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Fall 2008

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FIU’s Division of IT Newsletter

Employees Get Connected with FIUmail Migrations to FIUmail are well underway. This summer the Division of Information Technology and other campus IT administrators piloted FIUmail, the University’s new e-mail and calendaring solution for employees. Migrations began for some departments as early as August and are scheduled to continue until the beginning of the spring semester. FIUmail is powered by Microsoft Exchange 2007 and replaces the old

Webmail and Lotus Notes email systems. Microsoft Exchange 2007 is a well established industry leader and offers faculty and staff a reliable, scalable, secure, and feature-rich messaging system that works well with Continued on page 3

PantherSoft Student Upgrade - Goes Live October 27 As the PantherSoft Campus Solutions upgrade continues to move towards its scheduled completion, the PantherSoft Upgrade team continues testing, training, documenting changes, reviewing current configurations and improving security.

This upgraded version of the Student Administration system, PantherSoft Campus Solutions 9, will integrate new business processes, streamline others and provide new functionality that will help us serve our faculty, staff and students more effectively and efficiently. Continued on page 2

Division of IT’s New Website You suggested it, we listened. This semester, we launched a new Division of Information Technology Web site The new Web site has improved navigation and offers up-to-date information about our services. Among other things, the new Web site is easy to access the information you are looking for, thanks to a better, more logically organized and user-friendly site. The new Web site is also ADA compliant and it provides

quick links to departments and units within the Division of Information Technology. Please test drive our new Web site at and stay on top of FIU technology related news, announcements, and critical alerts. After you visit our new site, we would like to know your thoughts. Send us your feedback at and tell us what you think about it.

“UTS is revamping its entire website to improve navigation and the quality of information available online.”

PantherSoft Student Upgrade Continued from page 1

ShopUTS Offers Huge Discounts!

Some of the new and improved features that will be available are:

ShopUTS, University Technology Services' online shopping cart is a convenient way to shop . With a click of your mouse, you can purchase software and hardware for personal use at substantially discounted prices.

An enhanced Student Center, which includes a schedule planner that allows advisors and students the ability to validate the student’s proposed schedule (enrollment verification, conflict with other classes, etc.) before registering. A “Shopping Cart” feature, which lets students collect and review various courses and save them to a cart, much like an online shopping web site.

One great example is the low price of $2.99 for McAfee Virus Scan, the popular, top rated antivirus software, which usually sells for $35 or more at retail stores.

A new “Faculty Center,” which features a centralized navigation panel to access class schedules and locations, view dynamically updated class rosters, view and post grades, and review student information and enrollment details.

Get the software you need without paying retail prices.

We encourage everyone to continue to visit the project website at to stay informed of the latest developments of the Campus Solutions project upgrade.

Fill your cart at!


Employees Get Connected with FIUmail continued from page 1 FIUmail integrates almost seamlessly with our Active Directory (AD) environment, allowing users to login with the same username and password for both systems. To help ensure a smooth transition for all employees, the Division of IT is working closely with liaisons from every major department. If you would like to know who your liaison is, simply visit the FIUmail project page at and click on the “Department Liaisons” tab. You will also be able to find out when your scheduled migration date is by clicking on the project timeline and then clicking the “Migration Schedule” link. Immediately after being migrated, faculty and staff may access their e-mail through an Internet browser by signing in to Don’t worry, your email address will not change. Should you have any questions about the project, email us at or read the Frequently Asked Questions link on the project page at .

C.I.A.R.A.: Continuously Augmenting IT’s Efforts C.I.A.R.A. (the Center for Internet Augmented Research and Assessment) was created to bridge the gap between the IT community and existing technology fields. The center continues to do so by participating in a variety of events. This summer CIARA’s Heidi Alvarez was able to promote the value of research and education networking abroad. Dr. Alvarez was invited to make a presentation at the 4th Caribbean Internet Governance Forum hosted by the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU), in association with the Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry (LACNIC). She presented on the Internet2 evolution and AMPATH – the high performance exchange point in Florida, which is facilitating peering and network research between education and research institutions. CIARA was also busy this July, hosting a network planning group for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) project at Florida International University. The LSST is a wide-field telescope facility that will provide time-lapse digital imaging of faint astronomical objects across the entire sky. On December 2, CIARA will host an Ultralight / PLaNetS Tutorial Workshop. The purpose of the tutorial, in Education and Outreach, is to disseminate the capabilities and use of the Physics Lambda Network Services (PLaNetS) to support Large Hadron Collider (LHC)/Compact Muon Soloid (CMS) data analysis and other applications. The tutorial is aimed at undergraduate, graduates and young Faculty in physics, computer science and engineering with some physics course background and programming experience. CIARA sponsors a domain-specific tailoring of Internet technologies to support faculty research and improve graduate education. For more information on CIARA and their current projects including the Ultralight / PLaNetS Tutorial, visit

Out of 8,195 calls received by our Support Center in August, over 40% were password reset requests.

Think this CD is worth $30,000? The RIAA and other production companies are targeting individuals, including students, and settling violations at $200 - $3,000 per violation. A single CD full of illegal downloads could result in a lawsuit with a minimum settlement amount for 10 illegal downloads and a total fine of $30,000. There have been many cases that resulted in even higher fines. To date, FIU has received subpoenas demanding information on 32 FIU students for possible RIAA lawsuits. To stay protected, remember: Illegal Downloading is Stealing! It can cost you money and more! You are responsible for what happens on your computer! For more information visit:


Dear Readers,

Message from the CIO

Welcome to the fall 2008 newsletter brought to you by the Division of Information Technology. Effective communication is the key to the introduction and support of new technologies, and we count on this newsletter to contribute to that process. In this issue you will find informative articles on projects that affect the entire University community, including the new FIUmail email system and the upgrade of PantherSoft Student Administration 8.0 to the new PantherSoft Campus Solutions 9.0. Thank you for reading this issue. I hope you enjoy it.

The Resource Center for Educational Technology : A Great Resource for Faculty The Resource Center for Educational Technology is an open lab facility available to all faculty. Faculty who visit the center have the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, create materials for their classes and/or research projects, work with software they may not have available at their desktops, and receive one-on-one support from staff who possess a wide range of technical skills and experience. The staff from Broadcast Video Production, Instructional Design, Instructional Photography & Graphics, and the UTS Training Center are all available to provide technical support and expertise to ensure faculty’s success in their use of a wide range of media applications. In addition, the Resource Center offers workshops not available through the UTS Training Center such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, copyright issues, and podcasting. The Resource Center has both PC and Mac computers, a faculty video editing suite, an audio recording/editing suite, and a variety of digital imaging resources including multi-page flatbed scanning, slide and 35mm negative scanning equipment, and a digital copy-stand. The resource center is located in GL 150. Please visit and explore our facility.

Our Mission: To support FIU in its pursuit to become a national academic institution by providing leadership, consultation, service and secure access for the use of technology. WEBSITES: Division of Information Technology: University Technology Services: IT Security Office: CIARA: TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Telephone: (305)348-2284 Online: Walk-in: - GL 249 (UP)

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