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A WORD FROM OUR PUBLISHER www.fitnfabs.com Dear Readers, Over the summer I was invited to present at Facebook Community Boost, a hands-on training event helping businesses and communities thrive. I had the opportunity to do a women empowerment seminar where I emphasized the importance of having a limitless mindset. It’s this positive outlook in life that has helped me overcome my childhood bullying, weight struggles and other adversities. I know that I can achieve anything I put my mind to and now I get to motivate and inspire others. Through FitNFabs magazine, I provide a platform to bring you fitness and health advice from mind, body and spirit wellness professionals as well as stories about women who are making a difference in the world. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you get to read about Dr. Katerina Rozakis, a cancer survivor who’s now a natural health educator, wellness coach, and motivational speaker. Then meet our cover model Fareeda Holmes, a NPC figure competitor and trauma intensive care nurse who overcame weight issues and other personal traumas by embracing a winning outlook in life. I truly hope that you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together. And, if you are in the San Francisco Bay Area this fall, I invite you to come to our 2nd Annual Women, Wine & Wellness Expo where speakers and other caring individuals in the FitNFabs community will help you learn to live, experience and celebrate the power of a limitless mindset. Yours truly,



Rosalidia Dubon is an entrepreneur and educator in the media publishing and content marketing industries. She is the founder of Dubon Consulting and a committed advocate of women and children’s issues worldwide.



A San Francisco Bay Area writer and editor. In 2007 she created Imitation Fruit Literary Journal (www.imitationfruit.com) to showcase fun and upbeat short stories, poetry, and artwork. She blogs about the craft of writing and local historical places www.evabarrows.com 4


FITNFABS Fall 2018



Sheeba Varghese works with leaders who want to develop their agility with people and situations so they can expand influence within the spheres they are called to impact. Leaders connect with her through one to one personalized coaching, leadership workshops and online webinars. www.coachsheeba.com



A business leader and advisor with expertise in personal growth. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration, and is certified in Board Education, Integrative Health & Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy.



Rick Green has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industries. He is a certified personal trainer and nutritionist, licensed USA boxing coach level 3 and owner of Force Fitness in San Jose, CA.



An entrepreneur, art lover, international entertainer and philanthropist, Carmen Milagro is the founder of Borbón, a premium skin care brand with products made from the world’s finest exotic raw ingredients and inspired by homeopathic traditions.



A physical therapist working in the San Francisco Bay Area. She sees patients at Agile Physical Therapy in San Carlos and has a private practice. She received her degree from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute and specializes in orthopedics with a focus on the metaphysical aspect of healing.



An entrepreneur, art lover, international entertainer and philanthropist, Dr. Nirali Patel is an acupuncturist and skincare specialist with a practice in San Mateo, California, with over 12 years of experience. She is the founder of Unique Remedy Skincare, a line of handcrafted, organic products targeting problematic skin. 5




of Being Beautiful By Carmen Milagro

I believe there are artists in us all and there’s an art to feeling beautiful. There’s an artful grace to making others feel beautiful. There’s an art to simply being and an art to being your authentic self. This is, in my opinion, inherent to the art of being beautiful.

WHAT DO I MEAN BY THE "ART OF BEING BEAUTIFUL”? To me, your inner beauty is key and is the cornerstone of your outer beauty. The makeup of your character, your genuine intentions, and your unselfish kindness shine through your eyes, illuminate your soul as well as your heart and the actions that accompany all the gorgeousness of your true self. There are all sorts of scrubs, moisturizers, exfoliants, toners, lotions, primers, foundations, creams and make-up many of us use every day to put our best face forward for the world to see. But how often do you simply wash your face with a nourishing natural cleanser and let your skin breathe?

THE SINGLE BEST AND GREATEST ADVICE I CAN SHARE WITH YOU IS THIS: Remember, before you fuss and muss, before you scrub, polish, dust and apply—your happy smile, rested body, and compassionate soul are your best blank canvas for your most artful beautiful self. Sometimes, the art of BEING is beautiful in and of itself— no makeup needed! 6




For those who’d much rather use DIY remedies than mass-produced, mass-marketed, chemicalladen options for common ailments...I applaud you! But with our busy on-the-go lives do we really have the time to "do-it-ourselves"? Other things to consider before you decide to whip up home remedies include access to equipment like a hand

blender, ability to purchase high-quality small batch ingredients, and the patience and foresight required to make a remedy before you need it! If you’re a diehard DIYer, then you’ll love these three solutions we’ve compiled for you. They’re easy, require minimal prep, minimal ingredients, and virtually take less than 5 minutes to create. You’re welcome!



WHAT YOU'LL NEED: • A thick, juicy leaf off your homegrown aloe vera plant • Bandage or gauze • Bandage tape Slit the leaf down the middle, not cutting all the way through. Spread the leaf wide enough to insert your burned finger into it with the juiciest, pulpiest side directly on the burned area of your finger. Wrap the bandage around your finger and leaf to keep the aloe vera pulp in place. Secure with bandage tape. Leave overnight or as long as possible. Your body will absorb all the moisture-laden aloe vera pulp. Dark red coloring may occur in the affected area, and the skin may become wrinkly but not to worry. Most of the burn will be healed in no time!

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: • 1/2 cup virgin liquid coconut oil • 1/2 teaspoon vitamin E oil (optional) Blend oils for 6-7 minutes on high with handheld mixer or in a blender. This all-over moisturizer is great for everyday use to prevent dry and cracked skin. Soak a cotton ball in this emollient-rich liquid to remove your daily makeup without drying your face.


Blend all together. Apply on exposed skin before going out into the sun. Overall, each individual ingredient has a low SPF between 4 and 5. Red raspberry seed oil SPF is around 25-50 and carrot seed oil around 35-40. This solution will work for moderate sun exposure. Make sure you reapply often. Refrigerate when not in use but bring back to room temp when ready to use again!

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: • ½ cup almond or olive oil • ¼ cup coconut oil • ¼ cup beeswax (melted) • 2 tablespoons cacao powder • 1 teaspoon red raspberry seed oil (cold pressed) • Up to 1 teaspoon carrot seed oil • 2 tablespoons shea butter (optional)

Please note: As with any remedies, homemade or other, you should use common sense, test a small patch of skin and always take into consideration your skin's coloring and skin type. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients, then refrain from using these.





It’s not about using a product—it’s all about using THE product. Your facial cleanser can make or break your entire skincare routine as it primes the skin for the next steps. Its main purpose is to dissolve makeup and wash away grime (dirt, oil, dead skin cells and bacteria) accumulated during the day. Your skin cleanser is not likely to fix your skin problems, but choosing the right one can help prevent a catastrophe. So how do you choose the right cleanser for your skin type? As we put our best face forward to embrace the day, our skin takes a hit, not only from the elements but also as we rub and touch our face throughout the day. Facial cleansers come in the form of creams, gels, foams, and lotions. Know your basic skin type to help you determine which cleanser you need to prevent skin irritation.

Oily Skin: Large Pores, Greasy Shiny Sheen Look for a foaming or gel cleanser that contains salicylic acid to deeply purify the pores. Cleansing the pores of trapped oil, dirt and bacteria helps prevent further breakouts and minimizes the appearance of large pores.

Dry Skin: Flakey and Tight Itchy Skin with Ashy Coloration Find a thick cleanser such as a cream or lotion that whisks away dirt and grime without stripping the skin of natural oils. These cleansers work by removing the “bad” oils and replacing them with “good” oils such as jojoba oil and sweet almond oil.

Sensitive Skin: Pink to Red Skin, Prone to Irritation Look for creamy and soothing cleansers with shea butter and mango butter to help nourish and calm the skin while creating a healthy moisture barrier. Make sure the cleanser you pick doesn’t bubble!


Normal Skin: Even Skin Tone, None of the Issues of Oily, Dry or Sensitive Skin Here, you have the freedom to choose anything although it is best to choose a cleanser that has a 50/50 balance of oil stripper to moisturizer.

Combination Skin: Dry Skin on Cheeks With Oily Skin on T-Zone (Chin, Nose, Forehead) A formula that is slightly heavier on the oil stripping side and lighter on the moisturizing side will help balance an oily T-zone. Generally, cleansers fall into two categories: too stripping or too rich. If your cleanser is too stripping, you may be left with dry, sensitive, irritated skin. You’ll find yourself applying moisturizer to your skin over and over. Ironically, stripping cleansers strip your skin of all oils leading to more oily skin. Stripping cleansers are best for those with purely oily skin. On the other hand, if your cleanser is too rich in moisture, the residue left behind may further clog your pores, rather than clean them.

Everything in life is about a healthy balance. Apply this theory to your skin for beautiful, eye-catching skin that feels great!




After Lunch Slump By Laurel Mines

Feeling sluggish? Unmotivated? Having a hard time concentrating? Get over your brain blur quick with these easy tips.

Get More Sleep

Aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night. Catch up on a few hours of extra sleep on the weekend. Not only does your body need rest, your brain does too.

Increase Cardiovascular Exercise

Take a Few Deep Breaths

Did you know that you yawn sometimes not because you’re tired but as a natural response to fill up the base of the lungs? Shallow breathing causes the lower lobes of the lungs to collapse. Your body naturally fills up the lungs through yawning or you can take a deep breath approximately six times per hour. Taking a few deep breaths increases the oxygen in the lungs which then travels to your brain to increase brain function.

Go for a walk, try to make it brisk, go for a jog, jump on the elliptical. It doesn't matter if you are a morning person or a night owl, getting 30 minutes or more of cardiovascular exercise at least three days a week can improve alertness.

Watch What You Eat For Lunch

Insulin is secreted when you eat to aid in digestion. Insulin triggers our ‘happy’ and ‘sleep’ hormones. When we eat foods high in carbs and sugars, our bodies produce more insulin which makes us feel more tired. Decrease carb and sugar intake and increase lean protein and veggies to increase your concentration and promote improved productivity in the afternoon.

Increase Your Heart Rate

Do 10-20 push-ups or squats (think big movements) or take a flight of stairs when you need a burst of energy. Increasing your heart rate will increase oxygen-rich blood flow to your brain and will immediately improve alertness.


By Debbie Gisonni It’s only noon, and I’ve already been happy and sad about a dozen things. On the happy list are my yoga class and a friend’s visit. A bad hair day and my dog throwing up made the sad list. In the big scheme of things, these trivial personal events are not memorable. On the contrary, events that are not personal can fracture the very core of my physical, emotional and spiritual foundations for long periods of time. From Columbine to 9/11 these egregious acts of hatred affect the collective consciousness of all humanity. There’s no ignoring, no going back and no getting over them. If terrorism is not enough to get you down, violent acts and injustices in the world continue to bubble up to the surface in the overflowing caldron of hatred and greed. Yet, life goes on as usual. Every day, the sun rises and sets. People go to work. Kids go to school. Given what is happening in the world, how can we continue to live without imploding in anger, depression, hostility and hate ourselves?

Here are a few ways to help heal your heart and restore your hope in humankind.

Take a Media Break

Being too attached to the news can be emotionally taxing and toxic because most of what’s reported is bad news. Take a day or two a week away from the news. Instead, go outside and appreciate nature and the beauty that surrounds you.




Pray or Meditate

Help Others

Get Involved

Live in Gratitude

Get Informed

Focus on the Good

Prayer and meditation have been practiced since the beginning of time and often bring people together to create good in the world. They give us comfort and hope by allowing us to believe in a higher power while turning over our problems and worries.

There are too many problems for any one human being, community or nation to solve. Instead of trying to tackle all of them, pick one that you have a passion for solving. Sign petitions. Join grassroots efforts. Write letters to your government representatives.

When you determine where to focus your efforts, be sure to learn everything you can about it —not just one side, but all the viewpoints. Education is always the best offense in advancing positive change.

Live with Love

The best way to create more love and peace in the world is to create more love and peace in your own heart. At the beginning of each day, set an intention to think and act from a place of love. Be kind and giving to others. Like attracts like.

There are plenty of people, animals, and causes that could use your time, money, products or expertise. Sometimes you don’t have to look any farther than your own family and community. If you can help one person live a better life, you are changing the world!

Chances are you live in a country where violence is not the norm, where water is safe to drink, freedom of speech is allowed, children are afforded an education, people of different faiths and religions coexist, and marriage is a personal choice. For all of that and so much more, be thankful.

Don’t let the heinous acts of others overshadow all the good in the world. Spend time each day focusing on all that’s right and good in your family, community or the world. People have triumphed over wars, plagues and other tragedies. They have forgiven each other for hateful acts. They have not only survived, but also thrived in the face of adversity, sometimes for the better.




Raises Awareness and Provides Cancer Support Services in Silicon Valley Meet the New CEO Dedicated to Community Health Since 2003, Latinas Contra Cancer, a San Jose, CA-based health advocacy organization, has been addressing the void in culturally and linguistically sensitive programs that meet the healthcare needs of Latinos around issues of cancer. Since its inception, Latinas Contra Cancer has educated over 4,000 community members, moved hundreds of women and men into cancer screenings and navigated over 400 patients through cancer treatment and survivorship. In 2017, Darcie Green became the CEO of Latinas Contra Cancer. For nearly 20 years, Darcie has dedicated both her professional and personal life to serving our community. As the new leader of Latinas Contra Cancer, Darcie is committed to expanding LCC’s education, navigation, and advocacy programs to deepen our impact and ensure equitable access to cancer prevention, care, and support for the families we serve. Before entering the healthcare industry, Darcie worked as a field representative to former California State Assemblyman Joe Coto. There she helped to address many public policy issues affecting the residents of San Jose, with an emphasis on providing communities access to healthy lifestyle choices and quality public education.

As the Community and Government Relations Manager at Kaiser Permanente South Bay, Darcie forged innovative partnerships and new investments with organizations serving the diverse communities of the area. She led local efforts on health policy and was a leading voice supporting health care for all. In this role, she was a strong advocate for recognizing our Latino community as important consumers of healthcare and for channeling our community benefits dollars toward reducing health disparities in Latino communities. Through this work, she also helped to lead efforts to improve the health of KP members and the communities they live in through local policy work and collaboration with the local public health sector. Dedicated to increased access to health services for low-income families, Darcie in her role at KP promoted policies and partnerships that encouraged innovative medical care delivery methods designed to lower the costs of health care and prevention to uninsured and underinsured Latino communities. Visit our website www.latinascontracancer.org to learn more about the services we offer.

Darcie Green, CEO Latinas Contra Cancer 13

Accelerate Healing with Herbal Gel I am constantly being asked what product I would recommend for supporting healing after surgery or for dealing with an impact-bruise or for helping a fracture or sprain.

Mr. Frank can be reached with questions at stevef@NaturesRiteRemedies.com His blog can be found on www.MyNaturesRite.com

The answer is the same... Bruise, Strain & Tear Repair (aka BST). If you twisted an ankle during a tennis match and damaged some soft tissue... BST. If you just had surgery and want to heal faster... BST. If you jumped off a building and damaged your heel...BST... and perhaps counseling. Are you sensing a common thread here? If you damage something it will heal better with BST. “Why is that?” you say. Well, it’s the Trinity of Healing Unity. There are three power ful healing herbs that work so well together that they form what I like to call, “The Trinity of Healing Unity” as they will unify separated bone or tendon and heal micro-tears in tissue better than anything else on the planet. These three herbs are Comfrey, Arnica and Rosemary. The Comfrey is known for its ability to increase the activity of fibroblasts. These are the little collagen factories that build restorative tissue. You need to produce more collagen to repair skin, bone and tendon or ligament tissue. Pour on the Comfrey and turn-up the fibroblasts. The Arnica supports healing tissue and contains enzymes which digest the micro-clots that can block access to the region. Pour on the Arnica and “let

the healing begin”. Rosemary improves the flow of peripheral vasculature which allows the vital building blocks of new tissue to be delivered more easily to the construction site. Pour on the Rosemary and get the supplies to the site. Of course there are support herbs and vitamins that help immensely with the recovery such as vitamins A, C, and E to reduce scar tissue formation. Willow reduces the pain of the injury without reducing the all-important inflamation signal that maintains the healing process. Witch Hazel relaxes muscle fibers so that residual trauma doesn’t put excess strain on healing regions. And all of these herbs... They’re in Bruise Strain and Tear Repair. Indeed, BST is the BeST thing to use on any recovery from injury or surgery. It’s just that simple. Steve Frank is an Herbalist from the Front Range of Colorado with many years of experience in treating musculo-skeletal injuries with indigenous plants and herbs. He has studied the actions of these natural remedies in the clinic and the laboratory so that he can bring you the best that science and ancient wisdom have to offer. xz

YOU GIVE YOUR ALL ON THE COURT. COMPLEMENT YOUR HARD WORK WITH TWO TRAINING ESSENTIALS FROM NATURE’S RITE™. Injuries happen. Bruise-Strain-Tear Repair™ Gel supports healing to get you back in the game. When every extra effort counts, Muscle Honey™ Sports Gel helps you work harder and recover faster.

HERBAL WISDOM MEETS MODERN SCIENCE These gels are water-decoctions of numerous herbal ingredients traditionally used for centuries to promote healing and performance. We’ve brought them to you in easy-to-apply transdermal gels so that you can apply them exactly where you need them. These remarkable products represent a new day in herbal sports enhancement and injury repair. Start working with them today. GAME CHANGER


WADA & NCAA Compliant.



Order online at MyNaturesRite.com or call 800-991-7088 Use the discount code FIT20 for 20% off your entire order.





Your Habits to Defeat Stress By Sheeba Varghese

One of the assessments I enjoy sharing with my leadership clients is the True Tilt Profile. The purpose of this tool is to help clients have a level of awareness in how they show up every day, their natural reaction under stress, their strengths and what happens when that strength is overused. It is simply a starting point, not the defining point. Four “tilts” are described by this tool. A tilt is a combination of your thinking and feeling tendencies. The four tilts are Connection, Impact, Clarity, and Structure. Each of these tilts is connected with core leadership strengths. We tend to tilt predominantly in one of the four areas, but we need to become agile and tilt according to the context we find ourselves in. Under stress, the character strengths associated with each tilt can be overused and may cause low productivity, sabotaged projects, loss of revenue and people, and the list goes on. So, this is why I find it important for leaders to understand how they naturally “tilt” and specifically what happens under stress. The good news is that once you are aware of what happens, there’s an opportunity to change your patterns and habits for better results. Let’s take a closer look at these tilts. As you read note which one you identify with. Does the stress pattern resonate with you?

Do You Tilt Toward Connection?

You love connecting people to ideas and other people. The problem you run into is saying “yes” to everything and everyone. When you’re under stress, you find yourself juggling too many things and become overwhelmed.

Tip: Take a look at your calendar (if you don’t have one, it’s time to get one). And begin practicing saying “no” to at least two things in the next two weeks.

Do You Tilt Toward Structure?

You love everything to be just so. Organization and execution of projects is your thing. Under stress you can become rigid, and lack flexibility and patience with inefficiency. Tip: Think of a project or person you are dealing with right now that presents a challenge. Consider having more openness and empathy towards them by coming from a place of curiosity instead of judgement. Observe what happens.

Do You Tilt Toward Impact?

You want to change the world and feel strongly about big ideas. You move at lightning speed to accomplish your vision regardless of who is on board. Stress causes false starts and leaves your whole team behind. Tip: When you get a new idea, take time to slow down and ask others for their thoughts. Consider the feelings of others on your team.

Or Do You Tilt Toward Clarity?

You do your due diligence researching before making any decision. You investigate to find out all the details. However, under stress, you stagnate slipping into the “paralysis analysis” mode when a decision needs to be made. Tip: Put a time limit on your information gathering stage and make the decision.

The information presented here is simply broad strokes of a larger topic. If you’d like to find out more details and take a True Tilt Profile Assessment, don’t hesitate to visit me at www.coachsheeba.com. 15


FITNMINDFUL Get Organized for

School Year Success By Wendy Quaccia

Summer has come to an end, and the kids are back in school. The quiet house invites you to start a new project. This year you can be a part of your child’s journey to success at school by creating peace in their study area. Homework will have a different sense of importance if done in a clutter-free space. Clear out excess stuff to encourage concentration without distractions. Let your kids know that you’d like to give their study habits a fresh start by making some improvements to their room. Sorting through outdated toys and games will help to reduce the clutter and open space for doing homework with a clear mind. Determining what to keep will offer ideas of how to corral and store like items for convenient use. Are there any items that can be relocated to another area of the house to be used more conveniently? Shop for character adding storage baskets, bins, or cubbies to house like items inside the closet or within the room. Make time with your kids to review the clothes in their closet and dresser. Assess whether the clothes are too worn, outgrown or if your kids no longer have an interest in certain pieces. Fall is a good time to rummage through existing Halloween costumes and accessories too. If needed, new clothes can be introduced when space is found. 16

Figure out what school supplies still need to be picked up for this school year. Do last year’s soccer shoes still fit? Need a new gym bag or backpack? What school supplies do you already have? Check pens to make sure they have ink in them and toss out the used ones. Make a list of items that still need to be obtained and plan a time to go get them. Set a schedule for commitments outside of school such as sports, scouts and band practice to adhere to during the week. Something like a chalkboard or dry erase board for a family visual might be helpful to keep everyone on the same page. If your kids are older, maybe you’ll benefit from a shared online calendar. Donate gently used items that your kids don’t need anymore to a local charity or give the items to a friend or relative. Try holding a garage sale to make a little money for something your kids have their eye on. Opening up space in the house helps encourage focus and creativity. Thanksgiving is right around the corner. With clean bedrooms already accomplished, your kids won’t have a lot of picking up to do before guests arrive!



Raise Your Vibration By Erin Garay

When we are struck with sadness, recovering from an illness, or experiencing a life change, we need to make self-care our highest priority. Processing and healing emotions tax our adrenal system and cause us to feel forgetful, anxious, and exhausted. Sound familiar? This happens because our body’s energy is scattered and vibrates at a lower frequency. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Here are some simple tips that can help raise your energy, and improve your health and mood quickly.

Become a Water Diva and Hydrate Years ago, I became a water diva and my body thanks me every day for this simple change. Drinking tap water tends to wash away the vital minerals that we need to rebuild our system. Choosing water in glass bottles with high levels of minerals such as Mountain Valley or Gerolsteiner will replenish your body with necessary minerals, as well as hydrate you. Dehydration-triggered migraines may dissipate, and you’ll have much more energy when you drink enough water. Find out how you can help people around the world access healthy clean water by checking out charitywater.org.

Take Care of Your Gut It is said that our gut could actually be our first brain since it manages so much thinking and emotional processing. While healing from a period of illness or sadness, our gut may be riddled with candida and parasites. A great natural way to begin healing your gut is to drink this healthy little cocktail every day before you brush your teeth in the morning: Drink 8 ounces of water with 2 tablespoons of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar and a squeeze of lemon juice. This cocktail will give you more energy and clarity by way of hydration and cleaning out the candida.

One Minute Meditation We all wish we could spend hours in meditation but feel guilty even beginning a practice because we know we can’t dedicate that much time. But the truth is a one minute meditation makes a huge difference. Simply promise yourself this one thing: “I will not place my head down on the pillow until I’ve spent one minute in meditation with my eyes closed, listening to my breath.” This one minute will change the amount of patience and presence you have in your life. Just try it for one week to see what happens.

Write to Clear Your Mind Upon waking up write uninterrupted, unjudged, uninhibited for two minutes about whatever is on your mind. This simple practice called “The Morning Pages” from the book The Artist’s Way, will help you clear your mind and spend your day grounded and present.

Become a Gratitude Guru Find a friend, colleague or neighbor to text every day. Each day, each person texts one thing they are grateful for from that day to their partner. This process allows your gratitude to be seen and experienced, and it will raise your vibration and your health quickly. These five techniques are simple, doable, and will make such a difference in your life. Choose one to begin your healing process this week. Love yourself enough to heal. Heal yourself enough to thrive. 17




"If I can invoke and inspire change in a least one person through my health and fitness journey, then I know that I am winning." My love for fitness and health is undeniable. I want to embed myself in every aspect of it. One day while working out with my trainer, the subject of bodybuilding was touched on. I had always found it very exciting to watch, and part of me always wanted to give it a try, but I allowed my fear of not being able to physically take my body to that level stop me from trying. I asked my trainer that day if he felt as though I could do it. I asked if I had what it took to become a figure competitor. His exact words to me were, “Of course you can do it. You have it in you to be great.” Because of his belief in my ability, I found a nutritionist coach to guide me on my journey to compete. I am proud to say that on October 14, 2017 I made my debut as an NPC figure competitor. This is the new and enhanced me, but it wasn’t always like this. I grew up in a small town in Alabama. My parents started my siblings and I out at a very early age in sporting activities which I continued well into high school. Track and field was my sport. After graduating high school, I took a few years off and joined the workforce where I became less active and developed very bad eating habits. Before I knew it, I was 300lbs. With this drastic weight gain, my health also began to take a turn for the worst. I developed high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and was borderline diabetic. The day my physician prescribed blood pressure meds to me he said, “Fareeda, you cannot live with your blood pressure this elevated. You are putting yourself at risk for a heart attack or a stroke. You are too young to have this happen to you.” I was 22 years old.

That same day I went home and cleared out my cabinets and fridge and placed all the food in a black plastic bag. I cried the entire way to the dumpster, but when I tossed the bag in something strange happened. I literally felt as though a weight had been lifted off of me. From that day forward I never looked back. I completely changed my eating habits. I adopted the phrase, “if it don’t swim or fly I steer clear.” Of course, that meant fish and chicken became the staple of my meals. I began to eat fresh fruits, lots of vegetables, and increased my water intake significantly. My weight immediately began to decrease. Now, going to the gym at this time wasn’t all sunshine and fun times for me. My sole purpose there was to get off blood pressure medicines and get my health under control. So I made a habit of going every day, and in doing so, I developed meaningful friendships with people who shared my struggles. Before I knew it, gym had become my happy place. It became a sanctuary where I not only gained physical strength but mental strength as well. I eventually was taken off all blood pressure medications and lost over 100 pounds. I graduated nursing school in 2006 and began my career as a trauma intensive care nurse which ultimately led me to California where I began working out with the amazing personal trainer who pushed me to train harder and helped me get to my NPC figure competitor debut. When I chose to become healthy and more fit, my focus was primarily on betterment of myself; now I don’t just do it for myself but also to inspire and motivate others to be healthier, more fit versions of themselves. I have family and friends who watch me from afar, and my consistent hustle and continuous grind motivate them to do better, to be better. As such, I feel I have an obligation to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle for myself, for my family, friends, and anyone who has shared similar struggles. 19

PEOPLE Fareeda sat down for an interview with FitNFabs publisher Rosalidia Dubon to share more about her amazing fitness journey.

What’s your advice to those who want to lose weight? Set a goal, be consistent and don't aim too high. Don’t set monthly goals, when you have a lot of weight to lose, you can't focus on such a big number. If you want to lose weight, change your mentality, so you don't feel like you're missing out or being deprived. Otherwise, you will keep looking back for it. You can't be as social as you want to be, but that’s ok. What you were previously doing didn't work, that's why you need to change your mindset.

What was your day-to-day process for losing a lot of weight? My goal each day was to drink enough water. I made sure to have a gallon a day. It became a regimen, now it's integrated into my life, and I don't even leave the house without my water container.

Who was your biggest support throughout your journey? My co-workers while working as a tech in the hospital, they were not into fitness, but they also wanted to lose weight. They became my biggest supporters because they saw my determination and ability to be consistent with my goal.


FITNINSPIRING At your biggest size, what did your typical meal consist of?

How do you prepare for bodybuilding competition?

I had some horrible eating habits. Southerners eat everything fried. I typically had fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, cornbread, sweet potato soufflé and I couldn't go without dessert—cookies and ice cream.

The biggest build happens in the off-season. I start the second I step off the stage from competition to get ready for the next one. It's a lifestyle. My goal is to surpass myself from the last show. In the first show, I had to overcome fear of being judged and getting into a bikini.

What was one of your most unhealthy habits? I had one or two packages of Oreo cookies a day. I usually stocked six packages at a time. If I ran low, I had to run to the store to restock. It became a habit. Even with an addiction, I was consistent. It was a mental thing, a mindset that made me gravitate towards that behavior.

What is the mindset that keeps you motivated? It's me versus me, and not so much against other competitors. My goal is to one-up myself. Winning the competition is not my ultimate goal. I smile when I know that "I did that." My biggest hashtag is #MyResultsReflectMyHustle

What was the "trauma" that triggered these bad habits?

How do you maintain your healthy eating while traveling?

I had long nights at work, and I would eat after I got off. Then I got into a long-term relationship that was toxic and changed me physically and emotionally. I lost myself in the process. I became angry at myself for being in that stagnant relationship, and my health and outlook in life started to digress.

I check ahead for the menu. I know most restaurants have salad, chicken, and veggies, so that’s my go-to meal while traveling.

What advice do you have for women who are in a toxic relationship?

How do you not fixate on the scale? Muscle is heavier than fat. I will lose my mind if I focus on one point. Education is everything and understanding how hormones, water retention, and toxins work will help you understand that weight is just a number.

My blessing is that I have a strong mother and sisters. Mom met the guy, and was plain-spoken and said "I don't like his spirit." I got angry, and I rebelled. My mom and sisters kept at it, but they were respectful and supportive, and finally helped open my eyes to reality. 21



Fire Cupping

Your Way Off of Painkillers By Nirali Patel Fire cupping, or cupping, is a traditional Chinese healing modality. Developed by acupuncturists thousands of years ago in China, its use spread to countries around the world. Cupping is usually combined with an acupuncture treatment. However, this therapy can be used on its own to sedate the nervous system, relax muscles, and deeply heal the body by enhancing circulation. The name, fire cupping, can sound intimidating at first! But relax, fire is never used near the skin. Phew! The “fire” part of the name refers to the way suction is created to place the cups on the body. A cotton ball is lit on fire to create a suction within the cup. The “cupping” part of the name refers to the method of breaking up stress and pain causing stagnation and congestion present in the body. Once the cups are placed on the skin, they are left to sit for a short period of time or are gently moved across the skin to create a massage effect. This is particularly relaxing as the nervous system can unwind from your busy non-stop life. Massage therapy is hands-on pressure into the muscles for relaxation while cupping therapy suctions the


muscles into the cups using negative pressure. This helps to lift the pressure from tight muscles allowing them to relax and melt right into the treatment table! Healing is stimulated by loosening the muscles, fascia and connective tissue within a single cupping session. This therapy is used to decrease pain by healing muscles and tissues deep within the body. Cupping is an alternative treatment to using painkillers and other medications. A host of health benefits arise from cupping as it enhances blood and lymph circulation and relaxes the muscles. As blood flow increases within the vessels and capillaries, more blood moves to the tissues, providing nutrients and oxygen. In addition to providing food to the tissues, the increased circulation helps detoxify the body. Toxins are pulled up from deep within the body and brought up to the surface. By drawing impurities to the surface, toxins are reduced within the body, leaving room for better circulation. Now that you’re an expert on the benefits of this timeproven therapy and its myriad of health benefits for relaxation and pain relief, it’s time to book your cupping therapy session!



cancer warriors: invigorate and boost confidence with the right exercise program By Rick Green First, let me say, anyone battling cancer is a champion. From the moment of diagnosis, survivorship begins. You are going toe-to-toe with cancer and you are surviving. You are a champion! Maintaining a regular exercise routine can help ensure you have the physical strength to accompany the mental and emotional strength needed to ensure your best health outcomes.

Committing to an exercise program will yield many positive rewards: • Improved self-esteem and grow confidence • Achievement after accomplishing small goals and overcoming obstacles • Increased feelings of happiness produced by increased levels of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins and oxytocin • Overall increase in positivity and positive outlooks • Healthy management of depression, anxiety and fatigue

Choosing your activity level for the day, light, moderate, or vigorous, will help guide your approach to training and the duration of exercises you will complete. Throughout the week you should try to incorporate all three levels of activity into your exercise plan. However, it is important not to get overwhelmed by the thought of picking an exercise program or reaching a specific activity level. Only you know your body and what you can handle that week or that day. What’s important is to remain regularly active. Resistance training builds strength and endurance. Jogging and walking will relieve stress, boost your mood and help with heart health. These are my favorite exercise recommendations for cancer survivors but remember, any kind of physical activity is helpful, even if it’s light intensity. Commit yourself to short workout sessions and build up to longer ones. Feel free to mix in dance, swim, yoga, laughter or any other healthy activities to your exercise routine to get you moving! For more information about cancer survivorship and cancer prevention, visit the American Cancer Society at www.cancer.org

• Building of physical strength and endurance


WELLNESS What to Expect After Surgery: 11 Things the Doctor Doesn’t Tell You By Debbie Gisonni

After dealing with doctors on behalf of my disabled mother, one would assume I asked my own doctor all the right questions before having surgery on a deteriorating thumb joint. In the spirit of staying positive, however, I decided to avoid the details. As such, I was totally unprepared for the aftermath of surgery and six weeks in a hand cast. While you might have an excellent surgeon as I did, only other patients can truly tell you what to expect. So, speaking as a patient, here are 11 things the doctor may not tell you about surgery and simple ways you can prepare.

1. You May Get Cut Off From The World Technology is our link to the outside world. You may not be able to type, text or dial the phone after your operation. Consider doing the following before surgery: • Put an auto-reply on your email. Then you won’t feel guilty or stressed if you can’t type. • Get a headset for all your phones. • Invest in a voice recognition program for your computer and train on it in advance. • Have books and magazines on hand to fill in those lonely gaps of time.

2. Your Regular Wardrobe Won’t Do None of my shirts fit over my cast! The fashionista in me couldn’t survive for long wearing my husband’s old sweatshirts. I had to shop for tops with bell sleeves 24

while I felt horrible. Figure out any wardrobe limitations before surgery so you can have what you need when you need it.

3. You Can Stop The Painkillers You get lots of drugs after surgery, and any of them can have side effects. If you don’t need the hard-core painkillers, stop taking them. I got by on an over-thecounter anti-inflammatory after the second day.

4. You Will Need A Regular Shower Everyday hygiene like flossing my teeth and taking a shower is extremely important to me. After surgery, I couldn’t do either of these on my own, including putting the waterproof sleeve over my cast. You’ll need a partner, friend or health care worker to help you. When you’re clean, you’ll feel a lot better.

5. You Will Need To Eat Clean Anesthesia and pain meds are hard on your gut. It’s important to restore your gut with clean foods and broths — veggies, fruit, soups, herbal tea, probiotics and plenty of water. I was lucky to have friends bring me homemade vegetable broths and teas.

6. You May Get Constipated Have a laxative handy or ask the doctor to prescribe one to take home with you after surgery. Pain meds are often constipating, and you don’t need one more uncomfortable thing going on in your body.

FITNHEALTHY 7. You May Get Depressed As I was feeling rather low, a friend mentioned that it’s common to be depressed after surgery. Knowing that made me feel better. Have a good cry when you feel like it, but counteract that with something to make you laugh, like a funny movie. Also, don’t isolate yourself. If friends want to visit, let them.

8. You Will Need Help It’s important to find out how long you’re going to be incapacitated so you can plan for help in advance. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it’s the smart thing to do. Friends want to help you. Take whatever you can get — cooking, shopping, cleaning, errands.

9. You Will Need To Move Your Body

healing. A couple of days after my surgery, I decided to walk around my backyard in circles for 20 minutes, and after that, everything shifted for the better.

10. You Will Need To Look Good To Feel Good Whatever your version of looking good is, a cleanshaven face or wearing a little lip gloss, do it as soon as you can. I had my hair blow-dried at a salon once a week, and that made me look and feel great.

11. You Can Be Grateful It’s easy to fall into a sea of self-pity after surgery, but there’s always something to be grateful for. I was particularly grateful that there was a surgery that could fix my problem, and that the pain wouldn’t last forever.

As soon as you’re able to, move your body. It doesn’t matter what part you can move; just move it. Light exercise will improve your circulation, mood, and



Keep Moving! Exercises You Can Do During Cancer Treatments By Laurel Mines


You don’t have to stop exercising completely if you have been diagnosed with cancer or are currently undergoing treatments. You may simply need to tone down your vigorous routine and make a few modifications. Some cancers and cancer treatments can cause osteopenia which is a weakening of the bones. Heavy training can cause stress or insufficiency fractures which are defined as a break in a bone from normal force on a weakened bone. If you are used to heavy weightlifting or are an avid runner, lower the weight or decrease the distance. It’s good to cross train to prevent stress fractures. Try functional strength training if you are a runner or yoga if you only lift. Listen to your body. Cancer treatments more so than the actual cancer itself can cause moderate to severe fatigue. If you are fatigued, take breaks or decrease time, duration or intensity of a workout as needed. If you have not been able to do much exercise since your diagnosis and treatment, restart slowly. Even a 10-minute walk can be a great way to get back into an exercise routine. Increase the intensity gradually because your body needs time to heal and condition. Avoid pushing yourself too hard and getting completely wiped out from too much exercise. If you are getting back into high-level activities like weightlifting or running, start with light weights or shorter durations to prevent insufficiency fractures. Unfortunately, deconditioning happens faster than you can condition so take your time. Good news is you're strong! Determination and motivation can help you achieve your best self!




Cancer Early By Laurel Mines Cancer has become more curable, and prognoses are usually better with early detection. It's important to be alert and aware of early signs of cancer, but there's no need to be alarmed. Don't go running to the Internet or making the first available appointment with your doctor. And please don't spend countless nights losing sleep. Here are a few common signs and symptoms linked to cancer to be aware of:

Unexpected and Rapid Weight Loss The key word here is unexpected. If you’re trying to lose weight, and are working hard and successfully losing weight, this does not include you. If your diet and exercise habits have not changed and you are still rapidly dropping pounds, a visit to the doctor is a good idea.

Pain at Night Usually, musculoskeletal pain (pain related to muscles, bones, and joints) subsides with rest and proper positioning. Pain at night that does not subside can be linked to some cancers. This symptom is not typically independent of other symptoms.

Night Sweats If you’re waking up drenched in sweat, unrelated to night terrors or menopause, discuss this issue with a doctor.

Unexplained Fever Fever is linked to an abnormal process in your body related to activation of your immune system to fight foreign cells. If infection has been ruled out, more testing may be warranted.

Cancer-Specific Symptoms There are so many different types of cancers, some more prevalent than others. Here are some symptoms linked to more common cancers: breast lump or discharge, change in skin wart/ mole related to size/shape/color, persistent or bloody cough, changes in bowel or bladder habits, blood in urine or stool, unexplained anemia, lump in testes, difficulty swallowing.

THE BOTTOM LINE Many of these symptoms are not completely independent, but coupled with several symptoms. Don't become a hypochondriac when it comes to cancer. Know your body, pay attention to unexpected changes, take advantage of screening tools, and never self-diagnose if you suspect cancer. 27


H av e

Fun Under the Sun limit your

sun cancer r i s k By Nirali Patel 28

There are many different types of rays in sunlight. However, the two most notorious for causing skin cancer are UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate deep into the skin and cause premature skin aging, such as wrinkle formation. UVB rays are responsible for producing sunburn and the deadly black cancerous mole. But don’t fret! Follow these easy tips to protect your skin and reduce your risk of skin cancer.

Protect yourself from sun radiation Seek the shade! The sun’s rays are the strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Cover up with protective clothing such as lightweight, flowy long sleeve tops and pants. Accessorize with a wide-brimmed floppy sun hat and stylish sunglasses to complete the look. Generously slather a water-resistant, broadspectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher on your exposed skin. Adults need to apply at least one ounce to cover their body fully. If using a chemical sunscreen, reapply every two hours. Beware of the snow and water! Although cooling to the skin, they reflect the sun’s rays and increase your chances of sunburn. Not sure how to reapply sunscreen over your makeup? Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide based powder sunscreen can be applied to the skin over your makeup every two hours.

regular cancer screenings Be the number one expert on your own body. Perform regular self-exams at least once per month to look for signs of skin cancer. Look

FITNHEALTHY for new spots on the skin and always see your dermatologist if you are concerned. Turn on a bright light, stand in front of a fulllength mirror, and embrace every part of your skin. Look for new spots, particularly those that are different in size, shape, color, or feel. Feel your skin to check for unusual lumps or sore spots. It’s very likely; you’ll notice some moles. Normal moles are even in color (usually a shade of black or brown) while being raised, round or oval. An abnormal mole is an irregular shape with a jagged border and will be a mosaic of mixed colors: red, blue and/or white.

Physical vs. Chemical Sunscreen: Pros and Cons

Chemical sunscreens contain carbon-based compounds like oxybenzone and avobenzone. These compounds create a chemical reaction by changing UV rays to heat and then release the heat from the skin. This type of sunscreen is thinner and spreads easily on the skin. While easier to apply, it can create brown spots and skin discoloration. If your internal skin temperature is hot, the brown spots are worse. This sunscreen requires at least 10 minutes to dry after application. Its protection gets used up quickly and must be reapplied every two hours. Protecting your skin from the sun takes more than applying sunscreen. Rain or shine, slather on at least one ounce of sunscreen, slip into trendy long sleeves and pants, slap on a hat and slide on those sunglasses!

Traditional sunscreens tend to favor blocking UVB rays. Stay one step ahead by looking for a sunscreen that also blocks UVA rays. Physical sunscreens protect your delicate skin from the sun as soon as applied. They contain active minerals like titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which work by sitting on top of the skin. Physical sunscreens are less likely to cause skin irritation or clog your pores. They are ideal for people with blemish-prone skin types. Since the sunscreen is thick, it can leave a white cast on the skin and requires more effort to rub in. Use generously.



Get in Tune with Your

Gut Health By Jennifer Slaboda

We’ve all heard the expression “listen to your gut,” but it means more than just going with your gut feeling. Your gut has many important functions, from absorbing nutrients in food to protecting us from illness. The gut even controls emotions! So if something in your body feels off, it may be your gut talking to you. Your gut contains a microbiome of “good” bacteria that needs to be nurtured and fed so it can keep you feeling your best. Symptoms like stomach pain, gas, cramping, bloating, diarrhea and constipation are obvious signs that something is wrong. You may be lacking good bacteria if you are experiencing these symptoms. But if you’re experiencing more subtle conditions such as brain fog, sadness, low energy, or even certain kinds of allergies, these can also be signs that you need to take better care of your gut. Talk with your doctor if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, and pay attention to these tips on caring for your gut: 30


DO Eat whole foods: they are easy to digest and contain good bacteria and fiber. Get your probiotics: good bacteria contained in fermented foods including kimchi, sauerkraut, miso, and tempeh, and beverages like kefir and kombucha. Get your prebiotics: the dietary fiber that feeds probiotics. They are contained in onions, garlic, asparagus, bananas, and legumes. Consider daily supplements: if your diet doesn’t deliver what you need. Manage stress: a busy, stress-filled lifestyle wears down the body and impacts your microbiome. Use meditation, deep breathing, exercise, or warm baths to alleviate stress. Get enough sleep: the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommend 7-9 hours of nightly sleep for adults.

DON’T Consume processed foods: the body fights processed foods as invaders because they’re not recognizable as food, resulting in inflammation. Drink excessive amounts of alcohol and coffee: these drinks kill your good bacteria. Eat too many acidic foods, and avoid gluten if you’re sensitive to it: these can damage the gut lining. Eat late meals: for better sleep, don’t eat within three hours of bedtime.




Lately, there’s been buzz about coconut oil not being good for you, what are your thoughts on this?

avocados, coconut oil, salmon, etc. They end up eating not so good choices of high-fat foods. Bottom line: keto diet is not sustainable longterm, and it does not teach you healthy long-term lifestyle changes for continued success.

I am a true believer of everything in moderation. Coconut oil has some amazing benefits, but overconsumption of anything can be harmful to us.

Is it ok to consume healthy fats for dinner, or should we eat them earlier in the day?

Natalia Hernandez- San Francisco, CA

I like to use it to cook my veggies in and even sometimes put it in my smoothies for a little healthy fat and coconut taste. Bottom line: coconut oil is high in fats called medium chain triglycerides which are metabolized differently in the body than most other fats. This means they have a lot of awesome health benefits!

Joyce Lau- San Diego, CA I believe that people should consume a small portion of healthy fats at every meal to keep them feeling satiated and full for 4-5 hours. Think, a handful of almonds, 1/4 avocado, etc.

What are the benefits of a keto diet? Lauren White- Palo Alto, CA

The keto diet is a tricky one! While it is NOT a fit for everyone, people who are severely overweight or suffer from type 2 diabetes can benefit from it. Most people who try keto don’t do it the proper way with tons of veggies and healthy fat like

Submit your questions for our Nutritionist, Heather Zander at editor@fitnfabs.com

Heather Zander With a B.S. in exercise, nutrition and wellness from Cal State East Bay, she focuses on helping people take charge of their health.



You may have heard the word “immunotherapy” in the news lately and touted as the next big thing in cancer treatment. We brought in Dr. Nicholas Wilson, PhD an immunologist with over 15 years of cancer research experience to help us understand what immunotherapy is and why there’s so much hype around it.

By Sarah Wilson

What is immunotherapy? Immunotherapy seeks to harness the natural ability of your immune system to fight cancer. A key concept is that your immune system has already recognized the presence of a tumor but has failed to control the growth and spread of malignant tumor cells. Immunotherapies look to take advantage of this pre-existing tumor recognition to help restore your body’s own ability to detect and destroy tumor cells by immune cells.

How does immunotherapy differ from other cancer treatment options? Immunotherapies act by directly stimulating immune cells that are capable of seeking out and destroying tumor cells. This contrasts with other cancer treatment options, such as chemotherapy, that look to exploit the sensitivity of tumor cells to agents that inhibit cell growth. An emerging area of investigation in the field of cancer therapy is the ability to personalize immunotherapy treatments by collecting information from the patient’s tumor to predict how they might respond to a certain agent. 32

FITNHEALTHY Which cancer types respond best to immunotherapy? Cancers that respond to immunotherapies are those the immune system has exerted pressure on during tumor growth and establishment. Two cancers that have benefited from immunotherapy are melanoma and lung cancer. Lung cancer and melanoma cells accumulate a lot of damage to DNA called mutations. These DNA mutations often arise from exposure to carcinogens; in the case of melanoma from sun exposure, and lung cancer from cigarette smoke. These DNA mutations can make aberrant proteins which the immune system can recognize as foreign. The immune system can then destroy these cells, much like the body deals with a cell infected with a virus.

Are there fewer side effects with immunotherapy than with traditional cancer treatments? It depends. Some patients see very few sideeffects associated with immunotherapies. However, since these drugs act to stimulate the immune system, there is the possibility of autoimmune symptoms. Other more traditional oncology drugs, like chemotherapies, have a range of side-effects. One primary mechanism of chemotherapies is to kill rapidly dividing tumor cells; however, since there are rapidly dividing normal cells in your body, this can lead to a number of unpleasant side-effects, including hair loss and effects on bone marrow and the digestive tract.

Why has Immuno-oncology been in the news so much lately?

they need to reawaken your immune response and direct its attack against tumor cells. A number of patients that have received cancer immunotherapies remain in remission over a significant period of time, including years and even decades. It is these dramatic survival stories that have fueled the broad interest in immunotherapies.

What's next? Unfortunately, the number of patients cured by immunotherapy is only in the single digit percentage range. There is still a lot of work to do in discovering which patients to treat, as well as developing new immunotherapies or ways to improve existing immunotherapies by combining them with other drugs. One recent advance that is receiving a lot of attention is harvesting immune cells from a patient’s blood, arming them with the ability to selectively recognize cancer cells, and reinfusing them into the patient. There is hope that these “living drugs� can be combined with immunotherapies to provide further long-term benefit in a range of otherwise difficult to treat cancers. A fascinating aspect of immunotherapy is how the patient's immune system is receptive to the therapy. For example, your microbiome can influence how your immune system responds to immunotherapy. There are a lot of variables we are only beginning to understand, but perhaps one takeaway message is this: help support your immune system function through an active and healthy lifestyle!

Traditional cancer therapies often produce rapid and dramatic reductions in tumor size. However, this initial response typically does not translate into long-term remission. Conversely, immunotherapies can be slow to initially act, as 33



Fast, Flavorful, Healthy Lunch Recipes By Jennifer Slaboda

Want to lose weight, but your lunch options aren’t healthy? Are you counting calories and feeling hungry all the time? You don’t have to starve yourself or go to great lengths for a healthy lunch. In fact, calorie deprivation may cause you to gain weight in the long term. Instead, focus on the quality of your food. Look for nutrient-dense, colorful, whole foods (organic is best), and balance your plate with the proper proportions: ½ leafy greens, ¼ lean protein or legumes, 1/8 healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocado) and 1/8 healthy carbs (fruits and veggies). Get all the valuable nutrients you need to stay healthy and avoid processed foods by making your own lunch. Layer

Kale/Salmon Salad: (One serving) 2-3 cups baby kale ½ cup wild cooked salmon ¼ cup shredded carrot ¼ cup shelled pumpkin seeds For the dressing: 2 tablespoons tahini 2 tablespoons water 1 tablespoon lemon juice ¼ teaspoon minced garlic (or pinch powdered) Pinch salt and pepper, to taste

Arugula/Chicken/Pear Salad: (One serving) 2-3 cups arugula ½ cup cooked chicken breast strips ¼ cup sliced strawberries or pear ¼ cup chopped walnuts For the dressing: 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons coconut aminos or balsamic vinegar 34

salad ingredients in a lidded portable container and store your dressing in a small jar until ready to eat. Assemble ingredients the night before or on the weekend, and buy pre-cooked meats and chopped vegetables to make lunch prep easy. Instead of store-bought salad dressing, which can have sugar and other additives, make your own using 1/3 parts extra virgin olive oil to 2/3 parts vinegar, then shake well in a jar. Below are some quick and easy salad recipes with dressing options to kick-start your transition to healthy lunches. Mix and match ingredients, but be sure to use proper proportions.

Tex Mex Salad (One serving) 2-3 cups baby spinach leaves ½ cup cooked chicken breast strips ¼ cup black beans (drained and rinsed) ¼ cup cherry tomatoes, halved ¼ cup organic corn (optional) For a kick, sprinkle with red pepper flakes or diced jalapeños

For the dressing: ¼ ripe avocado, mashed ¼ teaspoon minced garlic (or pinch powdered) 1 tablespoon lime juice 1 tablespoon water 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil Add water if needed to thin texture Pinch salt and pepper, to taste

Rainbow Veggie Salad (One serving) 2-3 cups mixed baby greens ½ cup chickpeas ½ cup mixed veggies (carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, or any other colorful veggie) ¼ cup shelled hemp or pumpkin seeds For the dressing: 2 tablespoons almond butter 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons water or more to thin ½ teaspoon no-salt seasoning



Plant-Based Diet on the go made easy By Abigail Keyes

Eating a whole food plant-based diet can reduce your risk of heart disease, certain cancers, and type-2 diabetes. It can also lower bad cholesterol levels and keep off excess weight. But anyone who follows this diet knows that it can be a challenge to keep while traveling.

VRBO. Extended Stay America is an affordable hotel option that comes with a stovetop and refrigerator. Being able to make my own breakfast, save and heat up leftovers, and brew tea in the evening is easier on my budget than going out for every meal.

As a globe-trotting dance instructor, I’m on the road a lot. So, how do I, a wheat-free vegan dancer, eat when on the road without breaking the bank? Impossible, right? Not at all!

Heat Up Some Water

Plan Ahead Look up where you’re staying in relation to grocery stores, corner shops, scheduled farmer’s markets, and, of course, inexpensive restaurants. You can also check out Happy Cow, which is an online resource like Yelp but for vegetarian and vegan restaurants and shops.

Bring Your Own Food Breakfast is difficult and expensive when traveling so I bring my own. Instant oatmeal is my preference because I can make it anywhere as long as I have hot water, a paper cup, and a spoon. I also love dried fruit, almonds, rice crackers, and individual packets of nut butter.

Visit the Grocery Store If you’re going to be in a place for more than three days, it’s worth going to a local grocery store to pick up some essentials. Here’s a short shopping list of ideas: salad greens, hummus, tinned beans and/or lentils, non-dairy milk of your choice, and some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Book a Place with a Kitchen While having access to a kitchen isn’t always possible, it’s certainly ideal. Finding lodging with a kitchenette is easy these days with Airbnb and

With hot water, you can make instant oatmeal, soups, teas, noodles, rice, quinoa, and more. Even if you’re not staying in a place with a kitchen, most hotel rooms will at least have a way to make hot water. Hotels with a restaurant will gladly give you hot water or fill your insulated water bottle.

Be Demanding (But nice!) When traveling with a group, insist on eating at restaurants that serve more than one plant-based meal option. Hopefully, you’ve planned ahead, and arguments over where to eat dinner won’t be an issue. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and your health.

Be AdventuroUS When traveling, your best and cheapest options for meals are likely in “ethnic” restaurants. I’ve had amazing Colombian plantains in the suburbs of Atlanta, Cuban black beans and rice in Florida towns, and South Indian idli with coconut chutney in the outskirts of Paris.

Ask About Ingredients Don’t be afraid to ask what’s in a certain dish. When traveling in a non-English speaking country, learn the words for meat, fish, dairy, milk and other foods you wish to avoid. Keep a card of terms in the local language in your wallet to share with servers what you can’t eat. They’ll be happy to oblige. 35

from a place of beauty & grace

dr. katerina faces personal hardship surrounded by love 36

By Rosalidia Dubon

FITNINSPIRING Her life’s philosophy? Eat, move and think beautifully. Dr. Katerina Rozakis is a cancer survivor, natural health educator, wellness coach, psychotherapist and motivational speaker with an emphasis on preventative medicine, lifestyle changes and integrative cancer support. Her deep commitment to serving humanity has compelled her to volunteer her time and expertise working as a therapist for abused and neglected children. She has served on the Alzheimer's Association Education Committee and is currently a board member of Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation. Katerina shares the importance of discovering our inner goddess, nourishing our bodies with whole foods and lovingly supporting each other through difficult life obstacles.

What can women do to help each other be their best selves? We need to support each other. We are as strong as our group and the bigger the group, the stronger we are. We need to nurture each other, encourage each other and be there for each other in good times and in not so good times. We need to know that we are not alone, but that we are one.

What is your philosophy on being a goddess? I created Release Your Goddess, a cognitive restructuring program to bring about change in ourselves. It’s about the inner light that shines in all of us and discovering who we are inside our true goddess. Once we identify her, we begin to know our true selves. A goddess is many things, but most of all she is love. She loves herself and cares for herself. This makes her strong, secure and content so that she can also be there for others. She is curious to learn and fearless. The goddesses is mindful, lives her life grateful, aware, and in the moment.

Can women everywhere become the goddess they were born to be? It’s not if we can become because we are. It’s about finding ourselves again. It’s about removing the many years of wrong information we have received. Like peeling off heavy garments that do not belong to us and discovering our true selves once again. Removing the burdens and lightening our spirits.

How was your cancer found? I was examining my breasts in the mirror and noticed that the left was flatter than the right. I noticed that it had some slight puckering as well. I asked for a mammogram early. It found microcalcifications, and I underwent a biopsy. I asked to be manually examined by one of the radiology doctors. I asked if there was another exam I could take besides the mammogram. The doctor ordered an ultrasound which found an irregularity in the lower left part of my breast. Another biopsy was done at that moment. The following day I was called and told that I had cancer.

How long after the diagnosis did the double mastectomy surgery take place? I was diagnosed in July, and my double mastectomy was scheduled for August 8. When I awoke from the surgery, I found out that not only did I have cancer in my left breast but also in my right breast. I had cancer in a total of six areas including my chest wall and lymph nodes. I had metastatic invasive lobular carcinoma.

Did you have adequate time to register the reality of what was happening to you? I felt like I was a fly hypnotically moving towards the light following instructions on my treatment plan. I forgot I was a specialist in natural health and integrative medicine and that I spent my life teaching people how to ask questions and get second opinions and arm themselves with knowledge. I was in shock mode and therefore could not think. I decided to seek the help of other natural health 37

PEOPLE professionals to help guide me through the natural health aspect to keep me strong during this process and focused. I also went for second and third opinions. I asked one of the doctors from my second opinion to collaborate with my primary oncologist. The integrative approach that I took during my cancer treatments, I believe, was critical in helping me feel the best I could during the worst time of my life.

What were some of the hardest parts about undergoing cancer treatment? I didn’t care about losing my hair, and I didn’t care about losing my breasts. I know many people do as we are very close to our identity. Any way you put it, it’s a loss with great grief, but I wanted to live. The hardest part was knowing this could kill me while I had young children. I had to think positive and believe that I would be OK. I stayed in the moment and focused on wellness and not what could be, not until I knew more.

How did you deal with the loss of your breasts and hair? I wanted to be a symbol for other women. I wanted them to know that the loss of hair or breast was a sign of survival. I wanted to eliminate shame and to encourage women to show their beauty either with a scarf or without a scarf, wig, hat or anything that made them feel comfortable but not because they felt shame.

What were a few of the best experiences you had during the peak of your cancer treatment? I’ll never forget when I had to go into surgery, and I was worried about losing my livelihood, my patients. Out of the woodwork came friends who volunteered to see my patients. I was receiving phone calls, flowers, cards and many words of love. People wanted to help me. I remember closing my eyes going into surgery and all of the prayer groups that prayed for me. I felt as if all the people that were praying were carrying me into surgery. This is a love that I cannot express with words. It’s filled my entire being and made me feel that no matter what everything would be OK. I learned that I have friends. I learned I was truly loved. I have not forgotten this feeling, and I don’t think I ever will. I think this is what they mean when they say we are all one.

Who helped you make it through the tough times, and what were they able to do to help you? I learned that not only was knowledge crucial for survival but so was support. There were many dark days, but the love of my husband standing by me and maintaining a positive attitude kept me going. He kept bone broth stewing day in and day out. The smell of the stew warmed the house and my heart. Keeping my children in their daily routines kept me going and working during chemo made me feel semi-human. There were days where I was completely exhausted and didn’t know how I could make it. I do believe support is crucial to the healing process. I believe that when we feel loved all of our cells vibrate strong. I believe that no matter what 38

FITNINSPIRING the outcome is, how we feel in the moment is very important for our well-being and how we handle any crisis in life.

What is your current cancer status? I am still taking Anastrozole and will find out in April whether I need to continue for another two or seven years.

Are you still battling? Today I feel healthy. My primary oncologist says he cannot answer any questions about the future. He can only examine me every six months. I saw another oncologist for a second opinion, and he gave me hope. I think it’s very important what your oncologist says to you. We all need hope.

How has cancer changed your outlook both professionally and personally? As soon as I completed my radiation treatments, I took courses every Saturday to enhance my knowledge of cancer and psychotherapy. Not only did I want to know more but I also wanted to share more and be available to provide support to others in need including patients and their family members. Personally, I don’t wait anymore. I take action.

What practices did you do during cancer treatment to keep your mind, body, and soul feeling great? We have all heard about the benefits of meditation. I sure did a lot of that. There are many healing meditations that heal the mind, body, and soul. My husband bought me a hand-carved Native American flute. I drummed on my percussion drums and learned to play the flute. I told myself that I will never say “no” to the things that I aspire to do, like drums or the flute. I was not going to wait any longer. Every second counts and I am grateful.

What benefits do you find from a whole foods diet? There are multiple benefits from eating natural foods. It’s key to good health. I believe my natural, healthy diet and lifestyle is what helped me through my cancer treatments. I may have had cancer, but I also had a very healthy mind and body.

Can you share your favorite whole food fall recipe with us? Pomegranates, a powerhouse fruit, are ready in the fall. One of my favorite recipes is spinach pomegranate and sweet potato salad. I keep this one simple to enjoy all the flavors. On a bed of spinach, I slice sweet potatoes, thin red onion and sprinkle with pomegranates. I drizzle balsamic vinegar and extra-virgin olive oil from Greece. Light salt and black pepper to taste.

What are you growing for fall meals in your home garden? Basil, I love it. I break off a piece of fresh basil from the plant and eat a leaf everyday. I love to grow cherry tomatoes so I can grab one off the vine and pop it in my mouth. I call this my daily vitamin C. I love oregano. I put it in almost everything but, for sure, in my salad all the time.





There are two steps to achieving your fitness goals:

1) DEVELOPING A PLAN 2) STICKING TO IT I have been a trainer for the last 20 years. Throughout my career, I have participated in hundreds of fitness journeys. I have also heard every excuse in the book. The truth is, a good trainer can develop a plan and motivate you to see it through, but whether or not you truly stick to your long-term health goals really depends on your will to succeed. The good news is, technology and increased social awareness of healthy lifestyles, provide information online and so many free to low-cost fitness programs to point you in the right direction.

DEVELOP A FITNESS PLAN First, start by deciding what you would like to accomplish or the body type you are trying to achieve. Are you training to bulk up or to lean down? Are you prepping for a marathon or are you looking to maintain a healthy weight? Thinking through your desired outcome will help ensure you’re maximizing your efforts and reach success. Once you decide on your goal, you can use online tools or a personal trainer to help determine your plan of action. This plan should map out the days, times, session duration, activities you will complete and a meal plan. 40

IMPLEMENT AND STICK TO YOUR PLAN The next step is the hardest because it requires commitment and consistency. You need to believe in yourself, trust your plan and see it through. You may see some results right away but you can’t expect to undo years of inactivity or unhealthy habits overnight. Achieving your fitness goals requires an investment of your time, trust me when I say, you are worth it! When you start to feel like giving up your plan, remind yourself of your greater goal. When you look back six months from now, you’ll wish you had stuck with it. If your fitness plan doesn’t exactly go as planned, remember that some activity is better than no activity. If you planned for a 60-minute workout on Monday before heading to the office or before your child wakes up, but you find yourself running behind, a 30-minute workout will do just fine that day.


don’t keep unhealthy food in the house. Or, if you tend to get tired at the end of the day, workout first thing in the morning.



TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Let the people you DO IT FOR YOU. Stick to your fitness plan for you. Not are close to know about your fitness goals and ask them to support your success. Invite them to join in your quest to become a healthier version of you.

for the summer. Not for a wedding. Not for a revenge body and not to achieve someone else’s standards. Do it for you and do it for life.

AVOID THE NAYSAYERS. We all have them. Those




people in our lives who enable and encourage our unhealthy lifestyles or just aren’t supportive. Add their comments to the fire fueling your journey and simply decline when they encourage that extra slice of cake. little voice in your head pops up with a discouraging word, acknowledge it and remember that little voice is just your ego trying to stop your progress toward becoming your best self. You got this!

At times you might fail, and at times your success will only be marginal. However, even one ounce of success is more valuable than a fraction of regression.




Get Set Up for

Workout Success By Rick Green

Some people come to the gym and want to be the most impressive athlete on the floor on day one. These individuals tend to stack the most plates on the bar or sprint exceedingly fast on the treadmill, trying over and over to snap that perfect post for Instagram. True, sometimes you might find yourself working out next to an actual athlete but their impressive feats are part of a regular routine. Most of us will find ourselves working up to our optimal level of activity, which will vary from person to person, over time rather than all at once. It is important to be slow and steady when building your gym stamina and to remember that the only person you need to impress at the gym is you. As a personal trainer, I have been a part of many fitness victories. I have also witnessed my fair share of common exercise mistakes. These mistakes can lead to fatigue, injury or overall bad experiences that will only serve to discourage your efforts. Avoid the following exercise mistakes and achieve a positive, injury free journey of health and fitness.

Bad Jogging Form When embarking on a new fitness journey, jogging and cardio are great places to start. Whether you are running outdoors or on a treadmill, pay very close attention to how your foot stride is landing. Jogging should feel as if you are running on your tiptoes. Most fitness newbies tend to land heel first. Focus on making sure your stride lands primarily on your toes which protects the impact to your knees. 42

Choosing the Wrong Shoe The popular belief in training used to be any old shoe would work. Times have changed. There is no shortage of great research on why certain shoes can help with specific routines and terrains. Visit a shoe store or fitness outlet that specializes in shoes. The kind of store that measures your feet, asks you to walk and jog while still in the store, and has well-informed staff available to answer your athletic shoe related questions. Know your training goals and ask for help getting the right shoe for you.

Not Switching It Up Coming into the gym consistently is something to be proud of. However, if you are consistently doing the same routine, you will quickly see a growth plateau. Make sure you are switching up your routine both in intensity levels and in the exercises you do. The human body becomes more and more efficient every time it goes through an experience. I have the most success with clients who never know what their workouts are going to be. It is my belief as a trainer that keeping the body uncertain of the tasks it will be physically challenged with, forces the individual to become ready for anything. This is a great place to be.



Overdoing It I can’t stress this enough - pace yourself. Don't judge your results on a short-term scale. Instead, think of your fitness journey as one that will last a lifetime. Even marginal exercises, given enough time and frequency, will eventually lead to a better body and health state. Short term goals will never be as beneficial as long-term hopes. Remember, your workouts are an investment in you and your health, and you are definitely worth the time!

Not Investing In a Personal Trainer Choosing to do it all on your own is a common exercise mistake. We hire people to do our taxes and other important tasks because we count on professionals with the expertise to guide us and get the job done right. What’s more important than your health? A personal trainer can help you determine a fitness goal, develop a fitness plan, track your progress and motivate you to stick with your routine. A personal trainer can also help ensure you are using the correct equipment and form during your workout, helping to reduce injury, fatigue and burnout. I will gladly help you find the right trainer for you: RickGreen@ FitNFabs.com

Happy Training! 43



Strong Thighs Matter By SISSFiT

Not only do your thighs contain the biggest muscles in your body, meaning the greatest caloric burn when strengthening them, but they’re also what carry you around all day! For these reasons, we focus a lot of our workouts on building these hugely important muscles. However, when doing leg exercises, it’s easy to focus on quad-

dominant exercises and forget about your hamstrings, inner/outer thighs, and glutes! Therefore, we’ve pulled three of our favorite thigh exercises to help strengthen and round out all aspects of your upper leg. Do 45 seconds of each and repeat 4 times for a total of 9 minutes.

SISSFiT Meet Lauren and Kelly; sisters, certified fitness trainers, models, and

former Division 1 Track

and Field athletes. Their extensive background in sports and fitness

paired with demanding

careers, the sisters have joined forces to create

HIIT strength and cardio guides for busy women on-the-go.



Squat + Calf Raise Beginning with your feet hips-width distance apart, squat down to a 90-degree angle, keeping your weight in your heels, a proud chest and your knees directly above your ankles.

Drive through both heels as you return to a standing position and then press up onto your tip toes. Slowly lower your heels back down and repeat.



Alternating Hamstring Reaches Begin standing on your right foot as you send your left foot back behind you and simultaneously reach your left hand to your right toes. Remember to keep a flat back, your hips square and a micro-bend in your standing leg.

With your body acting as one lever, drive through your right foot as you slowly come up to a standing position. Repeat on your left leg.

Squat Jacks Begin in a standing position with your hands at your sides. Jump your feet out into a wide squat position, squat hovering your hands just above the ground with a proud chest.

Jump your feet back together in a standing position and repeat.

Credit: www.sissfit.com 45

EVENTS Bay Area Plus Size Fashion Show And Expo

Wedding Fair at Embassy Suites SFO By Dream Wedding Inc

Salsa Sunday Dancing in Potrero Hill San Francisco! FREE BEG class

DATE: Sat, October 13, 2018

DATE: Sun, November 11, 2018

DATE: Sun, October 7, 2018

LOCATION: Impact Hub Oakland 2323 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612

LOCATION: Embassy Suites by Hilton San Francisco Airport 250 Gateway Boulevard South San Francisco, CA 94080

LOCATION: Potrero Hill Neighborhood House 953 De Haro Street San Francisco, CA 94107

TIME: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

FACEBOOK ID: bayplusshowandexpo Plus-size designers and models collaborate to showcase plus size fashion in the Bay Area. This is an exciting time to celebrate beauty and diversity of fullfigure women working the runway with confidence and style! COST: $40-$60

North America Association Beauty Industry Association DATE: Mon, October 1, 2018 TIME: 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM

LOCATION: North America Association San Francisco 1390 Market Street Suite 200 San Francisco, CA 94192 MORE INFO: membership@naaus.com 800-593-1070. Ext 1 1st Annual Board Meeting and Social Mixer All beauty industry members and nonmembers are cordially invited to attend our first annual west coast association board meeting and Social Mixer. Free food and beverages COST: Free

TIME: 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM

www.TheLiveLoveExpo.com Wedding Fair and Bridal Show at Embassy Suites SFO! Experience complimentary bridal cocktails, bites, desserts, bridal fashions and inspirations. COST: $25

René Furterer Academy Consultations and Client Experience DATE: Mon, October 22, 2018 TIME: 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

LOCATION: Atelier Emmanuel 9 Claude Lane San Francisco, CA 94108 rs_admin@pierre-fabre.com From the moment a client walks into the salon, their experience begins. Learning that there are key components that must take place to create a lasting impression is essential to client retention. This comprehensive session will provide the fundamentals on how to engage with clients. COST: $150

Mastery Mondays: Hair Cutting DATE: Mon, October 1, 2018 TIME: 6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

LOCATION: Tailored Salon 266 Sutter St, 2nd Floor San Francisco, CA 94108 FACEBOOK ID: tailoredacademy Work on a model or use a mannequin and we will walk you through how to create a look you want to practice and bring to life. It is a great way to build your arsenal and get inspired without the commitment of a course. COST: $175


TIME: 4:30 PM – 9:30 PM

https://www.facebook.com/pg/ mambodomingo/events There is nothing better than spending the late afternoon taking salsa classes and dancing to the wonderful rhythm of salsa in the beautiful city of San Francisco! Life is good, but salsa dancing on Sunday makes it even better! COST: Free

The 3rd Annual Marin Music Festival DATE: Saturday, October 20, 2018 TIME: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

LOCATION: Marin Rod & Gun Club 2675 East Francisco Blvd San Rafael, CA https://www.sresproductions.com (800) 310-6563 Known for its musical revolution in the 1960’s and 1970’s, Marin County provides a gorgeous natural backdrop for this free day of local music. The festival will feature local live bands, arts and crafts booths, food trucks, beer and wine, kid’s activities and a stunning waterfront view! COST: Free

FABNINVOLVED Stress Management and Relaxation Sahaja Meditation DATE: Sat, October 6, 2018

TIME: 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

LOCATION: Veterans Memorial Building, Room #212 401 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102

2018 Speakeasy Halloween Party Cruise Aboard the San Francisco Belle

FREE AcroYoga Classes at Sports Basement Presidio

DATE/TIME: Sat, Oct 27, 2018, 9:00 PM

TIME: 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

DATE: Tue, October 9, 2018

LOCATION: The San Francisco Belle Pier 3 1398 The Embarcadero San Francisco, CA 94111

LOCATION: Sports Basement 610 Mason Street San Francisco, CA 94129



What if there was a simple method for you to tap into the power and energy lying deep within you, allowing you better control of yourself-physically, mentally and emotionally? Please join us for guided meditation and an introduction to Sahaja Yoga meditation.

There’s no better way to get Halloween started in San Francisco than aboard the largest yacht in the West Coast! Take Halloween weekend to the seas on our San Francisco Halloween cruise and party with your friends aboard the San Francisco Belle.

COST: Free

COST: Free

COST: $29-$325

Drawing Cloud Forest Beauties in Colored Pencil with Nina Antze

Leadership & Life Balance "Wellness-Shop"

DATE: Thu, November 15, 2018 TIME: 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

LOCATION: San Francisco County Fair Building 1199 9th Avenue San Francisco, CA 94122 www.pcquilt.com 707.326.6021 Draw and color the Botanical Garden's array of beautiful cloud forest flowers. Using botanical drawing techniques you will learn about color theory and how to create beautiful color by layering, blending and burnishing. Live blooms from the garden will be provided or you may bring your own favorites. All drawing levels welcome. A supply list will be provided.

DATE: Sat, October 13, 2018 TIME: 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM

LOCATION: Rockridge Wellness Center 5327 College Ave #5 Oakland, CA 94618 www.createdliving.com


NSM Youth Auditions DATE: Sat, October 6, 2018 TIME: 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM LOCATION: Town Fitness 130 E. 12th Street Oakland, CA 94606

Facebook & Instagram ID: dogpatchdance Members of the "Diamond” Hip Hop Dance Team are between the ages of 13 and 18. Diamond was first introduced to the Hip Hop community in 2001. The main focus of Diamond is to give young street dancers a place and chance to learn, develop and train to become a working dance/artist in today’s entertainment business. COST:Free

In this day-long Wellness-Shop for Leadership, participants will walk away with a new relationship to their inner vitality and resources of wellness; and begin to find and define their balanced state. COST: $45

COST: $80-$90




RUNMATCH Group Running Class - Bay Trail Water Front Run with Jesse D.

Los Angeles Ultimate Women's Expo

Holistic Wellness Event

DATE: Tue, October 2, 2018

DATE: Sat & Sun, October 20-21, 2018 TIME: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

TIME: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

TIME: 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM

LOCATION: Point Isabel Regional Shoreline Trl Richmond, California 94804 haley@runmatch.com This trail is flat and paved, which is great for speed work or for allowing the mind to turn off and tune in for a steady paced run. COST:$15

Rolling and Mobility Workshops with Daryll DATE: Sun, October 21, 2018 TIME: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

LOCATION: Alameda Beach Body 2412 Clement Avenue Alameda, CA 94501 daryll@begoniabodyworks.com Does your workout make you feel sore? Do you have tight muscles that cause limited range of motion? The truth is YOU DON'T HAVE TO FEEL THAT WAY! It IS possible to feel amazing days after a new or rigorous workout! Learn how to identify your sore points and the anatomy associated with it to gain more mobility, power, balance and strength.

LOCATION: Los Angeles Convention Center 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015 http://www.lawomensexpo.com

DATE: Sat, October 6, 2018 LOCATION: Grassroots Natural Market & Kitchen 1119 Fair Oaks Avenue South Pasadena, CA 91030 https://bit.ly/2OmZjPf

Spend the weekend learning about the latest in beauty treatments, products and services. Check out the fashion runway shows every 30 minutes.

Enjoy a day of healing, relaxation, and self-care for your mind, body, and soul. Sessions include sound healing, crystal therapy, and massages.

The U.S. Fit Show

Hip Hop Bootcamp and Yoga

DATE: Sat, October 13, 2018 TIME: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

DATE: Sat, October 20, 2018


LOCATION: Equinox Pine Street 301 Pine Street San Francisco, CA 94101

LOCATION: S. S. Lane Victory 3600 Miner Street Los Angeles, CA 90731 This show brings together the fitness community and industry together. Check out the physique competition as well as DJ and live band.

TIME: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

https://www.fitbit.com/about Sweat it out with FitBit Local, a series of FREE monthly workouts in your city, led by fitness leaders from your community. See for yourself as Fitbit Local Ambassadors Caroline Jordan and Buddy Macuha help you flow from pose to pose alongside the booming beats of "Push It," "Jump Around” and other classics. COST: Free

COST: $30-$40

Do you have a mind, body and spirit wellness event that our readers should know about? We’d love to hear about it!


Great wines begin in the vineyard, as it has been said before. For me, the pursuit of quality begins with finding the right vineyard. I partner with growers who have dedicated their lives to the grape growing side of the industry. I seek out family growers who have worked with their sites for years, many times generations, who farm organically, sustainably- thoughtfully. Then, as a winemaker, it becomes my responsibility to capture this nuance of a particular place. For me, that translates into a minimalist winemaking approach. These traditionally inspired practices evoke a style of passionate realism- combining honest winemaking with sustainably farmed vineyards to create food-friendly wines of distinction and balance. Named after the Italian painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, passionate realism is but one way that Caravaggio’s art has been described. Rawness, a powerful sense of what really happened. But this style was different from his more opulent contemporaries. Such are our wines. Merisi wines are about the courage to be different if it means pursuit of quality and honest interpretation.


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where your inner warrior meets

your outer goddess GUEST CONTRIBUTORS



A world-traveling dance instructor, performer, and writer. With a lifetime of performance experience as a figure skater and dancer, she hopes to inspire others to be the best dancers they can be. www.akeyesdance.com



Wendy Quaccia is a Professional Organizer who takes pride in showing people how to live comfortably in their home through organization. Helping to make decisions, relocate items to more convenient locations within the home and offering storage ideas is fun for Wendy. It's amazing how getting organized can be life-changing. www.simplyputyourway.net



Speaker, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Aura-Soma Practitioner and owner of Love.Heal.Thrive. Through her Energy Boot Camp and a multitude of classes, Erin brings real-life energy tools and techniques to her center, corporations, universities, and schools. She makes healing, selfgrowth, and meditation accessible with techniques applicable to our everyday lives. www.LoveHealThrive.com



Jennifer Slaboda is passionate about helping people live healthier through better food, personal care products, and exercise. She is an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, a Fitness Instructor at Pilates ProWorks of Burlingame, and a mom of two teenagers. JenniferSlaboda.Arbonne.com



A native New Englander recently relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband. Sarah’s childhood in Vermont fuels her passion for local organic food and outdoor lifestyle. After graduating from Wesleyan University, she obtained her Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. 50


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I'm constantly reviewing brands that provide natural and eco-friendly products to help us live a toxin-free life. I collaborate exclusively with truly genuine brands committed to bettering our world. These products have been tested and reviewed by me and my team. We are delighted to bring them to you through our fabulous shop. Cheers to a life full of happiness, love and sustainable beauty!


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Reward Your Skin

Acne, oily skin, clogged pores Purify, detoxify and cleanse your skin with this powerful composite of botanicals that whisks away impurities and dissolves makeup while clearing enlarged pores that cause acne. $28

Natural - Hydrating - Brightening Serum This highly restorative formula is infused with antioxidants, Vitamin C & E as well as Hyaluronic Acid that leaves your skin feeling energized, refreshed and healthy.

No 01 REVITALISING FACIAL COFFEE EXFOLIATOR, TONER & MOISTURE MASQUE Designed to balance and purify your skin with a syn-ergistic blend of organic ingredients, this is like a miracle in a jar! It will brighten, tone and moisturize your skin. 1.7oz / 50ml $87

Hands on the Go Made of organic essential oils that work to cleanse hands naturally with no alcohol. It leaves hands soft and protected. Pure Haven's mission is to offer products that are safe, trusted and pure.


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FitNFabs Fall 2018  

Meet cover model Fareeda Holmes and learn about her incredible 360 degree fitness journey. With theme of the fall issue of FitNFabs being c...

FitNFabs Fall 2018  

Meet cover model Fareeda Holmes and learn about her incredible 360 degree fitness journey. With theme of the fall issue of FitNFabs being c...

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