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When it comes to workouts, unfortunately nobody is going to step in and tell you when you need to change your routine. You could be spending hours at the gym each week, despite seeing little results. This means it means it up to you to recognise when your body is in need of a change. If you miss the signs, you are at high risk of stopping exercise altogether out of frustration, injury or boredom.

1. Your body is always sore

It is incredibly important that your body is given enough time to recover from the soreness that is likely to set in from multiple workouts. Some soreness is common. However, if you are continuously in pain, you probably aren’t taking enough time in between your workouts, to prevent your muscles from being overtrained. Makeover Tip: Try completing one hard work out, followed by a couple of easier ones to recover properly. Or add in some more rest days to your routine.

Our experts will share their top tips about the signs that indicate it’s time for a makeover. Learn about what you should do next: 1

2. You’re gaining weight even though you’re working out regularly

So, you’ve been working out really regularly and training hard each time. But then you notice that your favourite jeans are feeling tighter than they should be. Not only have you stopped losing weight… you’re now gaining it! How could this possible be happening when you have been sticking to your routine? What you may not have realised is that weight lifting and cardio workouts can significantly increase your appetite. If you start eating more, evidently you will gain weight. Whilst you definitely shouldn’t ignore your hunger, there are some simple nutritional tricks which can help you feel full and satisfied, without having to eat additional calories. Makeover Tip: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, hands down. So start each day with a high-fibre breakfast that includes some lean protein (e.g. cereal with low-fat milk). Within 30 minutes of each workout, eat a protein and carb snack (e.g. Greek yogurt with fruit). Finally, aim to have five to six meals a day, which are each focused on high fibre and lean protein.

3. You’re too comfortable

If you are working out on auto pilot, rather than challenging yourself each time you work out, then you are cheating yourself of results. It isn’t enough to simply show up to the gym for a workout. You will be wasting your time if you go to the gym and don’t go outside your comfort zone at any point in time. You can also cheat yourself out of feeling the endorphins (the feel good brain chemicals) that are released after vigorous exercise. Makeover Tip: This can be a difficult one to change as you have to really want to. However, the easiest way to change it and get out of your comfort zone is to join a group that is doing new things. Try things like Zumba, Pilates, Boxing and Spin Classes for example. This will ensure you feel a sense of accomplishment. The best thing is that you will be more likely to stick with the routine.


4. You’re REALLY Bored!!!

Within three to six months of starting an exercise program, more than half of new exercisers simply quit! Often it is because they are simply burnt out and/or bored. Maybe they’ve been doing the same thing over and over again and it is no longer challenging. Makeover Tip: There are loads of different ways that you can switch up your routine! Try working out at different times of the day for instance. Why not exercise with different people? Try different fitness classes and even alternate between using machines and doing body weight exercises.

5. You have ongoing injuries which simply won’t heal!

Have you ever had an injury that simply won’t go away? It hurts every time you exercise- even when you ice it and rest it? Chronic injuries often stem from overuse and/or repetitive strain. They are therefore a sign that you need to alter your workout routine.

If you are spending hours at the gym each week, only to see plateauing results, make sure that you apply the tips above. If you are just starting to build an exercise routine, the above tips will ensure you can recognise when your body is in need of a chance. Remember - if you fail to see the signs, you are at high risk of falling out of your routine altogether due to frustration, injury or boredom.

Makeover Tip: Firstly, consider seeing a doctor to determine the actual cause of the pain. To help prevent injuries, ensure that you strengthen and stretch the muscles and tendons which are involved in your routine. Also, make sure you alter your workouts to prevent the overuse from occurring again. 3

Article 9 workout makeover signs  
Article 9 workout makeover signs