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An interview with... ...Julian Tate Age: 38 What section do you belong too: Indoor Cricket

how m uch yo u reall place i y enjoy s more a a bout th you ha e peopl ng with e .

Where are you from and what do you do: I grew up in Perth until the end of university and then immediately got out of there to explore the world. I'm in sales so it is very easy to work abroad. Currently working for a boutique IT consulting company. Who is your favorite sports person and why:Adam Gilchrist, a fantastic wicketkeeper-batsman from Australia. Gilly has impressive stats as a wicky and as a batsman, but also a strong leader in the field. His opening batting helped the Aussies win so many games, and by all accounts he is a generally nice guy. As it happens my niece goes to school with his son, and he is always friendly with the other parents. How long have you been with the club and how did you find us: Whilst on summer break from grad school in the US in 2005, I popped into Singapore to see a friend (originally lived here 1998-2000) and he took me to the Bungy Bar to watch the Bledisloe Cup. There was a nice Bedok Kings stubby holder keeping my beer cold the whole afternoon, and it accidentally came back with me to the US. I had no idea who Bedok Kings RFC were, but I carried that stubby holder around with me for 4 years. After moving back to Singapore, I randomly met Andy the Pacman and Gordo in a bar in Chijmes watching the 2010 FIFA world cup. They asked if I like to play cricket, and joined on the spot. Why did you join the club: Wanted to stay active, wanted to get back into cricket, as I hadn't played in a decade. Living in the US, I played indoor soccer and snowboarded - and there isn't a lot of snow here. Whats your favourite thing about Singapore: All the people you meet are pretty down to earth, intelligent and easy to meet. A lot of people say it is the food or the options for travel - and yeah, it is. But you can eat good food everywhere now and you can travel to far-off places for next to no money. Ultimately, how much you really enjoy a place is more about the people you hang with. Is there any advice you could give to new members: Focus, set goals and work to achieve them. If you want to get fitter - train harder. Want to get smarter - read more. Want more friends - buy a round of beers at the Bungy. And come to the ball, it will be crazy fun!

Corporate Fight Night 2012 @ the Ritz Carlton Millennia hosted by Buffalo Events Bedok Kings were out in full form on the night of 18th August, with 5 tables of Bedok Kings guys and girls in Black ties and their best frocks supporting their champions in the ring. Bedok were represented by Neil Ware, Kylie Bernie , Simon Bernie, Tariq Saapideen, Lynda McGovern, and Eugene Thompson. The first fight of the night saw Neil “Thunder” Ware representing and up against 2nd time corporate fight night fighter, Darragh “The Pikey” Lenihan (Bucks). Against a younger, taller, heavier, more experienced and some might say better looking fighter, Neil dominated in the ring from the first bell. Coming out all guns blazing, looking like a man on a mission, Neil dominated each round with his speed, accuracy and aggression proving too much to handle for his Irish opponent. The 2nd fight of the night once again saw Bedok representing in fine form with Kylie “Boom Boom” Bernie from Netball pitted up against Amelia “Femme” Bott from SCC. Don’t let Kylie’s cute and quiet demeanour fool you- If you have any doubts, I’m sure her opponent Amelia will vouch for how hard and fierce she can be in the ring. Once again, Bedok dominated the ring, with Kylie showing off some mean combinations and managing to dominate all three rounds. Boom 2-0 Bedok. 3rd fight of the night saw the Bedok 2nd XV represented by Tariq “the Thunder from Down Under” Sappideen against Andrew “the Warrior” Welch (Bucks). It was a good match up with both fighters going to war in the ring. First round looked very promising for Tariq, using his speed and aggression to rock his opponent, however Andrew dominated with his stamina in the subsequent rounds. Unfortunately, this was the first loss for Bedok for the night, but both fighters definitely put on a good spectacle. A little later on into the night and the wine was well and truly flowing, up stepped Simon Bernie to unleash a torrent of blows to his opponent throughout all three rounds. Simon brought an intensity to the ring which would only be met later on in the final match of the night with Bedok now 3 from 4.

The 9th fight of the night had Lyndy “No Lovin” McGovern matched up against Citira “No Mercy” Corrigan (Wanderers). Lyndy had been training very hard indeed for her fight and her training paid off in a fine victory against the personal trainer, Citira. Both girls slugged it out in an epic battle that shook the entire ballroom. Lyndy managed to keep her cool and fitness throughout the bout placing some clean strikes and retaining her guard throughout. At the end of the day, Lyndy’s aggression and desire to win was clearly too much for her opponent. The 10th and final fight of the night saw Eugene “Tinkerbell” Thompson matched up against the heavy weight, Benjamin “The Hammer” Hopkins (SCC). Everyone in the audience had been waiting all night for this highly anticipated bout. Both fighters had been training hard in and out of the gym and were looking like they were ready for battle. First round could have gone either way, with Eugene being knocked down early something evry one knows you should only do to a saffa if he stays down, unfortunately for Ben he did not. Round 2 took a big turn in favour of Bedok when Eugene took an accidental low blow from Ben, managing to awaken the street fighter within. This resulted in Ben being literally knocked out of the ring in round 2 with most spectators expecting Eugene to leap out after him. From there, Eugene dominated landing some eye-watering body and head blows. Ben also fought very well, but was unable to match up to the Saffa’s ferocity. All in all, Bedok’s 5 fighters did the club proud, with 5 wins and 1 loss. They all trained very hard for the event and took a lot of pride in representing themselves, their families and of course, the mighty Bedok Kings. To anybody contemplating giving it a go next year, my advice- do it! It’s for a great cause Dan’s Fund for Burns, supporting burn victims of the 2002 Bali Bombings. Also, it’s great fun and the challenge is amazing. We were lucky enough to be a part of something great, we got to meet some awesome people from the other rugby clubs, and we got to represent Bedok Kings in this prestigious annual event. Looking forward to seeing Bedok dominate next year! Congratulations to Neil, Kylie, Tariq, Lyndy, Simon and Eugene. cid=1501138&gallery_id=127593

Where are they now?... ...Steve Wilson Tell us about your relationship with Bedok... Why did you join the club and what was your involvement? My wife (Jo) and I arrived to Singapore in Nov 1997 and were keen to join a sports club and meet like-minded social people who could educate us on how to be Singaporean.

“Go hard or g

o home”

Bedok Kings was a newly formed Japanese club and seemed a logical choice given we stayed at The Bayshore, next to where the rugby boys trained on ECP. Held the position of “Counsellor” (or Club President) for several years which meant frequent meetings at our Club House (Bisous and Bungy) to plan BK’s future. I was capably supported by a spirited committee whom evolved to grow BK’s netball, touch, cricket sections and organise social events while keeping the club financially secure...the rest is history. Where are you now and when did you leave? We left Singapore in Dec 2011 (14 years in Singa Vegas) and yip we met long-time friends from BK both on and off the field. Now based in Wellywood, NZ. What are your fondest memories of the club? Wow...too many to mention...part of the team which organised BK’s 10th Year Anniversary celebrations in 2006. I look forward to our next big anniversary (when is it?)... Who do you think are some of the biggest characters you have known at the club and why? Onishi-san (RIP) our 1st BK President was probably the most influential as his actions and committment to BK personified how a true Club Person should operate his veins were full of BK spirit and character. Is there any special advice you could give to current club members? “Go hard or go home” kia kaha Bedok Kings!

There's not long until Christmas so it's a good job the Christmas cards have arrived! Each pack contains 10 cards and envelopes for the bargain price of


Contact your section rep to order yours

The Annual Bedok Ball was a cracking success with Gambling, Birthdays and Proposals making for an eventful night. This years event was a Vegas themed extravaganza at the newly redecorated Cinnamon room at the Novotel. Cocktails and sparkling wine where downed at the reception whilst guests spent their Kings Cash at the Gambling tables. The night then moved into the Cinnamon room where speeches where made over $30k worth of prizes where given and Auctions held. A Rendition of Happy Birthday was sung for Elvis who celebrated his 60th Birthday three days later and a surprise proposal was made by Mr Nicholas Hanley to his now Fiance Sophie Gollifer. The night finished off with some crazy beats from the DJ Modium and a good time was had by all. A special thanks must go to the organising committee Julian Tate, Julian Stansmore, Tariq Sapiden, Chloe Biggs, Anica Bussell, Karen Cole, Paul Fitzsimons and Aurelia Alfonso.

Cricket news... The BK cricketers have had a busy 2nd third. We finished our second of three seasons in early September and have already started the final season. Fielding four teams in the weekday league (playing Wednesday’s 6:30pm - 10:30 for about 45 minutes) allowed us to set our sights on pushing two teams into medal contention. Our issue has always been that two to three teams in the league dominate and BK kept showing up with players who hadn’t played much together, making it tough to win.

The BK c ric busy 2nd keters have had a third.

Our strongest team - the Lions - did well to place third overall. After losing a few players to injury, and others to significant travel schedules, the Lions did well to beat Organised Kaos for third place. Our next strongest team - the Knights - started off the season very well, then in the middle had a tough time maintaining composure, but ended up playing a lot better to the end. Our social teams - the Sharkies and Merlions - are where new players start and did well to win a few games against significant competition. In the Sunday league, the Bedok Kings team did well to win the plate award. They split the group of 11 teams into two divisions - A and B, and we ended up winning the second division. The side has really come together, with players tuning their approach to the weird Sports Planet turf and lighting. The success of the Sunday team led to a lot of sledging amongst the players, with 50+ messages a day on WhatsApp over who has the better team. A showdown was called, pitting the best of weekday versus the best of weekend over two games. The result was a 1-1 draw, with weekenders winning the first game and weekdayers coming back to win the decider. At the start of October, the organisers set their sights on dividing both the weekday and weekend teams from the get go. Lions, Knights and Sharkies were put into Div. A, and Merlions into Div. B. We quickly scrambled to get everyone back on the roster, only

to hear back that a massive number of players couldn’t return due to work and family commitments. Nevertheless, our crack team of scouts raided Little India and the Mustafa Centre at 3pm on a Sunday and recruited 11 new players. We ran them threw a few games, and the results so far have been impressive - quality talent and natural skills for the most part. The results have also been impressive, Lions and Knights are both 1 from 2 against fierce competition, Merlions are 2 from 3 and Sharkies are still yet to find their footing. The new Sunday competition brought about tougher opponents. In one day we got slaughtered by the top team, getting out more times than it seemed possible. An hour later (and a few Pure Blondes to calm the nerves) and we were slapping 6s with wonton abandon, and schooling the opposing side like we do this all the time. Once you have that taste of winning on your mouth, it certainly feels good. Our cricketers play Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons in 6-a-side and 8-a-side indoor leagues respectively. Anyone interested is welcome to join, we always have room whether you know the difference between a Lamb Vindaloo and Alan Lamb. Email-

Congratulations also to the winners of the following awards: Players Player

Nikunj Parekh

Most Improved

Andy Gahrotra

Best Batsman

Adam Jorgensen

Best Bowler

Adi Gogia

Best Fielder

Rajiv Vishwanathan

Captains Award - Sai Janakiraman

Physiotherapy... Prolonged Sitting‌. The Silent Back Killer A study conducted by SGH shows that 80% of Singaporeans will suffer from back pain at least once in their life. The scary fact is that once you suffer from back pain, you are more at risk of getting back pain again and again. There are several causes of back pain, but our lifestyle is an important factor. We know for a FACT that obesity, lack of exercise and even PROLONGED SITTTING increases the rates and severity of back pain. This is good news, because it means YOU can do something about it by changing your lifestyle! Your back is a fantastic structure. Capable of withstanding large amounts of force, yet flexible enough for you to bend in several different directions. Part of the credit goes to your Intervertebral Discs. They act as shock absorbers for your back much like the suspension in a car. Strong, flexible but also capable of wear and tear. The interesting thing is that when you sit down, there is actually a 30% increase in the amount of force going through these discs! Additionally in the sitting position the force shifts from the center of the disc (where it is designed to take the weight), to the front of the disc! This uneven weight distribution, coupled with the increase force tends to push the disc (nucleus) in the opposite direction‌backwards (see picture)! Herein lies the problem.

Over time there may be structural changes, from overstretched ligaments to weakened muscles. Eventually pain may set in and depending on the severity of the disc injury, the pain may travel down into your leg. So considering how much we sit in our everyday lives you will realize why back pain is so common in our modern society. From the time you wake up to eat breakfast, to your office work, and finally at home resting in your sofa, you are sitting the whole way! No wonder our backs hurt. So what can you do?


k exte c a b e i nz cke


Try this simple exercise called the McKenzie Back Extension exercise once per day, and it not only improves your flexibility but helps restore normal disc shape and integrity. Push yourself up lifting your shoulders off the floor. Hold for 3 seconds and slowly lower yourself. Do 10 repetitions nice and slowly, and stop if there is any pain. So do try to look after your spine. Start today and feel the difference exercise and Physiotherapy makes! And do seek advice if you do get back pain in the future, either from a Physiotherapist or a Doctor. The earlier you do it the better. Your back will thank you!.

Netball News... Welcome to new members! We have been very lucky to have had a whole host of very talented, very sociable, new netball players arrive on the scene over the summer. Welcome to everyone and enjoy your time with Bedok Kings! Hope to see you at our next social! If you’re on Facebook don’t forget to join the Bedok Kings Netball group, and “like” the Bedok Kings page. These pages will keep you up to date on all that’s going on in and around the club. And welcome back to the blue team Sue Parsons! Congrats on the birth of your beautiful baby boy, and we’re happy to have you back!

Annual Awards Every year the netball section presents awards at the Ball to recognise improvement in people’s game and contributions to the section. This year’s award winners were: Red Blue Purple White Gold Green


Most Improved Wendy Feszczur Mei Ling Jennifer Fay Grahame Becky Townley Julie Bamford Emily Cooper

Most Valued Liv Flanagan Sue Faulkner Cassandra Griffin Gillian Naylor Cassie Humphreys Seri Jaafar

Lianne Dunbar

Special mention goes to Lianne Dunbar who won the overall section award. Lianne has contributed a lot of time and energy throughout the year, and has been a huge supporter of the section. Congratulations to everyone who received an award; thoroughly deserved.

Current Fixtures Netball Singapore Corporate League started on Tuesday 25th September and runs until 15th Nov. Bedok have 6 teams entered, 5 ladies and 1 mixed. The Red team are playing in Division A playing on a Wednesday night. Blues, Purples and Whites are in Division B and play on a Tuesday night. Golds are in Division C, playing on a Wednesday night. The mixed team (Blacks) plays on a Thursday night. All games start at 8pm at Kallang Netball Centre and any and all support is welcome!

Mixed team in action! The mixed team are always in need of male players so if anyone is interested please contact our mixed team captain, Chloe, at Standings, as of 17th October: Division A Reds: Played 1 of 4 - Position 2nd Division B Blues: Played 4 of 6 – Position 1st Purples: Played 3 out of 6 – Position 2nd Whites: Played 4 out of 6 – Position 5th Division C Golds: Played 2 out of 5 – Position 6th Mixed Blacks: Played 3 out of 6 – Position 7th


ontinue c l l i w g Trainin ondays on M

Training will continue on Mondays throughout the league, subject to numbers. The white and gold teams have been working with a new coach, Saadiah, with positive feedback from both sides. If there’s anything your team feels like they need to focus on then please let us know. to burn fat and lose weight faster! You want to achieve weight loss with a flatter stomach and a smaller waist, but, despite hours of exercise and a strict diet, you’re just not seeing the results you expected. Maximuscle’s fat loss range will work as part of your nutrition and exercise programme to make sure the time and effort you invest in the gym pay off. You’ll lose weight, cut fat, drop inches from your waist, and your favourite clothes will fit you once again. Discover the way to a leaner, fitter you...

1) Create a calorie deficit To lose weight you need to consume fewer calories than your body needs to maintain weight. This creates a calorie deficit. To maximise your weight loss, the combination of a healthy lower-calorie diet and good exercise regime is vital. This will give you far faster results than that achieved by diet or exercise alone.

2) Adopt the optimal eating pattern

Cut down on

the junk!

To reduce hunger and speed up your metabolism, eat five to six small meals a day. This is easy when you include sports nutrition products. Your calories for the day should be split between these regular meals. Skipping meals reduces your metabolic rate and allows your blood sugar levels to drop. A regular intake of high-protein calories throughout the day combats this effect, aided with using products like CLA-1000.

3) Introduce sports nutrition products to assist your goals It has been shown that using meal replacements high in whey protein (such as Promax Diet) not only preserves muscle when dieting, but also reduces hunger pangs and so enables you to reach your weight loss goals more easily. People who use additional products such as Thermobol and Promax Diet bars will see results more quickly. These products promote weight loss when used in conjunction with the advised exercise and diet plan, and contain ingredients that research shows could increase fat loss.

4) Exercise regularly Muscle is metabolically active – in other words, it burns calories. If you lose muscle, your body’s demand for calories decreases, making weight loss harder. The best way to preserve muscle and give your body that attractive, toned look is to train at least three times a week for around 45 minutes. Aim to complete three weight sessions per week and gradually add cardiovascular training (running / cycling /aerobics) to your regime up to two or three times per week. This will increase the calories burnt and so increase fat loss.

5) Stay hydrated and lose fat Aim to drink two to three litres of water a day to maximise your performance and fat-loss goals. This is easily achieved by drinking small, regular drinks and/or low-calorie rehydration drinks, such as Viper.

6) Recover effectively If you’re doing a lot of exercise, especially resistance exercise (e.g. weight training), then it’s vital to maximise recovery by getting the right nutrients inside your body straight after training. This will help to replace lost energy and allow damaged muscles to repair and recover faster. A high-quality protein formula such as Promax or Promax Diet taken immediately after exercise will help you recover in time for your next workout.

“stay hydrated and lose fat”

Women’s Rugby News... Skyllas Walking Tour and Pub-Crawl! (written by Gloria Sharp and Esther Goh)

In an effort to fundraise for our upcoming tours, the Skyllas girls came together to plan and execute two fundraising events. Taking place on the same day, we planned to have a walking tour in the morning and a pub-crawl the same evening! The walking tour was led by three of our very own girls, Angel Liu, Esther Goh and Gloria Sharp. Starting at the Wink hostel in a quaint little area in Chinatown, our three girls set out with some tourists, for a tour around the CBD. The visitors in our group included tourists from Germany and America. Starting at Chinatown, the group headed towards Fullerton, stopping by Fort Canning Park for historical insights on Singapore’s development of trade, which was started by Sir Stamford Raffles. The group toured around the Singapore Museums, coming to a stop at one fullerton, before heading back to the starting point. Meeting people from different walks of life was definitely an eye opener for both our girls and the tourists, and it was definitely an enriching experience for both parties. Later that night, Nicole Bondy and Ti Tauasosi, party planners extraordinaires, and the rest of the Skyllas went on our very first pub-crawl. After liaising with several pubs for drinking deals, the pub-crawl kicked off at our very own Bungy Bar and headed over to several other pubs like Lot Stock & Barrel Pub and Prince of Wales. We even had a party bus to bring us from place to place! At each pub, the girls engaged the pub-crawlers with some games and the winners were rewarded with more booze! The last stop of the night was at Holland Village, which saw the groups searching high and low in a Scavenger Hunt. From shoelaces to underwear, the very sporting pub-crawlers were able to gather all the items. The crawl ended on a good note back at Bungy Bar with many of them staying for more drinks. With the success of this pub-crawl, a second and even better pub-crawl is definitely on the cards! Look forward to seeing you then!

“Yay more booze”

Singapore Rugby Sevens Series...

(written by Debbie Ng) Having already proven our dominance in the 15s game, this would be a tournament that would test our speed, stamina and determination. We had secured the championship title in the tournament the year before. However, we knew it was going to be a challenge to defend our crown and win the tournament two years in a row. On the first weekend, we breezed through the group games and made the finals. During the finals, there were some unfavourable calls made against us and frustration took its toil out on us. Rugby is not just a physical game but a mental one too, and it was in the latter that we were lacking that day. Our lack of discipline may have cost us that day but we were determined not to let it cost us the entire championship. That loss became a stepping stone to fuel us on the following weekend. The next weekend, we walked onto the field with a newfound determination, not just to win, but to excel. Winning every game would not be enough, we knew we had to outscore our opponents in order to be the overall champions for the Singapore Rugby Sevens Series. We were almost ruthless in our determination to win, beating teams by scorelines as wide as 43-0. And our determination was to pay off, as we made it to the finals where we were to play BRFC/Blacks Banzais once again. Only this time, losing was not an option. All we had been fighting for the last two weeks came down to that single match and this time we were mentally prepared. We wanted this too much and it showed in the way we played. Our bodies were put on the line for the club that day and we walked off the field knowing that we had done our best. The championship trophy we won that day was a symbol of how our efforts had paid off: In giving our best, we were able to be the best. That was not our only achievement of the day, as Angela Zheng, who played outstandingly on both weekends, was duly rewarded for her efforts with the title of top try scorer.




Drinkers Corner... Cider On hot humid Singapore days there is nothing more refreshing than a nice cool beverage so today we are going to learn a little bit more about our clubs favourite cider. Magners Irish Cider is a premium, traditional brand of Irish cider. It is a a blend of seventeen varieties of fresh apples which creates the unique taste of Magners Irish Cider. Patiently matured in vats close to the orchards of the Tipperary countryside, Magners Irish Cider has a crisp, refreshing flavour and a natural authentic character.

Best served with

How To Serve Magners Magners is best served with copious amounts of ice. The best way to serve it is to half-fill a standard pint glass with ice, pour a well-chilled pint bottle of Magners cider into the glass, fill to the top and enjoy!

Production Traditional cider-making is very similar to wine production. Magners Irish Cider is produced using traditional ingredients and, as importantly, a process that replicates the traditional cider-making process. The apples chosen for making cider are a blend of cider, dessert and culinary apples. Cider requires not just the sweetness and acidity found in dessert and culinary apples but also the bitterness of tannin of cider apples to balance the flavour and help to preserve it. A total of 17 varieties of apples are grown in the company’s orchards in Clonmel to make Magners. They are Michelin, Dabinett, Yvarlington Mill, Bulmer’s Norman, Tremlett’s Bitter, Breakwell Seedling, Taylor’s, Harry Master’s Jersey, Medaille d’Or, Reine des Pommes, Ashton Bitter, Bramley’s, Grenadier, Brown Thorn, Brown Snout, Vilberies and Improved Dove.

How Magners Is Made Traditionally, cider apples were hand harvested between the months of September and December. Poles with hooks were used to shake the branches of the tree until the apple harvest carpeted the floor of the orchard. Today apples are harvested using a semiautomated process but hand-picking is still a major feature of the Magners apple harvest time. The different varieties mature at different times of the season i.e. early croppers, mid-seasons and lates. This allows the orchard managers to pace the harvest and produce sufficient varieties to make up a traditional blend like Magners. Fermentation of the apple juice involves many yeast strains including those naturally present in the fruit. After fermentation the cider is matured for typically six months to two years. During maturation a secondary fermentation called malolactic fermentation takes place. This is also an important feature and helps to develop the flavour during maturation. Profiling the characteristics of the best traditional fermentations, Magner’s has identified the most important strains of natural microflora in the original Magner’s cider-making process. A unique modern process allows these diverse natural microflora to develop, from fermentation right through to maturation. Today we can influence and control the fermentation dynamics, to ensure quality and consistency, to deliver the characteristic taste of Magners Irish Cider. Contact for ordering Magners is Call +65 67666887 or email and don’t forget to mention that you are a member of the Bedok Kings in order to get your discount!!!!!

Men’s Rugby News... As we approach a new Season the rugby section has been lucky enough to pick up two new coaches, Neil who will be looking after the 2nds Adam looking after the 3rds and Mark and Flash will continue to run the prems. Have a read below to find out more about the Kings coaches for this year.

Mark Lee Age: 34 Joined: 2003 (Part of the premiership winning teams in 2005/6 (double)/7. Singapore Cup winners in 2008 and Grand final runner up in 2009) Clubs Lion Red 1996-1998 SAFSA (1999-2000) Palmyra RUFC (Australia) 2001 to 2003 Bedok Kings 2003 to present Rep Honours Singapore Age Group U19/20/23 Singapore A 1999-2000 Singapore 2000 to 2008 (28 caps) About myself? I think everyone knows me as mak-lee, marklee, whatever… I work for an aptly company called 6 Drunk Men who is also a sponsor of the Bedok Kings and also mostly seen holding a bottle of Pure Blonde at Bungy Bar, our very own club house. I’ve been at the club for 9 years plus and I can dare say that I’ve known and had a bit of conversation with almost everyone in this club. Rugby History? Initially a judoka in school, I was a late starter in rugby at 15 as most of my friends were already in the team. It was a big decision as I had a reasonably successful career in Judo, switching a team sport which I was totally alien about (besides the mates I had!). Though initially a flanker in my first 2 years, my then coach in college advised me to switch to prop due to my size and mobility (which I initially refused). Within that year year I was called up for the national U19/20/23 teams so it wasn’t a bad switch after all.

Why Coaching? Have been helping out on and off with Raffles Institution over the years to fix up their forwards during my free time. Dabbled into head coaching with the Bedok Under 20s in 2007 when they made the club made the final the first time ever. They say life begins after 30, and somehow this was true when I initially helping out in 2009 after I retired. The club was down pretty bad in numbers and support, so I got sucked right into coaching ever since. God knows why I did it but I certainly don’t regret it. Best Playing Moment? Beating Thailand 17-14 in their home soil during the National Under 20s in 1998. It was one of those teams that you’ve known and grown up over the years, virtually almost everyone were all mates from schoolboy level. It was a coming of age squad, knowing the fact that after that game the squad will probably move after it. The player pool was right, the coaching and management team were nothing less than inspirational. This all built up for us a produce a very positive result. It was a great coming from behind victory with a last minute kick and this result hasn’t been matched or achieved since. Many of us still hang out and are brothers for life, fortunately some of them are/were involved with the Bedok Kings.

Flash and

Mark Lee


Starting playing rugby towards end of primary school after moving to a school that had no football/soccer. Play for primary school and high school 1XVs. Played in Zimbabwe’s U21 Club competition for a couple of years, and then moved between 2nd/1st Grade at Harare Sports Club before injury. Resumed playing rugby after two year following move to Singapore in 1998. Winner’s medal for 6 Grand Finals and 1 Singapore Cup Final with Bedok Kings RFC, from 1999. Represented Singapore at two Hong Kong 7s and two Division 2 ARFU championships. Retired from Club rugby after season ending injury in 2009. Assisting head coach since 2011, and on Bedok Kings Club Committee.

Neil Morton “I’ve taken a break from playing as I’m lazy and getting over a couple of injuries (well that’s my excuse)”. In 2010 I graduated Edinburgh’s Napier University with a degree in Sports Science Sports Coaching and originally came to Singapore to work for the Singapore Rugby Union as a development officer coaching in local and international schools, local clubs and in the National Academy. Back in Scotland and while at uni I worked for the Scottish Rugby Union, City of Edinburgh and Midlothian council’s delivering rugby into schools and at school holiday camps. I played in the Scottish National Leagues at home for a club called Lasswade and I also coached their Under 16’s for two years.

Neil Morton

Highlights have been winning the league undefeated for Lasswade 1st XV, Lasswade Under 16’s knocking out Gala in the national Cup and Coaching Singapore U16’s to victory against Hong Kong. As a coach at Bedok Kings I’m hoping I can pass on as much knowledge as I can and also give something back to the club that has given me so much while I’ve been in Singapore.”

Adam Jorgensen Formative years at Brisbane State High, University of Queensland Colts and Seniors. After injury layoff joined the Kings in 1997. Premiership winners in 99, 2000. Singapore National team 2000 to 2002. Check out the first photo of the 1st Kings tour to Bali in 1997. Some of you may recognise Beefy, Marine Boy, Carnage, Matt Cichero, Irish, Brad Gowenlock and a few others I can’t recall (can you blame me?)


e Adam Jorg

Nutrition for Injury There is no question that poor nutrition will impair healing and recovery from injury. It is very tempting to over-indulge in comfort food and alcohol to ease the disappointment and boredom. However, the likely impact of this is to lengthen the recovery process as protein and energy malnutrition exacerbates the inflammatory response and slows the healing process. Stage 1 – Immobilisation and muscle mass loss During the initial phase of injury it is likely that there will be a period of immobilisation (lasting between a few days and up to several months) leading to muscle mass loss. The loss of muscle during this time leads to functional problems that can be influenced by nutrition. Days 1-5 post injury: Inflammation Following trauma or injury, an inflammatory response is initiated. This is necessary, to some extent, for the healing process to do its job. The length of this phase depends on the nature of the injury however, it may last for a few hours up to several days. Decrease Omega-6 fatty acids (vegetable oils, pumpkin seeds, cashews, avocado) • Increase Omega-3 fatty acids (fish oils, flax seeds, walnuts) • Include sources of anti-inflammatory foods in your diet. • Supplement with 1000mg Omega-3 per day Day 1 to start of rehabilitation: Muscle mass loss During immobilization or inactivity, rapid loss of muscle mass leading to a decrease in muscle strength and function occurs. Although energy expenditure is likely to fall dramatically during this time, it is important that sufficient energy is consumed to support the healing process.

During the first 5 days of injury, maintain ‘normal’ energy intake After 5 days of injury (if rehabilitation has yet to commence) reduce daily energy intake to avoid unnecessary weight gain Carbohydrate intake should come from low-GI sources (e.g. vegetables, beans, pulses, wholegrains) Avoid bad fats (e.g. chocolate, pastry, processed meats, fast food, crisps, cakes, biscuits) Eat good quality sources of protein (20-30g) at every meal and snack time For bone, ligament or tendon injuries, eat food sources of calcium (e.g. milk, yoghurt, green leafy vegetables, beans) and supplement with 1000 IU vitamin D per day Stage 2 – Rehabilitation and hypertrophy The key nutritional goal during this stage is to support muscle growth and increase strength with rehabilitation and training. It is vital that energy intake is sufficient to meet the extra energy expenditure associated with training and building muscle. During rehabilitation-induced muscle growth, there is an increase in protein breakdown as the muscle signalling pathways repair after a period of complete inactivity. Energy restriction during this time is heavily discouraged. • Maintain a healthy balanced diet containing low-GI carbs and good quality sources of protein • Avoid excessive intake of antioxidant containing foods (green tea, cherry juice, citrus fruit, berries, dark chocolate) • Reduce intake of anti-inflammatory foods • Avoid alcohol! • Resume training day nutrition strategy to support rehabilitation sessions Visit to ask Nick any questions regarding nutrition or follow AWON on twitter @Nick_AWON

Chicken and Mango Stir fry: This quick and easy meal is excellent for those occasions when time is against you and your belly is crying out for food. A great source of protein and vitamins and minerals, this dish will help your body recovery from a hard training session and boost your immune system. It’s also easy for you to adjust your carbohydrate portion size to suit your energy requirements. Serves 4

Ingredients 2 spring onions Thumb nail size piece of root ginger 1 garlic clove 1 ripe mango 600g boneless skinless chicken breasts 350g bag fresh stir-fry vegetables (or sliced pepper, sugar snap peas, pak choi, bean sprouts, broccoli, carrots) 3 tbsp soy sauce 1 tbsp sweet chilli sauce Serve with brown rice or noodles

Instructions Heat a small amount of oil in a large frying pan. Add the chicken, cut into cubes, and stir-fry for 4-5 minutes until lightly coloured. Remove from the pan and transfer to a plate. Finely chop the spring onions, garlic and ginger and cut the mango into cubes.



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Add the spring onions, ginger and garlic to the pan. Stir-fry for 30 seconds, then add the mango and vegetables and stir-fry for a further 1-2 minutes. Return the chicken to the pan and splash in the soy and chilli sauces. Stir until evenly mixed, then cover and cook for a further 2 minutes until the chicken is tender and the veggies are slightly softened. Serve with your choice of brown rice or noodles.

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