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Eastern Farm and


"Treat people as if they are what they ought to be, and you can help them become what they are capable of becoming." - Johann Von Goethe


"Friends Again" by Robert Hinton

For more information about Robert Hinton, see his biography on page A1 inside.

MARCH 2014 Volume 17 | Issue 3

Pelletized Poultry Fertilizer

Spreads easily with lime spreading equipment. Suitable for organic farming. Superior alternative to chemical fertilizers. Stimulates soil health and improves crop production. Excellent source of slow-releasing nitrogen. Contains 80 lbs. of Nitrogen per ton.

Herbruck's Poultry Ranch, Inc.

Brian Geerlings, Fertilizer Sales Manager - Email:

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the air in your shop!

Removes: Diesel smoke Welding smoke Oil mist Dust and more.

Best choice for Rotary Cutters & Finish Mowers No other quick hitch gives you this flexibility! Gives flexibility between different width implements No changes to tractor or implements needed

You have seen this powerful 2500 cu. ft. per minute clean air machine sell for $1,700 to $2,500 each... Now Air-Vac Systems Inc. offers this same powerful 2500 cfm. industrial air cleaner for only $1,490! Change main filter every one or two years ($72) and 4” pre-filter every 2 months ($12) Each unit will clean the air in a shop up to 2000 sq. ft. (Larger shops simply add more units) Hang from ceiling or mount against wall. Plug into 115 V outlet. 9’ cord. Two speed switch. 160 lbs.


Contact us at or Wayne 319-290-2003 Offer ends soon • 60 day money back guarantee 10% lowest price guarantee • No one can beat our prices I FC

ur o t u o k c e h C atch design! new l

• Change your lift arms to a hook • Installs right over your lift arms

Greenwell Manufacturing

Made in USA

487 D E Brown Rd., Brandenburg, KY 40108


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on the cover W

Robert Hinton

At age four, Hinton began sketching airplanes, buildings, and portraits with his artwork becoming profitable for extra spending money in college as he completed work for other students. “I’ve never had an art lesson,” Hinton said. “It is a gift, but you’ve got to put in your time. I started drawing when I was four. I was always sketching and entertaining people.” Hinton, who lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, looks more like a retired professional football player than a wildlife artist. “I guess the image is that artists are supposed to be little, petite guys,” Hinton said, smiling. “But that’s not necessarily true.” Knee injuries prohibited Hinton from playing football beyond high school. He spent one year at Black Hills State, then was drafted and spent two years in Vietnam. After the war, he graduated from South Dakota State and majored in animal science. After graduation, Hinton became a meat inspector with the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He was living in Billings, Montana when he sold his first painting. After transferring to Sioux Falls, South Dakota following a family member’s illness, he resigned as a meat inspector in 1980 and became a fulltime wildlife artist. Hinton figures it takes between 150 and 200 hours to do a painting. “I’m very selective about what I paint. I’ve done about 300 paintings and every other one is a pheasant.” Because of the exquisite markings and the need for such detailed work, a pheasant is the most difficult bird or animal for Hinton to paint. “They’re beautiful birds, so I do a lot of them.” The easiest, he said, are Canadian geese. But there is more to a Hinton painting than just wildlife. The detailed background work also merits appreciation. Hinton understands the need for accuracy in every detail. “I put farm equipment in a lot of my stuff. When I paint old tractors, I work from actual photos of old tractors because I know somebody is going to tell me if a wire is right or wrong. You’ve got to be able to defend yourself in this business,” Hinton said,

Eastern Farm and


ildlife artist Robert Hinton's paintings reflect images of his love for the outdoors - capturing a memory or bringing back to life a scene from yesterday.


Volume 17, Issue 3 |

March 2014

grinning. “If you’re going to be a wildlife artist, especially the way I paint with extreme detail, you must realize that people love to pick it apart. You have to be right. I go to extremes to be right.” One of Hinton’s most striking pieces is of an arctic snowy owl set in stark contrast to a black sky. The night winter scene is enhanced by a full moon and stars. “I had the full moon and black sky already painted. I wanted to put in the stars, but I had to wait for two weeks because the sky was cloudy for that long... It was a very cold night, 22 degrees below zero. I went out, marked all the stars on a piece of paper, came back in and put them in the print. So it’s actual. It was about 11:30 on February 18, 1995. There’s an actual time and place. I don’t know anything about the stars. I can find the Big Dipper, and that’s about it. But I knew somebody was going to look at it and tell me if those stars were right or wrong.” Hinton portrays in his art what he sees. “Everything falls in with what I see outdoors,” Hinton says. “I’m out there every day. I’m always looking for ideas to put in paintings even when I’m out hunting.” Hinton has published over 100 limited edition prints and has displayed his art across the United States in galleries and art exhibits. His prints have been utilized by many conservation organizations in their efforts to raise funds for wildlife. In 1983 and 1984, he placed second in the South Dakota Pheasant Restoration Stamp contests. In 1985 and 1989, Pheasants Forever commissioned him to do the paintings for their national buttons. Editor’s note: Contact Robert Hinton at 6201 Purple Martin Ave., Sioux Falls, SD 57107. You may telephone him at 605351-9796. Visit his website at: Robert Hinton owns all rights to the print features on the front cover of this publication. Any unauthorized usage will be prosecuted to the full legal extent.

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MARC H 2014


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t what’s new

SST Software Partners With Geovantage to Deliver Multispectral Imagery SST Software will soon offer remote sensing services to growers and ag service providers in partnership with GeoVantage, a global provider of multispectral imagery. The partnership will enable SST to provide seamless ordering, acquisition, and delivery of multispectral imagery across the U.S., Canada, and Australia. SST's software currently manages approximately 85 million acres of farmland across 23 countries. Remote sensing is the science of obtaining data about an object from a distance. Since plants absorb or reflect certain bands of light according to their health, monitoring light reflectance with remote sensing technologies reveals zones of crop stress long before they are visible to the naked eye. This gives farmers and agronomists a head start on treating yield threatening conditions. "Although precision ag practices are maturing in many areas, we see the utilization of multispectral imagery as one of the next big waves of site-specific farming," said Tim Riley, SST Business Development Director. "In-season imagery provides benefits for growers and agronomists in the areas of crop scouting, plant health assessment, nutrient management, identification of compaction zones, growth canopy measurements, mechanical errors in application equipment, and insurance claims." SST will initially offer four-band multispectral imagery for red, green, blue, and near infrared along with a calculated Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) through satellite acquisition and special aircraft mounted cameras. According to Riley, the future of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) is exciting but the technology still needs to mature before it will be ready for widespread use. "At the end of the day, the acquisition model has to be economically beneficial to the farmer and easily executable on a large scale for the ag service provider," said Riley, adding that the partnership with GeoVantage provides the vital elements of rapid response and high-quality acquisition at an economically justifiable price point. GeoVantage, a Massachusetts-based company that specializes in aerial imagery acquisition, has developed aircraft mounted camera pods along with guidance and acquisition software. Nick Morrow, Director of Operations at GeoVantage, states, "GeoVantage has been working closely with agronomists and agriculture associations for over a decade. What we sought was a partner who could merge our imagery with data layers A2

within their agricultural GIS. SST has an established client base that desires imagery services, and they understand how to turn raw data into valuable information that will benefit the farmer. It's an ideal partnership." Starting in spring 2014, ag service providers using SST Summit will be able to order imagery on demand. After specifying a time window, the imagery will be acquired, processed, and seamlessly delivered to SST Summit. "SST has been involved with the acquisition and testing of multispectral imagery for nearly 20 years," said SST CEO Matt Waits. "We are glad the time has finally arrived where there is a fully integrated, economically viable solution for utilizing the benefits brought from remote sensing." In the future, SST plans on integrating the ordering and delivery of imagery products through its Sirrus iPad app as well as offering imagery services integration with other ag software applications through an agX Platform API. ____________________________________

My Shed Mobile App Now Available In 2.0 Version CropLife magazine has named My Shed™ one of the 15th Best New Agriculture Apps Worth Downloading in 2014. Case IH just made it easier than ever for customers to manage their fleets and keep their equipment in peak working condition with the recent release of version 2.0 of the popular My Shed mobile app for Apple and Android smart devices. Launched in fall 2012, the My Shed app provides Case IH customers with mobile access to digital parts manuals, assembly diagrams and part numbers so they can quickly locate parts for specific equipment models and submit parts orders directly to their local dealer. “My Shed features powerful fleet management tools that allow equipment owners to manage, organize and store equipment data from their mobile device,” says Adam Rortvedt, Case IH Parts & Service eCommerce Manager. “With version 2.0, we’ve also introduced a variety of new business management tools, including calculators, product alerts and diagram bookmarks, to name a few.”

Email orders using “quick hit” buttons to ship orders, pick up orders or get only a quote

Bookmark parts diagrams and data

Manage, organize and store equipment data from a mobile device

Make quick buying decisions with tools like the My Shed disk blade selector and preservative calculator

Stay current by checking product alerts and videos

Customize account settings

Find local dealers by ZIP code or locator map

“One year ago, we were the first in our industry to launch the My Shed mobile app that helps customers find and order parts from their smartphone,” Rortvedt continues. “With the release of version 2.0, customers are now able to manage the most important information about their machines, such as serial numbers, service dates, hours of use and previous parts orders, from their mobile device. So whether they’re in the field or on the jobsite, when they need parts, they can quickly and conveniently submit orders to their local equipment dealer.” The version 2.0 My Shed mobile application is available as a free download from the Apple Store or Google Play. To access the full online version of My Shed, North American customers can visit the Case IH online parts store. ____________________________________

Curtis Industries Introduces Cab System for the John Deere Gator 825i S4 HPX/ XUV Curtis Industries LLC, manufacturer of cab enclosures, attachments and accessories for compact vehicles, is pleased to announce the release of its Commercial Grade Cab System for the John Deere Gator 825i S4 HPX/XUV 4-passenger utility vehicle. Cab features the same innovative design and rugged durability of the Gator 2-passenger cab, including tem-

With My Shed, customers can: •

Access all of the app’s functions from new home page icons

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what’s new t

pered glass windshield, sliding door and rear windows for increase airflow and total-seal door system with easily removable pin-hinged doors. Additional features include steel roof, lockable doors and 12 VDC wipers. "We have 45 years of industry experience designing and building innovative commercial grade cabs," said Michael Alexander, VP Sales and Marketing. "Take one look at this new cab and you'll see how our experience brings together craftsmanship and innovative design for added comfort and durability. It's what we build into every Curtis Cab." Curtis cabs add value and give you more for your money. "We are excited to add another high-quality product through our dealers that exceeds customer expectations at a very attractive price," added Alexander. In addition to standard features, the Gator Cab System features optional equipment such as roof-mount LED strobe light, roof-mount LED work lights, bed and flasher lights and side-view mirrors. For more information visit

Why poly verses metal? Retractable fingers have a tendency of breaking. The damage from a broken metal finger as it feeds through the combine can be significant. The May Wes Poly Retractable Fingers are made of poly/fiberglass material that, should it break, will disintegrate, resulting in little to no combine damage. Poly Retractable Fingers are a practical replacement compared to metal.

equipment dealers, original equipment manufacturers and agricultural professionals. They sell products for all types of machines and are ready to help tackle issues big or small for their customers.

Learn more about May Wes’s full product line products by visiting the web at: poly_auger_fingers. ____________________________________

Rubber Supply Company Adds Undercarriage Components to Product Lineup

Visit or call 877-857-2585. ____________________________________


Product Expansion of Molded Guides for Poly Retractable Fingers Now available for John Deere, New Holland and Lexion heads. May Wes Manufacturing is now providing molded finger guides for the John Deere 600, John Deere 900, John Deere 200, New Holland 973 and Lexion Poly Retractable Finger kits. The molded guides are a direct replacement for the OEM guides when used with May Wes Poly Fingers.

Additional kits that utilize a molded guide in the Poly Retractable Finger kits include: Case IH 3020, Case IH 2020, Case 1020, New Holland 740CF and New Holland 74C, Mac Don CA25 adapter, MacDon CA20 Adapter, MacDon 873 Adapter and MacDon 8732 Adapter. MARC H 2014

Rubber Supply Company specializes in tracks for compact loaders and mini-excavators of all types, but recently announced the addition of undercarriage components for rubber-tracked machines to their product lineup as part of an ongoing effort to add new products. When tracks and other parts on rubber tracked machines need to be replaced, today's companies turn to Rubber Supply Company. Rubber tracks are the primary product offered by Rubber Supply Company, which has been in business for over 18 years. They stock standard black, non-marking white, turf-friendly tread and non-metal core tracks. The widths range from 180mm to 500mm, with new sizes and types added regularly. The company stocks many different styles and tracks to fit crawler machines of most types, which helps cut down on shipping times. When asked abut what sets Rubber Supply Company apart from other companies offering similar products, a company spokesperson said, "First, it is our commitment to provide quality products to our customers at reasonable prices. Then, we go above and beyond offering excellent service, and each customer gets personal, prompt attention." To better serve their customers, Rubber Supply Company has recently added undercarriage components for rubber-tracked machines to their product lineup. This addition includes v-track undercarriage products for dozers, loaders and larger excavators as well, allowing the company to help an even greater number of customers. In addition to working with contractors and construction companies, Rubber Supply Company works with

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Give Weak, Newborn Piglets a Powerful Energy Boost with New All-Natural PiggyLift™ Nutrient Supplement Brookside Agra has developed a fast-acting, all-natural nutrient supplement that gives weak, newborn piglets a much needed energy boost and a chance at survival. Given right after birth to weak, cold piglets with a birth weight below 1,000 grams, liquid PiggyLift™ helps to reduce mortality in large litters, prevents weak piglets from starving and provides small piglets with the energy boost they need to find and secure a teat for suckling. PiggyLift™ is particularly efficient in herds diagnosed with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) virus. "We have witnessed first-hand the rejuvenating effects that our new, all-natural PiggyLift™ has on weak piglets that would otherwise perish as a result of their condition. This gives them a quick boost of nutrients to put them on the right track to health and growth," said Chad Vaninger, Brookside Agra general manager. "Of course providing all-natural products that improve animal performance with no harmful side effects is at the forefront of what Brookside Agra does." For more information visit andl ivest ockdirect A3

t featured products

Lower Cost Per Bale Without Sacrificing Bale Quality with the Reman Balestacker For baler operators that need a bale stacker that offers flexibility without too many moving parts or overwhelming maintenance, the Reman Balestacker is the ideal choice. This bale stacker allows the operator to follow the baler's path, stacking and retrieving large square bales at a rate of up to 120 bales per hour.

Allow the Entire Family to Cycle Together with the Ricksycle

ProTrakker Making Strip Till Production More Successful

In agriculture, finding non-work time for family activities can be challenging, but the Ricksycle makes it a little easier. This tandem, sociable delta trike allows the entire family to go cycling together. Now, young children, the elderly and the disabled can all enjoy the joys of cycling.

While increasingly more growers are finding strip till practices advantageous to their yields and the overall economics of their farming operations, ProTrakker is growing in popularity as a key piece for successful strip till crop production. Combined with active implement guidance systems, the ProTrakker hydraulic hitch allows superior control and accuracy in field operations making strip-till farming much easier and more accurate.

The Reman Balestacker offers flexibility by allowing the operator to make the choice of whether to stack bales on the strings or off the strings. This decision is simply made with the flip of a switch on the joystick, which features soft touch buttons for ease of use. When asked about the product, a company spokesperson said, "There is no other bale stacker that offers this level of flexibility. The Reman Balestacker also offers minimal maintenance and has few moving parts, which means less of a risk of malfunction. We offer a number of sizes to fit most bale size and stack location needs, which makes this a versatile option for today's agricultural operation that handle 1500 or more bales per season."

The ability to put in strips and then hit the strip zone when planting with sub-inch accuracy, no matter the landscape, is essential to maximizing the benefits of strip till and was a key consideration during the development of ProTrakker. Growers are also finding that the hydraulic hitch's ability to help create perfect rows greatly eliminates overlap when doing passes with chemical, fertilizer and seed, resulting in reduced expenses and increased operational efficiency. Additionally, ProTrakker is helping farmers eliminate crop damage from inaccurate tracking, further increasing yields. The Ricksycle offers a side-by-side design that allows the two riders to help each other, even if they do not have the same abilities. Instead of pedaling the same system, each rider pedals independently at his or her own speed, making the experience more enjoyable. The side-by-side design makes conversation easy, and riders can see the expression of the other rider. When asked about the Ricksycle, Archie Hendrix, the company's chief engineer, said, "Our customers love the Ricksycle, because it brings the family together. One bought one because his wife couldn't ride because of health reasons, but he felt he would be happier to have her share his riding experiences. Now she rides with him. Another customer told me she stopped riding because she couldn't take the kids. With her Ricksyycle, the children ride along."

The machine never has to stop until the dump drop at the edge of the field, which means more work can be accomplished in the field. With the Reman Balestacker, the cost per bale will be dropped, all without sacrificing the quality of the bales. For more information call 519-291-5035 or visit

The Ricksycle is also easy to transport. It folds to a compact size so it fits in the trunk of many vehicles. The recumbent seating is comfortable, making the entire ride enjoyable. If more than two people want to ride, a quad cycle or a design with a rear wagon trailer are both available. To learn more about the Ricksycle's innovative design, visit or call 866-592-3806.

"Growers need an extremely high level of accuracy along with repeatability across seasons to make the strip till theory work," said Cory Miller, President of ProTrakker. "Our customers are telling us that ProTrakker is helping them have much more success preserving soil structure and realizing the overall benefits of strip till production." For more information, talk to your nearest precision agriculture dealer or contact MBW at 877-568-4240. ____________________________________

Eliminate Radiant Flooring Hassles with Creatherm S20 Radiant Installation Panels Heated floor panels are popular with homeowner who no longer want to suffer from cold feet in the morning, yet the process of installing radiant floor panels is time consuming and not cost effective. Creatherm S20 Radiant Installation Panels have changed this by allowing for a simple to install radiant floor system that eliminates the need to tie, staple, clip or screw hydronic tubing to the substrate. When asked about the system, a Creatherm spokes-


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featured products t

person said, "Our S20 Contractor floor panel features eight radial snap-tight staggered grids. These create optimal tube spacing that allows the installer to run tubing at 45-degree angles with ease."

truly revolutionized the radiant flooring installation process," stated the spokesperson. "It benefits both the contractor and the property owner, making it the ideal choice for this project." For more information visit or call 888-925-5484. ____________________________________

Joe Mescan Windmill Pond Aeration Systems Uses Wind Power to Aerate Ponds The patented design of the S20 Contractor floor panel can support both 1/2 and 5/8 inch PEX tubing. The panels are made from BASF Styropor and Neopor EPS to provide strength and excellent insulating properties. The overall design of the floor panels saves time and labor during installation. This, in turn, reduces costs. The pre-slotted channels allow uniform tube placement, which creates equal heat dispersion. It also increases safety by eliminating on-site trip hazards. "Creatherm's S20 Radiant Installation Panels have

Agricultural operations that spend money on electrical or fuel power for their pond aeration systems can switch to wind power with the help of Joe Mescan Windmill. Since 1997, Joe Mescan Windmill has offered pond aeration systems that quickly pay for themselves and allow operations to harness wind power to aerate their ponds. When asked about the necessity of this type of system, Joe Mescan said, "Ask any Agricultural Extension Agency and they will tell you the best thing anyone can do to improve a pond's water quality is to pump fresh

air into the body of water. Since oxygen is the main element of water, the more oxygen in the water the better its quality. Better quality water combats algae and aquatic weeds. This leads to healthier fish that grow faster and produce better offspring." In addition to these benefits, the American Eagle Windmill uses no electricity. This means it is an environmentally friendly way to aerate agricultural pounds. Also, because wind is a free source of power, the system will pay for itself in 22 months when compared to aerating using a 1/2 horse power fountain.

"We believe wind energy is our future," said Mr. Mescan, "and that is why we have invested time and energy into developing a wind powered aeration option for today's agricultural companies." For more information visit or call 440-236-3278.

Superior Manufacturing To Give Away Farm Grain Bin in 2014 Superior Manufacturing is giving away a farm grain bin to people who register at the company’s booth during one of several industry tradeshows in 2014. The company will announce the winner of a 3607 Superior Bin Package in a random drawing on Aug. 1, 2014. “Our bins have been a staple of many successful farms and ranches throughout the United States,” said Trever Meier, Superior’s director of sales and marketing. “They’re the most robust bins available today, and we stand behind them like no other company in the industry.” Superior manufactures a complete line of robust grain storage, handling and conditioning equipment for commercial farmers, smaller farm operations and ranches. Superior’s 3607 farm bin has a 24,000-bushel capacity. Sturdy roof features withstand the harshest conditions, and Superior backs its bin roofs with the industry’s only lifetime roof warranty. The roof includes 3½-inch-deep rigidized MARC H 2014

roof ribs that are each clamped with locking brackets for security, as well as roof sheets that are bolted to the sidewall sheets in four locations to ensure there are no weak points. The roof also comes with six of the industry’s largest vents, which are 20 by 20 inches. Superior forms its Herculok® floors without removing steel so they are 12 percent heavier and twice as strong as the floors in competitors’ bins. In addition, Superior bins come with deep rib floor supports with extra steel and breaks that have proven to be four times stronger than the supports in competitive brands. Superior bins feature an 11-inch U-trough with power sweep to provide a maximum unloading capacity of up to 6,000 bushels per hour. The 3607 Superior Bin Package includes inside and outside ladders.

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The E A STE R N FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

No purchase is necessary to enter or win the 3607 Superior Bin Package, nor will a purchase increase chances of winning. All giveaway rules and regulations can be found at andl ivest ockdirect A5

With support we can better care for ourselves and the ones we love Family support is critical to the care needed for older adults as they age, but often comes at substantial costs to those providing the care and to their families.According to the "Caregiving in the U.S." report, in 2009, there were roughly 42.1 million caregivers in the U.S.,providing an estimated $450 billion worth of unpaid care to aging relatives and

friends. A popular misconception is that caregivers are paid medical professionals, when in reality, most caregivers are also working and managing their own families while providing care. For many, the caregiving role starts with simple things like scheduling a doctor's visit, but gradually expands until it becomes a major commitment. Almost



three in ten people who are caring for someone say their life has changed with caregiving, oftentimes for the negative. If you're dealing with the daily struggles of caring for a loved one, visit for advice and support.


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RAFTER USES: Pole Sheds, Free Stalls Pavilion Shelters Machinery Storage Riding Arenas

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“Keeping the Family Farm in the Family”

Necessary Topics for a Successful Estate Plan By Michael Baron

Owner/Manager of Great Plains, Diversified Services, Inc., Bismarck, ND

Estate Planning Weather is Here want to specify that it has to be "County Average" or perhaps you want to get more particular and state that it will be "Township Average" based on rents paid in the townships where the land lies.

Dear Michael: We have talked year after year about getting our estate planning done. Our two boys have worked with us on the farm although one of them has a fulltime job, is married, with kids, and our other son is single (getting married) who wants to quit his job and farm full-time if he can with the amount of land we have. We are old enough to think about retiring, but still want to be involved in the farm operation until our sons make up their mind what they want to do. They seem to think they can do a joint venture of some sorts, but we are unsure. It's a new year, we need new answers.

The agreement should also contain what happens to the land should either brother die and their land passes to their heirs. In most states, even if you specify your land is to be sold to the other brother, the spouses have marital rights to claim the property or portions thereof. Now, all of a sudden, the farming brother could find himself partners with his brother's wife - who may get remarried to another farmer. (It happens - and it's a disaster in the making.) If the brother who was married dies and has kids, does he want his entire share to go to his wife? Without a will, it's likely it will.

– Happy Same Old, Same Old

Dear Happy Same Old, Same Old:

This usually ends up with the cart getting upended.

If you haven't joined the mass exodus to spend winter in warmer climes, then maybe your New Year's resolution should be to get this done before spring's work. I find many people put this off during the holidays, and then they try to get around to it for a few more weeks, and then the weather changes and the mind shifts over to spring planting and another winter passes without results. Maybe 2014 is "the year" for finally putting this behind you. How good would that feel? At least when the temperature's 20 below, you can get something done!

If they want to farm together, then it's time to sit down and work out the rules of their joint venture now - before they even get started. Once you're into it, it gets harder and harder to separate what's what.

In regards to your sons farming together as a joint venture - with one considering full-time farming and the other part-time farming - it's kind of putting two horses into the traces with one of them pulling when it feels like it while the other one is pulling for all it's worth to pull the load. Eventually, and inevitably, the two horses will get "snippy" with one another and try to pull in different directions.

The new iT4 Versatile four-wheel drive tractors have the industry’s largest cab. Versatile designed an operator friendly environment that is comfortable, productive and ergonomic. The 35% forward visibility improvement and the seat mounted integrated control console make operating the new generation Versatile easier during long working days. The sloped hood and deluxe cab provide additional comfort and functionality for the operator.

If the son who wants to farm full-time is more serious about farming, then all attempts should be made to be sure that if they own property jointly - such as farmland - the two agree now as to the terms of what happens during their joint venture and what happens if they decide to split up down the road. (Kind of a prenuptial agreement for farming brothers before they tie the farming knot.) Such an agreement would have such things in it if one brother wants to own his land but not participate in farming - what is the full-time farming brother's option for renting the land from his sibling? Leaving it at "first right to rent" isn't strong enough - especially if these two are getting "snippy" with one another at that time. Perhaps you

The best thing to do with your New Year's resolution for 2014 is to get to it. We've had the perfect weather - cold, nasty, stuck in the house a lot weather - for doing estate planning. Some years, like this one, are custom made to do something very productive in the estate planning world. Get things down on paper about how things will enfold in years to come. You have to realize what you do today in your estate plan may not fit everything tomorrow, but it's still better than leaving it flapping in the wind and "hoping" everything goes well. It's doubly important now that prices may be changing, and farming may be going through a change in income and expense for the foreseeable future. Find someone you can talk to, get it down on paper, and then everyone can focus on what needs to be done.

________________________________________ Do you have questions about estate planning? Need to know more about how you can "Keep the Family Farm in the Family"? Email questions to Michael Baron at or call him at 800-373-4078.


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Wood Gasification by



Hot Air Woodburning ™ Furnace!

Providing a product that “meats” your needs 966 Ragers Hill Rd., South Fork, PA 15956

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Capons, Heavy Cornish Broilers, Colored Broilers (7 Meat Varieties for freedom ranging), Layer Chicks, Ducklings, Goslings, Bantams, Turkeys, Game Birds, Guineas, French Guineas, Broad Breasted White & Bronze Turkeys, Rare Breed Turkeys


Broad Breasted, Extremely hearty, Fast Growing.

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• Save Wood • Save Money • Protect Your Home & Family • Enhance Our Environment • Enjoy Burning Wood • Have Peace of Mind

Comfort & Control plus Savings with

Radiant Floor Heat from

Most comfortable warm floors for your family ... up to 70% Energy savings for you, and tax credits are available.

Tested by EPA Certified Lab-Intertek Testing (Madison, WI)

.45 gr./hr. emissions 99.4% comb. eff. 99% smokeless burn

Myers Poultry Farm

The World's


Lamppa Manufacturing 800-358-2049


• • • • •

Heavy one-piece polyethylene body. Fastest valve in the industry Finger-lift service center Built in over-flow Heater optional Quick emptying & cleaning

Radiant Floor Heat is Green Energy for: heated pole barns, farm buildings, warm home floors, bathroom, hot tub, heated driveway, patio, loading docks.

WaterMaster Superior construction for longer life WaterMaster 90 WaterMaster 54

Contact us for a quote or visit our showroom and see why radiant floor heat is the best choice for your Ag Farm Building, Home or Business.

Indiana Green Energy Radiant Floor Heat Systems, you deserve it... Indiana Warm Floors

F.C. Mason Co. Northern Indiana, Michigan, Northern Ohio Call to find local dealer. 1-800-292-9031 Website:

800-700-8830 • 866-WARM FLOOR

ZOOK FARM EQUIPMENT INC. 7980 Pratt Lake Rd., Alto, MI 49302 616-868-6195

Change Any Chisel Plow into a Vertical Tillage Coulter Machine Save $10,000 to $15,000 with our user-friendly conversion kits! ExclusivE 4 Ball BEarings on thE shaft!

We have 4 ball bearings that make it a very heavy duty unit. We have other innovative parts like the DUST SHIELD. Kit includes 18” boron “earthen harden” 13 wave coulter blads and bolts. Works on wheat stubble, corn stalks, and soybean residue in fall and spring. Cut up trash in the field or dry out the ground so you can plant days earlier.


“Made by Farmers, For Farmers.”

Ron’s Mfg.

LASHLEY TRACTOR SALES 24821 State Route 313, Quaker City, OH 43773 740-679-2141 • 800-LASHLEY (527-4539) Zanesville, OH 740-455-2141 St. Clairsville, OH 740-695-2141

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Grain Handling equipment & Dust Collection systems

Manufactured by Honeyville Metal Inc.

Mar. 4-6 Mar. 5-7 Mar. 25-27 July 9-11 July 22-24 Aug. 5-7 Aug. 5-7

Hawkeye Farm Show Cedar Falls, IA Western Fair Farm Show London, OH Wisconsin Public Ser. Oshkosh, WI Farm Tech Days New London, WI Michigan Ag Expo Lansing, MI Empire Farm Days Seneca Falls, NY Farmfest Redwood Falls, MN

• Bucket Elevators • Distributors • U-Trough Screw Conveyors • Horizontal Drag Conveyors • Incline Drag Conveyors • Bin Unloading Drag Conveyors • Catwalk and Support Towers • Dust Collection Systems

(Baghouse Filters, Shakers, Cyclones, Fans) Dump Pits, Truck & Train Loadouts, Mixers

Dust Collection from Dump Pit & Elevator Leg

In Michigan:

TRI COUNTY EQUIPMENT 989 West Sanilac, Sandusky, MI 48471 810-648-2404 Bad Axe, MI 48413 • 989-269-9249 Marlette, MI 48453 • 810-346-2761 In Indiana:


954 W. Dowell Rd., Columbia City, IN 46725 260-244-6465


4200 South 900 West, Topeka IN 46571 (800) 593-8377 B2

800 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e E A ST E RN FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

TROXEL EQUIPMENT CO. 5068 East 100 Street North Bluffton, IN 46714 260-565-3659 • 800-876-9351 4777 West 500 N. Huntington, IN 46750 888-876-9352 983 North St. Rd. 13 Wabash, IN 46992 888-876-9353 Email:

344 2nd St. Plainville, IN 47568 812-687-7570

www. f a r ma nd li v est o c kdirect

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Mighty Bale Hauler 20' Model - 16,000 lbs. capacity Carries up to 11 bales - 8 1/2' width 24' Model - 20,000 lbs. capacity Carries up to 13 bales - 8 1/2' width

Double Bar Feeder "The feeder that sells itself" 8'-12'-16' long - 8' wide

Double Bar Feeder Wagon 16, 20, 24' long - For round & square bales, chopped greens and TMR

1-800-962-6976 MARC H 2014

"The only double beam hauler on the market."

T1200DB Dirt Boss Dumper 12 ton - 7' x 12' deck - 24" sides

ACI Dist. Ltd. 800-237-0562 AL AR GA IL KS KY MO MS SC TN Cummings & Bricker 800-252-1552 NY PA OH WV VA NC MD DE NJ CT RI MA NH VT ME WalcoUSA 507-663-9090 MN WI ND SD • Schmitt Implement 563-552-1005 IA Swihart Sales 800-864-4595 KS • Gateway Mfg. 989-386-4198 Clare, MI Mike Messing Sales 989-864-3030 Ruth, MI • General Implement Dist. 800-767-0555 UT Southern Indiana Supply 812-309-0009 IN IL Northern KY Western OH

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In Michigan:

In Ohio:



5597 South Huron Rd. Pinconning, MI 48650 989-846-6189

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7980 Pratt Lake Rd. Alto, MI 49302 616-868-6195

5294 Sebring Warner Rd. Greenville, OH 45331 937-548-4345

Air Seeders

Corn Planters

Dramatically reduces plugging and bent rims. Heavy Duty construction throughout. Modular design means all parts are field replaceable. Uses standard bearing and tire. Greatly enhances visibility of and access to inside of wheel.

Providing drainage solutions for 29 years.

PATENT #'s 7,584,706 & 7,823,521

Manufactured by MudSmith, LLC To order, phone (877) 240-1675 or (605) 881-4214 Fax 1-866-593-6406 website: B6

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Call today for more information:

800-332-3268 COMTRONIX

HEADSETS For Direct Communication In High Noise Job Sites

TWO-WAY RADIOS Up to fifteen miles of loud, clear range and NO airtime charges.

When you need a quality building fast, ClearSpan™ by FarmTek is the only choice.


STRIKEALERT Be Ahead of the Lightning. Personal Lightning Detector.


EARN EXTRA INCOME Quality produce is in high demand


nnels. high tu ntact le for co availab or fice. Visit USlocal NRCS of your

CardinalWireless INC.

Save money & eat healthier

6925 Hawthorn Park Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46220 317-577-9944

Call 1.800.327.6835 today for your free catalog or shop online at

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Contact us:

8015 Highway 7 S.E. Clara City, MN 56222


Manufacturing Co. Inc.

or 320-847-3674

Great Quality! The Gobbler

Grain Stacker

Reclaim your grain piles at high speed! The SWIFT Gobbler features: • Heavy duty auger – high speed chevron belt, fast mounting • Variable speed feed auger – hydraulic raise front fence • Self contained hydraulic system – clod buster, detachable

Great Products!

Competitive Prices! Kwik Pits Steel Structures for: • Towers, Catwalks, Kwik Pits

We can finance too! MARC H 2014

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The Swift Grain Stacker is especially designed to provide the total portability demanded to upload grain at a remote facility. The selfpropelled design allows it to pick itself up and move on its own. The Swift Grain Stacker is designed to move up to 250 bu. a minute while keeping kernel damage to a minimum. Single & Dual Driveovers available.

Aggregate conveyors, grain conveyors, material handling conveyors, reclaim tunnel conveyors or custom conveyors... we can build them all. Welcome to SWIFT MANUFACTURING, INC. – a quality manufacturer located in West Central Minnesota. Swift's goal is to help you select the equipment best suited for your specific application(s). We will ensure that you receive a system that is reliable, efficient, cost-effective and quality built to your specifications.

In today's competitive, time-sensitive marketplace, the ability to move, sort, and distribute materials cost efficiently is more than just important ... it's critical. So let Swift Manufacturing help you with all of your conveyor needs!

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( ) wireless ( )

Slow moving agricultural equipment is always a significant road hazard and especially when light conditions are not optimum. With the Lite-It Agricultural Wireless Tow Lights, this hazard can be reduced on all farm implements. Our farm light bar uses the most recent technology to provide maximum site distance plus it is constructed from virtually indestructible polyethylene casings. These two independent light bars can be attached to any steel surface using 120# pull magnets. Each bar has full stop, turn signal, taillight and side marker functions plus 2 ½" strobes on the front to warn oncoming traffic. Each set is FCC approved. They are individually serialized at the point of manufacture to prevent crosstalk between other units. The taillights only come on when they are needed thus saving battery life. Each set comes with a seven pin flat blade style wireless transmitter and a 12v cigarette lighter charger. Both a four pin round and a six pin round are available upon request. Units come in either black or green.

Agricultural Wireless Tow Lights

• Long term, fixed rate mortgages • Lines of credit for under 3% • Leases for barns, bins, irrigation, that save on taxes

Item No. LIW-AG-Kit • All lights are LED • 7-blade connection • 2 1/2" amber strobes • Red side markers • Run times for 10 to 30 hours • Charger indicator light • All lights are hard wired in with shrink connectors

• Battery charging cable included • Individually serialized to reduce the possibility of cross talk • FCC approved • 1000 foot line of visibility • Life time warranty on electronics • 3 year warranty on case • 10 year warranty on lights


Color choices Green

Call Today Toll-Free


Made in USA Distributed by:

Fertilizer Application Products 4101 Shuffel Road N.W. North Canton, OH 44720 800.490.3158

Anhydrous (NH3) Toolbars, NH3 Row Units and Sealers, Dry Fertilizer Spreaders, Liquid Nitrogen Applicators







602 E. VAN BUREN • LENOX, IA 50851 PH. 1-641-333-4518 • 1-800-342-7498 FAX 1-641-333-4429 Visit Us On.... B8

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ROUGH DRIVEWAY??? Try Our One-of-a-Kind Laneway Grader! Stop bumping around and get the Laneway Grader! Three blades will smooth out all the bumps (most in just one pass) No three-point hitch hookups. Just drop a pin, hook up hydraulic hoses and go. On the go adjustable roll for case of operation. Adjustable pitch to keep the edges of your driveway neat. Heavy built for both strength and weight to smooth your laneway.

Now available... the NEW Pathway Grader and Tile Trench Grader!

Crop Dividers Save Crops! Quick attach Adjustable height - can be lifted to drive on trailer Narrow front to cut through crop 12" rubber to prevent damage from driving through tile holes

In Indiana:

NEW HOLLAND ROCHESTER 1260 E. 100 S., Rochester, IN 46975 574-223-2714 • 800-327-5936 Logansport, IN 46947 800-757-7759 Rossville, IN 46065 800-379-3331 Bluffton, IN 46714 888-686-4638 Centerville, IN 47330 765-962-7724

In Ohio:


Replaceable tin Can be made to fit any sprayer or tractor Lightweight aluminum

1115 N. Market St. Minerva, OH 44657 330-868-6419

Dealer Inquires Welcome!


Wood Heat.

Warmth, Security, Economy. WOOD HEAT Now More Than Ever.

• A Charmaster furnace will heat your home during power outages • Most Charmaster furnaces pay for themselves in 3 years or less • Free domestic hot water saves you hundreds of dollars per year • A warmer, more comfortable home 24 hours a day • 20-year limited warranty • Oil and gas backup • Easy to install

Call or write for catalog: 2307T Hwy. 2 West, Grand Rapids, MN 55744 “AMERICA'S FINEST WOOD HEATING SYSTEMS” SINCE 1972

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218-326-6786 www. farm andl ivest ockdirect B 9



This new technology works with a rotation counter on your grain cart and is fully automated to record and store field weights. Data is transferred by USB flash drive to your computer.

Boost your drilling accuracy and cut f i e l d t i m e w i t h S C A L E -T E C ’ S PAT E N T E D KITS FOR DRILLS


SCALE LINK™ is the future!

DN345 Fer tilizer Spreader Kit • Kits available for all brands of fertilizer applicators and tenders

Use existing virtual terminal as scale indicator interface display. For use with all brands of implements. ISOBUS Compatible Scale Link™ communicates and adapts for use with many different brands of virtual terminal displays..

• Bolt on kits for easy installation • Some units utilize our Universal Kits • 99.5% accurate

NEW & USED SCALES For… • Bulk Seed Equipment • Grain Carts • Platform Scales • Feed Wagons • Gravity Wagons • Grinders • Pallet Scales

• Livestock Scales • Custom Applications • Bin/hoppers • Portable Scales • CCS Planters

4" Remote Display

SCALE-TEC KITS for every style and size grain carts.


POLE BUILDINGS NEED MORE $$$$ IN YOUR POCKET?? 30' x 40' x 12' 1-16' x 11' sliding door 1-3' 0" x 6' 8" walk door Trusses 4' O.C. $10,800 ERECTED PRICE H H H H H H H 40' x 64' x 14' 1-20' x 14' sliding door 1-3' 0" x 6' 8" walk door Trusses 4' O.C. $16,900 ERECTED PRICE

48' x 80' x 14' 1-20' x 12' 8" sliding door 1-24' x 14' sliding door 1-3' 0" x 6' 8" walk door Trusses 4' O.C. $25,600 ERECTED PRICE H H H H H H H 60' x 120' x 14' 1-20' x 12' 6" sliding door 1-24' x 14' sliding door 1-3' 0" x 6' 8" walk door Trusses 4' O.C. $39,500 ERECTED PRICE

We will custom build any size. Call for all your building needs.

ARNOLD LUMBER CO. Decatur, Indiana


Serving Ohio, Indiana, Northern Kentucky, Southern Michigan

FABRAL Grandrib 3-Steel Roofing & Siding B10

800 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e E A ST E RN FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

Can you afford to guess when it comes to feeding your crops, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, small grains and produce? GRO-MOR has the programs that produce PROFITS.


CUSTOMERS REPORT INCREASED YIELDS OF 7 TO 15 BUSHEL! Sulfur available for all analysis. • Environmentally Safe. We use only 100% Orthophosphoric Acid. Call For Our Spring Prices.

281 Farmland Road, Leola, PA 17540-9503 Telephone:

717-656-4166 • Toll Free: 800-322-0060 (MEMBER OF DUNN & BRAD AND BBB)

Check our web page for more information: DEALERSHIPS AVAILABLE

www. f a r ma nd li v est o c kdirect

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American Eagle Windmill Made in the USA


• All Poly & Treated Wood Conveyors • Taper Board Feeders • Bottom & Top Delivery Conveyors • 11" - 18" - 24" 30" Widths • Single & Double Chain • Belt Conveyors, S.S. Body

√ 4 Leg Tower for More Stability √ DVD for Easy & Proper Installation √ Combats Algae & Aquatic Weeds √ Prevents Winter Kill of Fish √ Improves Water Quality √ Bellow Pump for More Air √ 5-Year Warranty


E. Rissler Spiro-Mix TMR & Trailer Mixers

(440) 236-3278

We have developed and field tested our DOUBLE PUMPING COMPRESSOR consisting of 2-Firestone and/or Goodyear Air Shocks ( Bellows ).

FIVE SIZES: 13', 18', 23', 28' & 33'

This compressor will pump twice as much air as our Single — our DOUBLE PUMPING COMPRESSOR pumps air on both the forward and back stroke.


Ideal for customers with ponds up to 4-acres, and it cost about 25% more for 100% more air.

American Eagle Windmills

Joe Mescan Windmill 27162 Capel Road, Columbia Station, Ohio 44028

Double Pumping Compressors. Now Available!

30 Years In the Aeration Business


For A Grain Vac That R E A L LY S U C K S , Choose.. .

• Spiro-Mix TMR Mixers • Trailer Mixers • Spiro Reel & auger provide TRUE end to end mixing! • Gentle tumbling action easy on feed • Stainless Steel in all critical areas • Optional hay knives process hay and straw


• Hydro Cart, HONDA Powered Feed Carts • Stainless Steel Feed Box • Heavy-duty drive

Grain Vacs


• Lower horsepower requirements • Patented air filtration system PROUDLY MADE • No augers to wear out IN THE U.S.A. • Fill a semi in 10 minutes Your New Factory Authorized Distributor


814-766-2246 Dealer Inquiries Welcome!

th e M a d e in U .S .A .

Frey Mfg. & Dist.


DK 666


419-957-5700 •

Chris Ramsey, Fleet Consultant Richard Klepfer, Fleet Consultant 3326 South 460 East, Lafayette, IN 47905 765-471-9400 • Cell 765-409-5735 Fax: 765-471-9227 • EBS: 877-528-4737 Email: Email:

225 horsepower portable PTO power cart

Hoover Diesel Service LLC Specializing in Portable Diesel PTO Power Carts Diesel and gaseous fueled industrial generators, stand alone power units and replacement engines. Call today for price and availability 717-354-3322 or 888-DIESEL-0


Visit our website @

400 KW Natural Gas generator set MARC H 2014

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Caterpillar Folded/ Modular Core Conversion


Tier 4 Custom Cooling Packages Radiator/Charge Air Cooler/Oil Cooler

Units In Stock

John Deere Charge Air Coolers

Samsung 210 Oil Cooler

Big Bud PTO Ag Core



All Metal Replacements Kolbelco 250 Oil Cooler

Emerson Manufacturing Corporation 1-800-633-5124




Call (419) 962-4215 FOOD or LIQUID (419)PLANT 962-4707

MARTIN’S TRACTOR PARTS, LLC Used Tractor Parts for IH-Case - CIH - Ford & NH

5-15-15 PLUS OTHERS!


Have you ever considered switching to a really top quality liquid plant food? We precisely formulate to a wide variety of Midwest soil types. Our repeat customers have increased greatly for 30+ years. You may be missing out. Call right now. Lower production costs with All Plant Complete Program.

New & Remanufactured Parts for All Brands of Farm Tractors 866 Green Spring Road Newville, PA 17241

Phone 717-776-7542 Fax 717-776-7327

HOURS: Monday thru Friday, 8:00 to 5:00 Saturday 8:00 to 12:00

ALL PLANT™ Liquid Plant Food, Inc. 804 St. Rt. 511 N. • Ashland, OH 44805 SEE YOUR AREA DEALER TODAY. In Kentucky:

SOUTHEASTERN FARM SUPPLY 807 South Dixie St. London, KY 40741 606-864-6603 • 800-692-7082 In Ohio:

CHANNELL EQUIPMENT 338 W. Dallas Rd. Urbana, OH 43078 937-484-3406



Soil Treatment

Satisfied growers WORLDWIDE for 37 years TA K E A C T I O N O N C O M PA C T I O N IMPROVES SOIL PROBLEMS • Standing Water • Water Run-off • Crusting • Clodding • Poor Root Growth

UNIQUE CHEMICAL FORMULATION • Mixes Well • Applies Well • Low Rate/Economical • Bulk Pkg. to 275 Gal.

(800) 348-2608

Soil & Water Management Enhances Yield B12


Operates 3-Phase Equipment from a Single Phase Line



• • • • • •

Use For: Grain Dryer Systems Grain Handling Systems Irrigation Systems High Power Fans Machine Tools Welders, Compressors


KARAM Mfg., Inc. 707 Industrial Dr., Omro, WI 54963 800-293-8969

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GROW YOUR OWN  POULTRY AND EGGS! Whether you are a backyard poultry enthusiast or a large, commercial producer, Moyer’s Chicks has the best broiler crosses and brown or white egg pullets available. Hatching over 16 million chicks annually, Moyer’s welcomes orders of 50 or 50,000.We guarantee shipment of 100% healthy chicks. 266 E. Paletown Road, QUAKERTOWN, PA 18951

(215) 536-3155

Broilers-Brown and White Egg Layers

www. f a r ma nd li v est o c kdirect

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By Dr. Michael R. Rosmann


Abilene, KS 800-255-0337, Fax 785-655-3838 Belmond, IA 800-866-1504, Fax 641-444-7353 Website: E-mail:


What Lies Ahead for Agriculture?

Bishopville, SC 800-543-2451, Fax 803-428-6070 Website: E-mail: Tractor, combine, picker and sprayer parts. High-quality new, used and remanufactured parts for many makes and models. Online shopping, 220 acres of salvage, same-day shipping. 03/14 ———————————————————————


4100 Dialton Rd., Springfield, OH 45502 937-964-1486 Aftermarket parts available, used tractor parts, rebuilt torque and clutches. Call us for prices on O.H. Kits. 04/14 ———————————————————————


2782 S.R. 99 South, Willard, OH 44890 419-933-6791 E-mail: Buy-Sell-Trade. Antique farm tractors, light industrial equipment parts & sales. New after-market parts available.03/14

The experts included emeritus professor and veterinarian, Dr. Kelley Donham of the University of Iowa, Iowa State University rural sociologists and economists Drs. Mike Duffy and Paul Lasley, and the director of the Dakota Center for Technology-Optimized Agriculture, Dr. Paul Gunderson. Today I offer my comments about what the nearby future looks like for agriculture. My opinions are those of a behavior specialist, healthcare researcher and provider, previous farmer but still a farm owner, and an interested observer.



Agricultural producers like progress but dislike change. Speaking for Dr. Lasley as well, Dr. Duffy described progress of agricultural producers as adopting new technology, becoming bigger operators and integrating vertically. Change, he said, involves living with increasing government regulations, blaming environmentalists and policy makers, and becoming stressed about these matters.


Agricultural producers are in the third era of uncommon prosperity since the last century began, Duffy noted. Prosperity does not mean the end of stress.

Bolt Together Wheels, Aircraft Tires for Grain Carts, Feed Wagons, Manure Spreaders, Ag Hubs and Spindles, Tractor Rims, Skid Loader Wheels.

HEY MACHINERY CO., INC. 1602 W. High St. • Baldwin City, KS 66006

Web Site: Fax: 785-594-3311

• We Have Over 8000 Parted Tractors • Many Late Models • New & Used Parts • UPS Daily *Nationwide parts locating service*

Anderson Tractor Supply, Inc. 20968 TR51 • Bluffton, OH 45817




I recently reported predictions about what the next few years hold for agriculture, derived from the plenary addresses of several experts at the Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health conference in Ames, Iowa on November 19 and 20.




1. Minimum 10-25% savings on new replacement parts for your Steiger Drivetrain. 2. 50% savings on any used parts. 3. We rebuild transmissions, dropboxes, and axles with 1 year warranty. 4. We buy running or damaged Steiger tractors. These are American Made!

1-800-982-1769 U.S. or Canada

MARC H 2014

Ever larger farm operators are looking for legal ways to protect their wealth, such as placing farmland into trusts. The agriculture economy is entering an era of retraction, but the “correction” won’t be as drastic as the Great Depression or the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. Basically, I agree with Dr. Duffy and the other experts about what lies ahead for agriculture. Hereafter are several of my own perspectives. We are moving toward two primary methods of farming. One method involves increasing reliance on technological advances and becoming ever larger and specializing in one or two products. This method is sometimes called the industrial or conventional approach to agriculture. The other primary method of farming involves organic production of agricultural goods, reliance on fewer purchased inputs while undertaking production of diverse foods and other outputs. This method is sometimes called the sustainable or alternative approach to agriculture. It is mainly the affinity of the producers for farming in a manner they believe is closer to what biosystems require rather than manipulating the biosystems to suit their production that differentiates the two methods. Organic producers and many consumers shun GMOs as artificial manipulations of biosystems. Wikipedia defines a biosystem as a community of living organisms in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a system. Although often frowned on by academicians as a scholarly reference, in this case Wikipedia is an appropriate reference for the definition of a biosystem because Wiki welcomes input from all website users to achieve a collaborative definition. Farming organically is a trend that is here to stay. Six years ago the sustainable approach to farming in the U.S. comprised less than one percent of farmers who operated even

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The E A STE R N FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

less farmland (.3%), according to the 2007 Census of Agriculture. Worldwide, the amount of land invested in organic farming has increased threefold since 1999, according to a January 17, 2013 report by the Worldwatch Institute. Worldwatch says organic farming in the U.S. is the fastest growing agricultural method in terms of practitioners and sales. In 2011, expenditures of organic foods were $31.5 billion, which was about five percent of total food expenditures. In the nearby future some organic producers will equal their conventional-farming competitors in size. Consumer demand is the main factor driving the increase in organic food production in the U.S. and the world. Although advocates of conventional farming sometimes contend that organic methods will not yield sufficient food, I look for organic farmers to embrace what they deem as acceptable technological advances to maximize production. These include using robots to assist with crop cultivation instead of using herbicides to control weeds, and robotic animal milking devices to conduct large dairy operations while enhancing cleanliness and other healthful practices. Organic farmers are already ahead of conventional farmers in the use of some technological advances, such as relying on electronic social media devices to market their products. Likely, this trend will continue because organic producers desire direct connections with consumers. Both agricultural producers and consumers will continue to be more health conscious in the future. Knowledge and understanding of health issues is advancing rapidly worldwide and in the U.S. Managing health to insure longevity and happiness will improve as more people become concerned about the effects of the obesity epidemic and as the Affordable Care Act places emphasis on preventive healthcare. Farm operators are already one of the best educated occupational groups, and they will continue to implement health and safety practices that maximize farm production. Agricultural producers will also pay more attention to behavioral health matters. They will seek methods of managing stress better and reducing episodes of anxiety and depression through behavior management. The future of agriculture looks to be positive and interesting. What do you think the future holds for agriculture? Please share your thoughts with me. _______________________________________ Dr. Michael R. Rosmann brings the perspective of a farmer in “Farm And Ranch Life”. Dr. Rosmann grew up on a mixed grain and livestock farm in Western Iowa where he experienced enjoyable hard work and 4-H, and witnessed the stresses that accompany farming and farm life. Dr. Rosmann developed the first mental health response in Iowa to the Farm Crisis of the 1980s. In 2001, Dr. Rosmann, along with partners in seven states, founded the nonprofit network, AgriWellness Inc. AgriWellness conducted research and provided counseling services to farm people. It became clearer that a specialized field – agricultural behavioral health – was needed to respond to the unique problems experienced by farmers, ranchers and others involved in agriculture. Email Dr. Rosmann at, or visit his website at www. You can call him at his office in Harlan, Iowa at 712-235-6100. andl ivest ockdirect A9

Essays From My Farmhouse Kitchen By Renae B. Vander Schaaf

Get Ready For Gardening!


hinking of gardening this time of the year reminds us that winter is not forever. The thought of gardening refreshes our mind. It's never too early to start planning this year's garden. These cold winter days are the most wonderfully perfect time, with garden catalogs arriving almost daily. The alluring pictures of blooming flowers and fresh vegetables fill our minds and senses. The benefits of gardening are endless. Most of the work can be done by all family members, despite their ages. My children were with us from the start, watching from their stroller, when they were very young. They soon learned the art and reasoning behind straight rows and the proper way to measure to get the best row widths. They learn patience as they realize the sweet corn planted on Monday is not ready to eat on Thursday. They also learned it takes sweat equity in the form of weeding and hoeing, all the while anticipating the exact day the sweet corn is prime for picking. Gardening saves on the grocery bill. Since we have always gardened and preserved the harvest, we have never seen a drop in our grocery bill. We just imagine that it must be quite substantial, since practically every meal we eat includes fruits and vegetables from the garden. And because of the abundance, we eat plenty. In strawberry season, there is no shortage of fresh berries! No need to be a scrooge when there are rows of berries to be picked again

the next day. Add celery, okra and sweet potatoes to the list of vegetables grown successfully on our farm in northwest Iowa. Nothing beats a garden for promoting good health. It's a physical workout, yet paradoxically, it is also relaxing. Hours of weeding leads the mind to meditate. And there are healing properties in sunshine. When the sun shines, we feel good; even more so when we can feel the sun rays on our skin. The sun also helps our bodies process that Vitamin D needed for strong bones. The sun can help fight infection, and is even thought to help prevent certain cancers. Digging in the dirt also has benefits: It is thought that the bacterium naturally found in soil makes for healthier and smarter people, especially children. Gardening can result in more family togetherness. There is no place for electronic devices in the garden; hands are busy, and real conversing happens!

Renae B. Vander Schaaf, freelance writer, lives on a real working farm in northwest Iowa, and authored a book titled "A Place Of Refuge". To Contact Renae B. Vander Schaaf, please email her at

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M ARCH 2 0 1 4



clear clutter, organize your home, & reclaim your life by Barbara Tako ­— Motivational Speaker and Author




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Uncluttered Organization Means Good Storage Containers

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After household clutter is cleared out, the next step for less cluttered living is to organize what is left. In theory, everything that is left will be stuff that you like and use regularly. That means these items must be easy to reach. Think about it: If you can’t find something when you need it or don’t know you have it then you don’t really own it. Planning, location, and design of storage containers will help you avoid frustration. Don’t create container clutter for yourself! Follow these tips to create satisfying storage organization using good containers.

Plan ahead What is a good container? Measure first and figure out your storage needs before you buy a nifty storage container, yes, even if it is on sale! Do a final clutter clearing of the items you want to organize too! In my example, I will discuss home entertainment: We accumulated many videos over the years. Next, we bought CDs. Now we accumulate DVDs. Before we could get an organizer for all of it, we needed to do some final purging and then counting followed by shopping research.

Allow 'grow' room Next, we had to make an educated guess about our videos and DVDs to figure out how much future grow room we wanted to design into our storage system. Most of us will continue to acquire more—more of whatever it is. Make allowances for this on the front end to be happier in the long run.

Location Location. Location. Location. Ask yourself if the storage container is handy. It might appear simple, but it may not be functional. We had piles of DVDs tucked in an end table cabinet. It made the room look tidy, but it was hard to read all the DVD titles and reach them. We ended up with a storage rack that stood on the floor. For the first time, we could organize the DVDs and read all the titles at once! A simple life is a functional life, not necessarily a perfectly tidy life.

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The E A STE R N FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

Storage container design is also important. Does the container itself work? Are the size, color (clear or opaque), shape, and even texture right for you? Are you willing to get stuff out of the container when you need to? Or, does the container you have chosen put you off? Now that my fertilizer was next to the watering can, I found I still wasn't fertilizing my houseplants because I didn't like the leaky plastic bag inside the disintegrating cardboard box. When I used it, I didn't like sticking a regular kitchen spoon into the bag or getting plant fertilizer scattered all over my kitchen counter top. The answer for me was to pour the fertilizer into an empty plastic peanut butter jar, label it, and plunk an old baby spoon inside the jar with the fertilizer. Wow! I found myself looking forward to the next time it was time for me to fertilize houseplants.

Where is the easiest location for you to access the storage container? Is it easy? Is it fun? If it isn't, you won't go there! Let me tell you about my houseplant fertilizer--For a long time, my five-pound plastic bag of fertilizer lived in its original cardboard box out in the garage. Eventually, it got closer to my houseplants by making its way down to my laundry room. Since my watering can lived under my kitchen sink and all my plants were upstairs too, I still was in a situation where I would think about fertilizing my houseplants, but I wouldn't feel like running downstairs to dig out the fertilizer. To remedy this, I finally realized the fertilizer belonged under my kitchen sink, next to my watering can. MARC H 2014

Design for convenience

Here is a tip: Large-mouth containers, ranging in size from empty frosting containers to large plastic ice-cream pails are great for anything you need to scoop out and measure--baking soda, baking powder, flour, sugar...Much less winds up spilled on the counter when you use it. Be sure to label and date everything! Design is key. The design must fit your application. Smaller toiletries slipping between the wires of a cute white wire storage basket was a daily frustration until I replaced it with a solid plastic container. Plastic versus cardboard matters too if you are storing liquids that could run down the sides of their containers or leak, and you want to protect the surface they sit on. You probably already have your plant fertilizer near your watering can, but pay attention to yourself. When do you neglect or stall about a task simply because it isn't convenient? When you feel your frustration rise, look at the location and design that you have and change it to make your storage containers work for you!

Barbara Tako is a clutter clearing motivational speaker and author of "Clutter Clearing Choices: Clear Clutter, Organize Your Home, & Reclaim Your Life" (O Books, 2010), a seasonally organized book of clutter clearing tips that readers can pick and choose from to fit their personal style and needs. Sign up for her free monthly clutter clearing tips newsletter at andl ivest ockdirect A1 1

Pennywise By Paula Vogelgesang Email: Pennywise at

Another Tool in the Fine Art of Money Management

How Much Do We Truly “Need”? Ah, February. Not only is it cold and snowy here where I live, out in the middle of nowhere, but it is also the month that ranchers and farmers need to have their income taxes figured out and sent to the IRS. Answering Uncle Sam's questions really makes you think about how you spent your money in the past year. (And especially when you only get ONE PAYCHECK a year.) The highest expenses for running a farm or ranch are usually in this order:

#1. Tractors and other machinery necessary to plant and harvest the crops, along with any needed maintenance and repairs for this equipment. • Livestock fences – wire and posts purchased and put in the ground, etc. • Wells to water the livestock have to be cared for, kept clean etc. and pumps are very expensive. • Our cattle, horses, sheep, goats, chickens, turkeys, and any other kind of animals need attention on a daily basis. Feed and medicines are not free and usually must be paid for at the time of purchase. • Vehicles are also a big expense; think how much fuel costs!

#2. Family living is usually at the bottom of the heap as far as expenses go. This is the one area where living beneath your means is the norm out here. Money is stretched wherever possible. • We raise as much of our own food as we possibly can. • Doctors and dentists are seen on an ‘as needed’ basis. • Entertainment is pretty much homegrown fun, like a dunk in the river or creek versus a trip to ‘town’ to the swimming pool. (Besides, the river or creek doesn’t care when you are wearing 'holey' old jeans but the folks in the swimming pool frown on anything but swim suits!) • A softball game between neighboring families is great fun – all you need is a ball, some bats, and folks to play and to cheer! Clothing is an area where there are some misconceptions about country folk. Sometimes 'town' people think country folk are 'rich' because they are dressed nicely when they come to town. In reality, most farmers here only have one or two good pairs of jeans or shirts to wear when not working. An old neighbor of mine used to say, "We clean up pretty good when we need to be out in public!" This man had ONE pair of 'new-ish' jeans, two 'good shirts' and one pair of 'church' boots! Most of us country folks wear our old clothes when working around the place. We wear the old stained, ripped and torn shirts and jeans when driving a tractor in the fields, running a combine or steering a truck over to the combine, or taking the loaded truck to the auger so the grain can be put into storage. If you do have to run a truck to the elevator, nobody usually sees you except the grain handler since elevators are usually located at the edge of the town. And one can’t do much shopping driving a semi! All of us do ‘get caught’ once in a while, though. I remember a flying trip to town for repairs while in the middle of paintA12

ing. I had paint in my hair, all over my jeans and shirt as well as my face and arms. Naturally, I ran into a neighbor who stopped in his tracks at the sight of me – and I’ll admit, it was a sight! So, I just said, “What you see is what you get!” Other tough on clothing jobs include mucking out the barn, cleaning the chicken house, and fixing fences – notorious for ripping holes in shirts and jeans. And also, the body fluids of critters during calving and lambing will soak though coveralls – and every other item of clothing you have on, many times at 3 a.m. during a blizzard. So, do we really need 20 good pairs of jeans, or 35 shirts or blouses? The money spent on all that new clothing could be put to a better use! Speaking of blizzards, we’ve been ‘cussed and discussed’ ever since the October blizzard named Atlas that killed so many thousands of cattle, horses and sheep. "Ranchers don’t care about their livestock!" was one remark bandied about. Well, they DO CARE and the following piece written by a 12-year-old, 4th generation ranch kid says it all. I have known three generations of this young man’s family and they are very dedicated to their animals and the land they live on and love.

What I Learned from a Cow Named Hope –by Marcus Herber October 18, 2013, Jed Brown and my family were all forced in to my house by the Atlas Storm. It had been raining and snowing for about a day. My dad told us that we had dead cattle in a pasture we own down by Belvidere. My dad, Jed and I all hopped in a pickup and headed out to try to save some cattle. When we finally turned on the dirt road and saw that Mitchell’s cattle were on CRP land next to the Belvidere Cemetery. Jed and I hustled to get around them and chased them into the nearest pasture Mitchell’s owned. After that, about three o’clock we worked our way to our pasture, stopping to put cows in the correct pasture based on their brands. We stopped to put Roy Brown’s cattle back in his pasture, then to chat and see how everyone was doing with their losses. So far, everyone was doing fine. We broke up and went to find my dad’s cattle.

was at least fifteen dead cattle lying half covered in mud. Standing a few hundred yards away, huddled into a pack, were the rest of the herd still in the pasture. I worried that all the rest were dead for there was only about forty head left. We decided we were going to push them all to Roy’s corrals. We pushed for a while, but then my dad disappeared to go help somewhere else. I couldn’t keep the cows going in the right direction until finally Jed came to help. After a while we got them headed in the right direction. In the cold hard wind, a big calf fell to weather the storm. Our group moved on until yet again a Hereford cow couldn’t stand any longer. The look in her eyes was of hopelessness. I felt useless, but there wasn’t anything I could do. We moved on, but there was something about this cow that didn’t make me want to leave. About dark we got to the corrals and had all the cows to shelter. We were all relieved but I still couldn’t get my mind off that Hereford cow, so I ran back to find her. Through the snow I faintly saw the outline of the Hereford down by the three acre pasture next to the corrals. The determined cow got back up and stumbled towards the corral. I ran to take her to the barn but was met by my dad on a four-wheeler. We pushed her closer to the shed and corrals, but she fell a hundred yards short. I was commanded to get hay, so Jed and I came back with our arms full to cover her up. We started to walk away and decided that she needed a name. We came up with several, and decided HOPE fit her best. With that we were forced to leave. I said another prayer. With the help of God I knew Hope was going to make it through this, and that she did. After seeing all those deaths, I decided I wouldn’t take anything for granted like too many people do. I thank God for all I have. Nobody realizes how much we really have to lose.

————————————————————————————— If you have tips or ideas to share, send them to Pennywise, Box 518, Kadoka, SD 57543 or better yet, email Pennywise at pennywise@ Please be sure to mention the "Farm And Livestock Directory" when you respond.

The next sight we saw was a horrible one. As we drove down the hill, you could see dead cattle strung out along the fence line of the CRP south of our pasture. There was a pile of dead cattle in the corner right next to the road. I wished they weren’t ours, but I didn’t want to wish that luck on anyone else. Three dead cows and two big calves were lying dead in the corner. Three other calves were still alive but lying down. The cow in the middle had her head sticking through the fence wires. The two calves were cuddled up to the rears of the cows. The sight made me want to cry. We used Roy’s tractor to scoop the calves up, put them on the back of a pickup and take them to his barn. I quickly said a silent prayer, asking God if all the cows could go to heaven so I could see them after I die. Jed was put in charge of hauling the cattle back to the barn while my dad and I collected ear tags. We finally waded through the snow to the next corner, but I wish we wouldn’t have. There

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www. f a r ma nd livest ockdirect

M ARCH 2 0 1 4

Money & Time-Saving Tips from Pennywise:

Make Your Own Extracts, Cleaners, Valentine Gift Ideas and More! Picture Perfect

orange extract. I let the peelings/beans ‘work’ for about 6 weeks before I start to use the extracts. Just use them as

To save money on reprints of colored photographs, make

you would any commercial extract you can buy. These are

color copies on your printer or at a local print shop. An

much better, and a lot cheaper! (tip submitted by PE, CA)

8 x 10 enlargement usually costs a dollar or two, compared to $10 or $15 at some of the photo places. Once it’s behind the glass in the frame and hung on the wall, only your wallet will know the difference. (tip submitted by SI, NC)

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Recycle Plastic Bolts I do a lot of sewing and buy lace by the yard (25 yards at a time) on a plastic bolt. I had saved several of the bolts, thinking I would find a use for them eventually. I had

Repurpose Those Christmas Tins

some ribbon my cat had teased off of the spool, making a grand mess. I wound it [ribbon] on a lace bolt, and now it's

I’ve found that the empty popcorn and candy tins we get

safe. My son used a couple of the bolts to wind up several

during Christmas time make great containers for my

strings of icicle lights after Christmas, and my husband

glass ornaments and other decorations for my Christmas

uses them in the garage shop to wind and store the

tree. I also wind the garlands round and round and store

extension cords that always end up in a mess. (tip

in a couple of them in the tin as well. We have several smaller strings of colored lights and wind them around chunks of paper towel cardboard and put them in yet another tin. (tip submitted by DF, IA)

submitted by SP, UT)

Urine (Pee) Stain Remover 1 cup peroxide, 3 Tablespoons of baking soda and a drop

Clean the Cookware

or two of dish soap mixed together will remove urine out of carpets, clothing, rugs, etc. The only drawback to this



I have some copper cookware inherited from my

mixture is that it has to be mixed and used right because

grandmother and cleaning it is a tedious job – but, I

the chemical mix of peroxide and soda only last about 20

found that about 3 spoons full of table salt mixed with

minutes. To use, scrub into the stain – people, cats, dogs,

some vinegar scrubbed onto the pretty bottoms with one

kids, doesn’t matter. It will work on old stains as well. But

of those plastic ‘scrubbie’ scratchers will clean it

make sure you use it right after it's mixed. It’s cheap and

beautifully without spending a fortune on copper cleaner.

it works very well. (tip submitted by HK, NE)

Conveniently located in Central Ohio at:

Valentine Surprises

229 East Broadway Ave. Westerville, OH 43081

(tip submitted by SA, MT) (Pennywise Tip: Catsup poured on an old terry cloth

614-882-7549 Fax

washrag also works well. I guess it’s the acid in the

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the media

tomatoes that does the trick along with the salt/

is full of ads telling us to spend more money. A big screen

vinegar in the mixture.)

television, a fancy dinner, a cruise, an above ground swimming pool all cost a lot of money at a

Save the Seal on Your Fridge/Freezer

time when most haven’t even recovered from Christmas yet!

Most of us have refrigerators or

From single parts to complete units

614-882-7400 Say You Saw It In The FLD.


Do one (or all) of these things instead for your

freezers with those big thick seals

Hi-Hog Squeeze Chutes Hydraulic & Manual Chutes Working Alleys Crowding Tubs Palpation Cages Sorting Sections

loved one (or Valentine):

around the doors that are so expensive to replace. I’ve found that

• Make a good home-cooked meal of family

if I smear a little bit of plain


petroleum jelly over the seals

• Go through all the old family photos and set

every 6 months or so, it keeps

them into a group frame for the parents/

them very pliable and less likely


to crack or split and have to be replaced. A jar of plain petroleum

• Complete a special project for your family,

jelly is less than $5 and will last for

like clean and reorganize the garage as a ‘group’

years. (tip submitted by MJ, WY)


Homemade Extract

• T-Walls

• Perhaps a room needs painting and the one

I make as many of my own extracts as possible. All you need is a bottle of cheap vodka and some pint jars. I put a little over a cup (1 - 1/3 cups) in each of 3 jars and then split 4 or 5 vanilla beans and put into one jar to make vanilla extract. In another jar, I peel lemons with a potato peeler – just scrape off the yellow part – and add it to the jar to make lemon extract. I do the same with orange

needing the job done is physically challenged and can’t really do the job • Baking a heart shaped cake to serve for a family

• Feed Bunks

• Cattle Slats


• No-Rot Doors • Windows

• Uti-lite Tongue & •Tuftex Wall & Groove Wall & Ceiling Liners Ceiling Panels

meal isn’t all that hard, and you don’t need a special pan either. Just bake a round cake and then cut a V-shape out of the top edge of the cake and frost it!

peelings and the remaining 1 1/3 cups of vodka to make MARC H 2014


8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The E A STE R N FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

1-800-561-1706 H

w w w. d a v o n s a l e s . c o m Agricultural, Commercial and Residential Products and Supplies andl ivest ockdirect A1 3


– Ken E. Knight

Basking in the Glow of Reader Response to NFO Article The response to the Nov. 2012 “KNIGHTRO REPORT”, titled “Why Should We Thank the National Farmers Organization?” has been overwhelming; however, due to limited space restrictions, I’m unable to include all of the responses. Only those letters most representative of the sentiment and readership across America will be included in this column. (You can find the original article in the LIVESTOCK section located at It is in «The Knightro Report, posted on Dec 19, 2012.) The first call I received was from Gene Paul, one of the outstanding leaders of the organization—followed by a most informative letter from Vice President Paul Rinder and President Paul Olson (there will be more about that letter in another article). One has to wonder if they really won — if they had, there would still be family farms and farming would still be a way of life. Corporate America has taken over agriculture with such exorbitance, that they have actually trampled and exploited the rights of our forefathers. They worked hard and sacrificed much to not only make a living, but to make living a way of life. What our forefathers worked so hard to establish, has vanished and been replaced with corporate greed and a corrupt America. Both Wall Street and gang invested streets now drive a sense of fear where there was once self-fulfillment and contentment. To restore rural America would be a lofty goal, but perhaps the spirit of the NFO should be reinvigorated enough to address these more intangible issues. They accomplished their mission of making farmers more successful; perhaps it’s now time to put that battle behind them and focus on the heart and soul of the organization. In their quest for success they disavowed the very essence of a disenfranchised rural America. Where there once were neighbors, there is just acres upon acres of abounding cropland, succumbing to the power of the almighty dollar, while leaving in its wake a cold, lifeless society. No longer are there those that cared as much about their neighbor as they did themselves. The caring has vanished in the windswept prairies; left barren of heart and soul—lifeless to the fortitude of adversity and courage.

down on the farm. We had milking cows then back on our farm. There were many milking cow farms in our area. (Mostly all gone now, maybe a couple big ones are left.) We had eight children—3 girls and 5 boys—they were all needed to help out on the farm back then. The paint was fresh on the barn then and we had big dreams, but over time they faded, as did the paint on the barn. I don’t know if the barn even stands today. I haven t been by the place in years. I don’t get out of the house much as I am 92 now. I think it was in 1962, there was a rally of sorts; neighbors were all meeting at Bass Feed Store to see what could be done about the darn low milk price. There was a man there named Staley. He really revved us all up about a brighter future for farming. I fell in love with this man. My husband joined the NFO on the spot that day. We even got an NFO yard sign. My husband nailed it on the mail post when we got home that day, even before dolng chores. We had lots of hope we received from NFO and Staley. It kept us going; it seems things did not work out as we wanted, but it was a really good and blessed time in my life.

Mr. Knight, I thought the article about the NFO will be greatly appreciated by all who sacrificed so much. I was born in 1976 on a hog farm. I did not realize the sacrifices that our family was making as a NF O member would benefit others. I am sure my father knew, and he will appreciate this article. Now my father has a cow/calf operation and we will not forget the lessons learned. – Matt K. FGFGFGFGFG Dear Mr. Knight, As I was reading through my February "Farm & Livestock Directory", I made my way to my favorite columnist, you and your writings. I really enjoy what you have to say, however, I have never taken the time to write you, but the story of the NFO was so inspiring I had to get out the pen and paper to speak and congratulate you on a great story. –KB, NFO Field Staff These letters represent the lifeline of rural America— God bless your contribution to the National Farmers Organization.

Praise be to the King. –Donna Mae Crany


FGFGFGFGFG Dear Mr. Knight,


Thank you for the article in "Farm & Livestock Directory". I operated an NFO Livestock yard for 30 years, until the farms in this county almost quit livestock. NFO is still around and the farms still need a fair price. I encourage you to attend their National Convention, January 27 to 29 at the Wisconsin Dells. Thank you. –Joseph A Carle, Circleville, Ohio FGFGFGFGFG

When it comes to agriculture, maybe there are no U-turns and maybe the stakes have gotten too high, but when you read the following letters, you can see there are signs of hope:

MENDING FENCES AND TENDING SENSES Ken E. Knight is the author of the “Knightro Report”, a nationally syndicated livestock-marketing column, which is featured in this publication on a regular basis. Mr. Knight is a graduate of North Dakota State University, with a major BS Degree in Meat and Animal Science and a minor in Communications. In addition to being a professional auctioneer, public speaker and livestock judge, he brings many years of corporate level meat and livestock market management and expertise to the industry for which he now serves as an independent voice of shared knowledge and experience. For more in-depth information regarding the topics that have been touched upon in this report, Knightro conducts livestock marketing seminars on a regular basis. To schedule a seminar, auction, judging, or speaking engagement, please contact Ken Knight, Knightro, 136 Hillridge Ct., Prescott, WI  54021, phone 715-2628480, fax 715-262-8480, e-mail; or contact the Farm & Livestock Directory, P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, IA 50501; email heidi@

Dear Mr. Knight, This is Donna Mae writing you; my son lives in Des Moines, Iowa, and sends me your magazine to read. A month ago it had an article about the NFO. Well, my late husband and I were members and big supporters; by golly it was the only hope for tough times A14

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e E A STE R N FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

www. f a r ma nd livest ockdirect

M ARCH 2 0 1 4

"Your living is determined not so much by what life

Pony Tales by PONTY


brings to you as by the

Durable • No Maintenance • Affordable

attitude you bring to life; not


so much by what happens to


you as by the way your mind

Corrals - Pens - Chutes - Feeders



Great for...Beef/Dairy/Bulls

looks at what happens."

PERSONALLY Basking in the Glow!

~ Kahlil Gibran

"Believe you can and you're Like that of the NFO, one’s personal life can become obsequiously overshadowed with a monetary focus. Being enslaved to the almighty dollar can short-change that ride down memory lane. Like the letters shared from NFO members, there are job related letters of commendation in my personal life that add credence to a corporate ride down memory lane. Excerpts from some of these letters will bring back memories to those whose lives have become an integral affirmation of a path traveled together.

OSCAR MAYER & CO.: Ken’s excellent background in livestock, meats and communications, coupled with his fine performance with the company in livestock promotion and procurement will qualify him for his new assignment in livestock promotion. (General Livestock Promotion Manager)

STARK & WETZEL: We welcome Ken as corporate level Hog Procurement Manager. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding to our company.

DUBUQUE PACKING CO: This is a letter of thank you to Ken Knight. I appreciate your effort, enthusiasm, pride, and business capabilities. I respect your character, personality and mentality.

IOWA PORK INDUSTRIES: I want to thank you for your contribution to our company; not only on a business/corporate level, but on that of a personal friendship.

CROPP: I want to let you know how much we appreciate what you have done for the development of our organic meat program, and by association, for the organic meat sector in general.

OSCAR MAYER & CO. (RETIRED EX.) As you can see from the bio, Ken and I have worked together and known each other for a longtime now, starting in the 60's with Oscar Mayer. Ken’s background and experience and current business he operates. Makes him an excellent candidate.

CATTLEMAN ASSOCIATION: Your words sparked an interest in the crowd and gave our venture even more credibility via your informative and motivational speech. Brad was quite impressed not only with your knowledge, expertise, and charisma, but with your voice as well—he feels strongly we should ask you to do the voice overs for our video.

half way there." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

IH Tractor Parts BATES CORPORATION 12351 Elm Road • Bourbon, IN 46504

New, Used & Rebuilt Parts Thousands of IH Parts on the Shelf, Ready for Immediate Shipment H Best Prices H Best Service H Best Selection Call the IH Parts Specialists


LASHLEY TRACTOR SALES 24821 State Rte. 313 Quaker City, OH 43773 740-679-2141 800-LASHLEY (527-4539)

ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION: Our Corporation has been involved with Mr. Knight and his associates at Knightro Powered Marketing since early in 1991. We have collaborated on a number of research projects and business development initiatives. These have included approaches to expanding Midwestern farmers’ and partners’ understanding of Knightro’s unique market concepts in addition to work on several international livestock sales and business relationships.


NATIONAL FARMERS ORGANIZATION: Ken is, without a doubt, the top representative that we have, and because of his wealth of experience and his desire to succeed, I have asked his involvement on our behalf.

MARC H 2014

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The E A STE R N FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY | andl ivest ockdirect A1 5

CLASSIFIEDS ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WANT TO BUY –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

WANTED: Caterpillar Cable Scrapers. Lever Holdings Inc. 306-682-3332. 03/14

–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SERVICES/PARTS/REPAIRS –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ROUND BALER BELTING AMERICAN MADE: Largest dealer in U.S. Original belting for all round balers including new John Deere - in stock! Save hundreds$$! Free shipping anywhere! No 800#, just best prices. Since 1973. MC/Visa/ Discover/ Am. Express or C.O.D. Contact Hammond Equipment in Faundale, AL 36738, at 334-627-3348, or visit our website at 03/14

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– LIVESTOCK SUPPLIES –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

FOR SALE: Cattle troughs, calf troughs, water troughs & bunker sides. Call South East Precast in Wytheville, VA 24382 at 276-620-1194. 05/14

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– POULTRY –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

FREE CHICK & TURKEY CATALOG. Quality chicks as low as $29.95 per 100. Call toll free 1-866-365-0367. Reich Poultry Farms, P.O. Box 100, Marietta, PA 17547. 03/14

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– MISCELLANEOUS ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

CONKLIN® DEALERS NEEDED! Lifetime career in marketing, management, and applying green products made in America. Full time/parttime. For a free catalog, call now at 320-238-2370 or toll free 855-238-2570. Visit www. 03/14

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WEED CONTROL –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

ORGANIC WEED CONTROL - Tined weeders with Kovar tines 5' to 46' with or without gauge wheels, optional clamps for your existing toolbar. Horse drawn 5' to 15'. Made in western NY. Call Bob, 716-984-7442 06/14

TEXAS FARMS & RANCHES FOR SALE Call Joe Priest, Licensed Texas & Oklahoma Broker

• 900 Ac., NE TX, nice improvements, excellent grass, 23 stock tanks, game, 3.9 mil. includes cattle and equipment. • NEW 735 Ac., LaMar Co., Paris, TX. Big 2-story ranch home, lake, miles of frontage road, minerals, excellent cattle pasture. Price reduced, $2,750,000. • NEW 211 Ac., beautiful home, in-ground heated pool and spa, grassy meadows, 4 miles from nice college town, Commerce, TX. $575,000 • 146 Ac., NE TX, ranch, game woods and meadows. 3/2/ homes, 2 nice barns, lake. $370,000. • 145 Ac., Limestone Co. Hunting and cattle, $1,750 per acre. • NEW 50 Ac., S.E. TX ranch, nice 3.2 home, excellent grass, 1 Ac. lake fenced, Trinity County.Very accessible to Houston, Lufkin surrounded by big prop. making big game abundant. Price - $350,000

Joe Priest Real Estate


EQUIPMENT COMPANY Kennel, Rabbit, and small animal supplies HOME OFFICE & PLANT CALL OR GO P.O. BOX 352 ON-LINE MONETT, MO 65708 AND REQUEST 417-235-7557 ONE OF OUR 1-800-798-0150 FREE COLOR FAX 417-235-4312 CATALOGS TODAY!

WESTERN WAREHOUSE 11264 EASTSIDE RD. HEALDSBURG, CA 95448 707-433-6177 1-800-369-7518


MARCH 2014 Index This listing is provided for the convenience of our readers. This publication assumes no liability for inaccuracy. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

PRIORITY PAGES Agri Dry LLC.............................................. B4 Agri Financial Services.......................... B8 Air-Vac Systems Inc............................... IFC Arnold Lumber Co................................B10 Belco Resources...................................... B2 Bergman Mfg.........................................B12 Branson Tractor Co................................IBC Calmer Cornheads................................ IFC Cardinal Wireless.................................... B7 Charmaster............................................... B9 Cox Mfg. Dba Dalton Ag Products.. B8 Custer Products Inc................................ B8 Dr. Power .................................................. BC E. Rissler Mfg..........................................B11 Emerson Manufacturing....................B12 Enviropac Inc........................................... B6 Farm Tek..................................................... B7 Four Star Services Inc..........................B12 Frey Mfg & Dist......................................B11 Greenwell Mfg........................................ IFC Gro Mor Plant Food.............................B10 GSI...................................................B6 Hagedorn.................................................. B1 HARDI NAVIGATOR........................B2 Herbruck Poultry Ranch...................... IFC HFL Fabricating....................................... B9 Holmes Lumber...................................... B4 Honeyville Metal..................................... B2 Hoover Diesel .......................................B11 Horst............................................................ B3 Hurricane Ditcher Co............................ B6 Joe Mescan Windmill..........................B11 John BM Manufacturing...................... B5 Karam Mfg..............................................B12 KRONE TEDDER........................... B12 Latec............................................................ B7 Martins Tractor Parts LLC...................B12 Midwest Equipment & Supply........... B4 Moyer’s Chicks Inc................................B12 Mud Smith LLC........................................ B6 NEW HOLLAND .............................B9 No Bull Enterprises LLC......................B11

Nuera Transport....................................B10 Phase-A-Matic......................................... B5 Pomps Tire................................................ B9 R&J Ag......................................................B12 Radiator Supply House Inc...............B12 Scale Tec..................................................B10 Swift Mfg................................................... B7 Tredroc Tire.............................................B11 Tubeline..................................................... B5 Walinga Inc..............................................IBC Weigh All Inc............................................ B8 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


Anderson Tractor Supply Inc.............. A9 Bass Equipment....................................A16 Bates Corporation................................A15 Big Tractor Parts...................................... A9 Brim Slats.................................................A11 BROCK............................................ A6 Cloveridge Converting LLC...............A10 Davon Sales Inc.....................................A13 DMC............................................... A8 En-hanced Products............................A13 FC Mason Company.............................. A8 GREAT PLAINS DRILLS.................. A8 HARDI ESTATE SPRAYERS........... A10 Hey Machinery Co Inc........................... A9 IN Warm Floors........................................ A8 Joe Priest Real Estate..........................A16 KAWASAKI MULE........................ A10 KAWASAKI TERYX....................... A15 KUBOTA BX70............................. A10 KUBOTA RTV................................. A8 Lamppa Manufacturing, Inc............... A8 Livestock Steel/All Rail.......................A15 Myers Poultry Farm................................ A8 Norris Scale ............................................A13 Ron’s Mfg................................................... A8 Schweiss Doors....................................... A7 Starwood Rafters.................................... A6 VERSATILE..................................... A7 Wilson Trailer Sales................................ A6

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www. f a r ma nd livest ockdirect

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MARC H 2014

8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | The E A STE R N FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY |

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1517 3rd Ave. N.W., P.O. Box 998, Fort Dodge, Iowa 50501




Eastern Farm AND


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...combining past progress and present ideas to set new horizons for the future...

Equipment that works as hard as you do. For the Serious Gardener DR® ROTO-HOG™ POWER TILLER

Clear Overgrown Property Fast!

FAR FASTER & EASIER to use than hardto-handle, walk-behind tillers. BIG ENGINE POWER is ideal for large gardens, landscape projects, and food plots. TILL A 3-FOOT SWATH with each pass –twice the width of most walk-behind tillers!

Take control with a DR® FIELD and BRUSH MOWER.


— Greg Montanna

Turn a Rough Driveway Into a Smooth Ride.

Log Splitter

• EXPAND lawn areas. • OPEN UP fields and meadows. • REMOVE mowing hazards.


PATENTED DESIGN easily fills in potholes, smoothes washboard.


POWERED ACTUATOR controls grading depth with a remote control.


LOOSENS AND REDISTRIBUTES composite driveway surfaces without the need to haul, shovel, or rake new material. CARBIDE-TIPPED SCARIFYING teeth loosen the hardest surfaces.






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8 0 0 - 6 2 2 - 8 8 3 6 | Th e E A ST E R N FA R M a n d LI VE STO C K DI R E CTO RY |


Tows behind your ATV or Lawn Tractor!

KINETIC POWER The RapidFire uses twin cast iron flywheels (up to 75 lbs each) to blast logs apart in just one second!



FASTEST CYCLE TIME With a full cycle time (split stroke and auto-retract) of just 3SECONDS, the DR RapidFire is 6X FASTER than typical hydraulic splitters.

The DR® ROTO-HOG™ Mini Tiller is perfect for cultivating.

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OUTRIGGER™ TOW BAR enables cutting 100% outside the path of towing vehicle to mow along fences, under trees.

Smaller Jobs?

Powerful Self-Propelled Brush Mowers also available!

The DR® STUMP GRINDER uses carbide-tipped cutting teeth that take over 360 “bites” per second, pulverizing stumps into a pile of wood chips. Quickly and easily, you can grind any size tree stump below ground level. Gone forever!

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MOW WEEDS, BRUSH, even 2" thick saplings — with up to 20 HP of V-Twin power!

REMOTE CONTROL lets you manage all blade, clutch, and engine functions from your towing vehicle!

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CUT A 44" WIDE PATH Attaches easily to your ATV or riding mower.

Call for a FREE DVD and Catalog! TOLL FREE


www. f a r ma nd li v est ockdirect

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Eastern Farm And Livestock Directory | March 2014  

Equipment news, trends and technology, to general advice and interest stories for today’s crop and livestock farmers.

Eastern Farm And Livestock Directory | March 2014  

Equipment news, trends and technology, to general advice and interest stories for today’s crop and livestock farmers.