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A WORD FROM OUR PUBLISHER Dear Readers, Summer is the season to shine. It’s the time to look your best and feel your best whether you’re rewarding yourself with a weekend getaway or relaxing with your friends at a backyard cookout. We encourage you to take a moment to reflect on your own achievements, no matter how modest. Take credit for getting that job promotion, mastering that yoga pose or organizing your closet. For all of us at FitNFabs, we are celebrating people just like you who go through the ups and downs of life, and find the courage and strength to push through adversity. With this summer issue, let’s recognize some of these outstanding individuals. You’ll read about Audrie Echnoz who is making a huge impact on her community as executive director of the YMCA Hollywood. Travel the world with Amy Taylor as she walks the runways as a model and takes off from runways as a pilot. Finally, go behind the scenes with our cover model Ranella Ferrer who lost an astounding 60 pounds and is staging a musical career comeback. I have created FitNFabs with you, our wonderful readers, in mind so that I can help create limitless mindsets and to instill self-love and embrace our perfections and imperfections. We present you with expert advice from nutritionists, certified personal trainers, physical therapists and aestheticians. We are also promoting eco-friendly brands that consciously support your mind, body and spirit wellness, to present overlooked items you can’t live without! My commitment to my readers doesn’t stop with this publication. I bring our readers and experts together through expos and social mixers in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a celebration of the latest trends in fashion, health and fitness, and the perfect environment for you to grow the most knowledgeable and best YOU! Let’s connect! Follow us on social media @fitnfabs Submit your email under the Contact Us tab at, let us know you are interested in attending our events. Don’t miss out! Read on, get inspired and share your feedback and stories with us. Much love!



Rosalidia Dubon is an entrepreneur and educator in the media publishing and content marketing industries. She is the founder of Dubon Consulting and a committed advocate of women and children’s issues worldwide.



A San Francisco Bay Area writer and editor. In 2007 she created Imitation Fruit Literary Journal ( to showcase fun and upbeat short stories, poetry, and artwork. She blogs about the craft of writing and local historical places 4


FITNFABS Summer 2018



A business leader and advisor with expertise in personal growth. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration, and is certified in Board Education, Integrative Health & Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy.



Rick Green has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industries. He is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, licensed USA boxing coach level 3 and owner of Force Fitness in San Jose, CA.



An entrepreneur, art lover, international entertainer and philanthropist, Carmen Milagro is the founder of Borbón, a premium skin care brand with products made from the world’s finest exotic raw ingredients and inspired by homeopathic traditions.



A physical therapist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She sees patients at Agile Physical Therapy in San Carlos and has a private practice. She received her degree from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute and specializes in orthopedics with a focus on the metaphysical aspect of healing.



An entrepreneur, art lover, international entertainer and philanthropist, Dr. Nirali Patel is an acupuncturist and skincare specialist with a practice in San Mateo, California, with over 12 years of experience. She is the founder of Unique Remedy Skincare, a line of handcrafted, organic products targeting problematic skin.



Certified nutritionist, wellness counselor, strength and conditioning specialist, and a lover of food and healthy lifestyles, Lucinda takes classic recipes and converts them into healthy and low-calorie versions. She uses her knowledge and expertise to train marathon and track and field runners.





IS YOUR TYPE BB or cc? By Dr. Nirali Patel Finding your skin savior can be a challenge as there are so many different types of products on the market that help you achieve smooth and flawless looking skin. When natural skin treatments just aren’t enough, you can turn to other options that are healthier than the traditional thick skin suffocating foundations. In order to get the right look, you have to use the right product for your skin type. Let’s talk about BB and CC creams, two very popular options for correcting and concealing. You may be thinking What are they? What do they do? What is the difference? Who are they for? How are they used? Let’s answer these questions and clear up the confusion, shall we?

What are they?

BB creams are beauty balm creams while CC creams are color-correcting creams. BB and CC creams are for those who prefer the all-in-one approach without looking overdone. These will cover multiple steps in one application.

What do they do?

Both creams act as a primer, moisturizer, corrector, SPF and provide light foundation coverage. They do not provide full foundation coverage.

What is the difference?

BB creams have been the buzz ever since the concept was first popular in Korea. These creams provide skin care benefits while being ideal for those looking for light to medium coverage. Keep in mind, there are a range of BB creams for those with oily skin to dry skin. This option offers some coverage for a natural beauty skin. Think of a BB cream as a tinted moisturizer plus added skin benefits. CC creams are meant for those with an uneven skin tone, blotchiness, and pigmentation concerns. These are used to even out the skin tone and cover pigmentation. In order to cover pigmentation, the formulation is slightly more heavy and thick compared to BB creams. CC creams work by neutralizing color imperfections whether the goal is to cover up post-acne red marks or dark circles under the eyes.

Who are they for?

Anyone with any skin type can use BB or CC creams. You don’t necessarily have to choose one or the other. Depending on your skin’s needs and your desired final look, you can switch back and forth.

How are they used?

The application is fairly simple ­— wash your hands, squeeze the tube and blend into the skin. You can use clean fingers or a makeup blender. The choice is yours! 6



FUN IN THE SUN With a Natural SPF By Dr. Nirali Patel

Do you remember those hot summer days at the beach when your parents slathered white sunscreen all over your body? While you squirmed to get out of their hands to run across the scorching sand and dive into the ocean, you wondered, “what’s all this white stuff?” Sunscreen is used to protect the skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays that penetrate deep into the skin and cause long-term issues like premature skin aging and cancer. Not only that, but sunscreen also helps to prevent dark spots, uneven pigmentation, blotchiness, and red facial veins — which alone is reason enough to start using the best sunscreen you can find! It’s important to know that not all sunscreens are created equally. There are some things you should know before you slather on natural sunscreen and pop out into the sizzling summer sun. There are two main types of natural sunscreens – oils and zinc oxide. Just like the sunscreens found in stores, not all oils are strong enough for everyone. Those with fair skin will burn more quickly than those with darker skin tones. This means fair beauties need a higher SPF value to protect their delicate skin from long-term damage. So, what’s all the hype about natural sunscreens? The vast majority of drugstore sunscreens contain toxic ingredients and hormone disrupters. These, in fact, may actually increase your risk for skin cancer. The best alternative to these, are to use oils and zinc oxide.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

Here are some oils to put into your shopping cart:

Red Raspberry Seed Oil

This beautiful oil is a rich gold to red color with a fruity aroma and may be just as strong as titanium dioxide. It can have an SPF range of 28-50 depending on the quality of the oil. It protects against the sun’s UVA (tanning) and UVB (burning) rays. It’s high in vitamin E and C, is an anti-inflammatory and contains strong antioxidants making it healing and nourishing. Don’t be intimidated by its robust red color.

Carrot Seed Oil

This soothing essential oil is gentle on the skin, yet tough on the sun. It is amber-colored with a woody and earthy sweet aroma. This oil has an SPF factor of 38-40. Its strong antioxidants make it the forerunner of essential oils in protection of the skin from sun damage. Other oils contain SPF factors, but they are not strong enough to be used alone as they have SPF factors of less than 10. These include macadamia and hemp seed oils (SPF 6), avocado, sesame seed, hemp and jojoba oils (SPF 4), olive and coconut oils (SPF 2-8), and almond oil (SPF 5). While these oils may be enough for bronze skin-toned beauties, those with fair skin will need more SPF for adequate protection.

Zinc Oxide

Ah, that white stuff! Zinc oxide is one of the most natural and safe sunscreens. This physical sunscreen scatters the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, so they don’t penetrate the skin in the first place. Thanks to science and research, nowadays zinc rarely leaves a white film on the skin and instead, blends right in giving you an SPF value of 25 to 30. 7




Summer Nails By Shaheena Ali

Nails, nails, nails! Gotta love em’! Who’d have guessed such a small part of our body can make such a huge impact in our lives.

Nail art and design go back to 5000 B.C., in Egypt women used henna to dye their fingernails — like many Indian people still do — to show class ranking. Over the years we’ve learned to lighten up and have fun with various creative nails, tying them into the seasons of the year with unique shapes, sizes, and colors. Summer’s radiant colors are finally here in blue oceans, bright tropical flowers and warm beach sunsets which is why the gorgeous abalone nail polish is bursting through the nail industry in time for summer. Just like in an abalone shell, its mystical swirls of colors will make you feel sexier than a mermaid. If you live your life on the edge and prefer a bold look, then try a different color and pattern on every nail.


Glitter on one, stripes on another, try pastel next and maybe polka dots on the last nail? Let's not forget to accessorize with 3-D gems and studs giving your nails that pop they desire. Stiletto nails aka coffin nails are the newest hype. The long, narrow look with a flat tip resembles a coffin and can even make you feel like a seductress vampire on the prowl. The long, narrow nails give your fingers a feminine, slim look. I recently made the switch from short, square nails to long stiletto nails and love the confidence and sex appeal they give me. What nail color and shape will you pick this summer? Will it be the “girl next door” look in baby pink, short and squared? Or will it be dramatic red with long stiletto nails, bringing forth the diva? As long as you feel good on the inside, comfortable on the outside and confident all around then you’ve made the right choice. The way you want to be seen is up to you!




Taking a 14-hour flight or even a 1-hour flight with a crying infant aboard is daunting. Desperate to get some shuteye, we roll our eyes and wish the loud screeches away. It’s annoying for us, sure. But it’s worse for the embarrassed parent! Traveling with a child, or children, will always be an uphill battle. And yes, sometimes it will drive you (and others) insane, but that doesn’t mean family travel can’t be made easier. Here are some tips to keep your cool while traveling:

place. In fact, one thing or another will likely go wrong! Think about everything from the moment you step out your front door to the moment you arrive at your destination. A plan of action will greatly reduce unexpected bumps. Do you have a nagging feeling that you’re forgetting something? Before your trip, make a list for yourself and each member of the family. When it comes time to pack, just go down the list. If you don’t have time to make a list, find one online.

Make lists.

Don’t be shy. The sound of a screaming child is enough Opinions matter. Include your kid’s needs in the to melt our brains, especially in an enclosed space. Ask your neighbor for help. They want the crying to stop just as much as you do and will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

vacation planning. Find out where they want to go, what they want to do and when they want to do it. This will greatly reduce bickering and disagreements as everyone’s likes will be considered.

Move slowly. Avoid getting sucked into the airport

Prepare an anti-stress kit – this is for yourself!

rush by giving yourself plenty of time to get through security and to the other end of the airport without breaking a sweat. And if you do sweat, pull out a cooling facial wipe with the faint aroma of flowers and wipe the sweat away.

Use lightweight items. No one wants to be the

mom who can’t fold up that bulky stroller holding up the entire line when boarding a bus, train, or flight. Light strollers allow for easy movements. Speaking of lightweight, keep a facial mist at the top of your bag to spritz and refresh your skin after those stressful moments.

Plan, plan, plan. Traveling may be the one time the

Make a small kit of things that instantly soothe your body and mind. This may include anything from a cooling cucumber sheet mask to lavender scented socks. This kit should always stay at the top of your bag. The last thing you want to do is stress over looking for your anti-stress kit.

Keep calm and take a deep breath. You may think that you don’t have time to take care of yourself, but in fact, you do! When you finally get the kids to settle down, stop fighting, and stop crying take a moment to treat yourself. This is your moment to reach into your bag and grab the anti-stress kit. Sit back, apply your sheet mask and slowly drift away to your happy place.

universe doesn’t allow things to smoothly fall into



10 WAYS TO SHOW PEOPLE They Matter AND WHY IT'S IMPORTANT I once had the pleasure of being one of the first inductees into the Happiness Hall of Fame, an organization that honors people who are advancing happiness in the world. I was thrilled to be among other inductees from all walks of life such as athletes (Bubba Paris), film producers (Roko Belic) and Stanford professors (Dr. Fred Luskin). While people congratulated, praised and thanked me for my talk “Get High to be Happy”, I realized how important it is for every one of us to feel like we matter — and to acknowledge the people in our lives. Try these 10 ways to show people how much they matter to you.

1. SAY “THANK YOU” Whether it’s the waiter handing you the check or your partner folding your laundry, remember to say “thank you” and mean it. Don’t overlook the power of those two words and how they recognize a person.

2. FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE It’s often easiest to point out what your loved ones or employees do wrong rather than what they do right. Next time you’re about to criticize someone in your life, stop and think of something good you can say about that person instead. Tough love should always be balanced with positive feedback.

3. GIVE GIFTS Think of a reason to give someone a gift outside of a birthday, anniversary or holiday. Or perhaps, have no reason at all! A gift could be a poem, a present, a meal, a compliment, an outing or anything special you do for another like the gift of time or listening. 10

By Debbie Gisonni


4. SPEAK YOUR APPRECIATION Get into the habit of telling people what you love or appreciate about them. Say it when it counts the most and don’t wait until they’ve left you to say good things about the people in your life.

5. BE A HUGGER A hug or a shoulder rub can be all a person needs to feel like they’re appreciated. Touch creates a physical, emotional and spiritual connection that is critical at all stages of life from infanthood to adulthood.

6. MAKE EYE CONTACT Eye contact shows others that their presence, thoughts, and words are valuable to you.

7. BRAG IN PUBLIC If there’s someone in your life whom you feel should be recognized, do something public about it. It could simply be a toast during a small dinner gathering or a speech at a big party. What’s important is the intent to recognize someone in front of others.

8. BE PRESENT Nothing says “you don’t matter” more than picking up a call or texting while you’re with someone else. Turn off your cell phone and put it away. If you absolutely have to take a call, apologize, explain why and make it quick. It’s just good manners.

9. KEEP YOUR PROMISES Don’t be an undependable friend. If you’ve made plans with someone be respectful and show up. If you really can’t make it let the other party know asap. Your friend’s life and plans are just as important as yours.


We’re all part of the human race and deserve to be recognized equally. 11



PERFECTION IS OVERRATED. Be Happy Instead. By Debbie Gisonni

When I was younger, I wanted the perfect nose — one of those small, indistinctive noses that blend into the background of the model's face on a magazine cover. My Italian genetics, however, gave me another type of nose: a little long, a little bumpy, not terribly unpleasant, but definitely ethnic. I've thought about changing it many times, particularly when I started appearing on TV. (We all know the camera adds five pounds, and noses are no exception.) I've resisted the temptation partly because my nose is an integral part of who I am that I don't want to lose, and partly because there's a rebel inside of me who hates to conform to what society says is perfect.

4. If you’re doing something for someone else’s approval, let it go. You can’t live your life by other people’s standards.

Perfection is like a carrot on the end of a stick mounted to your head. You keep thinking you can grab it if you run hard enough, and sometimes you can get a little taste of it, but it's never quite enough. Wouldn't you rather be happy instead of perfect? I know I would, because when you're happy, everything is perfect, even a long nose.

8. Keep a “happy thoughts” journal, and write down whatever makes you happy each day.

Here are twelve ways to stop chasing perfection: 1. Redefine reality from what you see in the media to what you see in real life. What do the people around you look like? 2. Love your unique traits; they make you interesting to others. 3. Be grateful for everything you are and everything you have at this moment. 12

5. Have realistic expectations of yourself and others based on individual abilities and needs. 6. Stop replaying criticisms in your head that parents or teachers gave you. 7. Hit the reset button for the present time, and recognize all of your wonderful traits.

9. Invite guests for dinner even if your house isn’t spotless. They’ll never notice. 10. Be present with people instead of perfect by showing your own vulnerability. 11. Slow down and let others catch up. You don’t always need to be first. 12. Buy clothes that fit your personality, your body and your style, not what’s “in” or what everyone else is wearing. For a deeper understanding of yourself and your happiness, learn to meditate and connect with your inner spirit who’s always perfect.


5 MINUTES OF By Kat Bayly



Let’s look at how taking five minutes a day to practice self-reflection can help us move forward rather than cling to the past.

In this way, we can leave behind the negative and focus on the positive.


FINDING THE TIME Life can be incredibly busy with constant multi-tasking in order to stay on top of everything. Sometimes, finding the time to do anything but work, eat, and sleep can be a challenge. But how often in a day do we scroll through Facebook or Instagram? How often do we find ourselves zoning out in front of the TV? (I’m as guilty as the next person.) These are the moments where, with enough motivation, we could choose to look back at our day and our reaction or response to the events that happened.

GOOD OR BAD, IT DOESN’T MATTER Whether you’ve had the best or the worst day, it really doesn’t matter. In fact, self-reflection can be easier when we’ve had a rough time. If you’ve lost your temper in a confrontation or felt constantly low, self-reflection can help us to learn what happened. It can help us figure out what made us react and teach us where to go from there.

THE PRACTICE OF SELF-REFLECTION Self-reflection is supposed to be a short practice where we notice how we feel now and look back at what’s happened throughout the day that may have influenced this. It isn’t meant to be about over-thinking and judging ourselves for not being “perfect” but rather about feeling compassion for ourselves and vow to do better next time.

Self-awareness is a great tool that helps us understand what makes us feel good and what leaves us feeling deflated. It can teach us what situations can be fixed and which we have to walk away from. If we went through life without reflection, we would never blossom.

TAKING A STEP BACK Giving ourselves five minutes a day can help us to re-evaluate where we are right now. For example, if we are in a job that doesn’t suit us and ultimately makes us feel unmotivated, we may react badly towards our colleagues or bring that low mood home, interrupting precious family time. We can all aspire to be calm and collected through whatever life throws at us, but that’s not always possible. In the moment, we get caught up in our emotions and can turn into someone we don’t like. This is okay. This is life. But there is absolutely no harm in addressing your reactions later in the day, without being hard on yourself, and making a mental note to catch yourself next time. credit:


Inner Peace




Must Haves By Carmen Milagro

If you’re like us, you consider travel a necessity of life as important as breathing. Summer equals peak travel-time. Traveling opens your mind, your heart and can change you forever. Here at FitNFabs we believe the better prepared you are for summertime fun, the more you’ll enjoy your adventures.

When was the last time you reviewed the content of your packed-and-ready-to-go travel bag? Don’t fret. We’ve compiled this summer’s musthave items, so you don’t have to think about it. Just go! First, let’s start with the bag itself. You simply must have a Bōdi Bag from NET Effects Traders. The bags are made from colorful repurposed netting by empowered Cambodian entrepreneurs. Not only are Bōdi Bags extremely stylish and functional but they literally change lives! You’ll get hungry when you travel so pack emergency relief snacks inside your roomy bag.


Stay hydrated during travel with our next choice: A much-needed water bottle but not just any water bottle. This one is called Vibe Bottle. These bottles are made with intention and good positive vibes. They are practical and “green” — oven fired at 1300°F with scratch-proof ceramic ink on clear, beautiful, environmentally friendly glass — and decorated with sacred geometry designs representing, positive affirmations.


Stay healthy on your summer trips. Be sure to pack Hands on the Go by purehaven. It’s made out of organic essential oils that work to cleanse hands naturally with no alcohol, leaving hands soft and protected. Remember to protect your skin from the harsh sun and pack plenty of sunblock. If you travel alone, you may need some help applying lotion all over. Don’t leave home without the sunblock sprayer My Cabana Boy. Don’t stress while on vacation. Be sure to throw Soothing Herbal Massage Serum by Borbón (made with 70+% pure Hemp CBD Oil) in your bag. Have your “masseuse-in-a-bottle” at your beck and call. Just shake the bottle, roll on the serum and relax. Ahhh. Also, bring along a cleansing balm which doubles as a makeup remover. Purify, detoxify and cleanse your skin with Pùr•î•ty Cleansing Balm. This powerful composite of botanicals whisks away impurities and dissolves makeup while clearing enlarged pores that cause acne. Pack a good ol’ fashioned book — not a Kindle, not an iPad — simply a book. Paperback is best to pull out while relaxing at the pool! Traveling with kids? Pack a Boo-boo Bear – bring him along on your travels all over the world. He loves to take selfies and teaching children acceptance, kindness and love.


Exercise Your

Brain By Rick Green

Let’s talk about the part of our brain that assists with emotional responses and long-term memory. It’s called the hippocampus. It is a small organ within the brain's medial temporal lobe and an important part of the limbic system. Research has shown that hippocampal volume tends to be higher in physically fit adults and that regular physical activity training can decrease or reverse hippocampal volume loss later in life, leading to improved memory function. Research has also

FITNMINDFUL shown that regular exercise can spark the generation of new hippocampal neurons. Another study found that walking one mile a day can lower your risk for Alzheimer's, a disease associated with the hippocampus, by 48%.

What does this all mean?

Regular exercise is great for your brain! In addition to potential positive impacts to your hippocampus and memory function, regular physical activity is great for your brain for a host of other reasons such as improved cognitive function, decreased stress, relief from anxiety and overall boosts to your mood. Have you ever heard of “Runner’s High” — that feeling inside your body following intense exercise? That amazing euphoric feeling is actually your brain releasing endorphins and other “feel good" chemicals allowing you to push your body just a little bit further and feel great while doing it. Regular exercise also supports healthy aging and reduces the impacts of aging on the brain. Now, while you can't work out your brain like you would other muscles in your body, you can make those other muscles work for your brain. Try these workout options daily to give your brain a boost:

30 minutes of cardio or aerobic exercise using High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT) 60 minutes of endurance training through exercises such as jogging, hiking or walking 30 minutes of weight training with a light weight and high repetition ratio Health is a lifestyle that should encompass the whole person. This includes your mind, body and soul. 15

By Rosalidia Dubon She’s back! Ranella Ferrer had dropped out of the music scene for a few years, but now she’s found her spark again. Discovering her talent at an early age, the powerhouse soul singer and opening act for the likes of Stevie Wonder and Tyrese grew up in the Philippines and relocated with her family to Southern California where she continued to be a standout performer. She even caught the attention of musical composer, Dwayne Wayans Jr. who continues to mentor and support her with most of her projects to this day. As Ranella started to depend less on her family’s help with her career, she suddenly became a lot busier. Ranella was no longer able to keep up with regular exercise workouts, and she chose to eat unhealthy foods, resulting in weight gain and a loss of self-confidence. The weight gain changed how she lived her life. Used to performing in tight, low-cut sexy clothes, Ranella became depressed when she discovered she had to shop for XL sizes to fit her larger body. She could no longer pull off sultry dance moves during her concerts. When the opportunity to be a participant on “Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian” came along, Ranella recognized the possibilities of the opportunity and fully embraced the new healthy habits that came with the show. Sixty pounds lighter — and counting, the effusive and energetic Ranella is back on stage where she belongs as a TV show host and singer. Now on the cusp of another career breakthrough, Ranella Ferrer shares with us her story of physical transformation and a rekindled desire to sing and perform. 16



What’s your first memory of singing and performing?

What has been your favorite project so far and why?

I feel like I’ve been singing since I was in my mother’s womb. I was already humming tunes as a toddler. My dad would try to get me to sing in front of people by bribing me with money — but he really didn’t need to!

The show “Revenge Body” was really fun. The struggle, in the beginning, was there. I had to weigh myself every day in front of 12 producers. Sharing what I do and what I eat was tough. But the whole experience humbled me and has been a great part of my journey.

At what age did you come to America and what kind of opportunity were you expecting to get? I arrived when I was 13, and to be honest, I didn’t realize I had entered the music industry. I met Dwayne Wayans Jr. in high school when he was dating my hairdresser. He became like my big brother and really showed me the way through the business.

What challenges did you have to overcome in your career? There were quite a few challenges: my Filipino background, being a woman in a man’s industry, people trying to group me musically to “just go pop”, and the pressure to join a group instead of going solo. I had to make sure that I stayed sane while balancing my schedule.

What motivated you to keep going? My family, friends and fans in the Philippines believed in me, and that confidence was a constant motivation for me. One of the greatest goals that I had set for myself was to go global and become a household name as an Asian and Filipina. Lea Salonga had done it on Broadway. Arnel Pineda became the lead singer for Journey. They had paved the way and inspired me to reach higher. When I was labeled the “Asian Queen of Soul” and “Best Female Vocalist”, I was humbled, grateful, and empowered.

What was the cause of the threeyear hiatus from your music career? Of course, it was the weight gain! And the weight gain led to depression. I wanted to prove to my family that I could navigate the music business without their help. Support and encouragement were what I truly needed, but I turned them away. When I started working more, I stopped going to the gym, and I went through a break-up which didn’t help.

What low points did you experience during your weight struggles? I lost my self-confidence. I wasn’t able to perform on stage the way I’d like to when I was overweight. When you're a heavier girl dancing around professional dancers doing sexy moves, you’re not sexy. I was used to shopping small to medium sizes, and I found myself having to shop XL. It’s depressing. I’m known for wearing bright, artsy clothes, short shorts, and short skirts. When I was heavier, I couldn’t wear the same thing. When it came to dating my options of men were very limited to what I normally have. In Los Angeles, it is the land of the pretty and the sexy, so I wasn’t the cute girl anymore. The weight struggle helped me figure out who’s real and who’s not in my life. Down to knowing what men want from me now. If they weren’t there for me at my low point, then obviously they don’t deserve me at my best time. 17

PEOPLE What was the driving force behind wanting to lose the weight? I wanted to get my life together and back to where it was. I just wanted to be the best version of myself.

How did being a participant on “Revenge Body” motivate you to get back on track with your career? Oh man! It made a big impact that I wasn’t expecting. My story, as a musician who gained weight, was told in an authentic and real way and didn’t just focus on one aspect of who I am. Doing “Revenge Body” really helped me create a platform for myself. It’s empowering to have women tell me that I inspired them. I am beyond humbled and grateful that my story got told.

How much weight did you lose? What fitness strategy did you learn? I lost over 60 pounds. The workouts I do are cardio and hiking. I love hiking! If you’re trying to lose weight, it starts off as a diet, but as you start reaching your goals, it becomes a lifestyle.

Which exercises and diets helped you lose weight? Drinking a gallon of water a day is very important. It helps my skin, it helps my health, it makes me feel fuller. As far as working out, I have a Fitbit and do 14,000 steps a day. I keep myself busy even if I’m at the office, I’ll get up from the desk and pace back and forth. Switch things up by learning different workouts. One thing that I came to realize, you really have to connect with your body mentally and think “I’m going to work on my crunches.”


What are your typical daily meals? I still have my morning coffee for a pump of energy. Normally I’ll start off with a powdered protein drink. I try to eat salad at least once a day with chicken breast. I eat almonds for snacks and apples for fresh snacks. When I’m on the go, I will have a smoothie.

How does it feel after your transformation to be back in the spotlight during huge performances? Once you start getting back into the gist of it, it feels like home again. Even singing the national anthem I don’t get as nervous as I used to at all.

What music projects are you currently working on? I’m working on a single that speaks to female empowerment. It hits close to home. I’ve been working on this song for the last two years. I know what I want to say and what I want to embrace.

Compare the experience of being an opening performer for music acts and for sporting events. If you’re the opening act you have to kill it, otherwise the audience wants to see the main act. At sporting events, the only competition is you against you.

What can you share with other women who would like to find better health through fitness? Be fearless and believe that you can actually do it. I had to look into my soul and say “I can do this, I am going to do this.” Once you put yourself there you can make it happen. The universe will give it to you.

FITNINSPIRING What continues to motivate you throughout your music journey? Honestly, music is my purpose. It’s something beyond me now. I feel like I tried to stop it before but it’s like God keeps pulling me back into it. I’m happy when people message me to say I motivated them. It makes my family proud, it makes me proud, it makes my nation proud.

What would you say to other women who struggle in pursuing their passions? It’s a daily effort that you have to build continually. Confidence is built through believing in what you have and want for yourself. It’s putting yourself out there to practice, practice, practice. Don’t be afraid to fail and learn from mistakes. I educated myself about everything that comes with my craft and industry, from manager to PR. If you know what’s in your heart, the fire that burns inside you, then follow that. If I listened to everyone else about what I should have done, I wouldn’t be where I am. Learn, explore, make mistakes, and live your life.

Why have you chosen soul music over other genres? I’m open to everything, but my vocal capabilities have put me where I am. Soul is the music I’ve been directed to with the type of songs I’ve created.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of performing in front of thousands? Bringing people together and connecting them through my performances. I also enjoy seeing my family happy watching me perform when they come to a national anthem event.

Who would you love to collaborate with and why? Bruno Mars and Drake. I would love to collaborate with Kanye just to see how crazy it would be. I would have loved to do something with Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. Oh, and Sean Paul just because I’d love to do a reggae song.

Do you volunteer for any social cause? Right now I am volunteering with Global Sisterhood which I am very proud to be a part of. The sisterhood members are from all over the world, and they change lives. For example, women who are doctors go to Pakistan and help people rebuild.

What are three things on your bucket list? Sing at the Super Bowl, perform in a worldwide tour, and start a wonderful family living as normally as I can with the life that I have. 19


WELLNESS Top 3 Bedtime Breathing Exercises To Ensure a Good Night's Rest By Ester Ekhart

We all know the importance of sleep. Lack of sleep has implications for our mental health and immune system. Not enough sleep can make us feel grumpy, groggy and puts us at risk of developing a worryingly long list of diseases. Enough sleep makes us feel energetic, positive and alert. Less is more when you approach bedtime so keep calm, slow and mindful. I like to move around a bit before going to bed, stretching out my body for five minutes or so, in combination with mindful breathing. This helps to release the big muscle groups and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the body's rest and digest response. Once in bed, I’m either asleep before I know it or I do breathing exercises to help me fall asleep more quickly.

My three favorite bedtime breathing exercises: 1. Count your exhalations

Count your exhalations from five down to one and start again when you reach one. Allow the breath to flow evenly in and out and when your mind wanders, guide your attention back to the count of your exhalation.

2. Lengthen your exhale

Try to exhale slowly while relaxing all of the muscles in your body at the same time. This activates the rest and digest part of the nervous system. The exhale can be 1.5 or 2 times longer than the inhale. Make sure your breath still feels relatively comfortable otherwise you'll feel more stressed and agitated, rather than less so. 20

3. Left nostril breathing

Try this exercise only when you can breathe easily and comfortably through your left nostril. The left side of our body represents the moon channel; the more cooling and introverted aspects of ourselves. The right side represents the sun channel with more heating and extroverted characteristics. In this technique, lie on your right side, and with your right thumb block your right nostril. As you breathe in and out of your left nostril, feel how you are cooling and calming your body. Do this for 3-5 minutes. Then return to your natural breath. credit:





Summer is the perfect season for outdoor activities like barbeques and beach parties with friends and family. The hot summer temps mean we’ll be expending more energy than normal. It’s important that we eat the right foods and snacks to stay active. Let’s take a look at some of the best healthy snacks that you can try this summer to keep your body lean and healthy.

Kale Chips While most of us are used to potato chips, scientific studies have shown that potatoes contain lectins which irritate the gut lining and can lead to impaired digestion. Kale chips, on the other hand, are easier to digest and are lower in calories. Prepare your own chips by baking cleaned and dry kale for approximately 15 minutes. Then sprinkle with seasoning.

Smoothie Bowls Instead of digging into fat and sugar-laden ice cream this summer, try a smoothie bowl instead. The choice between consuming your smoothie as a drink or as a spoon-ready medley of addons is a fun one to make. You can blend frozen bananas, blueberries, strawberries, or cherries with ice. Then top your smoothie bowl off with some crunchy granola or diced fruit for extra flavor.

thirst, it’s a very unhealthy choice. Studies have established a link between soda consumption and chronic heart disease. Drink sparkling water instead to get that irresistible bubbly sensation without all the sugar.

Summer Mocktail After a long day of soaking up the sun cool down with a refreshing mocktail – a cocktail without the alcohol. Making a virgin margarita is easy! Squeeze lime juice and agave over ice and blend. Avoid pre-made mixtures because some of them are high in glucose and fructose.

Carrot Sticks and Homemade Guacamole Chips and dip are “go to” party snacks but are often high in fat. Go the healthy route and pair carrot sticks and cucumber slices with guacamole in place of chips and dip. Carrots are rich in vitamin A while guacamole is rich in monounsaturated fat making it healthier than the usual party dip.

Sparkling Water The hot summer weather gets us thirsty quite quickly. While a cold soda may seem like the perfect way to quench your 21



CONGRATULATIONS! Summer is here,

and you’ve done it. Since January 1st you have exercised daily, maintained a healthy diet and pushed yourself harder than you thought you could be pushed. It was a lot of work, but it has all paid off. You are ready for summer and summer beachwear. Now here comes the challenge because the summer months are a real test of discipline and willpower. The summertime is full of all-day pool parties, backyard BBQ’s, picnics in the park and vacations with family or friends. And, let’s not forget 4th of July festivities. This means fun in the sun but also, lurking around every corner, opportunities to consume too many unhealthy meals or to skip out on workouts. It’s easy to get caught up enjoying all that summer has to offer putting your “summer body” maintenance plan by the wayside. By the time September hits, you’re back to square one and facing the holiday season. So, how do you maximize your summertime without squandering all of your hard work? I’ve come up with a few “Do’s” and “Don'ts” to help set you up for success.


ALLOW YOURSELF TO LIVE A LITTLE BUT REMEMBER YOUR PORTIONS Let’s get real. Bringing your own prepared meals to every social gathering this summer is not a viable option. Even if 22

it were, we all still want to indulge every now and again. The best thing you can do for your healthy diet this summer is not to deny yourself the treats you love. Ribs at the BBQ? Great. Calamari on vacation? Perfect. Ice Cream on 4th of July? Go for it! The more you deny yourself, the more the temptation will build, causing you to overindulge when you finally give in. The key is to consume in moderation and with an eye to portion control or lighter alternatives. For example, instead of ribs at a BBQ, you could opt for a sensible portion of pulled pork. Or, instead of a whole bowl of ice cream, shoot for half a cup. And if you’re going to order calamari, ask for a baked option rather than fried. When incorporated into an otherwise healthy diet, these treats will be just that. Eating should be enjoyable, not stressful, so go out and enjoy!


STOP EXERCISING, ADJUST YOUR WORKOUT ROUTINE Between the traveling, long weekends and a house full of kids home from school, maintaining your exercise plan throughout the summer months may seem unrealistic. Before you throw in the towel know that not exercising after months of regular workouts is the worst thing you could do for you newly achieved “summer body.” Rather than skip workouts, simply adjust your routine to fit your summer schedule. If you’re staying in a hotel that doesn’t have a gym, do some exercises that require only your body weight such as planks, lunges or squats. If your kids are home for the summer,

FITNHEALTHY make exercising a family affair. Swim at the local pool, bike ride through the neighborhood or play a friendly game of soccer in the park. Your kids will have a blast while you get in some laps, miles, and sprints. Be flexible and creative in order to make your physical health a priority this summer, and you will have that “summer body” through fall, winter, and spring.


IT FOR YOURSELF, NOT FOR SUMMER There’s a lot of pressure to get in shape for the summer, but what’s most important is that you love the shape you are in and strive to be the healthiest version of you! Health is a lifestyle and while you can definitely benefit from fitness goals, setting an unrealistic expectation for

yourself using milestones like summer is simply not sustainable. In some cases, fast weight loss or overtraining can be unhealthy and dangerous. Be committed to your health and consider yourself in it for the long haul. Stay positive and be kind to yourself in the process. You may have a setback here and there but each new day brings a new chance to work on your health. Remember, your hard work is an investment in you, and you are absolutely worth it! Be healthy for life, not just for the summer.




5 LEAN ALTERNATIVES For Summer Barbeques By FitNFabs

No matter the theme of the summer party cookout – tiki or pink flamingo – there will be a variety of delicious foods laid out. While all these foods are tantalizing, some may not be healthy and can pose a challenge to those of us trying to maintain a healthy diet. Party foods are often high in calories, fat, and sugar. The good news is there are several alternatives to favorite summer BBQ foods which are just as delicious and even more nutritious.

REPLACE RIBS WITH LEAN CUTS OF MEAT The star food at any barbeque party is the ribs. Their smoky flavor makes them one of the most popular food options. However, ribs are not the healthiest of foods because they are high in fat and smothering them in sweet sauce just worsens the situation. Try replacing your barbeque ribs with a leaner cut of beef like flank steak.

BAKED BEANS – NO SUBSTITUTION NEEDED Baked beans are a perfect barbeque delicacy in taste and nutrition. They are rich in fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates and are low in fat. Studies have shown that the consumption of beans at least four times a week lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions. Baked beans also contain high levels of minerals such as iron which helps with the formation of red blood cells.

FRESH FRUITS AND RAW VEGETABLES Fresh fruits and vegetables are great to snack on if you’re looking to go lean this summer. They are nutritious and contain much fewer 24

calories than deep fried potato chips. Fruits are high in antioxidants which help to naturally reduce digestive inflammation.

REPLACE MAYO WITH VINEGAR ON COLESLAW Mayonnaise-based coleslaw is packed with fat and calories which doesn’t help your diet when you’re trying to keep fit. Drizzle vinegar on your coleslaw instead which contains no fat at all. Easily identify vinegar-based coleslaw on the party table by looking for whether the salad is clear or creamy.

AVOID BRISKET AND GO FOR STEAK Most of us consider meat dripping in fat like brisket as it is served up to be delicious. However, this type of meat contains a lot of calories which aren’t healthy for us. In fact, it is advised that you eat lean cuts of steak instead. Aside from being tender, steak is full of nutrients such as vitamin B and iron.


Frosty Vegan

Snacks By Lucinda Gonzalez

Finally, some heat! I honestly thought that after the frigid winter and equally cold spring, we’d never see any warm weather. In the spirit of sweltering heat, I’m going to share a few nutritious vegan snack ideas that will cool your entire family. Strawberries and bananas are featured in most of the recipes because, well, they’re delicious. The natural sweetness of these fruits avoids having to add any sugars or preservatives.

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream Ingredients: 2 cups chopped strawberries 1 tbs of agave nectar (optional) Chop strawberries in half. Freeze strawberries. Use a food processor to blend the frozen strawberries adding the optional agave. Keep blending until the mixture smooths out into soft strawberry ice cream. Eat out of the bowl or freeze for later. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy!

FITNHEALTHY Strawberry Banana Ice Cream Ingredients: 1-2 frozen bananas cut into chunks 1 cup of frozen strawberries cut into chunks 1/4 cup of soy, almond or rice milk Place bananas and strawberries in your food processor and blend together. After about 5 minutes of blending, add milk. The result you’re looking for will be smooth and creamy, just like ice cream without any added sweetener!

Green Smoothie Ice Pops Ingredients: 1 banana, peeled 1/2 cup frozen strawberries 1/4 cup raspberries 1/2 cup orange juice (vegan-friendly like Simply Orange) 2-3 handfuls of fresh spinach Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend to combine. Divide smoothie into Popsicle molds and freeze for 2 hours.

Frozen Grapes Take a bunch of grapes and place them in the freezer for 1 hour. Serve and enjoy!



Inflammatory Foods to By FitNFabs Did you know that approximately 80 million people living in the United States suffer from cardiovascular diseases? According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disorders are some of the most common fatal diseases. The World Cancer Research Fund has also reported that approximately 8 million people die from cancer every year. Both cardiovascular and cancer disorders are manifestations of underlying chronic inflammatory processes. At the core of every medical disease lies inflammation, the process through which our bodies respond to injury or infective agents. Certain foods promote inflammation. It’s important to focus on reducing our consumption of inflammatory foods.


Everybody likes sweet food. However, excessive sugars in foods have proven to be potentially harmful. An article published in the Journal of Endocrinology reported that the consumption of excess sugar can lead to increased production of proinflammatory cytokines, signaling molecules that promote inflammation. The article also reports that sugar suppresses the immune system by limiting the ability of white blood cells to fight germs. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that participants who consumed a low-glycemic index diet had significant reductions in inflammatory markers such as C-reactive proteins. Satisfy your sweettooth with non-inflammation causing sweeteners like stevia or honey. 26

XVegetable Cooking Oils

Common vegetable oils have very high levels of omega-6 oils and very low omega-3. Studies have shown that an imbalance between omega-6 and omega-3 promotes inflammation and exacerbates chronic inflammatory disorders. Try edible oils such as macadamia oil and extra virgin olive oil instead of omega-6 saturated cooking oil fat.

XDairy Products

Did you know that approximately one in every four adults cannot digest milk? This can be due to lactose intolerance and sensitivity to casein proteins. Dairy is made up of fats that trigger inflammatory processes resulting in symptoms such as stomach upset, diarrhea, constipation, and dermatological manifestations like skin rashes, acne, and hives. Swap out milk with unsweetened yogurt for your daily dose of calcium. The lactose in yogurt has already been broken down by bacteria resulting in a break for your stomach.



Studies have found a link between the consumption of red meat and chronic inflammatory disorders. Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine found that upon the consumption of red meat, the body develops anti-Neu5Gc antibodies against Neu5Gc antigens found in red meat. This immune response causes chronic inflammation. Red meat has also been implicated as a contributing factor in the causation of carcinomas, a type of cancer. Nutritionists advise limiting your consumption of red meat and encourage the addition of organic vegetables to your diet.

XRefined Grains

Refined grains have become very common. In fact, most of the foods we consume today are made of refined grains. These grains lack fiber and vitamin B. They also have very high glycemic indices and exacerbate chronic illnesses such as diabetes mellitus. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, the consumption of refined grains resulted in high concentrations of inflammatory marker, PAI-1. Replace refined grains with whole grains like popcorn and brown rice or steel-cut oats which retain their full nutritional value.




IS THE NAME OF MY GAME By Rosalidia Dubon

Growing up in California, Amy Taylor started modeling at a young age working the runway for Macy’s stores. She received her undergraduate degree at Berkeley. With a grandfather who was a pilot teaching her the ins and outs of aviation, she eventually became a commercial pilot with an Arizona license. Amy breaks the stereotypes of beautiful women. Gifted and a member of MENSA, she is living proof that women can do anything that they set their mind to. Known for her amazing drive and tenacity, Amy always carries the attitude of a warrior. She believes

that no one can break her down because she never quits. “Resilience and staying true to yourself and your dreams is the path that will bring you happiness,” she says. Amy is of Italian and Hungarian ancestry and takes great pride in living life on her own terms and being unique. One of Amy’s greatest role models was her Hungarian grandmother. Having traveled to 45 countries, she is eager to see more of the world! Travel is her only addiction. She also focuses on self-care by setting aside time for meditation and not letting her smartphone become a distraction.

What do you enjoy the most about modeling? I love being around people who are creatively talented. It’s amazing how they see things differently.

How did you feel when you landed your first magazine cover? Proud of course. My first major magazine cover was a year and a half ago. I got it because I’m an old woman (laughs) and the world tells you that you should retire from modeling after 30. I’m proud of the the whole team. The shoot was two days of physical hiking and moving around in the hot weather by a cliff.

Are there any drawbacks to modeling? Sure, you have to hang onto your looks as best you can which takes lots of money, time, and effort and you sacrifice mental energy; it feels almost narcissistic when you have to spend that much time on your looks, but it’s a part of the industry. 28

FITNINSPIRING Who has been your biggest inspiration? She’s not a model or a pilot, and she just died in December, it would be my grandmother. She was a refugee in Holland from Hungary. She went to the Amazon and did photography of the native people out there. I can relate to her a lot. She spoke six languages and was brilliant in many ways.

Why did you decide to pursue modeling and aviation simultaneously? It happened in series. I grew up in Sacramento and started doing small-time runways with Macy’s. Aviation was later down the line. My grandpa was a pilot so I learned to fly small planes with him. I wanted to learn to fly big ones, but it’s hard unless you’re rich or have access to that. When I moved to LA, modeling was easier because everyone was doing it.

What do you enjoy the most about being a pilot? I enjoy everything about flying — from having the most beautiful view of the world to the engineering and mechanics of combustion, fire and piston. People in the aviation industry have a high standard of professionalism and tradition of precision which is quite admirable. And who doesn’t like flying and traveling? I love the fact that I can get on a plane and go anywhere in the world in just one day and come back the same night to my loved ones.

If you could fly anywhere right now, where would you go and why? The Maldives because I’d want to stay in one of those over the water bungalows. I want to go wading in the water around those villas and be able to walk through the water for miles out.

What’s the most magical vacation you have had? Tahiti when I was in college. I enjoyed being in one of those bungalows with my boyfriend at the time, we had lots of French wine!

What made you decide to focus on fitness as a lifestyle? My dad was a bigtime marathon runner and he was my inspiration. So I was exposed to that and I did kiddy fun runs, I feel like I was built to run. I love working out because it balances me out. It works out my mind and body and fulfills my vanity needs because when you look good, you feel good.

What are your current fitness goals? Overall feel and look good. I incorporate yoga, ballet, and surfing.

What do you do to keep grounded? I do a lot of yoga because I think it’s great for the soul. I refuse to let my phone make me into a distracted robot. I leave the phone at home and go walk on the beach with my dog. I avoid people who make me feel bad. You don’t have a lot of time in this life, and you can’t spend it with people who drain you.




As a smart, strong and beautiful woman, what advice do you give to girls and young women as they start their own careers?

If you could turn back the clock ten years, what would you have done differently in your career? It sounds so cliché. The short answer is I wouldn’t because every decision has driven me to where I am. Maybe I wouldn’t have poked a bear a couple of times.

At 40 years old your modeling career is going strong, what do you attribute your success to? Some luck because I think it’s a good time to be older. There is a new industry called “gray industry” with a much wider spread of age, size, and race. My success is in great part due to my integrity, honor, commitment, energy, looks, and my ability to be on time. There is something to be said about being professional and showing up.

First of all, don’t ever let anyone define what you can and can’t do. Countless people have tried to bring me down by using labels. I know that when I exceed my own expectations, I exceed other people’s expectations. That puts an end to all stereotypes. So my advice to young girls is to ignore all the naysayers, set high standards and aim for excellence.

What’s been one of the most life-changing pieces of advice that you’ve received? My dad told me that if I am always my authentic self and align with my reality, then I’ll have no competition. I had great parents who let me experience life freely to find myself.

How do you keep yourself inspired and driven in your career? I approach work with a positive attitude. Work is fun! As soon as I wrap up one project, I’m looking forward to the next one. I also get to switch between modeling and flying to keep things exciting. Nothing can stop me — except when I have to retire legally at 65 from aviation. Then I’ll pursue a Ph.D or open a restaurant!

Fun Facts with Amy Taylor: Who’s your celebrity man crush? Eric Bana

What food do you dislike? Octopus

What are some of your hobbies? Scuba diving, skiing, piano, golf, tennis, polo, cooking

Who’s your favorite actress? Angelina Jolie

Which SoCal beach is your favorite? Laguna Beach and Treasure Island beach by the Ritz-Carlton Body part you enjoy working out the most? Quads and glutes with squats 30

Are you a cat or dog person? Dog What’s your favorite sport? To do - beach volleyball To watch - NBA or college basketball




1. Is natural sugar considered real sugar Gloria Hertz, San Diego, CA

Natural sugar is found in fruit, vegetables, and other foods that have naturally occurring sugar in them like apples or sweet potatoes. It is totally healthy to consume sugar in this way because the fiber in those foods helps you process the sugar without storing it as fat. The sugar you want to avoid is any added sugars that come in processed packaged foods. Anything with a nutrition label listing sugar as added is not naturally occurring. For example, granola-bars have added sugar, and that’s what you want to avoid.

2. What are superfoods?

Lindsey Graham, San Carlos, CA Superfoods can essentially be classified as any food that contains an extremely dense concentration of vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, as well as antioxidants, good fats,

healthy enzymes, or other healthy properties that help to treat, lower the risk of or prevent specific diseases and maladies. If you are consuming a wide variety of fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds, you are likely getting a ton of superfoods!

3. Is soy full of female hormones? Diana Vasquez, Los Feliz, CA

Soy is very controversial. It is highly genetically modified, and because of that, it is something that we should be very careful about consuming. It mimics estrogen, which is a female hormone, so when ingesting large amounts of soy, if we’re not paying attention to the source, it can have a negative impact on our hormones. It’s best to avoid soy unless you are choosing non-GMO, organic sources.

Submit your questions for our Nutritionist, Heather Zander at

Heather Zander With a B.S. in exercise, nutrition and wellness from Cal State East Bay, she focuses on helping people take charge of their health.




By Laurel Mines Even though we’re upright bipedal animals, we spend a lot of time bent forward or in flexed postures. We sit for hours at desks working on computers. Some of us travel for work and sit through long flights. Stooping down to the level of our children puts us in flexion. All these flexed positions can put wear and tear on our spines. The constant pressure on our spine by spending too much time in flexed postures can lead to low back pain or even sciatica. When I ask my patients, “How did your back pain start?” The answer I get many times is “All I did was sit.” For all the time we spend in flexed postures, we have to counteract that by spending time in extension or extended postures meaning upright. Here are some ways to accomplish this:

1. Take breaks. It's good to take a break every 1-2

hours and try not to sit for longer than 3-4 hours at a time.

2. Counteract flexion with extension. Put your hands on your hips. Bend backward to extend your spine creating a curve backward. 32

3. Walk it out. Take a lap around the office or the

block. Walking puts your back into extension and also gets the blood pumping through your body to your spine.

4. Stretch often. Some of the muscles in your legs can pull on the back if they get too tight after sitting for prolonged periods. Stretch the spine, hip flexors, and hamstrings. To stretch the spine: Lay on your stomach to do a Cobra Stretch. Use your hands to push your chest up off the floor while keeping your hips flat. To stretch the hip flexors: Kneel with one leg up and one leg down with the back knee on the ground. Shift your weight forward leaning into the front of your hip. To stretch the hamstrings: Lay on your back. Grab under your thigh and hold with both hands. Try to straighten your leg. Hold these stretches for 30 seconds on each side for three repetitions a few times a week. See a medical professional for serious cases of back pain or if you’re suffering from constant discomfort.



Best Techniques to

Calculate Fitness By Laurel Mines

Is stepping on the scale the only way to measure fitness levels? Actually, it’s just one of several valid ways to track fitness progress. Each of us have different body compositions and how much we weigh isn’t the end-all measurement of fitness and health.

on the scale stays the same. Try taking actual circumferential measurements of your waist, thighs or arms. Measure the same place every week for consistency and comparison. For example, measure at the smallest part of your waist or 6 inches above the top of your kneecap.

It’s important to identify your body type and embrace it because that’s what Mother Nature gave you.

Distance, Time or Both

Which of these three body types are you?

Ectomorphs - Lean and long with difficulty building muscle

Endomorph - Higher body fat with a tendency to store fat

Mesomorphs - Muscular with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells

Maybe you want to run faster, farther or for a longer time. Make an endurance goal and keep increasing the number as you meet your goal.

Frequency Want to build strength? Focus on how many pushups or how much weight you can squat. Step back from the scale and watch yourself cover more ground, lift more weight and shrink that waist as you track your fitness progress.

You may be one body type with tendencies of another type. For example, you may be a mesomorph with endomorph tendencies. Tailor your diet and exercise program around your body type and fitness goal. Maybe you're an endomorph who wants to focus on a strength-based program to build muscle or maybe you have a higher cardio focus because your body tends to store more fat. Now that you know your body type, consider focusing on these numbers to measure fitness instead of what the scale says.

Circumferential Measurements Muscle is more dense than fat, but fat can take up more space. You may be in a gym routine that is building muscle and burning fat yet the number 33

Summer Swim



EASE INTO A By Laurel Mines

Fun Way to Get Moving

Swimming is a great option to jumpstart a weight loss program especially if you have more than a few extra pounds to shed. Grinding away on the treadmill may put too much stress on your joints when first starting an exercise regimen.

Myths about Swimming Efficient Way to Burn Calories As summer heats up, the sparkling blue swimming pool beckons. Splashing around in the water is a great way to cool off and vigorous movement in the pool holds other benefits too. Ease into water aerobics or swim a few laps for summertime exercise.

Truths about Swimming Great Source of Low Impact Exercise Swimming offers an exercise modality that is low impact on your joints. Due to buoyancy, your body weighs less in water than it does on land. Exercising in water puts less pressure on your joints so you can move with less impact on them.

Helps Rehab Injuries Suit up for the pool and take advantage of swimming if you have an injury and are unable to load a joint as usual. 34

Although swimming is a good cardiovascular exercise, if high-calorie burn is what you’re after, running might be a better choice as running typically burns more calories. The amount of calories burned while running depends on the intensity, duration, and efficiency of movements.

Great for All Over Conditioning Swimming doesn't transfer to other activities. If you want to get better at running or biking, swimming won't help you get better at those activities.

Comprehensive Rehab Workout Swimming is only the beginning of a rehab program. If you are rehabbing an injury, it's important to get back to land-based exercises when able. We live on land, so training in the water doesn't always relate to land-based activities. Swimming can be a great addition to your workout routine but make sure your swimming program lines up with your goals. Don’t forget to supplement your swimming program with the right additions to maximize your fitness or rehab.



Time To Get Physical


It’s easy to throw something off in your body if you’re not careful or know the correct way to perform an exercise. Our mission is to help you get through your physical goals in a way that is injury free or to help you ease into your workout if you already have an existing injury.

Check out our models Rebekah and Shelly in our videos at


PEOPLE A Thoughtful and compassionate leader finds her purpose as Executive Director at the Y L.A. By Rosalidia Dubon When Audrie Echnoz first joined the YMCA Gardena as its Program Director, she thought that she was in charge. She started to order everyone around, but she didn't get the results that she wanted. Eventually, she discovered that she had a smart, resourceful and capable staff and started to listen and get feedback from them. It was then that she became an effective leader. The lessons that she learned on the job combined with a passion and commitment to the community have resulted in a number of accolades for Audrie, including the Gardena Valley Chamber of Commerce's Outstanding Women award. After serving as the Executive Director of the YMCA Metropolitan Los Angeles, Audrie is now the executive director of the YMCA Hollywood and recognized as a thought leader and expert in community development. Her successful track record in the business world is the culmination of personal journey in self-discovery and empowerment. Growing up in a large family as


an active student-performer-athlete, she felt the need to overcompensate to get noticed. Over time, she learned to embrace certain life principles that have since served her well. Whether it's her work with the community or her relationship with her husband and children, it all revolves around being genuine. She believes that everyone in this world is special and has a purpose — with no regard to title, money or power. Let's meet Audrie now.

What attracted you to be part of the YMCA organization?

I started working for the Y almost 20 years ago when my oldest child began swim lessons. I felt the warmth and sense of community from the staff and other Y members. I immediately felt like I belonged, and at that time in my life, I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere.

FITNINSPIRING The Y focuses on three very important areas: Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility. Each of our programs incorporates an emphasis on character values; Honesty, Caring, Responsibility, and Respect. This embraced so much of what I am passionate about! I haven’t looked back since!

How does this particular YMCA create community? What are the challenges unique to the Hollywood area?

Each Y is unique in that we listen to the needs of our community and serve in the best way we can to meet those needs. The Hollywood Y is very unique; we sit in the middle of a huge tourist setting but are surrounded by beautiful neighborhoods with long-time residents. We are visited by people in the entertainment industry who prefer to keep a low profile during a quick work out, while serving our longtime family members who have invested in our Y for 30 years or more. The Y provides a safe place for people to join together in one spot, to become one. Our members connect and share stories over a cup of coffee; they make new friends as their kids play together, and develop new skills or volunteer, all as a community. Unexpected relationships are formed, and many have lasted decades, all starting here at the Hollywood Y.

What programs have you developed or expanded to encourage healthy living? Do social media and technology come into play?

2017 was my first year serving as the Executive at the Hollywood YMCA. Our team was able to launch our Teen Program, our Youth and Government Program and Fit Kids. We also expanded our fitness classes which include beginning TRX. Additionally, we added another school to our PE program where we provide physical education on school grounds for elementary students. Each of our programs includes a fitness component including exercise and nutrition education.

Our teens are of course, excellent in using social media and enjoy posting about their Y experiences. They create their own hashtags and love their selfies. We also include computers and program software plus tablets for our teens to access for school projects and college research. We encourage the community to like our Facebook page for Hollywood YMCA to keep up with our activities, or you can follow #ymcala on Instagram.

What organizations do you collaborate with and turn to for additional support and resources?

The first people I turn to are my Board of Managers. This group is made up of local community leaders who are passionate about our cause; strengthening the community. They dedicate their time and resources to ensure our YMCA thrives and continues to impact our community in the most relevant ways. They support and guide me day in and day out and are always available to provide insight and perspective. The Hollywood community is incredibly collaborative. We recently held a resource fair to provide mental health information to our community, and with our outreach combined with the Hollywood Bid, we were able to serve 116 residents in providing resources. Some of our partners included LA Youth Network, PATH, NAMI, The Way In, The People Concern, Hollywood Mental Health, The Center, Supervisor Kuehl’s office, Behavioral Health Services and Wesley Health Care. 37

FITNINSPIRING What inspired you to become a community leader beyond the YMCA and get involved with other organizations?

OK, the big joke my friends have with me is that I credit Oprah for so much of what I do. I don’t know her, so I guess that is why they tease me! But it’s true. She’s my girl. Early on, I was inspired with how Oprah gives value to everyone. EVERYONE! We all matter! I love that. I felt inspired by her to use my voice and bring good to where I can. So when someone asks me to support or become involved, I do. Sometimes we can get stuck on job titles, money, or power, but all that is noise. Each and every one of us just wants to connect with others; we want to know we matter, we want to know our existence made a difference. So simple. So powerful. She has faced adversity but respected herself enough to keep moving forward for the overall betterment of community and people. That is truly inspiring.

Why is Social Responsibility important to you? How do you encourage others to be socially responsible?

To me, social responsibility means taking action. Not turning a blind eye to social problems. This could mean speaking up, or creating a platform for others to share. It means doing what I can within my circle of influence, to make life better for those in the community we serve as well as surrounding areas. Sometimes listening to others is enough. Sometimes letting someone know you heard them, is enough. I encourage my team to use their voices, take initiative, implement ideas, and to speak up. Regardless of title or job descriptions, everyone matters equally and has the power to make change happen.

What is the single most satisfying part of your work with the YMCA?

Oh my goodness, just one thing? The trust. I get to implement my ideas, start new programs, speak my mind and make sure others are heard, and I get to do this with the most amazing staff. They are supportive 38


and dedicated to our Y work and allow me the honor of guiding this Y forward. They trust me. The community trusts me. Without this trust, I would not be able to do this work. I make mistakes, but because of their grace, I can get right back up and be even stronger than before. That is the most gratifying experience!

How do you balance being a mom, a working professional and an active member of the community?

Like most, I sometimes feel overwhelmed, tired or frustrated. But for the most part, I try to create space in my day. Breathing space. I am present whether I am in a meeting, focusing on a project, or spending time with my family. I try to limit distractions by putting my phone away and just doing one thing at a time. I do my best to take care of myself by not overcommitting (I am good at saying no), and by holding myself in compassion. I definitely share my full heart with my two closest friends, and that is amazing in and of itself. I know I am doing the best I can and I cannot be everywhere at once, and that I am enough. We are all enough. Slow down, breathe, hug, throw your head back and laugh, share, sleep, walk on the beach, eat and exercise. These basics keep me grounded and calm, and happy.

What is your personal fitness regimen?

Move. Breathe. Be still. Being that I work in a Y that is filled with exercise equipment and fitness classes, you would think I would work out at the Y right? But I can’t turn my work mode off when I work out at the Y. So I prefer to exercise by doing activities outside. My family and I hike, go on bike rides, walk our dog, and I take 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes at night to stretch and get in those crunches, planks and weights! As important as exercise is, I know that being still and sitting and reflecting builds tremendous mental strength as well so I make that a priority. I sit on my porch, I lay on the grass, and I find some really great podcasts to enjoy on my long commute.

SUMMER AS YOU ARE Come as you are and explore what you love at the Y!

FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR TEENS 12-17 YEARS OLD IN JUNE & JULY Swimming pools, basketball courts, fitness classes and exclusive teen programs are just some of the awesome amenities teens can look forward to this summer. Learn more online or visit us at any of our 26 locations for assistance. Offer valid from June 1 – July 31. Class availability varies by location.

HOLLYWOOD YMCA 1553 N Schrader Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90028 P 323 467 4161 W



The Hollywood Museum History from the Inside Out By Genie Davis Housed in the historic Max Factor building, The Hollywood Museum not only contains more than 10,000 pieces of film industry memorabilia, the building itself is a classic. Designed by architect S. Charles Lee, the building was sold to make-up artist Max Factor in 1928, but its opening was delayed until 1935 due to the Great Depression. It was here, in this stunning Art Deco structure, that Factor created makeup originals. Factor’s cosmetic empire, like the building itself, went through a variety of owners after Factor’s son, Max Factor Jr., sold it in 1973. It was Proctor & Gamble that sold the building to The Hollywood Museum’s founder Donelle Dadigan, in 1994. It took her nine years to restore it to its original glory, recreating everything from Factor’s original make-up rooms to chandeliers and antique furniture. According to museum publicist Harlan Boll, Dadigan originally purchased the building to house a personal collection as well as Hollywood artifacts. “Her godfather, Jose Iturbi, was the first person to sell a million records, and one of the first musicians to get a star on the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame. He played for Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland among others, and had quite a following,” Boll relates. “Going far beyond that collection, Donelle took photos from the original Max Factor studios so that everything in the museum was restored precisely, for example, making sure all the colors were right in each of the individual rooms designed for clients by hair color. This is all Donelle’s baby.”


Today, the museum’s ground floor houses those studios which include one for blondes, used by Marilyn Monroe, one for brunettes, and one for redheads. In the latter, Lucille Ball was given her signature hair color, designed by Factor.

FITNFUN Underworld, Van Helsing, Blair Witch, The Walking Dead and the classics like Frankenstein, Dracula, Vampira, and Elvira,” Boll asserts. More chilling memorabilia: the costume and mask used by Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs, and the slightly macabre death masks of Vincent Price, Bella Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff, and Peter Lorre.

Hannibal Lecter’s jail cell from Silence of the Lambs, in the Dungeon of Doom at The Hollywood Museum (courtesy photo).

“Marilyn’s look was created here. Rita Hayworth, Elizabeth Taylor,” Boll says. “Factor originally tried blonde on Lucille Ball before settling on the signature red. I spoke to Lucy Arnaz about that, and she said that she remembered sitting in a corner as a child, watching as her mother had her hair done while Max worked on her.”

On the main floor, besides the lush Art Deco lobby and Max Factor’s restored make-up rooms, visitors are offered a look at Cary Grant’s Rolls Royce, a tribute to Judy Garland, and Planet of the Apes props and costumes among other sci-fi exhibits. “There’s a piece of the Hollywood sign here, too,” Boll adds. “It’s from the letter ‘H’ and you can see the graffiti on it and bullet holes shot through it, and why it had to be replaced due to damage.”

The Hollywood Museum has four floors of exhibit space, including a basement that houses the Dungeon of Doom. It was once a bowling alley as well as a speakeasy during Prohibition. Today, visitors can spend time in the same jail cell where Jodie Foster visited Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. The original set was donated by the studio, reconstructed piece by piece, and is on display year-round. “The walls of course are fake brick,” Boll reports. “But everyone looks at it, thinks it’s real until they rap their knuckles against it.” Boll adds that the “number one request of the museum is from people asking to spend the night in the Silence of the Lambs cell. Even members of the police force have requested it.” Along with the set, Boll says the basement area also holds original costumes and props from more than 40 horror films. “You’ll see horror figures Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and Jason, items from Sweeney Todd, Chucky, 41

FITNFUN And don’t miss the Beauty Calibrator. Boll suggests it’s one scary-looking machine. “It’s one of the earliest forms of technology. It looks like a cage. It was placed over a woman’s head and it was used to pinpoint parts of your face to measure things like how high your eye brows went, how big your lips were, the distance between your eyes. Max Factor would use that to measure how to contour your face. The older stars remember it and not fondly. It looks like something from Hellraiser,” he laughs. The second and third floors exhibit costumes worn by stars in famous films, along with props and posters. These include what the museum calls the world’s largest collection of genuine Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. “Marilyn will always be there because she is just so popular people would complain if they took her out for even a short time,” Boll attests. “Another permanent exhibit for us is the Jose Iturbi, which includes his grand piano, and the tux Frank Sinatra wore when he performed with Jose.” Along with permanent exhibits, the museum features other stellar rotating shows. “Currently we have an LGBT history exhibition, Reel to Real: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in Hollywood,” Boll says. “In February, we’ll be presenting an Annette Funicello exhibit.”

ENTERTAINMENT Even the elevators at The Hollywood Museum have history. Big enough to move cars from Factor’s collection and the museum’s artifacts, it was and is an important transit point to parties and events held on the top floor. “Max Factor put a bar in the elevator, and we do that to this day for events such as the Emmy Daytime Nominee and Oscar parties. We can carry 40 to 50 people up and they’ll have their drinks in their hands when they reach the party.” Boll notes that the museum is the only Hollywood memorabilia museum to survive and thrive year after year. “It allows people to access history and stories about Hollywood they would not otherwise know.” One such story centers on a beaded dress worn by Barbara Stanwyck to the Oscars. “It’s only beaded on one side because she said the designers shouldn’t waste their time beading the right side. She wouldn’t allow anyone to photograph her from the right side.” Along with its exhibits, the museum holds a wide range of events every year, including tributes to stars who’ve passed away, such as Debbie Reynolds, and a 2011 reunion of individuals who worked on I Love Lucy, to celebrate its 60th anniversary and Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday.

The Hollywood Museum 1660 N Highland Ave. (323) 464-7776

Part of the Reel to Real: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in Hollywood exhibit, featuring actress, comedian and producer Lily Tomlin (courtesy photo).




WELLTOPIA: Healthy Treats that are Hollywood Chic By Genie Davis

It may hardly come as a surprise that food as beautiful as it is delicious is available right in the heart of glamorous Hollywood. For a beautiful healthy treat, Welltopia on Highland Ave. is just the spot. The wellness bowls are as attractive as they are tasty, good for you, and good looking at the same time. The bowls are the focal point of a menu that also includes a variety of bottled nut milks and jarred nut butters. Welltopia offers a trendy, bright, and sleekly modern look along with a menu that operates from a simple concept. Diners choose the size of their bowl and an optional booster, such as organic açaí or pitaya. Then they choose one of seven variations on the wellness bowl concept, each of which comes with lush-looking locally grown organic edible flowers, and a piece of California honeycomb. The combination of the two make each of the bowls instantly Instagramable, and serves as a reminder that food can and should have aesthetic appeal as well as terrific flavor.

Wellness bowls at Welltopia in Hollywood. (Courtesy photos)

1716 N Highland Ave Los Angeles

(323) 848-4602 43

EVENTS Events for

SAN FRANCISCO Bay Area DATE: Sun, July 15, 2018

Mindfulness Meditation Sessions {Free on Tuesdays}

TIME: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT

LOCATION: Cyprian's Center – Arts, Resilience, Community 2097 Turk Street, San Francisco

Yoga of 12-Step Recovery LOCATION: Ume Yoga 1501 Broadway, Oakland Welcome to Yoga of 12-Step Recovery! A mindful, holistic approach to recovery from behavioral addictions to substance abuse, as well as those who are impacted by a loved one’s addiction.

Decolonizing the Psyche: Innovations in Community-Based Learning Series

TIME: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM PDT With regular mindfulness meditation practice, there are well-documented benefits to mental and physical health and spiritual well-being, including relief from symptoms of stress and a greater capacity to be compassionate. COST: FREE

DATE: Sat, Jul 21, 2018

Pilates Reformer Class in Sunnyvale

TIME: 10 AM to 1 PM

LOCATION: Pilates V Sunnyvale 1111 West El Camino Real 2nd Floor, Sunnyvale

LOCATION: Resilient Wellness Center 3461 San Pablo Ave., Oakland This is a series of trans-disciplinary workshops exploring the decolonial turn in psychology and emergent perspectives that are shifting healing approaches, attitudes and practices in the field. COST: FREE

Short Fat Burning Workouts for Your Work Day DATE: Thu, July 26, 2018

LOCATION: Li Ka Shing Learning and Knowledge Center 291 Campus Drive Room LK #120, Palo Alto TIME: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT Improve core strength and incorporate short fat burning activity bursts into your workday or anytime! COST: FREE


DATE: Tue, July 3, 2018

DATE: Thu, July 5, 2018

TIME: 6:30 PM – 7:30 PM PDT Learn basic Pilates concepts and practice moves on the Reformer and Springboard that’ll prepare you for greater challenges. COST: FREE


LOS ANGELES Los Angeles Holistic Living Expo DATE: Sun, July 15, 2018

LOCATION: The Garland Hotel 4222 Vineland Avenue Los Angeles, CA 91602 TIME: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM PDT 20 Free Presentations and Experiential Workshops, over 40 Psychics, Mediums, Clairvoyants, John of God Crystal Light Beds, Holistic Health Products & Practitioners, Crystals, Gemstone Jewelry, Aromatherapy, Angel Communicators, Tarot Readers, Aura Readers, & More.

Afro Soca Love : Los Angeles Pop Up Shop DATE: Sat, July 28, 2018

LOCATION: The Marke 3311 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90007 TIME: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM PDT Join us for our FREE TWO DAY African and Caribbean inspired marketplace! Our Afro Soca Love Marketplace is where the love of shopping, community and the arts merge.


Detox Yoga

DATE: Mon, July 2, 2018

LOCATION: Body and Brain Yoga And Tai Chi Valley 7619 White Oak Ave., Reseda TIME: 9:30 AM – 10:30 PM PDT Join an intestine strengthening yoga class, we will focus mainly on the core. Doing many different movement to strengthen the abdomen area. Please come 10 minutes early for warm ups. COST: FREE

20th Annual TASTE OF ECUADOR Food Festival & Parade DATE: Sun, August 5, 2018

LOCATION: Placita Olvera 425 N. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles TIME: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM PDT Attendants will enjoy Ecuadorian crafts, musical groups, folklore customs, commercial products, free gifts, and games COST: FREE




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