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UCLA Recreation Emergency Action Plan Location: John Wooden Center All FITWELL Consultants must maintain current CPR certification. Trainers must turn in updated copies of their certifications on a yearly basis. At the JWC, a CPR Microshield is located on each of the keys located in the key lockbox by the FITWELL door and the JWC 1st Floor Front Desk. There are also shields located in the audio carts in the Gold Room, Pardee Gym, Pyramid Room, and Dynasty Room. EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN 1. CHECK: Evaluate the victim/situation • Assess consciousness, bleeding, & immediate danger. • Follow CPR procedures if necessary. 2. CALL: Get Help • If EMS is needed, send someone nearby or staff to the front counter on the first floor to call EMS. The JWC staff will place the call and meet them at the facility entrance. Provide this person with a condition description and indicate if a medical alert tag is found on the victim. • If EMS is not needed but first-aid is needed, send someone nearby or staff member to the front counter to access the Building Supervisor, who will provide the first-aid. Provide this person with a condition description for the Building Supervisor. Do not touch any blood and do not attempt to provide first aid. The building supervisor will provide first aid. 3. CARE: Continue Victim Support • Continue to provide necessary victim support until EMS or the building supervisor arrives. 4. Clean-Up • Ensure that the area has been appropriately cleaned by the Building Supervisor and the area is safe to continue activity if it is appropriate to do so. 5. Document • A UCLA Recreation Accident Report must be completed by a UCLA Recreation Staff person and turned into the building management staff after the emergency situation has been appropriately handled and all persons are out of harm’s way. • The Personal Trainer must also notify his/her immediate supervisor of the emergency within 24 hours.