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Do you wish that your workouts didn’t seem to last forever? Do you spend more time watching the clock than anything else when you’re at the gym? If this sounds like you, pay careful attention to the tips below which will boost your motivation, ensuring you actually look forward to going to the gym! There are obviously thousands of mental and physical reasons as to why you should exercise regularly. So why not make it seem as quick and painless as possible?!

Find a Gym Buddy

This can help make exercise a lot more exciting. Although there are plenty of great solo activities in life, exercise often isn’t one of them! A gym buddy can provide some extra accountability; if you are even remotely competitive, you will have an added push during every workout. If your friends are always too busy, then check out running clubs, grass roots fitness groups and also Meetup groups in your local area.

Find a Fun Class to Join

Group fitness has become incredibly popular lately. Most gyms offer a huge array of fun, different classes. There literally is something for everyone! As always, working along with others (and often to music) is bound to make your workouts go far more quickly.


Shorten up your workout

One of the easiest ways to make your workout go by a lot quicker is to cut it in half! Don’t stress about burning extra calories. Short and intense workouts can actually be extremely effective for building strength and endurance, whilst speeding up fat loss. Thirty minutes of intense, purposeful exercise can actually yield much greater results than a moderate, longer workout!

Track your progress

There is nothing that makes exercise fly by faster than seeing continuous results! Results are the greatest motivation of all time. So make sure that you measure your exercise progress. Track it in a journal to make your gains seem really tangible. The journal also makes it possible for you to keep a check list of excercises throughout your workout. This can make it seem much less daunting than one that doesn’t appear to have an ending in sight!

Try something new

Rather than doing the same, standard workout each time, be prepared to try

something totally new. Mix in challenging exercises, for instance kettlebell swings, boxing and deadlifts can create extra mental stimulation, by challenging the body in new ways!

Plan it all out

There is no absolute magic time frame required for a ‘good workout. It really is about quality, not just a huge quantity of exercises! Merely waiting for the clock to tell you when you are finished can make time seem like it is standing still! Instead of this, make sure you actually plan your exercise routing before hitting the gym. Then, the focus will actually be on the exercises- not just the clock!

Crank some tunes

Silence should be saved for classes like meditation! Workouts are evidently meant to be energetic. So create your perfect playlist before hitting the gym. Or even easier…let an app do it for you! Then you can pump the tunes, get better results and have more fun at the gym!


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