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Dear Members, March sure is a fickle month, weatherwise. It’s known for coming in “like a lion” and out “like a lamb” which gives me hope that we can put this cold winter weather behind us once and for all and get our golfers back on the course! We have some exciting events planned for you this month, starting with our Storybook Vineyards Wine Dinner on March 4th. We hope you’ll come out for this one-of-a-kind evening and meet Storybook founder and owner, Dr. Jerry Seps, who will be our special guest. Our World Handicap Seminar is also scheduled this month on Thursday, March 26th. This will be a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the new system. There are quite a few changes taking place in the handicap system for 2020 so be sure to join us so you’ll be “in the know.” We look forward to seeing you around the Club soon!

Please welcome our newest members! FULL GOLF MEMBERS Taylor & Danielle Froelich Greg & Sara Holmes Frank & Judith Janoski SOCIAL MEMBERS John & April Bowers Byron & Dori Canady John & Amanda Garavaglia Tracy & Lori McConnell DINING MEMBERS Larry & Kathi Thies

Chris Brems President chrisb@lochlloyd.com

Issue Highlights WORLD HANDICAP SYSTEM SEMINAR Learn about the handicap changes taking place this year. See details on page 3. TRIVIA NIGHT Teams of 2 to 4 players compete for CASH prizes! See details on page 15 and gather your teammates!



Spring Demo Day .............................. 2 World Handicap Seminar ............... 3 LLLGA News ................................... 6-7 Fitness Center News ...................... 8-9 Storybook Wine Dinner .................. 12 Trivia Night ........................................ 15 Help Wanted: Egg Stuffers ............ 15 Kids’ Etiquette Class ......................... 16 Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Photos ... 16

For what seems to be the third or fourth month in a row, I begin my note to you mentioning the weather. February (much like January, December and part of November) has been brutal in terms of the weather. More snow, cold and ice and NO GOLF! All of us so lucky to remain in Kansas City for the winter are very much anxious for spring weather to arrive. Those of you in warm weather climates, GOOD FOR YOU!

SEAN HANNA DIRECTOR OF GOLF seanh@lochlloyd.com

Beginning on March 3rd, you may start signing up for The 2020 Scotty. The Scotty (Member/Member) will kick off our major tournament schedule in 2020. The dates for The Scotty are May 14th through May 16th. The night of the 14th is our annual Calcutta auction, which is always a lot of fun. The actual golf begins on Friday and concludes on Saturday. The Scotty is a phenomenal golf event that everyone enjoys participating in. Please utilize ForeTees to sign up you and your partner. Please remember if you sign up for The Scotty, block off Sunday, May 17th on your calendar as well. We will utilize that day as a rain date in the event of inclement weather. Our goal is to make sure both rounds are completed. The WHS becomes active in Kansas City on March 1st. Make sure you have your APP downloaded and you can begin posting your scores. Look for an email from me regarding the do’s and don’ts of when and what scores can be posted, along with our new handicap hole allocations. Enjoy the month of March. It’s a great month filled with March Madness basketball, baseball spring training and a perfect month to start tuning up your golf game.

GOLF SHOP 816.322.2117 MARCH GOLF SHOP HOURS OF OPERATION 8a to 6p (closed Mondays) FIRST TEE TIMES Tee times will begin one hour after the Golf Shop opens, weather permitting

See you on the first tee, Sean

SPRING DEMO DAY Saturday, April 18th 12p to 4p We are excited to announce that we have our Demo Day scheduled for this spring. Demo Day is a great opportunity to test out the new equipment that is available for 2020 before you make your new club purchases for the season. Sales representatives from many of the major manufacturers will be on site at our Practice Facility on April 18th to showcase their new equipment. Mark your calendar and save the date!

Page 2

WORLD HANDICAP SYSTEM IS APPROACHING “IN-SEASON” The WHS will soon return to “in-season” mode as of March 1st. With this said, you may begin posting all scores either in the Golf Shop or online, starting the first of March. We will remain in the active season through December 31st, 2020. With so many changes taking place, we know you’ll have questions. We invite you to attend our free seminar on Thursday, March 26th to “get in the know.” See complete details on this page and please RSVP so that we may plan and staff accordingly. One of the most-often-asked questions the Golf Operations team hears regarding handicapping is, “Should I post this score?” The answer, in any case, is YES … you should absolutely post each and every score played in medal play or match play formats. The handicap system works its best, and in the intended manner in which it was created, when each player posts every score. When you only post “the good scores,” your handicap is artificially low. This will make it nearly impossible to play “to your handicap” in addition to making yourself the partner that no one would want to play with in a competition. When you post scores that are higher than you actually achieved, giving you an artificially higher handicap, this makes you a “well-known” member for all of the wrong reasons. This also causes you to lose your golf mates quickly.

Get in the know! Thursday, March 26th 6p to 7:30p at the Clubhouse The handicap system, as we know it, has changed. Central Links Golf will be presenting everything you need to know about the new system during this seminar. The seminar is free but please RSVP so that we may plan and staff accordingly. A member charge bar will be available starting at 5:30p. Thank you!

RSVP by contacting the Golf Shop:

We ask that all members post each and every score from your rounds. Nine-hole scores can, and should, be posted as well. Should you have any questions on the handicap system, or if you need assistance in utilizing the system, please contact the Golf Professionals. We hope to see you on March 26th for our Handicap System Seminar!


Seminar Topics Covered:       

Handicap Index Calculation Net Double Bogey Playing Conditions Calculation New Max Handicap Index Course and Slope Rating and much more! Page 3

2020 Prepaid Guest Packages We are excited to welcome back an excellent opportunity for our members to bring friends, clients and family members out to play golf at the Club at a substantial savings. Prepaid Guest Packages may be used throughout the 2020 season. Here are the options:

10-guest package...... $800 + tax

Upcoming Events April 3rd ............................. First Fridays Half-Price Guest Day May 6th .............................. Four-Ball Matches Begin May 14th............................. The Scotty Calcutta Party May 15th-16th ................... The Scotty (Member/Member) May 17th ............................. The Scotty (Rain Date) May 20th ........................... Individual Net Matches Begin

($80 per guest)

June 24th-27th.................. The Whummle (Men’s Member/Guest)

($70 per guest)

July 17th-19th ..................... Men’s Club Championship (Gross Only)

20-guest package ..... $1,400 + tax Regular guest fees are $90 on weekdays and $110 on weekends. These fees are prior to tax and do not include golf cart use. If you choose to use a golf cart, regular cart rental rates will apply. The Golf Shop will track all use of Prepaid Guest Packages. Prepaid Guest Packages may be used for play on any day of the week (weekday or weekend) and must be used in the same year in which they are purchased (they may not be carried over to the next year). Prepaid Guest Packages are non-transferable; they will not apply to member/guest events or member events in general nor may they be applied to group outings or events.

August 1st-2nd .................. Club Championships (Senior, Women’s, Men’s Net) August 14th-15th .............. Clash of Clans

September 17th-19th ....... The Brigadoon Classic (Women’s Member/Guest) September 25th-27th ..... Individual Men’s Match Play (Gross Only)

Prepaid Guest Packages will be on sale from March 1st through May 31st. If you would like to purchase a Prepaid Guest Package, please call the Golf Shop at 816.322.2117 or visit us at the Clubhouse.

Mark your calendars! The 2020 edition of The Scotty will be played on Friday and Saturday, May 15th and 16th. The Calcutta party will take place on Thursday, May 14th. Sunday, May 17th will be held for a rain date as well. If you sign up, please make sure you block your Sunday off as well. In the event of unplayable conditions on either Friday or Saturday, we will play the make-up day on Sunday. For those who have never participated in The Scotty, this is a great event. Sign up with another member and join us for a fun-filled two days of golf. Look for more information to be emailed with specifics of the event in the next month or so. Page 4

Dear Members, With spring right around the corner, the Golf Course Maintenance team is anxious for warmer weather and ready to get the golfing season started! It’s been another long winter for the team, but there have been a lot of on-course and off-course undertakings and projects which have kept everyone busy throughout the winter months.


One such endeavor I’d like to share is the new partnership with the John Deere Company for all of our golf course equipment needs. This has been a project in the works for the past year. Please see the quote below from John Deere Golf Corporate Business Manager, John O’Leary, and another quote from our local John Deere distributor, Van Wall Equipment President, Don Van Houweling. It is an exciting time for The Country Club at Loch Lloyd to have the opportunity to partner with John Deere. A few of our associates were able to visit the John Deere Technical Training Center in North Carolina for several days of hands-on training and education (please see picture on right). This was an invaluable experience that the team will be able to use on a daily basis within our operations.

Again, we are looking forward to putting winter in the rear-view mirror and getting back to some of our regular maintenance practices. I’ll be sending out a more detailed spring update shortly and will also schedule our first town hall gathering of the year sometime near the end of March. We look forward to seeing everyone out on the course and around the Club in the weeks ahead. Sincerely, Jeff Steen, CGCS Director of Golf Course Maintenance The Country Club at Loch Lloyd

(from left to right)

Loch Lloyd associates Grant Suderman, Michael Crawford and Bruce Payne attended hands-on training at the John Deer Technical Training Center

“On behalf of John Deere, I want to thank you, The Country Club at Loch Lloyd, and FiveStar Lifestyles for putting your trust in John Deere and Van Wall Equipment. It’s not something we take for granted and we will work hard every day to provide you the best-in-class equipment, world-class customer support and innovative solutions that you expect from your equipment provider. ‘Trusted by the Best’ is our slogan and we are proud to have The Country Club at Loch Lloyd added to this list. Clubs such as Winged Foot, host of the 2020 US Open; Bellerive CC, host of the 100th PGA Championship; The Olympic Club; the PGA Tour; and PGA of America are all proud partners and you can expect the same level of commitment from us that they receive. Let me know if I can be of any assistance during the transition over to John Deere. We look forward to building our partnership, and more importantly our friendship, with Loch Lloyd and FiveStar.” John O’Leary, Golf Corporate Business Manager — Deere & Company “It has, for some time, been our goal at Van Wall Golf and Sports Turf and John Deere Golf to earn the right to be the trusted golf equipment partner with the team at The Country Club at Loch Lloyd. We see the Loch Lloyd property as one of the premier golf destinations in the Kansas City market and are focused on making the relationship one that not only supports the quality of play at Loch Lloyd but helps the Club do their job easier and at a lower overall cost. Thank you very much for this opportunity. As I told Jeff Steen, who deserves significant credit for making this a reality, we will not let the team down.” Don Van Houweling, President — Van Wall Equipment Page 5

It won’t be long and we’ll be routinely playing golf again. As winter appears in the rear-view mirror, it is time to begin planning for the 2020 golf season. We are looking forward to another year (hopefully without so much rain). The computer will be in operation March 1st, accepting scores in the new World Handicap System. You will find it is easy to use while keeping our stats and handicaps up to date.

Four-Ball Match Play/Partnership Challenge RUTH NEWBY PRESIDENT LOCH LLOYD LADIES’ GOLF ASSOCIATION ruthannnewby@gmail.com

This year you don’t have to wait until opening day to begin scheduling your matches. Pick your partner (you may choose the same partner as last year if you wish) and go ahead and get started. You can look forward to a few changes this year … making the event even more fun! Simply let Matt know if you are participating (mattw@lochlloyd.com).

2020 Special Events

To assist you with your golf event planning, please see this year’s special event dates below and be sure to include them on your calendar.

2020 LLLGA Golf Committees Ruth Newby President Teri Thomas Vice President Helen Scott Secretary Patty Merlie Treasurer Beth Nichols Team Play Coordinator

LLLGA Registration

Please complete and submit your 2020 LLLGA Registration Form (available on the next page) and return it to Patty Merlie by April 1st.

All Loch Lloyd Ladies’ Happy Hour for all golfers and those who are interested in golf!

Please join us at the Clubhouse on Thursday, April 23rd from 5:30p to 7p. We will enjoy a Charcuterie Board and a glass of wine ($12.50++ per person) and hear from Matt Wood regarding golfing options and leagues available for all levels of golfers. You will also be able to pay LLLGA dues and sign up for special events. Don’t miss out on the fun! For more information, questions or to RSVP, please contact Laurie Lind (laurielind13@gmail.com) or Elizabeth Edwards (ede823@gmail.com). Think SPRING! Ruth

Amanda Schlup 9-Hole Coordinator Linda Boice Representative at Large Melinda Baty Care and Concern Laurie Lind Elizabeth Edwards Co-Chairs Special Events Pam Hamer ISWGA Representative Ann Carlson WGSKC Representative

Page 6

2020 SPECIAL EVENTS March 26th ............................ World Handicap System Seminar April 23rd ............................... Loch Lloyd Ladies’ Happy Hour May 6th .................................. Opening Day May 14th - May 16th ............ The Scotty May 17th ................................. Rain Date for The Scotty May 27th ................................ Formal Guest Day Date to be Determined ...... Red, White and Blue July 8th - July 9th ................. Solheim Cup August 1st - 2nd .................... Club Championship August 5th ............................. Informal Guest Day August 14th - 15th ................ Clash of Clans September 7th ...................... Couples Tournament September 17th - 19th ......... The Brigadoon October 7th............................ Closing Day

2020 LLLGA Membership Registration Form PLEASE PRINT Member’s Name ___________________________________________________________________________________ Spouse’s Name _____________________________________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________ City __________________________________________ State ______________ Zip ____________________________

Home Phone __________________________________________________________ Mobile Phone __________________________________________________________ E-Mail _________________________________________________________________ Birthday Month/Day ______________________________

GHIN# ___________________ Please CHECK one of the boxes below:  Annual Membership Dues: $65  Emeritus Membership (75 years of age or older): $35 These monies are for payouts for the play days and other events that are held during the season. Please send the appropriate registration fee made payable to “Loch Lloyd Ladies’ Golf Association” before April 1st, 2020 so that we may include your name on the roster. Send check and this form to: Patty Merlie 8833 Fairway Street Leawood, KS 66206 LLLGA Membership Eligibility: To be eligible for membership in the Loch Lloyd Ladies’ Golf Association you must be a Full Golf or FiveStar member or spouse of the Loch Lloyd Tom Watson Signature Golf Course at The Country Club at Loch Lloyd. Page 7

To keep all members safe and to serve as a reminder, children who are 16 years of age or older may use the facilities without a parent present. Children who are 15 years of age or younger must be accompanied by a parent. Please adhere to these rules as we do not want any unfortunate accidents to befall any of our members. Thank you! If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to improve your golf body and general fitness, check out the Total Yo-Golf Conditioning class offered on Tuesdays at 5:45p and Saturdays at 9:15a. Members have been enjoying this class and benefiting from it for more than four years. Here’s what a couple of our members have to say about it … LANCE DARLING FITNESS CENTER DIRECTOR lanced@lochlloyd.com FITNESS CENTER HOURS OF OPERATION 5a to 10p

“Joni’s approach to this bi-weekly exercise class is refreshing. Given it is ‘Yoga for Golf,’ we start each class stretching with a golf club. The real work begins with HIIT training (cardio and weights intermittently), followed by a final cool down with yoga stretches. We always finish slick with sweat and with a sense of well-being. My knees used to ache going up and down stairs. No more! The joyful camaraderie keeps everyone going. We are stronger, leaner and happier as a result. Join us! It works!” — Annie Presley and Jay Selanders

Keep moving!

Lance Darling Fitness Center Director

OPEN DAILY WITH KEY FOB ACCESS INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY As a reminder, if the Belton School District cancels school, the Fitness Center will not have classes.

Total Yo-Golf Conditioning Now is a great time to work on your “golf body!” Join us for Healthy Happy Hours on Tuesdays at 5:45p and Saturdays at 9:15a for a whole-body golf conditioning experience. Yo-Golf Conditioning classes include cardiovascular exercises, flexibility exercises, mobility exercises and strength training. To sign up or to learn more, please contact: Joni Van Horn Level 2 Certified Yoga for Golfers Instructor 913.226.4688  joniv@lochlloyd.com

Massage Therapy at The Fitness Center

Swedish  Deep Tissue  Trigger Point Pregnancy  Sports Massage 30 Minutes $45 60 Minutes $70 90 Minutes $100 10-Minute Chair Massage $12 Appointments available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8a to 4p. Weekend and evening appointments by request only. Contact Carrie to schedule your massage or to purchase a Gift Certificate:

carriem@lochlloyd.com  816.489.5294

Page 8

It comes down to one simple thing ‌ how bad do you want it? Sun 1

Mon 2 8:15a Total Body Training for all Levels 9:00a Restorative Yoga

Tue 3 8:15a Kettlefusion

5:15p Intense 20/20 8 DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME BEGINS 15

9 8:15a Total Body Training for all Levels 9:00a Restorative Yoga

10 8:15a Kettlefusion

23 8:15a Total Body Training for all Levels 9:00a Restorative Yoga

17 8:15a Kettlefusion

30 8:15a Total Body Training for all Levels 9:00a Restorative Yoga

18 8:15a Core Fundamentals 9:00a Hatha Yoga

24 8:15a Kettlefusion

25 8:15a Core Fundamentals 9:00a Hatha Yoga 5:15p Power Pump


6 7:00a H.I.I.T FIT 7:30a Power Performance 8:15a Vinyasa Yoga


12 8:15a TRX Iron + Sculpt

13 7:00a H.I.I.T FIT 7:30a Power Performance 8:15a Vinyasa Yoga


19 8:15a TRX Iron + Sculpt

20 7:00a H.I.I.T FIT 7:30a Power Performance 8:15a Vinyasa Yoga


26 8:15a TRX Iron + Sculpt

27 7:00a H.I.I.T FIT 7:30a Power Performance 8:15a Vinyasa Yoga


5:15p Power Pump

5:15p Intense 20/20 29

11 8:15a Core Fundamentals 9:00a Hatha Yoga


5 8:15a TRX Iron + Sculpt

5:15p Power Pump

5:15p Intense 20/20 22

4 8:15a Core Fundamentals 9:00a Hatha Yoga


5:15p Power Pump

5:15p Intense 20/20 16 8:15a Total Body Training for all Levels 9:00a Restorative Yoga


31 8:15a Kettlefusion

5:15p Intense 20/20

NEW CLASS DESCRIPTIONS INTENSE 20/20: What a way to wind down your evening! We’ll have 20 minutes of intense cardio and 20 minutes of fat burning weight training, followed by five minutes of relaxing stretching to get your week started in the right direction. CORE FUNDAMENTALS: This multi-level class trains core muscles through strengthening and stretching. These movements help to alleviate back pain, muscle imbalances and stiffness throughout your body. HATHA YOGA: A calming basic yoga class using postures (asana), breath work (pranayama) and meditation techniques (dyana) with an introduction to Sanskrit, one of the oldest languages on earth. TRX IRON + SCULPT: This workout covers every major muscle group, utilizing TRX suspension strength training combined with iron and dynamic body weight exercises to strengthen, tone and shred fat. Each session may be modified to individuals at all levels. POWER PERFORMANCE: This class is 30 minutes of continuous cardio moves designed to push your physical limits through the power of strength in your body. Using a variety of cardio equipment, weights, kettle bells and body weight, this session may be modified for individuals at all levels.

Page 9

for the Fireside Grill and 19th Hole

Please join us on Wednesday, March 4th for our Storybook Wine Dinner. See complete details (including an amazing pairing menu) in this issue and please RSVP so you don’t miss out on this amazing evening of great food and fabulous wine with our special guest — founder, owner and winemaker of Storybook Mountain Vineyards — Dr. Jerry Seps.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11a to 8p

With the luck of the Irish, we hope to be leaving the cold, wet and ice behind. We’re all excited for warmer weather when we’ll see more of you enjoying the golf course and Clubhouse.


Friday 11a to 9p Saturday 10a to 9p

The entire Food & Beverage team thanks you for your support and looks forward to seeing you at the Club soon!

Sunday 10a to 4p


Dark garnet in color with layers of blackberry, black cherry, sweet spice, black pepper and oak. On the palate there is bold fruit at the forefront of this fullbodied Cabernet that gives way to flavors of cocoa and nutmeg. $50/bottle


The result of a vintage year that was huge in size and incredible in quality. This snappy, balanced, boldly flavored Rosé is simply fabulous. $35/bottle


Builders Gin, Blue Curacao, Calamansi Lime, Coconut and Pineapple Chip. $7


Stillhouse Cherry Whiskey, Heering Cherry Liqueur, Pear Puree, Fresh Lemon Juice, Soda Topper and Peychaud’s Bitters. $7.50 Tax and service fee additional

ASSOCIATE SPOTLIGHT ALEX STRICKLAND Alex Strickland has been a part of the Food & Beverage team at The Country Club at Loch Lloyd for almost three years. She started working at the Club when she was 15 years old, as a Snack Bar Attendant and Banquet Server. Alex loves getting to know the members and admires the people she works with. The Club also provides her the opportunity to work at a variety of different events. This is especially important since Alex wants to be an event planner and eventually open her own wedding venue. Alex grew up in Lone Jack, Missouri and moved to Raymore 10 years ago where she now attends Raymore-Peculiar High School. When not busy studying or working at the Club, Alex enjoys painting, spending time with her family and traveling with her mom. The future looks bright for this determined young woman. Her plan after high school is to attend Longview Community College through the A+ Program while continuing to work at the Club. Page 10


BURGER NIGHT from 5p to close Get an $9 burger, cooked to order, with your choice of side!


HALF-OFF WINES* available all day long! Get 50% OFF all bottles of wine!*

What a deal!

*does not include Cellar Select offerings *for dine-in members only; not for carry-out orders


POT o’ GOLD BUFFET from 5p to 8p keeping it fresh and fun! March 5th March 12th March 19th


Fried Chicken Mexican Fried Chicken


from 10a to 1p Join us for Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays featuring a stellar menu, unique libations and flat screen televisions on which to watch your favorite weekend sports! Reservations recommended and appreciated: 816.322.1022 Page 11

An exceptional four-course dinner paired with four equally exceptional wines from Storybook Mountain Vineyards. Dr. Jerry Seps, winemaker and founder of Storybook Mountain Vineyards will share the unique history of Storybook as well as a wealth of knowledge about wines and pairings. It's an evening you do not want to miss!


Mediterranean Purses Bleu Cheese Fig Flatbread Sriracha Chicken Wontons

paired with Storybook Mountain Zin Gris Rosé


Duck Confit with Crispy Polenta, Portobello Mushrooms, Wilted Greens and Pomegranate Balsamic Sauce

paired with Storybook Mountain Antaeus Zinfandel


Wine Dinner

Sous Vide Creekstone Farms Prime Tenderloin with Sunchokes, Oyster Mushrooms, Foie Gras and Glace de Viande

Wednesday, March 4th Reception 6p Dinner 6:30p

paired with two Storybook Mountain Wines

Storybook Mountain Vineyards is perched high above Napa Valley on an eastern slope of the Mayacamas mountain range. Their wines are hand-crafted from grapes grown on the winery’s certified organic estate and aged for a minimum of 12 months in the finest French and American oak barrels, inside 130-year-old caves dug deep into the volcanic rock under the vineyards. Storybook Mountain wines enjoy a worldwide reputation for quality. The winery has appeared on Wine & Spirits Magazine’s Top 100 Wineries of the World list an impressive 14 times!

Storybook Mountain Eastern Exposure Zinfandel 2016


Storybook Mountain Four Reds 2016


Tiramisu Crème Brulee $100++ per person Please call 816.322.1022 for reservations.

Storybook Founder, Dr. Jerry Seps

Dr. Jerry Seps, a former professor of European history, received his Ph.D. at U.C. Berkeley. A native of California, he has long been familiar with the wine industry. His grandfather was in the retail wine and liquor trade; his father was in the wholesale wine and liquor trade, and Jerry worked as a sommelier during his college years. Dr. Seps’ winemaking skills grew from theory, practice and personal philosophy. An apprenticeship, encompassing all aspects of winemaking, with one of the most famous Zinfandel makers in California (the late Joe Swan), yielded the necessary practical background. A competitive nature and his “why not” approach to achieving goals, coupled with both a willingness for hard work and the satisfactions to be gained from recreating a major wine estate, have provided the drive and focus for producing Storybook wines

Dr. Seps' Winemaking Philosophy: In 1976, after a long search, with the vital aid and

encouragement of his wife, Sigrid, Dr. Seps gave up his tenured professorship and moved to the Napa Valley. Here, he and his wife accepted the daunting challenge of creating a successful wine estate from nothing (a burned-out winery and abandoned vineyard). It was a good test of his lifelong credo of “Why Not?” Page 12

Thank you to the 75 members and their guests who attended our Valentine Dinner this year. What a great turn-out … love was certainly in the air!

A little friendly competition will be in the air on March 13th during Trivia Night! Come test your knowledge and compete for CASH prizes! Read all about it on page 15 and please RSVP so we will know how many to plan for. Teams can be from 2 to 4 players! By popular request, we are offering a Kids’ Etiquette Class on Sunday, March 29th for ages 5 to 12. The children will be served a four-course dinner and be taught by etiquette professional, Janis Kliethermes, with Etiquette Kansas City. Check out the details on page 16 and please sign up your kids or grandkids. See you at the Club soon! AMY EDSALL SENIOR MEMBER EVENTS LEADER

Amy Edsall Senior Member Events Leader


Thursday, March 5th

10a Meeting

11a Program

11:45a Lunch

Organizing Your Space and A Helping Hand for Cristo Rey Not a member of the Home & Garden Club but interested in joining? The annual fee is only $40 … the rewards, priceless! To sign up, please contact one of our Membership Committee Chairs: Jan Wilcoxon 816.535.5177 djwilcoxon@aol.com Laura Irvin 816.678.4744 laurajirvin@gmail.com

Our March meeting features two guest speakers! Karen Swart is owner of Organizing, Etc., a 10-year-old local business with a team of professionals, trained to organize any space in your home or office. De-cluttering and organizing decreases stress, anxiety and frustration and provides order, simplicity and a sense of peace. In her talk, Karen will touch on her favorite products, her take on Marie Condo’s methods and the importance of beforeand-after pictures. She’ll also discuss why people might find their spaces unorganized and how to create systems that are easy to maintain. Our second speaker is Kathleen Conwell, who manages the Scholarship Investment Program for Cristo Rey, the Kansas City High School founded by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in 2006. Cristo Rey is this year’s recipient of proceeds from the Hidden Gems Home & Garden Tour on June 4th. Kathleen will tell us about the programs at Cristo Rey and share stories of the students who are determined to work hard and attain a college education. Please join us for this informative (and fun) event. Our delicious luncheon menu, designed by Executive Chef Damian Lehman, includes … Pesto Chicken Farfalle Chicken Breast, Bow-Tie Pasta, Tomatoes, Wild Mushrooms, Pesto Cream Sauce and Pecorino Cheese Warm Dinner Rolls with Butter Caramel Flan Luncheon fee: $23 inclusive For reservations please contact Nancy Myers at nancyc1029@yahoo.com. Please bring a guest! Page 13

Page 14

Friday, March 13th 5:30p-7:30p

Join in the fun and put your trivia knowledge to the test as teams of 2 to 4 players compete for CASH PRIZES for the top three teams! We’ll enjoy Happy Hour drink specials and “share-able” appetizer specials during the game. Professionals from Turner Premier Events will emcee the event. So … put your thinking caps on and gather the troops for some fun and friendly competition at the Club! Entry fee: $15 per person Teams may be comprised of 2 to 4 players only.

Adults only please.

Please call 816.322.1022 to sign up your team!

We’re looking for a few “good eggs” … EGG STUFFERS, that is! Please help us prepare eggs for our Annual Easter Egg Hunt, a free member event, which takes place on Saturday, April 4th. With a goal to fill 1,000 plastic eggs for the kids to find … we need many volunteers! If you would like to help, please bring two dozen plastic eggs and candy to the Club on Tuesday, March 24th starting at 5p. We’ll provide the wine to keep the troops happy! Please let us know if you’re planning to help by calling Amy at 816.322.1022, ext. 346.

Many thanks to member and resident, Marie Haggard, who captured these winter scenes around the Club last month.

The snowman was made by member Troy Braswell and his granddaughter, here for a visit from Dallas for Troy’s surprise birthday party.

Please be sure to mark your calendar for April 4th. This year’s Easter Egg Hunt takes place the WEEK before Easter and will be followed by a kid-friendly BRUNCH BUFFET!

Page 15

KIDS’ ETIQUETTE CLASS for children ages 5 to 12

Sunday, March 29th By popular request, we are offering a Kids’ Etiquette Class for boys and girls, ages 5 to 12 on March 29th from 4p to 6p. Taught by professional etiquette instructor, Janis Kliethermes, this class covers a wide range of topics and offers a fun and interactive learning experience for all. The children will be served a four-course dinner as they learn important life lessons that will help them navigate through the years ahead and present themselves in the best possible way. Please save the date and look for our menu and additional details coming soon!

NCAA BRACKET GAME The Country Club at Loch Lloyd will be hosting an online NCAA Bracket Game after the brackets are announced on March 15th. The deadline will be before the first game on March 19th.

Watch for more details as the date gets closer!

Page 16

What a wonderful Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Party we had on February 25th! Thanks to the 74 members and their guests who came to enjoy our New Orleans’ buffet, Mardi Gras Selfie Station and an amazing magician!

Janis Kliethermes Etiquette Kansas City


“Manners and etiquette are not a thing of the past. All of these concepts and practices are in place to help us feel comfortable and confident.”

We’re inviting all book lovers to join us at the Clubhouse starting at 7p for a lively discussion on these selections: Thursday, March 12th

“The Tubman Command”

by Elizabeth Cobbs (www.elizabethcobbs.com) Discussion Leader: Rhiannon Dolson

The Country Club at Loch Lloyd is proud to have hosted countless weddings over the years and we’ve gotten pretty good at it!

Book Club Organizer: Anastasia Thompson

From small, intimate ceremonies to large, banquet-size celebrations … we do it all. We offer a full catering menu and a wide array of services including specialty linens, dance floors, tent rentals and more. Let our professional team help plan every detail of your special day.

Please invite your friends. We look forward to seeing you! For information about the Book Club, contact: Anastasia at 913.530.4855 (call or text) or at anastasiashaw29@aol.com.

Amy Edsall Senior Member Events Leader amye@lochlloyd.com

Thursday, May 14th

“The Dutch House”

by Ann Patchett (www.annpatchett.com) Discussion Leader: Ruth Withey



Loch Lloyd Lightning 2020 Swim Team PARENT INFORMATION MEETING AND HAPPY HOUR Wednesday, March 4th 6:30p to 8:30p at The Country Club at Loch Lloyd Parents of all swimmers are encouraged to attend the Loch Lloyd Swim Team Parent Information Meeting and Happy Hour. Interested families will learn about joining the team and receive information about the 2020 season. The meeting will be held on the lower level of the Clubhouse, followed by a Happy Hour in the 19th Hole. A cash bar will be available throughout the evening.

Swim Team registration OPENS Wednesday, March 4th Swim Team registration CLOSES Saturday, April 25th


For information and registration, please visit: lochlloydlightning.swimtopia.com Team Representative : Dara Witte 913.948.1238  dwitte24@outlook.com Page 17

Sun 1

Mon 2

Tue 3

Wed 4






Swim Team Parent Meeting





Clubhouse & Golf Facilities Closed






Book Club

Clubhouse & Golf Facilities Closed

BURGER NIGHT 5p-Close 15











Clubhouse & Golf Facilities Closed

BURGER NIGHT 5p-Close 22


24 Clubhouse & Golf Facilities Closed

Easter Egg STUFFING 5p

World Handicap System Seminar

BURGER NIGHT 5p-Close 29


31 Clubhouse & Golf Facilities Closed


BURGER NIGHT 5p-Close Event dates are subject to change

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Wed 1

Thu 2


Home & Garden Club

The star symbol indicates our Cancellation Policy applies. Reservation changes and/or cancellations are required by email to sarahd@lochlloyd.com or in writing delivered to the Clubhouse no later than 48 hours prior to event start time. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in applicable charges.


Sat 4

EASTER EGG HUNT and FIRST FRIDAYS Kid-Friendly Half-Price Brunch Buffet Guest Day

Events are subject to change








Clubhouse & Golf Facilities Closed Fireside Grill Closed for Private Wedding

BURGER NIGHT 5p-Close 12






Clubhouse & Golf Facilities Closed


DEMO DAY 12p-4p

BURGER NIGHT 5p-Close 19







Clubhouse & Golf Facilities Closed

Loch Lloyd Ladies’ Happy Hour



BURGER NIGHT 5p-Close 26





Clubhouse & Golf Facilities Closed

Swim Team Fittings


Event dates are subject to change Page 19

HOURS OF OPERATION Below are our regular hours of operation. Please see the calendars on pages 18 and 19 for changes to these regular hours.

Clubhouse Front Desk: 9a to 5p Monday-Friday Golf Shop 8a to 6p Tuesday-Sunday Tee Times begin one hour after the Golf Shop opens, weather permitting Fireside Grill and 19th Hole Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 11a to 8p Friday: 11a to 9p Saturday: 10a to 9p Sunday: 10a to 4p

Fitness Center Key Fob Entry: 7 days per week from 5a to 10p

THE TEAM AT THE COUNTRY CLUB AT LOCH LLOYD Chief Operating Officer President Director of Golf Head Golf Professional Director of Golf Course Maintenance Golf Course Superintendent Fitness Center Director Senior Member Events Leader Executive Chef Sous Chef Director of Food & Beverage Assistant Director of Food & Beverage Club Administrator

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IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Golf Shop: 816.322.2117 Fireside Grill Reservations: 816.322.1022 19th Hole/Carry-Out: 816.322.1022, ext. 322 Security Front Gate: 816.322.1201

THE COUNTRY CLUB at LOCH LLOYD 16750 Country Club Drive Village of Loch Lloyd, MO 64012 816.322.1022 www.lochlloyd.com

Here’s a look at what’s coming up at the Club over the next few months:

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS1 Do you have photos of the course or Clubhouse that you personally took? We would love to see them and perhaps include them in our member newsletter. Please send your photos to: Diana Miller Cooper Communications & Marketing Leader dianac@fivestarlifestyles.com

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April 2nd ........... Home & Garden Club Meeting April 3rd ............ First Fridays Half-Price Guest Day April 4th ............ Easter Egg Hunt & Kid-Friendly Brunch Buffet April 12th ........... Easter Brunch April 18th ........... Demo Day April 22nd ......... Cliff Lede Wine Dinner April 23rd .......... Loch Lloyd Ladies’ Happy Hour April 26th .......... Swim Team Fittings May 2nd ............ Kentucky Derby Party May 10th ........... Mother’s Day Brunch May 14th ............ Book Club May 14th-16th .. The Scotty May 20th .......... Chapelle Wine Dinner May 25th ........... Memorial Day Pool Party June 4th ............. Hidden Gems Home & Garden Tour Dates are subject to change

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March 2020 at The Country Club at Loch Lloyd  

March 2020 at The Country Club at Loch Lloyd