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January 2014



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PRODUCTS, INC. rePlacemeNt/rebuildable axle assemblies

suPer Hub uPgrade kit

•Grease Filled, Not Oil •Used With Oem or Bair’s Alloy Wheels •Rebuildable •Idlers Have Double Stacked Bearings

NeW e oN tH et mark Bair’s Axle

Need Parts? 2nd OEM

1st OEM

stoP track derailmeNts oN comPact track loaders

• Stop Wheel Failures! NEW ON THE MARKET!

• JOHN DEERE CTL Machines • CAT 279C/289C/297C/299C LOADERS • Turn One & Two Flange Idlers Into Three Flange Idlers • Capture The Track’s Cleats At All Four Sides • Spread The Machine’s Weight, Torque Forces Out And Over The Drive Cleats

• CAT 247/257 A&B, ASV/TEREX 30/50/60 Models • Forget Hubbed Wheels – Upgrade To Bolt-On Alloy Wheels • 100% Larger Axle Than OEM & 43% Larger Bearings • Grease Packed / Preload Adjustable • No Inner Sleeves, Bushings, Spacers, Seals Or O-Rings!

track iNstallatioN kit NEW ON THE MARKET! Install Rubber Tracks Fast & Easy With Hydraulic Tools, Fits Most All CAT, ASV / TEREX Compact Loaders

Stephens Manufacturing

NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTIONS We keep you ahead of the competition.

Portable RCC Mixer

New Low-Profile Mustang • 400 bbl in truss silo • 70 ton agg bin • 30" transfer belt • Two-10" screws

• Optional in truss central dust collector • Standard frame designed to typical Zone 2 calculations

New Heavy Portable Falcon • Standard frame supports up to two 1000 bbl silos/ 200 ton agg bins and optional 400 ton • Plant can be designed with 36" belt, water batcher and holding tank for 200 yds/hr production • Space saving, mountable central dust collector available • Designed to Zone 1 seismic calculations FEATURES: • Sicoma MAO-6000 twin shaft mixer • 42" transfer belt with 50 hp motor • 400 amp 3rd party UL approved power panel • Optional hydraulic leveling jacks, conveyor fold and truck collection hopper fold










































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January 2014

The Super 2 Greaseable, Bolt-On Wheel System

PRODUCTS, INC. 855-575-5847

Bair Products, Inc., to Celebrate 10 Years in 2014 With 2014 looming, Bair Products, Inc., has an important anniversary to celebrate. In the coming year, Bair Products, Inc., will celebrate its 10th year in business. Over the past decade, the company has provided upgraded, heavy duty aftermarket undercarriage parts for Caterpillar, ASV and Terex Small Compact loaders, to help construction crews get the job done more efficiently. When asked about their products and why they have had such long-term success, a company spokesperson said, “Bair Undercarriage parts are created to be a heavy duty upgrade to factory parts. Unfortunately, factory parts on loaders tend to wear out prematurely under normal use. By swapping out parts with our upgraded products, the longevity of the undercarriage is protected.”

Bair Products, Inc., has designed its parts to work with the factory undercarriage parts already on the machine. This means that the end user only has to fix the specific problem area, not the entire undercarriage, if they are noticing premature wear problems. This allows the individual or company to save money and time, while also fixing known issues in their undercarriage. A decade ago, founder Larry Bair invented his signature products as he worked to keep his own Caterpillar skid loaders functional and reduce downtime. He found the cost for parts and repairs to be quite high, so he created his own products. As the other members of the construction industry learned of these products, he began to sell them to others, and soon was able to specialize in after market parts for CAT/ASV and, specifically, undercarriage parts for skid loaders.

Products include rubber tracks, two bolt on wheel kits, hydraulic track tensioners and ally idler and bogie wheels. In addition to providing the parts, Bair Products, Inc., provides instructional videos highlighting how to install the parts effectively. “These machines are designed to be used in harsh conditions and over rugged terrain, which is important on a construction site,” stated the company spokesperson. “Unfortunately, the factory parts that come installed on these machines are not also designed for this, leading to increased costs and downtime. With the help of Bair Products, today’s construction managers can fix this problem.” For more information about Bair Products, Inc., visit or call 855-575-5847.


Volume 15, Issue 1 | January 2014


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Thinking About Buying a New Trailer? Calculate True Capacity First......................4 Business Ethics: When Good People Make Bad Choices..........................35 What’s New: Equipment & Products..........8 Equipment Dealers: How to Make Your Rental Equipment More Profitable.............. 34 Product Spotlight........................................7 East Edition | 800-622-8836


tby Greg Smith, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Talbert Manufacturing

Between the Road and the Load:

Calculate True Capacity Before Buying Your Next Trailer Long before a single load is booked or any wheels turn, someone – usually a fleet manager – needs to determine exactly what is going to separate the road and the load. There’s a lot riding on this decision because, as much as some would like to think otherwise, a trailer is never just a trailer. It can be manufactured to many different specifications, with multiple raw material options, dozens of load and geographical considerations, various top speed requirements and hundreds of possible axle configurations coming into play. And it all comes down to one objective – the ideal trailer for an operation’s specific loads. To select the right trailer, the one that will require the least amount of maintenance, provide the greatest lifespan and deliver the highest possible return on investment, it is vital to understand the most important factor of all – capacity.

If the payload is a 100,000-pound excavator that’s only 13 feet long, a trailer rated for the entire deck length, or even for 16 feet, won’t be right for the load. The ideal trailer will be one rated at half the deck length. These ratings give a more realistic indication of the concentrated loads the trailer will be able to

50 Tons in the Making

handle safely and without structural failure.

There are five contributors to capacity ratings. They apply to any kind of open trailer, from flat and step decks to lowbeds, and each can be varied to meet a carrier’s specifications. It begins, of course, with the materials used to build the trailer, specifically their sizes and weights. From there, capacity encompasses the overall weight that a trailer can carry, the area of the deck in which it can carry that weight, the speed at which the trailer will generally travel and the safety factor. To make an apples-to-apples comparison, consider one 50-ton lowbed alongside another 50-ton lowbed. Because, just as a trailer is never just a trailer, not all 50ton lowbeds are created equal.

Load Concentration: Half Deck, Full Utilization

in load concentration, or the length of the deck that can handle the rated weight. Obviously, a 26-foot, 50-ton lowbed can haul 50 tons. But how much of the deck those 50 tons occupy is just as important as the weight itself. Whereas one trailer might need the entire length of the deck to be rated at 50 tons, another can be rated for 50 tons in a 16-foot span, and another can handle that same weight in half the deck length. For example, a 26-foot, 50-ton lowbed might be rated for the trailer’s entire span with equal weight distribution. In that case, the trailer would need to be hauling materials that run the entire length of the trailer, such as long steel poles, lumber or concrete culvert sections.

There are more than 50 manufacturers of lowbed heavy-haul trailers in North America, and they apply several methods of rating the capacity of their trailers. Since there is no industry-set or government-mandated system, it’s up to every buyer to be in tune with the method each manufacturer uses before making a purchase decision.

However, if the payload is a 100,000-pound excavator that’s only 13 feet long, a trailer rated for the entire deck length, or even for 16 feet, won’t be right for the load. Even though the load is only 50 tons, that trailer will be overloaded because the weight will not span the entire length of the deck; making it too concentrated for the area the excavator covers. For a trailer that’s rated at full deck length or 16 feet to safely handle the excavator, it would likely need to be rated at 55 or 60 tons.

A key difference between manufacturers’ ratings comes

So again, using the 13-foot, 100,000-pound excavator


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as the payload, the ideal trailer will be one rated at half the deck length. Trailers rated for half the deck length can carry a specified load in just that, half the length of the deck. These ratings give a more realistic indication of the concentrated loads the trailer will be able to handle safely and without structural failure. In addition, manufacturers who build trailers with half-deck ratings often do so with a two-point rigid load base specifically for the tire spacing, or hot spots, of large equipment and heavy machinery.

Load Distribution: Scaling Out How a load is distributed over the deck and the axles can be just as important as the overall weight rating. However, even though the trailers will be operating in the United States, the states are not very united when it comes to axle weight laws and regulations. All across the country, the laws and regulations related to weight change from state to state. Companies operating in Indiana deal with one set of laws and regulations, but when they cross the border into Ohio they run into entirely different set of regulations. Pennsylvania has yet another distinct collection of rules of the road and so on along the truck’s route.

East Edition |

January 2014

Fleet managers need to be aware of, and plan for, variances between states and regions where their trailers will be used. It’s important to have the proper trailer configuration to make the load distribution work for a fleet’s particular area of operation. Manufacturers bear some responsibility, too, and should work with buyers to define not just the best trailer for the cargo those buyers will be carrying, but also the best axle configurations for maximizing the load in every one of the states they’ll be hauling through.

To make an apples-to-apples comparison, consider one 50-ton lowbed alongside another 50-ton lowbed. Because, just as a trailer is never just a trailer, not all 50-ton lowbeds are created equal.

Carriers can vary gooseneck lengths in the front to achieve the proper steer weight and drive axle weight. Carriers also can alter the distances between axles and axle groups to hit max weights and remain in compliance with various state laws.

For the most capacity and smallest impact on the trailer weight, some manufacturers use a T1 material with 100,000 psi minimum yield. T1 not only has maximum strength versus ductility, but also equates to a lighter, stronger trailer frame over other materials.

Clearly, it’s impossible to max out a trailer’s capacity in every state, but the goal of most interstate heavy-haul carriers is to get a trailer as close to the maximum as possible across all the states where the carrier intends to operate. There are many ways to achieve the best possible weight distribution over the axles. It may be as simple as adding a fourth flip axle or as complicated as adding two or three axles and spreading them apart to make sure they can each accept an equal amount of weight from the payload. And there are other possibilities in between depending on the specific state’s regulations and the nature of the load. For example, carriers can vary gooseneck lengths in the front to achieve the proper steer weight and drive axle weight. Carriers also can alter the distances between axles and axle groups to hit max weights and remain in compliance with various state laws. With an East Coast trailer, for example, they can add shims to a rigid spread bar or, if the trailer has a nitro version of a spreader bar, use hydraulics to vary the weight distribution. Yet another way is to move the load closer to one end or the other to properly distribute weight over the axles. And, finally, a carrier can use a jeep dolly to add extra axles, thereby lowering the peraxle weight distribution.

Speed: How Slow Can You Go? Another capacity determinant is speed. While some manufacturers rate their trailers at 55 mph, others rate them at

65 mph. The slower a rig travels, the less added weight or stress is placed on the trailer. That’s due to the fact that, while road dynamics such as potholes, railroad tracks and so on still come into play, the impact on the trailer decreases along with the speed. However, sometimes a 55 mph rating is not as realistic for a carrier as a 65 mph rating. The key is to purchase trailers that will perform at a fleet’s normal operating speeds.

Safety: A Crucial Multiplier A trailer’s safety rating also comes into play when discussing capacity. Without understanding the safety rating, it’s difficult for a carrier to get a clear, comprehensive picture of true capacity. A safety rating is an indicator of how much stress a trailer can safely handle. It encompasses the strength of the raw materials and components that a manufacturer has put into the trailer’s design and construction, how the beams and cross members are configured and so on. A widely accepted average magnification of payload weight on a trailer due to road dynamics is 1.8 to 1 ratio. When a driver is rolling down the road, the truck is hitting chuckholes, bouncing over bumps and crossing railroad tracks along the way. On average, the stress placed on a 50-tonrated trailer by a 50-ton load when the rig hits those bumps, chucks and tracks equals 1.8 times 50 tons, or 90 tons. It’s important to keep in mind that the 1.8 multiplier is only an average. On any given haul, the stress placed on the trailer can go above that level multiple times. If no cushion is built in to the trailer to handle those spikes in stress, there will be more potential for long-term, progressive structural damage. Since there is no universally prescribed level for safety ratings, they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. They range from a safety factor of 1.8 to 1, which allows for no margin, to an industry high of 2.5 to 1, which is considered an ample cushion for even the most extreme road dynamics a trailer might encounter.

With an East Coast trailer, carriers can add shims to a rigid spread bar or, if the trailer has a nitro version of a spreader bar, use hydraulics to vary the weight distribution.

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t Calculate True Capacity Before Buying Your Next Trailer, continued Not only does the safety rating tell a carrier how strong his trailer is, it’s also a very good indicator of potential life. The greater the difference between the static design safety factor, be it 2.5 to 1, 2 to 1 or some other factor, and the dynamic 1.8 average multiplier, the longer one can expect a trailer’s useful life expectancy to be.

also crucial. Apitong decking provides a tougher, longer lasting wood in comparison to other varieties, such as oak or pine. Tightly woven and incredibly dense, apitong is less susceptible to chipping and cracking and provides some amount of traction in comparison to a smooth metal surface.

Most trailer manufacturers do not like to advertise safety ratings, often for good reason. To understand why, it’s helpful first to comprehend what a safety rating is not. A safety rating should never be used to determine how much weight can be added over the capacity rating and still keep the load, the driver and other drivers safe. In other words, a 2.5 to 1 safety rating on a 50-ton lowbed should not be used to justify loading a trailer with 125 tons of cargo. Just as the deck rating indicates, that trailer can safely handle a 50-ton payload under dynamic conditions.

Overload at Your Own - and Others’ - Risk

Materials: The Sum of the Parts Safety factors are strongly related to the quality of the components incorporated into the trailer, and that gets down to the nitty-gritty of the steel and the deck material. Manufacturers have several options when choosing steel. For the most capacity and smallest impact on the trailer weight, some manufacturers use a T1 material with 100,000 psi minimum yield. T1 not only has maximum strength versus ductility, but also equates to a lighter, stronger trailer frame over other materials. A trailer’s decking is continually exposed to the elements, making durable decking with a long wear life

Sometimes trailer owners or operators don’t completely understand the capacity rating and mistakenly put more weight on the trailer than it is built to handle, or more weight in a concentrated area than it can handle. Overloading a trailer once is not likely to make it break. Overloading it twice probably won’t either. But do it consistently over time and eventually it will likely fail. When a trailer breaks, the manufacturer hears about it. But often the complaint will be that a 50-ton trailer broke when it was hauling less than a full payload. For example, a 50-ton trailer might break when it’s only hauling a 40-ton payload. The reason is not in that 40-ton load, but the number of times the trailer previously was overloaded and by how much each overload exceeded the yield strength of the trailer’s load-bearing beams and cross members. Yield strength refers to the amount of stress that the steel can withstand and still return to its original shape when unloaded. The first time a trailer is overloaded, the steel will return to something close to the shape it was in when it came off of the manufacturing line, but not exactly to that original shape. Each time it’s overloaded, the steel will return to something less than the shape

it was in the time before. Eventually, the steel, and therefore the trailer, will break. So in our example, even though the trailer only carried a 40-ton payload, it is likely that it had been overloaded to some extent at one or more points in its past. That’s when the damage was done, and that is what ultimately caused the failure. The steel got weaker and weaker and, on the day the trailer failed, it happened to be rolling with 40 tons on the deck.

Help To Be Had It can be tempting to look at a trailer’s capacity rating and stop there. But for a true sense of how much a trailer can handle and how it will hold up under the stresses of a specific operation, with its individualized loads, geographies, weights and other variables, fleet managers need to consider everything that goes into that rating. Purchasing the right trailers for updating a fleet can be complicated and, clearly, the decision is an important one. But there is help available. Many manufacturers have sales people who know capacity from top to bottom and can help fleet managers select exactly the right trailer with the optimal combination of load concentration, load distribution, speed and safety rating for specific applications and load types. And having that knowledge about each specification will help ensure an investment that leads to a long, smooth ride.

Dismantling  For Parts...

The RT Series Track Loaders from Gehl provide high performance in a fully customizable package. The updated RT175 GEN:2 and RT210 GEN:2 take high-capacity power, breakout force and tractive effort to a new level. For larger jobs, the RT250 brings the extra capacity. Arkansas ALMA

Pennsylvania WEST


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January 2014

t product & equipment spotlight

Curb Shaper Improves Ease of Laying Curb and Gutter

Hoover Diesel Helps Reduce Fuel Costs

When laying a sidewalk or driveway, contractors often struggle to lay a professional-looking curb and gutter formations. Laying it by hand is time consuming, and curb rolling tools are often cumbersome to use.

Since 1973, Hoover Diesel Service has been offering power units and diesel engines for customers in the construction industry, as well as servicing those units and engines. Their products include diesel and gaseousfueled power units, generator sets and high quality power systems. With their help, companies that rely on industrial engines and generators, and need the parts to keep them running well, will be able to continue smooth operations.

Curb Shaper has made it simple to form curbs and gutters quickly and professionally. With the ability to allow for variations in form work, the Curb Shaper is a flexible piece of machinery that makes laying the curb simple. The machine is designed to create a 24-inch curb and gutter, but can be adjusted up to 2-1/2 inches on either side. The Curb Shaper can also be adjusted to work on a 18-inch curb and gutter with ease. It can also be adjusted during use to accommodate the variations in form work that are common with this type of project.

is a high performance air compressor that can be truck- or skid-mounted with enough power to run most common air tools used in mining operations. The new diesel drive engine also decreases the possibility of fire presented with a gasoline engine. Being MSHA approval means the compressor has been authorized for safe use in underground coal and gassy metal mines and has undergone rigorous testing conducted by experts at the MSHA. It ensures air quality is within safety standards while running the unit underground, a major concern for all such operations. The release of this product is part of VMAC's strategy to provide safe, high performance air compressors for use in a variety of environments. For more information visit ___________________________________________________

When asked about the product and the best way to use it, Doug Webber said, "We've found the best way to use the tool is to pour around a three inch slump, stack the concrete about 10 to 12-inches wide, flatten and edge the top so you are level or even slightly downhill to the gutter side." Flattening out the concrete beforehand prevents it from building up on the machine. Further features on the Curb Shaper that are designed to make it easy to use include its handle grips on each side of the machine. These allow the operator to easily turn corners. It also has an adjustable handle, so operations that have multiple users can easily adjust for their varying heights.

Although there is a decrease in CFM, the RAPTAIR50

Indiana Warm Floors, Inc., Makes Installing Snowmelt Systems and Radiant Heat Flooring Cost Effective Hoover Diesel specializes in providing diesel and gaseous-fueled industrial engines, generators and parts to end users as well as dealers and OEMs. Their team truly understands their products, and as such is able to provide complete packages that include everything needed to use the engine, including controls, fuel systems, exhaust systems and drive systems. They handle both stationary and mobile non-road products. With the help of Hoover Diesel Service, companies can increase their bottom line by decreasing fuel costs. Hoover Diesel offers fuel-efficient power units that help reduce operating costs. Portable units are more affordable than purchasing a new tractor when the company needs a stationary PTO with hydraulic power, not a mobile tractor. Engines for re- power and replacement applications are also available.

Installing a radiant heat system is no longer difficult with the help of presystems from Indiana Warm Floors, Inc. These easy-to-install systems allow those overseeing construction projects to save both time and money when installing radiant heat, even if they are not radiant heat specialists. Indiana Warm Floors, Inc., has been providing their services since 1979. The company offers PEX tubing systems in a modular format. About this approach, a company spokesperson said, “This pre-constructed modular design provides for accurate system design, constructed in-house, to eliminate performance problems. It also speeds up onsite installation, even without the benefit of a specialist installer.�

For more information about Hoover Diesel, call 888-DIESEL-0 or visit

With the pre-constructed modules, construction


energy efficient radiant heat that will perform well,

VMAC RAPTAIR Diesel Drive now MSHA approved

professionals, and even DIY customers, can install saving them time and money and giving them peace of mind that their finished installation will perform as they expect.

VMAC's RAPTAIR Diesel Drive Stand-Alone air

Indiana Warm Floors, Inc., provides more than just

compressor is now available in a Mining Safety and

radiant floor heat. They also offer snowmelt systems

Health Administration approved version.

and geothermal systems. They prefab the control boards so they are plumbed and wired and ready to

The primary modification to enable approval was a

plug directly into the tubing system once installed.

change to the engine. The MSHA approved version

This eliminates installation error and maximizes the

uses a Kubota engine that runs at a slower speed than

efficiency of the systems.

the Kubota offered in the RAPTAIR60. For more information visit or Fore more information about the Curb Shaper, visit or call 877-633-0893.

January 2014

The slower approved engine enables the compressor

call 260-668-8636.

to provide more than 52 CFM and the lower RPM also make the system quieter than the 60 CFM version. | The

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t what’s new

Rock Breakers Introduces New RBI Hydraulic Breaker For contractors who have to deal with rock issues, Rock Breakers, Inc., (RBI) has a new product to help, the RBI Hydraulic Breaker. This newly released product has all of the features construction operations have come to expect from the RBI brand, including interchangeability between machines and easy-to-maintain designs. The new breaker joins the extensive list of Huskie Hydraulic Hammer breakers already offered by RBI.

Lura Enterprises Introduces the Lightning Strike Roller Screed System

New DL-66 inch and DL72 inch Heavy Duty Rotary Cutters from Ammbusher

Lura Enterprises is a distributor of the awardwinning Lightning Strike Roller Screed system that is based on a patented pass-through resulting in reduced costs.

Ammbusher recently expanded their attachment line with the introduction of the DL-72” heavy-duty brush cutter.

Equipped with a patented pivot pin in the center that makes easy work of circular pours, it reduces the manpower required to operate the system and can perform a wide variety of pours with fewer tubes. While its pin holds the motor steady, the hex driver goes into action. It disconnects easily for pours from any direction and when used in concrete or pervious concrete applications, it leaves a flatter slab while delivering a high level of floor flatness as well as floor level numbers. The end result will not have high spots that need to be ground down for an aerated floor.

Fully Adjustable for Ease of Use The curb runner is completely adjustable for either right-sided pours or left sided as well as crowns and valleys. It goes along the existing curb, form or sidewalk and can be situated on the motor side. Since there is no need to position support stakes, it saves on time and supplies. With the adjustability of the handle, elevated pours can be positioned to the precise angle. It has a unique riser wheel so it can operate on concrete to concrete with less wear and tear on its tubes.

For more information visit or call 630-701-0172.

For more information or a dealer near you call 800432-5955 or visit ___________________________________________________

New Range of High-Power Compact Stump Grinders Launched at GIE+EXPO Easy Setup and Safe Design It takes less than ten minutes to set up the lightweight but powerful system and the labor saving attachments alleviate the need for extra workers. Because it works on a reduced level of friction, there is less pressure on the knees, shoulders and backs of workers and with its built in safety features, there are fewer claims for compensation from work related injuries. For more information call 701-281-8989 or visit www.


800-622-8836 | The

The DL Series rotary cutters were built to handle extreme brush conditions. A reinforced front push bar enables the operator to push over trees and cut brush up to 6” in diameter. As you cut, the front chained intake door lifts and allows the tree to enter the blade area. The 1” steel X-blade carrier allows the cutter to mulch and cut at the same time. The 2,100lb machine was designed to fit larger skid loaders. Both will handle 22 to 45 gpm (with motor changes) and are used in the forestry, right-of-way and land clearing service worldwide. “The DL Series is the next level up from the Ammbusher standard-duty cutters,” says Jenny Awad, VP of Sales & Marketing. “We are proud to say that Ammbusher designed and built the first brush cutter of its kind in 1992 and strives to keep American’s working,” she adds.

When asked why the company decided to design its own hydraulic hammer, Jose Torres, president of RBI, said, "When IPC Industries, the distributor of the popular Huskie Hydraulic Hammer, announced it was going out of business, I purchased all rights and assets of the company. We have the original Huskie Hammer factory drawings, and we have picked up where they left off. The new RBI Hydraulic Breaker is simply the end result of that." In addition to the new hydraulic breaker, RBI stocks the largest inventory of Huskie parts in the nation, and 95 percent of their inventory can ship the same day. They've also reproduced the popular HH500-2 model as a US-made product. For those who already own breakers, RBI offers a Rebuild Program, which involves a complete teardown and inspection of the breaker along with a written estimate of the necessary repairs.

The new 2013, DL-72” and the DL-66” (since 2006), are both equipped with a newly designed “American Made” spindle. The “USA” built motor is a direct drive and bi-directional design.

Contractors Equipment Directory

Predator Power launched a new range of high-power, compact stump grinders and cutters at the 2013 GIE+EXPO. They will be looking for new dealers to sell their unique range of stump cutters. At the GIE+EXPO, the company featured the Predator 50RX and 38RX, along with the very latest machine, the Predator 360.The Predator 50RX is the most versatile stump grinder available anywhere and is the only large, 50HP machine on the market that can access the narrowest entrances. The variable width track base travels from 31 inches to 47 at the touch of a lever, allowing easy entry through a gateway

East Edition |

January 2014

t what’s new narrower than three feet. It can cut effortlessly to a depth of 15 inches, with a swing of 60. There is neither belt nor clutch. Predator employs the fully proportional, highly accurate and reliable Scanreco G2B radio control system that is commonly found on cranes. It allows the operator to have the feel and control of a hydraulic lever while maintaining in full the flexibility and vision of a remote operator. The Predator 38RX offers a solution for those seeking a large, high-performance stump cutter to undertake commercial commitments – and private work. Building on the hugely popular manual version, the Predator 38X, the Predator 38RX is the ultimate in refinement, the company claims. Smooth, powerful and reliable, it’s the same American powered machine, but radio controlled. The machine has a cutting depth of 18 inches, a swing of 54 inches and a cutting height of 30, coupled with a width of just 26” – and a 38HP Kohler power unit.

BOMAG oscillation makes use of the physical laws of vibration generation to its best effect. The careful coordination of exciter system to drum weight ratios is the basis for BOMAG’s tangential oscillation. Target applications for this compaction technology are on bridge structures and for working in close proximity to buildings. Usage for intermediate and finish rolling are additional proven applications. With TanGO always directed horizontally, it maintains continuous ground contact and efficient compaction results are often able to be seen immediately after a few roller passes. The interaction of TanGO oscillation from the rear drum and traditional vibration power from the front drum provides practical advantages on difficult-to-compact asphalt mixes. This directly leads to achieving desirable smoothness and density results. Contractors are given a sound investment with the modular design concept coupled with an extremely wear-resistant drum wrapper surface. The drum wrapper shell is covered by an 8 year/8000 hour warranty. BOMAG is planning further TanGO introductions into other roller weight classes going forward. This unique offering complements BOMAG’s complete line of compaction rollers and expands its industry-leading product range that includes its Asphalt Manager and ECONOMIZER innovations. Multiple solutions are readily available from BOMAG as a single source.

Hyundai Introduces New Interim Tier 4 HL740-9A Wheel Loader Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas, Inc. is pleased to introduce its newest wheel loader model, the HL740-9A. The HL740-9A joins Hyundai’s new lineup of 9A series wheel loaders, all of which provide unmatched power and productivity across a wide range of applications including construction, demolition and recycling, utility and agriculture. Hyundai’s HL740-9A wheel loader was engineered for maximum power and performance. This model is built with a fuel efficient, low noise 156 hp Cummins Tier 4 Interim & EU Stage IIIB QSB6.7 engine. The ecofriendly engine offers advanced electronic controls and a self-diagnostic system, both of which lead to reliable performance. The combination of a high pressure common rail system and an advanced incylinder combustion technology results in increased power, improved transient response and reduced fuel consumption.

For further information call 309-853-3571 or visit The Predator 360 is an innovative new model fitted on a swiveling frame for easy stump cutting and handling – with a turntable mechanism for swivel of up to 60 degrees. Powered by a 14 hp Kohler CH440 engine, It has a cutting depth of 9”. All Predator machines employ Multi-Tip technology, a US patented stump grinding solution that allows fast changing of teeth along with exceptional performance. The company says using this system results in more production with less fuel and machinery wear. It is guaranteed to cut at least 25% quicker than standard finger teeth. For more information call 800-843-1086 or visit www. ___________________________________________________

TanGO at BOMAG! Tandem Rollers with Tangential Oscillation BOMAG presents Tangential Oscillation (TanGO) on its new BW161ADO-4 tandem roller model. This well established exciter system has been assessed and further optimized in key areas. The defining result is clearly improved power for vibration generation and perfectly matched compaction parameters, along with reduced drive belt maintenance requirements.

January 2014


DUECO Launches TL50 Mini-Aerial Featuring the Longest Side Reach in the Industry TL50 Provides the Stability of the Big Aerials While Fitting through a 36” Gate. DUECO introduces a unique Terex TL50 aerial unit mounted on an SDP carrier designed specifically to meet an unmet need for stability with an extra-long reach in back yard tree trimming and back yard power line maintenance. Terex aerial lift truck units are known for their stability in the bucket and smooth operation. The new TL50 on the SDP platform is no exception. It features over 51 ft. of working height and provides over 36 ft. of side reach. Customers are amazed at the stability, given the reach, and have described the unit saying, “It works like a champ”, “It’s stable as a rock” and “The specs are unbeatable and the pricing is spot on.” For more information call 800-558-4004 or visit www. | The

The HL740-9A loader has a fully automatic transmission designed for maximum durability, minimum power loss, improved travel speed and low noise. An improved clutch control and minimized shifting shock when travelling contribute to a smoother ride. The HL740-9A model is designed to allow the operator customize the machine’s engine power, automatic transmission, shift time and clutch cut-off activation based on the job condition and personal preference. Three engine power modes are available for ultimate flexibility; power, standard and economy, as well as four transmission power shift modes; manual, light, normal and heavy, making this model well-suited for any working condition. Convenient rotary type switches allow for easy adjustment of engine power modes, transmission power shift modes and clutch cut-off modes. Hyundai’s HL740-9A wheel loader has an operating weight of 28,000 lbs, a 3.0 cubic yard bucket capacity and a bucket breakout force of 24,800 lbs, making this machine suitable for any application. The HL740-9A is available in an extended reach (XTD) model for jobs where a higher dump height is a necessity such as loading high-sided trucks and hoppers, stock piling material and for agricultural applications including as stocking feed lots on dairy farms. The loader is also available in a tool carrier (TM) model which offers parallel lift and is ideal for tasks like pallet handling and pipe laying. For more information visit or call 877-509-2254.

Contractors Equipment Directory

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t what’s new

BSP Unveils New Range of Lightweight Piling Hammers To increase and strengthen its product offering BSP International Foundations (BSP), developers and manufacturers of hydraulic piling hammers, has announced the launch of a new range of powerful yet lightweight hammers which provide greater stability to piling rigs, especially in applications where a greater reach is required. Designated the LX range and comprising three models, the new hammers also provide an economical solution for the installation of all types of piles. The three hammers, LX30, LX40 and LX50, are capable of driving steel, concrete or timber piles in a variety of soil conditions. Major features include total control of hammer stroke and blow rate; precise matching of energy to suit the pile driving requirements while a highly efficient hydraulic system gives low energy loss and a low running cost.

Loftness Introduces Line of Industrial-Duty Snow Blowers

ACE Torwel Rolls Out New Economizer Gasover-Hydraulic Spreaders

Loftness introduces the I Series to its SnowLogix line of snow blowers. The new series includes four models of industrial-duty, tractor-mounted units. They are available in 9- and 10-foot widths for efficiently moving large amounts of snow.

Quieter, professional grade model increases benefits, reduces maintenance for pick-ups and platform trucks.

Engineered for large tractors with tall tires, all models in the I Series offer a two-stage design with 16-inchdiameter augers and extra-large, 36-inch-diameter fans. Both 9- and 10-foot blowers are available with either two or three augers. Models with two augers measure 48 inches high, while those with three augers measure 66 inches high.

Other important features include optimum power to weight ratio and due to the cage and dropweight design the hammers have a short overall length. Design of the cylinder, dropweight connection and shock absorber provide easy access for maintenance. The hammers can be fitted with a single acting hydraulic system to give an equivalent stroke of 800mm or alternatively a double acting cylinder can be fitted to give an equivalent stroke of 1.2m.

ACE Torwel, Inc.'s snow and ice management division recently announced improvements to its Economizer gas-over-hydraulic pick-up truck spreaders. Performance advancements target more efficient, reliable snow and ice control in 1.3, 1.7, 2.5, and 3.0 cubic yard models. Made in the USA, ACE Torwel's improved Economizer gas-over-hydraulic V-box spreaders are lightweight and feature stainless steel or painted 14-gauge steel construction. Economizer gas-over-hydraulic spreaders feature a quiet, durable 5.5 hp Honda gas engine with electric start. Operators can easily control the flow of material with an in-the-cab control panel that features electric start, choke, throttle and conveyor controls and adjustable material deflectors. An optional 12” chute extension is also available. The Economizer gas-over-hydraulic pickup spreader has a quiet hydraulic drive that provides smooth fluid power, built-in overload protection, and self-adjusting conveyor tensioner that aids in performance and chain life. Each unit includes everything needed for easy installation including heavy-duty woven top screen top, 12V battery and box, tie-down straps and wood runners. Options include 304 stainless steel, 12” chute extension, replacement spinner disks, headboard (cab shield), and inverted “V” design (conveyor bridge).

In addition, a range of standard drive caps and pile helmets are available for the LX range which can be operated from BSP power packs or from hydraulic piling rigs or cranes.

For more information visit or or call 800-225-9415. ___________________________________________________

New lightweight piling hammer from BSP International Foundations provide greater stability to piling rigs.

Additionally, the I Series uses a proven, reliable chain drive, oversized gearbox, large bearings and thick steel construction for maximum durability. Maintenance is kept simple with easy-access shear bolts, extra-large skid shoes and a bolt-on cutting edge. Also standard is a hydraulically adjustable spout with a 14-inch diameter and 270 degrees of rotation. Truckloading spout options are also available. Other options include hydraulic- and electric-actuated deflectors. I Series snow blower requirements include a Category II or III three-point hitch, 1,000-RPM PTO, and 140 to 200 PTO horsepower. Loftness manufactures the SnowLogix line of snow blower attachments, the VMLogix line of vegetation management equipment, the GrainLogix line of grainbagging equipment and the CropLogix line of crop shredders. For more information call 800-828-7624 or visit www.

New EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes from CEAttachments The EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes have been re-engineered for more efficient and reliable performance in moving snow, flood wastewater, manure or other materials. These new Low Profile Snow Pushes are designed with lower endplates, decreasing the overall height of the pusher to only 25.7 inches and providing greater visibility for operators. The strength of these new endplates have also been significantly increased by angling the cross brace to the lower corner. The new design also features a formed upper section, without obstructing visibility, that provides additional strength while acting as a snow deflector. This upper section also features grated step plates to assist with getting in and out of the cab. The depth of the mount to the moldboard has also been dramatically reduced, improving the performance and maneuverability of the pusher. The new EDGE Low Profile Snow Pushes are available in 6-ft., 7-ft., 8-ft. and 10-ft. sizes and [continued on page A9]


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January 2014

January 2014 | The

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J.J. Kane Auctioneers

Bar None Auction



800-622-8836 | The

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January 2014

January 2014 | The

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REGISTER NOW TO SEE WHAT’S NEW Get the ultimate up-close look at the future of construction. Registration is now open for the show that offers an immense unveiling of all the newest equipment, technology and product breakthroughs in construction. From earthshaking big iron to groundbreaking innovations you don’t even know exist, it’s all assembled in one place to help you work smarter.

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March 4-8, 2014 | Las Vegas conVention center | Las Vegas, Usa B4

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Co-located with 2 014 ®

January 2014

4 Ideal for grouting

metal door frames and filling hollow concrete block

4 4 hand-operated

& 1 air-powered model available


4 Output capacity up to

11 gallons per minute

4 Net weights from

20 to 35 lbs.

Proudly Manufactured in the USA

Ask for Danny to Receive a 1 0% Discount

P.O. Box 55053 Portland, OR 97238-5953

PH: 503-281-6190 | FAX: 503-281-6227 January 2014 | The

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Hydraulic Excavator Hydraulic Thumbs Excavator Thumbs

Ditching Manual Pin Buckets ThumbsMain Pin Manual ThumbsMain Thumbs Thumbs

Ditching BucketsDitching Buckets info@excavatorthum Main Main Pin Pin

Hydraulic Excavator Hydraulic Excavator Thumbs Thumbs

Thumbs Thumbs Progressive MainHydraulic Pin Excavator Thumbs Link Also Manual Thumbs Thumbs

Hydraulic Excavator Hydraulic Ditching Hydraulic Hydraulic Manual New Excavator Frost Ripper Hydraulic Excavator Manual Buckets Excavator Manual Excavator Manual Excavator Manual Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs Manual Ditching Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs Stumper/Rake Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs Thumbs Buckets Excavator clear land in New Excavator Frost Ripper Hydraulic New Frost Ripper 1/2 the time Excavator Stumper/Rake Manual Stumper/Rake Mainclear Pin land Thumbs Main in Thumbs Main Pin Main PinPin Ditching Main Pin Thumbs Hydraulic Main Pin Thumbs clear land in Thumbs Thumbs Excavator 1/2 the time Thumbs Excavator Thumbs Manual Ditch Buckets Ditching New Ditching Frost Ripper Ditching 1/2 the time Thumbs Ditching Thumbs Ditching Buck Buckets Buckets Ditching Excavator Buckets Buckets Buckets Stumper/Rake Large New Buckets Buckets Frost Ripper Main Pin Excavator clear land in Excavator Stumper/Rake Thumbs BucketsBuckets Frost 1/2 the time Skeleton clear land in Buckets Ditching Large Main Pin Buckets NEW! Ripper Buckets Large Excavator Thumbs 1/2 the time Excavator Dozer Rakes Buckets Stumper/Rake 18,000 toDitching 40,000Lbs. Exca Buckets Excavator Skeleton 96”-160” Available Excavator Grave Excavator Excavator Buckets New clear land in 1/2 Buckets New Excavator Frost Skeleton Buckets Grave Frost Ripper Hydraulic New Excavator Buckets New Frost Ripper Manual Frost Ripper New Frost Ripper New Frost Ripper Buckets Digger Excavator Digger Frost Ripper Dozer Rakes Stumper/Rake Large Stumper/Rake Manual Stumper/Rake the time New Stumper/Rake to 40,000Lbs. Stumper/Rake Thumbs Thumbs 18,000 Buckets Dozer Rakes Stumper/Rake Excavator Thumbs 96”-160” Available Stumper/Rake 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. clear land in clear land in clear land Largeclear Grave clear land in Buckets 96”-160” Available land in in clear landclear in land in Excavator1/2 the time Digger Grave 1/2 the time Excavator Skeleton 1/2 the time 1/2 the time 1/2 the time New Buckets Digger Frost Buckets 1/2 the time 1/2Ripper the time Skidsteer Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Skeleton Dozer Rakes Stumper/Rake Attachments Excavator 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Buckets Main Pin International Calls 336-983-0763 96”-160” Available New Frost clear land inRipper Thumbs Dozer Rakes Grave Skidsteer Large 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Call us toll Buckets free 1.800.870.3610 Fax 336-983-2137 Buckets Stumper/Rake Digger Buckets Skidsteer 96”-160” Available Ditching 1/2 the time Buckets Skidsteer Attachments Buckets Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Large Excavator Large Buckets Grave Large Buckets Large Attachments Large International Calls 336-983-0763 clear land in Large Excavator Excavator Attachments Large Calls Digger Bucket Excavator Excavator Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1 Year Warranty International 336-983-0763 Excavator Excavator Buckets Buckets Excavator Buckets 1/2 the time Buckets Fax 336-983-2137 Skeleton Buckets Buckets Skeleton Skeleton Buckets Skeleton Fax 336-983-2137 Skeleton Skeleton Skidsteer Buckets Buckets Buckets Buckets Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Buckets Buckets Buy Direct &Skeleton Save • Skeleton Made In The U.S.A. Buckets • 1 Year Warranty Buckets Attachments Buckets Dozer R Dozer Rakes Large Dozer Rakes Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. Dozer • 1 Year Warranty Dozer Rakes 18,000 to 40 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Skidsteer Dozer Rakes International Calls 336-983-0763 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Dozer Rakes Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Excavator 96”-160” A Call us toll 1-800-8703610 96”-160” Available Rakes 18,000free to 40,000Lbs. Dozer Rakes 96”-160” Available 96”-160” Available Attachments 18,000 to 40,000Lbs.18,000 to 40,000Lbs. 96”-160” Available Buckets Grave Buckets Available Grave 96”-160” Available 96”-160” Grave Skeleton Fax 336-983-2137 Excavator International Calls 336-983-0763 Grave ALL SIZES AVAILABLE Large Grave Digger Grave New Digger Digger Frost Ripper International calls 336-983-0763 Digger Excavator Digger Digger Fax 336-983-2137 Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1Buckets Year Warranty Stumper/Rake Buckets Dozer Rakes Fax 336-983-2137 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. Skeleton clear land in 96”-160” Available Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1 Year Warranty Buckets Grave Skids Skidsteer 1/2 time Skidsteer Callthe us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610CallCall Skidsteer Dozer Rakes Digger Skidsteer us toll 1.800.870.3610 Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Attach Attachments us toll freefree 1.800.870.3610 18,000 to 40,000Lbs. SkidsteerSkidsteer Call us tollAttachments free 1.800.870.3610 Attachments Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Attachments 96”-160” Available Attachments International Calls 336-983-0763 International Calls 336-983-0763 Attachments International Calls 336-983-0763 International Calls 336-983-0763 Grave Calls International 336-983-0763 International Calls 336-983-0763 International Calls 336-983-0763 Digger Fax 336-983-2137 Fax 336-983-2137 BuyFaxDirect & Save • Made Fax In 336-983-2137 The U.S.A. • Fax 1 Year Warranty Fax 336-983-2137 336-983-2137 336-983-2137 Fax 336-983-2137 Buckets Skidsteer Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Buy Direct &Large Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1 Year Warr & Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1•Year Warranty Buy Direct & Save • Made The U.S.A. Warranty Buy Direct &1 Year Save • Made In The•U.S.A. 1Made Year Warranty Buy Direct & Save Made In In The U.S.A. • •1 International Year Warranty Buy Direct &Made Save•In •Attachments InExcavator The 1 Year Warranty Buy Direct &336-983-0763 Save The U.S.A. • U.S.A. 1 Year•Warranty Calls Buckets Skidsteer Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 Fax 336-983-2137Attachments Skeleton Buckets International Calls 336-983-0763 Dozer Rakes Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1 Year Warranty Fax 336-983-2137 18,000 to 40,000Lbs.

Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A.

Grave •Digger 1 Year Warranty

Call us toll free 1.800.870.3610 International Calls 336-983-0763 Fax 336-983-2137

96”-160” Available

Skidsteer Attachments

Buy Direct & Save • Made In The U.S.A. • 1 Year Warranty


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January 2014

Protect and improve your concrete

with Crystal-Lok


Untreated concrete is porous and susceptible to intrusion by water, salts, gases and oil. Treatment with Crystal-Lok® provides a permanent solution with unparalleled resistance to contamination and abrasion, never wearing off. Crystal-Lok® densifies, hardens and seals concrete permanently from within, becoming an integral part of the matrix, not just a surface coating.

Clean your equipment with

Liquid Hammer Liquid Hammer is the best non-corrosive cleaning compound designed specifically to remove concrete build-up from hauling, handling and finishing.

• Waterproof Portland cement concrete structures and protect against water and other liquid penetration. • Dampproof to allow structures to expel trapped water as vapor.

Ferguson Safety Products • 800-515-0223 Contact us to order some today and visit us at World of Concrete Booth #N1359

Pudong Airport roads and parking structure; 21,800 m treated with Crystal-Lok® 2

COMPTON ENTERPRISES Adds Dust Collection to Their Frac Sand Transloaders

Contact us today at 530-895-1942 or visit us on the web at Dust Collection System

Unloading Railcar

Rail to Pneumatic Truck

COMPTON ENTERPRISES 2434 Dayton Road Chico, CA 95928

New Door Opener January 2014

Loading Railcar | The


Contractors Equipment Directory


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Come see us at Con-Expo, March 4-8 - South Hall, Booth 82122


CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO. 2911 S. English Station Rd. Louisville, KY 40299 502-267-4020 | 866-901-2262 267 W. Jay Lauden Carrollton, KY 41008 502-732-4661 2235 Ragu Drive Owensboro, KY 42303 270-683-2000 | 877-683-2262 Massachusetts

PITTSFIELD LAWN & TRACTOR 1548 W. Housatonic St. Pittsfield, MA 01201 413-443-2623 New Jersey


15 Hillcrest Avenue Washington, NJ 07882 908-689-7900

VERMEER SALES & SERVICE IA 661 Highway T14 Pella, IA 50219 641-628-2000 866-4-VERMEER (483-7633) New York

WILSON RENTAL CENTER, INC. 369 Park Avenue Corning, NY 14830 607-962-8611 | 800-640-2423 Pennsylvania

ALLENWOOD EQUIPMENT INC. 16818 US Route 15 Allenwood, PA 17810 570-538-2595 Louisiana

DITCH WITCH of LOUISIANA 5402 Industrial Dr. Ext. Bossier City, LA 71112 318-747-0660



2550 Rockdale Rd. Dubuque, IA 52003 563-557-1184 | 800-557-1184

Scan with your smart phone for more on Yanmar construction products.


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January 2014


Introducing The “E.V.O.” teer S d i Sk

Models Available For

act Comp tor a Excav

Large or at Excav

Right of Way Maintenance & Clearing, Forestry Clearing for Fire Prevention, Rail Road Maintenance, & Roadside Clearing. • Ability to clear everything from brush to felling and mulching 15" and larger diameter trees with appropriate hydraulics • Ability to be attached to just about any carrier • Use with or without an auxiliary engine • Low cost, affordable attachment that is a must have for every clearing contractor. • Low cost - Pays for itself! • Long tool life - 300+ hours • Extremely low maintenance!

John Brown & Sons, Co.

Toll Free:1-888-227-6686

14 B&B Lane, Weare, NH 03104

Fax: 603-529-7974

Distance Measuring Instrument Make Your Job a Little Bit Easier

Some things can be


The RAC Geo II contains a built-in GPS receiver that can be used for distance measuring in place of an external sensor. This reduces your overall cost since you don’t have to buy an external sensor and simplifies your installation since no wiring is required. The RAC Geo II also saves you time since no calibration is necessary. Applications include: Safety Zone Layout – Estimating Material Requirements – Documenting Quantities – Pre-Bid Measurements – and many more. Used by Asphalt/ Concrete/Pipeline Contractors, State/County/City/Local Highway Depts.

Visit to order online today Easy to Install • Saves Time • Quick Pay Back • 5-Year Warranty • From $795

JAMAR Technologies, Inc.

1500 Industry Rd, Suite C, Hatfield, PA FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 1-800-776-0940 January 2014 | The

CURB ROLLER MFG. 877-284-0475 Contractors Equipment Directory

Check Our Website for Videos and Dealer Locations!

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CONTROL DEVICE The shaking of the vehicle as it drives across the Grizzly Trackout Control Device Rumble Grate knocks dust, mud & other debris off the vehicle tires and chassis, which falls into the free space below the grate making the Trackout device virtually maintenance free.



Minimize Trackout From Your Construction Site! • Patented method to minimize the tracking out of dirt, mud, dust and debris* • Recognized innovation that is an improved method to control trackout • Reusable, transportable, and can be expanded to any length required • Reduces the cost of clean-up on the road • Promotes a safe construction site by slowing exiting traffic • Helps control Particulate Matter (PM10) to help improve air quality • Sizes available: 10’ & 20' widths and any length in 8’ long sections

Calf Flooring Systems

• Our Rumble Grates are installed permanently in landfills, salvage yards, power plants and railroad yards and are rated for 115,000 lbs. for certain models with extensive longevity ®

*Patents: #6,981,818 #6,881,006 #7,059,799 #7,775,739

10 Ye ar Limite d Warra nty • Less Labor • Self-Cleaning

GRIZZLY TRACKOUT CONTROL P.O. Box 10970, Tempe, Arizona 85284 1-800-761-0056 •


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•  Healthier Environment •  Proven Durability

Tandem Products, Inc. 3444 Dight Ave. S., Mpls., MN 55406 1-800-533-0509 East Edition |

January 2014

Alex Lyon & Son is THE

Put a Cummins in Your Truck

Largest U.S. Owned

Auction Company.

Search our upcoming sales in the US at:

corporate offices: Bridgeport, NY (315) 633-2944 * fax: (315) 633-5635

“If you need us, we’ll be there.”






E •

Sales Managers & Auctioneers, Inc.





The ginal Ori




• Conversion Kits • Wiring Services • Technical Support • Complete Conversions • So Much More!

or internationally at:

1 and



Conversion specialists

406-755-8878 • Kalispell, MT •




SR Industries

842 Cody Road, Toms River, NJ 08753 • Email: Looking for Steel Undercarriage Components and Replacement Rubber Tracks? SR Industries covers all your rubber track and steel undercarriage needs.

The Curb Fox 2000, 3000 and 5000 Slipformers pave the full range of curb, curb & gutter, sidewalk and small barrier applications at very competitive prices. Backed by over 30 years of experience in slipforming, the Curb Fox pavers always give quality performance. For detailed pricing and information on your jobs, contact Curb Fox Equipment today!

The design and production standards for our products eliminate damage and rubber track failures - giving your mini excavator or compact track loader a long life and dramatic savings! SR Industries provides replacement tracks for almost every bulldozer, excavator and rubber track machine on the market today.

All come with a Factory Backed Warranty! FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE

732-766-2109 January 2014 | The

Curb Fox Equipment 925 Confederate Avenue, Salisbury, NC 28144 USA Tel: 704-638-0405 Fax: 704-638-0494 Email: Booth #C3953

Contractors Equipment Directory East Edition | 800-622-8836


Flood Control

Troop Protection

Erosion Control

NEED SANDBAGS FAST? The FASTEST and MOST ECONOMICAL Method Out There • Capable of 4,800-6,200 sandbags in 8 hours with only 3 people! • The only machine on the market that fills, transports, securely closes and places the bags at the area of need! • Utilizes most materials wet or dry • Saves time, labor and money • For loaders and excavators too

Visit our website for videos & see how the SandMaster PAYS FOR ITSELF IN 3 DAYS! 360-217-8215 Cage Code 6CVS2

Monthly Public AUCTION 800-529-2515

BACKHOES 94 CASE 590 - Cab, 4wd, Ext. Hoe, 4 in 1 Bucket 04 CAT 420D - Cab, 4wd, Ext. Hoe, 4 in 1 Bucket

- $ 19,500 - $ 39,000

Second Saturday of the Month • 8am 3570 Grand Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85019 Preview: Friday Before Auction 8am-5pm doors open at 7am morning of sale

EXCAVATORS 03 CAT 321BCR - Zero Tail Swing, Coupler, Aux Hyd. 04 CAT 315CL - 8’6” Wide, Coupler, Aux Hyd. 5750HRS 05 IHI 80NX - Cab, Heat, Blade, Boom Swing, 4750HRS 08 DEERE 50D - OROPS, Coupler, Aux. Hyd., Hyd. Thumb

- $ 69,000 - $ 69,000 - $ 25,000 - $ 39,000

SCREENERS 02 CEC 616 - Rubber Tired, 2 Deck, 6x16, Deutz Dsl., 04 CEC 512 - Track Portable, 2 Deck 5x12, Low Hr. Eng., 06 CEC 512 - Track Portable, 2 Deck, 5x12, Excellent Condition

- $ 99,000 - $ 95,000 - $129,000

CRUSHERS ECO CRUSHER BF120 - Bucket Crusher for 75K+ Machine 07 FINTEC 1107 - Track Portable Jaw, Lots of Repairs 09 ROCKSTER R900 - Track Portable Impactor, Magnet

- $ 50,000 - $195,000 - $289,000

Consign your Equipment with Us: * Below Market Consignor Rates * Customized Marketing Campaign * Commercial, Industrial and Construction Assets * Contact Dan White for Details 602.242.7121


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January 2014

The Mobile Rapidmix Range The Rapidmix Continuous Mixing Plant range is fully mobile and completely selfcontained with its own power source. Fitted with a self erecting system, using hydraulics, the plant can change from travel mode to fully operational within a few hours.


Increase your bottom line by 30% guaranteed.

Launches New Fully Weighed Continuous Mixing Plant into USA

Rapid International is delighted to announce the North American launch of their new fully weighed mobile continuous mixing plant. The Rapidmix400CW is the new generation of this highly acclaimed continuous mixing plant. The latest version is now offering full weighing options for all materials – aggregates, cement and water. Measurement by weight is a critical requirement of specifications and the Rapidmix400CW offers record keeping that is automated, precise and detailed. • Roller Compacted Concrete • Soil Cement • Environmental Soil Stabilization • Cement Treated Base • Self-Contained, Self-Erecting • High Production

Measurement by Weight

Available in the following models:

• RMX400 C

(400 tonnes per hour output)

• RMX400CW

(400 tonnes per hour output, with weighed option)

Now offering full weighing options for all materials – aggregates, cement and water. Measurement by weight is a critical requirement of specifications and the Rapidmix400CW offers record keeping that is automated, precise and detailed.

• RMX600 C

(600 tonnes per hour output)

303.853.0068 | |

Lightning Strike Roller Screed System – Lower your costs t Patented Pass through drive advantage • Easy connect disconnect for right or left sided pours

t Delivers high FF (floor flatness) and FL (floor level) numbers. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Patented Center Pin Pivot – Saves time by increasing productivity t Less than 10 minute set-up t Flatter circular pours, reduces labor, makes pours faster and easier –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Adjustable Curb Runner – Save Time

76’ Grain Bin Pad

t Fits left or right sided pours and can be placed on motor side t Rides on existing sidewalk, form or curb t No need for hand finishing, runs right up against form, sidewalk, or curb –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Patented Riser Wheel – Lower Injury costs & risks t Gives the ability to run on concrete to concrete t Significantly reduces wear and tear on tubes and protects your investment –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

Threaded Axle Coupling System – Reduces upfront cost, fewer tubes needed t Easily change tubes for different size pours t Patented threaded axle allows coupling of tubes

Las Vegas January 21-24, 2014 Gold Lot & Silver Lot Booth #O31025

LURA Enterprises, Inc. Phone: 701-281-8989 • Fax: 701-281-8995 Email:





The Maxistab outriggers start at 6' all the way up to 27'.

DEL January 2014 | The

DEL Hydraulics USA

Phone: (716) 853-7996 ‡ Fax: (716) 853-8003

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Always 250+

TEL: 540-389-7002 FAX: 540-389-7072

Specialized Trucks & Equip.


Delivery Throughout the U.S.A. Los Angeles, CA

Call Rob


LATE MODEL FORD Diesel Telsta T-40C Bucket Trucks Stock #14121-02





$49,500 1979 Cat 16G Grader Cab, Ripper, Push Block

IHC Diesel Pitman Digger Derrick Stock #14453-02

LATE MODEL FORD Diesel Altec AA600 Insulated 55 Ft. Bucket Trucks Stock #14300-02

1990 Cat IT28B Loader Cab, GP Bucket, Forks


Weekly and Monthly Rentals Available


2004 Volvo EC210BLC Excavator Med. Stick, Thumb

2005 Cat CS423E Compactor Canopy, 730 Hours

FOR SALE OR RENT (25) Cable Trailers Available - Single and Multi-Reel Stock #13990-02

IHC Bronto Bridge Inspection Truck Stock #13006-02



2005 Volvo A30D Truck 6552 Hours, Tailgate, 80% Tires

2003 Volvo L90E Loader Cab, GP Bucket, Forks, Hyd. coupler

Line-Boring & Bore Welding On-Site


Tough Jobs Call for Kubota Tough Jobs Call for Kubota Tough Jobs Call Kubota Rugged and reliable. Powerful for and productive. Kubota’s SVL90-2 compact track loader takes tough jobsKubota’s with 7,961 lbs. compact bucket breakout force, Rugged and reliable. Powerful andonproductive. SVL90-2 Rugged and reliable. Powerful and productive. Kubota’s SVL90-2 compact 92 HPjobs Kubota diesellbs. engine andbreakout full-open, tilt-up cab for easy track loadera powerful takes on tough with 7,961 bucket force, Tough Jobs Callforce, for Kubota track loader takes on tough jobs with 7,961 lbs. bucket breakout a powerful 92 HP maintenance. Kubota diesel engine full-open,dealer tilt-up cab for easy Factorand in excellent service and Kubota is a powerful 92 HP Kubota diesel engine and full-open, tilt-up cab for easy RuggedFactor and reliable. Powerful and productive. Kubota’s SVL90-2 compact inclearly excellent dealer service and Kubota is maintenance. the right call. See your dealer today! in excellent dealer service and Kubota is breakout force, maintenance. Factortrack loader takes on tough jobs with 7,961 lbs. bucket clearly the right call. See your dealer today! powerful HP Kubota diesel engine and full-open, tilt-up cab for easy clearly thearight call.92See your dealer today!

Reduce Your Heavy Equipment Down Time Weld & bore using the same set-up Sets up in minutes Sales & Leasing Toll Free 1-888-783-9675

maintenance. Factor in excellent dealer service and Kubota is clearly the right call. See your dealer today!







7274 Centreville Rd., Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 Iowa


2550 Rockdale Rd., Dubuque, IA 52003 563-557-1184 | 800-557-1184

1939 North 8th Street Paducah, KY 42001 270-444-0110 503 Walnut Street Murray, KY 42071 270-753-3062

24821 State Route 313, Quaker City, OH 43773 740-679-2141 800-LASHLEY (527-4539) 3348 Newark Avenue, Zanesville, OH 43701 740-455-2141 47445 National Road, St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-695-2141

Optional equipment may be shown. ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2013

Optional equipment may equipment be shown. may Optional be shown. Optional equipment may be shown. ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2013 ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2013

©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2013


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• Concrete/Masonry Anchoring Systems - Custom Fabricated Bolts - 1/2" - 4" Hook & Anchor Bolts - Custom Wedge Anchors • Adhesive Systems for Anchoring & Doweling - Available in various cartridge bulk kits • Crack Injection and Concrete Repair Systems • Concrete Demolition - A NonExplosive cracking agent for concrete or stone • Specialty Adhesives - MiracleBond, A Multi-Purpose Repair Adhesive - Polyurea Joint Filler Material

Northeast marketing and distributor for Adhesives Technology's line of concrete repair & adhesive systems

550 Hartle St., Ste. C, Sayreville, NJ 08872

732-416-6730 • 732-416-6733 fax

Hydraulic Hammers Rock Breakers Inc. is the new distributor of RBI Hydraulic Hammers and the popular Huskie Hydraulic Hammers. We offer new hammers, maintenance services, product support, and replacement parts. Visit us for all your hydraulic hammer needs.

Mention this ad and receive an additional 5%

RBI reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time.

Repair Ask us about no charge inspection of any Huskie, Case, New Holland, John Deere or any other brand name hydraulic hammer with a written quote. Parts We are the largest stocking distributor of Huskie parts all made to OEM specifications.

Included with each hammer purchase at no charge!

se habla español!

Trade-In Trade in any brand hydraulic hammer towards a new RBI hammer. Financing We offer convenient payment options and terms to qualified customers.

Rock Breakers, Inc. Relocated! 901 Elizabeth Street, Elgin, IL 60120 Cell: 630-701-0172 • Phone: 630-980-2551 • Fax: 630-980-2552 Email: January 2014 | The

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M A D E I N U S A — U . S . PAT E N T N O. 5 , 0 3 3 , 9 0 6

RUBBER SUPPLY COMPANY Aftermarket Tracks & Parts

! k c a r T n o s es in s u B r We Keep You

The World’s Fastest Concrete Imprinting & Coloring System Transform Concrete into a Masterpiece

Hundreds in Stock!


Ready to ship today!

Rubber Tracks


Aging, shading, and antiquing can also be achieved by using our unique Quick Imprint Noble Coat system. We guarantee to offer the most wear resistant and versatile coloring system.

Front & Rear



Our Noble Coat & Quick Imprint system is the only system of its kind in the world, allowing for cure, color, and seal on the same day as the pour.



All Quick Imprint patterns look incredible. Whether it’s Cobblestone, Flagstone, Running Bond Brick, Silverdale Slate, or Pinwheel. 16” & 8” Border Rollers.

800-746-8820 P.O. Box 707, Neosho, MO 64850 Email:

4789 Eastpark Drive, Houston, TX 77028 • Email: websales@ 877-857-2585 (Toll-Free), 713-672-2585, 713-672-2590 (Fax)

Visit Our New Website

ExpEriEncE thE DiffErEncE

(330) 683-2500

takeuchi offers the most innovative and advanced line of compact equipment on the planet. Come and see what everyone else is talking about. experience takeuchi — Visit your local dealer today.

ExpEriEncE thE DiffErEncE

takeuchi offers the most innovative and advanced line of compact equipment on the planet. Come and see what everyone else is talking about. experience takeuchi — Visit your local dealer today.





401 W. Outer Rd., Valley Park, MO 63088 323 N. Mullen Rd., Belton, MO 64012 636-225-2900 816-331-6078 | 800-878-6078 O’Fallon, MO 636-240-9020 Columbia, MO 573-886-9435 Pennsylvania Fairview Heights, IL 618-397-1847 MEDICO INDUSTRIES Find out what others know. Visit to Find the dealer nearest you. 1500 Highway 315, Wilkes Barre, PA 18711 Vermont 570-825-7711 | 800-633-0027 RENE J. FOURNIER FARM EQUIPMENT 109 North River Street, Swanton, VT 05488 802-868-4050 | Find out what others know. Visit to Find the dealer nearest you.


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All the Hydraulic Hardware You'll Ever Need!




• Cut to Length • No Minimum Order • Same Day Ship

We are pleased to announce the addition of a New SUNNEN 4100 Hone to our equipment in Dallas


• Size capacity for honed tubes ranges from 4" ID up to 21" ID and up to 12' in length • Rough honing will produce an RA Finish of 40-60, suitable for piston rings • Finish honing produces a much finer finish, suitable for hydraulic seals

The industry’s toughest, longest lasting wood processing equipment av is available through the extensive network of authorized Bandit dealers.


Conta yours today and see how a Contact Band Bandit chipper or grinder can help boos boost your operation’s bottom line.

1-800-952-0178 952-0178 2330 Quincy Street, Dallas, Texas 75212 (214) 637-9301 • Fax (214) 637-9303

VISIT US ONLINE 24/7 AT WWW.BANDITCHIPPERS.COM Contact your local Bandit dealer to schedule a demonstration at your job site!

Contact your local Bandit dealer to schedule a demonstration at your job site! LARGE EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTORS (Beast Recyclers, Whole Tree Chippers, Forestry Mowers)

National TOLL FREE: (800) 441-1994


Manassas, VA 703-393-7344 Winchester, VA 540-722-3700 Chesapeake, VA 757-485-3314 Richmond, VA 804-266-0000 Roanoke, VA 540-989-3750 Wise, VA 276-328-8027 Bridgeville, DE 302-337-3400


West Virginia/Kentucky

LESLIE EQUIPMENT CO. 6248 Webster Road, Cowen, West Virginia 26206 304-226-3299 | 888-694-4695 136 Cliffton Drive, Beaver, WV 25813 Route 33 West, Norton, WV 26285 284 Van Kirk Drive, Fairmont, WV 26554 19 Goff Crossing Drive, Cross Lanes, WV 25313 195 Industrial Park Drive, Pikeville, KY 41501 8331 Meade Springer Road, Ashland KY 41101

304-255-1525 304-636-6421 304-534-5454 304-204-1818 606-432-0321 609-928-3477

SMALL EQUIPMENT DISTRIBUTORS (Bush Chippers, Stump Grinders, Arborvac)

Emerson Manufacturing Corporation 1-800-633-5124

Rugged - Reliable Easy Maintenance Call Today! 620-277-2333

If your region is not represented here, please call us or visit us online for assistance.





300 Reservoir Street, Needham, MA 02494 781-449-0833 | 877-449-0833

15 Virgil Street Stamford, CT 06902 203-323-9921

New York



100 Port Street, Albany, NY 12202 518-434-2747 |


60 International Blvd., Brewster, NY 10509 845-278-7766 |


25113 Dupont Blvd. Georgetown, DE 19947 302-856-7545 | 888-733-5119




251 Shaker Rd., East Longmeadow, MA 01028 413-525-6351 | 800-292-6351 1980 Berlin Turnpike, Berlin, CT 06037 800-352-4473 | 860-356-0840 New Jersey


50 Notch Road, Woodland Park, NJ 07424 973-837-1390 | 800-261-7772

QST, Inc. Ready To Work!

Ask Your Dealer to Carry QST Bucket Teeth


Est. in 1991, Rolandfreight is a Bonded and PMS 2995

Insured International Freight Forwarder, handling PMS Reflex Blue

shipments by Air & Ocean to & from any part of the USA.


January 2014

PMS 032 For Rate Request Contact: Roland International Freight Services, Inc. 5710 W. Manchester Ave., Suite 104 Los Angeles, CA 90045, U.S.A. Tel: 310-337-1775 Fax: 310-337-0310 Email: Website: | The

Contractors Equipment Directory

Quality Steel and Tools — Ground Engagement Tools

Phone (951) 849-0939 Toll Free (877) 41Teeth or (877) 418-3384 Fax (951) 849-0961 • Email

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Creating Mowing Solutions Toll free 877-757-7555

Maximize your equipment investment. Cut & mulch brush, grass & small trees with your excavator, backhoe or skid steer. Samurai Excavator Brush Flail • 30”, 40”, 50”, & 60” models pin or pin grabber mount • Cuts up to 6” diameter material –8-40 gpm • Gear or piston motor available • T-1 steel construction –powder coat finish • 12 month warranty • Kubota approved for Kubota KX-080-3

RaZor Skid-Steer Brush Flail • 1/4” DOMEX steel shroud, 3/8” end plates • Four v-belt drive system rated @ 94 hp • 6” DOM cutter shaft, 5/8” wall, triple blade design • Cutting capacity 6”, 25-47 gpm • Powder coated finish– Universal quick attach • Standard 12 month warranty Florida/Georgia

ENVIRONMENTAL PRODUCTS OF FLORIDA & GEORGIA 2525 Clarcona Road Apopka, FL 32703 407-798-0004 450 NW 27th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 954-518-9923 4815 Mendel Court Atlanta, GA 30336 404-693-9700



New York

2405 Dickerson Road Nashville, TN 37207 615-227-7800 | 800-860-7800

1500 Highway 315 Wilkes Barre, PA 18711 570-825-7711 | 800-633-0027

100 Port Street Albany, NY 12202 518-434-2747





5400 Stepp Drive Summit, IL 60501 708-458-7800

1225 Vanderbilt Road Birmingham, AL 35234 205-324-3104


QA60R—Skid steer Rotary Mower


• Cuts 8” diameter material • 20-40 gpm—gear or piston motor • Blade disc or Blade bar—12 lb. blades • Universal quick attach • Durable T-1 steel construction • Powder coat finish • 12 month warranty


Call 1-877-757-7555

the advantage is all yours. SPECIALIZING IN FORD PARTS

The hydraulic design of the TK track trencher provides the most efficient utilization of horsepower of any trencher in its class. Available with engine options ranging from 13-30hp, this trencher is the answer to any need.

M-F z JD z Case z IH z Kubota z King Kutter We Service the Agricultural & Construction Industry WE HAVE CASE & FORD BACKHOE PARTS

Made in the U.S.A. for over 25 years, Barreto continues to be the standard in walkbehind hydraulic equipment. See it in action:



“New and Used Tractor Parts for Less”

800-462-8118 225-357-3757

Baton Rouge, LA • E-mail:

1-800-962-6976 B18

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January 2014



27 Broad Street, Norwalk, CT 06851 203-847-2496 Virginia


7274 Centreville Road Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 North Carolina

MT. AIRY EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 1431 W. Pine Street Mount Airy, NC 27030 336-786-6240 Ohio


Powerful: Heavy-duty 70 HP direct injection diesel engine Responsive: Innovative Float Angle Blade for easier ground ďŹ nishing Versatile: Dual auxiliary hydraulic ports allow simultaneous operation of a wide range of attachments gDIGGINGDEPTHs LBSOPERATINGWEIGHTs LBSBUCKETBREAKOUTFORCE

Powerful: Heavy-duty 70 HP direct injection diesel engine Responsive: Innovative Float Angle Blade for easier ground ďŹ nishing Versatile: Dual auxiliary hydraulic ports allow simultaneous operation of a wide range of attachments gDIGGINGDEPTHs LBSOPERATINGWEIGHTs LBSBUCKETBREAKOUTFORCE

Powerful: Heavy-duty 70 HP direct injection diesel engine Responsive: Innovative Float Angle Blade for easier ground ďŹ nishing Versatile: Dual auxiliary hydraulic ports allow simultaneous operation of a wide range of attachments gDIGGINGDEPTHs LBSOPERATINGWEIGHTs LBSBUCKETBREAKOUTFORCE

Construction Equipment from the Ground Up.

Construction Equipment from the Ground Up.

ŠKubota Tractor Corporation,ŠKubota 2008 Tractor Corporation, 2008

24821 State Route 313 Quaker City, OH 43773 740-679-2141 800-LASHLEY (527-4539) 3348 Newark Avenue Zanesville, OH 43701 740-455-2141 47445 National Road St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-695-2141 Kentucky

McKEEL EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 1939 North 8th Street Paducah, KY 42001 270-444-0110 503 Walnut Street Murray, KY 42071 270-753-3062


Construction Equipment from the Ground Up.

FORMWORK Rent • Sell • Buy SHORE ALL SHORE ALL ŠKubota Tractor Corporation, 2008

Handset & Flying Shoring Handset & Euro Clamp Forming Buy Engineering • Sell • Rent Complete

Buy •Shoring—Forms—Scaffolding Sell • Rent

New & Used Shoring—Forms—Scaffolding Complete Engineering Complete AllEngineering Systems U New Name&ItUsed

New & Used All Systems All Systems U Name It Since 1981 U Name It

Since 1981

Visit our Internet Catalogue Visit Booth #N2420 Visit ourour Internet Catalogue Very Competitive at WOC 2014 Try Us Very Competitive Try Us Very Competitive Try Us Email:

Formwork Shore All Formwork Phone: Shore All 770-562-2609 Email:

Brooks or Wes Phone: 770-562-2609 Formwork Exchange Ltd. Brooks or Wes Email: Phone: 770-562-2609 Brooks or Bonnie

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Est. 1967

Rely On Our Experience.


Ammbusher, Inc. has developed a REVOLUTIONARY new heavy-duty rotary brush cutter for the skid loader industry. CONSTRUCTION:


Wheel Loaders • Crawlers Track Excavators • Loader Backhoes Skidders • Skid-Steer Loaders Engines and Transmissions

Used Repair Parts!

• Selling Equipment Internationally • Containerized Equipment for Ocean "Insist on Honesty in Business and Government"

4535 St. Rte. 3 N., P.O. Box 136, Wolf Lake, IL 62998



TS-14 Ejector Door

Cryogenic processing can improve the wear life and performance characteristics of a wide range of materials and mechanisms. OUR GUARANTEE

TS-14 Radiator Guard (with Terex)


Control Valve Steering Valve

Exhaust Manifold TS-14 Wheel Seals TS-14 PTO Kits

TS-14 Radiator Shroud

REPLACEMENT - NEW USED - PARTS FOR: Terex - Komatsu - Detroit Diesel - Allison - Deutz & Most Forklifts

Caterpillar & Komatsu Parts TS-14 • Steering Gears • Hyd. Pumps New Radiator Cores • Radiator Guard & Shroud Replacement Engine Parts for Detroit Diesel, Komatsu, Cat, Cummins, JD, Kubota, Deutz


937-645-9677 • FAX 937-644-1240 •

TS-14 Exhaust Elbow P/N 9195499

DL-72 Heavy Duty Cutter 4x4 Steel Barr Carrier Blade Size: (4) 5" x 17" Cutting Width: 72" Overall Width: 86" Overall Height: 35" Overall Length: 86" Weight: 2100 lbs

Check Out Our Complete Line of AMMBUSHER Skid Steer Attachments at


TS-14 Shift Cylinder P/N 15015648 Shift Tower P/N 9014855

MADE IN THE U.S.A. DL-66 Heavy Duty Cutter 4x4 Steel Bar Carrier Blade Size: (4) 4" x 14" Cutting Width: 66" Overall Width: 79" Overall Height: 35" Overall Length: 81" Weight: 2000 lbs.

All Of Our Machines Can Be Seen On Our Website 800-626-6046 • 618-833-5498


• Successfully Serving our Customers Equipment Needs for Over 43 Years

HOUSING: A-36 Steel Front Intake SKID SHOES: 2 Replaceable Steel Front Shoes BLADE CARRIER: 1" Steel Cross Bar USA BUILT SPINDLE: High Quality Built to Last USA BUILT MOTOR: Dir. Drive Gear Motor, Bi-Dir. HOSES: 1" Diameter w/ Quick Disconnect Couplers

• • • • •

We are so confident in the results of our Cryogenic  Process, we offer you this guarantee: "If your production records verify that tools or parts cryogenically processed by York Cryogenics show less than 100% improvement over the life of your unprocessed tools, we will either not charge for our service or refund the cost of the cryogenic processing."


Leon Patterson ~ 3945 Farm Drive • York, PA 17402


Toll Free 888-645-9677

E-mail: • Serving PA, MD, DE, VA, WV, NY & New England

CENTRAL EQUIPMENT LLC Anti-Icing & De-Icing Equipment


“Lil Bucket Man”

Backhoe, Excavator Buckets Many Other Attachments Available

All sizes, All machines, From 1,500 to 240,000 lb. machines

3000 - 6000 gal Storage Tanks in Stock Gas or Electric transfer pumping systems 200 - 3000 gal Skidded Deicing Sprayers

We Also Stock Snow Plows All Sizes

Pre-wetting Systems


Phone: (315)776-5300 • Fax: (315)776-8800 B20

20 Creedmore Road, Cecil, PA 15321 TOLL FREE (866) BUCKET1 (282-5381) “We Sell (412) 221-6766 Rubber Tracks” Fax (412) 341-1065

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January 2014

t what’s new continue to feature standard replaceable rubber cutting edges and adjustable skid shoes. Optional pull-back kits are also available to give an operator the ability to draw materials back from confined areas such as loading docks or buildings. CEAttachments announces new EDGE Low Profile Snow Push attachments for skid steer and track loaders.

the ATV plow is not attached, the ATV will remain trail compatible. THE BOSS ATV Plow features a fully hydraulic, winchless system providing a full 30 degress of lifting height and 30 degress of power angling for higher snow stacking. Visit the ATV Plow product page for more information on key features and benefits.

VBX Spreader THE BOSS Snowplow introduces the VBX Spreader featuring an 8’ poly hopper with 2 cubic yards of capacity. Customers can choose from both pintle chain and auger feed options. The VBX Spreader’s stainless steel drive train components are corrosion resistant for reduced maintenance and longer life. Both the pintle chain and the auger system feature a heavy-duty design for long life and reliability. Visit THE BOSS Snowplow hopper spreaders product page to learn more.

Operation is simple, thanks to user-friendly controls and seven-position height adjustment of the handlebars. The unit offers three forward gears and one reverse gear, and a locking differential helps the machine drive in a straight path. A freewheel feature is also included to allow easy 360-degree turning. The frame of the SS-4000 folds for easy storage, and the wheels are easily removable. Other standard features include winter-tread tires and a corrosionresistant paint finish. Optional equipment includes a debris collector box for catching material during cleanup applications. The SS-4000 is backed by an industry-leading twoyear warranty.

Since 1985 THE BOSS Snowplow has made snowplowing efficient and easy with innovative products that set new industry standards for quality, reliability, craftsmanship and performance. All BOSS Snowplows are designed, built and put to the ultimate performance test in Michigan’s rugged Upper Peninsula where winters — and deep snow — are a way of life. For more information visit or call 866-232-8224. ___________________________________________________

THE BOSS Snowplow Expands Product Lineup New for the 2013-14 snow season, THE BOSS Snowplow introduces several new products designed to make the snow removal professionals job easier and more efficient. These new products include new Poly, Steel and Stainless Steel DXT Plows; a fully hyraulic plow for ATVs; and THE BOSS’ first VBX Spreader. Here are noteworthy product highlights:

DXT Plows Offer Dual-Trip Design Featuring a dual-trip design, THE BOSS Snowplow introduces new 8’2” and 9’2” Poly, Steel and Stainless Steel DXT Plows providing maximum plow and vehicle impact protection in a multi-position plow. THE BOSS’ dual-trip design of the DXT delivers enhanced plow protection when striking hidden obstacles. The base angle trips independently, significantly reducing impacts when lower obstacles are hit. THE BOSS full moldboard trip protects against taller obstructions (6 inches or more). Visit THE BOSS Snowplow DXT plow product page to learn more.

Fully Hydraulic ATV Plow THE BOSS Snowplow unveils a new fully hydraulic plow for ATV use. THE BOSS 5’ Poly StraightBlade ATV Plow is designed with a low-profile undercarriage for Polaris 550/850 Sportsman models. Additional models will be available soon. When

THE BOSS snow removal products and accessories are manufactured in an approved ISO 9001:2008 registered facility and are available to professionals and homeowners through the company’s nationwide network of distributors. For more information call 800-286-4155 or visit www. ___________________________________________________

New Rotary Broom Provides Ideal Solution for Sidewalk Applications SnowEx introduces a versatile new walk-behind rotary broom with a plow attachment for snow removal and other cleanup applications. Powered by a 160cc Honda GXV Series engine, the SS-4000 is designed to provide unmatched productivity for sidewalk applications. The SS-4000 features a floating pivotal broom head with five angle settings to adjust the trajectory of snow and other materials. The 16-inch-diameter broom is centrally driven, allowing the unit to work against curbs, walls and other obstacles from either the leftor right-hand side. Brush rotation speed is infinitely adjustable, and down pressure can be increased or decreased by raising or lowering the pneumatic support wheel. For heavier snow conditions, the operator can install a front-mounted blade attachment, which comes standard with the SS-4000. The 40-inch blade uses a unique pin system for easy installation and removal.

For more information call 800-725-8377 or visit www. ___________________________________________________

LE Adds GenSets to its Equipment Division LE introduced seven new generator sets in its Equipment Division product lineup at the recent ICUEE show. The added products will broaden its line of heavy-duty power generation equipment. LE’s new XLE GenSets offer power ranges from 10kW to 250kW. The 10kW is offered as a stationary GenSet with a 20-gallon fuel tank. Six GenSets, ranging from 13kW to 56kW, include a single or double axle trailer, 50- to 100-gallon fuel tanks, oil pan and water jacket heaters. “LE’s new line of GenSets are engineered to meet the demands of the rental market, as well as small and large work and disaster relief locations,” said Ron Sheldon, senior vice president, sales and business development for LE, Inc. “These GenSets not only provide transportable power for varying needs, but they are also cost-efficient, making them a smart investment that can be trailered to any site you can drive to.” Thom Reddington, vice president of operations and engineering, stated, “The Perkins, Laidong and Yangdong Tier 4 diesel engines we utilize have proven dependable and fuel efficient, while the Deep Sea Electronics 7220 digital controller is a proven means to manage the system. The safety shutdown will protect the engine and generator from damage, and since they’re totally digital, the units are very reliable. [continued on next page] Continued on next page

January 2014 | The

Contractors Equipment Directory

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t what’s new Coupled with the fuel efficiency and weather resistant enclosure, we believe these are an exceptional value.” The GenSets will be offered by LE-authorized distributors throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, contact ___________________________________________________

Light Ranger MUTT Lets You Test Your Trailer, Without the Truck Innovative Products of America proudly announces the Light Ranger Mobile Universal Trailer Tester® (#9101), a light and electric brake tester for Utility and RV type trailers. The water resistant and portable design allows users to test a trailer without the tow vehicle. Compatible with 7 spade, 6 round and 4/5 flat pin connection types, the Light Ranger MUTT® is designed to simulate all electrical circuits while providing industry standard pin configuration and short circuit protection.

Terramac Introduces GPS Package for Fleet Management

coordinating manufacturer, rental dealership and end user schedules.

Terramac® LLC has announced that all its RT9 rubber track crawler carriers come with a GPS receiver and one-year paid subscription to On-Board Communications, Inc. data tracking.

For more info visit or call 630365-4800.

The GPS receiver transmits not only real-time location information but also fleet management data such as run time and idle time via cellular network service. On-Board’s patent-pending Activity Logging Technology, or ALT, offers Terramac® owners the added capability of tracking time operating under load.

Evans Debuts New High Performance Coolant Label

Chuck Tholen, an On-Board Communications, Inc. GPS specialist, said this will be a new application of GPS to many people. Without having it pointed out to them, they might not notice the equipment at first.

A necessity for anyone who sells, owns/operates, inspects or rents trailers, the Light Ranger MUTT® ensures a trailer's electrical wiring is working properly and adheres to inspection standards before use.

The Light Ranger MUTT® comes with a battery charger, 3-way trailer harness adapter and IPA®'s 24-hour repair or replace warranty policy. The Ranger MUTT® Memory Saver Accessory Kit (#9104) is available separately.

Data is automatically collected and delivered in communication reports that include the exact location of a carrier. These give technicians time to arrange service in the field with advance notice. The reports reduce downtime as technicians avoid having to pull a carrier out of service for scheduled maintenance or having to replace it with a substitute. Owners and operators can use the performance metrics that the system continuously records to streamline their operations, determining how machines or combinations of machinery are most cost-effective. The data, which easily transports to spreadsheet software, provides documentation useful for billing, for justifying bids and for verifying operation time to customers after project completion. Data is viewed by accessing a web portal. Mobile apps are also available for easy access. In the rare event the unit should be in a remote area of no coverage, or should cell service go down, the software simply continues its documentation. And it even has its own internal battery backup in case external power is lost for any reason. As soon as coverage is restored, it resumes transmission automatically. Joey Giannetto, service manager in charge of fleet maintenance at Terramac®, said the GPS system has obvious maintenance streamlining benefits by


800-622-8836 | The


Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., producer of a unique line of waterless engine coolants, announces the release of its new labels for its High Performance Coolant, previously known as NPG+C. The coolant is available in gallons, drums and totes, and the improved label better serves the constantly changing demands of the automotive industry. The technology in Evans High Performance Coolant offers improved performance and reliability for all gasoline and light duty diesel engines. When interviewed at a recent car show, Ed Coyle, the company’s general manager said, “If your goal is to preserve your vintage car, enhance performance of your race car, prevent overheating, or simply prolong the life of your engine, Evans can help get you there. Evans revolutionary coolant delivers advantages for such a broad range of car owners, our labels were updated with a more universal appeal.”

The Light Ranger MUTT® is portable and water resistant with a rugged, American made enclosure utilizing a strong carrying handle, external power accessory port and internal battery compartment that fits common motorcycle type batteries..

"The Ranger MUTT® provides an efficient and professional method of inspecting a trailer prior to hook up, and its value shines when you consider that the purchase price is less than one ticket for malfunctioning trailer lights," says Dan Engelsen, technical expert at IPA®.

Knowledge of carrier hours and update schedules ensures part availability, which in turn assures rental agencies and end users of increased availability.

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With a boiling point of 375°F, Evans High Performance Coolant will function under extreme conditions, well past the failure point of water-based coolants. Evans High Performance Coolant provides permanent cooling protection for the life of the engine, so replacement is never necessary. Its superior corrosion protection preserves metals and engine components. With Evans High Performance Coolant there is always a huge separation between the operating temperature of the coolant and its high boiling point so that any coolant vapor condenses immediately, without forming insulating vapor pockets, as can happen with waterbased coolants. The jacket metal is always in contact with liquid coolant for improved heat transfer. Evans combines performance and economic advantages with a safer formula that the company says contributes to a better environment. For more information on Evans Cooling Systems, Inc., and its waterless engine coolants please visit www. For orders and dealer inquiries please call 888-990-2665.

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January 2014

t what’s new

Turbo Filtration Releases EPACTM Filtration System to Reduce Downtime, Boost Fuel Efficiency for Heavy Equipment Developed to combat the rigorous filtration needs of the military vehicles operating in harsh, particulateheavy desert environments, the newly released Extended Performance Air Cleaner™ (EPAC) is a powerful self-cleaning engine air intake system. Created by the Greenlees Division of turbo Filtration, the EPAC System provides superior air filtration for heavy equipment operating in the extreme environments of the mining, military, agricultural, construction and other demanding on and off-road industries. When tested to U.S. Military Specification PRF46736, the EPAC System exceeded 99.99 percent dust removal efficiency. The company claims this level of performance makes it a good option for original equipment manufacturers of crushers, compactors, wheel loaders, excavators and other machinery used in the mining, construction, waste and recycling industries. turbo Filtration's EPAC System, which is also available for retrofits, helps reduce downtime and increase efficiency at even the most challenging job sites. "The EPAC System is proven to operate for months in extremely harsh environments without showing any significant increase in total system resistance," said Tracy Long, turbo Filtration's director of business development. "That optimizes not only engine operation and decreases downtime from dirty filters, but it also boosts fuel economy, which is essential in locations where transporting gas is difficult." Designed to extend the service life of the engine's intake filter, the EPAC System features cyclical microbursts of compressed air, which is injected into the clean side of the engine air filter. This pressurizes the inside of the air filter and blows out the dust from the dirty side through vents, keeping the intake restriction low and maintaining optimized engine performance. These cleaning cycles are automatically adjusted for duration and frequency depending on the needs of the application. "Another distinctive feature of the EPAC System is its propriety, ultra-high-efficiency filter, which is made with fibers smaller than 1 micron, allowing dirt to

cake so it can be easily removed," Long said. "And because the system is automatically cleaning the filter while the machine is running, maintenance costs are also reduced." The EPAC System comes complete with a selfcleaning air cleaner, an electrically operated air compressor and all components needed for retrofit installations. For machinery already equipped with an on-board compressor and air source, the EPAC System can be configured through turbo Filtration's proprietary controller logic for a coordinated operation.

stud slides through the middle of the tank, which is then secured with a mounting plate. “Diesel truck owners are always interested in extending their range and fuel capacity without compromising space in their trucks cargo bed and Titan’s new spare tire tank is an innovative solution to this challenge,” said Paul Nishanian, executive vice president for XDP. “XDP stocks a complete range of Titan fuel tanks and we’re excited about expanding our Titan offering with their new spare tire tank.”

Available now in a 400 to 600 CFM range, the EPAC System will soon be available in a 1200 CFM size. All sizes will be configured using a state-of-the-art demand based control system. This controller features a proprietary algorithm and takes input from two independent sources for precise control. For more information, visit or call 800-537-7444. ___________________________________________________

Revolutionary Spare Tire Fuel System Introduced by Titan Fuel Tanks Titan Fuel Tanks recently introduced its new cross-linked polyethylene, Spare Tire Fuel System. The first-of-its-kind fuel system is designed to repurpose the space commonly used to stow a vehicle’s spare tire and fits most American-made diesel pick-up trucks made after 1999. The tank essentially doubles the fuel capacity of most pick-ups and unlike in-bed auxiliary fuel tank solutions, its underbody location means that it has no impact on the truck bed’s storage capacity.

Titan’s electronic fuel transfer control unit gives the vehicle operator total flexibility in managing how they use their extra fuel capacity. The additional fuel can be held in reserve or transferred on-the-go and as the need arises. The controller’s illuminated user interface indicates the tank’s fuel level in increments of one tenth and features a single-touch button that starts the fuel transfer sequence. With one touch, fuel begins transferring from the Spare Tire Fuel Tank to the vehicle’s primary fuel tank and continues to flow until it is automatically stopped by the controller or the button is touched again. A red LED on the controller illuminates during the fuel transfer process. Titan’s distributors in the United States, Canada and Australia are expected to have the new polymer Spare Tire Fuel System in stock on or about December 1, 2013.

The lightweight, one-size-fits-all 30-pound tank is easy for one person to install and includes mounting hardware, a filler kit and an electronic fuel transfer control unit that can be operated from the comfort of the cab. Titan has engineered the system for fast installation and all components come in a standardized package. “Titan’s new Spare Tire Fuel System has tremendous potential and is the most creative and efficient use of space I have seen,” said Kyle Shiminski, category director, Keystone Automotive Operations. “We are very excited to be one of the first to be stocking their product in our warehouses. The lightweight material, ease of installation and concealed mounting location make Titan’s system an excellent universal solution for adding fuel capacity.” Titan’s single tank design accommodates all applications, while mounting hardware unique to the host vehicle’s make and model allows the tank to securely attach to the cross members of the vehicle’s frame. Mounting brackets attach easily and are completely noninvasive, requiring no cutting, welding or drilling. Like the spare tire it replaces, a mounting

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by Warren Smith, Infor


Combatting the Current State of Construction in the U.S. and Enabling a Prosperous Operation With the current state of construction in the U.S., more companies are turning to rental of equipment in order to better manage capital investment. This is forcing equipment dealers to grow and manage their rental business in order to tap this market. In addition to just having rental a ‘side business’ of service and parts sales, smart companies are also looking to optimize the rental portion of their business by becoming experts in the field. Rental options and the potential cash flows that can come from it can significantly bolster the bottom line of a dealer. In order to become profitable, a dealer must optimize the rental operation. A rental asset is an asset that makes positive, long-term revenue for the dealer — if, and only if it’s in the field in a productive situation. To do this, dealers should look to apply concepts that have been well entrenched and tested in manufacturing production, such as lean processes and the reduction of waste to achieve success. In addition, the implementation of a formal sales and operations planning (S&OP) methodology will tie operations together across all facets of the business. By applying metrics and measurements for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), the operating characteristics of these revenue-producing assets can be measured and optimized. Combining these concepts with technology such as on-board digital telemetry from the equipment, integrated back office planning and scheduling systems can produce a rental operations management system that can generate desired revenue for the dealer.

Just because it’s rented, doesn’t mean it’s profitable The first concept that needs to be addressed is the paradigm that if equipment is rented it’s making money. This is not entirely true. For example, if the machine is not performing properly in the field, the end-customer will not be a long-term reference account. Organizations should also consider what happens if the equipment is not returned on time. Proper scheduling and optimal use of assets depends on timing of the return of the equipment, followed by a short changeover, cleanup and make-ready for the next customer. If the next customer is not served properly by having the equipment ready on time, then again, there will be an unhappy customer that views the organization as not being able to deliver. This ends up costing additional downtime from crews and projects as well as good will. If an organization had remote visibility of the asset in the field, they would be able to see if the machine was


800-622-8836 | The

performing optimally and if it was being used according to recommended practice. They also would have early warning if the machine were still in the field when it should have been loaded on the trailer to be returned to the shop. Some rental companies would say this is not a problem because they have extra equipment available. We could call that ‘Just in Case’ inventory. The issue is that the ‘Just in Case” inventory of equipment does not add to efficiency. Idle assets are the exact reason the contractors are renting versus buying – so they can have “Just in Time” assets – and the responsibility now falls to you, the rental company, to schedule equipment better than they can. Technology is a necessary component to keep these issues in check.


WASHINGTON AIR COMPRESSOR RENTAL 44180 Wade Dr., Chantilly, VA 20152 703-742-6200 7304 Grove Rd., Frederick, MD 21704 301-662-7711 4622 42nd Pl., Hyattsville, MD 20781 301-277-1300 1800 4th Street NE, Washington, DC 20002 202-635-1500 Maryland


18138 Maugans Ave., Hagerstown, MD 21740 301-665-9333 | 877-412-4224

The Importance of properly scheduled assets – equipment, people, resources Organizations need to start with a formal S&OP process and know what the sales forecast will be to anticipate what customers may need and to get a good view of the future market. Inputs from such sources such as permits, public works projects and others can be useful and feed as inputs into the forecast model. Historical data also is critical. Once the sales demand portion of the equation is formalized, the next step is the production portion – which will require good information on the assets. Inputs such as time for change over, make ready, cleaning and prep time, transportation time, as well as customer delay and delinquency issues, all come into the model. For this to be accurate, good record keeping and a single unified system to tie all the information together regarding turnaround of the equipment are needed. Separate spreadsheets, databases and paper forms are not going to lead to a successful and efficient S&OP process – these need to be automated by real-time technology processes. To bring any system to fruition with success, measurement and reporting processes are required. Some of these measurements are tactical in nature such as the field telemetry. Others are more strategic in nature and bring together multiple types of data that can be combined and viewed in context and turned into information. As we are able to transform data into useful information we then can apply the human functions and turn it into knowledge for accurate fact based decision making. Overall, data transformed to information will provide context to your most important asset – your people – to enable them to make fact based decisions quickly and confidently.

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Stuttering Didn’t Bench Him Stuttering never kept NFL star Darren Sproles out of the game.




A Nonprofit Organization Since 1947—Helping Those Who Stutter

Don’t let it sideline you either.



Compact Machines. Super-Sized Productivity. We have one in your size: B26, L39, L45 and M59

Kubota’s 26–59 HP tractor-loader-backhoe machines increase productivity with three-in-one capabilities. Versatility: Powerful tractor with 3-point hitch, heavy-duty front-loader and quick-attach backhoe. Value: Fuel-saving Kubota diesel engines. More horsepower in a compact size. Tough, integrated main frame. Productivity: Lift capacity and breakout force in the top of their class. Superior maneuverability in confined areas. Operator friendly features for novice and experienced operators. B26 TLB



27 Broad Street Norwalk, CT 06851 203-847-2496

24821 State Route 313, Quaker City, OH 43773 740-679-2141 | 800-LASHLEY (527-4539) 3348 Newark Avenue, Zanesville, OH 43701 740-455-2141 47445 National Road, St. Clairsville, OH 43950 740-695-2141 |



Optional equipment may be shown. ©Kubota Tractor Corporation, 2009

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January 2014

tby Chuck Gallagher | President of the Ethics Resource Group

The Human Side of Business Ethics:

When Good People Make Bad Choices “Never in my wildest dreams did I see this coming. When I first started “borrowing” from the company I had every intent of paying back what I took. Heck, I did pay some of it back…at least at the beginning!” Those were the words Mark said as he confessed that the life he was living was, for the most part, an illusion. Truth be told, Mark, for all his legitimate successes, had over time become no more than a liar and a thief. His choices created consequences that he never dreamed were possible. Mark’s recantation of his ethical fall is all too common. People who fold their arms stating “I would never do something illegal much less unethical!” find that what triggers inappropriate behavior is a basic part of human nature. We are all subject to temptation and therefore can and do make bad choices. If bad choices lead to tough consequences, what can we do to identify bad behavior before it starts? What can we do, as managers or leaders, to prevent unethical choices from being made in the first place? Those are two very profound questions, both of which are at the heart of why it is critical to talk about the Human Side of Ethics in your organization.

How Does Bad Behavior Start? Research has shown that three behaviors are at the core of what would cause or allow an otherwise ethical person to make unethical and potentially illegal choices: Need. Or, perceived pressure that a person is experiencing. Need may come in a variety of forms. The person who is in too much debt likely experiences financial strain – which was the root of Mark’s need. Alice, a church secretary, found her need triggered by her granddaughter’s diagnosis of cancer. Infamous Bernie Madoff’s need was certainly not money; likely, he was triggered by the need to be infallible. Whatever the pressure, need is the core emotional state that starts the ball rolling from a choice that is ethical to unethical. Opportunity. It makes no difference what your need may be if you don’t have the opportunity to satisfy it. Then there is no fuel for the potential unethical fire. Mark was a trusted employee, and with that trust came opportunity. Alice was trusted, and had been for so many years that no one could comprehend she was capable of any unethical activity. Madoff took opportunity founded in trust to a new level. January 2014

Rationalization. Need combined with opportunity provides a firm foundation, but the glue that holds unethical activity together is the ability to rationalize that what is wrong, is right. If you ask most people found guilty of unethical/illegal behavior, they will tell you they felt their actions were legitimate. Mark, for example, rationalized that he was not “stealing” money as long as his intent was to pay it back. Further, he solidified this mental game by paying some of the money back. “Surely, I wasn’t guilty of stealing money as long as I was paying it back,” he stated. The mind can be tricky and when you combine need with opportunity, and can rationalize bad behavior as good, you have the perfect storm to move from ethical to unethical, and potential illegal, behavior.

What Can We Do to Prevent Unethical Activities? As business managers and association leaders there are clear actions we can take that can help keep folks between the ethical lines. Look for Need! We can’t control what needs our employees have but we can be aware of any changes or activities that would suggest an increase in need and the stress that need brings. For example, Mark shared that he been receiving calls at work from creditors which was when the pressure intensified to find a solution. Signs to look for are: (1) calls from creditors or personal calls intensifying at work; (2) abnormal purchases without apparent new sources of funding; or (3) lifestyle changes – marital issues or challenges with aging parents.

Train Rationalization. When employees hear what rationalization sounds like, when we bring to consciousness what is active in the subconscious, it becomes far easier to support each other in our ethical choices. At a recent ethics seminar an attendee commented, “But everybody does it.” As those words were spoken, another participant yelled out, “Rationalization!” The crowd erupted in laughter as people began to see just how simple and easy it is to rationalize the “little things.” And, when we rationalize the little, the larger unethical choices become easier to swallow.

The Value of Good Choices Want to create a culture of ethical behavior in your organization? It’s easy if you think about it. When you start by understanding how good people make bad choices, and follow it with an effective ethicstraining program that reinforces ethical choices and accountability, you have a recipe for success. Every choice has a consequence. What choices do you make for your organization to help keep your most valuable assets between the ethical lines?

About the Author: Chuck Gallagher is the President of the Ethics Resource Group and an international expert in business ethics. Chuck provides training, presentations and consultation with associations and companies on ethics and creating ethical cultures where people do the right thing, not because they have to, but because they want to! Information can be found at chuckgallagher. com or Chuck can be reached via email at chuck@chuckgallagher. com or by phone at 828-244-1400.

Minimize Opportunities. The most effective course of action to keep our employees and associates between ethical lines is to remove opportunities to conduct unethical activities. For example, Mark embezzled money from a client’s trust fund. Had the bank account that Mark used required two signatures, the embezzlement would have been far more difficult. What would Mark do, ask the co-signer to help him steal money from the trust? So, less opportunity equals less chance for unethical activity. | The

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The ‘Seaworthy’ Trailer


hunder Creek Equipment’s fuel and service trailers with industryleading DEF delivery systems have brought efficiency to operations in many industries – agriculture, construction, oil fields, and more. It was the events that unfolded getting one particular trailer to a gold mine operation that has become a near-legend testimony to the quality that Thunder Creek puts behind each trailer. “Last spring, I worked with a man named Steve who runs gold mining operation in Alaska,” recalls Jason Harland, Territory Sales Manager for Thunder Creek. “We built a 750 Gallon Standard Fuel Trailer for him and shipped it to the coast where it was to be loaded on a barge destined for Alaska” “A couple of weeks after we shipped the trailer, Steve reached out asking me when it would arrive,” Harland continued. “Tracking the shipment only confirmed that the trailer had arrived at the port, but Steve was there daily and had yet to see the trailer.” “For weeks, we were unable to figure out what had become of it,” Harland said. Until July – when a fishing boat found it – floating at sea.

How it got there is quite the combination of events, as Steve detailed in the following message: “Unbeknownst to both of us, the trailer was dropped off at the loading yard, where it was immediately loaded onto a barge at the last minute.” “But when that barge arrived at the destination several weeks later, there was no trailer.” “Apparently, the barge hit a storm off southwest Alaska and lost the trailer overboard. It took a five story fall straight into the ocean and drifted for three weeks until it was found way out at sea by a fishing boat. The fishing boat towed the trailer (by rope, of course) back to land.”

The trailer (above) before it shipped from Thunder Creek Equipment and (below) after it was found floating at sea for several weeks. Most of the damage occurred not by the five story fall or three weeks spent in salt water, but when the trailer hit rocks while being towed back in to shore.

“It is apparently not that badly damaged, so that in itself is a testament to the strength and quality of your trailers. It’s partially crushed and I would imagine that after 3 weeks of floating around in the sea there would be salt water corrosion through everything.” “We do rigorous testing on our trailers to make sure they are rugged enough to stand up in the roughest conditions,” says Loren Van Wyk, President of Thunder Creek Equipment. “Never did it cross our minds to test the integrity of our tanks by letting them float at sea for a few weeks… but it’s good to know they can.”

BALL BUSHING WAREHOUSE The Right Bushing – The Right Price

**INCH & METRIC SIZES** New Sizes Added .75 - 4 inch bore dia. 40 - 130 mm bore dia. Hardened & Ground Steel Bushings Phone:

860-693-1797 • Fax: 860-693-1698 E-mail:


**Inch & Metric Ball Bushings, Rod Ends, Spherical Plain Bearings**

World Class Quality - ISO 9002 Certified

Depression is a debilitating disease. For the real facts about depression and to learn more about the science behind the hope, visit:

American Psychiatric Foundation Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance League of United Latin American Citizens National Alliance on Mental Illness National Medical Association National Mental Health Association National Urban League

NEW 200 SERIES. WORK FASTER, SMARTER AND MORE PROFITABLY. New Super Boom® skid steer loaders and compact track loaders are redesigned from the ground up. They’re BIGGER, with the longest wheelbase, the best stability and the widest, most comfortable cab. They’re BADDER, with increased bucket breakout force and ultimate dump height and reach to load into the center of trucks. And, they’re BETTER, with improved visibility to critical areas, allowing operators to work with a new level of confdence and speed. Put the BIGGER, BADDER, BETTER 200 Series advantages to work for you — visit



New Jersey

15601 Orange Ave. Ft. Pierce, FL 34945 772-460-9040

6111 Paris Road Columbia, MO 65202 573-442-1252

35 West Route 70 Marlton, NJ 08053 856-983-0111




“One-Piece” DOOR


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t used equipment marketplace

tclassified advertising


KENTUCKY McKEEL EQUIPMENT CO., INC. 1939 North 8th Street, Paducah, KY 42001 270-444-0110 503 Walnut Street, Murray, KY 42071 270-753-3062 |

USED LISTINGS: 2003 Case CX160, Cab/air, Hydraulic Thumb, New Undercarriage ..................................................................................................... $57,500 2003 Case CX210N, Cab/air, Hydraulic Thumb, 40” bkt..........$69,500 2002 Case 580SM, Cab/air, 4wd, 4-in-1 bkt, Extend-a-hoe...$39,500 1986 Case 855D, ROPS, 80” tooth bucket................................ $19,500 2006 Case 550H, ROPS, New Undercarriage, 6-way blade......$31,500


18138 Maugans Ave., Hagerstown, MD 21740 301-665-9333 | 877-412-4224 USED LISTINGS: 2013 Gehl 235 Gen2, low hours.........................................................Call Gehl 4625, 2,200 hours, rebuilt engine..............................................Call 2007 Gehl 5640, 3,400 hours, open ROPS................................ $19,500 Manitou MLT625-75, 200 hours, new warranty.................................Call 2001 Bobcat T2006, 2,350 hours, good condition............................Call

1500 Highway 315, Wilkes Barre, PA 18711 570-825-7711 | 800-633-0027 |

(Call for used listings... ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

WEST CENTRAL EQUIPMENT 2555 Cove Mountain Road, Martinsburg, PA 16662 814-793-2109 | 800-424-6543 |

USED LISTINGS: 1991 John Deere 8760, 256 HP, 9,747 hours, duals.................. $57,500 2012 Gehl RT210, 310 hours, AC, 2 speed, hand controls, air ride seat, bucket, aux. hydraulics, rubber track.........................................$49,000 2009 John Deere 7930, MFWD, duals, 3-point hitch, 180 HP, 1,648 hours..................................................................$139,900 2008 John Deere 635, Clevis hitch, Urethane conditioner........ $19,200 2006 John Deere 9560 STS, 2WD, 1,625/1,052 sep. hours, chopper, 250 bu. grain tank......................................................$146,900

TENNESSEE CMI EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. 2405 Dickerson Road, Nashville, TN 37207 615-227-7800 | 800-860-7800 | USED LISTINGS: 1996 Athey 7-12 Swivel, John Deere diesel model 4239T.......Call for Price


1985 Athey 7-12, John Deere diesel model 4276T..................Call for Price

4100 Gardner Ave., Kansas City, MO 64120 816-241-9290 | 800-878-9290 |

USED LISTINGS: 2009 Hyundai Excavator, SN# Q70110003..............................$150,000 2003 Case Combine, SN# HEC591184, loader..........................$36,000 2005 Case Wheel Loader, SN# JEE0138681..............................$54,000 2004 Ingersoll Rand Drill, SN#Y009227BA............................. $179,000 2005 Case Forklift, SN# JJG0293092........................................$29,000 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

1996 Huber M850A, Perkins 4 cylinder 80 HP diesel engine ..............................................$39,500

6111 Paris Road, Columbia, MO 65202 573-442-1252 |

Victory Sweeper, model T-500, one owner, used approx. 200 hours, top condition, work ready..............$7,950 Call Terry 615-227-7800


PENNSYLVANIA SUPERIOR PARTS & EQUIPMENT 1690 McDowell Road, Woodland, PA 16881 814-857-2280

USED LISTINGS: (2) CAT D9H’s....................................................................Call for Pricing CAT 988B 50W2900..........................................................Call for Pricing (2) CAT 990’s.....................................................................Call for Pricing 1990 CAT 966E..................................................................Call for Pricing CAT 988F............................................................................Call for Pricing

FINANCING EQUIPMENT FINANCING & LEASING - 100% Financing - No tax returns for deals up to $75,000 for established business. "A" thru "Challenged Credit". New or Used. Call Barbara at J&L Capital Resources 800-818-2883 or 559-897-6960, or visit our website 01/14

GRADE BLADE TIRED OF WELDING A PLATE ACROSS YOUR TEETH? Then you need to try a Hall's Grade Blade. Converts your toothed bucket to toothless in 60 seconds. Available for all mini-excavators, all backhoes and all large excavators. Go to, or call 319-470-3033 for a free 5 minute DVD and a flyer. 01/14

BUSINESS SERVICES WE BUY LIFE INSURANCE POLICIES for a cash settlement. Contact Reliant Group, Inc. 800-457-2315 01/14

WANT TO BUY WANTED: Caterpillar cable scrapers. Contact Lever Holdings Inc. at 306-682-3332. 01/14 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WANT TO BUY: Cash paid for used construction equipment. Loaders, dozers, backhoes, etc. Any age or condition, running or not. 01/14 Call Keesler’s at 845-342-3390 ask for Wayne.

WORK BOOTS BEST PRICES IN U.S.A. ON REDWING BOOTS! Call us for a free quote with your model number, size and width. Redwing Boots 888-438-5411 Call today! 01/14

Online only auctions for more information 715-837-1015

More buyers & sellers Complete Auction Service & Appraisals Farm, Estate, Commercial & Real Estate

7274 Centreville Road, Manassas, VA 20111 703-361-2135 | USED LISTINGS: Caterpillar 267B, 73 HP, cab, 3,000 hours, 18” new tracks.....$22,900 Bobcat 853, 1,700 lb. ROC, 58 HP, 4,850 hours, soft cab, 66” smooth bucket...................................................................... $10,700 John Deere 240, 53 HP, 1,500 lb. operating capacity...................$7,500 Caterpillar 963 Track Loader, 20 ton, 150 HP, 9,000 hours (2,000 on engine), 80% undercarriage.....................................$46,500 1993 John Deere 650H LPG Track Dozer, 9 ton, 90 HP, cab, 9,000 hours.........................................................................$46,500

Call 800-622-8836 to place your Used Equipment or Classified Listings in the next issue of the CONTRACTORS EQUIPMENT DIRECTORY

January 2014

SNOW PUSHERS - 8' to 20" Quick-tach and Bucket Mount. Other sizes and options available. Call Pine Ridge Welding and Machine Steel Sales, Penn Yan, NY. 315-536-2102. 01/14

1986 Ford C8000 Vac All E10, Ford chassis has 36,483 actual miles, AC...............................$39,500

HENDERSON IMPLEMENT CO. USED LISTINGS: New Holland Track Loader C232, one owner machine, cab/heat/air................................................................................. $47,500 New Holland Skid Steer L185, cab/heat/air...............................$22,900 New Holland B95c Backhoe, cab/heat/air, FWA.................Call for Price New Holland E35B Mini Excavator, ROPS and cab models in stock....................................................................Call for Price


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Bryce Hansen • 715-418-1030 Barry Hansen • 715-418-1200 Roger Hansen • 715-781-7172 PRAIRIE FARM, WISCONSIN

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4100 Gardner Ave. Kansas City, MO 64120 816-241-9290 800-878-9290 Brookline Station, MO 417-887-2729 800-955-2729 Joplin, MO 417-781-8222 800-878-8223 Garden City, KS 620-275-1996 800-511-1435 Topeka, KS 785-267-4345 800-878-4345 Wichita, KS 316-838-3346 800-878-3346

1939 North 8th Street Paducah, KY 42001 270-444-0110 503 Walnut Street Murray, KY 42071 270-753-3062 Pennsylvania

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tpriority Aim Attachments...................................................... B12 Al Asher & Sons......................................................... B14 Alex Lyon & Son........................................................ B11 Alloys & Components............................................... B17 Ammbusher...............................................................B20 Bair Products............................................................... FC BANDIT...................................................................... B17 Barreto Mfg............................................................... B18 Barrier Systems LLC................................................... B12 Beck Equipment, Inc.................................................B20 Brushmonster........................................................... B19 BWS Manufacturing....................................................BC Carnie Cap Inc............................................................IBC Central Equipment.................................................... B20 Compton Enterprises.................................................. B7 ConExpo/ConAgg........................................................B4 Country Sales & Service............................................ B16 Curb Fox Equipment.................................................. B11 Curb Roller Mfg...........................................................B9 Curb Shapers..............................................................IBC Del Hydraulics........................................................... B13 Diesel Conversion Specialists................................... B11 DURATECH................................................................ B18 Eartec........................................................................ B10 Emerson Mfg............................................................. B17 Equip Sales & Leasing Corp....................................... B12 Ferguson Safety Products........................................... B7 Formwork Shoreall.................................................... B19 Fumoto Engineering.................................................. B20 Government Liquidation.............................................B6 Grizzly Track Out Control.......................................... B10 Gulf South Equipment Sales..................................... B18 Holcomb Scrapers..................................................... B17 Jamar Technologies.....................................................B9 John Brown & Sons.....................................................B9 Kelken Construction Systems................................... B15 Kenrich Products Inc...................................................B5 KUBOTA EXCAVATOR................................................ B19 KUBOTA SVL.............................................................. B14 Lura Enterprises........................................................B13 MDS Mfg................................................................... B15 Mini Final Drives.........................................................B3 North American Parts...............................................B20 Nuera Transport........................................................ B19 Paradigm Intl............................................................. B14 Pengo.........................................................................IBC Phase-A-Matic........................................................... B18 Phoenix Equipment Sales..........................................B20 Proxibid.......................................................................B2 QST Inc./Bannco....................................................... B17 Quick Imprint Systems LTD....................................... B16 Rapid International USA............................................ B13 Redi Haul................................................................... B13 Rock Breakers............................................................B15 Roland International Freight..................................... B17 Rubber Supply Company........................................... B16 Schaefer Enterprises................................................. B20 Sierra Auction Management..................................... B12 Southeastern Parts & Attachments..........................B15 SR Industries............................................................. B11 Stephens Mfg............................................................. IFC Stucchi USA.................................................................B8 TAKEUCHI.................................................................. B16 Tandem Products...................................................... B10 Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems............................. B1 US Mower.................................................................. B18 USA Attachments Inc..................................................B6 VMAC......................................................................... IFC YANMAR.....................................................................B8 York Cryogenics.........................................................B20 York Portable Machine............................................. B14

tgeneral Ball Bushing...............................................................A14 Blount Parts Equip......................................................A4 CASE SKIDS.................................................................A4 CASE TLB...................................................................A16 GEHL EXCAVATORS...................................................A12 GEHL SKIDS...............................................................A16 GEHL TRACK LOADERS...............................................A4 Hansen & Young Auctioneers...................................A15 KUBOTA TLB..............................................................A12 NEW HOLLAND SKIDS..............................................A14 Schweiss Doors.........................................................A14

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Curb Shapers,Inc.

Visit us at

It Takes 3 Things to

Booth #C6487

Make a Great Tool: It’s got to be faster.

Curb shaper is faster: This machine shapes 200 feet of curb in 20 minutes.

It’s got to be easier.

It’s easy: Just set the handle about belt buckle height and pull it. Any one of your hands can do it.

It’s got to turn out consistent quality work.

Consistent quality: If the back of your form is straight, your curb will look like an arrow. See how easy the Curb Shaper is to operate! Check out our 20 videos online...

––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Curb Shaper works for curb and gutter as well as a monolithic pour. We are so confident in this machine we offer a 100% money back guarantee, including return freight. P.S. No one has returned one yet. You have nothing to lose, so why wait? Curb Shaper will change the way you have poured curb for 40 years and add more profit to your bottom line.


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and reliable, just like you. Features and Benefits • Unique 10’ automatic bi-folding air ramps. (Patent Pending) • In floor, full width air ramp for access to gooseneck. Features and Benefits • No hydraulics! •• Unique 10’productivity automatic bi-folding Increased and safety air ramps. (Patent while loading and Pending) unloading. •Features full width air ramp for and Benefits • In Onefloor, person operation. access to gooseneck. •• Unique 10’ automatic Lower operating cost. bi-folding •• No hydraulics! air ramps. (Patent Smooth entry /Benefits exit.Pending) Features and •• Increased productivity and safety In floor, full width air ramp for Exceptional durability. •Features Unique 10’ automatic bi-folding and Benefits while and unloading. accessloading tolong-lasting gooseneck. •• Superior baked finish. air ramps. Pending) 10’(Patent automatic bi-folding • Unique One person operation. No hydraulics! •• In fullproductivity widthcost. air ramp for airfloor, ramps. (Patent Pending) Lower operating Increased and safety access to gooseneck. •• In floor, full width air ramp for Smooth entry /and exit.unloading. while loading •• No hydraulics! access to gooseneck. Exceptional durability. One person operation. •• Increased productivity and safety No hydraulics! Superior long-lasting finish. Lower operating cost. baked while loading and unloading. •• Increased productivity and safety Smooth entry / exit. •• One operation. whileperson loading and unloading. Exceptional durability. •• Lower operating cost. baked finish. One person operation. Superior long-lasting • Smooth entry / exit. Lower operating cost. • Exceptional durability. Smooth entry / exit. • Superior long-lasting Exceptional durability.baked finish. • Superior long-lasting baked finish.


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Contractors Equipment Directory | January 2014  
Contractors Equipment Directory | January 2014  

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