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The Netball Result


Cor porate Le


Division B Blues vs NZC C Weka : Won 54 - 21 Purples vs W hites : Purple s won 57 - 10 Mixed Blacks vs Ze nith Blacks vs NZC Zeal : Lost 23 - 44 C Tui : Lost 20 - 24

Netball Fixtures (All start at

8pm at Kalla

ng Netball C

Tuesday - D ivision B Blues vs Whi tes


Wednesday - Division A Reds vs Aci ers Wednesday -D Golds vc NZC ivision C C Moa Thursday Mixed Blacks vs N ZCC Kiwi

Indoor Cricket BK Merlions 141 b.

SG Rebels 102

3 Organised Kaos 10

b. BK Sharkies 78

Shleppers 120 b. BK

Merlions 48

valiers 85 BK Knights 105 b. Ca ights 67 Saints B 88 b. BK Kn ns 66

Saints A 79 b. BK Lio

od 2 wins. So, not a go t unfortunately only t bu ou s, d me rke ga 6 wo th rt wi pa day last week which for the most A packed Wednes a steady hand out 11 new players, ing ed ing all br tri rs We ye e. pla gu ing start to the new lea ent, as well as return really great new tal fantastically. Some to the game. esday 17 October Next games - Wedn v. Comwerks 6:45 - BK Merlions ganised Kaos 7.30 - BK Lions v. Or v. Powerplay 9.45 - BK Sharkies

Rugby Fixtures Saturday – Turf Ci


3rds vs Wanderers 2nds vs SAA 1XV –

Touch Rugby

Wrinklies – 1pm

Mens lost 5-


Mixed lost



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