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Winter 2018

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Dear Readers, We're wrapping up another exciting year here at FitNFabs Media. We've met so many inspiring people, yet our winter issue’s featured guest and cover model is truly exceptional. Christina Fulton's life experiences and her amazing drive exemplify the meaning of being limitless. She has channeled her artistic, creative and spiritual energy into businesses, non-profit projects and entertainment media that impact the lives of thousands of people. And, Christina is a constant giver, personally contributing three articles to this issue of FitNFabs magazine to share her wealth of knowledge and life skills. With the holiday season upon us, it's also an opportune time for each of us to evaluate our own lives. Yes, it's good to be charitable and generous. It's also a good idea to give yourself a gift. Take some time to ask yourself what you need to rejuvenate. Then give yourself that gift. Nourish yourself with laughter, joy and love. If love is the foundation of relationships, then selflove is what will give you the ability to recharge and thrive through the holidays and new year. Merry Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours!




Rosalidia Dubon is an entrepreneur and educator in the media publishing and content marketing industries. She is the founder of Dubon Consulting and a committed advocate of women and children’s issues worldwide.



A San Francisco Bay Area writer and editor. In 2007 she created Imitation Fruit Literary Journal ( to showcase fun and upbeat short stories, poetry, and artwork. She blogs about the craft of writing and local historical places 2


Winter 2018 dgisonni

A business leader and advisor with expertise in personal growth. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration, and is certified in Board Education, Integrative Health & Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy.



Rick Green has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industries. He is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, licensed USA boxing coach level 3 and owner of Force Fitness in San Jose, CA.



As a Success Coach, Entrepreneur and Speaker, Bernadette McBurnie empowers people to take their personal and professional success to a higher level. Bernadette's Integrated Success Coaching uses a holistic approach to bring harmony to people's lives, allowing them to enjoy a successful, fulfilled and balanced life.



An entrepreneur, art lover, international entertainer and philanthropist, Carmen Milagro is the founder of Borbón, a premium skin care brand with products made from the world’s finest exotic raw ingredients and inspired by homeopathic traditions.



A physical therapist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She sees patients at Agile Physical Therapy in San Carlos and has a private practice. She received her degree from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute and specializes in orthopedics with a focus on the metaphysical aspect of healing.



An entrepreneur, art lover, international entertainer and philanthropist, Dr. Nirali Patel is an acupuncturist and skincare specialist with a practice in San Mateo, California, with over 12 years of experience. She is the founder of Unique Remedy Skincare, a line of handcrafted, organic products targeting problematic skin. 3



Creating a Flawless Canvas By Carmen Milagro

Every morning, think of your face as a blank canvas full of inherent beauty you wish to reveal to the world. Just as an artist must prepare her canvas before she creates her masterpiece, so should you maintain your skin health. Take care of your gorgeous face. Keep your flawless canvas ready for quick makeup application. The following are easy skincare tips that I have gathered from professional makeup artists working on my makeup before a show or interview. The conversation usually begins when they ask me how I keep my skin so smooth!


alcohol causes dehydration, fine wrinkles, lackluster skin and breakouts.

WEAR SUNBLOCK everyday, in all of your skincare

products, even your foundation. Protect your face from the elements, especially from the sun to avoid longterm sun damage and skin cancer.

USE COOL TO COLD WATER to wash your face. Hot water tends to dry out most skin complexions.


Don’t scrub too hard. The idea is to cleanse your skin without causing harm or irritations.


digest. What you put into your body will most assuredly affect your skin’s health as much as what you put onto it.

TAKE VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS to promote healthy skin.

Vitamin C enhances collagen production and is a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin E provides antiinflammatory and antioxidant properties, and vitamin D contributes to skin cell growth and repair.

LOOK FOR THE BEST NATURAL AND ORGANIC FACIAL PRODUCTS. Read product labels, so you know what you’ll be absorbing into your body.

GET PLENTY OF SLEEP EACH NIGHT. Lack of sleep speeds

the aging process. When you are sleep-deprived, your body manufactures increased cortisol stress hormone. Your skin, as well as your body, needs rest to regenerate and heal on a daily basis.

WEAR SUNGLASSES to avoid sporting severe crow’s feet. If you wear sunglasses all the time, you’ll stop squinting too much.

EXERCISE YOUR FACE. An exercise regime is designed to

tone your muscles so why not tone the 50 muscles in your beautiful face. Try face yoga to firm up muscles, reduce wrinkles, and release neck and facial tension. The skin prep suggestions listed here will help you achieve glowing healthy skin. Your canvas will thank you! 4






By Nirali Patel We put moisturizer on our hands and cover them up with gloves to protect them from the cold, but we tend to forget about our feet. Follow these tips to keep your legs moisturized and feet crack-free during the cold and dry winter months.

Indulge in a Home Spa Footbath Grab a bowl or bucket and fill it up with lukewarm water. Soak your feet for 15 minutes. This allows the dry and dead skin to loosen up for the next step – exfoliation. Opt for a pumice stone or an oil-based sugar scrub. Gently rub the stone or sugar scrub against the skin around your heel and foot in circular motions to loosen up dry skin. Dip your feet back into the water. Then wipe them off with a soft towel. Another option for exfoliation is a peel mask for your feet containing glycolic acid. This is a gentle ingredient that will remove the dead skin without causing any cellular damage.

are best as they will also protect the legs. When you’re on a mission to heal and prevent dryness, wear tight clothing. Socks and leggings will hug the skin to keep the cold air from causing dryness.

Hydrate Your Body from the Inside Out As we focus on our outer beauty, it’s just as important to nourish our inner beauty. Drink water throughout the day to keep your skin moisturized from the insideout. During the cold winter months, drink a few extra glasses of water per day to prevent dehydration. Avoid dehydrating drinks such as alcohol and caffeinated beverages and reach for a hot cup of herbal tea instead. As we walk with our head held high, our legs and feet go everywhere we go propelling us forward with great pride. Use these tips to keep your lower half beautiful and feeling great!

Moisturize Before tucking in for the night, moisturize your feet and legs with an oil-based moisturizer. This will form a protective coat over the skin to prevent dryness. Give your feet and legs a nice massage to ensure absorption of the moisturizer. For an extra luxurious massage, massage cuticle oil into your toes. Once or twice per week, you can give yourself a foot mask. Apply a beeswax based moisturizer immediately after showering while your feet are still damp. Then put on some socks that you don’t mind getting a little oily.

Wear Socks and Leggings This is one of the most effective ways to keep your feet from drying out and forming cracks. Knee-high socks 5


One of my favorite fabric textures of all time is velvet. I remember my favorite dress in elementary school was ruby red crushed velvet. My mom would pick it out for me during the holiday season. Velvet has always been a staple in mainstream fashion because of its versatility. In the winter, velvet is even more special because of the rich shades of green, red, and blue you can be comfortably adorned in at holiday parties. Even though velvet shines during the holiday season, if styled properly, velvet can be worn 365 days a year.

By Christina Sundari

SPRING It’s warming up, but there’s still opportunity to cling to some additional warmth. A velvet floral dress is the perfect blend of elegance and practicality for spring and can be easily layered with a light trench or cardigan. A patterned or multicolored velvet piece would work well to create the illusion of a print while maintaining the thickness of the material.

SUMMER Probably the most unlikely season to rock velvet, but in San Francisco all bets are off because of winter-like summers! Wear light-colored pieces in baby pink, nude, or pastels, and have fun with it! How about a baby blue velvet crop top with light jeans? In heat, velvet can be really uncomfortable to wear because there isn’t much ventilation. Rocking velvet during a lukewarm summer night may be your best bet depending on where you live. 6

FALL It’s starting to cool off, but before we bust out with parkas and rain boots, I think it’s safe to just add a layer of velvet. Velvet makes its appearance in the fall with festive shades ranging from gold to rust. I love a simple dress paired with a light trench or booties to stay stylish and warm in the fall. Velvet can actually be great for layering. Wear a velvet tank and throw on a denim jacket for contrast. Or, rock velvet palazzo pants with a leather jacket for a night out. Either way you style it, velvet makes a statement in any fall outfit.

WINTER Winter is my favorite time of the year for velvet when the richest shades tend to make their all-star debuts. Pictured, I’m wearing a ruby red jumpsuit that screams holiday season. Emerald greens and sapphire blues are also popular shades for velvet in the winter, and they’ll add a level of elegance to any ensemble. 7


Become a Skin Hacker Goddess By Christina Fulton

Superior skin care intelligence has arrived. I am blessed to have a role in what’s currently being developed across the board in science, technology, skin care, fitness, and life. As a skin hacker, I have become my own research and science project; yes, I am a human lab rat. I have tried every single anti-aging skin care cream, moisturizer, serum, bee venom, and beauty balm since I was a teenager. After all those years of having my fingers into every jar of “magic potion,” I can tell you what makes for amazing skin care.

So, how do you disrupt your skin and become a skin hacker? Know your ingredients. Until you get your hands on my flagship product Immortal Beauty, look for these ingredients in your products now.

Rejuvenate with Retinol Retinol is the most effective anti-aging ingredient that leads to cell turnover and collagen production.

Pack in Moisture with Hyaluronic Acid Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its weight in water. Immortal Beauty’s hyaluronic acid is nanofied to the smallest particle possible for full absorption.

Repair with Peptides Peptides are skin’s building blocks and the first step in collagen creation, the foundation of skin. Immortal Beauty’s peptides are small enough to enter deep layers of skin.

Multitask with Colloidal Gold Colloidal gold is a powerful antioxidant that fights bacteria, sun damage, wrinkles, and inflammation. These tiny particles of gold can promote circulation and help other potent ingredients to penetrate more deeply. The largest organ of your body is your skin. You must use a daily moisturizer from your face to your feet. I’ve met so many people who think they don’t need any moisturizer. No matter your ethnicity, age, skin type: oily, dry, or combination, you must apply moisturizer after you take a shower to your face, neck, and feet. Our life expectancy has increased, so keep your skin moisturized. You might be healthy on the inside, but your skin could be collapsing on the outside. 8



Sharing Food and Kindness By Sarah Wilson

While most of us are chowing down on turkey legs and digging into fluffy mashed potatoes in the warmth and comfort of our homes on Thanksgiving Day, FitNFabs founder Rosalidia Dubon chooses to roam the streets of her neighborhood, distributing food and kind words to any homeless people she encounters. She has been doing this for the past nine years and feels this is a great way to give back to her community and help those less fortunate. Over the years she has procured food donations from friends, family, and coworkers. In the last couple of years, Draeger’s Market in San Mateo and Togo’s sandwich shop in Redwood Shores have been generous to her mission as well. Rosalidia shares about her Thanksgiving excursions with us here.


Why did you start doing this? I long ago discovered that I’m an empath and really feel other people’s pain and struggles, so it breaks my heart to see people out in the cold without a proper meal on a holiday that celebrates gathering with family and friends. The warmth and appreciation I receive when I stop to hug and give someone a Thanksgiving meal is incredible. That feeling of thanks gives me joy and brings me back to when I was a little girl just trying to see how I can make this world a better place.

on Thanksgiving Day What’s one particularly memorable encounter? There was one woman who was jumping up and down from happiness and gratitude, and she was hugging me nonstop. This made my day, and I couldn’t stop smiling after that!

What advice do you have for others who might want to do this in their community? Most people ask me why I help the homeless since they say most of them have put themselves in this situation. If you’re interested in undertaking this as well, you might encounter some of this from your family and friends. From my experience, I’ve found that the people I reach out to are not to fear. They’re just people that landed in unfortunate situations. Follow your heart and don’t let others influence the good deeds that you want to do for the world. It doesn’t matter how big or small the good deed; you’re still touching someone out there. When you feel that you’re called to do something, nothing should stop you from doing what you feel in your heart that you need to do. 11



With Gratitude


I’m so grateful to have so many amazing friends — friends that feel like family, and family members that are actually my friends. And I’m grateful for those who are no longer my friends. We all have relationships that are strained or have ended. The holidays create a natural ocean for these relationships to come to the surface and remind us where we stand. We bask in the warmth of some relationships while the state of other relationships creates a pit in our stomach.

But does it have to be this way?

And do it all with zero expectation on how it will look when it arrives. When we let go of our expectation of who, when and how, we are amazed beyond belief at the blessings that come in.

What would happen if we could give gratitude for all the relationships that come to the surface this holiday season, the healthy ones and the strained ones? Of course, this gratitude practice may seem simple for those relationships in good standing, but what about the strained relationships or the severed ones? Can you give gratitude for those, too?

We all shift and change and meet people when they are an energetic match to us. When we each grow and evolve, consider this a shift to our energy vibration and frequency. We’re simply no longer a match. Rather than grieving that experience, we can use it as a launch pad of gratitude to catapult us into the next better-fitting relationship.

What if in clearing this friendship, or the strained parts of it that no longer resonate with your heart, you open the gateway to a new person that feels even more satisfying, more connected and a better match to where you are in life? Or welcome in a new version of the strained relationship?

It looks like this.

We’ve all had relationships and friendships shift, change and end. Instead of holding onto that attachment or feeling of loss, we can use the joy, fun, and love we experienced within that friendship and give gratitude for their existence in our life. Use the holiday season’s power of gratitude to be thankful for learning how it feels to have had that 12

closeness. Then, hold onto that feeling you desire again: closeness, feeling understood, laughter, joy and use that feeling. Without an attachment to who might fill that role, allow that gratitude and feeling to bring in a new friendship, relationship or partner. Or allow that feeling to magnetize a new version of the current struggling relationship, a new version of the relationship that serves you both.

“Thank you for showing me how it feels to have such a good friend. Thank you for showing me what real friendship feels like. Thank you for showing me how I don't want to be treated. Thank you for seeing me. Thank you for the laughter and the joy. Thank you for matching me for as long as you did. Thank you for showing me what I don’t want. Thank you for teaching me boundaries. Thank you for showing me what is possible.”

This is just a short example of the many ways we can be grateful for everything that happens in a relationship with someone both the good and bad. Allow this practice to help you through the holidays.

Not getting along with a family member? No problem. Find what you can be grateful for and allow that to lead. It will let go of the expectation that you’re supposed to be close or that things have to be perfect. It’s OK. Give gratitude for what is and let go of the idea that you need to be close. Then watch what happens to that relationship. Miracles and blessings will abound. The miracle could be that things improve and the miracle could also be that you both feel at peace not being as close anymore. You are both left with gratitude, peace, and appreciation for what used to be without expectation of what is or what it needs to be. For friends, families and the holidays, take the personal out of the equation. Add in gratitude and watch your expectations and experiences this holiday season shift for good. Don’t make it personal because it never was. It’s just a vibrational shift. This is about using that shift and gratitude to magnetize even better relationships into your life. Give gratitude for your differences and welcome in the newest and best vibe for you!




Give Big

By Debbie Gisonni As savings and disposable income get pinched from buying gifts for friends and family during the holidays, many people stop giving to their favorite charities. The Institute for Research on Unlimited Love found giving to others actually has a positive physical effect on our bodies and mood. The more we give, the better we feel. reports that doing good things for others actually makes you happier. University of Oregon psychologists and economists found your brain’s pleasure center increases when you give. Yes, money is tight this time of year. So here are some low-cost giving suggestions that will continue keeping you and others feeling good:

GIVE JUST A LITTLE You don’t have to be rich to donate. Any gesture of generosity, no matter how small, makes a difference. Don’t think it must be an “all or nothing” approach. Non-profit organizations welcome donations of any size and often fund large projects with many small donations.

GIVE TIME Many nonprofits can only survive through volunteerism. Your time is a precious commodity to them. If you can’t give money, give an hour or one day a month. If you’re out of work, you might even find a new passion or connection.


GIVE ITEMS Depending on the non-profit, anything from silverware to clothing to furniture to keyboards could be a welcome donation. All of us have plenty of stuff we’re not using anymore and could help another person live their life a little easier.

START A NEW TRADITION Instead of spending money on gifts people may not want or enjoy, why not take the money you would have spent on gifts and donate it to charity. Send a note to friends and family about your decision encouraging them to do the same instead of buying you a gift.

GIVE UNCONDITIONALLY Most importantly, when you give, never expect anything in return — except perhaps a tax receipt. When you give unconditionally, it’s like releasing thousands of molecules of love and compassion into the universe that attach themselves to people, places, and events. How awesome is that!

What will you do today to add more love to the world?


get a wrap on

holiday clutter By Wendy Quaccia

The holiday season is a magical time of year, which comes together after much planning, decorating and preparing for family and friends. As the hours of celebration fly by, many cherishable memories are left behind, but so are crumpled wrapping paper, new things to put away and a few things to return. When it’s time to clean up, take it one step at a time with a clutter-free New Year in mind.

Find Room for New Gifts So you got that instant pot you wanted! The challenge is where to place it. You’ll use it often and want it close at hand, but not out on the counter. As you search the kitchen for storage, you may discover rarely used small appliances. Relocate these items to a cabinet higher up, deeper into the cabinet, or to the pantry or garage. You’ll free up space for things used most often. Create additional room by sorting through the remaining kitchen items and eliminating what’s no longer used.

Keep your favorites and let go of what no longer makes your “A” list. Repair items before you put them away. Use clear plastic latching bins to store like items safely, keeping the contents visible. Use large lettering on a half sheet of paper facing outward inside the bin to quickly identify the contents.

Donate Unwanted Items Keep the holiday spirit alive by donating unwanted items in good condition to local charities for reuse. Animal shelters can always use donated towels and blankets. New and gently used personal items can benefit programs like Life Moves (www.lifemoves. org), an organization fighting homelessness. Wendy is a professional organizer in the San Francisco Bay Area. For more organizing ideas, visit

Get Returns out the Door That pair of slippers you received is just right, except for the size. Keep them in their original box and place them near the front door as a reminder to return them. The next time you’re going out to run errands, take the slippers with you. You’ll save time and mileage consolidating the places you need to go. If you have several items to return or deliver, keep them in an open bin in your car, as a visible reminder when driving around town.

Organize Seasonal Decorations You put a lot of effort into decorating your home, and now it’s time to take it all down. Make next year’s task a little easier by sorting through your decorations.



Step Into Your

POWER By Pat Obuchowski

I work with many women who say they want to find their voice. They want to have input at the table. They want to appear confident and competent. I’ve found that sometimes it is what we do not say that is more powerful than what we do say. Women must stop saying certain things that when said, have the impact of giving power away. Power in this context simply means “ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something.” The first step to stop giving your power away verbally is to notice. Notice as you move through your day when you are about to say these phrases. Notice the situation you are in and stop. Don’t let these words out. Take a breath and find something else to say. You are already confident and competent. Just choose your words wisely and stop saying:

“I’m Sorry.” Unless it is truly your fault. This is the one phrase that when I tell women to stop saying this all the time, most of them smile with guilt. It is a default of ours we use because we want people to like us. Saying this when it’s not necessary indicates passivity.

“Does that make sense?” Of course it does, you said it. A better phrase to ensure understanding is simply “Do you understand?” or “Do you have any questions?” 16

“But” This negates all you said before. Instead of saying “No… but,” or “Yes…but,” practice saying “Yes…and.” It shows you are in agreement and gives you the opportunity to express your opinion and provide your input. The worst sentence you could say is “I’m sorry, but does that make sense?”

“I could be wrong, but…” You could be wrong. Of course, you could be wrong. We all could. Just don’t point it out for others to agree with.

“If I’m being honest…” When people say this, it just begs me to ask, “Aren’t you always honest?” It makes me question their honesty previously and subsequently.

“I’m no expert.” I want to scream when I hear someone say this. Don’t dare undermine yourself, what you know, and what you are capable of. Sure, you may not be an expert, but you do have an informed opinion so give it without undermining yourself. The second most deadly sentence to use is, “I could be wrong, and if I’m being honest, I’m no expert.” Just start to practice noticing when you use language that undermines who you are. Then change your words.



ON THE SLOPES By Laurel Mines

The transition from summer sports to winter sports is an exciting time of year. It's fun to dust off your skis and get ready to hit the slopes. But please don't ruin the season before it even gets off to a good start with an injury.

Train in Advance

Start training for your winter sport a month or two in advance, allow for muscle memory and strength gains. If you ski or ice skate you’ll spend a lot of time on one leg. Single leg squats or lunges are great exercises to train single leg support. Snowboarding requires double leg support so squats on a Bosu Ball will help train balance with double leg support. Single leg or double leg jump squats can help train the power you need for many winter sports.

Warm Up

Everyone is anxious to get on the first chair at the slopes but don't forget to warm up. A warm up needs to be more than just putting your boots on. Body weight squats and hopping in place are good warm up exercises. A five-minute warm up may be enough but take more time if you need it.

Get Acclimated

Make the first day of your winter sport this season a “warm up day.” Get your legs and body used to the movements you haven't done for the past six months. Don't try to show off the first day back. An injury at the beginning of the season can ruin your whole season.

Use the Right Gear

Make sure you have the right gear. Faulty gear can increase your risk of injury. Always take time to check your gear and fix any issues before you start for the day.

Know When to Stop

When you feel tired, or your body feels fatigued stop for the day. Many injuries happen when the body hits muscular fatigue. When muscles are fatigued, they don't perform as well. Stop your sport before an injury stops you.

Have a safe and long winter sports season! 17


The Anti-Aging Food to Add to Your Diet By Christina Fulton

Avocados are an incredible food to add to your diet. I try to eat two to three of them a day. Avocados top the list of foods with anti-aging benefits. Get obsessed about eating avocados because they are a healthy source of must-have fats. They are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that work to lower cholesterol and are full of fiber, keeping your heart and skin healthy. Avocados are a great source of vitamin C and mineral salts crucial for supporting the production of collagen, a structural skin protein that holds soft tissue creating tone and elasticity. Here are some recipes to make avocados a delicious part of your family’s diet:

The Bomb Salad 1 ½ cup shelled edamame (soybeans) 1 bunch of kale 1 bunch of arugula 1 bunch of spinach ½ cup dried cranberries ½ cup sunflower seeds 1 ½ cup grape tomatoes 1 cup of sliced cucumber 1 cup of cooked lentils 1 cup of cooked orzo pasta ½ cup feta cheese ½ cup shredded parmesan Pinch of parsley Sea salt to taste Black pepper to taste ¼ cup slivered blanched almonds ¼ cup sliced green onions 1 cup Kalamata olives Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, spoon 4 tablespoons of hummus over the top of the salad. For the balsamic dressing, mix olive oil, smashed garlic, sea salt, honey, basil, and cilantro in a small bowl, drizzle over served salad.

Avocado Smoothie (One to two servings) 3 ripe avocados 1 ½ cup of almond or cashew milk 1 or more cups of crushed ice Stevia, honey or your favorite sweetener to taste Pinch cinnamon, nutmeg or your favorite spice Blend in a high-speed blender until creamy smooth. Kids will love it too! 18

FITNHEALTHY The Secret to Improving

Immunity Boost & Decrease in Inflammation

Food Allergy Protection

Digestive Health

May Improve Non-Alcholic Fatty Liver Disease

May Treat Serious Diseases in Infants

May Improve Mental Illness

Decrease in Antibiotic Resistance

Healthy Skin

Lowering Blood Pressure

Diabetes Treatment


The word microbiome might bring you back to high school biology class, but you carry it around inside you every day: it’s the healthy balance of bacteria in your gut. Probiotics are the good bacteria playing many important roles in your body including, improving digestion, reducing bowel inflammation, regulating blood-sugar levels, lowering cholesterol, and even improving your mood! You can get probiotics into your system from fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, tempeh, and from beverages like kefir and kombucha.

For probiotics to survive in your digestive system, they need prebiotics, soluble fibers that serve as food for probiotics. Prebiotics cannot be digested by your stomach. They travel to the intestines where they are fermented by probiotics into short-chain fatty acids that are essential for good health and proper functioning. Prebiotics come from high fiber foods such as onions, garlic, asparagus, bananas, and legumes.

Keys to getting more probiotics and prebiotics into your diet: Eat a Wide Variety of Vegetables and Fruits Good bacteria thrive on a diversity of fiberrich plants and fruits. Different types of fiber feed certain bacteria which benefit the body in specific ways. Additional examples of fiber-rich foods are artichokes, sunchokes, and leeks. Get Your Greens Good bacteria feed on the fiber in kale, spinach, bok choy, and other leafy greens. Don’t Overcook Vegetables Preserve the fiber content of vegetables and their good bacteria by serving them al dente or raw.

Serve Fermented and Cultured Foods Make yogurt a part of breakfast; add sauerkraut to salads, stir-fries and sandwiches; complement grilled or roasted meats with kimchi. Stay Away from Sources of Bad Bacteria Limit food and beverages that encourage the growth of bad bacteria like processed foods, sugar, alcohol, and soda.

It takes guts to improve your microbiome. Start making healthy changes to get more probiotics and prebiotics into your diet today!

Consume More of the Plant Eat the fiber rich stalks and stems, not just the soft tips and florets.



Winter 2018



























ON THE COVER Christina Fulton OfficialChristinaFulton Photographer: Kevin R. Sheffield ksheffieldphotography Makeup Artist: Chanel Shank chanelmariemua and Charlotte Tilbury Hairstylist: Nick Moses moses_462

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Artist, writer and childcare professional. Shaheena grew up in San Francisco and has traveled all over the world, from Fiji to India lands of her ancestors. Due to losing her parents tragically at a very young age, her passion is to spread inspiration and strength to women and children in domestic violence situations.



Speaker, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Aura-Soma Practitioner and owner of Love.Heal.Thrive. Through her Energy Boot Camp and a multitude of classes, Erin brings real-life energy tools and techniques to her center, corporations, universities, and schools. She makes healing, self-growth, and meditation accessible with techniques applicable to our everyday lives.



Pat Obuchowski is CEO, Chief Empowerment Officer, of inVisionaria, an Executive and Leadership coaching company. She is the founder of Gutsy Women Win (, an organization that supports women leaders; a best selling and award winning author; and a public speaker. Connect with her at



Wendy Quaccia is a Professional Organizer who takes pride in showing people how to live comfortably in their home through organization. Helping to make decisions, relocate items to more convenient locations within the home and offering storage ideas is fun for Wendy.



Jennifer Slaboda is passionate about helping people live healthier through better food, personal care products, and exercise. She is an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, a Fitness Instructor at Pilates ProWorks of Burlingame, and a mom of two teenagers.



Fitness model, coach, founder of Classtige, and author of Live Your Best Fit Life. Christina inspires her audience to pursue fitness as a lifestyle, while continuing to live life with love and happiness. You can learn more about Christina on her website



A native New Englander recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband. Sarah’s childhood in Vermont fuels her passion for local organic food and outdoor lifestyle. After graduating from Wesleyan University, she obtained her Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.



Pilates Director at Pilates ProWorks Burlingame and a 12-year fitness and entertainment journalist. Along with her Bachelors degree in Journalism, Kat is trained in BASI (Body Arts Science International) Comprehensive, a world leader in Pilates Teacher Training, an instructor and active bikini bodybuilder. 2

GENIE DAVIS Genie Davis is a multi-published novelist and journalist, and produced screen and television writer. Passionate about everything Los Angeles, you can see her work in the arts on her own


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Henna: A Trendy Tradition By Shaheena Ali Henna is an amazing natural creation full of hidden health benefits. Henna comes from a plant called, Lawsonia inermis, a thin tree that sprouts tiny flower buds and small fruits containing edible seeds. This plant generally grows in parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and islands like Fiji. When its leaves are ground together, a green paste is created and can be used as a natural dye. This dye temporarily colors skin, hair, nails and even clothes. Length of contact with henna determines how dark the brownish-orange coloring it leaves behind will be. Applying lemon juice to the dyed area can increase the darkness to deep mahogany. When henna is used on skin, it lasts between one and four weeks, slowly fading away after the first week. I always say “Why get a permanent tattoo when you can have a different one every four weeks?” A henna tattoo is painless and all natural.

is also a great topical antiseptic for cuts and skin infections. It helps wounds heal faster and prevents scarring. Henna is just as much of a tradition and fad today as it has always been. If you have a passion for creativity, an artistic eye, and can draw freehand, perhaps you will be the next amazing henna tattoo artist. Now that you know the techniques, history and health benefits of henna, make skin your canvas and let your imagination run wild.

The use of henna dates back centuries. It’s a debate whether it was first discovered by the Egyptians or the Indians. The ancient Egyptians used henna for beauty purposes, and it was even used on mummies. The Indians used it to cover their hands and feet to keep them cool. Once they discovered it dyed their skin, Indians began using henna to create body art, called “mehndi,” and used it in many traditions. The mehndi ceremony is one of the most common traditions during an Indian wedding. This celebration is very special and relaxing for the bride and groom, while loved ones wait on them literally, hand and foot. Henna is more than just a dye because it promotes beneficial health outcomes, too. It can help strengthen hair by getting rid of split ends and promotes hair growth. Henna also protects nails. When it’s applied to the nail, it leaves behind dye, also keeping cuticles clean preventing infections in the nail lining. Henna 5

success tips on philanthropy, entrepreneurship & motherhood after nicolas cage By Eva Barrows


FITNINSPIRING It’s not hard to see why women of all ages seek out Christina Fulton for beauty advice. The actressentrepreneur has long blond hair, flawless complexion, electric blue eyes and a precision-toned body. When you get a chance to talk with Fulton, you feel like you can ask her anything. “When you're of service, and you give of yourself, you start to connect with people,” Fulton says. She’s eager to share what she knows best, the ins and outs of Hollywood, what makes a killer workout, and her favorite topic: secrets to staying young. Starting out in Hollywood as a model, Fulton caught the attention of movie star Nicolas Cage. They started a family together with both working in the film industry. Fulton became an actress with roles in 16 movies. When she separated from Cage, Fulton faced the challenges of single motherhood. Raising her child on her own inspired Fulton to support struggling single moms. Fulton began to live a philanthropic life by donating to and starting foundations around issues important to her. On her quest to slow down the aging process for herself and others, Fulton stresses that fitness and skin care go hand-in-hand. As a top spin cycle instructor at Crunch Fitness in Los Angeles, Fulton watches her students transform in spirit and body as they achieve inner beauty. As for exterior beauty, Fulton’s new “skin hacker” company Immortal Beauty has bottled a formula to help keep skin looking and feeling young. Fulton shares her thoughts on being a single mom in Hollywood, ways she gives back to her community and her secrets to staying young. We’ll give you a hint – working out and skin care top her list!

What was life like when you were married to Nicolas Cage, and you started your family together? I met Nicolas when I was a young girl, and we fell in love. I was coming from Idaho to model in Hollywood and met the love of my life during a shopping spree at the Beverly Center. Nicolas and the Coppola family, it’s no mystery, they're royalty in the world of film and television. We had a child and I was faced with some very epic quick changes.

Nicolas is absolutely on at all times. He's an amazing actor and is always on the go, jet-setting from one film set to the next. I loved it because I'm a creative soul. That's why I came to Los Angeles. My mom said when I was born, I came out dancing, singing and performing. So, of course, LA was calling me. I was really blessed because Nicolas and the family protected me from LA and the Hollywood stories that can happen to a young woman when she first moves here. But in our lives, we were constantly on a movie set, and I was pursuing my career in music and film. It is good to have two people working in the arts. I learned a lot from Nicolas about this business.

What challenges have you faced as a single mother in a high-profile family? And how have you dealt with these challenges? I think because my family with Nicolas Cage gave me access to the best and the brightest people in the world, I was able to help solve a lot of my own issues as a single mom and then turn around and help single moms globally. Even if you're married you're kind of single because women are in the main role of raising their children. Single motherhood is tricky because you feel guilty 24-7 when you're not with your children. I think my biggest challenge was balancing being in full work mode, doing everything I could to foster my dream, and raise my family and child.

What are some of the most fulfilling aspects of being a mother? I think the most thankless job in the world and the most beautiful experience of your life is motherhood. Raising a human being is nothing short of genius. To get the opportunity to provide a magical life for your young blood is thrilling. For me, it was like having a blank canvas and letting my child create the masterpiece. How do you not get in their way but guide them? I love the role of a mother. You always have to step back and realize the honor it is to be a mom. Even though you get your momma scars, raising a child is the most epic challenge to date that I've done. 7

FITNINSPIRING What do you and your son enjoy doing together? Weston and I, we have an interesting mother-son relationship. Because I'm an actress my home was like a Juilliard. It was nonstop costumes, art and being creative. I would get in there with him and dress up in costumes and create movies with him. I think he did over ten thousand movies. I would film them, and he was the director. We traveled together, saw new countries and learned history. When my son got into martial arts, I would also become a black belt. I think mothers really have to get on the same level as their kids and not just put them in extracurricular activities, like gymnastics and art, but do them as well. Be with them.

What parenting skills would you recommend to mothers out there? I think you have to roleplay with your kids and I did this with my son. It's tricky when you're a single mom, and male energy isn’t around. Mommy's got to switch into the male role. You have to learn and do this. I would sit there and pretend I was Nicolas. I would kind of lower my voice and posture like a dude, so my son would listen. Change up your voice, change up the way you handle things, and that's kind of the secret to my parenting.

What issues are single mothers currently facing? Men are not around, the absentee father. Little boys and little girls need to have the male influence. If you don't have it with your biological father, women you must go and find it. You must find your guy friend, or you must find communities to be a part of. Children might make terrible decisions if they don’t get the male dynamic.

with everyone how to create a philanthropic foundation or how to be a part of a foundation, and explain the dos, and the don'ts. I actually got to interview Larry Flynt — it was pretty epic because even though he's a man that's made a magazine of sorts, he's still interwoven into the cultural and political tapestry of the United States. He stood up and spoke out. Each time there was a guest, everyone became my favorite.

What advice can you give to people about following their dreams? Talent doesn't die. Dreams don't have an expiration. If you set out as a young person dreaming in your bed about what you're going to do in your life and then life happens, and you are pulled off for some reason, don't let anyone tell you that your dream has an expiration. That's your dream, and you're not going to quit. Whether you're slow to go fast, or just fast, maybe you’re a speed demon like me, you get your dream whether you're 12, 20, 25, 30, I don't care if you're 70 and then all of a sudden you got back on, and you have your dream. Just get it done.

What about being an entrepreneur appeals to you the most? Being an entrepreneur is hard work. It’s 24-7, burning the midnight oil, blood, sweat, and tears. It’s working hard for something that you love. If you're ready to hustle, to be a disruptor, and want to be of service, and if you're up for that and not complaining about it, if you're that kind of person you should be an entrepreneur. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur because we need other people to work with us, and they need to be just as entrepreneurial as us. Without a great team, you have nothing. It's just you all by yourself, and that's hard work. It's been done but it’s very difficult. I like problems. I'm like oh whatever, let's solve the problem.

Tell us about the TV radio show Playing it Forward. With over 60 episodes you interviewed some incredible people who are changing the world. Who has been your favorite guest and why? Of your several business projects which one are you I love this show so much! I wrote this show, produced it, the most excited about right now and why? and took it to the network. It was so rewarding because I wanted to create a show with a fun platform. It was a live call-in show with music and a DJ. I wanted to share 8

They're all so important on the theater marquee. I do multiple things like skin care technology and fitness, acting, and writing. We get these incredible brains,

and we get these incredible hearts and passion. It’s our God-given right, and we can do all of it, and no one can tell us we can't. I hate it when people say "You're spreading yourself too thin." Who decided that, right? I can do it all. I want to always empower women and people to do it all.

you better sit with them, do your follow-up research. Find the best team you can and put them to work. I'm blessed to have put together such a high-caliber team.

Congratulations on the launch of your new skin care line Immortal Beauty. What sets Immortal Beauty apart from other anti-aging products? My business Immortal Beauty is launching winter 2018. We are the skin hackers; we are slowing down the way you age. What sets Immortal Beauty apart is that I am the product. I have over 25 years of experience in skin care and fitness. That's what makes it a disruption against all of the other skin care companies because this is a skin care company that's speaking to you, one-on-one speaking to you. We need someone talking to us, not just going in the skin care stores, and beauty companies and grabbing product saying, “Gosh I hope this works.” I'm going on a beauty tour across the United States to stand on stages and speak to women and men and give them hands on experience with me. I’ll give them the truth about skin care, fitness and nutrition.

How did you go about putting together the support team behind Immortal Beauty? It took three years of hunting with headhunters to find top Chief Marketing Officers, manufacturing companies, scientists and doctors. I wanted to get my hands on the best of the best in the world, and I found them. You want to make sure the resumes of prospects are real. They might look good on paper, but

Dr. Jon A. Perlman, Immortal Beauty Board Member


FITNINSPIRING In your experience, what is the most challenging part of starting a new business? Finding your team and raising capital. You want to make sure that when you create a business, you go grab your web domains and your LLCs and make sure you go through the legal process. Remember you're taking a dream idea, but now how do you make it tangible? Sometimes venture capitalists buy you and your team. They look at your business concept. You come in with a sexy beautiful, full color deck to captivate venture capitalists, and you're going to win them over. That's what I did. You've got to have a great team, business plan, gorgeous sexy deck, and go to your venture capitalist. Each time you hear a no, debrief and figure out what went wrong, and fix it immediately. Make sure you close the manufacturing metaphorically. Too many chefs in the kitchen telling you what to do with your business could be detrimental as well. That's your dream — that's your business.

Has fitness always been a part of your life? I have been an athlete from the minute I came out, my momma said. Because my father played for the Lakers, he was a basketball star; he was my full-time athletic coach. My father made me do sit-ups with him when I was a kid. Your core is everything in your gut. If your gut isn't good, your health is bad. I always tell people, go to the mirror lift up your shirt and be honest. Your abs are an indicator of health.

How long have you been a spin instructor at Crunch Fitness, and are you still leading classes? I've been teaching motivational spin classes for over 15 years in Los Angeles. I continue today with Crunch. I stand on stages three or more times a week. I am keeping millions of people in the United States, beautiful, young, sexy, smart, strong and badass. I have touched people’s lives to the point where their doctors write notes thanking me.

As a motivational fitness coach, how do you know what approach to take when motivating someone? I'm a bit of clairvoyant. I say this without being ridiculous. I really feel people; I feel their frequencies, 10

I'm an empath. When you're of service, and you give of yourself, you start to connect with people. I can read it on their faces and body. Because I gave of myself for so many years, I'm really on the same wavelength with people. If someone comes to me, I can see it on their faces, and I snap them out of it.

What do you enjoy the most about being able to help people meet their fitness goals? Their health, their wellness, and their dream. To see their bodies change and their emotional, physical and mental state change is everything to me. I've done my job.

What does your typical personal workout look like? If you decide to go workout like I do, there's no messing around. You better go hard on cardio, at least 45 minutes a day. If you can talk on the telephone or speak after a cardio session, you didn't go hard enough. Look at your neck, if it's pulling and you're gasping for air, that's a cardio workout. I say to everyone, “You're an athlete; now you have to act like one.” Spinning is good for you because you're not pounding and it’s an even distribution of workout on your body. Swimming is also low-impact. Then there are weights. Women have to watch out not to lose their mass muscle. You want to switch over to at least three days of weights, moving around to different body parts, lunges and squats and don't lose muscle.

Tell us your secrets to staying young Exercise is the number one anti-ager ever. Number two you have to have sex women, it keeps you young. Number three, my secrets are water, bone broth, and applying plenty of hyaluronic acid. You can't get enough skin care lotions and potions, hopefully, it will be mine. Live on leafy greens like kale. Make fun and creative salads. Another beauty secret is don't oversleep, but do get enough sleep. Finally, stop talking about getting old — we’re not old; we’re growing up.


keeping fit

through the winter By Laurel Mines

Don't let the cold deter you from your exercise routine. It’s important to keep exercising through the winter months. Exercise will not only help you burn off holiday calories but will also fight against winter blues or seasonal depression with exercise-induced endorphin production. You may need to modify some of your exercise habits during winter to maintain your exercise routine and prevent injury. Here are some tips to help you exercise through the cold.

Don't Forget To Warm Up Cold temperatures cause natural vasoconstriction which is a narrowing of blood vessels to prevent heat transfer from the body’s core to the environment. This keeps your core warm and conserves metabolic energy. Therefore, your muscles get less blood flow and less oxygen. When you start exercising, and you ask your muscles to work, they need oxygen to perform. This is why a warm up is so important in the winter months. You may need a longer warm up than usual to get an adequate amount of oxygen to your muscles to perform a workout efficiently, effectively and without injury due to muscle strain.

yourself entertained. Try a new indoor class like a boot camp or hot yoga to get through the winter months. Exercising indoors will help your blood vessels stay dilated and get oxygen to your muscles.

Be Sure to Move Your Joints If you’re feeling stiff during the cold winter months, move! Your body’s 360 joints are built to move. As your body produces waste products from normal metabolism, waste will build up in your joints and muscles and create a feeling of stiffness. Movement increases blood flow and pumps oxygen-rich blood through your body which flushes out waste products. During winter try to avoid sedentary tendencies and keep moving!

Bring Your Workout Inside Change your outdoor workout routine into an indoor activity. As boring as it may be, you might need to bring your regular walk or jog inside to the treadmill. Listen to a new music playlist or podcast to keep 11


By Kat Ernst Wooton As technology becomes cutting-edge so does our outlook on fitness and overall wellness. Numerous fitness brands, athletes and health communities are investing in full-body 3D scanning and DXA or DEXA scans. These simple 10-minute body fat tests provide you with the most accurate and precise measurements of your body.

to track the progress of fitness goals. This process takes only 40 seconds and makes over 200 body measurements focused on posture analysis, balance tracking, rotations and more. Calderaro says some pregnant clients come in to track their growing belly — so amazing!

DEXA scan stands for dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, and it takes a comprehensive snapshot of your exact bone, fat tissue, and muscle mass breakdown. DEXA scan machines are medical-grade and are used in hospitals and universities. The scan uses weak x-ray beams to detect the composition of each square inch of the body.

Fit3D’s body scanning devices are used in gyms and fitness centers to identify and provide wellness solutions. Nick Trosko, Director of Sales and Strategic Accounts at Fit3D, says gym members have access to all of their scans, and can easily send the detailed information to their trainer, dietician or doctor. Fit3D members can use their 3D body scans to purchase custom clothing based on their exact measurements.

“DexaFit's DXA Body Composition Scan allows clients to track their fat, bone, and lean mass to ensure their nutrition and fitness routines are yielding desired results,” explains Kristen Calderaro, of DexaFit’s SF Bay Area location. “Our scan also reveals how much visceral fat (fat around organs) which can predict risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's and some cancers.” With the knowledge scans provide, you can tailor fitness training and diet accurately based on your specific body and needs. As we age, we want to make sure our bone density and health are on track. Scan results will give you a T-score showing how high or low your bone density is compared to healthy 30-year-olds, the age when bones are the strongest. The lower your score, the weaker your bones are.


Businesses like DexaFit offer several body scanning options. Another service available is 3D Body Scanning

Health conscious scan users know that the old way of relying on a scale is out! A scale only tells you a number. It doesn’t tell you how much percentage of your body is made of muscle and how much is fat. It’s vital to picture and identify the exact areas where you need to train for your particular goals when it comes to muscle gains and fat loss. “I loved seeing the charts and breakdown,” says Lisa Smith, who recently had a DEXA scan. “I was motivated to do the scan because my boyfriend was doing a fitness challenge with his gym. I wanted to take another test a month later to see what I can do with changing my food and exercise habits. I like how much fat I lost and how much muscle I’ve built.”

Take a scan yourself and see what you’re made of!

Your one-stop solution for fitness assessments, biometric screenings, and state-of-the-art technologies that help you look, feel, and perform better. We combine predictive fitness and health testing, so you get access to insights that track your health in the most accurate way possible. 1. Know Your Body With DEXA and 3D scanning Reveal the precise amount of fat, bone, and lean muscle in your body, so you can optimize fat loss and musclebuilding. 2. Transform Your Fitness With Vo2max testing Your Vo2max is the single best indicator of your cardiovascular fitness and heart health. Discover yours, so you can customize your workouts, train smarter, and optimize recovery. 3. Optimize Your Metabolism With RMR testing Quantify the precise number of calories you burn at rest, see if your metabolism is sluggish, normal, or fast, and find out well you burn fat compared sugar. 4. Skip The Doctor Own your health from home with our convenient, athome testing kits. Explore your hormonal health, DNA, food sensitivities, gut microbiome, and much more.

LOCATIONS Dexafit SF BayArea 1354 El Camino Real San Carlos, CA 94070

Dexafit San Francisco 99 Rhode Island St. San Francisco, Ca 94103

Dexafit Folsom 702 Sutter Street, Suite J Folsom, Ca 95630

Dexafit Orange County 16782 Hale Ave STE A Irvine, CA 92606 13


finding the Right personal trainer By Rick Green

The holidays are here, and over the last 20 years of being a personal trainer, I developed a saying for this time of year, “It’s the holiday season if you need a reason.”

large gyms tend to use contracts drafted by corporate attorneys. These contracts may not be in your best interest. Feel free to ask lots of questions to clarify your understanding before signing.

It is totally natural to want to look your best at holiday gatherings with family and friends. Some of you may have considered hiring a personal trainer to assist in accomplishing your fitness goals. Use the following tips to help you pick the right personal trainer for your fitness goals.

Consider working with an independent trainer. Hold them to the same standards that I have listed for gyms in general. Independent trainers are more likely to be motivated by passion. Being instructed by a passionate trainer can sometimes make all the difference.

One major factor most folks overlook is the chemistry between you and your personal trainer. It has to be correct. Your trainer should be able to tell you what you are doing wrong. You should be able to accept this person's criticisms. Someone's delivery of criticism and direction plays into the chemistry of the partnership as well as how someone accepts criticism and direction. I have referred to the connection of “trainer/client” as a relationship or partnership. This choice of words is not by accident. The reality of this union is trainer/ client should have a common goal and work towards this purpose consistently. Consistency is the strongest attribute to accomplishing your fitness goals. Believe it or not, failing to be consistent is a common fault of personal trainers. I recommend asking for references from previous clients proving this trainer is not flaky. Giving the trainer an internet scan wouldn't hurt and always be sure to look into Yelp reviews. When was the last time your potential trainer had a Yelp review? Were the reviews positive or negative? Take the time to read the fine print to the personal training contract you are signing. Often 14

Good luck and happy training.


s n o i t u l o s e R l a i c n a Fin into lasting results turn your

By Bernadette McBurnie

Have you given up on making New Year’s financial resolutions, because they never last? Or maybe they seem too big or impossible to accomplish?

Break down large goals into small step goals to help

Success rates of New Year’s resolutions usually go along beautifully the first two weeks, but by February people start backsliding. By the following December, most people are back where they started and are often even further behind. Half of all people make a New Year’s resolution like get out of debt, lose weight, volunteer, quit smoking, etc., yet only 8% of them are successful at making these resolutions a reality.

to meet your goals. Work on changing one behavior at a time.

Here are some simple steps to help you make progress and create lasting financial results:

Shift your paradigm. Don’t set resolutions because

you progress.

Identify what behaviors you need to change

Talk about your financial goals and ask for support. Give yourself appropriate time to accomplish your goals. Stop beating yourself up!

Celebrate all small victories. The compound effect creates the big results.

As you work on your meaningful goals, always consider:

your mind will see them as temporary and therefore not worth working on. Instead set meaningful financial goals, the important word is meaningful!

Who depends on you to attain your goals?

How will you feel once you’ve accomplished them?

Identify the long-term gain you are striving for, and

How would you feel if you don’t accomplish them?

why it is important for you to attain it.

Set goals you believe you can keep. It’s about what you want to do, not what you should do.

You must connect emotionally with your goals and the results you want to attain. This connection will empower you and give you more energy and determination to face the inevitable obstacles that will get in your way. Remember how powerful your mind is. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right. So, choose carefully.

To Your Success! 15


Restore Energy and Balance with Yoga By Esther Ekhart

Short on time but still want to fit in a practice? Try this simple daily yoga sequence for optimum mobility, strength, energy and balance.

Cat Pose This pose stretches the spine, back muscles and neck, stimulates blood flow in the wrists and increases the circulation of spinal fluid. Coupled with Cow Pose, it is a wonderful warm-up for the spine and, when synchronized with breath, has a calming effect on the mind. Tip: As you round the spine on an exhalation in Cat Pose, try energetically pushing the heels of the hands away from you. As you inhale and dip the spine in Cow Pose, draw the heels of your hands towards you.

Cow Pose Cow Pose stretches the front of the torso and throat area. Like Cat Pose it stimulates the wrists and spine.

Low Lunge Stretches the chest, hip flexors, quadriceps, sides of the waist and tops of the ankles and feet. Improves balance and mental focus. Great for runners, cyclists or if you spend a lot of the day sitting. Tip: Energetically draw the front heel and the back knee together to create more stability in the hips and groin.


Warrior 2 Stretches the inner thighs, groin, chest, lungs and shoulders. Strengthens your legs, improves stamina and concentration. Tip: To avoid creating tension in the shoulders, try rotating the palms upwards keeping the shoulders soft, slowly return the palms of the hands so they're facing down.

Triangle Strengthens the legs, back and torso, lengthens the side of the body, stretches the inner thighs, hamstrings, calves, spine, shoulders, chest and hips. Tip: To create more strength and tone in the waist and stability in the legs, try hovering the lower hand slightly away from the leg.

Tree Pose Improves balance, creates external rotation in the hips, strengthens the ankles, legs and spine, increases focus and concentration and quiets the mind. Tip: If you find it difficult to keep the sole of your foot in place, press the sole of the foot of the bent leg into the thigh and equally as firmly press the thigh into the sole of the foot.

Locust Pose Improves strength and mobility in the back, stretches the front of the body, increases stamina and stimulates the digestive organs. Tip: Rather than going for height in this pose, think about length. Keep the back of the neck long and extend out through the crown of the head, the fingers, and the toes. 17

The latest technology to help relax and detoxify the body while enhancing muscle recovery. These roll shapers help increase lymph flow; the lymph must flow freely to ensure that waste products & fluids do not build up in the tissues. Stagnant lymph flow leads to waste & toxin buildup, weakening immunity & leading to a wide variety of health issues Within a few sessions you’ll see the following benefits: • reduce swelling of muscle tissue • improve blood flow circulation • muscle tone improvement • cellulite reduction • weight loss • improvement of stretch mark appearance What our clients are saying! I found out about this in ClassPass and decided to give it a try one day after yoga. It felt really good to roll over all the areas that get tight from working out, especially the thigh and low butt area. Going back ASAP. Esther M, Carson CA Fell in love with this place! The device they are using is more powerful than I thought. It's my second week and my skin looks smoother already. You have to try to believe it! Vilija L, Pasadena CA Uh, obsessed. I wouldn't call this a workout exactly but it felt amazing and I'm certain it must help potential cellulite spots. If you ever use foam rollers and find them excruciating but like the muscle release I would recommend you try this. Will definitely supplement workouts with this. I love this. Apparently this is Eastern European and all the rage in Eastern Europe. I am HERE for it. My body feels great after. This is foam rolling on steroids and you can just tell it is so good for your body, muscles, fascia. Uh, oh, I’m hooked. Tracy D, Los Angeles CA

7765 Beverly Blvd • Los Angeles, CA 90036 • Credit: 18

FITNMINDFUL Bridge Pose Stretches the chest, neck, spine, and hip flexors. Strengthens the back, glutes, hamstrings and legs. An accessible backbend for most people. Tip: For a greater stretch in the upper back and chest, try moving your shoulder blades closer together before lifting the hips, and bending your elbows so that your palms face one another.

Cow Face Pose Stretches the ankles, hips and thighs, opens the upper back, chest and shoulders, and works the triceps. If your legs or hips are uncomfortable try stretching the lower leg out in front of you. Tip: Try to avoid turning the pose into a backbend just so you can get your fingers to reach. It's better to use a strap or scarf between your hands. Draw the lower ribs slightly in and focus instead on lengthening the elbows away from one another.

Legs Up the Wall This pose is known as the 'great rejuvenator' for good reason. It alleviates pressure in the legs, helps the circulation of both blood and lymphatic fluid and is a wonderful pose to do before bed or if you wake up in the middle of the night. Rest your legs against the wall or make it a little more active by just raising your legs above your hips. Tip: Place a pillow/bolster/folded blanket under your lower back to make it more of an inverted pose. 19



PHILANTHROPY DESIGNED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE By Christina Fulton In my home with my family, the subject of giving back was the topic at most of our dinners once my son turned ten years old. As a single mother myself, I faced some major challenges. Even though my son’s father, actor Nicolas Cage, was in our son’s life, I still raised him myself. It was very important to me as a devoted mom to be there for him 150%. Our lifestyle allowed me to be a stay at home mom, and I am grateful. However, motherhood brought with it massive challenges that forced me to put my career on hold. Our children have not asked to be brought into this world. It’s our responsibility as parents to deal with challenges gracefully and not hurt our children’s spirits. This is why I felt it most important to start a foundation. I needed to be an example for my son and show my family we must give back. In 2006, I launched the Single Mom Foundation with my son, Weston Coppola Cage, dedicated to helping the plight of the single parent. The foundation established funding opportunities to improve the living conditions of single mothers in need. My son and I felt like superheroes. Together we drove our mission with a clothing line, FULCAGE, giving proceeds from sales to many charitable foundations 20

RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad)

such as Casa Teresa, Haven Hills, Hats Off for Cancer, and many more. In 2007 I was asked to be the ambassador to raise funds for Casa Teresa, the shelter for homeless single mothers. It was such an honor to be a partner in the search for shelter for women in Southern California. At every red carpet charity event my family held, we raised money and awareness for mothers in need. In 2013 the California State Assembly honored me with the Certificate of Recognition for my commitment and dedication to making a difference in the lives of others. It’s so funny because I had no idea you could get an award for being philanthropic, but it meant the world to me. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to save the world. After many years of success, I decided to create, write, host, and executive producer a show called Playing It Forward. It was a weekly talk-show highlighting

Playing it Forward with guest Janice Dickinson

the brightest people in the world making a positive difference “playing it forward.” The show's guests come from diverse backgrounds – from top CEOs to actors and recording artists, to young entrepreneurs. Playing It Forward showcases philanthropy in a fun and engaging way. Some of the show’s previous incredible guests include Larry Flynt, RJ Mitte (Breaking Bad), MMA legend Royce Gracie, civil rights activist Fernando Chavez, Janice Dickinson, actress/comedian Jennifer Elise Cox, and Forbes Magazine-ranked CEO Quintin Primo. I hit the ground running in 2014 with my Help Stop the Bully foundation. Help Stop the Bully is a foundation determined to take back control from bullies, help keep America’s kids and adults safe, and implement a creed for everyone to follow. The Help Stop the Bully foundation has created an educational program for schools nationwide, called PB’N’J in partnership with prominent UFC and MMA fighters developing a selfdefense program. I won’t ever stop helping people; it’s in my blood.

Stan Lee and Help Stop the Bully 21


What’s all the hype about turmeric? Turmeric is a spice from the turmeric plant and gives curry its yellow color. The turmeric root contains a chemical called curcumin, a powerful antiinflammatory and antioxidant with many scientificallyproven health benefits. It has shown potential to prevent age-related chronic health conditions such as heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. It may also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritis. Using turmeric alone won’t treat or cure disease, but a 500-milligram daily supplement of curcumin with piperine can help control inflammation. For reference, there are approximately 200 milligrams of curcumin in one teaspoon of fresh or ground turmeric. To access health benefits from turmeric when cooking, the spice must be combined with black pepper so your body can absorb it. Here are some recipes to get turmeric into your diet.

GOLDEN MILK Make a cup of this warm, comforting (caffeine free) drink in the morning, for a snack, dessert, or before bed. Ingredients: (One serving) 1 cup cashew or coconut milk 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 1 teaspoon grated ginger or ¼ teaspoon ground ginger powder 1 tablespoon of coconut oil 1 teaspoon raw honey or to taste Pinch of black pepper

By Jennifer Slaboda 22

Simmer ingredients over low heat for 4-6 minutes, strain and drink immediately.

BROWN RICE CURRY Can be made with or without meat. Add any vegetables you have on hand! Serve on a bed of wilted spinach. Ingredients: (Four Servings) 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 onion, minced 4 cloves garlic, minced 4 cups chicken or vegetable stock 2 cups short grain brown rice 2 teaspoon curry powder ½ teaspoon ground turmeric 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 bay leaf Optional: ½ to 1 cup each of cooked carrots, peas, chickpeas, chicken breast Fresh spinach Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium-low heat. Stir in onion, garlic, curry powder, black pepper and turmeric; cook until the onion has softened and is translucent about 5 minutes. Add 4 cups stock and bring to a boil. Add brown rice, thyme, and bay leaf. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer until all liquid is absorbed and rice is tender about 40 minutes. When done, add optional cooked carrots, peas, chickpeas, and chicken breast.

GINGER TURMERIC MEATBALLS Enjoy meatballs on their own, add to your favorite dish, or put in a wrap with fresh or roasted vegetables. Ingredients: (makes about 24 meatballs) 1 pound ground turkey 2 cups shredded carrot 2 cups shredded zucchini 1 small shredded onion 1 egg 2 ½ teaspoon sea salt ½ teaspoon ground turmeric 1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper ½ teaspoon ground ginger ¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro Preheat oven to 350ºF. Shred carrot, zucchini and onion (a food processor with the grating attachment saves time). Mix ingredients in a large bowl until well combined. Scoop 1 heaping tablespoon of the mixture, form a ball with your hands and place on greased baking sheet (or lined with parchment paper). Repeat. Bake meatballs for 20-30 minutes, until cooked all the way through.




Is it true that eating chocolate can be beneficial to weight loss? Jessica Smith • Pleasanton, CA

The short answer is yes, chocolate may be beneficial to a weight loss program. The longer answer is that along with a health program that includes exercise, good quality dark chocolate with 70%-85% cacao may provide health benefits similar to leafy greens. It’s important to note that you’ll need to eat dark chocolate in small quantities. The plant-based benefits of the cacao include fiber, potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc to name a few minerals as well as antioxidants. Having a little dark chocolate treat may reduce the risk of heart disease.

I have heard talk about eating whole eggs instead of just whites which is contrary to what many nutritionists and health practitioners suggest as good for you. What do you think about this?

density lipoprotein) which helps to maintain blood vessel walls and reduces the chance of heart attacks and strokes. The whole egg contains HDL. Therefore eat the whole egg and balance it with other healthy measures and regular exercise.

Is it better to cook with avocado oil, coconut oil, or olive oil? Diane Thornton • Huntington Beach, CA

There are so many oils to cook with! Overall, I would say taste dictates which cooking oil to use. However, of the three cooking oils mentioned I would recommend cooking with extra virgin olive oil/olive oil. Although, it is a little more expensive, it may improve heart health from plant-based antioxidants and is more flavorful than the other oils. Avocado oil would be my next choice because it is similar to olive oil but harder to find. Finally, coconut oil is often suggested as a good butter substitute. However, it is high in saturated fat. Submit your questions for our Nutritionist, Marisa Gonzalez at

Vanessa Lopez • San Jose, CA

Although egg whites are a low-calorie, fat-free food, I recommend eating the whole egg to get the most nutrition out of your food. The egg white offers protein whereas the egg yolk, along with protein, is rich in Iron, Vitamins B2, B12 and D. What about cholesterol, you may ask? There are two cholesterol types: LDL (low density lipoprotein) which is the "bad boy" that causes blockage in your blood vessels and HDL (high 24

Marisa Gonzalez misolymar mysolymar Marisa Gonzalez is an Arbonne Independent Consultant coaching, educating and sharing with others ways to live abundant and health-filled lives. “I believe we are placed in one another’s lives for a reason. It is our job to follow the path where it leads and contribute as we are called.”


fire up your muscles By Nirali Patel

The cold fall and winter months force us to fold away our shorts and bring out our fleece lined leggings. But for those of us who love the outdoors, we know that’s not an option. Neither the heat nor the cold can slow us down from getting our outdoor fix! So how do you keep your muscles warm while wearing those sexy shorts? Embrocation warm up cream is the secret to staying warm in the cold months.

What is embrocation warm up cream?

Embrocation warm up cream is a non-greasy muscle warming balm or salve that protects and seals the skin from harsh elements including cold and wet weather. It is meant to keep you going when the temps begin to drop by gently breathing fire into your muscles. It is generally used when the temperature is between 55 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

How does it work?

Various blends will produce a light, medium or high amount of heat on the skin. So, choose carefully! Embrocation cream heats up when it is triggered by movement and activity. It works by increasing the amount of blood flow to the muscles while providing a warming feeling. It also helps speed up muscle recovery when blood flow is increased to the muscles, toxins are flushed out, and the speed of muscle recovery is greatly increased.

How is it applied?

Apply a small amount of embrocation cream and gently massage it into the skin. Take your time and rub the cream into your skin in circular motions. This cream is mostly used on the legs, but can also be used on other areas of the body such as arms, neck and shoulders.

How is it removed?

To remove, first use a rough washcloth or paper towel to wipe off as much of the cream as possible, unless you enjoy the feeling of your skin on fire. Remember, hot water will cause the balm to heat up even more, so be sure to use cool water when in the shower. And yes, for this reason, a post-exercise hot bath is out of the question. For easier removal, gently scrub a loofah on the skin. Now that you know the ins and outs of embrocation cream, give your muscles a warm embrocation massage, head outdoors, and be invincible!

How is it used?

This cream has to be used with a level of caution. Before applying the cream, clean your skin of any other topical lotions. If you stopped shaving in the cold months in an attempt to stay warm shave those grizzly bear legs first. The last thing you’ll want is the thick cream sticking to every hair on your legs; it’s already difficult to clean the cream from shaved legs!



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I'm constantly reviewing brands that provide natural and eco-friendly products to help us live a toxin-free life. I collaborate exclusively with truly genuine brands committed to bettering our world. These products have been tested and reviewed by me and my team. We are delighted to bring them to you through our fabulous shop. Cheers to a life full of happiness, love and sustainable beauty!







Try this amazing herbal gel to enhance the healing of soft-tissue damage. Dissipates the bruise and relieves the discomfort.

AstiClear is a pharmaceutical grade herbal remedy that's very effective for treating acne, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and boils. A cool, soothing antibacterial dermal decongestant, reduces inflammation, and has no artificial additives or alcohol.

Restore is a powerful, and highly effective solution that destroys nail fungus as well as an amazing nail strengthener and cuticle repair product.

PÙR•Î•TY CLEANSING BALM Effectively addresses: stubborn acne-prone and oily skin; clogged and enlarged pores; as well as dark spots and scars. This formulation is high in linoleic acid and has nonallergenic properties making it ideal for problematic skin.



FABNINVOLVED Meet Stella & Dot and Be a Stylist for the Holidays

Weekly Drop-In Mindfulness Meditation For All Levels

Jam Down! At Lake Merritt

DATE: December 2, 2018

DATE: December 5, 2018

TIME: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

TIME: 2:00 PM – 2:30 PM

TIME: 6:20 PM – 7:10 PM

LOCATION: Starbucks 14180 Blossom Hill Road Los Gatos, CA 95032

LOCATION: The Nexus Center 1436 Howard Street #201 San Francisco, CA 94103

LOCATION: Lake Merritt Pergola Oakland, CA 94610

CONTACT: 408-375-5141 or


We need holiday stylists! Have your OWN E-Boutique up and running within minutes! At Stella & Dot, we encourage women to work their business THEIR WAY! With our addition of apparel, social selling has never been easier. COST: FREE

2nd Annual VR Wellness Hackathon DATE/TIME: Jan 10, 2019, 10:00 AM – Jan 11, 2019, 3:00 PM PST LOCATION: Google San Francisco 1390 Market Street #2710 San Francisco, CA 94102 EVENTBRITE.COM: 2nd Annual VR Wellness Hackathon 2019 Hackathon puts focus on mental health and wellness. 2-day technologydriven behavioral design summit hackathon COST: $9 - $16.

Holiday Tips for Living with Diabetes

Mindfulness meditation is the momentby-moment process of actively observing one’s physical, mental, and emotional experiences. All levels welcome. Comfortable clothing encouraged, but not necessary since many of you will be coming straight from work. COST: Suggested donation of $5-$20

LOCATION: Marin General Hospital Braden Diabetes Center 1100 South Eliseo Drive #4 Larkspur, CA 94904 EVENTBRITE.COM: Holiday Tips for Living Well With Diabetes Our new Lunch-N-Learn series serves up a big helping of useful information to help you manage your diabetes more effectively. Living well with diabetes is a lifelong journey, and there’s always something new to learn. COST: FREE


CONTACT: info@jennyjamfitness All levels are welcome. Meet us at the Lake Merritt Pergola for a FREE fun Caribbean dance fitness experience! It’s a workout disguised as fun with friends by the lake - the best way to work out! Bring a towel, water, and a friend. COST: FREE

MBI Breakout Session: A Four Mile Fun Run DATE: January 7, 2019

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Free Orientation DATE: February 5, 2019 TIME: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM LOCATION: Danspace 473 Hudson Street Oakland, CA 94618 CONTACT: 510-594-8224 http://www. Enjoy this free orientation to learn more about stress and how mindfulness can help. We will do some fun practices, and you will have an opportunity to ask questions. Bare feet or dance shoes only inside the studio. COST: FREE

DATE: December 12, 2018 TIME: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

DATE: December 9, 2018

Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous (FA) Meeting DATE: February 2, 2019 TIME: 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM LOCATION: Gratitude Center 1320 7th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122 CONTACT: 781-932-6300 or visit: www. Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous is a 12 step fellowship based on the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). COST: FREE

TIME: 6:00 AM – 7:00 AM LOCATION: Union Square San Francisco, CA 94108 EVENTBRITE.COM: MBI Breakout Session: A Four-Mile Fun Run We'll take you for a nice tour of San Francisco on a flat loop around the neighborhood at a modest pace OR up Telegraph Hill to Coit Tower where you can earn the spectacular view by getting yourself up the Filbert Street Stairs. COST: FREE

Community Yoga at Westfield San Francisco Center DATE: December 5, 2018 TIME: 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM LOCATION: Westfield San Francisco Centre 865 Market Street Level 4 San Francisco, CA 94103 Please join our community yoga Wednesdays from 5:30pm – 6:30pm at Westfield San Francisco Centre. COST: FREE

Atlas Weekly Fun Run hosted by Decathlon

Pickwick Vintage Show DATE: February 3, 2019

Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Care Seminar

DATE: December 4, 2018

TIME: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

DATE: December 14, 2018

TIME: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

LOCATION: Pickwick Gardens 1001 West Riverside Drive Burbank, CA 91506

TIME: 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

LOCATION: Decathlon 735 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94103 Anyone is welcomed for a fun run (usually 3-4 miles) with an amazing community. Meet up at 6:30pm at the Decathlon store. COST: FREE

40 and 50 Are Beautiful DATE: December 5, 2018 TIME: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM LOCATION: Art's Table 1002 Montana Avenue Santa Monica, CA 90403 To enjoy a rewarding dining experience, limited seating is available, You can send an email to COST: FREE

Instagram at @PickwickVintage Featuring over 65 vendors from across California who will bring a range of vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, and inspiration. Tickets are available in advance at a discounted rate or at the door. COST: $8-$16

The Effects of Diet on Health

LOCATION: Ayres Hotel Costa Mesa 325 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626 EVENTBRITE.COM: Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia Care Seminar This 8 hour seminar covers up-to-date information on how to care effectively for those who have a dementia related illness. This general care overview can be used for those pursuing Certified Dementia Practitioner (CDP) certification. COST: FREE

DATE: January 15, 2019 TIME: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM LOCATION: East Los Angeles Doctors 4060 Whittier Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90023 An overall education on how each food group can affect our health and wellness. COST: FREE

Burbank Evening Looks DATE: December 15, 2018

The Food Mood Connection

TIME: 10:30 AM – 2:00 PM

DATE: December 13, 2018

LOCATION: MUD Studio LA 129 South San Fernando Boulevard Burbank, CA 91502

TIME: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM Social Media @makeupdesignory Learn face analysis, make-up selection, and the techniques used by professional make-up artists to create a beautiful, youthful look for any evening engagement. We encourage participants to bring their own make-up and brushes. COST: FREE

LOCATION: Community Hospital of Huntington Park 2623 Slauson Avenue Huntington Park, CA 90255 Food is one of the keys to positive moods. Learn a mood-boosting eating plan that will start your day on the right track and keep your moods balanced all day long! COST: FREE


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FitNFabs Winter 2018  

Obtain insights from experts on how to improve your mood and immunity and what to do to restore your energy and balance. Our double cover m...

FitNFabs Winter 2018  

Obtain insights from experts on how to improve your mood and immunity and what to do to restore your energy and balance. Our double cover m...

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