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Symptoms of Bedbug Bite A bedbug is a small parasitic insect that fed themselves from blood of warm bodied animals including human. If you have symptoms of bedbug bite, you notice that your skin has small bumps when you wake up, that is a possibility cause of a bedbug bite. Your skin has a red welts and on the initial stage, they are small and it could not be recognized by the naked eye. They occur on a regular line of three bites. This pattern is called breakfast, lunch, dinner by the infectious disease expert. It causes itching and burning sensation after several days. The symptoms differ from every individual. Those people having allergic reaction, shows symptoms of this bite due to hypersensitivity. Almost 60% of the people are not aware of the symptoms of bedbug bite. The most beaten part of the bug is on the face, hands and feet. These bites are mostly misdiagnosed as scabies, rashes or mosquito bites. When bedbugs bite is itchy and the itching condition increases, there is an exposure to harsh conditions. These harsh conditions that can cause irritation of the bite came from exposure to warm bath, exercising- the sweat cause irritation, chlorinated water in the pool while swimming and pollutions. If your skin develops blisters within a few minutes after bites, you should seek medical advice regarding this bite. You can determine the bedbug bite that is similar to mosquito bites and accompanied by itchiness and swelling. The swelling is up to 20cm. in diameter and it grows into blister and lesions. Always check the fecal spots on the bed sheet as this is the excretion of the bedbug. If you see the fecal spots, your house is already infested by the bug. Take note that rashes are periodical and this is due to the fact that bugs feed themselves once a month or every few weeks. The bedbug bite may have a swollen pus type of formation. The symptoms lead to anxiety, stress and insomnia. Some people who have bedbug bite may suffer anaphylactic shock due to the allergen content found in the saliva of the bug and can damaged local tissue. The time span after being bitten and the symptoms to appear is about 9 days. This insect attacks during nighttime time especially if you are sleeping. The bites remain normally three to four days and disappear slowly. This is true if the bite is not severe. Remember not to scratch the bite to prevent it from secondary infections. If this bite is misdiagnosed, look for other symptoms and causes. Upon studying the other symptoms, look for the bugs in your home and get rid of them by pesticides to stop them from spreading. Consider the areas of your home wherein you sleep, like bedrooms. Look it over under the mattress or on the bed sheet. The bug look likes a small and oval non wing insect. They have flat bodies and sometimes mistaken as ticks. If you found this kind of insect, seek professional help on the pest control company on how to terminate them from your house. Learn More... How to get rid of bed bugs at home

Symptoms of Bedbug Bite