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Skinny Jeans in 12 ClubFit loves women! We believe women are at their best when they are healthy, curvy and confident. We also believe programs designed for women, by women will give you amazing results. Our Skinny Jeans in 12 program is designed specifically for you, by an experienced fitness expert. You will be a successful and in those skinny jeans by spring!

Jan. 9 - March 31 $249 (payment plans available)



Program Details: If you truly want to change the shape of your body and be healthy and happy for the rest of your life you need one on one support and guidance. Our revolutionary hybrid program gives you the proven success of working with a personal trainer at an affordable price.

- 12 week Customized Eating and Exercise plan - Detailed nutrition plans Workout videos - Healthy cooking recipes - Weight loss on a budget seminar - 24/7 Accountability and trainer access - Weekly progress checks with Caeli - Access to her calorie-torching classes which will accelerate your results!

Lose inches and get healthy! Reserve your spot today by emailing us or (515) 490-5732

Skinny Jeans in 12 Program  

Personalized fitness and nutrition program designed to help women get healthy, lose inches and look their best