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Newsletter No.23

Tomorrow we fly to Glasgow for the Premiere of The Man with the Jazz Guitar. Four years in the making, the film presents Ken’s fascinating life through his vast archive of sound recordings and memorabilia. Featuring intimate interviews with his three children, close friends and colleagues, Ken is creatively brought to life through a mixture of animation and his radio voice, extracted from his programmes. It is a feature length documentary, which, like Ken, doesn’t take itself too seriously. Delightful, playful and poignant, we hope you’ll like it! Ken had a life full of words, music and food, and we hope that the film faithfully celebrates him and his passions, in an honest and positive way. The film runs at 1h 55min for its cinema release - there was just so much in the archive to try and cram in! We couldn’t share everything, but we hope that the people who didn’t know him will be as fascinated by him as we were; and for those who knew him, hopefully they’ll discover some new aspects of Ken they didn’t know. He was, after all, a very private man. He didn’t brag, he didn’t blow his own trumpet. And that is why, perhaps, he is not so well remembered. Or, as Dougal puts it: “my father is very fondly those who remember him”! Ken would have been 89 tomorrow. We have never met him, but it feels, in a way, as though we have.

This week on the Ken Sykora Radio Station, we created a special mix of Ken’s music, featuring 6 tracks extracted from his archive - complete with a few wobbles on the recordings – the tracks haven’t been heard since they were first broadcast on the radio in the 50s. SInce we will be otherwise engaged over the weekend, we won’t be uploading another new programme this Sunday. But why not listen to one of the 21 shows already there? Don’t tell me you’ve listen to them all!! Ken’s Django Special remains the most listened to, with more than 400 plays. The radio station is now very representative of Ken’s eclectic musical knowledge: folk, classical, jazz, big band - there is something for everyone to discover!


This week we listed the film on the Film Distributors' Association, officially announcing its theatrical release from May 15th. We are delighted with the support offered by Dunoon Community Radio which has published a great piece about the film; you can check it here. Next week, new screenings to be announced, so keep an eye on the website for updates on when it’ll be showing near you… See you, Linda and Marc

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Newsletter 23  

Weekly newsletter for the documentary The Man with the Jazz Guitar, a film about jazz guitarist and radio broadcaster Ken Sykora