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Welcome! Just over 4 years ago we met, for the first time, Alison and Dougal Sykora at the premiere of our short film The Bedfordshire Clanger. We were taken by the stories they shared with us about their father, Ken Sykora: how come such a fascinating man could have been forgotten? So we met up with them again in December 2007 and proposed the making of a documentary on Ken: a 30 minute, straight profile – nothing fancy, nothing complicated. We were generously given full access to Ken’s archive and this is when things really got started. Prior to that we had no idea just who Ken was, or what a legacy he had left. This is why this project has taken so long: going through his notes, press cuttings, programmes, extracting his performances, compositions and his humour! We could not be more grateful to Alison, Dougal and Duncan for giving us the opportunity to do this project. It has been tough, but so rewarding and we hope you will all like it. We also thank everyone who generously gave us their time, to speak about Ken. We were truly inspired by everyone’s warmth and enthusiasm and this is why this project is now a 2 hour film. As much as it is about Ken, it’s equally about how he lived his life and the effect he had on the people around him. Coming soon in 2012 Our intention is very simple: share this film, Ken, his music and his incredible guitar with anyone who is prepared to listen. To do so, we have started a marketing campaign and launched the film’s website, where you can watch our first teaser ‘Ken’s first notes’. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube; please go there, like us, follow us and share with others. We have submitted the film to the Glasgow Film Festival (selection announced Dec 2011) and are working towards a theatrical release in 2012. But…there is always a but…

Please help us shine the light on Ken!

Help us shine the light on Ken …we need to clear all the beautiful music Ken plays before we can show the film to anyone. Unfortunately, this is the jazz repertoire and it does not come cheap. We are working hard to raise funds and one of our initiatives is a crowdfunding campaign ( To raise funds, we offer ‘perks’, price range from a little to a lot, so something for everyone, but people can also just make a donation. The more money we raise, the more rights we can buy and the more we can put Ken’s music out there. He kept all his recordings for over 50 years and it would be such a shame if nobody were able to hear them.


So we really need your help: to help us raise funds, to help us demonstrate the interest in Ken by getting as many people as possible to ‘Like’ us on Facebook and to generally promote the film and the website whenever possible. If we all work together, we can finally shine the light on Ken in 2012. Thank you again for all your support. Linda and Marc

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Weekly newsletter for the documentary The Man with the Jazz Guitar, a film about jazz guitarist and radio broadcaster Ken Sykora

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