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By Rosalidia Dubon Tatiana Dudyez’s business acumen and achievements as an entrepreneur and executive are undeniable. She founded and operated what would eventually become a multi-million dollar corporate housing franchise while taking on the responsibility of raising two daughters on her own. Ready for the next chapter of her life, she made the bold decision of selling her business of 15 years. Armed with insight and experience as an entrepreneur, Tatiana proceeded to guide seven small businesses to their first million dollars in sales — an auspicious start of a new career as a Power Strategist mentoring other ambitious leaders. A fateful introduction to one of Tony Robbins’ events compelled Tatiana to connect with her authentic self. She immersed herself for a year in Robbins’ Platinum Membership team which resulted in a complete shift in her understanding, and appreciation for women’s inner power. What resonated with you at the Tony Robbins events and led you to decide a change was needed? What I realized then at “Date with Destiny” is that no one can hide from self-responsibility. It is our choice to be in pain, in fear, or avoidance of it all. However, the choice is entirely ours. Blame put upon others, situations, or circumstances is deflection. No one will give you the life you want, but you! What did you have to change about yourself to become whole on the inside and how did that translate to being successful? I had to shine light on all parts of myself internally and question everything, so I could pick and choose what my authentic truth feels like, looks like, and sounds like. It took some time to really know my truth. Today I have a different version of “success” than before because I redefined its meaning.

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