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Workout Routines for Men over 50 Exercise should be a part of everybody’s life irrespective of age. So if you are above 50 and you’ve been neglecting working out, then better listen up. The need for exercise in fact increases with age as your body slows down and needs to be recharged. Building muscle mass is not high on the agenda, but increasing endurance and balance is. 50 is not too late to start with a workout routine for men, however to be safe rather than sorry, it is advisable to get a doctor’s opinion if you are a new starter. Building Muscle It is a popular opinion that men over fifty cannot build body mass; which is actually incorrect. It is recommended to take up strength building exercises at least twice or thrice a week. There are about eight to ten exercises that can be performed in five to six sets. It would help strengthen arms, shoulders, legs and abs. Use simple weight equipment like dumbbells or weight machines and start from the least weight possible and gradually increase it till the maximum weight and make sure you balance it so that you are not worn out at the end of the last exercise. Additionally activities like rowing, hiking and cycling also help strengthening and are excellent workout routines for men. Endurance Aerobic exercise is a great way to get your heart pumping and also to build stamina. High percentage of heart ailments occur post the age of 50, which makes cardio exercises a must. Try to sneak in at least 30 minutes of aerobics within your weekly schedule to keep your heart in pristine condition. Fast walking, dancing, jogging are all excellent ways of cardio exercise and make sure you enjoy the process rather going through it as a drill. Keep track of your heart rate; the ideal window is between 85-145 beats per minute. Balance and Agility Increase your flexibility and balance through simple exercises like stretching and posture exercises. It is very important to at this age to be balanced and have a low centre of gravity to

avoid dangerous falls. In a stable position, stretch all your muscles, each for a period of 20 seconds. You can dry different posture techniques. For flexibility, the best bet is to join yoga or a tai chi class.

Workout Routines for Men over 50