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Spring 2013

Volume 21, Issue 2

Dispersing Public Relations into a Spectrum of Ideas

Fashion Institute of Technology

“Kind Over Matter” Combats Bullying By Jaimie Caiazzo

Inside this Issue Kind Over Matter….………….…....1 National Assembly………...…..…..2 BU National Conference…….....….3 A Match Made on Seventh.…….....4 Seven Communications…….…......4 Left to right: Sarita Nauth, Alyssa Carfi, Magan Felitto, Jaimie Caiazzo, and Victoria Sanders 2013 Bateman

Did you know that 160,000 children miss school everyday due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students? Bullying has become a critical issue in recent years, both in person and online due to the growth of social media. Bullying is not something to ignore, it is a problem that needs to be confronted face first and STOPPED! This year, Alyssa Carfi, Magan Felitto, Victoria Sanders, Sarita Nauth and myself represented our Chapter in the Bateman Case Study Competition. Bateman is PRSSA’s national case study competition to give PR students an opportunity to implement a full public

relations campaign. Our campaign “ Kind Over Matter” was represented by our slogan “Fewer Words, More Actions.” We wanted to raise awareness of antibullying efforts and reach out to others in our action to combat bullying. Our campaign ran from February 1st to the 28th. In that month, we were prepared to make our family, friends and the whole FIT community open their eyes to bullying and jump on our anti-bully bandwagon. We kicked off our campaign with the launch of our anti-bullying video. We had several guys and girls displaying facts of bullying and talking about

5 Reasons to Apply to PRSSA Scholarships and Awards…..…..…5 PRSA New York Career Forum……….…………….…………6 Volunteering for PRSA’s Big Apple Awards……….……..…..6 Chapter Development Session..….7 Personal Branding …..….…….…...8

how severe it has become in and outside of schools. We then continued to reach out to antibullying campaigns already in place, as well as celebrities that are antibullying activists. Sean Kingston, Jamaican rapper with a new hit song “Beat It” featuring Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa joined in our efforts and tweeted to all his followers about our campaign. (Continued on page 2)

Public Relations Student Society of America

Volume 21, Issue 2

(Continued) The two big efforts of our campaign were “Pledging Promises” and “Walk The Chalk.” “Pledging Promises” was created for anyone and everyone to pledge their promise to help combat bullying and help make every zone a bully-free zone. We were excited to receive 216 completed pledges. “Walk The Chalk” was an event to help promote kindness and spread happiness. We had the FIT community chalk kind words, words that made them happy, or images that brought a smile to their face. With over 300 attendees, our event was a huge success and ended our campaign with a bang.

“Bullying is not something to ignore…” Walk The Chalk

Pledging Promises

2013 PRSSA National Assembly Albuquerque, New Mexico By Priyanka Anand

Bare mountains and deserted land created a plain and open landscape as we prepared for landing. The highways intertwined and only a few buildings were scattered across the scene. One populated area caught my attention and that’s when I knew we had arrived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As the delegate representing the PRSSA chapter at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I traveled to New Mexico to attend the 2013 National Assembly. Here, I participated in

seminars, networked with students and professionals in the industry, and most importantly, voted on the 2013 PRSSA National Committee. But what did all of this really mean? I was able to sit in on three extremely helpful seminars: Act Ethically and Carry On, Spreading the Word, and How to Plan A Sensational Semester. National Committee members led these sessions, giving me a little bit more insight into PRSSA and the public relations industry. Even though I am only beginning to explore this industry, I could relate to the discussions and I felt comfortable approaching the committee afterwards with further questions and advice. The term “network” did not mean much to me until this weekend in Albuquerque. I had the chance to meet students and professionals from all over the country. Although it has only Continued on page 5


Volume 21, Issue 2

Public Relations Student Society of America

BU Regional Conference Content Marketing

By Carly Rebecchi Manhattan can offer many PR opportunities for soon to be professionals but it is always nice to take a step back from the city lights and honking taxicabs and take a step into a slightly more “calm” atmosphere. On Saturday February 23, 2013 Boston University held their 7th consecutive Regional PRSSA Conference. Over 20 of our Chapter’s members made the haul to the gorgeous city of Boston. The Conference consisted of breakout sessions and several notable speakers that spoke on behalf of the public relations industry in and around the Boston area. One of the breakout sessions I was able to attend was titled Content Marketing hosted by Rob Six, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Roll Global. The session consisted of a “timeline” description on how content marketing has evolved over time. The speaker brought along a captivating and interactive PowerPoint with him. The five big changes he said have occurred over the years in content marketing are: • •

• •

Stories lasting forever meaning that once a story is produced and available to the public it is in the media forever

Three things that were discussed that haven’t changed in content marketing are: •

Time and attention are finite meaning that for a person to believe a story it is necessary for them to hear it at least 3-5 times Everybody loves a great plot twisting story because that is what keeps consumers in the loop of a specific product Content is king

“Content is social, 23 % of social media contains links. 32 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute.” After sitting through the presentation, it was obvious what a large influence content marketing has on the media today. The information and experiences that he provided added onto the overall sense that content is the most important part of any media stand and it is one of marketers main duties to display this media to the public in the most eye catching and efficient way possible.


The explosion of media channels Living in a multi-screen world consisting of receiving information on 4-7 inch screens usually off of a smart phone or tablet All Companies becoming media companies All stories becoming social and accessible not only on Google but also on Facebook and other social media handles


Public Relations Student Society of America

“A Match Made on Seventh” Speed Dating By Karina Sumano

Love was in the air once again this year as our Chapter hosted its fourth annual speeddating event, “A Match Made on Seventh,” on Thursday March 7th, 2013 at FIT in New York City. Once a year PRSSA gets to play cupid and give students an opportunity to date. With an 85% female enrollment at FIT, the campus lacks a bit of a college-dating scene. “A Match Made on Seventh” invites FIT singles and students from schools throughout the New York City area to find romance in a fun unique way. The evening consisted of 60 ninety-second dates, complimentary food from local businesses, a live band from NYU and raffles for sponsored-prizes. Our Chapter organized into different committees including ticket sales, decoration, entertainment, publicity and sponsorship. This year before breaking up into groups, we held a creative brainstorming session where everyone came up with a list of ideas and possible themes. We decided on masquerades and got into our committees to start planning out the details. After months of preparation, the day had finally come. We made last-minute changes and like any event, we ran into problems but quickly resolved them. As guests arrived, we handed each one a mask and invited them for food and drinks. As soon as the room filled up, we sat everyone down and the speed dating began! After an hour of speed dating, the AJ Smith band played while


Volume 21, Issue 2 guests enjoyed pizza, chips and dip and desserts. After half an hour of mingling, guests took their seat and continued to date. Soon the night came to an end and the crowd slowly trickled out. “A Match Made on Seventh” raised over $1,000 for the Chapter, making it the most successful speed-dating event yet. Our Chapter worked extremely hard to put this event together and we’ve already started thinking of ideas for next year.

Seven Communications Moving Forward By Kerri Leveling Being in my fourth semester as a member of both PRSSA and our student-run firm Seven Communications, succeeding to Firm Director was an exciting new venture. Since we are still developing our firm as a whole every week, taking on clients during this process was a challenging task for the entire firm. However, we have developed an amazing, motivated team of young professionals this year that were a vital part of the firm’s achievements. During these past couple months we were able to greatly increase Seven Communications’ presence on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We are also able to create building blocks in order to better satisfy our clients needs and wants. We have worked with all different clients from several areas in the past, and just this semester we acquired two new accounts from the NYC area where we could really allow our skills and ideas to shine. Seven Communications will continue to prosper and bring innovative ideas through our committed, talented team.

Volume 21, Issue 2

Public Relations Student Society of America

5 Reasons to Apply for PRSSA Scholarships and Awards Earn Recognition and Funding By Melinda Biegen 1) PRSSA presents more than $20,000 in scholarships and awards annually to provide members the recognition and educational funding they've earned. PRSSA offers Individual Scholarships, Chapter Awards and Leadership Recognition.

(Continued) been a few weeks since we were all together in New Mexico, I am still in touch with these individuals from Assembly and I am sure these relationships will continue to develop over the next few years. This, I learned, is networking. The reason behind National Assembly is to elect the National Committee for the upcoming year. This group consists of college students who take on the challenging and rewarding role of running PRSSA and representing our organization to PRSA. The election process was long, intense, and very official. But by the end, I felt honored to have been in that room along with the other delegates and outgoing and ingoing committees.

2) Less than 2% of PRSSA members (There's more than 10,000 members!) apply for scholarships and awards. Take advantage of this underutilized member benefit because you have nothing to lose! Don't trick yourself into thinking you can't win or don't deserve it! 3) There are more than 12 Individual Scholarships available for PRSSA members. If you've been an excellent mentor, completed a great PR internship or you're a minority student pursuing an AMC degree, apply now! 4) Be recognized nationally for your leadership, hard work and contribution to the FIT PRSSA Chapter. Consider applying for the National President's Citation and National Gold Key if you've helped shape the future of the Chapter. 5) FREE National Conference registration! The PRSSA National Conference Grant pays the registration fee ($300) for up to five students! If you're planning to attend the PRSSA 2013 National Conference, there's no reason you shouldn't apply! Visit: ons/ for more information and to apply for PRSSA scholarships and awards.

“We all shared one thing: our respect, admiration and love for PRSSA.” When I applied to be FIT’s delegate for National Assembly, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I remained open minded and embraced everything that was thrown my way. By approaching the event in this mindset, I really absorbed all that PRSSA has to offer and was truly amazed at how wonderful the organization is. However, what was most rewarding, was meeting people with similar interests as me. Despite our differences in location, schools, and views, we all shared one thing: our respect, admiration, and love for PRSSA.


Spring 2013

Volume 21, Issue 2

PRSA New York Career Forum By Kirsten Gonzalez

I made my way up to the fourth floor of the Kimmel Center at New York University (NYU). After having missed my subway stop I was forced to not only walk in the cold, but to give up my planned and very necessary (as you will see later) coffee pit stop as well. Needless to say I was relieved to be inside and to see a familiar face. Sarah Hutchison, our very own PRSSA FIT President was attending the Career Forum as well. “Today is about making connections,” says Kathy Cripps, President of the Council of PR Firms, as she begins her speech on public relations. PR itself is about making connections, isn’t it? NYU PRSSA graciously hosted this Career Forum with PRSA-NY (Public Relations Society of America – New York). The forum featured guest speakers from PRSA as well as a panel with new professionals followed by a career fair, and most importantly, free lunch. The public relations field is the #5 most stressful job area according to Career Cast, and is #2 job areas with the highest consumption of coffee (which is why missing my morning coffee was so unpleasant). After hearing this you would think half the room would have gotten up and left. This was not the case. The room was filled with passionate and ambitious PR students and aspiring professionals who took this as a challenge. Cripps followed these statistics with a good case in point as well; everyone works better under pressure. Public relations is a growing industry. According to the Holmes Report, it is a $10 billion dollar industry globally and experienced a 4.2% compound growth through 2016. Lou Cappozzi, PRSA Foundation Chair and NYU Professor, names this the “Conversation Age.. The Career Fair followed the forum. There were about fifteen exhibitors there including big names such as Ketchum, Johnson + Johnson, and


Burson-Marsteller. This is where the “elevator pitch” is important, as Brandi Boatner, New Professionals Chair for PRSA-NY, would say. The elevator pitch is a ten second speech as to what makes you stand out over everyone else. Each company had at least one representative available to talk to and a pamphlet of information on for that company. As a student this opportunity allowed me to speak with PR professionals on a much less stressful level. It was not an interview, which took the pressure off. I gained knowledge and an experience that will give me the upper hand when it does come time to look for a job.

Volunteering for PRSA’s Big Apple Awards By Juliana Harris

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is a great organization that is nation wide and oversees the nationwide student chapters, PRSSA, that’s at 110 colleges. I was lucky enough to gain the experience of working in public relations with PRSA-NY for a day. On Friday, March 8th, I volunteered at Hunter Public Relations helping the PRSA-NY Chapter organize paperwork and get ready for their annual Big Apple Awards event. It was so surreal, walking into the building and through the glass doors with Hunter Public Relations labeled on the wall and meeting the industry professionals. It was such a great opportunity, networking and meeting with these PR professionals, you really learn a lot in just one day. However, if it weren’t for PRSSA at FIT, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to gain this experience. PRSSA is such a great Chapter that Continued on page 8

Public Relations Student Society of America (Continued) helps you receive internships and volunteer opportunities in the field of public relations. On that Friday, I, along with the other girls from FIT PRSSA, organized the paperwork for PRSA New York Big Apple Awards. It was simple and fun, and the professionals we worked with were so friendly and helpful. After volunteering, we were all rewarded with a free ticket to any PRSA-NY evening event! We were also rewarded with the experience, and gained knowledge about public relations and the PRSANY Chapter. Joining the FIT PRSSA Chapter is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made. I absolutely love it and will continue to be a member throughout college, and then become a member of the PRSA-NY Chapter throughout my career after I graduate.

Chapter Development Session Get to Know the Pros Through Meeting Programming By Karina Sumano

Last semester, PRSSA at FIT was selected to host a Chapter Development Session at the 2012 National Conference in San Francisco, California for several Chapters from across the country. Our Chapter’s session “Find Your Fit in PR” focused on the benefits of creating fun and educational meetings that guide members to discover their true passion in PR. We based our session off the television series, The Celebrity

Volume 21, Issue 2 Apprentice featuring our very own Donald Trump, Alyssa Carfi. Our three contestants were Melinda Biegen, Sarah Hutchison and myself, competing for the title of “Celebrity Apprentice”. Some main points that contestants covered were: 1. Research: Like any PR campaign, the first step is always research. Find out what your members are interested in learning more about 2. Action: Reach out to professionals, companies, PRSA and other Chapters for guidance 3. Meetings: Invite guest speakers, host workshops, plan networking events and have members volunteer at PRSA events 4. Evaluate: Were your meetings beneficial to members? How could you improve them? Our contestants elaborated on specific meetings our Chapter held throughout the year like hosting a resume workshop with a Senior Partner and HR representative from Ketchum. They also discussed fundraising initiatives like the “Intern For a Day” program, which allows members to intern at an agency for one day to assist with daily tasks and get an inside look at working for the company. All three contestants provided insight to creative programming that would be beneficial to other Chapters in big or small cities. We ended our session with a Q&A from the audience using Twitter. The audience tweeted their questions and each contestant had a chance to respond. After each contestant finished, our host Alyssa Carfi decided on a winner based on the audience’s claps. The 2012 Celebrity Apprentice was our president-elect, Sarah Hutchison. We finished our session feeling like we left an impact on the audience because several members came up to us afterwards asking for more advice on how to improve their programming. It was an extremely successful session that not only benefited other Chapters but also helped build our own Chapter’s recognition on a national level.


Public Relations Student Society of America

Volume 21, Issue 2

Personal Branding at the PR Advanced Regional Conference By Lauren Garcia

“There is no single way to a successful communications career”—Rob Flaherty, CEO of Ketchum PR, keynote speaker of the 2013 PR Advanced Regional Conference at Boston University. This year’s PR Advanced Regional Conference held strong messages about personal branding and individual acceptance. There is not just one path to a successful career; there are many. You must find the company that aligns with your personal brand. The company is not only interviewing you—you are interviewing them.

What is a personal brand?

“How do you want to be remembered by your peers?” One way to think of it is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. How do you want to be remembered by your peers? Your personal brand should be present in all things that you do in life. When you are ready to start looking for a job, finding a company with values that align with your brand

Spring 2012 Executive Board

Why write for Prism?  Gain valuable writing experience  Become a published writer  Build your portfolio and improve your resume  Receive 2 points per article

characteristics is the best way to ensure a good fit for both you and your employers. Be honest with yourself about what your personal brand is. Don’t try to be someone else. If you feel like you’re different from most of the PR professionals you see around you, don’t sweat it! Remember that there is no single way to a successful communications career. Be your best you, work hard, find the right company and you will succeed.

President Sarah Hutchison

Welcome Back!

Vice President Jaimie Caiazzo Treasurer Alyssa Carfi VP of Chapter Development Magan Felitto

Editor in Chief Karina Sumano Contributing Writers Pryianka Anand Melinda Biegen Jaimie Caiazzo Lauren Garcia Kirsten Gonzalez Juliana Harris Keri Leveling Carly Rebecchi Karina Sumano

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PRism Spring 2013  

This is the spring 2013 newsletter of the Fashion Institute of Technology's PRSSA Chapter.

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