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Newsletter No.34

Well, here we are in July already! This week saw the film playing for 5 days in the lovely Suffolk riverside town of Woodbridge, at the Riverside Theatre. Many thanks to all who turned out to see the film! We specially want to mention Dawn Woodgate, who as @TeacupCupcakes yesterday tweeted “Just been to see a wonderful film about Ken Sykora "The Man with the Jazz Guitar". If you love Jazz, you should go & see this :-)”

Ken’s Archive Now there’s a great story behind how Dawn ended up going to see the film. Alison Sykora and Dawn had been exchanging tweets around the time of the Ipswich screenings. She mentioned that her 1st cousin, Bill Lesage, was a jazz musician (piano & vibraphone) and wondered if he’d ever played with Ken. A quick dip into Ken’s archive and the very first concert programme we opened had none other than Bill Lesage’s name, handwritten by Ken, as one of the performers at the concert! Such is the richness of Ken’s archive that we were able to dig out more photos, including this one of the Tony Kinsey Quartet (Bill is 2nd from the left), and send them to an amazed and very thrilled Dawn. When asked if she would be going to see the film at the Ipswich Film Theatre, Dawn said that she was rather hoping it would be coming to the Riverside Theatre in Woodbridge. A week later, the film was booked there! Dawn assisted us in the promotion by suggesting the best locations to put up posters and flyers. On Wednesday she saw the film and shared her thoughts of it with us on Twitter. Call it Serendipity, the power of social media, or just sharing what you love, this story is what makes all worthwhile! As we enter the school holidays and the height of the blockbuster season, the Woodbridge dates marks the end of this run of screenings for the moment. We look forward to bringing you plenty more in September, so stay tuned to the newsletter for details. The great news also is that the CD soundtrack is taking shape. We wanted to do justice to Ken’s music and have it sound as good as we possibly could. This has been quite a challenge since most of the music dates from the 50s and some of the records and tapes are in pretty poor shape. While we were able to extract and clean the best bits for the film, for a CD the song has to sound great the whole way through! So we have had the tracks retransferred and cleaned as much as possible, while still trying to keep the original flavour of the performances. Still a bit to do: the final mastering and licensing, but keep an eye out for the release date in the next weeks… A final piece of news to share with you in this very sporty of months. Alison Sykora has inherited Ken’s talent for cooking. Last year she cooked on the Tour de France, with her cousin Hannah, for Team Saxobank. While Hannah’s back on Tour this year, Alison is currently doing some healthy cooking in the Pyrenees for a brave bunch on a month’s hiking tour as part of an initiative to live a healthier life! Good luck to Alison and Hannah in their sporty foodie endeavours. If you are a Twitter follower, we recommend following @albachick to keep up with Alison’s amazing adventure!! Have a great week and keep on sharing!

Linda and Marc

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Newsletter 34  

Weekly newsletter for the documentary The Man with the Jazz Guitar, a film about jazz guitarist and radio broadcaster Ken Sykora