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Press Kit, 2014-15



ivefork Farms is a family affair. Conceived by our youngest sister, Grace, Fivefork has grown into a partnership between five siblings. Our joint passion for growing, arranging, and selling flowers was passed on by our mother-- whose love of plants and gardening continues to inspire us-- and further informed by our diverse career backgrounds in agriculture, design, and business. Fivefork’s 38-acres of rolling fields and woodlands is situated along the Blackstone River Valley in Upton, Massachusetts on land once farmed by four generations of the Eli Whitney family. Our farm specializes in growing cut flowers for the farm’s CSA, area farmers’ markets, retail stores, florists and designers. We also offer design and styling services for weddings and special events. Fivefork is our outdoor laboratory, sanctuary, and home. We are excited by the beauty that comes from working the land and look forward to sharing this journey (and bounty) with you all.

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t Fivefork, we are committed to growing flowers using organic and sustainable practices. We believe that healthy soil grows the best plants and flowers, so we devote much time to feeding the land through use of various cover crops, organic soil amendments, compost, and annual crop rotations. Together, these practices provide valuable nutrients and replenish the fertility of our land so we can provide flowers all season long. We take great pride in providing our customers seasonal field-tovase flowers that are as beautiful as they are fresh. Most florists and flower distributors sell flowers that have been shipped from thousands of miles away. Today, more than 80% of the flowers in the US are imported from greenhouses in Colombia and Ecuador, as well as from Africa, Asia and Europe. We believe, by growing and selling flowers locally, that we can promote a more sustainable floral industry within the Greater Boston community. Our mission is to provide our customers with beautiful and fresh flowers that they can feel good about. We promise to deliver flowers nurtured with love and harvested to ensure optimum vase life!


This season we will be offering our first flower CSA. CSA is an abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture. When you become a member of our CSA, you are buying a “share” of the flowers that we produce each season. For six or twelve weeks (you choose), we will deliver the season’s most beautiful flowers to your pick-up location of choice. Details about the different shares options can be found at: w w w . f ivef o rkfar m s . c om/ C S A . We d d i n g a n d E v e n t F l o w e r s :

At Fivefork, we are not only flower growers, but passionate floral designers and artists. Drawing from the bounty of material from our land, our design studio aims to create a distinctive and natural look for all your wedding or event needs. Wh o l e s a l e O r d e r s :

Our flowers are available to the trade (florists, designers, retail stores, etc.). To set up an account and receive our weekly availability list, please email o rd e rs @ f ivef o rkfar m s . c om .

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Mixed bouquets feature the farm’s freshest seasonal flowers and textures. Bouquets are designed in artful color palettes. 6-week share ($180) | 12-week share ($335) BUCK ET SH A R E:

One-gallon bucket of focal flowers, airy textures, greens, grasses, and more for personal arranging. Buckets must be returned each week to the pick-up site. 6-week share ($250)| 12-week share ($420) DE LU X E BOUQU ET SH A R E:

For the no-fuss customer. Flowers delivered as a vase arrangement in a specialty Fivefork hand-thrown vase. After the first week, the bouquet will be delivered in a mason jar. Empty mason jars are returned each week to the site. 6-week share ($300)| 12-week share ($540) Start Dates:

6-week shares begin mid-June or mid-July, 12-week shares begin mid-June.



hank you for partnering with us! The CSA start-dates and final number of shares will be confirmed with each store contact before the first week of pick-up. Our desire is to keep you and our CSA members informed at all times and the shares clearly labeled so that our pickups do not inconvenience your staff and other patrons. Shares will be delivered each pick-up day by one of our farmers. Each share will be clearly labeled for the member. He/she will mark a list provided by Fivefork to indicate receipt of his/her share. Fivefork delivery buckets / bins will be collected the following day from your site. CSA shares have been paid for upfront so no payment will need to be accepted from members. Members should call Farmer Grace (404-775-1515) if they have questions or concerns about the pick-up.

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C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N Have a question about our flower farm or the Fivefork CSA? We’d love to hear from you! Please direct all inquiries to: inf o @f ivef o rkfar m s . c om . Primary CSA Contact: Grace Lam Phone #: 508-603-1628 (farm); 404-775-1515 (mobile) Email: Alt. CSA Contact: Lyh-Hsin Lam (pronounced Lee-Shin) Phone #: 508-603-1628 (farm); 617-967-8822 (mobile) Email: Farm Mailing Address: Fivefork Farms, 153 North Street, Upton, MA 01568 Website: w w w . f ivef o rkfar m s . c om Facebook: w w w . fa c eb o ok. c om /f ivef o rkfar m s Twitter: w w w . t wi t t e r. c om /Fivef o rkFar m s Instagram: w w w . in st a g ram . c om /f ivef o rkfar m s

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Fivefork Farms Press Kit 2014-15  

An introduction to the farm for our CSA partners.

Fivefork Farms Press Kit 2014-15  

An introduction to the farm for our CSA partners.