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Consumers are changing. Technology is changing. Banking is changing.

Imagine you could reinvent banking.

Imagine you could reinvent banking

You would want your bank to be able to seize opportunities at the moment they present themselves. You would want to adapt to how your customers want to be serviced today and tomorrow. You would adopt cutting edge technology as soon as it arrives. You would want to manage all your processes efficiently. You would want to connect to a world of web services.

The need for change

The world of the consumer is changing. The internet has opened up unlimited possibilities and given the power to the people. Google, FaceBook and social media have redefined consumer behaviours and expectations. And this is just the beginning. Today consumers are in control like never before and they are transforming “business as usual” to “business my way.” Why? Because they can. And all of this is accelerated by the mobile revolution.

The world of banking is changing rapidly. New rules and legislation are just the beginning. Consumer demand for full transparency puts pressure on existing business models. New players are gearing up to enter the market with game changing propositions at unprecedentedly low costs. There are big opportunities for those who keep in step with the consumers and drive change. And keep on driving it.

The winners of tomorrow will master the ultimate customer-journey, while staying in full control of costs, processes and risks. In today’s banking environment this is hard to achieve without compromise. The challenge is to reinvent banking with a fresh approach to banking software. Five Degrees offers an integrated banking platform that can help to build that new customer oriented bank without compromise. We call it: Matrix.

Introducing Matrix

Matrix brings all banking functionalities together in one integrated banking platform. Like an air traffic controller, Matrix directs data to the right gate and keeps track of all the assets flying around. At the same time it maintains high levels of efficiency and control. Customers enjoy an unequalled user experience for any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Front-office applications External services Customer data Back-office systems Processes

The power of Matrix Matrix is the beating heart of the next-generation banking architecture. Its intelligent service bus connects all services required to run a bank. Matrix provides an interface to all front-office applications and services. New services, channels and devices can be added easily. At the same time, Matrix connects with new and existing back-end systems. Furthermore Matrix is ready for a future of SAAS and cloud-based services. Experience the future The future proof architecture of Matrix software provides banks an agile response to changing consumer demands and new technologies. If this sounds too good to be true, you should experience it yourself. We have set up a fully functional demo bank based on Matrix. Please contact us at for a personalised demonstration and get ready to meet your new bank.

Inside Matrix

Matrix connects to any existing banking application or service. On top of that, it comes with everything you need to run the ultimate customer oriented bank: The Matrix Modules.

Customer Relationship Management Matrix’ CRM database allows a 360º view on all private and corporate customers. Plus all common banking products, ranging from current accounts and saving accounts to investments and mortgages. Customer Financial Management Make sense of your customers’ financial data at a glance with the Customer Financial Management module. Business Process Management The BPM module efficiently manages, visualises and logs all common banking processes. This includes client onboarding and maintenance for any financial product, plus KYC and other compliance related processes. Communication Management Matrix manages efficiently all incoming and outgoing client communication, ranging from emails and letters to SMS and call centre contacts. Documentation Management Never misplace or lose customer documents again with our state-of-the-art Documents Management module, fully integrated in the 360º client view. An established bank in the Netherlands selected Matrix to power their innovative wealth management initiative. Matrix enables a consolidated and risk-weighted overview of the clients’ total wealth including cash accounts and investment portfolio’s held with other banks. The solution incorporates on-line personal financial planning and budgeting tools. In order to achieve this Matrix has interfaced with multiple external services.

Security and Reporting Matrix takes security up a level thanks to the latest internal and external security technology. Single sign-on role based access and secure token services come included. The Microsoft Reporting Suite offers template driven management reports for an optimum overview.

Today's Banks

Existing legacy banking systems make it increasingly hard to keep up with ever-changing consumer expectations. Today’s banks will need to approach their business from the opposite direction: the customer. After all, consumers will judge banks on the quality of their daily contact.

modern frontend solutions.

Matrix legacy backoffice systems

The smart solution Changing the entire infrastructure is hardly an option, but implementing a smart layer on top of the existing infrastructure is. Matrix bridges the gap between the legacy systems and modern front-end solutions. A legacy infrastructure can be instantly upgraded to today’s standards and legacy back-office systems can be replaced over time.

Matrix key benefits for today’s banks

A proven, secure and scalable banking platform. Provides single customer view. Supports private and corporate clients, products and channels.

An international operating bank used Matrix to build an on-line savings bank in the Netherlands. With Matrix on top of their existing back-end system, the savings bank managed to on-board 170.000 clients in less than 4 months with as little as 20 employees to handle the operation.

Automates banking processes and logs every step in the process. Service Oriented Architecture for easy interfacing with any system and service. Improves customer experience, reduces cost and increases control.

Tomorrow's financials

Starting a new retail or private bank usually means starting from scratch with the basics in banking. It also involves long running IT projects and high implementation costs. Until now.

A complete solution Five Degrees offers a total banking solution for new retail and private banks. Built around Matrix, it includes a future proof front-office and an effective backend system. The software comes with all the services, products and processes needed to run a bank. The new operation can be deployed faster and at lower cost.

Matrix for tomorrow’s financials

Total front to back retail and private banking solution. All services, products and processes easily configured. High customer experience. An innovative full retail bank in the Netherlands aimed at the market for mass-affluent customers, has chosen to use Matrix. Next to all on-boarding, KYC and product application processes, more than 40 internal and external services are managed by Matrix. Matrix provides a full 360ºclient view and services personal financial planning and budgeting tools.

High ratio’s of Straight Through Processing. Low cost to build and run, short time to market. Easily expanded with products and services to cater for tomorrow’s customer demand.

About Five Degrees

Five Degrees is market leader in next generation banking software. Modern banks have selected Five Degrees to implement a customer centric strategy. Five Degrees’ product Matrix offers a flexible and integrated banking platform, which can be delivered with customer interfaces and back-end system.

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Five Degrees is a privately owned company and operates from offices in the Netherlands, Iceland and Luxembourg.


Five Degrees was founded in 2009 by a unique blend of bankers and IT professionals, with the passion to bridge the traditional gap between business and IT.

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Matrix brochure  

Matrix-five is a modern, proven and scalable banking platform that can support retail, corporate and private banking activities.

Matrix brochure  

Matrix-five is a modern, proven and scalable banking platform that can support retail, corporate and private banking activities.