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Fitzgerald Estates Paphos Digest

December Fitzgerald Estates (Cyprus)

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Why Fitzgerald's? We aim to bring you the BEST VALUE properties in Paphos and now they are even better value... * A Safe Investment * No VAT charge to pay * Fully equipped * You can move in NOW Most of our properties either have the Title Deed issued, available or are in the final stages of Land Registry approval. Fitzgerald Estates only list properties that are safe to buy and have a full record of any encumbrances on each property.

Featured Property

Inspired country home. Just picture yourself living in a small prestigious estate of only seven luxury stone villas set on a gently rolling hill overlooking a vast valley that’s brimming with relaxing ambiance. A truly spectacular lifestyle setting. To find out more just quote the reference number 1295 (See page 9) We continue to advertise our world class website on the famous British property website ‘Rightmove’, the Cyprus Mail, Essential Paphos magazine and the Russian magazine ‘My Island’ (Moi Ostrov) attracting sellers as well as buyers. We are seeing consolidation of prices at current realistic levels. As more people wake up to the fact that this is a wonderful opportunity to buy villas, prices will increase however prices for apartments will continue to be soft because there is a big oversupply of these types of properties.

Merry Christmas When we are wishing each other 'Merry Christmas' and 'Happy New Year' it’s a nice celebratory way to end the year and an enthusiastic way to start to a new one. Cyprus is a great place for these cheerful experiences. Expats as a social group are a positive bunch which readily adopts and adapts, making their new lifestyle rich and vibrant through networking, support, and the ‘inclusiveness’ mindset. 2011 has not been an easy year full of ups and downs, so the approach of the ‘festive’ season brings hope and cheer. It has been a difficult year but not as bad as the financial media and markets would have us believe. The Euro remains remarkably resilient, the British economy is coping and sterling, well, it is better than it has been in the past ‘difficult’ periods. Cyprus Christmas social events are apace with many a charitable event gathering wide enthusiasm and the expatriate community leads with active participation and support. Reduced cost flights to Cyprus for winter have not deterred many eyeing the bargains to be had in the property market. Paphos property can be a safe haven, especially now when prices are very low and quality villa prices are pretty much ‘rock bottom’. 'Canny' buyers from many countries are converging on Cyprus because of its sunshine, stability, dependable infrastructure and welcoming family atmosphere. Yes, Cyprus property appeals to lots of people, including Cypriots of course and, no, the Russians are not the only people from overseas who desperately want to leave their ' not so rosy' countries to find a much nicer place to live, or enjoy those hard-earned holidays. Russians, Germans, Swedish, Ukrainians and many other nationalities are in love with Cyprus for the same reasons as the rest of us and they seemed undaunted by the prospect of having to learn how to drive on the left hand side of the road (a brave thing to do, in my opinion). Having now decided to pick one of the deliciously ripe properties in Paphos, where do buyers go?

Naturally they look at the internet and browse for interesting property and try to fathom whether or not the seller is reliable, what represents good value, am I getting the right information, etc. They may even ask friends or acquaintances to go to offices to find out more and ‘scout the environment’. The website is a very reliable indication of the strength of the purveyor of property. How often it is updated, how many properties have been sold, how current is the information are key questions to ask to determine the quality of the website and it’s owners. Often, first impressions are crucial and lasting and more often than not, are 'spot on'. If the agent has a good name and offers reliable service people, do get to know it and Fitzgerald's have always focused on building on the ‘value’ of a good reputation for quality and personable service. The reliability of their world-class website reaches a world audience attracting all nationalities. Ms Bella translates information to Russian and Greek, but the biggest number of buyers by far, are still British. The British love Cyprus because the local people are friendly, English is widely spoken, the climate is excellent and properties are registered under the British established Title Deed system. There are great buys to be made and buyers can get quality with Title Deeds, or very close to it. The steady stream of inquiries and a busy appointment calendar at Fitzgerald Property Marketing office shows a healthy interest in Paphos properties and promises a good many champagne bottles being opened to celebrate the beginnings of a new lifestyle adventure in Cyprus. What better way to enjoy Cyprus and celebrate the season's greetings than with the successful acquisition of an outstanding property that only a year ago would have been impossible? That's why there is a steady stream of canny buyers and pragmatic sellers making their way to Fitzgerald's. Take for instance, the 'canny couple' who just came to the office recently and said they were advised by a fellow passenger on the Easyjet flight from Stanstead, that Fitzgerald's was the ONLY place to buy property because they 'have it all together'. Cheers and Thank You All for your support and confidence! It just doesn’t get better than this! Enjoy the Festive Season and Happy New Year to all.

International School of Paphos Not all people who move to Cyprus are retired, there are many who make the decision to move while still having a young family. In this situation schooling is a major consideration. Some with very young children send their children to the local schools run by the government, being young they soon pick up the Greek language and will benefit later in life from being bilingual. However those who bringer older children find being thrust into a Greek speaking medium somewhat daunting. There are other options for educating children in the Paphos area with several private schools whose teaching medium is English. These schools appeal not only to British parents and there are are Russian, Ukrainian and Cypriot children attending these schools as their parents understand the benefits of English as an international language. Probably the most well known of these schools is the International School of Paphos. The school caters for the needs of children from Kindergarten to Year 13 and the school has been registered with the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture since 1987 functioning under its regulations and laws of the Republic of Cyprus. The school also has strong links with the British Council as well as two of the most prestigious and well-known Examination Boards in England: Edexcel, and CIE (Cambridge International Examinations). The Primary School covers under its umbrella the Kindergarten, the Infant classes (Reception, Year 1, Year 2) and the Junior School (Years 3 to 6). The Secondary School (Years 7 to 13) prepares pupils for external examinations up to ‘A’ Level in Year 13. The areas of learning are: Communication, Language and Literacy, Mathematical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Creative Development, Knowledge and Understanding of the World. In Years 5 and 6, children are taught by specialist teachers in subject-specific rooms such as the Art Room, the ICT and Science Laboratories. This prepares them at an early age for the system which is common in Secondary Schools, thus ensuring a smooth transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

In the Secondary School From Years 7 to 9, pupils pursue a rich and balanced programme of study which provides them with the knowledge required, enabling them to make informed choices. In Year 9, students choose their subjects for the two- year IGCSE courses they will follow in Years 10 and 11. English, Mathematics and one Science are compulsory. Greek and Cypriot pupils must also study Greek. At the end of Year 11, students choose their ‘AS’ The following subjects are offered within the School: Art, English, General Science, Geography, Greek (First Language), Greek (Foreign Language), Greek History, History, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Social Studies Topics linked to Science, History and Geography (Infants only). An emphasis is placed on the basic skills of oracy, numeracy and literacy. The Institute The Institute offers exciting possibilities for education in the afternoon open to both students of the school and to external students. The intake process follows various stages depending on the age of the pupil. All Foundation Stage/pre-school children are admitted on the basis of an interview with the parents, subject to availability of places. Children who apply for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are assessed informally. In cases where the child has been attending school, reports and samples of work are essential to the application and selection process. All applicants for Years 3 to 6 of the Junior School and Years 7 to 9 of the Secondary School are formally examined in English and Mathematics. Greekspeaking pupils are also examined in Greek. Applicants for ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Level courses are accepted on the basis of the results they have achieved at IGCSE (GCSE) or ‘AS’ Level. Applicants with ‘AS’ levels applying for ‘A’ level courses may only do so if they are transferring credits from the same Examination Board.

Living in Pissouri Pissouri Village is centrally located between Paphos and Limassol. The perception of being ‘out in the sticks’ couldn’t be further from the truth. A slower pace of life might be right on the button. A leisurely coffee can be taken just outside the Post Office, where the elderly Gentleman perch in the shade while watching the coming and goings of those down in the village square. Tourists come here to relax and unwind. Some like to take long walks, some to paint and some just want to do nothing more than stretch out on a sun lounger and work on their sun tan. There are no discos or night clubs here, just a series of friendly restaurants providing fresh local cuisine. Add to that a couple of pubs, a super kebab kitchen and a good pizza takeaway you have all you need for the makings of a light lunch or an evening meal with friends. There are three banks, two small mini markets and just a short drive away is the popular Papantoniou supermarket. Outside of the village square other excellent restaurants can be found, including the locally famous Hill View apart hotel and restaurant. For that special occasion, mouth watering dishes can be enjoyed at a very reasonable price and are lovingly prepared by the owner, George. The Hill View has eleven comfortable modern rooms that also allow for self catering. Handy for when too many family and friends want to come over and all stay at the same time! During the summer months from around the middle of June until the middle of October, Pissouri square transforms itself from a sleepy village to a lively place to cater for the weekly Wednesday ‘Cyprus Night’. The restaurants unite to make long tables for the diners. The waiting staff serves food and drink in traditional dress. The evening begins with everyone eating and drinking together before watching the entertainment and local dancing. People are invited to have a try for themselves which is always amusing for the onlookers. Later, during the interval, modern pop music is played and this is greeted enthusiastically with everyone up

on their feet for a quick boogie! Afterwards, there is more traditional dancing to watch and usually some jaw dropping acrobatics. There is always a tremendous party atmosphere and many holiday makers end up making new friends before the night is out. The Pissouri Residents Association (PRA) meeting place is at the 1911 club for expats, although it is open for any local people wishing to join. The PRA is a very active organisation with its own website, monthly newsletter and e magazine. There is always something going on. From learning and playing Bridge, to Backgammon or Majong, or perhaps a coach trip to somewhere exciting, there is something for everyone wishing to be involved. Thanks to the PRA, Pissouri now has a trained Defibrillation Team and for a small additional annual membership fee, members of the PRA can be covered for this extremely important benefit.

Pissouri Bay is just a short drive away from the village. The 5 star Columbia Beach Hotel and Resort Hotel sit regally at one end of the beach. A perfect place to enjoy coffee and cake, or splash out on a gourmet meal. There are several small shops and restaurants along the bay and despite it being a popular tourist attraction, the pebbly beach is never too busy to find space to spread out and sunbathe. Living in Pissouri is a truly wonderful experience. It is having the best of both worlds by meeting and socialising with the local Cypriots not just the expats.

Featured Property

Mesogi Prestige Bungalow Just picture yourself living in a small prestigious estate of only seven luxury stone villas set on a gently rolling hill overlooking a vast valley that’s brimming with relaxing ambiance. A truly spectacular lifestyle setting for this gated community, secluded amid grand gardens, wide terraces and meandering luxury homes.Villa Vizcaya is sited at the very end of a cul-de-sac with the electric gates opening to a picturesque front courtyard which meanders along the long stretch of the villa. The single storey traditional stone built villa is so beautifully crafted, only someone with the love of natural stone could possibly have created it.A covered porch leads to an elegant entrance hall which opens to a luxurious vast lounge with its highly polished floors, bamboo ceiling, exposed beams and designer lighting. An intricately detailed natural stone fireplace spans almost the entire wall, with an in-set large ‘wood burner’ effect gas fire.Beyond the lounge, you have a view to the conservatory which opens to a colourful and ‘full of interest’ garden. On the other side of the fireplace wall is a cozy formal dining room, a perfect venue to celebrate good food, good life and good conversation. Further on, a very generous kitchen/family room with a generous breakfast bar and volumes of soft pastel coloured cupboards, a large Smeg oven and 5 burner hob and enough work surfaces to satisfy the most fastidious chef. The kitchen connects directly to the double garage which also holds a workbench, storage areas, hot &

cold water supply and freezer and laundry units.A series of sliding doors open to a brilliant long garden which skirts the side of a hill offering fabulous views of the valley and countryside. Extensive patio areas and a professionally designed garden are an ideal fusion of the indoor-outdoor setting for its discerning occupants. The vast area under a pergola features an outdoor Jacuzzi. Your garden extends to the very edge of a steep valley so that your views are awe-inspiring at any time of year. The villa features three wonderful bedrooms. The master bedroom features wall-to-wall mirrored wardrobes, coved ceilings and designer lighting. The adjoining full bathroom en-suite features a full bath, generous walk-in shower, bidet, recessed lighting, heated rails and an attractive vanity unit. The family bathroom is stylishly arranged and fitted with top quality fixtures and fittings. This is a unique opportunity to secure this absolutely stunning home. Fantastically secluded and set on a truly luxurious estate, it is also very close to the Mesogi village centre (4.5km north of Paphos). You will find shops, supermarkets, a number of top quality restaurants and tavernas, including a community hall, all within 1km of your home. Don’t hesitate a minute! Inspired country home. Just picture yourself living in a small prestigious estate of only seven luxury stone villas set on a gently rolling hill overlooking a vast valley that’s brimming with relaxing ambiance. A truly spectacular lifestyle setting for this gated community, secluded amid grand gardens, wide terraces and meandering luxury homes.

Elham Razni There are many art lovers in Paphos and you can usually find something to inspire you in the local galleries and exhibitions. Although Paphos is quietening down after the summer, November was certainly no different in its creative outpourings we were delighted to see an exhibition by Iranian artist Elham Ramzi at the Kyklos Art gallery.

Elham Ramzi is a professional Fine Artist with over 12 years of painting experience. Born and raised in Iran she attended school there eventually graduating with an Arts diploma. Art she admits, particularly painting has always played a key role in her life. Elham started by painting in the the classical Realism technique but after few years of honing her skills in this method and presenting many of her works in exhibitions and art galleries in Tehran she decided to study differing techniques. Starting with Abstract she then moved on to post modern and Special Conceptual techniques of painting.

After 5 years of this experimentation, she decided to use a mixture of all these techniques in her works. Elham says “She feels that this experimentation has helped her to be more inspired and in turn has helped her to create more exciting work�. Her new work has certainly given her more of an international audience than before with exhibitions drawing quite a number of art enthusiasts who have given a positive response to her creations.

The selection of paintings at the Kyklos Art gallery was certainly creative and inspiring, her mixed medium approach to art delivered some interesting results. Her art captures the energy and vitality of life delivered with almost photographic realism and a surreal abstractness.

The Exhibition was formally opened by Mr. George Leptos

Oil Drilling Update This month, the President of Cyprus, Demetris Christofias paid a visit to Noble Energy’s drilling rig, located some 160km off the island’s southern coast. It was the president’s first trip to the rig since US concession partners Noble started an exploratory drill in September. Government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou said, “We are very close to the completion of this exploratory drilling and I believe that very soon we would be able to say more.” Noble said recently that the Cypriot concession holds an estimated 3.0 to 9.0 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas. The prospect has a 60 per cent probability of geological success, the company added in what was its first public appraisal of the Cypriot gas prospect; such estimates are often revised upwards or downwards. Also this month, the Cabinet decided to launch the second licensing round for offshore oil and gas exploration, authorising the trade and industry minister to prepare the ground for the official announcement. Stefanou said it would take up to six weeks for authorities to prepare the necessary documentation and the invitation for the public submission of proposals to be published. Companies would then have three months to submit proposals to consultants. The consultants would subsequently short-list companies and make recommendations to the energy minister. The cabinet will take any final decision, Stefanou said. Asked whether the process would be concluded within 2012, he said: "I wouldn't rush to predict when this process will be done, there is a timeframe for this in the law and in EU directives. Today the cabinet decided that these procedures be set in motion for the second licensing round." The second round will include 12 so-called blocks stretching from the south west to the south east of the island.

Out & About A Flavour of Paphos in Pictures

The 6th annual International Salon Circuit of Art Photography organised by Dr Yuriy Titovets a member of the Rotary Club of Lviv, Ukraine visited Paphos in November. The theme was ‘With Love to Women and was opened by the Mayor of Paphos, Mr Savvas Vergas at Polochoros Politismou ‘Palia Ilektriki’. Ukraine’s famous Dr Yuriy Titovets who is absolutely passionate about photography exhibited his latest works and will was on hand to enlighten us about photography as an art medium. The exhibition is a world class event with brilliant ehibits which re-draw the line between Photography and art.

Lolita Yambayeva Papacosta (Moi Ostrov), Daryl Fitzgerald, Dr. Yuriy Titovets & Bella Valieva

Dr. Yuriy Titovets & Paphos Mayor Mr. Savvas Vergas

There was much to disuss on the merits of the exhibits

Not quite Covent Garden, the Cancer Patients Support Group Christmas Fair

The Zingers were on hand to serenade the visitors to the Cancer patients Support Group Christmas Fair.

Being in Cyprus does not mean you have to miss out on the November Fireworks! The lads at the Episkopi Garrison put on a good show on the beach at Happy Valley. With music, a warming fire, lots of fireworks and a well stocked bar.

For the more sphisticated palate there was the 'Black & White Ball' at the Elea Estates golf club. An occasion to bring out the DJ, and enjoy a sumptuous meal while listening to some great singers.

What's on in Paphos, with Jezabel Musical taste seems to take a nose-dive in December, but if you're going to listen to cheesy recycled songs, at least go and hear them live! A bar with an open fireplace and mulled wine can be every bit as inviting as a Summer poolside cocktail. Traditionalists will welcome Alla Breve, a new singing group who are carolling their way around town this month. There's also a collection of pantomimes to enjoy, if you're quick: Thursday 1st December The Village Players present alternate pantomime Strictly Greaserella at Polis Cultural Centre €12 includes village wine and finger food. Doors 7pm show 8.30pm funds going to Friends' Hospice. 99613715 Friday 2nd Neil James 7.30pm at the Frog & Toad pub Coral Bay €15 inc meal and donation to children’s cancer charity 26343876 Mid Life Crisis plus KBE and Greek dancing at Roxanne Bar, Alexander the Great Hotel, Harbour Road Kato Pafos for St Michael's Hospice €35 inc buffet and all local drinks 96348627 Jezebel at Moonlight Bar, Aloe Hotel, Kato Pafos 9pm - midnight free entry Saturday 3rd Groovejet in the Atrium Bar, Phaethon Hotel 8-11pm 26819562 Black Veil (Terry and Jim C&W Duo) 9pm at Railway Inn, Xlorakas hill Alla Breve choir sing carols 9.30am at Coral Star Restaurant, Coral Bay Sunday 4th Stage One Theatre in Emba present Dick Whittington 3pm €12 99967737 Monday 5th Abbababes Jezebel & Lisa-Marie 9.30pm at Cypria Bay Hotel, Geroskipou free entry 99831136 Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th Stage One Theatre in Emba present Dick Whittington 7.30pm €12 99967737 Thursday 8th The Over The Hill Mob present Robin Hood Some Men In Tights 7.30pm at the UKCA Club Stage One Theatre in Emba present Dick Whittington 7.30pm €12 99967737 Friday 9th Black Veil (Terry and Jim C&W Duo) 8pm at Mario's Bar, Tala Square Jezebel at Moonlight Bar, Aloe Hotel, harbour road, Kato Pafos 9pm - midnight free entry Neil James at Frog & Toad, Coral Bay 7pm €15 inc meal and charity donation 99824476 Stage One Theatre in Emba present Dick Whittington 7.30pm €12 99967737 The Over The Hill Mob present Robin Hood Some Men In Tights 7.30pm at the UKCA Club Saturday 10th Stage One Theatre in Emba present Dick Whittington 7.30pm €12 99967737 The Over The Hill Mob present Robin Hood Some Men In Tights 7.30pm at the UKCA Sunday 11th Blue Jar at Trattoria La Vigna, start of the strip, Coral Bay

Monday 12th Motown Cowgirls Jezebel & Lisa-Marie 9.30pm at Cypria Bay Hotel, free entry 99831136 Tuesday 13th Hitched Trio 9pm at St George Hotel, at St George traffic lights on TOK Road 99177691 Wednesday 14th ISHQ play Indian music at Poppadoms, TOK Road Thursday 15th Alla Breve 11.30am at Coral Star, 99387311 Friday 16th KBE Christmas Spectacular with Showteam, Hitched, and comic David Whitney at Pentaras, 7pm €30 inc food 97859240 Jezebel at Moonlight Bar, Aloe Hotel, Harbour road, Kato Pafos 9pm - midnight free entry Saturday 17th Limassol Choir singing carols at Elea Golf Club Geroskipou 4pm to 9pm 99387311 Monday 19th Abbababes Jezebel & Lisa-Marie 9.30pm at Cypria Bay Hotel, free entry 99831136 Alla Breve sing carols by the pool 6pm in Tala €5 inc mulled wine and snacks 97757180 Tuesday 20th The Reggae Rockers 9pm at Theo Sunset Bay Hotel, TOK Road Kissonerga 99986473 Thursday 22nd Alla Breve at UKCA Club, contact club for info or Alla Breve 97757180 Friday 23rd Alla Breve at Coral Beach Hotel 6 - 7pm Jezebel at Moonlight Bar, Aloe Hotel, harbour road, Kato Pafos 9pm - midnight free entry Neil James at Vrisi Tavern, Peiga Hill €23 inc dinner 26622455 Saturday 24th Maggie Scott 7.30pm at the Frog & Toad pub Coral Bay €20 inc meal 26343876 Monday 26th Groovejet in the Atrium Bar, Phaethon Hotel 8-11pm 26819562 Thursday 29th Groovejet in the Atrium Bar, Phaethon Hotel 8-11pm 26819562 Friday 30th December Jezebel at Moonlight Bar, Aloe Hotel, harbour road, Kato Pafos 9pm - midnight free entry Saturday 31st December Groovejet at St Paul’s Pillar Restaurant, Kato Pafos. Doors 7pm, €37.50 inc stunning 4 course meal 99450423 Take 2 at UKCA Club, TOK Road Kissonerga, off sea side

Jezebel at

The Fitzgerald Office Being a family business we have one office centrally situated in Kato paphos close to and in walking distance of both the Harbour and the Tomb of the kings Road. The office hours are from 9am to 5.30pm 6 days a week with no break for lunch. So if you are working and only have your lunch break to come and see us, you are welcome!

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