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We all aspire to be fit. But very few of us understand the term well leave aside achieving it. We indulge in various kinds of activities to gain physical fitness. But first let us comprehend what is exactly fitness. It does not mean bulging muscles. Fitness means to be in a healthy physical condition and a feeling of overall well being. It means to have excess energy and proper sleeping patterns. It also makes one more mentally alert. The importance of fitness is immense. We often tend to underestimate it. But the individuals who have achieved it live an enhanced life. Yoga, exercising are the various ways of achieving fitness. The various advantages to be fit in Hong Kong are as followsFirst, fitness reduces the risk of negative health outcomes. It keeps the blood pressure levels, diabetes and cholesterol in control. It also increases resistance within the human body. It increases the level of endurance.

Depressive and anxiety symptoms decrease immensely. Fitness leaves one happier and relaxed. Reduction, management and controlling of weight are a part of achieving fitness. It improves and increases the level of energy in the human body. It deepens the sleep and also gives better sleeping patterns. It improves self confidence and look of an individual. Yoga is a unique way to achieve fitness. It is an ancient practice which originated in India. It aids in practically harmonizing the mind, body and spirit. This balance and harmony helps in overall development of the human being. If it is practiced regularly it helps one in achieving peace and harmony. It offers a general feeling of well-being and yoga also brings one closer to his own environment and nature. Yoga in Hong Kong has various benefits both at the physical and psychological level and those benefits are as followsBlood pressure decreases Decrease in respiratory rate Increase in cardiovascular efficiency Increase in the breath holding time Improvement in eye hand co-ordination Improvement in posture

Physical strength and resilience improves Level of endurance improves Energy levels improve Normalization of weight Sleep pattern improves drastically Level of immunity increases Decrease in physical pain Improvement in physical balance Normalization of endocrine function Adjustment with society improves Decrease in anxiety and depression Improvement in concentration level Memory improves Improvement in learning efficiency Improvement in mood Self-acceptance improves Lower risk of injuring muscles and ligaments Internal awareness Normalizes muscle tone Minimal effort for doing anything

Today yoga has penetrated every walk of life. People appoint personal yoga trainers to improve their lifestyle. Regular practices of yoga open many vistas of life and provide a self awareness which is impossible to achieve under normal circumstances.

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Being fit with the help of yoga  

We all aspire to be fit. But very few of us understand the term well leave aside achieving it. We indulge in various kinds of activities to...

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