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Killing Bed bugs Naturally Getting rid of bedbugs is the most problem we should be facing. Waking up in the morning with many bites is a problem. To kill bedbugs, there are non toxic chemicals that can eliminate this kind of insects. Clean the room first. Get all the beddings and put all in a garbage plastic so that it will not infest to other rooms. Wash these on a hot cycle of the washing machine. Any items that could not be wash using washing machines can be tumble dry about 10 minutes. If there are still items that cannot be tumbled dry, leave the in the sealed bag and let it dry under the sun for a few hours. During winter and cold days, put these items outside, because bedbugs cannot stay long on cold temperature and they will die easily. Remember to clean a surface with that has a contact to the items that has a bedbug. Using a cloth with disinfectant can help on cleaning these things and this is the way to kill bedbugs. When all of the things have already washed and already dried, placed them on the plastic bag and reseal them for protection. Go back to the room and inspect the newspaper, any books that are there, and anything in that particular room. You must seal the items again in the plastic bag to avoid spreading of bugs to other rooms. The easiest way to get and kill bedbugs is to vacuum the mattress, the bed, furniture, curtains and everything in the room. Steam cleaners are also helpful in killing these bugs. The fossil shell dust is also helpful to kill bedbugs. All you need is to crushed it into a powder and apply it on the area where mostly bugs and seen. The shell dust penetrates to the skin of the bugs that causes them to dehydrate and die. The good alternative also is to use bedbug traps, to kill bedbugs. This trap is non toxic and chemical free. Put them on bed posts, chair legs and other places that can trap bedbugs. Since killing of bedbugs naturally is safe to our health, we are endorsing this to eliminate those bugs by using the natural way. Use Diatomaceous earth to kill bedbugs. This is safe and no chemical content. Let the bed stay away from the wall. Dont let the mattress touch the floor area. Surround the four legs of the bed with DE, especially on the walls, on the electrical socket and beds. Keep this routine for several days until the bugs are all killed. Since DE is not harmful to health, there are no worries in using to kill bedbugs. DE is made from one celled plants called diatoms. The particles of DE are deadly to bedbugs. They are not immune to it like to some pesticides because it is a mineral, once it can contact to the bugs body, it will stay there and keeps working. For one bedroom the dosage is 2.5 gallon jug. Find Out More... What kills bed bugs

Killing Bedbugs Naturally  

Bedbugs... nasty beings... feeding off from us. Even if you think you don't think you'll need this info, It's always better to know a little...

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