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Vol. 13, Issue 11 Nov. 2012

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Hydraulic Broadcast Spreaders Available in Single & Double, PTO-driven and Hydraulic Models.

Winter won’t wait. Fortunately, you won’t either. Get ready at



“TEXT” vehicles from tablet or cell phone!! Device responds back in 15--30 seconds with: *

Key on usage + idle time hours


Location link--to Google Earth/Maps


Geo-Fence theft alert text to you


Low oil, hi temp alarm text to you

Easy install to any make or model vehicle Tele: 813-877-4500

Stephens Manufacturing


We keep you ahead of the competition.

Stephens/Inventure Reversing Drum Mixer

• Improved discharge speed • Enhanced service area • Optional online monitoring • Modular shovels for easier access

New Low-Profile Mustang

New Heavy Portable Falcon

• 400 bbl in truss silo • 70 ton agg bin • 30" transfer belt • Two-10" screws • Optional in truss central dust collector • Standard frame designed to typical Zone 2 calculations

• Standard frame supports up to two 1000 bbl silos/200 ton agg bins and optional 400 ton

Portable RCC Mixer

• Plant can be designed with 36" belt, water batcher and holding tank for 200 yds/hr production • Space saving, mountable central dust collector available • Designed to Zone 1 seismic calculations

800-626-0200 FEATURES: • Sicoma MAO-6000 twin shaft mixer • 42” transfer belt with 50 hp motor • 400 amp 3rd party UL approved power panel • Optional hydraulic leveling jacks, conveyor fold and truck collection hopper fold IFC

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East Edition |

November 2012

The leading source for equipment information in the construction industry.

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Volume 13, Issue 11 • Nov. 2012

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat 101 (Part One)...........................A2 CEMCO Leads World in Crusher Technology.........................A3 What’s New ................................................................................A4 »Equipment at Work Big Beaver Auger Drill Rig Tackles Tough Projects in Remote Locations..................................A7 Saving With Your Air Compressor System ........................A7 The Man Saver Post Driver................................................A14 »Business Strategies: Four Tips for Running a Family Business ..........................A6 Improved Reliability is Key to Increased Profits.................A9 Ways to Manage High and Low Performers ......................A8 Four Things You Have to Get Right in Business..............A11 Crossword Puzzle....................................................................A12 Product Spotlight .....................................................................A13

Clearing The Way. HLA has a full line-up of blades suitable for equipment from 20 HP right up to 200 HP. “From sidewalks to estates to commercial

clearing we have a blade that will fit your needs,” confidently states Paul Horst of HLA. “At HLA we know snow; our product line includes angle blades, bucket mount pushers, v-blades and our versatile SnowWings.” New additions to our team are the High Volume Snow Buckets and a new line of Scatter Shot Broadcast Spreaders.

Our blade carts are built with the same quality and ruggedness of the rest of our Horst Wagon lineup. Use of quality components like automotive ball joints and tapered roller bearings keep pivot points tight, ensuring no trailer sway and long lasting use. Our standard retractable automatic relock tongue latch comes with standard variable adjustment making hook up quick and easy. These carts make storing and moving blades easy when not attached to your plow.

TAKE AIM AT ICE ACTUATOR TOUGH One of the most unique features of the HLA SnowWing is its rotary actuated endplates. This ingenious patented system allows the operator to independently control the endplates in a full 180 degree rotation. Now you can convert your blade from box to angle and add an extra 6 feet of clearing width.

HLA makes it easy for professionals with the introduction of the Scatter Shot. These broadcast spreaders make short work of your spreading tasks when there’s snow on the ground and when there’s not. Made of durable galvanized steel, the Scatter Shot can handle what it dishes out. From sand to salt, the internal agitators prevent the material from clumping or building up on the walls — ensuring you get the most out of every load. Hydraulic powered models feature easy to use self-loading hoppers. These tilt similar to a bucket allowing material to be scooped directly into the hopper.

NEW WIRELESS REMOTE The New wireless remote control from HLA Snow provides full wing control for operators with only one auxiliary hydraulic control. Simply plug the control module into your 12V power source and easily control wing positioning with the press of a button.

GOODBYE TIRE DAMAGE All blades that angle and have rotating endplates have potential to cause tire damage, and that’s why HLA developed our Patented Tire Protection System. This adjustable system automatically rotates the endplates away from the tire if there is the potential for collision.

Call 1-866-567-4162 to let HLA Snow help you clear the way. Visit or November 2012 | The

The HS100 is a single hopper broadcast spreader with a half yard capacity. Ideal for skid steers and small tractors, the HS100 runs off hydraulic or PTO power. Capable of spreading up to 40 feet the HS100 can be easily adapted to sidewalks with the addition of an optional sidewalk shield that will limit the spread to 3 feet.

With a capacity of one and a half yards, the HS200 has you covered. The Double Shot combines two of our rugged hoppers onto a single frame providing twice the bang for the buck.

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The popularity of radiant floor heat and sales are rising each year, and more and more consumers are adding radiant floor heating systems to their projects and improvements. Radiant floor heat creates some questions when first starting. In this article series I will explain some key points of radiant floor heat, and give you the confidence to start including radiant floor heat installations in your operations. –by LES GRAHAM

Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat 101 (PART ONE) What are the advantages of radiant floor heat? •

Even heat distribution – the whole floor is a giant radiator

Out of sight – tubing is buried in the concrete or under floor. No bulky duct work, baseboard, ceiling tube convectors, or cast iron radiators.

Quiet – no loud fans, pinging baseboard, etc.

Radiant floor heat is better for people with allergies.

Very low maintenance and cleaning – duct work and tube convectors need cleaning.

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Radiant Floor heat is proven to be the most efficient way to heat a building. Compared to forced air heating it is approximately 30% better.

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Notice the Pex-Al-Pex staying flat on the Styrofoam.

Where is the tubing placed in the concrete? Slab design considerations when using radiant floor heat? The main consideration is the use of insulation – both under the slab horizontally, and vertically installed around the perimeter. The perimeter insulation needs to have an R – value of 10. Generally, this is done with 2’’ blue or pink poly-styrene. If possible, incorporate this 2’’ foam as part of the original concrete forms. This can save hand digging later, which can undermine a monolithic slab. The thickness of the slab does not have to change because of radiant floor heat. The base you normally use under does not need to be changed. (Personally speaking, I like to see a 6 mil. vapor barrier under the slab.)

The tubing can go in the middle or at the bottom of the concrete – both have advantages. When placed in the middle of the concrete, the heat is delivered a little faster, thus allowing for a slight gain in efficiency. Snowmelt systems should always be installed in the middle of the slab. When placing tubing in the middle of the concrete keep in mind that with shops you need a minimum of 1-1/2 inches of concrete above the tubing. Homes require a minimum of ¾-inch above. The advantages of the tubing placed at the bottom of the concrete are several: •

Do I need to insulate under the slab? You need to consider insulation under the slab. Don’t be fooled by the statement, ‘heat rises'. Heat does NOT rise – it travels in all directions. Hot air rises! Generally speaking, you should always insulate a project 2000 square feet or smaller with an R-value of 5 – 10. On larger projects consider the dampness of the soil below. If you are high and dry, then you can consider zero insulation, or insulate the first 6-8 feet in from outer edge. If the water table is high in an area, then insulation under the whole area becomes necessary. Under concrete there is no benefit or need for reflective type insulation.

The tubing is more protected during the pour of concrete. The tubing is not suspended on the re-rod waiting for someone to step on it and damage it.

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Jan Hilpipre Kris Taylor

It is more protected during the lifetime of the slab because it is farther away from drill bits, nails and screws.


Ease of installation – there are special staples and screw clips that utilize the use of tools that allow you to fasten to the Styrofoam from a standing position. These methods are also considered faster than attaching to the re-rod.


When placed at the bottom of the concrete, the tubing is also a little more protected in the event of a crack since the tubing is not totally encased in the concrete (the bottom of tubing is against the foam or other base) it should be more protected.


Julie Kochendorfer

Justine Lee Nancy Cain

Valerie Walburn

Wendy Novak

Crystal Wendell

Mary Kapustka

Part two and three of Hydronic Radiant Floor Heat 101 is posted at in 'Resources'. Les Graham is president and owner of Radiant Outfitters based out of New London, Minnesota. Graham has 24 years of experience in radiant floor heating and has certified with the Radiant Panel Association.

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November 2012


Industry Innovations

50 Years After Faced with Necessity, CEMCO Leads World in Crusher Technology When Mason Hise purchased a fledgling repair company in 1962, one could not imagine that it would grow into the worldwide leader in vertical shaft impact crushing technology. The transformation took place quietly – almost unnoticed – a result of one thing; Hise’s work ethic and his motivation to fulfill the American Dream. “There was never a conscious decision to become an equipment manufacturer,” Neil Hise, Mason’s son and now President of CEMCO said. “We were just working hard and trying to solve problems. We didn’t let anyone tell us there was something we couldn’t do.” That nose-to-the-grindstone work ethic and old-fashioned ingenuity transformed CEMCO from what started as a service and repair business into a global manufacturing company that now occupies a 144,000-square-foot manufacturing facility that solves crushing challenges in 27 countries across the globe. The company is now on its third generation and continues to focus on solving the unique challenges of the mining and aggregate industries while leveraging its experience to reshape the recycling and cement industries as well. But what today is a global equipment provider, started with simple beginnings, hard work and a desire to make a living and a good life for the family.

Rising Out of the Depression

Mason grew up in the Great Depression and, with only an eighth-grade education, went to work in the gold-mining town of Bodie, Calif. He spent his life working mining, highway and railroad jobs, earning an education that he would never find in books. During World War II, he overhauled engines for the 8th Air Force in Warrington, England, and helped set records for horsepower achievements. There he met his wife, Rose, who drove ambulance during the blitz of London.

newborn son, Neil, as soon as he had put down roots in New Mexico. Rose, upon stepping foot in New Mexico, said she was so overwhelmed by the beautiful blue skies that she knew instantly she would never call anywhere else home again. Together, the family grew and traveled throughout the Southwest living in construction camps as Mason worked building roads and bridges. It was an exciting time of development in the West and the Hise family enjoyed being a part of the progress. However, with that life came a lack of stability. In 1962, Mason Hise learned that a company by the name of Crusher Service Company had been listed for sale. Filled with the entrepreneurial spirit and motivated by a desire to provide a more stable life for his family, he decided to purchase the company. Equipped with rugged machines, an ever-increasing demand for repair services, and an even greater amount of sweat and determination, Mason and his son Neil provided crusher repair services to customers in a 400 mile radius around Albuquerque. Using trucks and portable, manual-welding rigs, the Hise family found the hours long and the work plentiful. Rose served as the accountant and office manager, handling all the details necessary to support the growth of this fledgling business.

Full scale engineering services, robotic welding, CNC and large capacity machining operation.

It was demanding work using unsophisticated equipment, and requiring the men to travel endless miles on dirt roads to service the aggregate industry day and night. Equipped with only hand tools and welding rod, they disassembled, welded, straightened and reassembled crushers countless times. Facing the abrasive hard rock common to the Southwest, roll crushers were in constant need of repair and those repairs often lasted only a week before additional service was required. Mason and Neil believed there had to be a better way to crush rock into chips and sand. In May of 1965, they had just wrapped up an 18-hour shift of welding hard face repair to a roll crusher that was providing material for the Heron Dam project near Chama, N.M. The roll crushers were in need of continuous repair, sparking through the night while they attempted to crush the hard New Mexico granite. As the pair laid in their sleeping bags staring at the starry night, they agreed there just had to be a better way.

CEMCO facility in Belen, New Mexico as it was in 1965.

Growing Idea Into Reality

In their quest for a solution, Neil and Mason discovered existing vertical shaft impact crushers, but quickly realized their design failed to offer a practical solution. The castings simply weren’t sound enough to handle that hardness of material. The two options available, the Tornado and Simplicity D’cintegrator, consumed a significant amount of parts and eventually self-destructed. “There are few things harder than New Mexico granite,” Neil said. “It’s why our repairs would only last a week. We knew we would need to find the right design and material to create an alternative option.” Mason and Neil asked Les Edminister, owner of West Coast Alloys, if he could construct a new style of crusher wear parts from the same alloy as the hardface welding rod he provided for the Hise’s repair shop. Les didn’t hesitate at all, and quickly brought in other continues on page A16

Current CEMCO facility in Belen, New Mexico.

Returning to the U.S. after his service was up, Mason sent for Rose and his

November 2012 | The

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»What’s New SnowEx devlops new SuperMaxx Series Spreaders

safety strobe lights, noncombustible wiring and vertically oriented ratchet straps. The spreaders are covered by an industry-leading two-year parts and labor warranty.

SnowEx has introduced its highest-capacity line of spreaders, the SuperMaxx series. Intended for large contractors and municipalities, the spreaders are loaded with many new features for enhanced performance and easy pre-wetting integration.


For more information call 800-725-8377 or visit www.

The SuperMaxx series includes the 9300X, 9500X and 9800X, available with 3.3-, 4.3- and 6.0-cubic-yard capacities, respectively. The spreaders feature a unique cab-forward design with up to 33 percent better payload distribution, resulting in improved safety and reduced stress on the carrying vehicle.

Powerblanket Offers Line of Patented Heating Blankets for Drums and Buckets The Powerblanket line of drum and bucket warmers replaces conventional band heaters, warming ovens and blowers for heating temperature-sensitive materials stored in plastic, metal and other containers. Utilizing patented GreenHeatTM Technology, the heaters are a much more energy- and cost-efficient solution for maintaining viscosity and flow for stored liquids, including water, chemicals, paint and food products. GreenHeat Technology is a revolutionary heat spreading system that is designed to provide a highly efficient and uniform distribution of heat while only consuming low levels of energy. The technology allows containers to be rapidly and consistently warmed without creating the hot and cold spots common with competitive products.

Exclusive to the SuperMaxx series, the spreaders include a patented wet/dry mixing chamber. Within the chamber, the auger feed system mixes brine with the spreading material before delivering it to the spinner. This feature maximizes the effectiveness of pre-wetting applications by ensuring a precise, even coating of brine.

Powerblanket drum and bucket warmers provide maximum freeze protection by maintaining a desired temperature through an evenly heated area. The insulated full-wrap design keeps heat in and cold out, working on both metal and poly drums and buckets year-round. By evenly maintaining temperatures, the warmers prevent product waste and reduce downtime.

Other standard features include a fitted tarp, top screen, LED A4

800-622-8836 | The

New Featherlite Cooling Trailer The Featherlite cooling trailer was designed to give construction and farm workers a convenient place to cool off during hot weather. Two bench seats run the length of the trailer, and a high-pressure misting fan uses two 150-gallon water tanks to provide a welcome respite from the heat. Other features include two drinking water stations, a stainless steel sink and a removable aluminum canopy roof.

“Every construction company and farm should know about these new 2013 Featherlite cooling trailers,” Randy Lewis, Featherlite’s National Sales Manager said. “Providing an easily-accessible area where workers can cool down and get rehydrated can help employees be healthier, happier and ultimately more productive.” For more information, call 800-800-1230, visit a local dealer or go to the web at

Premium Radiant Pex-Al-Pex Radiant Outfitters is the official importer of Henco’s Belgium made Pex-Al-Pex. Henco uses the lastest technology when extruding this premium tubing. It is the only Pex-Al-Pex with a butt weld verses an overlap weld. This gives it the highest pressure and temperature ratings on the market.

The spreaders are completely electric-powered with a 12-volt, ¾-horsepower auger motor and 1.6-horsepower spinner motor. To ensure durability and ease of maintenance, the motors and transmission are sealed within weather-resistant enclosures. The control panel is also protected in a weatherresistant enclosure with a clear inspection cover.

Furthermore, a new low-profile spinner design with stainless-steel deflector helps the SuperMaxx series accurately spread material up to 40 feet wide. Additionally, the 12-inch stainless-steel spinner contains adjustable cups, allowing the operator to fine-tune the spread pattern. When not in use, the modular spinner assembly can be flipped into the upright position, providing full access to the vehicle’s hitch.



The hoppers are made from corrosion-resistant polyethylene and include a multi-angle design to promote a continuous flow of material to the auger feed system. Furthermore, an inverted “V” baffle and attached vibrator reduce clumping and allow the units to spread all bulk materials, including 100-percent salt, 100-percent sand and any combination in between.

The SuperMaxx series is controlled by an innovative pendant-style controller with a digital readout and dials for independently adjusting the variable-speed spinner and auger. It comes with blast and pulse features, as well as autoreverse and overload protection. If the truck is equipped with a pre-wetting system, the controller can toggle it on and off, automatically adjusting the pre-wetting system’s flow according to the spreader’s material feed rate.

manufacturing temperature control, ground thawing, concrete curing, and many more. For more information call 877-398-7407 or visit the company’s website at www.

The butt weld also allows the Pex to stay uniform thickness both inside and out. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion is 7-8 times better than regular Pex. The aluminum sleeve creates a 100% oxygen barrier and aids in the ease of layout of the tubing. Henco is approved to the standard ASTM 1281 and is available in I.D. of ½’’, 5/8’’, ¾’’, & 1’’.

Powerblanket warmers operate from a standard 120-volt electrical source and are certified to UL/CSA/CE safety standards. The product line fits 55-, 30- and 15-gallon drums and 5-gallon buckets. A PRO model comes with an adjustable thermostatic controller that allows customers to set and manage material temperatures from ambient up to 160°F / 71°C (±2°F / 1°C). The Rapid Ramp model will quickly heat and keep materials at a temperature of 100°F / 38°C (±10°F / 6°C). These units use full amps to reach temperature, then “ramp” down to about half of the current to maintain that temperature. Powerblanket provides superior heating solutions for a multitude of applications, including industrial and

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November 2012


What’s New Kohler introduces new 999cc CARB compliant engine Kohler® Engines has launched a 999cc California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant engine, which incorporates a Secondary Air Injection (SAI) system to meet the latest emissions standards in all 50 U.S. states. Kohler’s unique SAI system injects air into the engine’s exhaust manifold to significantly minimize pollutants and enhance overall engine performance. The powerful and easy-to-maintain new 999cc is ideal for use in a wide range of commercial applications, including agricultural tractors, lawn tractors, pumps, rollers, generators and other power equipment.

BRITESPAN Building Systems introduces the ACCENT building series

Komatsu America Corp. Launches New D61-23 Crawler Dozers

BRITESPAN Building Systems is adding another building to their current product line. The new building series, called the “ACCENT” is less expensive versus the truss style buildings and has nice vertical side walls for great storage capacity.

Komatsu America Corp. recently introduced its new line of D61-23 crawler dozers that were developed with extensive customer input. Utilizing this invaluable customer feedback, Komatsu America has produced a crawler dozer that is smarter, more productive, more owner- and operator-focused and that offers lower owning and operating costs. Using its popular D51-22 as a design starting point, Komatsu refined the dozer design to meet EPA Tier 4 Interim regulations while providing more owner- and operator-focused features, all bundled in a larger 130 to 160 HP package that pushes productivity and efficiency to new levels.

There are two different styles of the ACCENT buildings available: a 26’ wide low clearance and a 28’ wide high clearance. The high clearance model provides over 18’ clearance to the center of the building. These building can be constructed to any length needed and can be easily expanded. The ACCENT buildings are ideal for protecting your valuable toys or equipment from the harsh elements. Whether it’s for 4-wheelers, golf carts or RV and boat storage, the options are endless. The ACCENT building can be customized to suit your needs with doors, ends and various foundations options.

New longer track-on-ground standard (EX) and low ground pressure (PX) models are available to offer customers flotation and weight distribution options that best match their applications. Operating weight ranges from 39,099 lbs. to 41,138 lbs. depending on the configuration. The new models push with a net 168 HP at 2200 rpm. Developed as a versatile multi-tool, the D61-23 is designed for a wide variety of applications, including land clearing, grading, forestry and site work. A full guarding package, hydraulic winch and other attachments are available for easy customization to meet specific customer requirements.

“We’re excited to bring a new option of higher-powered engine to market that meet the most stringent air-quality standards while also delivering unequaled Kohler performance in the field,” said Justin Blount, director of marketing for Kohler Engines. “Of course, we also placed a premium on fuel efficiency and durability when designing these engines, so end users can rest assured knowing they’ve made an incredibly solid investment that’s easy on their wallet and the environment.” OEMs and end users interested in additional details are encouraged to connect with their Kohler sales representative for specific pricing and availability.

BRITESPAN Building Systems is a provider of pre-engineered, steel truss framed fabric covered buildings for agricultural, commercial and government applications as well as non engineered single arch lines.



Universal Skid Steer Adapter for compact pin-on loaders

Visit to see special features of these new crawler dozers.

Ansell Delivers Versatile New Gloves Designed for Construction Contractors

Worksaver, Inc. introduces the Universal Skid Steer Adapter to allow the use of skid steer type attachments for compact tractors up to 40 hp. with pin-on type loaders. The adapter is 54” wide x 17” high and features an all welded design with plated handles, springs and locks. With the universal skid steer adapter, loaders on compact tractors with pin-on buckets can now be updated with the popular skid steer attaching method. Customers can also easily switch attachments between a skid steer loader and compact tractor loader.

Ansel is introducing ActivArmr ® Multipurpose gloves that deliver the right level of protection, dexterity and grip to handle multiple tasks each day.

This adapter can be paired with a pin-on bracket set for compact tractors to complete the unit.

ActivArmr Multipurpose gloves are available in Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty. These ‘second skin’ feel gloves are made from engineered yarns for durability, breathability and comfort. They each have a foam nitrile outer layer for enhanced wet/dry grip and improved finger lengths for improved fit.

November 2012

The D61-23 crawler dozer is equipped with the latest KOMTRAX technology, which is fully integrated with Komatsu’s Tier 4 technology and sends machine operating information to a secure website utilizing wireless technology. Hour meter, location, cautions, load ratio, fuel consumption and maintenance alerts – to name a few of its features – are relayed to the web application for analysis. The KOMTRAX fleet monitoring system increases machine availability, reduces the risk of machine theft (compared to machines not KOMTRAX-equipped), allows for remote diagnosis by the distributor, and provides a wealth of other information to drive business efficiency and productivity.

Focus groups with general contractors told Ansell they needed a set of gloves that could take them each day from handling small screws and electrical connections, to installing ductwork and landscape digging. ActivArmr Multipurpose gloves are designed to deliver that versatility. | The

Contractors Equipment Directory

Komatsu America Corp. Launches New D61-23 Crawler Dozers Powered by Next Level of Tier 4 Interim Engine and New Innovative HST Technology.

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»Business Strategies



Four Tips for Running a Family Business: Bremen Castings President Talks About Company’s 70 Years of Success Since its inception over 70 years ago, Bremen Castings has been a company at the forefront of the foundry industry having won numerous awards for its safety, technology and environment-friendly manufacturing. JB Brown, President of Bremen Castings, attributes the family-run business’ success to their forward thinking business model, streamlined day-to-day operations, and above all, having each employee feel as though they are a member of the Bremen family. “In an industry with strong traditional roots, it’s important to have your company stay on course and to keep up with the times,” says Brown. “To stay successful we need strong productivity. Positive productivity is based on the efficiency and effectiveness of your employees and business structure.” Below are four of JB Brown’s tips for running a successful family business: Honor Thy Father: A large percentage of family-run businesses do not make it past two generations, so the key to longevity is ensuring the business is managed with effective leadership. When there is a strong management team, a solid business plan can be implemented which takes into account the highs, lows and future direction and goals of the company.

1. Minimum 10-25% savings on new replacement parts for your Steiger Drivetrain. 2. 50% savings on any used parts. 3. We rebuild transmissions, dropboxes, and axles with 1 year warranty. 4. We buy running or damaged Steiger tractors. These are American Made!


Cash is King: Since family members are often the majority stock holders in a family business, strong cash flow is imperative to ensuring stocks (and voting power) stays within certain hands rather than being sold for a liquid dividend. “No company is going to survive very long without generating a positive cash flow,” says Brown. “We keep tight books and prepare for the hard times by getting ahead of the curve.” Instill an Estate Plan: Some owners of family businesses become so engrossed within their companies; they forget to look at the big picture and understand how various situations can affect both the business and the family’s assets. “A defined estate plan is essential for smooth functioning of both the family system and the business system,” adds Brown. Enlist Outside Expertise: Although the brunt of the business may belong to the family, it is important to enlist non-family members onto a board of directors to help with important decisions regarding the company’s future. An outside board can instill a sense of accountability and perspective on everything from conflict resolution to financial planning.

U.S. or Canada

BALL BUSHING WAREHOUSE The Right Bushing – The Right Price

**INCH & METRIC SIZES** New Sizes Added .75 - 4 inch bore dia. 40 - 130 mm bore dia. Hardened & Ground Steel Bushings Phone:

860-693-1797 • Fax: 860-693-1698 E-mail:


**Inch & Metric Ball Bushings, Rod Ends, Spherical Plain Bearings**

World Class Quality - ISO 9002 Certified

Snow Pushers 6' up to 20' Quik-tach, Bucket Mount or Bare Back.

About Bremen Castings Inc.: this family owned foundry and machine shop was founded in 1939 in Bremen, Indiana. With over 70 years of experience, BCI is known worldwide for its quality gray and ductile iron machined castings. As a leader in the machining & foundry industry, Bremen houses its own machine shop & foundry. Keeping up with technology is high on the priority list with the Brown family as the company continually reinvests


in new equipment for production, environmental, and automation improvements. BCI uses 92% recycled ferrous material to produce world class gray and ductile iron castings for our world market. For more information about

Welding and Machine

Bremen Castings Inc. please visit their website at

Penn Yan, NY – Steel Sales – 315-536-2102

302-684-3197 FAx 302-684-0643

142 Broadkill Rd., Milton, DE 19968 of slotted and Atlantic Mfg. perforated pipe Screen & Mfg., Inc. Products for: • • • • • • • A6

800-622-8836 | The

Contractors Equipment Directory

Water Wells Inspection Wells Monitoring Sampling Equipment Dewatering, Irrigation Landfill & Construction Manholes, Carbon, Filtersock, Bentonite, Fuel Sensor Strip, Etc.

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November 2012


Equipment at Work

Big Beaver Auger Drill Rig Tackles Tough Projects in Remote Locations The most powerful offering in Little Beaver’s full line of earth drilling equipment, the Big Beaver Auger Drill Rig offers 2,500 pounds of lifting capacity and the ability to turn augers up to 18 inches in diameter. Constructed with a welded mechanical steel frame, the Big Beaver is rugged and durable, and ideal for a variety of applications including soil sampling, foundation repair and drilling environmental test wells. Additionally, the portable, easily maneuverable design enables it to work in remote locations and those inaccessible to truck-mounted units. Available in two models, the Big Beaver and Big Beaver XL, the hydraulically powered units may be specified to produce a range of maximum drilling torques from 690 to 170 foot-pounds and auger speeds from 114 to 547 RPM, respectively, when provided up to 12 GPM and 3000 PSI. Both models have been designed to work with Little Beaver’s D-series augers, which range in diameter from 4 to 18 inches. Auger extensions enable drilling depths up to 32 feet with a 16-inch auger and 100 feet with a 6-inch auger, depending on soil conditions.

Hydraulic Power is available with choice of a 20-, or 24-horsepower Honda gas engine or a 19 hp. Diesel engine. These compact, powerful Hydraulic Power Sources come with a 4-gallon fuel tank to ensure dependable allday operation, while the 10-inch fan on the oil cooler regulates temperature. The Hydraulic Power Source also serves as an attachment point for the stabilizer torque tube. For greater versatility, the power source can also be used to power a variety of other hydraulic tools on the jobsite. At just 26 inches wide and 48 inches long, the Big Beaver maneuvers into areas mounted drills simply can’t fit. The standard model measures 80 inches tall when upright while the Big Beaver XL stands at 92 inches tall. Flat Free tires smoothly guide the machine through gates and doorways, under eaves or into interior locations without disturbing the soil on the way. The Big Beaver can be paired with special tools and accessories to enable various drilling tasks. An optional Cathead Kit, which includes a tower kit, third hydraulic valve and spool,

makes soil sampling and performing standard penetration tests (SPTs) fast, convenient and economical. Additionally, the kit enables the Big Beaver to take undisturbed core samples, in 24inch increments, with the optional Split Spoon Sampler. The accessory can be safely and securely driven into the ground with Little Beaver’s optional 140-pound Safety Hammer.

Rugged and durable, this unit is ideal for a variety of applications, including soil sampling, foundation repair and drilling environmental test wells.

Also offered for soil sampling are Little Beaver’s ultra-light Hollow Stem Augers, which are designed to prevent contamination from loose surface soils. Built for speed and durability, the augers enable quick collection of clean samples for SPTs. The augers are available in 6- and 8-inch diameters, and can drill up to 32-feet deep.

In addition to soil sampling, the Big Beaver efficiently handles foundation repair, drilling pier holes up to 16 inches in diameter. Align the mast in any position up to 15 degrees from vertical with the simple crank mechanism. To create an under-reamed footing at the bottom of the foundation pier hole, add the optional belling tool, which provides solid support for slab and prevents pier uplift. For more info call 800-227-7515, or visit

Making Green Decisions:

Saving With Your Air Compressor System Fleets have been buffeted by the economic storm for the past three years. Historically, counties and cities have shown recovery from recessions as long as 18-24 months following the national economic recovery. This is due to the lag in tax revenue collection associated with an economy in recession.

consumption continue to lead the response to these initiatives. Fleet managers continue struggling to avoid the trap of making the wrong decision for what appears to be the right ‘green’ choice, and choosing the right air compressor system can be part of this challenge.

• • • •

Three key concerns that public sector fleets have faced the past few years have included zero-growth budgets, fuel prices and green fleet initiatives.

Regardless of location, fleets are expected to operate in extreme conditions. Finding an air compressor that is designed for these conditions can go a long way toward addressing budgetary and environmental concerns.

Underhood • Rotary screw system • Fully contained under the hood • Tied to the vehicle’s cooling system • Decreased emissions • Reduced fuel and insurance costs • Reduced vehicle weight

Making the right choice of truck equipment and accessories – particularly with regards to a vehicle-mounted air compressor – can assist fleets in addressing these issues. Fuel costs and alternative fuels continue to be a crucial issue for all fleets. Fuel volatility makes forecasting a fuel budget extremely difficult. As a result, fleets are budgeting tightly and looking for ways to reduce fuel consumption in the hope fuel prices will have less of an impact on their bottom line. Despite budget constraints, ‘green initiatives’ continue to gain priority throughout the public works and utility fleet industry. Support for ‘green’ fleets is expected to continue despite increasing pressure to reduce costs. Reducing emissions and fuel November 2012

Not all air compressor systems have all the necessary features, or are reliable in those circumstances. The types of vehicle-mounted air compressors available that could manage these conditions include:

Gas/Diesel Drive • Can be skid mounted, chassis mounted or trailer mounted • Insulated enclosures • Electric battery warmers • Smaller engine reduces exhaust/fuel use PTO Direct Drive and PTO Shaft • Larger 100 CFM plus compressors | The

• •

Oversized cooler Powered by only one engine PTO Hydraulic Underdeck Components are all mounted under the vehicle Hydraulic tank heater Powered by only one engine

Hydraulic Above Deck • Mounted on truck deck in metal closure • Auto cold-sensing • Lower initial cost of bare compressor • Throttle-Enable functions When making the choice of a vehiclemounted air compressor system, fleet managers need to take into account tight

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budgets and environmental impact – as well as the ability of the equipment to handle extreme weather conditions that are routine for a fleet. Longevity and reduced maintenance needs to contribute toward improved budgets, while proper equipment functioning reduces the environmental impact. To learn more, visit

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»Business Strategies Ways to Manage High and Low Performers – by Dr. Marty Martin


o, as a manager, CEO or business owner, how do you identify the employees you should focus on, and how can you make the most of your lower performers? Be Selective About Who to Focus Upon The first lesson is to carefully select who will be important for you to invest time, energy, and other resources in to developing their performance. This decision is incredibly important; if you choose a low performer, then your likely payoff will not be as great as if you had selected a high performer. This may seem at odds with what you have learned in the past, or it may even seem to go against the grain of democracy or fighting for the underdogs. But, if your goal is to maximize performance, then this approach is more likely to yield greater results quickly. As humans, we can only really improve two to three things at a single time, no matter what multi-taskers tell you. Deliberate practice on two to three things is what drives high impact gains in performance and productivity. Deliberate practice can be enhanced with explicit, targeted feedback from managers. It is far easier, more rewarding, and more effective to leverage strengths, rather than solely focusing upon weaknesses. The key is to find strength in one area and get the performer to use that strength in an area that requires improvement. Real, sustained improvement takes time. This requires patience on your part as a manager focusing upon the long term and not just the quick fix. The quicker the fix, the less sustainable the result. Keep Hope Alive for All Performers The second lesson is keep hope alive for all performers, even those who are chronically low. What does this mean?

People who invest their money wisely spend more time focusing on the investments with the greatest chance of turning out to be winners. Do you do the same when managing the performance of your employees? If you are like most managers, sadly the answer is that you get caught up spending too much time with low performers who have a fair chance of being acceptable, but not stars. What would happen if you dedicated more time to your employees who are acceptable performers yet exhibit clear signs of being high performers? The answer is that many of these acceptable performers will move into the ranks of high performers.

As a manager or CEO, you want to make investments, though not equal investments, in all performers. But, do not potentially waste too much time, energy and other resources in your employees who, at their very best, will only be an average or acceptable performer. This does not mean that they are not a good person, that they are not worthy of their salary or that they are a slacker. It may simply mean that they are comfortable in their current position and have no desire to become the company superstar, or that they are a bad fit for your organization. A manager that wants to improve performance should demonstrate what psychologists call “Unconditional Positive Regard.” This means that you accept where your staff begins their performance improvement journey. For some, they may begin behind, for others at the right place, and some are even ahead. Assess the starting

place but do not judge. Then, you can identify the signature strengths of all of your staff, even chronic low performers; it is unlikely that they are not doing well in all aspects of their job. Watch out for the “Pygmalion Effect.” This means that your staff rises or falls to your expectations. In other words, if you have low expectations, then they will move to meet your low expectations. The opposite is also true; if you have high expectations, then your employees will move to meet your high expectations. Focus on making progress toward a longer term goal, and reward that progress, even if it is only one baby step after another. By rewarding small steps to the larger performance goal, you will also feel less frustration because you know your efforts with the low performers are paying off.

Reassign or Fire Chronic Low Performers The third lesson is to cut your losses relatively early. Our country’s goal is to increase employment, but as a manager or CEO you also have a responsibility to your boss or stockholders, to your company, and your clients. There are two ways to address chronic low performers. First, if after setting clear expectations, monitoring their performance, giving feedback about their performance, coaching them, and then letting them know about the consequences of underperforming, you see no improvement, you should let them go. Second, if your company cannot afford to let any employees go in order to keep the operation running, you should reassign the chronic low performers. When you reassign an employee, you protect the majority of those that are performing well from a smaller group that could persuade them to lower performance across the board or distract the higher performers. Picture yourself three to six months from now after experimenting with these three recommendations. Not only will you have a plan for all performers but you will have dedicated more time, energy and resources to those performers with the greatest payoff. Your time is precious; you can only focus on so much. You have to be selective about what you focus upon. You have to prioritize. Be sure to do this when you are managing performance in your company and feel confident that your investment will pay off for you, your company and your clients.

About the Author: Dr. Marty Martin, known for his state-of-the art content presented in an engaging, dynamic fashion, has been speaking and training nationally and internationally for more than 30 years. Currently, he is working on Taming Disruptive Behavior which will be published by The American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) in late 2012. Dr. Martin is the Director of the Health Sector Management MBA Concentration and Associate Professor in the College of Commerce at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois and practices at Aequus Wealth Management. For more information or to contact Dr. Martin, please visit his website at


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CAROLINA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SALES & SERVICE LLC 994 Charlotte Hwy, Asheville, NC 28730 828-628-3004 |


15 Hillcrest Avenue, Washington, NJ 07882 908-689-7900 | In Massachusetts:

In Indiana: HARDINGS, INC.


109 West Commercial Ave., Lowell, IN 46356 219-696-8911 |

153 Brook Road, Quincy, MA 02169 617-328-5095 |



7274 Centreville Road, Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 | November 2012


2550 Rockdale Rd., Dubuque, IA 52003 563-557-1184 | 800-557-1184 In New York: WILSON RENTAL CENTER, INC.

369 Park Avenue, Corning, NY 14830 607-962-8611 | 800-640-2423


2911 S. English Station Road, Louisville, KY 40299 502-267-4020 | 866-901-2262 2235 Ragu Drive, Owensboro, KY 42303 270-683-2000 | 877-683-2262 267 W. Jay Lauden, Carrollton, KY 41008 502-732-4661 |

1548 W. Housatonic St., Pittsfield, MA 01201 413-443-2623 | | The

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In Michigan:

JOHN R. SPRING & TIRE 1782 E. Maple Rd. Troy, MI 48083 248-588-7200 In Indiana:

MEYER TRUCK EQUIPMENT 196 West SR 56 Jasper, IN 47564 812-695-3441


1410 E. Eaton Wheeling Pike Eaton, IN 47338 765-396-3391 In Massachusetts:

BART TRUCK EQUIPMENT LLC 358 River St. West Springfield, MA 01089 413-737-2766 413-737-8473 (fax) Email: In West Virginia:


State Rt. 60 & Mynes Rd. Hurricane, WV 25526 304-722-3814 | 800-342-3119 In Iowa:


In Maryland:

In New Jersey:



1928 Lincoln Dr. A-F Annapolis, MD 21401 410-263-5066

112 W. Westfield Ave. Roselle Park, NJ 07204 908-259-9500 888-337-4482

In New York:



321 U.S. Route 11 Central Square, NY 13036 315-676-2642 Email:


South St. Paul, MN 651-451-2264


60 Main St. Ogdensburg, NJ 07439 973-827-5456 | 866-271-5412 In Michigan:

5125 Clay Ave. SW Grand Rapids, MI 49548 616-530-6000 800-858-3659

268 Towpath Rd. Ft. Edward, NY 12828 518-480-3540 In Connecticut:

In Ohio:


1380 Southford Rd. Southbury, CT 06488 203-264-5343 Email:

THE TRAILER DEPOT LLC 1037 Middletown Ave. Northford, CT 06472 203-234-7788 800-860-3579

KAFFENBARGER TRUCK EQUIPMENT 2310 Refugee Rd. Columbus, OH 43207 614-443-3600 3260 E. Kemper Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45241 513-772-6800 In Minnesota:


104 Litchfield Ave. SE Willmar, MN 56201 320-235-1146

St. Cloud-Hutchinson-Rogers 800-400-1628


Rochester, MN 507-288-8266


Stillwater Forest Lake, MN 651-439-0404 651-464-8410


Fridley, MN 763-786-6100



St. Paul, MN 651-488-2571


Burnsville, MN 952-808-2437


Long Lake, MN 952-473-4898

POD’S TIRE & WHEEL White Bear Lake, MN 651-426-4640


Willmar, MN 320-235-1146


Cannon Falls, MN 507-263-5888


Buffalo, MN 763-682-5536


In Pennsylvania:

Hastings, MN 651-248-6848



108 Gravel Pike Rte. 29 Green Land, PA 18054 215-234-9121

November 2012

9150 Pillsbury Ave. S. Bloomington, MN 55420 952-888-2525



1400 Mount Pleasant St. Burlington, IA 52601 319-752-4017 | 309-337-8574


Mankato, MN 507-387-7376 855-55-PLOWS

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You’re tough. Smart. DETERMINED. you know what you’re doing, but you never stop looking

for ways to do it better.

you’re the no-nonsense,

no-excuses type. and you’re right at home at world of concrete.

INDOOR & OUTDOOR EXHIBITS • COMPETITIONS & DEMONSTRATIONS • EDUCATION & CERTIFICATION February 5 - 8, 2013 • SEMINARS: February 4 - 8 Las Vegas Convention Center • Las Vegas, Nevada Source Code: CED

A selected participant in the International Buyer Program


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CENTRAL JERSEY TRAILER & HITCH LLC 45 4th Street, Somerville, NJ 08876 908-203-1911 |


60 Main St., Ogdensburg, NJ 07439 973-827-5456 | 866-271-5412


307 Greenwood Ave., Florham Park, NJ 07932 973-377-0421 | Email: November 2012


787 E. Conway Road, Center Conway, NH 03813 603-356-8315 | 888-619-9817 In Maryland:

GAITHERSBURG EQUIPMENT CO. 700 E. Diamond Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20877 301-670-9300 | The

In New York:

In Michigan:



247 Oriskany Blvd., Whitesboro, NY 13492 315-736-5432 | 800-352-3050 Email:

43 E. Burdick Street, Oxford, MI 48371 248-969-2800 | In Ohio:

In Massachusetts:


ABCO Services

19 Thompson Road, Webster, MA 01570 508-943-8010 | 800-880-1759

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701 N. Westwood Ave., Toledo, OH 43607 419-536-6123 | 800-887-9516

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Š 2012 BOSS Products/Northern Star Industries, Inc *Comparison based on THE BOSS Power-V XT versus standard-duty straight-blade and multiposition snowplows.


The best-selling multiposition plow on the market. Bar none.


In Minnesota:

In New York:

In Massachusetts:




5219 Miller Trunk Hwy., Duluth, MN 55811 800-782-3443

2901 Vestal Rd., Vestal, NY 13850 607-348-0080 In Wisconsin:



52248 Ember Road, Lake Crystal, MN 56055 507-726-6041 | 800-722-0588 1130 73rd Ave. NE, Fridley, MN 55432 763-571-1902 | 800-795-1280


1051 W. 7th St., Monroe, WI 53566 608-328-8127 | 800-356-8134 1151 W. Main Ave., DePere, WI 54115 920-336-8068 | 800-848-5400 1601 E. 29th St., Marshfield, WI 54449 715-387-8445 | 800-882-1900

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123 Uxbridge Rd., Mendon, MA 01756 508-478-5907

In Maryland:


21284 Mt. Lena Rd., Boonsboro, MD 21713 301-745-6696


In Rhode Island:

In Illinios:

65 Perry Street, Central Falls, RI 02863 401-722-3160 Email:

275 Leominster Rd., Sterling, MA 01564 978-422-8870 | 888-246-5716



812 Draper Avenue, Joliet, IL 60432 815-727-3134

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The newest V-Plow that features an innovative dual-trip design.


Designed to throw snow higher & farther than traditional plows.

Designing a reliable snowplow is one thing. Creating a family of snowplows that define an industry is another. For over 25 years The BOSS has pioneered the development of tough, reliable V-Plows engineered to handle the ever-changing demands of snowplow professionals. Today, THE BOSS continues to push the edge of V-Plow performance and reliability with snowplows like the Power-V XT and the new Power-V DXT – moving snow faster, throwing it farther and always being there to back you up.


In Ohio:

In Iowa:

TERRY’S TRUCK & TRAILER INC. 4686 Eagle Circle NW N. Canton, OH 44720 330-499-3110


2310 Refugee Rd., Columbus, OH 43207 614-443-3600 3260 E. Kemper Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45241 513-772-6800

November 2012


219 Columbus Sandusky Rd. N. Marion, OH 43302 740-389-5458 | 866-389-5458


2217 N. Dayton Lakeview Rd. New Carlisle, OH 45344 937-845-9469 | The


7400 Oak Leaf Road Oakwood Village, OH 44146 440-232-4311 In New Jersey:

CRESTON HYDRAULICS, INC. 109 Flock Road Hamilton, NJ 08619 609-587-3334

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PAL FLEET TRUCK EQUIPMENT CO. 2109 South 35th Street Council Bluffs, IA 51501 712-323-7116 | 800-831-9260 Email: In Vermont:


448 Main Street St. Johnsbury, VT 05819 802-748-3219 East Edition | 800-622-8836



In Massachusetts:


300 Reservoir Street, Needham, MA 02494 781-449-0833 | 877-449-0833 | In New York:


60 International Blvd., Brewster, NY 10509 845-278-7766 | In West Virginia/Kentucky/Ohio:


6248 Webster Road, Cowen, West Virginia 26206 304-226-3299 | 888-694-4695 | 136 Cliffton Drive, Beaver, WV 25813 304-255-1525 Route 33 West, Norton, WV 26285 304-636-6421 284 Van Kirk Drive, Fairmont, WV 26554 304-534-5454 19 Goff Crossing Drive, Cross Lanes, WV 25313 304-204-1818 195 Industrial Park Drive, Pikeville, KY 41501 606-432-0321 8331 Meade Springer Road, Ashland KY 41101 606-928-3477 105 Tennis Center Drive, Marietta, OH 45750 740-373-5255

The industry’s toughest, longest lasting wood processing equipment av is available through the extensive network of authorized Bandit dealers.

In Connecticut:

Conta yours today and see how a Contact Band Bandit chipper or grinder can help boos boost your operation’s bottom line.


15 Virgil Street, Stamford, CT 06902 203-323-9921 | In Maryland/Virginia/Delaware:


4601 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, MD 21227 Baltimore, MD 410-242-6500 Manassas, VA 703-393-7344 Winchester, VA 540-722-3700 Chesapeake, VA 757-485-3314 Richmond, VA 804-266-0000 Roanoke, VA 540-989-3750 Wise, VA 276-328-8027 Bridgeville, DE 800-638-6012

1-800-952-0178 952-0178

VISIT US ONLINE 24/7 AT WWW.BANDITCHIPPERS.COM Contact your local Bandit dealer to schedule a demonstration at your job site!

In Virginia:

In Maryland:


7274 Centreville Road Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 In North Carolina:

MT. AIRY EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 1431 W. Pine Street Mount Airy, NC 27030 Kubota 336-786-6240

HICKORY INTERNATIONAL, INC. 1704 Conowingo Road Bel Air, MD 21014 410-838-4200 In Louisiana:


1909 Mills Hwy. Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 337-233-5591

SVL Series

In Massachusetts:

* POWER $0NORFOLK Down & 0% Financing In Iowa:for 48 Months A.P.R.

EQUIPMENT, INC. ROEDER IMPLEMENT Standing the test of time is Kubota’s strength – because productivity is yours. 5 Cushing Drive, Rte. 1A 2550 Rockdale Rd. Join the Kubota movement: 40 Years Strong. Wrentham, MA 02093 508-384-0011 846 Bronco Highway Burrillville, RI 02830 401-710-9911 161 S. Main Street Middleboro, MA 02346 774-213-9052

Kubota SVL Series

$0 Down & 0% Financing for 48 Months* A.P.R.

Standing the test of time is Kubota’s strength – because productivity is yours. Join the Kubota movement: 40 Years Strong. B8

800-622-8836 | The

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Dubuque, IA 52003 563-557-1184 800-557-1184

*$0 down, 0% A.P.R. financing for terms up to 48 months on purchases of select new Kubota equipment from available inventory at participating dealers through 9/30/12. Example: A 48-month monthly installment repayment term at 0% A.P.R. requires 48 payments of $20.83 per $1,000 borrowed. 0% A.P.R. interest is available to customers if no dealer documentation preparation fee is charged. Dealer charge for document preparation fee shall be in accordance with state laws. Only Kubota and select Kubota performance-matched Land Pride equipment is eligible. Inclusion of ineligible equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. Not available for Rental, National Accounts or Governmental customers. 0% A.P.R. and low-rate financing may not be available with customer instant rebate (C.I.R.) offers. Financing is available through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A., 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503; subject to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 9/30/12. See us for details on these and other low-rate options or go to for more information. Optional equipment may be shown.

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Introducing The “E.V.O.” Steer d i k S

Models Available For

act Comp tor a Excav

Large or at Excav

Right of Way Maintenance & Clearing, Forestry Clearing for Fire Prevention, Rail Road Maintenance, & Roadside Clearing. • Ability to clear everything from brush to felling and mulching 15" and larger diameter trees with appropriate hydraulics • Ability to be attached to just about any carrier • Use with or without an auxiliary engine • Low cost, affordable attachment that is a must have for every clearing contractor. • Low cost - Pays for itself! • Long tool life - 300+ hours • Extremely low maintenance!

November 2012

John Brown & Sons, Co.

Toll Free:1-888-227-6686

14 B&B Lane, Weare, NH 03104

Fax: 603-529-7974 | The

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In Pennsylvania:

LAFAYETTE WELDING INC. 64 Ridge Pike Limerick, PA 19468 610-489-3434

AUTO & TRUCK SPECIALTIES 15761 Route 322 Clarion, PA 16214 814-764-5544 | 888-359-3761

207 Smouse Road Rte. 119 & 819 Scottdale Exit Mt. Pleasant, PA 15666 724-887-7777 | 888-547-7775

SNAKE CREEK MARINE 20745 SR 29 Montrose, PA 18801 570-967-2109 | 800-453-3820

WALTER’S TRACTOR SERVICE 6690 Linglestown Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17112 717-545-9120 Email:

In Delaware/Maryland/Pennsylvania:



Dover, DE 302-734-8670 | 800-787-0444 Bear, DE 302-324-8383 | 800-787-8656 Laurel, DE 302-875-4855 | 800-787-0239 Fruitland, MD 410-742-3446 | 800-787-0466 Orwigsburg, PA 570-366-8950 | 800-895-9745

16 Sweetmilk Creek Rd. Troy, NY 12180 518-279-3421 Email:

In Missouri:


2900 Chouteau Ave. St. Louis, MO 63103 314-771-6666

BUS ANDREWS TRUCK EQUIPMENT INC. 2828 E. Kearney Street Springfield, MO 65803 417-869-1541 | 800-273-0733 In New York:

M&C TRUCK EQUIPMENT LLC 2901 Vestal Rd. Vestal, NY 13850 607-348-0080

In Michigan:

KC’S TRUCK EQUIPMENT REPAIR SERVICE, INC. 611 Terminal Road Lansing, MI 48906 517-321-3800 Lansing’s only direct dealer.


TRI TANK CORP. 115 Farrell Rd. Syracuse, NY 13209 315-451-8663 | 866-585-5267

TRUCK BODY SPECIALISTS LLC DBA CHENANGO TRUCK 36 South Canal Street Oxford, NY 13830 607-843-9885 | 866-237-9885 In New Jersey:

LOWTHER’S SERVICE INC. 52A Route 34 Matawan, NJ 07747 856-461-8277 800-LOWTHER (569-8437) In Ohio:

DAN’S TRUCK EQUIPMENT 8042 Fremont Pike Perrysburg, OH 43551 419-874-2249

434 Old Suffolk Ave. Islandia, NY 11749 631-234-8188 November 2012 | The

Contractors Equipment Directory

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In Maryland:



3171 Solomons Island Rd. Edgewater, MD 21037 410-841-5012 | 800-542-5444

2370 English St. St. Paul, MN 55109 651-484-3305 | 800-869-1075 2770 5th Ave., Fargo, ND 58103 701-241-9411 | 800-972-9250

ATO AUTO SPORTS 9720 Pulaski Hwy Middle River, MD 21220 410-918-9600 2207 E. Jappa Rd. Parkville, MD 21234 410-668-8900

MWS LLC 11405 Mapleville Rd. Smithsburg, MD 21037 301-824-3628 In Minnesota:

CRYSTAL WELDING 17601 113th Avenue Maple Grove, MN 55369 763-428-8281 | 800-255-3519

TRUCKIN’ AMERICA 4720 Hwy. 52 N. Rochester, MN 55901 507-285-9855 | 800-556-4720

TRUCKS N’ TOYS LTD. 33458 Xylite St. N.E. Cambridge, MN 55008 763-689-1332

NORTH CENTRAL TRUCK EQUIPMENT 2629 Clearwater Rd. S. St. Cloud, MN 56301 320-251-7252 732 30th Ave. SE Minneapolis, MN 55414 877-485-9595

HOLT TRUCK CENTER 245 W. Cokato St. Cokato, MN 55321 320-286-5489 | 888-444-4658

ISANTI RENTAL 421 W. Dual Blvd. Isanti, MN 55040 763-444-7368

STUBER TRUCKS 955 W. Airline Hwy. Waterloo, IA 50703 319-233-2286 888-322-2286

Z LINE LTD. 402 North County Road Toledo, IA 52342 641-484-6211 800-468-0193

HD EQUIPMENT INC. 2289 Hwy. 30 Grand Mound, IA 52751 563-847-1895 In Wisconsin:

UNIVERSAL TRUCK EQUIPMENT INC. N 15921 Schubert Rd. Galesville, WI 54630 608-539-4600 In Illinios:

RONDO ENTERPRISES, INC. 1115 E. State Street Sycamore, IL 60178 815-899-4340

In Iowa:

MARX TRAILER SALES 2411 3rd Street Sioux City, IA 51101 712-252-4337 | 800-352-0030

In Virginia:

WHITE LINE TRUCK EQUIPMENT 9105 Industry Dr. Manassas Park, VA 20111 703-330-1307 B12

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Add extra profits to your snow removal business with a high-capacity Hiniker salt and sand spreader. • Big 1.5 or 1.8 cubic yard capacity • Available in stainless steel (6.5’ & 8’) hoppers • Swing-away spinner chute for easier unloading and improved trailer hitch access • Full in cab control of all functions • Powered by your choice of - 12 volt dual electric motor or reliable Briggs & Stratton Intek AVS OHV engine

November 2012 | The

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Line-Boring & Bore Welding On-Site


All the Hydraulic Hardware You'll Ever Need!



• Up to 200mm • Cut to Length • No Minimum Order • Same Day Ship



We are pleased to announce the addition of a New SUNNEN 4100 Hone to our equipment in Dallas • Size capacity for honed tubes ranges from 4" ID up to 21" ID and up to 12' in length • Rough honing will produce an RA Finish of 40-60, suitable for piston rings • Finish honing produces a much finer finish, suitable for hydraulic seals 2330 Quincy Street, Dallas, Texas 75212 (214) 637-9301 • Fax (214) 637-9303

National TOLL FREE: (800) 441-1994

Reduce Your Heavy Equipment Down Time Weld & bore using the same set-up Sets up in minutes Sales & Leasing Toll Free 1-888-783-9675

In Florida/Georgia:

In Tennessee:



2525 Clarcona Road, Apopka, FL 32703 407-798-0004 450 NW 27th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 954-518-9923 4815 Mendel Court, Atlanta, GA 30336 404-693-9700 | In Alabama: B14

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2405 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN 37207 615-227-7800 | 800-860-7800 In Virginia:

VIRGINIA PUBLIC WORKS EQUIPMENT 8383 Old Richfood Road Mechanicsville, VA 23116 804-730-4040 |

1225 Vanderbilt Road, Birmingham, AL 35234 205-324-3104 | East Edition |

November 2012

More power, more productivity and now, more choices.

In Virginia:


7274 Centreville Road Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 In New York:

SALEM FARM SUPPLY, INC. 5109 State Route 22 Salem, NY 12865 518-854-7424 800-999-3276

In Massachusetts:


5 Cushing Drive, Rte. 1A Wrentham, MA 02093 508-384-0011 846 Bronco Highway Burrillville, RI 02830 401-710-9911 161 S. Main Street Middleboro, MA 02346 774-213-9052 In Maryland:

In Connecticut:

WESCO INC. TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT 27 Broad Street Norwalk, CT 06851 203-847-2496 In North Carolina:

MT. AIRY EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 1431 W. Pine Street Mount Airy, NC 27030 336-786-6240

HICKORY INTERNATIONAL, INC. 1704 Conowingo Road Bel Air, MD 21014 410-838-4200 In Louisiana:


1909 Mills Hwy. Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 337-233-5591 November 2012 | The

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The Compton Railcar Monthly Public AUCTION Second Saturday of the Month • 8am


3570 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019 Preview: Friday Before Auction 8am-5pm doors open at 7am morning of sale


DEMAND MORE Loader & Unloader


• Portable • Versatile High Volume • One Man Operation

• Diesel Or Electric Power • 4” High Drive Over Pan • Highway Towable With One Ton Pickup • Adjustable Rear Axle • Detachable Ramps • Self-Propelled • Side-Drive

CALL US TODAY FOR A FREE VIDEO!!! (530) 895-1942

2434 DAYTON RD., CHICO CA 95928 PH: 530-895-1942 • FAX: 530-895-0760

Consign your Equipment with Us:

* Below Market Consignor Rates * Customized Marketing Campaign * Commercial, Industrial and Construction Assets * Contact Dan White for Details

2076 & 2086

Mustang skid steer models 2076 and 602.242.7121 2086 HIGHWAY TOWABLE !!! provide the muscle you need to tackle even the toughest jobs.

POWERFUL ▲ A 70.7-hp Interim Tier IV turbocharged Yanmar diesel engine provides 206 ft.-lbs. of torque for raw power and performance.


MUSCLE HIGH-RATED OPERATING CAPACITIES ▲ Get the strength you need for heavy-duty jobs with rated operating capacities from 2,900 lbs. (with optional counterweight). GET IN CONTROL ▲ Three control options available to make operation intuitive.


2076 & 2086

Mustang skid steer models 2076 and 2086 provide the muscle you need to tackle even the toughest jobs. POWERFUL ▲ A 70.7-hp Interim Tier IV turbocharged Yanmar diesel engine provides 206 ft.-lbs. of torque for raw power and performance. HIGH-RATED OPERATING CAPACITIES ▲ Get the strength you need for heavy-duty jobs with rated operating capacities from 2,900 lbs. (with optional counterweight). GET IN CONTROL ▲ Three control options available to make operation intuitive.

A Vt oAl eIa rLn mAo r eBa bLo uEt M uN A uT s s t aO n g vW isit m B16

800-622-8836 | The

t a n g m f g . c o m

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TOP NOTCH EQUIPMENT, INC. 5505 North Hwy. 169, Suite 100 Plymouth, MN 55442 763-398-0079 In Ohio:

ATS Clayton Inc.

9270 Princeton Glendale Road Hamilton, OH 45011 513-860-2820 | 800-342-0317 In Indiana:


2911 State Road 32 E Westfield, IN 46074 317-896-2753


109 West Commercial Ave. Lowell, IN 46356 219-696-8911 In Pennsylvania:


8422 Wayne Highway Waynesboro, PA 17268 717-762-3193 |

East Edition |

November 2012

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Those in the know, know Takeuchi


TL C 10 Che 10 he c at & T k- at & T ckTa L ou Ta L ou ke 12 t t ke 12 t t uc Tr he uc Tr he hi ack ne hi ack ne -u w -u w s. Lo s. Lo co ad co ad m er m er ! s ! s

Compact Track Loaders Excavators • Compact Wheel Loaders Those• Compact in the know, know Takeuchi

• Compact Wheel Loaders





Compact Track Loaders • Compact Excavators

The Hardy Outside Furnace. First On The Market, Best In The Field! • No smoke, ashes or wood trash inside house • Burns up to 16-inch diameter log • Hot water for household use • Burns up to 30-inch long wood • Use present central duct or baseboard system • May be located 10-100 feet from house • All Stainless Steel construction


AVAILABLE FROM 100,000 - 250,000 BTU

UL ®


Designed for Centrally Heated Homes Dealer Inquiries Welcome In Missouri:

Backed by a highly trained team in product and service


401 W. Outer Rd., Valley Park, MO 63088 636-225-2900 | O’Fallon, MO 636-240-9020 Columbia, MO 573-886-9435 Fairview Heights, IL 618-397-1847


Route 78, Swanton, VT 05488 Backed by a highly trained team in product and service 802-868-4050 | In Pennsylvania




For more information, contact:

In Vermont:

323 N. Mullen Rd., Belton, MO 64012 816-331-6078 | 800-878-6078 |

1500 Hwy. 315, Wilkes Barre, PA 18711 570-825-7711 | 800-633-0027





800-542-7395 Curb Shaper takes out all the labor of being bent over shaping curb by hand and gives you a perfect shape every time. This tool has several adjustments and can be set up for different jobs in a matter of minutes.

Curb Shaper is basically designed for 24" curb and gutter, but has adjustments up to 2 1/2" either direction that can be adjusted while in use to take care of variations in form work. By removing the all thread adjustment pin, you can turn the sliding under carriage around and put the wheels on the other side of the bracket which allows you to go to a 18" curb and gutter with the same 2 1/2" adjustment capability.

Booth #C6291

Curb Shapers, Inc.

8 7 7- 6 3 3 - 0 893 Douglas J. Weber (Owner) cell 479-721-5674


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Creating Mowing Solutions


T.M. SPLITTER Fits Most Skidsteers


Now you can split and stack wood from the comfort of your skid steer cab. Toll free 877-757-7555

Maximize your equipment investment. Cut & mulch brush, grass & small trees with your excavator, backhoe or skid steer. Samurai Excavator Brush Flail


For more information contact: 320-286-3077

• 30”, 40”, 50”, & 60” models pin or pin grabber mount • Cuts up to 6” diameter material –8-40 gpm • Gear or piston motor available • T-1 steel construction –powder coat finish • 12 month warranty • Kubota approved for Kubota KX-080-3


• Works from ground level bores to 6” diameter • Makes bores beneath permanent structures • No extra excavation necessary • Briggs & Stratton or Honda engine


RaZor Skid-Steer Brush Flail • 1/4” DOMEX steel shroud, 3/8” end plates • Four v-belt drive system rated @ 94 hp • 6” DOM cutter shaft, 5/8” wall, triple blade design • Cutting capacity 6”, 25-47 gpm • Powder coated finish– Universal quick attach • Standard 12 month warranty

QA60R—Skid steer Rotary Mower • Cuts 8” diameter material • 20-40 gpm—gear or piston motor • Blade disc or Blade bar—12 lb. blades • Universal quick attach • Durable T-1 steel construction • Powder coat finish • 12 month warranty

TOLL FREE 877-YOUBORE “Since 1970”

Call 1-877-757-7555

In New York:


2800 Kenmore Ave., Buffalo, NY 14150 718-876-2000 | In Minnesota:

EAST CENTRAL DIESEL & EQUIPMENT, INC. 37131 Hwy. 65 NE, Grandy, MN 55029 763-689-9470

In Illinois:


1801 E. University Ave. , Urbana, IL 61802 1105 Interstate Drive, Bloomington, IL 61705 664 US Hwy 150 East, Galesburg, IL 61401 208 Dewitt Ave., E. Mattoon, IL 61938 In Georgia:


2804 Wylds Road, Augusta, GA 30909 3185 Moreland Avenue, Conley, GA 30288 109 Sharon Court, Pooler, GA 31322

217-337-1781 309-827-0520 309-341-4360 217-235-3158

706-737-9191 770-322-6960 912-748-2828

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Deutz engine with only 40 hours on it

502-833-4315 270-351-5250

12"- 30" Dirt Heads, 12"- 30" Augers ALL AUGERS AND HEADS ARE 3" HEX


Email: Wilson Creek Road Lebanon Junction, KY 40150

Drain your engine oil with the touch of a finger!

Fumoto Engineering of America

(425) 869-7771 • STORE FOOD NOW!

Are you prepared for illness or disasters that may keep you at home? We offer the highest quality, longest storing, best tasting, dry foods, canned meats, cheese and butter available.

Basic, 11 Case, 1 Year Food Supply for One: $1250 FREE SHIPPING AquaRain Gravity Water Filters (15K gals+): $190+S&H Also, grain mills, survival manuals, sprouters, additional emergency essentials, books and more.



EFFECTIVE AGAINST BEDBUGS! Eliminate insects and internal parasites with our natural, freshwater, feed-grade DE. Dust surfaces to kill crawling insects. Add to feed to kill internal parasites and cut fly populations. Rub into fur to kill fleas. Safe — under 1% silica. Lowest prices in the country!


Call for current pricing.

TS-14 Exhaust Elbow P/N 9195499

TS-14 Shift Cylinder P/N 15015648 Shift Tower P/N 9014855

TS-14 Radiator Guard (with Terex)

Control Valve Steering Valve

Exhaust Manifold TS-14 Wheel Seals TS-14 PTO Kits

CHEMICAL & POISON FREE P.O. Box 3182, Quinlan, TX 75474

937-645-9677 • FAX 937-644-1240 •

TS-14 Ejector Door

REPLACEMENT - NEW USED - PARTS FOR: Terex - Komatsu - Detroit Diesel - Allison - Deutz & Most Forklifts


Prices subject to change.


TS-14 Radiator Shroud

Caterpillar & Komatsu Parts TS-14 • Steering Gears • Hyd. Pumps New Radiator Cores • Radiator Guard & Shroud Replacement Engine Parts for Detroit Diesel, Komatsu, Cat, Cummins, JD, Kubota, Deutz

Toll Free 888-645-9677


Anti-Icing & De-Icing Equipment 3000 - 6000 gal Storage Tanks in Stock Gas or Electric transfer pumping systems 200 - 3000 gal Skidded Deicing Sprayers Pre-wetting Systems


Phone: (315)776-5300 • Fax: (315)776-8800    In Illinois:


1801 E. University Ave. , Urbana, IL 61802 1105 Interstate Drive, Bloomington, IL 61705 664 US Hwy 150 East, Galesburg, IL 61401 208 Dewitt Ave., E. Mattoon, IL 61938 In Georgia:

  B20

800-622-8836 | The


2804 Wylds Road, Augusta, GA 30909 3185 Moreland Avenue, Conley, GA 30288 109 Sharon Court, Pooler, GA 31322

217-337-1781 309-827-0520 309-341-4360 217-235-3158

706-737-9191 770-322-6960 912-748-2828

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USED REPAIR PARTS 800-626-6046 Wheel Loaders, Crawlers, Track Excavators, Loader Backhoes, Skidders, Skid-Steer Loaders, Engines & Transmissions “Rely on Our Experience - Est. 1967” 4535 State Route 3 North P.O. Box 136 Wolf Lake, IL 62998 P & H 670 Truck Crane • 144' Boom • Cummins Up and Down • Good Condition, $55K Call: 210-648-6000 | 512-750-9742


4640E & 5240E POWER2 SKID

Improved Reliability Is the Key to Increased Profits – by Ted Garrison Construction management efforts typically focus on productivity to control costs. However, the problem is reliability, not production. Studies reveal that more than 90 percent of the tasks performed on projects finish within the duration assigned to them at the beginning of the project. In contrast, more than 50 percent of the tasks assigned on any given week are finished late. The number one reason is that the task couldn’t start when it was scheduled. When you can’t start on schedule because the team in front of you has not finished on time, it demonstrates unreliability, which is a killer because it causes significant waste. When contractors can’t start assigned work when scheduled, the contractor ends up with people not working at full capacity. Since this has been an ongoing problem for years, unit prices reflect this situation; therefore, many don’t even realize the magnitude of this waste. Now that the project is behind schedule, the contractors need to speed up. This results in either working overtime or adding people to the project. Both of these situations are likely to add extra costs for the contractor, and those costs don’t include the lost time while waiting to start the task.



Business Strategies


4640E & 5240E POWER2 SKID LOADERS Get the raw power your operation requires from the new Gehl 4640E and 5240E Power2 skid loaders. Get the raw power your operation requires from the new HIGH OPERATING CAPACITIES – from 1,650 lbs. Gehl 4640E and 5240E Power2 skid loaders. on the 4640E Power2 up to 2,050 lbs. with optional counterweight on theCAPACITIES 5240E Power2. HIGH OPERATING – from 1,650 lbs. on the 4640E Power2 up to 2,050 lbs. with optional POWER UP – with 68-hp Yanmar Interim Tier-IV counterweight on the 5240E Power2. diesel engines that place the power and performance where it counts. POWER UP – with 68-hp Yanmar Interim Tier-IV diesel engines that place the power and performance EXCEPTIONAL HYDRAULICS – up to 30 gpm with where it counts. optional high-flow power a wide variety of attachments and produce outstanding performance. EXCEPTIONAL HYDRAULICS – up to 30 gpm with optional high-flow power a wide variety of attachments ACCELERATE RAPIDLY – with maintenance-free, and produce outstanding performance. radial piston drive motors with high start-up torque and

Ed Anderson, one of my NCS Radio guests on my New Construction Strategies program, talks about the underlying problem. He calls the waste Chase Up ©. Chase Up © is the time you spend chasing people or being chased to ensure everyone does what he or she is supposed to do when it is supposed to be done. The problem is that despite construction supervisors at all levels complaining about spending as much as 50 percent on Chase Up © activities, it doesn’t seem to eliminate the late deliveries. The reason is that chasing people doesn’t address the root cause of the problem. It’s like using an aspirin to cure a headache without worrying about why you have the headache. While late delivery is a headache, it’s not the cause of the problem. To listen to Anderson’s interview on Chase Up ©, go to jackstreet/WCON.Ande rsonE2.cfm. To protect themselves from this situation, contractors build contingency into their prices because typically they can’t get a change order for these internal project delays. Over time, this contingency has become part of their standard unit costs. Since contractors believe their true costs are reflected by the job cost reports, they don’t even realize they have inserted a contingency for this waste. After all, this waste occurs on every project, so isn’t this expense a direct cost? The result is it’s difficult or even impossible to get contractors to lower their estimated costs because under current practices, they need the contingency. However, when they learn how to remove this waste, they can decrease their contingency and lower their unit costs. This results in higher profits.

ground speeds up to 12.4 –mph. ACCELERATE RAPIDLY with maintenance-free, radial piston drive motors with high start-up torque and ground speeds up to 12.4 mph.


The problem is virtually no one monitors reliability. The focus is on productivity. However, just monitoring productivity can provide misleading information. For

example, a plumber is scheduled to finish all under-slab work by the close of business on Thursday so the slab can be placed early on Friday morning. The plumber is 95 percent complete at the close of business, which isn’t too bad from his perspective. However, the slab now can’t be placed on Friday. This has a major impact on all the trades involved with placing the concrete. In this case, the plumber’s productivity is 95 percent, but his reliability is zero. Reliable means you are 100 percent complete when you are supposed to be, or you are not reliable. It’s black and white with no gray area. Imagine if contractors were paid based on reliability, not production. What if they got paid for a task only when it is on schedule? Over time, contractor prices have been squeezed to the breaking point. In response, the contractors schedule their work the most efficient way for themselves to minimize their costs. This is without regard to reliability or its impact on the other contractors. Poor reliability increases everyone’s cost and even prevents improvements in productivity. Increased reliability is the solution because it would lower costs and provide more accurate cost figures. Almost a hundred years ago, Henry Ford said the best way increase business is to decrease costs. There is no better way to reduce costs than eliminate waste. The result would be greater contractor profits. This requires measuring the reliability of all the project’s contractors. If you select contractors with high reliability, project costs will be lower through the elimination of waste. Further, when supervisors can spend less time chasing people because they are more reliable, they can focus on other more productive activities.

How to Increase Reliability When reliability is measured and everyone is held accountable for his or her own reliability, total project reliability improves. The use of techniques such as pull planning or Last Planner © provide the tools to improve contractor reliability. Collaboration and communication among the people actually performing the work gives those in the trenches an understanding of not only what’s needed from them but also when it’s needed and why. When the individual contractors realize how much time and labor costs they can save by working with other contractors to improve everyone’s reliability, they typically embrace the process with enthusiasm. Those contractors that don’t want to participate in this process should be not be allowed to participate on projects because they hurt everyone. Pull-planning techniques have appeared under several names, such as the six-week look-ahead scheduling and Last Planner ©, to name a couple. Implementing these techniques along with measuring reliability will result in a significant improvement in performance and profitability. If you would like to learn more about this concept, please feel free to contact me for more information.

MT. AIRY EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 1431 W. Pine Street Mount Airy, NC 27030 336-786-6240

Ted Garrison, president of Garrison Associates, is a catalyst for change. As a consultant, author and speaker he provides breakthrough strategies for the construction industry by focusing on critical issues in leadership, project management, strategic thinking, strategic alliances and marketing.

Gehl Compact Equipment

Gehl Compact Equipment

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Contact Ted at 800-861-0874 or Further information can be found at

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»Used Equipment Marketplace COLORADO








(Call for used listings...

(Call for used listings...

(Call for used listings...







(Call for used listings...

(Call for used listings...



500 East 62nd Ave., Denver, CO 80216 303-227-4318

1037 Middletown Ave., Northford, CT 06742 203-234-7788 | 800-860-3579

(Call for used listings...


WESCO INC. TRACTORS & EQUIPMENT 27 Broad Street, Norwalk, CT 06851 203-847-2496 |

2911 S. English Station Road, Louisville, KY 40299 502-267-4020 |

153 Brook Road, Quincy, MA 02169 617-328-5095 |


5125 Clay Ave. SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548 616-530-6000 | 800-858-3659

(Call for used listings... FLORIDA

(Call for used listings...



2525 Clarcona Road, Apopka, FL 32703 407-798-0004 |

USED LISTINGS: 2003 Elgin MV Vacuum Sweeper, white, SN# MV0305D, 5,787hours, 60,768 miles.......................................$55,000 2004 Elgin MV Vacuum Sweeper, white, SN# MV1010D, 5,630 hours, 44,017 miles......................................$65,000 2009 Pelican Mechanical Sweeper, white, SN# NP1046D, 5,340 hours, 29,196 miles.....................................$85,000 2009 Pelican Mechanical Sweeper, white, SN# NP1047D, 5,325 hours, 29,042 miles.....................................$85,000 2009 Pelican Mechanical Sweeper, yellow, SN# NP1072D, 3,815 hours, 25,178 miles......................................$85,000


5505 North Hwy. 169, Suite 100, Plymouth, MN 55442 763-398-0079 | USED LISTINGS: 2008 Gehl 6640 2 speed, cab w/heat, block heater, power A-tach, Gehl controls, 2329 hours.............. $20,895 2007 ME1503 Long dipper arm, 12” bucket..........$16,868 2009 Gehl 5240 61 hp, cab w/heat, 2 speed, beacon, Case controls, new tires, 446 hours......................$20,880 2009 Mustang 2056 2 speed joystick, power A-tach, cab w/heat/AC................................................................$25,756 2010 Mustang 2056 68 hp, 2 speed controls, cab w/ heat, beacon light, block heater, 126 hours...........$23,745 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––



4720 Hwy. 52 N., Rochester, MN 55901 507-285-9855

2911 State Road 32 E, Westfield, IN 46074 317-896-2753

(Call for used listings...

USED LISTINGS: 6’ Woods Rotary Cutter, good condition..................... $500 5’ King Cutter Blade......................................................$275 6’ Disc, 3 pt. notched blades...................................... $650 5’ Disc, 3 pt. concave blades.......................................$550 Ferguson TO 30 and 5’ Bush Hog Rotary Cutter.................. ..........................................................Package Price: $3,750


52248 Ember Road, Lake Crystal, MN 56055 507-726-6041

(Call for used listings... NEBRASKA

IOWA ROEDER IMPLEMENT 2550 Rockdale Rd., Dubuque, IA 52003 563-557-1184 | 800-557-1184

USED LISTINGS: 2007 ASV SR80, 1,555 hours, cab/heat/air, 2 speed....................................................................$29,900 Bobcat S185, 550 hours, always stored inside...$23,500 2007 Case 850K Dozer, 1,475 hours, operating weight: 22,000 lbs.................................$69,900 2008 Hyundai R55-7A Mini Excavator, 400 hours, operating weight: 12,000 lbs.................................$45,000 2006 Hyundai HL757-7 Wheel Loader, 4,003 hours, cab/ air/heat....................................................................$69,500




1211 N. 10th St., Lincoln, NE 68508 402-477-1111 USED LISTINGS: David White electronic transit......................................$795 Topcon 24X automatic level..........................................$375 Sokkia 22X automatic level..........................................$195 Line transits......................................................... $450 & up LASERS, flat and slope....................................... $595 & up – Tripod and level rod included with all above –

To place your used equipment listings in the CONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT Directory, Call 800-622-8836 Today!

800-622-8836 | The

45 4th Street, Somerville, NJ 08876 908-203-1911 |

268 Towpath Rd., Ft. Edward, NY 12828 518-480-3540 | ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

60 International Blvd., Brewster, NY 10509 845-278-7766 |

65 Perry Street, Central Falls, RI 02863 401-722-3160 Email: USED LISTINGS: NOS Boss 10’ municipal 450-550 truck...$5,000 installed NOS Boss 10’ V municipal 450-550 truck.$6,000 installed Boss 8’ trip edge........................................$3,500 installed NOS Fisher 8’ HD MM2..............................$4,500 installed Fisher 8’ HD MM2.......................................$4,000 installed Boss 8’2” V.................................................$3,500 Installed Fisher 8’ HD MMI....................................................... $2,500 Curtis 8’..................................................................... $2,000 Meyer 8’..................................................................... $2,000 C&C 88-98 Chevy or 94-02 Dodge


USED LISTINGS: 2009 Kubota KX080-3 Excavator, 291 hours, hydraulic thumb........................................................................$79,995 2001 Bobcat 773 Skid Steer, Hi-flow, open cab... $13,500 2006 New Holland TN75A Tractor, 121 hours, Alamo SHD 88” mowers.............................................................$38,000 2009 New Holland B90B TLB, 2,092 hours, extendahoe.... ................................................................................. $49,995 2011 New Holland C185 Track Loader, 208 hours, full cab, Hi-flow..............................................................$47,995 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


369 Park Avenue, Corning, NY 14830 607-962-8611 |

1996 Athey 7-12 Swivel Dirt Loader, JD 4239T, Hydrostatic Trans., 36’ Swivel Conveyor


USED LISTINGS: 2004 Rovco Crawler Dozer, 84HP, 6-way blade.....$15,000 2001 Workforce XLB4232, 36’ towable boom......... $4,900 2005 Genie Z45 (burned), salvage.......................... $2,500

NORTH CAROLINA CAROLINA EQUIPMENT RENTAL SALES & SERVICE 994 Charlotte Hwy., Asheville, NC 28730 828-628-3004

USED LISTINGS: 2006 Fecon FTX140, refurbished...........................$98,850 2006 Yanmar SV100 Excavator..............................$46,500 2006 Yanmar SV100 Excavator..............................$46,000 2006 Yanmar CBL40 Trackhoe...............................$28,200 2006 Yanmar CBL40 Trackhoe................................$21,950

PENNSYLVANIA MEDICO INDUSTRIES, INC. 1500 Highway 315, Wilkes Barre, PA 18711 570-825-7711 | 800-633-0027

USED LISTINGS: 2001 CAT 345 BL Excavator, 15,281 hours...........$95,000 2003 Case 921C Wheel Loader, 6,770 hours........$82,500 2004 Case CX290 Excavator, 5,161 hours............$85,000 2003 Case CX460 Excavator, 7,480 hours............$80,000 2009 Bomag BW211 Vibratory Roller, 1,222 hours............. .................................................................................$69,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––


108 Gravel Pike Rte. 29, Green Land, PA 18054 215-234-9121

(Call for used listings...

Contractors Equipment Directory

2405 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN 37207 615-227-7800 | 800-860-7800 USED LISTINGS: 1996 Huber M850A Maintainer, Perkins 4 cyl. 80 HP, 9’ Moldboard, 6’ Dozer Blade, Work ready

2002 Gradall XL4100 Series III, 5.9 Cummings, 24” Digging Bucket, Fixed Thumb Grapple, Municipality Owned 1989 Athey 7-12 Dirt Loader, JD 4239T Engine, 25’ Conveyor, New Cleated Belt Mad Vac CN-100 Sub Compact Sweeper, 31.5 HP Kubota Water Cooled Engine, Dual Gutter Brooms, Many options included Call for pricing: 800-960-7800


7274 Centreville Road, Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 USED LISTINGS: 2009 John Deere Skid Steer, 76HP, FOPS, 295 hours, 6’6” smooth bucket, foam filled tires.............................$24,970 2001 Caterpillar Compact Track Loader, 82HP, cab, hyd. coupler w/NEW 6’ smooth bucket.......................... $26,700 2003 New Holland Tractor/Loader/Backhoe, 85HP, 14’ Extend-a-Hoe, cab, 4WD, 2,466 hours...................$37,700 1993 John Deere Track Dozer, 9 ton, 90HP, 9,000 hours.............................................................$46,500 Caterpillar Track Loader, 20 ton, 150HP, 9,000 hours (2,000 on new engine), 80% undercarriage.........$46,500

East Edition |

November 2012

»Business Strategies The 4 Things You Have to Get Right in Business – by Michael Menard Most organizations know that in order to grow and be an industry leader, they have to continually innovate and undertake key projects that lead to growth. Unfortunately, many companies do so in a haphazard or non-strategic way.

water, your team needs to generate ideas that fit the strategy. Some ideas could include adding nutrients to the water, adding protein to the water, adding exotic flavors to the water, offering different bottle shapes or sizes, etc.

Here’s what typically happens: Leaders keep saying yes as various projects and ideas are presented to them for investment. They say yes until they run out of resources. The projects and ideas first on the list get funded in contrast to the best of all ideas across the organization. The sad truth is the early bird does get the worm. As a result, they waste money and resources, lose momentum, and then wonder why they never achieve their strategic goals.

3.Prioritize and select the best ideas.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s a proven approach that enables leaders and decision makers to make a greater contribution to the business, activate the strategic plan, achieve the desired balance, and optimize allocation of limited resources. Here are the four things you need to get right in order to make better decisions so you can maximize your company’s Capital Efficient Profitable Growth (CEPG).

1. Define your strategy. Before your company can undertake any new initiative, you first have to identify your strategy. In other words, who are you and what do you want to do? Unless you know this information, it’s difficult if not impossible to move forward in a productive way. While most companies have a general idea of their strategy based on their vision or mission statement, often it’s not focused enough to translate into specific strategic goals. For example, suppose you’re a beverage company who offers a variety of soft drinks. How do you grow? You could introduce one new beverage after another and expand into new markets at random, but that will quickly drain your resources. A better approach is to define a specific strategy for growth. For instance, you may decide that you want to be the North American leader in bottled water. Now you have a focused strategy to guide your efforts.

2. Generate ideas. Armed with your strategy, you can now generate ideas that support the strategy. Some people call this step innovation or creative brainstorming. Whatever you call it, the goal is to come up with possible options for advancing the strategy. Going back to our beverage company example, if the strategy is to be the North American leader in bottled

Next is to select the portfolio of ideas that are the best for the company to pursue and that will advance the strategy. As you do the prioritization and portfolio selection process, you need to ask two key questions. The first is, “Will this portfolio of ideas and projects deliver our strategic goal?” If the answer is no, then you have to do something different. Either you alter your strategic expectation or you increase the number of ideas. Keep going through these iterations until you can say, “Yes, our portfolio has the potential to deliver our strategy.” And remember, at this point you’re simply assessing whether the portfolio will meet your strategic goals. You’re not assessing whether it’s something you actually could do. Once you agree that the portfolio of ideas and projects will help you meet your strategic goals, the second question to ask is, “Do we have the resources (time, money, people, equipment, etc.) to fund the portfolio?” If the answer is yes, then celebrate and move on to step four. But if the answer is no, then you need to circle back and solve the equation. Can you lower your strategic goals? Can you generate bigger, better ideas? Can you add resources? Change the timing? Scale back the idea? Once you have a portfolio that allows you to say yes to both questions, you’ve completed the prioritization and selection process.

4. Execute on the ideas. Finally, it’s time to take action and actually execute the portfolio of ideas. This is where project management comes into play. As you execute each step to support the strategy, outline the detailed activities needed to complete the project on time and on budget. Assign key people to be responsible for each role, and establish checkpoints so you know if the project goes off track. The more thoroughly you manage the execution of the portfolio, the more success you’ll have.

Get it Right…Now! No matter what industry you’re in, long-term business growth depends on these four things: Strategy, Idea Generation, Project Selection, and Execution. When you take the time to implement this process in your company, not only will you make better strategy decisions, but you’ll also achieve the breakthrough results that achieve the ultimate goal: Increased CEPG.

Michael Menard is the author of “A Fish in Your Ear: The New Discipline of Project Portfolio Management,” and cofounder and president of The GenSight Group, which provides enterprise portfolio management solutions for strategic planning, project portfolio management and business performance optimization. A holder of 14 US patents, Menard has utilized his expertise to advise senior executives at organizations such as Coca-Cola, Cisco and the US Department of Energy. To learn more about Mike Menard please visit November 2012 | The

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Fax: (817)534-3208 1-800-403-3208 Remanufactured Turbos Now Available

Long Blocks Now Available

6 Month Warranty on Most Engines ➔ All Prices are Exchange Prices + Freight

D-353 SP

$29,950.00 D-342 SP $27,950.00 3412 $26,950.00 3408 A $17,950.00 3408 B $18,950.00 3406 A $9,950.00 3406 B $10,950.00 3406 C $12,950.00 3306 DI/PC $8,950.00 3304 DI/PC $8,450.00 3208 T. $4,650.00 3208 NA $4,208.00 3204 $6,450.00 3116 $8,950.00 3066 $7,950.00 3064 $6,450.00 3056 $6,950.00 555 NA/T. $6,950.00 504 $6,950.00 378 $6,450.00 3126 Mechanical Engine $8,950.00 ex 3116 Elect. Long Block $7,950.00 ex 3046 $6,950.00

Dismantling  For Parts... Fiat Allis/Allis Chalmers Case - IH Caterpillar Hough - Drott Dresser John Deere Komatsu Michigan Liebherr Galion - Ford JCB - JSW Kawasaki Koehring Hyundai Linkbelt Terex - Trojan Kobelco Hitachi Samsung Mitsubishi

Blount Parts  & Equipment 800-659-3111 Hoboken, GA

Call us today!


Classified Advertising FINANCING

EQUIPMENT FINANCING & LEASING - 100% Financing No tax returns for deals up to $75,000 for established business. "A" thru "Challenged Credit". New or Used. Any type of equipment. Call Barbara at J&L Capital Resources 800-818-2883 or 559-897-6960, or visit our 11/12 website

BUSINESS SERVICES WE BUY LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES for a cash settlement. Contact Reliant Group, Inc. 800-457-2315 11/12

PARTS DRILLING PARTS - The one stop source for all your earth auger replacement part needs - carbide teeth, center bits, Weld On replacement parts and complete augers. Visit 11/12 online at

WANT TO BUY WANTED: Caterpillar cable scrapers. Contact Lever 11/12 Holdings Inc. at 306-682-3332. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

WANT TO BUY: Cash paid for used construction equipment. Loaders, dozers, backhoes, etc. Any age or condition running or not. Call Keesler’s at 845-3423390 ask for Wayne. 11/12

To place your classified listings in the CONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT Directory, Call 800-622-8836 Today! East Edition | 800-622-8836


Forget shuffleboard: Many retirees would keep working Some people dream of never working again once they reach retirement. Others—more than you might think—are happy to keep on working. A study by Prudential has found that 40 percent of people planning to retire this year would be happy to keep working past their 65th birthday if given the opportunity. That figure represents 48 percent of men and 32 percent of women. Money isn’t the main factor, either. The primary motivation for 68 percent of this year’s retirees is the desire to remain physically and mentally active, although 39 percent just don’t like the prospect of sitting at home, and 54 percent say they simply enjoy working. About 10 percent would consider starting their own businesses once they retire, and 5 percent are interested in volunteering. But most don’t want to put in the same hours: Only 13 percent would be willing to work fulltime, and 49 percent would prefer a part-time job after age 65.



1. They launched a new Visual Flame Detector, _______ FDS300

1. Evaluate or estimate the size of

6. GPS provides it, abbr. 8. _______ 159 Excavator buckets feature durable construction with AR400 steel cutting edges and side cutters 9. _______ ’s Belgium made Pex-Al-Pex 10. Liquid measure (abbr.)

2. Worldwide leader in vertical shaft impact crushing technology 3. Needing a retrofit perhaps 4. Brings parts into coordination 5. Company that has introduced a 999cc CARB compliant engine

12. Familiar with (2 words)

6. Product of Legacy Building Solutions in South Haven, Minn.

15. World leader in hand protection that now offers ActivArmr Multipurpose gloves

7. Company that has released its highest capacity line of spreaders, SuperMaxx Series

16. Start of a memo

11. High exam scores

17. Intentions

13. The “p” in r.p.m.

19. Law affecting the accounting reports of public companies

14. Execute perfectly

21. Toledo Ohio company, leading supplier of new and pre-owned transportation equipment 24. Light metal, for short 25. Common construction site vehicle, abbr. 28. Prohibit 29. Hydraulic doors manufacturer now offering a warranty on their doors for the lifetime of the building

• Limit exposure to stress. You may not be able to eliminate stress from your life entirely, but do what you can to keep it in perspective. Stress can narrow your mental vision and decrease your ability to think differently. Learning how to relax and remain calm as you confront problems will help you find solutions more efficiently. • Don’t multitask. Distractions and lack of focus are the enemy of creative thought. Train yourself to work on one task or problem at a time so you can think deeply about what you’re doing and use your whole brain. • Rest your brain. By the same token, don’t try to focus your mind like a laser all the time. You need to give it some rest so it can refresh and recharge. Often, you’ll find the solution to a puzzle when you step back and allow your mind to work on it without the pressure of conscious thought.

crossword NOVEMBER 2012


18. Trendy 20. _______ display 22. Delivery vehicle 23. _______ woo, Korean construction company 25. 100 lbs. 26. Test drive (2 words) 27. _______ Beaver’s most powerful offering in earth drilling equipment Big Beaver Auger Drill Rig

33. Reduced to liquid by heat

28. Purchaser

34. Gold symbol

29. Factory

35. Spin

30. 1,000 kilograms

36. Superior Tire & Rubber Corp.’s _______ Wheels Retreading Program offers complete undercarriage retreading service for rubbertracked tractors

32. Bolt’s partner

800-622-8836 | The

You don’t have to give up on your creativity as you grow older. You just need to take better care of your brain. Here are some tips for staying mentally fit no matter what your age is:

15. Morning time

31. Tractor supplier now rolling out its Lx HST Series


Keep your creative juices flowing at any age

33. Largest amount, slangily

Solution on page A16

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November 2012


Product Spotlight Premium rubber protection available for construction equipment

AIM Grapple Rakes come in several widths from 60” to 84”. They are available for all makes of skid steer loaders with the universal-style hookup.

Age-Master #1 rubber protectant is a surface treatment that has protected military, industrial, aviation and space equipment from rubber “dry rot” since 1969. This protection against cracking, loss of strength and flexibility is now available for construction equipment.

For more information, call the factory direct at 800-803-3365 or browse online at


When painted onto tires, tracks, hoses, belts, bushings, or other rubber parts, it penetrates and dries in minutes, leaving no slick or oily residue. The strength, flexibility and traction properties of rubber are not affected, and this penetrating protection will not peel or wash off. Put science to work for you.

Rubber “dry rot” is caused by UV rays, oxidation, and ozone in the environment. Age-Master #1® works by adding a chemical barrier to rubber that reacts with these harmful elements before rubber can be damaged. This protection is especially effective for equipment exposed to hot, sunny environments.

Ajax special application hydraulic breaker tool accessories Ajax Demolition Tools are manufactured from high-grade impact alloy steel, engineered specifically to maximize performance for any application. Ajax special application tools are available with various point styles, post drivers, pipe drivers, tamping tools, deck busters, frost wedge, bushing tools, and special length tools.

• Meets Military Specifications. For more information call Chem-Pro, Inc. at 804-744-4869 or visit www.chem-pro. net. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Skid Steer Grapple Rakes from AIM Attachments AIM Attachments, a leader in factory direct attachment sales, offers a complete line of skid steer attachments. AIM Skid Steer Grapple Rakes feature gusseted top clamps with guard-protected dual hydraulic cylinders; durable, wearresistant steel construction and an all-new backframe design to allow better clearance for hydraulic hoses.

Ajax Tools, a tradition of “Value Thru Performance” since 1946. For more information, contact Ajax Tool Works Inc., 10801 Franklin Ave., Franklin Park, ILL 60131, Phone: 800-323-9129, email, or visit our website ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Government and military surplus marketplace Government Liquidation is the exclusive partner of the U.S. Department of Defense for the sale of their government and military surplus. We are the world’s largest marketplace for authentic government surplus, once the property of the U.S. armed forces. Government Liquidation offers surplus items in over 500 categories including: trucks and other vehicles, boats, scrap metal, uniforms and field gear, medical and dental equipment, computer equipment, electronics, machinery and more. Over 10,000 items are added weekly to our inventory located at over 200 warehouses across the United States, including Alaska, Hawaii and Guam. Our innovative website enables buyers to purchase government and military equipment ranging from cranes to forklifts, dozers to loaders, generators to trailers, lathes to grinders, as well as all types of utility and service trucks. Our dynamic

November 2012

pool of property is a unique source of equipment to expand your business or even start a new one. It’s free to register on our website and free to view our inventory, so visit today or call 480-367-1300 for more information. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Keytroller, LLC announces release of new CYBERWATCH SMS

Q-Power® Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Crankshafts are manufactured by OEM suppliers using state-of-the-art production and quality control systems. Q-Power® crankshafts are new, all induction hardened, all standard/standard and dimensionally and functionally equivalent to OEM specifications. Available for the most popular heavy duty diesel engines manufactured by Caterpillar®, Cummins ®, Mack ®, Case-IH/Navistar®, Ford®, Detroit Diesel®, John Deere ®, and Perkins®.

Fleet owners and managers can now quickly (and easily) check usage and location of their vehicles right from their cell phone to accurately schedule mechanics, driver accountability and pick up location.

• Less repair downtime. • Improved readiness of equipment in storage.

Quality Power Products, Inc. is a wholesale distribution company located in the United States. Primary product groups are Q-Power® agricultural, outdoor power equipment and industrial belts and Q-Power® Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Crankshafts and cylinder heads.


Benefits include: • Longer service life for lower replacement costs.

Quality always comes through! | The

CYBERWATCH SMS is a cellular hour and location meter designed for simplicity and affordability. It is easily connected to a vehicle’s ignition circuit and 12 - 48VDC power supply. The user simply sends the device a text message from his phone, tablet or PC and within a few seconds the CYBERWATCH SMS responds with the hours/minutes of usage, idle time, any of two alarm connections and the GPS location of the vehicle. The user can click the GPS location coordinates and the vehicle is viewed on a mapping software interface like Google Earth/Maps.  

The inexpensive device is available to an end user for only $26 per month for 36 months, which includes all hardware and wireless service costs. The user owns the device at the end of the term. CYBERWATCH SMS quickly fits on any make or model gas, LPG, diesel or electric machine. For more information visit www.

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Q-Power® belts are available for the most popular tractors and combines manufactured in the world, including Case-IH®, John Deere ®, AgCo®, Ford-New Holland®, Claas®, and Laverda®. Q-Power® agricultural belts are manufactured to the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) specification S211.5 specifically designed for agricultural equipment. Supporting a network of distributors worldwide the breadth and depth of agricultural belts and heavy duty diesel engine crankshafts is extensive. If you need help identifying or selecting a belt or crankshaft please visit the online catalog at The on-line catalogs are the most comprehensive in the industry, the crankshaft catalog provides all the technical information needed to make your selection and the belt catalog covers all the latest models. Quality Power Products, Inc. is committed to customer service and satisfaction. For more information on Quality Power Products and any of their product groups you can visit their web-site at or call 888-333-3210.

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»Product Spotlight

»Equipment at Work

Curb Roller paving the way in concrete business The Curb Roller was designed and developed by Michael Goodman and Al Armstrong, concrete contractors looking for an easier, better, and more cost effective way to form curbs. Skilled concrete workers who could form and pour uniform curbs were becoming harder to find. Curb forming and pouring with forms is labor intensive and difficult to do without leaving voids in the concrete.

Fencing company claims profits increased by 50% using the Man Saver Post Driver Making its mark in the post driver industry, Rohrer Manufacturing, creator of the ultra lightweight Man Saver Post Driver, helped increase profits over 45% for Lovewell Fencing, a Midwest based fencing company, in its residential fencing sector. (See case study below.) This driver is an American-made, lightweight portable pneumatic fence post driver on the market for construction centers, highway and public works departments to fence thousands of acres in a minimal amount of time without hauling thousands of pounds of equipment. 77-year-old machinist Dan Rohrer of Rohrer Manufacturing, created the fence post driver concept over 15 years ago. His vision was to create a tool that would reduce injuries, reduce time and budget. Today, Rohrer has developed a series of fence post drivers and expanded its capabilities with various adapters that allow them to drive almost any shaped post on the market up to 3.5" in diameter. The price of the drivers have never increased, making it the most competitive fence post driver on the market today. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Michael Goodman has worked in the concrete business for 20 years. As a contractor, he knows the difficulty of finding skilled laborers to pour and form concrete. The certainty that there had to be a better, more uniform way to create curb and gutter led to the development of the Curb Roller.

The following CASE STUDY illustrates the clear comparison of



Al Armstrong brings 30 years of welding experience along with his 7 years in the concrete business. As a certified welder in the military, he honed the skills that were instrumental in designing a sturdy yet simple roller screed for curbing.

Profits were down for Lovewell Fencing in their residential business sector due to increased expenses of utilizing and hauling heavy equipment for small fencing projects. The need was to acquire fence post driver equipment that required much less hauling costs.

• Easy access to remote areas resulted in more job orders that may not have been profitable beforehand • Reduced project expenses by 50% • Increased production by 35-40% within six months • Increased profits by 50% during initial six months


“It has definitely been a win-win for our company and our customers,” said Tom Lovewell, owner of Lovewell Fencing. “The introduction of the Man Saver Fence Post Drivers has enabled our company to greatly increase profits in just six months,” added Lovewell.

The Curb Roller addresses both quality and manpower issues. Its 160 pound weight and the vibrations inherent in the operation of the machine ensure that sufficient “fat” is worked into the concrete to eliminate voids. The Curb Roller can be operated by someone who has never poured curb and gutter with professional results. Curb Roller hopes to see you in February 2013 at World of Concrete, Booth #C6588. For more information, call 877-284-0475 or visit www.

the Man Saver Post Driver versus standard fence post drivers on the market:

After months of due diligence in the driver marketplace, Lovewell purchased seven M-type fence post drivers and insert sleeves that don't require large compressors. The ultimate goal was to reduce project expenses by eliminating the requirement to use heavy weight axle trailers to haul equipment and to reduce overall project expenses. The Man Saver Post Drivers run on small compressors that can be hauled in a small trailer, behind a four wheeler, or in the back of a pickup truck to reach remote areas.


Age-Master #1 Rubber Preservative


Protects tires, tracks, hoses, and expensive rubber parts against UV, ozone & oxidation damage, aging and “dry-rot” cracking.

 For new and previously used rubber.  Long-lasting, brush-on coating

penetrates. Will not wash off or flake and peel when rubber is flexed.

 Proven effective in aviation and military spec applications for rubber protection.

 Extends the service life of rubber parts.




Learn more at or call 804-744-4869 A14

800-622-8836 | The

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November 2012

advertisers index NOVEMBER 2012 This listing is provided for the convenience of our readers. This publication assumes no liability for inaccuracy.


Aim Attachments................................... B17 Ajax Tools............................................... IBC Alloys & Components............................. B14 BANDIT................................................ B08 BLIZZARD............................................. B19 BOSS...............................................B06-07 BPSF.................................................... B20 CASE SKIDS......................................... B20 CASE TLB............................................. B19 Central Equipment................................. B20 Compton Enterprises.............................. B16 Creek View Farm.................................... B20 Curb Roller Mfg........................... Back Cover Curb Shapers......................................... B18 DURATECH........................................... B14 Elliott Machine Works............................. B17 Emerson Mfg......................................... B20 FISHER................................................. B05 Fumoto Engineering............................... B20 Government Liquidation......................... B15 Hardy Mfg............................................. B18 HINIKER..........................................B10-13 Horst Equipment..........................Front Cover Jamar Technologies................................. IBC JLIN Corp / Multivibe............................. B09 John Brown & Sons................................ B09 Keytroller Inc. .........................................IFC Kiefer Industrial Trailers......................... B20 Klein Survey Systems.............................. IBC KUBOTA EXCAVATOR............................. B15 KUBOTA SVL......................................... B08 LoMar Machine & Tool............................ B19 Marv Haugen Enterprises........................ B18 Mentor Dynamics.................................... IBC MUSTANG............................................. B16 North American Parts............................. B20 Phase-A-Matic....................................... B19 Pro Grind Systems................................. B17 Quality Power Products.............................IFC Sierra Auction Management.................... B16 Slip Industries....................................... B17 Stephens Mfg..........................................IFC TAKEUCHI............................................ B18 TM Mfg................................................. B19 Underwunder......................................... B19 US Mower............................................. B19 WESTERN........................................B02-03 World of Concrete................................... B04 YANMAR............................................... B01 York Portable Machine............................ B14


ASI....................................................... A06 Ball Bushing Warehouse......................... A06 Big Tractor Parts.................................... A06 Blount Parts Equip................................. A11 Chem Pro Inc........................................ A14 GEHL SKIDS......................................... A09 Next Generation Power........................... A09 Pathfinder Equipment............................ A09 Pineridge Welding ................................. A06 Schaefer Enterprises.............................. A09 Schweiss Bi Fold Doors.......................... A06 Yellow Engine Service............................. A11 November 2012

Ervin Equipment Donates Portion of DuraPlate Proceeds to Wounded Warrior Project Ervin Equipment, Inc., a dealer of Wabash National trailers and a leading supplier of new and pre-owned transportation equipment, has begun donating a portion of its Wabash DuraPlate sales to the Wounded Warrior Project. The Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit organization that benefits military service members who incurred serviceconnected injuries or illnesses on or after Sept. 11, 2001. The charity works to raise awareness and encourage the public to contribute to helping them by providing direct programs and services. It also assists those service members’ families. Supporting the project extends Ervin’s long-standing dedication to American jobs and workers, according to Vice President of Sales and Marketing Jeff Weber. “These warriors have served, and paid a price, to protect what we at Ervin believe in strongly,” he said. “The Wounded Warrior Project is close to our heart, to the core of what we’re trying to promote, which is an industry with strong ties to the USA, to the U.S. worker and to Americanmade products.” Weber added that many of Ervin’s customers and trucking executives have come from a service or military background or have sons or daughters who are currently serving. Weber says offering part of Ervin’s proceeds to this program is a good fit for the market as well because many Ervin customers have been seeking an American-made alternative. The Wabash DuraPlate is an excellent American-made trailer, he said, and about 70 percent of Ervin’s dry van sales are from the DuraPlate. “The Wabash DuraPlate is one of the best-selling van trailers on the market, and we’re proud to donate a portion of our sales of these trailers to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.”

Wabash National was the first company to engineer a composite panel trailer. Initially manufactured in 1996, DuraPlate trailers are designed for low cost of ownership, maximum space and equipment longevity. The trademarked DuraPlate design now has a proven 16-year track record for durability, limited maintenance and high residual value. Due to its one-piece, solid design, the interior of the DuraPlate trailer limits the need for maintenance and delivers a longer trailer life. As a result, the trade-in value of the Wabash DuraPlate trailer is higher than any other trailer on the market. Composite van trailers make up over 50 percent of the dry van market today. While other companies have re-engineered their composite products using imported materials, Wabash National continues to produce and assemble its Americanmade composite panel in Lafayette, Ind. The company has manufactured more than 300,000 DuraPlate dry van trailers in Lafayette, where it employs 2,500 people. Ervin delivers convenience for customers by staging its trailers at multiple locations across North America. That strong geographic presence, along with the company’s ability to buy and sell in large quantities, provides fleet managers a huge selection for upgrading equipment. It also gives them the flexibility to drop off trade-in trailers at one location and pick up their upgrades at another, whether it’s in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Ervin Equipment, Inc. is a supplier of pre-owned semi-trailers and trucks. Ervin carries a large selection of used and new fleets of trailers, trucks, construction and oil and gas equipment, and offers expert consulting service to every customer. The company, which was founded in 1984, has its headquarters in Toledo, Ill., and satellite facilities throughout North America. For more information, contact Ervin Equipment toll free at 877-873-6863, or visit the website at

W.S. Tyler Presents free industry resource, “The Rock Book” Responding to industry demand for a detailed, yet easy to use screening resource, W.S. Tyler announces the release of its on-the-job reference, The Rock Book. Packed with the newest technologies, definitions, general screening information and specification tables, the 236-page manual helps users in mining, mineral processing and quarrying to improve efficiency and uncover hidden profits.

The Rock Book includes full-color images, detailed 3-D schematic drawings and specific descriptions throughout its five sections:

“The Rock Book is part of our ongoing effort to be a more valuable partner to our customers, and to provide useful information to anyone engaged in the mining, aggregate and industrial mineral industries,” W.S. Tyler President, Florian Festge said. “We were inspired to create this new book because, decades after it was introduced, we still receive phone calls and emails asking for our classic reference manual, The Tyler Catalog 74. The Rock Book raises the bar and is packed with information to help the reader make effective decisions. It just makes sense to have The Rock Book at your mine or quarry.”

5. Resources

From detailed information about the various wire meshes used in screening to open area calculations and the most advanced technologies used in processing today, The Rock Book is an effective resource and training tool for all mines and quarries. This encyclopedia of screening information can educate novice employees on the basics of screening, while at the same time helping a skilled technician or engineer identify the required screen media and vibrating screen components and accessories for specific application challenges. | The

1. Screens 2. Components 3. Equipment 4. Services The Screens, Components and Equipment sections of The Rock Book offer effective technologies to increase product quality and plant efficiency. With this information in hand, processing plants will be able to better customize the blend of screen media, processing equipment, components and accessories. The Services and Resources sections address vibration analysis, installation and maintenance, aggregate specifications, wire alloy information and types of crimps and openings. The resources section also contains a handy reference area with a comprehensive guide to screening basics and a glossary of terms. The Rock Book is free of charge and can be obtained by calling The Rock Book hotline at 1-855-WSTYLER (1-855-978-9537) or through the company’s website at

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Industry Innovations CEMCO Leads World in Crusher Technology continued from page A03

management at the foundry to tackle the challenge. Meanwhile, Neil took pencil to paper and, using his education and experience, began drawing bearing cartridges, shafts and crushers in an effort to change the design concept that existed to a more practical solution. In 1966, Neil sketched a shaft design and took it to a local machine shop. He asked the crew to build three shafts: one for the concept, one back-up in case the original broke and a third to be used in a second crusher if there ever was ever going to be another. Two weeks later, he returned to measure the results; all three were different sizes. Realizing that success required consistency and accuracy, Neil and his team purchased a used lathe and began making the parts themselves. That’s how CEMCO began its transition into manufacturing. “Looking back, I have to laugh,” Neil said. “That lathe we bought was likely a century old, but it took all the money we had. In the end, it got the job done.” Before long, the team was building keyways and constructing bearing housings. In 1986, when CEMCO exhibited at its first industry tradeshow, realization struck. CEMCO was no longer a service and repair company. It had evolved into a small, yet full-fledged manufacturing company and would one day be a global solution provider.

Spreading From One Crusher

While it’s truthful to say CEMCO’s production doubled within a year of making its first crusher with West Coast Alloys, selling a single machine one year and two the next doesn’t make a company a world-known manufacturer. It provided a good start for future success, though. That first crusher still operates today in northern New Mexico, crushing perlite which is used for ceiling tiles, brake pads and many other items. Today, it’s joined by several additional CEMCO crushers -a true testament to the company’s belief in the product and its reliability. Within a couple of years of designing that first crusher, CEMCO introduced the Turbo 54, its first mass-produced model. The small machine handled 80 to 100 tons per hour and sold to diverse customers from Alaska to Mexico solely by word-of-mouth advertising.


In 1970, CEMCO produced its first semiportable crushers. By the 1990s, the introduction of variable frequency drives made manufacturing portable machines easier and more effective. As the years passed, CEMCO diligently searched for ways to continue to improve on Neil’s first pencil-sketch concept. The units were adapted so it became easier to get inside to change out parts. They ensured some mechanical parts could be purchased at local stores for customer convenience. They paid attention to the small things that proved to make a big difference. Recognizing the huge radial load and big thrust load cast upon the bearings, CEMCO developed a bearing system that would last longer under those strenuous conditions. Through three generations of love, sweat and toil, the family has developed a design and product that has stood the test of time and clearly emerged as the leader. Today, CEMCO manufactures eight sizes of crushers and understands the science of crushing in order to customize the machine to each customer’s specific needs. A limestone crusher in Ohio, for example, won’t function as well in Virginia because the limestone differs significantly in chemical composition and hardness. CEMCO understands the differences and reconfigures the internal mechanisms on each unit to best accomplish the job for a particular customer. “We may not have a degree in chemistry or physics hanging on our walls,” Neil said. “But every day our salespeople are chemists, physicists and engineers – understanding the unique aspects of our customer’s application and designing the ideal components to tackle that challenge. That’s what sets us apart.”

Expanding to Other Areas

The experience of understanding elements and physics properties led CEMCO to another venture. How could they leverage their crushing science to positively impact other industries? As the company grew, so did its pool of experts in mining, engineering, fabricating, machining, aggregate production, power and energy production, agriculture, and contract manufacturing. The extended CEMCO expertise enables the company to meet challenges head-on with the same ingenuity and sweat equity on which

800-622-8836 | The

the company was founded. The desire to solve problems and find a better way of doing things lives on. “There is something I learned early on,” Neil said. “One person can’t grow a company. One family can’t grow a company. Employees are the most valuable asset we have and many of our employees have worked with us for years, from generation to generation. It’s their expertise and dedication that allows us to grow the company.” In the mining industry, CEMCO crushers now take on steel slags, gold and copper. Each customer’s specific refining process for product gradation is met with the exactness that comes from a custom manufacturer. The third largest gold mine in the world in Muruntau, Uzbekistan knows what that means. For more than 17 years, CEMCO crushers have been at work 24/7 at the mine processing 1.3 million tons per month. It’s a vastly different world than when Mason began working in gold mines as a teenager, but his vision helped shape the industry of today. While mining may have been a natural transition for the company, some new markets have ventured significantly from tradition. About 20 years ago, CEMCO delved into recycling, offering the innovative solutions for crushing cement, glass, ceramic tile, drywall, brick, roofing tiles, copper slag and steel slag. All the while, CEMCO’s focus remained the same: keeping operating costs minimal with low-maintenance, low-energy options. Today, that experience extends directly to small machines tailored to restaurants and bars. CEMCO’s list of experience and market solutions extend to agriculture and transforming unusable coal and uranium into usable resources as well. Their accomplishments also include innovative custom manufacturing for the oil and gas industries. Overall, CEMCO remains a leader in the aggregate industry, which it has served with dedication for most of its 50 years.

in 1986 as the CFO and served as CEO for the past five years. Jennifer, who first visited the shop as a baby, now serves as vice president. Through high school, she ran forklifts and helped on sales trips – completely involved with the family business. In college, she earned a degree as a mining engineer and, at age 25, became the first female plant manager of a sand and gravel dredging operation for TXI Red River. A decade ago, she brought her knowledge and experience back to the business her grandfather founded. Neil’s other daughter, Aneile, holds an equally important role. “She is raising the fourth generation of the Hise family,” Neil said. “Hopefully one day they too will join CEMCO.” The business that Mason started 50 years ago now includes much more than his son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter. The CEMCO team has grown to include others who are as much family as those who descended from Mason. A quarter of all CEMCO employees have been on the staff for more than a decade. The teamwork and dedication shows in the quality of work. Through it all, Mason’s advice keeps the company on track and devoted to the work ethic he established 50 years ago as he roamed the Southwest doing repairs. “The most important thing is remembering that you’re only as good as your word,” he would say. If somebody made a promise to a customer, they had better keep it. “Tell them the truth and do what you say,” he reminded his family. That message continues to be lived now by the extended CEMCO family as it works to address new problems with the same well-thought and planned solutions that developed a generation ago under the stars.


PUZZLE Answers to puzzle, page A12

In 1980, Neil took over as President of CEMCO but Mason remained very active in the business until his passing in 1993. Today, Neil continues to serve as the company’s president. It continues to be a family business with his wife Ty Juana and daughter Jennifer both owners in the company. Ty joined the business fulltime

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