone 715-262-8480, fax 715-262-8480, e-mail; or contact the Farm & Livestock Directory, P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, IA 50501; email


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«words of wisdom

How to Keep a Positive Attitude in Challenging Times You’ve probably heard the ancient story of the 3 blind men trying to describe an elephant. One touches the tail and describes the elephant as a snake. Another stumbles against the side and describes the elephant as a wall. Yet the other touches the leg and describes the elephant as a tall tree.

3. Find the silver lining. Constantly ask yourself

The point? Perhaps the issue in front of you is not of as much signi¿cance as the angle you are e[periencing it from. Learning to position yourself at an advantageous angle can make the dĭerence of whether you e[perience the best or the worst of your current circumstances.

Once you start seeing the silver lining in every incident, your challenges will cease to be the heavy blocks that previously burdened you; for they will now become stepping stones from where you can stand just a little taller. It’s at this point that you will e[perience a new height regardless of the negatives thrown your way.

There are millions of things you can do to position yourself on the right side of a stressful situation, but here are four simple mindsets that you can adopt today regardless of the obstacle at hand:

4. Trust the bigger plan.

1. Nothing in life is permanent, not even you. So if you are impermanent, how can your prob-

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lems be permanent? While this might sound negative, understanding that everything in life is transitory will give you an empowering viewpoint in regards to your current challenges. Reminding yourself that whatever turbulence you are e[periencing at this moment is temporary will encourage you to keep elevating yourself in search of that perfect cruising altitude. On the other hand, even when things are perfect, embracing a temporary mindset can be very helpful. You see, people’s zest for life is frequently killed not by misfortunes but by their inability to appreciate what’s already great around them. Therefore, if you begin to remind yourself that this moment, no matter how perfect, will too come to an end, you will start appreciating all of the positives in your life that you have been taking for granted.

2. Failure is a prerequisite. Your failures e[ist for one and only one reason: to make your future successes possible. Instead of complaining and asking life to stop throwing things at you, start recognizing your current dilemma as building material. Life tosses bricks to all of us; it’s up to you to build an artistic masterpiece or to end up with a pile of rubbles.

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one simple question: what great opportunity can come out of my current circumstances? Asking this question will direct your energy to look for the hidden positives that lie within your challenges and keep you from wasting it on complaining about the negatives.

Keep this thought in mind by Ralph Waldo Emerson: “Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” Be thankful even for failures, for they are an indispensable piece of your success puzzle.

You no doubt have big plans. But understand that however big your plans are, the universe has much bigger plans for you. When you are discouraged and things are not working according to your plans, realize that there’s something else out there guiding you; and that which you perceive as a detour might be the actual road you must travel on. Don’t get so caught up on the way things should’ve been, could’ve been, or would’ve been because looking from where you stand you will never be able to comprehend the magnitude of the grand plan that’s in store for you. Trust that you are where you are because that’s where you need to be; then you might get a glimpse at how insigni¿cant your initial plan was and how grandiose your current one is.

Call to Action Everyone says in life you have to be positive if you want to get somewhere. The question is how can you become positive when negative things keep happening to you? Just like anything, being positive is a habit that can be developed. All you have to do is for the ne[t 3 days when you are faced with a challenge adopt one of the 4 mindsets by reminding yourself that:

(1) Whatever is troubling you is temporary, (2) Your current setback is an indispensable part of the success puzzle,

(3) There is a silver lining

or a great opportunity within every challenge and

(4) No matter what happens, you must

trust that you are part of a much bigger plan.

About the author: Andres Lara is an international-selling author and sought-after motivational speaker who speaks to companies and groups from all walks of life on the psychology of how to move forward when you feel like quitting. Connect with him at or, or call 239-424-9152.

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• Miso (Japan)


• Gazpacho (Spain) • Dahl (India) • Hot and sour soup (China) • Borscht (Ukraine, Russia, Poland) • Tortilla soup (Mexico) • French onion (France) • Leek and potato (Ireland)

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–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– POULTRY –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– “FREE” CHICK & TURKEY CATALOG. Quality chicks as low as $29.95 per 100. Call toll free 1-866-365-0367. Reich Poultry Farms, P.O. Box 100, Marietta, PA 17547. 05/13

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– FREE ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– FREE BOOKS AND DVD's. Soon the government will enforce the "Mark of the Beast" as Church and State unite! Let the Bible identify it. This is a paid advertisement from: The Bible Says, P.O.B. 99, Lenoir City, TN 37771,, 1-888-211-1715. 07/13

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– BUSINESS SERVICES ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WE BUY LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES for a cash settlement. Contact Reliant Group, Inc. 800-457-2315 0513

TEXAS FARMS & RANCHES FOR SALE Call Joe Priest, Licensed Texas & Oklahoma Broker

• NEW 735 Ac., LaMar Co., Paris, TX. Big 2-story ranch home, lake, miles of frontage road, minerals, excellent cattle pasture. Price reduced, $2,750,000. • 274 Ac., 4 small lakes, perfect hunting, cattle, nice barn apartment, city water, good quality trees, secluded but only 30 miles from downtown Dallas, price reduced, $3,500 per acre. • 146 Ac., NE TX, ranch, game woods and meadows. 3/2/ homes, 2 nice barns, lake. $390,000. • 145 Ac., Limestone Co. Hunting and cattle, $1,750 per acre. • 132 Ac., Dallas Co., TX, a steal at $175,000.

2008 Hesston 7433, steerable tandem axles, rotary cutter, 18,000 bales............................................................................ $62,500

• 132 Ac. with shop in Dallas, Co., $175,000.

2007 John Deere 582, silage special, rotary cutter, 9,000 bales, 4x5 bale....................................................................... $21,500

• 38 Ac., beautiful home site, great school, rural, near Dallas, $5,000 per acre.

2003 Fendt 818................................................................. $85,000

____________________________________________ OWENS IMPLEMENT CO. 5219 Deis Hill Rd. NW, Dover, OH 44622 330-343-5708

Used Listings:


800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

• 70 Ac., Kaufman Co., TX, cattle, homesite, $2,500 per acre.

• 26 Ac. FM road, frontage, 45 miles east of Dallas. $3,000 per acre. • 23.5 Ac., 40 miles from Dallas, 5 bedroom, 3.5 baths, nice 3,000 sq. ft. shop, game. $330,000 • 10 Ac., quality woods, 4,000 sq. ft., 6 bedroom 3.5 baths, porch on all four sides, 2-car shop, $185,000 Owner finance.

Joe Priest Real Estate


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Product Spotlight

Revolutionary new wire fence stapling system designed for farmers and professional fencers Available for the first time in North America, Wire Fence Stapler introduces the Stockade 400 wire fence stapling system designed specifically with the professional fencer, farmer, and rancher in mind. This new stapling system developed by Paslode New Zealand will save time and money. Simply load a rack of 2 inch or 1 3/4 inch galvanized barbed staples into the Stockade 400 and begin single or multiwire fence construction. With a groundbreaking pneumatic (125 psi) fencing tool and hot dipped galvanized barbed fence staples designed to perform in all weather conditions Paslode has just made a tough job a whole lot easier!

to your specs!   We stock a large selection of exhaust components and engine control systems. For more information on  products contact Hoover Diesel Service LLC at 717-3543322 (New Holland) or 717-786-8839 (Quarryville), or visit www.hooverdiesel. com.

Stoney Creek stocks EasyPro “Sizable” Pond Netting

Generators Hoover Diesel Service has a large selection of generators in stock, both the double bearing belt driven style and the single bearing SAE housing mount. We also stock parts to keep your unit operating and provide field service to repair or maintain your generator. Give us a call to find the best generator to fit your application.

piston) force the solvent into the fitting/ bearing. The new pneumatic piston (patent pending) for the Shop Size Grease Buster™, fits into a pneumatic hammer. I have opened frozen bearings that would otherwise have to be disassembled and cleaned to get lubrication into the fitting using this new pneumatic piston with the Shop Size Grease Buster™. In the short time it’s been on the market I’ve received 100% positive comments!

Don’t be limited by a small variety of prepackaged pond netting that does not fit the needs of many pond and stream applications. EasyPro bulk netting is available in 3 widths and 100’ lengths, it can be custom cut to the exact length you desire for a perfect fit every time. This strong black pond netting will last for years keeping ponds clean and fish safe. Netting also prevents poor water quality problems by keeping leaves and other debris from falling into your pond. It can also be used in a variety of settings to protect items in your landscape or farm. This netting features polyethylene strands woven together in a mesh making it very strong.

For more information contact T-J Tool dba Grease Buster™ Tools, P. O. Box 120, Waynesville, OH 45068, or call 513-8975142.

The revolutionary Stockade 400 pneumatic stapler is light weight (8.2 lbs), tough, and has enough power to drive staples into even the hardest fence posts. Loaded with depth adjustment features the 400 wire fence stapler is designed for any fencing job, saving up to 70% of the time currently taken to hand hammer fence staples. That time saving is money in your back pocket. Contact your distributor, Wire Fence Stapler at

Hoover Diesel Service LLC has the expertise and sources to provide complete power unit packages for the stationary non-road market For over 35 years Hoover Diesel Service LLC has specialized in diesel power units. If you need reliable PTO power but don’t want to invest in a new tractor, consider our  PTO power units. Towed by your truck or  tractor, these units are designed to provide stationary PTO power for your irrigation pump, manure pump, silage blower, stationary TMR mixer, hammer mill, or PTO generator. 540 and/ or 1000 rpm PTO and hydraulics available. Call us with your needs and we can build


To request a catalog or for more information on Stoney Creek products call 800-4483873 or visit

Generator Sets Hoover Diesel offers a wide range of genset units. We can also custom build a genset to suit your needs. Whether you need a backup power source for when the power goes out, or a mobile unit for on the job site, we offer what you want to fill your needs.

Power Units Hoover Diesel Service offers a variety of diesel power units, built specifically to fit your needs. We can custom build a power unit to include a skid, clutch, muffler, or fuel tank. We have new and rebuilt units available. Call us today to see what we can build for you!

Grease Buster™ cleans grease fittings The Original Grease Buster™, patented and made in the USA for 15 years, cleans grease fittings and bearings using penetrating oil and hydraulic or pneumatic pressure. The Grease Buster™ is the answer to the problem of plugged up grease fittings and bearings, a problem common in machinery. The tool consists of a heavy-duty adjustable hydraulic coupler, cylinder and a piston with a knob. Remove the piston, fill the cylinder by pouring in a penetrating solvent, start the piston back into the cylinder, place the tool onto the grease fitting and by tapping the piston (or utilizing the new pneumatic

800- 622- 8836 | The Easte rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

may 2 0 1 3

Product Spotlight

Unique heart formula saves countless lives

Being a farmer turned manufacturer himself, owner Joe Martin realizes by firsthand experience the attention to detail that is essential for “farmer friendly” products.

Over 20 years ago Jim Strauss suffered a major heart attack and was told he would need bypass surgery or he would die.

“I used to be a farmer myself – now we’re manufacturing good, quality products for farmers,” says Martin. It seems their hard work has paid off. John BM Manufacturing now has a dealer presence across North America.

Jim was born into a family of herbalists stretching back to the 17th century. He learned these crafts during childhood, gathering medicinal herbs in the Austrian countryside with his grandmother. He was taught that tasting herbs could detect their medicinal value, but balance and proportion were the keys to producing formulas that were effective and immediate. Jim’s heart attack was not a fluke. He admits to having lived in the fast lane, ignoring the healthier lifestyle of his parents. He considers himself fortunate as nearly half of first time heart attacks end in death. Relying on knowledge acquired over the years, he refused the recommended surgery and instead put together an herbal formula which he immediately applied to himself with outstanding results. In 3 months, his 2” arterial blockage was cleared. Since that time, Jim has shared his formula with thousands around the world who are living testimonials to its curative powers. One of many clients recently wrote: “I would like to tell you that after three months of using Strauss Heart Drops, I am a new man. I am 86 years old, no more the tired feeling I had, my swollen feet are normal again, and my bowel is working normally. Two specialists had told me ‘we can’t help you’.” — Sincerely, Peter A. Wiebe. Free Strauss Heart Drops information packages are available by phoning Performance Medical Plus toll-free at 877271-1312. (Not available in Iowa.)

Farm equipment built by farmers for farmers

Additionally, many items can be customized to customer specifications, and JBM offers farmers a range of options and tire choices to suit their specific application. Business has not been without its share of difficult times. A shop fire gutted the manufacturing facility late in 2012, shutting down production until the facility was rebuilt. However, the expanded manufacturing space in the new facility means more efficient production of equipment. Back in business, JBM is continuing what it does best – producing products that farmers across North American can both afford and trust. For more information, contact John BM Manufacturing at 519-699-4324, fax 519699-6105, email, or visit

Pond aeration windmills: Why American Eagle beats the competition, Reasons 1-7 (Out of 21) 1. American Eagle: the bellow is by Firestone, which can last 15 to 20 years under a heavy duty 2,000# truck. The competition: Diaphragms need replacement as early as two years. 2. American Eagle: Bellow most volume of air; 3 to 6 cfm with a 10 – 15 mph wind–even more at 15 – 27 mph wind. The competition: Diaphragms 1 to 3 cfm– maximum.

JBM Manufacturing hits the ag market with built-to-last equipment JBM Manufacturing is an Ontario based manufacturer of heavy-duty farm equipment, including a complete line of bale feeders, bale wagons and dump trailers – each one built with a passion for farmerfriendly products for over 20 years.

m ay 2013

JBM’s complete line-up of products includes feeder wagons, skid feeders, bunk feeders, bale wagons and thrower racks. The popular Grain & Forage Boss Dumpers, Dirt Boss Dumpers, and Mighty Dumpers make the ultimate dump trailer lineup for handling everything from grain to dirt and rocks.

3. American Eagle: High volume is more important than high pressure. American Eagle puts out only 8 to 9 psi but can supply up to six diffusers. The competition: Diaphragm more pressure, but can only supply a maximum of two diffusers. 4. American Eagle: 8 to 9 psi will supply one diffuser 14 to 16 feet. The competition:

Diaphragms will pump deeper but with very little volume of air. The deeper you pump, the less volume. 5. American Eagle: Bellow warranty, five years. The competition: Diaphragm warranty–ZERO! 6. American Eagle: 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1-year warranty with an emailed picture of the defective part–and it ships out FREE the same day. The competition: Diaphragm warranty policy states the part may need to be shipped from as far away as Canada to be evaluated–then determined if it is the customers fault. Any new part will be shipped at the customer’s expense for parts, plus shipping both ways. (This can take months. We know a Diaphragm customer still waiting over a year.) 7. American Eagle: Pump action is a huge 1 and 3/4” stroke some call intermittent. Most pumps are. The Eagles huge volume of air creates the most effective method of water circulation. More air, more circulation. The competition: Only 1/2” stroke, also intermittent. Less volume of air results in much less water circulation.

See our “Compare” video on our web site ( to see why 100% of who compare ‘hands on’ buy the American Eagle.

For fourteen more reasons to choose American Eagle, visit our website at www. For more information, call Joe Mescan at American Eagle Windmills, 440-2363278; fax 440-236-5496 or email joem@ You may also visit online at

The Power of FRE-FLO™ Water Systems FRE-FLO™ provides reliable water conditioning to solve scale problems. As an environmentally sustainable water conditioning technology, FRE-FLO™ provides effective solutions for a common, world-wide problem found in soil, pipes, and equipment – water flow stopping or slowing down because of hard calcium carbonate mineral deposits (limescale). Utilized for de-scaling in industry and business since 1972, cost-saving FREFLO™ solutions then expanded to

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

agriculture and turf. A new model line was added for home in 2009. R and D is currently underway on further specialized models. What FRE-FLO™ is not: With FRE-FLO™ there are: no chemicals in daily operation, no magnets, no electricity needed, no salts required, nothing added to the water. FRE-FLO™ is not a water softener (water softeners remove minerals from the water, while FRE-FLO™ water conditioning has the big advantage of minerals remaining in water).

What FRE-FLO™ does: Simply stated, FRE-FLO™ is green technology engineered to work with nature. FRE-FLO™ works with the ability of calcium carbonate (a very versatile mineral) to have different forms and functions. Its remarkably different forms are seen in nature – such as in marble, limestone, sea shells, and egg shells. From cement to health food supplements, manufacturers use calcium carbonate, further demonstrating its versatility. Water conditioning prevents minerals that cause hardness in water from clumping together into hard deposit build- ups. Catalytic FRE-FLO™ systems change existing hard calcium carbonate deposits, so water can flow freely, while also preventing new deposits from forming. Thus, bottomline, FRE-FLO™ is a water conditioning technology that unclogs soil pores and water-using equipment of hard calcium carbonate deposits. For more information call 308-236-5399 or visit

Product line expands with the new Pat’s Easy Mover Greenwell Manufacturing LLC, manufacturer of the Pat’s Easy Change system is proud to introduce the newest addition to their popular Pat’s product line, The Pat’s Easy Mover. This system is a front end loader style bucket, a transport box and a trailer mover/toolbar that can be used to tow trailers using your tractor. The front end loader style bucket attaches to the rear of your tractor using the included 3 point hitch trailer mover/toolbar. Pat’s

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Product Spotlight

Easy Mover provides a lower cost way for any tractor with a 3 point hitch to complete many of the tasks that were previously only possible with expensive front end loaders.

when dealing with moisture, farmers often find themselves in the same dilemma as Goldilocks: Most of the time there is either too much or too little, seldom just right. That’s where the AgriDry Bullseye Controller becomes invaluable. No matter where you are or what your specific moisture problem is, the Bullseye Controller makes “just right” a whole lot easier to achieve.

The Pat’s Easy Mover can be easily removed from the trailer mover/toolbar, a useful tool in its own right, by removing two mounting pins. The trailer mover/ toolbar comes with a 2” receiver hitch as well as place to mount a gooseneck ball (ball not included). The Pat’s Easy Mover is made in the USA and is available in 4’, 5’, and 6’ models. All three of the models use a category 1 trailer mover/toolbar.

For more information about Pat’s Easy Mover or any other Greenwell Manufacturing products call 888-2434204, email us at or visit us online at

North, south or in between — it’s all the same to AgriDry There are a lot of things about agriculture that are uncertain, but one thing is constant: Moisture is everywhere! And


For owner Eli Troyer and the rest of his crew, that means they still have a little work to do to get to that perfect 10! If you are interested in more information about the AgriDry Bullseye Controller, or any of their other grain storage solution products, call 800-203-5669 or visit www.

Lam-Ply Trusses can span up to 72 feet

The Pat’s Easy Mover is tough enough to dig into the ground or scoop piles of dirt or other debris, while the dumping mechanism makes Pat’s Easy Mover ideally suited for scooping and evenly spreading rock on driveways, leveling dirt piles or spreading mulch. The system also includes a removable tailgate which makes it a transport box, well suited for carrying fencing materials, tools, sprayers, firewood or anything you need to carry with you to do a job or move from place to place. The tailgate is easily stored inside the bucket when not in use.

category, on a scale of 1 to 10, AgriDry is a definite 9 across the board.”

Used in many applications, from machinery storage to livestock facilities to horse arenas High humidity is a way of life in the Delta area of Mississippi where Pepper Roberts grows cotton, corn and soybeans. In 2010, he added four 50,000-bushel corn bins so he could better control the timing of his sales and maximize his profits. The problem: How to keep ALL of the profits instead of losing some to dockage fees for high moisture in his corn. He decided to install the AgriDry Bullseye Controller on two of the bins, just to see if they were worth the investment. After the first two seasons, he’s planning on adding the controllers to the other two in the coming year. “I use the system start-up notification as a kind of alarm,” Pepper says. “If it’s 2:00 a.m. and the controllers fire up the fans, I get up and go turn on the fans in the other two bins, because I know they are running at the right time to get and keep my corn at the moisture it needs to be. I need to get the controllers on the other two so I can get some sleep!” Corn harvested last year at 18.0%-18.5% moisture, went to sale at 14.0%-14.5% with no dockage. “There is no doubt this has been a worthwhile investment for our farm,” was Pepper’s final evaluation. Half a country away in Eastern North Dakota, Tom Roden has just come through his fifth harvest with his AgriDry Bullseye Controller. “I’ve only had to use it significantly in three out of those five seasons,” Tom says, “but it paid for itself the very first year I had it.” Unlike Mississippi, corn is just as likely to be too dry as too wet in North Dakota. Whichever condition, the AgriDry system knows how to achieve and maintain optimum moisture levels. “My biggest problem,” Gary relates, “was keeping moisture consistent throughout the bin. My dryers tended to overdry the bottom, but left the top too wet. With the Bullseye Controller, I set it and forget it; top and bottom, it’s all the way it should be.” Tom is also very pleased with AgriDry’s service after the sale, and highly satisfied with all his dealings with them. “In every

Starwood Rafters, the manufacturers of Lam-Ply trusses, is a company devoted to building high-quality trusses for large buildings. They offer many types of trusses to meet any need, including: • Pole sheds • Free stalls • Pavilion shelters • Machinery storage • Riding arenas • Solar barns The Lam-Ply Truss can span up to 72 feet and is used in many applications, from machinery storage to livestock facilities to horse arenas. It also has been developed with a gambrel-style and a mono-slope design.

a truss that is stronger than a conventional web truss. This allows the builder to space them further apart to reduce erection time and labor costs. This design also limits bird nesting and improves ventilation in livestock facilities. Today, Corey Wozney and Steve Wozney, Joseph's sons, operate the company. Starwood Rafters is still in Independence, Wisconsin and now ships its products anywhere in the U.S. For more information, contact Starwood Rafters, Inc., W24141 Starwood Lane, Independence, WI 54747. Call 715-9853117, toll-free 888-525-5878, or fax 715985-5222. Email or visit online at

Oakwind Manufacturing introduces new cultivator/ripper Oakwind Manufacturing has introduced a new 5 ft. cultivator/ripper. It is designed for tractors with a Category I 3-pt hitch (20 – 45 HP). A unique feature of the cultivator is its use of offset shanks so that small trash or other chaff can pass through. The five shanks are spaced a foot apart, which is well suited to loosen soil completely. The shanks have three vertical hole positions for varying tractor wheel heights, and optional gauge wheels are available for depth control. This cultivator/ripper is perfect for homeowners and gardeners, landscapers, and market gardeners. It can be used to loosen hard soils for shaping and landscaping, to break heavy sod in preparation for new flower beds and shrub plantings, to allow wet soil to dry, and to break the surface prior to a secondary tillage. It features commercial steel construction, and it has a solid painted finish to keep it looking new. The cultivator can be ordered directly from Oakwind Manufacturing at, and it ships direct by UPS.

Starwood Rafters: About the company Founded in 1964 as a manufacturer of laminated arch rafters and beams, the company started out in Independence, Wisconsin as a three-man operation, with the original owners, Joseph Wozney and his two partners working nights after working their regular jobs. In the early 1970's, they developed the Lam-Ply Truss. It combines plywood, glulams, and dimensional lumber to make

800- 622- 8836 | The Easte rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

You can’t sell it if they Don’T KNOW YOU HAVE IT! Advertise your services & equipment in the Farm and Livestock Directory, and see out how easy it is to attract buyers!

Call 800-622-8836

w w w. f a r m a n dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m

may 2 0 1 3

Product Spotlight

Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment gets even stronger Ron’s Manufacturing has added two more bearings to their kits. This makes the kits even more heavy duty. Coulter kits from Ron’s Manufacturing converts any chisel plow to a year ‘round tool to prepare your fields. These kits are your year around tool for the perfect seedbed. The Vertical Tillage Attachment has a wide variety of capabilities, making it ideal for use in spring and fall.

uses, which will ultimately produce savings in terms of time and money. It also has a low operating cost per acre and can be used in a wider range of conditions than most tillage tools. It operates at a relatively high speed of 6 to 10 MPH, which saves time. The Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment allows for quick mixing of manure and soil to prevent loss of nutrients and control odor. It can also be used for very shallow incorporation of fertilizer and select herbicides. The Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment can be equipped with a wide selection of coulter blades. Spaced on 6” centers, the coulter blades can be matched to achieve the desired amount of tillage and residue sizing. For more information contact Ron’s Manufacturing at 40582 187th St., Carpenter, SD 57322 or call 605-266-2177. E-mail

In the fall, it can be used to lightly till the soil and incorporate and size residue, setting the stage for the spring planting season. It is also a practical way to dry out wet soils. The Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment works well in no-till conservation tillage, as well as conventional tillage operations, extending the growing season and creating better planting conditions. Vertical tillage prepares the soil to warm more quickly in early spring, energizing the seedbed for maximum growth and yield potential. In addition the Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment allows for shallow seedbed preparation which decreases the risk of excess soil density below the root zone. The Vertical Tillage Coulter Kit Attachment is a smart investment in that it has multiple

Phase Converters provide three-phase power from single-phase lines at a fraction of the installation and operating cost of running three-phase utility lines to your property In 1966 Mr. Colin Johnstone, owner of Johnstone Mfg., needed to run some three phase machines but only had single phase power available. At that time he was designing and manufacturing lighting and scorekeeping equipment for NBC Studios for various game shows, specializing in finding simple solutions to complex requirements. He applied this same expertise to the problem of not having the right power to run his machines. As a result, he developed a phase converter to run his three phase equipment on his existing single phase power. He soon noticed that others had need of phase converters, and by 1968 was producing Phase-A-Matic™ phase converters as a side line to his other endeavors.

Product Summary - Kits mount on most chisel plows, even low lift. - The kits include two 18” 13-wave Boron “Earthen Harden” wave blades and mounting bolts. - Exclusive “Double Shields” protect the bearings. (Patent Pending)

m ay 2013

Sales of phase converters increased so rapidly that by the early 1970’s he was devoting his full time to the manufacture of phase converters. Expanding his staff and facilities, he could barely keep up with the phenomenal growth in sales. All the while, he continued to make refinements in reliability and ease of installation of the phase converters. In 1982 the company was incorporated as Phase-A-Matic, Inc. At that time a line of Rotary Phase Converters was added to our line of products. Through innovative manufacturing techniques we have been

able to continue to provide a high quality product at an economical price.

Need 3-phase power? Get converted - let us show you how. Quality at Phase-A-Matic, Inc. is the highest priority. We strive for the highest quality in customer service, technical support, and product reliability. Every product is fully tested before leaving our plant. We have a friendly, efficient customer service staff ready to take your order, or to refer you to the distributor nearest you. We normally have all models in stock for immediate delivery. Orders received by noon are usually shipped the same day. We have over 3,000 distributors nationwide and in Canada, many of whom regularly stock our most popular sizes. Uses include: metalworking and woodworking equipment, farm/ agricultural equipment, pumps, compressors, refrigeration, elevators, printing machines, rectifiers, lasers, radar, EDM machines, MRI, tanning booths, transmitters, welders, conveyors, hydraulic pumps, flywheels, ovens, dough mixers, laundry machines, and virtually every type of 3-phase machine, including CNC/PLC equipment, when used with the PHASE-A-MATIC™ Voltage Stabilizer. Phase-A-Matic, Inc. may carry the largest stock of phase converters in the world. We supply the major catalog houses with available product. It is not unusual to receive an order for 500+ Phase Converters by 2:00 PM and ship them the same day. We maintain a consistent high-count stock, ready to ship, meeting the demand here in the USA and for our ever expanding world-wide sales - shipping to countries all around the globe. We even maintain stock on very large Rotary Converters - 75 & 100 HP in both 220V and 460V. -We are ready when you are! We know that technical support is important for your power conversion success. Our technical support team is dedicated to assist you with every aspect of your converting needs from choosing the right converter to any help you may need in the proper installation and operation of the converter on your machine. Our technical expertise is derived from over 45 years of experience in phase converter systems. We have amassed a huge database of information on virtually every kind of application possible, from very basic to the most sophisticated of applications. Baldor Electric/PHASE-A-MATIC™ Design The rotary portion of our converter is proprietary, custom built to our specifications by Baldor Electric, one of the largest and most trusted motor manufacturers in the world, with warranty stations nationwide and worldwide. It is a true phase converter and not a modified electric motor as most of our competitors use. Many years of testing, changing and developing the converter in conjunction

800- 622- 8836 | T h e E a s te rn Fa rm a n d L i v e s t o ck D i re ct o ry |

with Baldor’s engineers has produced a very simple and trouble-free converter with extremely low idle current and low noise level. Many of our customers confirm that our rotary converters are the quietest and most trouble-free available. Simplicity of design; uses all soldered connections Keeping the design exceptionally simple reduces the risk of electrical connection failure to almost zero since these are some of the most common causes of failure. We use only soldered connections with no mechanical electrical connections like spade clips, terminals or screws which can vibrate loose or corrode over time. There are no start capacitors, relays or contactors with connections which can come loose or arc and weld the contacts causing failure of the contactor and the start capacitors, and perhaps even the rotary converter or your equipment. Because of this we do not have circuit board failures caused by spikes generated by the magnetic contactors as some of our competitors do.

The Rotor The PHASE-A-MATIC™ failure rate is practically zero because the rotors are specifically designed and manufactured for rotary converter use. However, some of our competitors emphasize that rotors often fail. This is because they machine standard electric motors, modifying and thereby weakening standard electric motor rotors, which were not originally designed to be used as a phase converter. Testing before shipment Every converter is performance tested before shipment and assigned a serial number. These records are kept for review if any questions should ever arise about the performance specifications. Phase-A-Matic, Inc. has thousands of dealers nation- wide, plus international distributors who are ready to assist you. Call today for your nearest distributor. Or, call us and order directly, call PhaseA-Matic, Inc. at 1-800-962-6976 so our friendly and knowledgeable technical staff can help you. If you know what you need, just call us to order. We normally have all sizes in stock, ready to ship. We can also locate a dealer in your area. Visit our website at http:// today.

w w w.f arman dl i ve sto ckdi re cto m A 2 3

Product Spotlight

Today’s farmers take advantage of increasing their field production Farmers take advantage of clearing fence rows and pastures! For years, farmers have experienced broken mirrors, broken glass and scratched paint on their tractors, combines and haying equipment from limbs hanging over their fields. Equipment repair is expensive! It is either take the chance of damaging your equipment or drive around the limbs and lose up to 15’ of production from the edges of your fields.

The Model 525000 features two rows of teeth made of tempered T1 alloy steel on each side of the puller for a stronger grip and better pulling power. The spade points allow the digging of roots and loosening of the soil. The rugged construction of the Tree Pullers allow it to be used to clear pastures and fence rows as well as roadsides, ditches and right of ways. A variety of brackets are available so the Tree Pullers can be attached to tractors, skid steers, telehandlers and other equipment. To learn more about these products as well as over 20 models of grapples, please visit our website at or call toll-free 888-497-3224.

W.A. Johnson; a name you can know and trust

You don’t have to have a PhD in math to calculate what that costs in lost field production. Side trimming a 150 acre corn field for instance can pay for a HyReach Tree Clipper the first year. The HyReach Clipper not only trims limbs but also cuts at ground level. The HyReach Tree Clipper has been in production for over 20 years so you can be confident of the experience from Precision Manufacturing in solving all kinds of tree problems.

Now available from W.A. Johnson Inc, the newly developed AIR FILTER BLASTER cleans your filters better and faster, with air ride technology.

Expanded line of EasyPro Pond Aeration kits EasyPro has added to its line of popular pond aeration kits a new kit for larger ponds. The LA15N includes a 2.5 cfm continuous duty, weather resistant compressor, valved air splitter, 50’ of Quick Sink tubing, and two 12” rubber air diffusers. The compressor carries a two year warranty with a five year warranty on the tubing and diffusers. The LA15N kit (MSRP $426.99) will aerate ponds up to 17,500 gallons and up to 6’ deep at only 45 watts.

Founded in 1988, W.A. Johnson Inc. is family owned and operated. We have built a reputation for quality products, which have been developed and tested on the farm and in the field, giving farmers products that really work. Our products will help your combine run more efficiently, and increase your productivity. Johnson’s Grain Saver/Rock & Dirt Guard (US Patent #6,070,041) saves grain, and helps prevent rocks and other foreign objects from entering combine.

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Sometimes when removing a tree you don’t want to leave a stump in your field or pasture. Precision Manufacturing can now eliminate that problem with The Tree Puller.

Johnson’s Feederhouse Debris Deflector (US Patent #7,690,974) Prevents debris buildup and deflects overflow back into header. Johnson’s SuperChop Eliminates extra passes in the field. Shreds hard to chop green stems. The Tree Puller safely removes the tree – stump, roots and all! Uproot unwanted bushes and trees with ease. You can also remove fence posts or move large rocks, making land management much easier.


Johnson’s Feederhouse Hydraulic Dust Diverter Keeps cab windshield and filters cleaner, increasing visibility. All our products are MADE IN THE USA and have a one year 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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We have found that planting wheat with a KINZE planter in 15” rows gives you, the producer, more control of seed spacing and seed depth than with a drill. Plants will emerge faster and have less competition between sunlight and moisture.

On the left is a wheat plate and on the right is the wheat plate fitted on a bean unit.

By planting in 15” rows approximately 3/4 of the seeds per acre are needed to produce comparable yields as a drill giving you, the producer, more profit per acre at harvest. Yes, weeds and disease are a concern in wheat, but with 15” spacing between rows less damage is done during chemical and fertilizer applications. Less disease pressure occurs by allowing more air to flow between rows making mildew less of a factor.

Seed Charts are available as an approximation but may vary slightly depending on seed sizes.



Patent #6634522 - KINZE® is a registered trademark.

Disks are available through local KINZE® Dealers Plates may also be purchased direct.



The wheat plate fits on bean units with either the black or blue bean plates with no modifications needed.

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