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The SEO Tool Box This is my list of go to resources. Some of the tools and software are paid, others are free. You might not need all the resources in this book but it's handy to have them if you do. I want to be totally transparent with you and let you know that some of the links are affiliate links. However, I only ever recommended resources that I personally use or have used in the past and would never recommend a tool or service that I have no knowledge of. With all that being said, let's get into it! Dan Clay

The SEO  Tool  Box  Was  Compiled  by  Dan  Clay  of  and

In this book you'll find a full list of resources, tools, software and outsourcing websites I use in my business, the book is split into 3 sections; Creating Your Website SEO Tools Outsourcing

Creating Your Website Domain Registrar These days I buy all my domains at Namecheap. After being a Godaddy customer for years I moved all my Godaddy registered sites to Namecheap for 3 reasons. Better support Cheaper Free whois protection for the first 12 months and significantly cheaper thereafter. Go to

Website Hosting I've been a hostgator customer since the day I set up my first website and in all honestly I've never felt the need to change. Their support is great, uptime is good and their packages are very reasonably priced. Go to

Autoresponder The autoresponder I'm going to recommend is actually different to the one I use now. The one I use now is called infusionsoft and is regarded as the daddy of CRM software (customer relationship management). However, I don't recommend you start with them because they're expensive (I pay $300USD p/m) and its a very complicated software to use. I've been using Infusionsoft for 7 years and still only know how to use about 10% of it. I started with Aweber and have always regretted leaving, if it wouldn't be so much work to change all my funnels over I'd be back to Aweber in a heart beat. Go to

Payment Processors I use two companies to process payments online, Stripe and Paypal.

The SEO  Tool  Box  Was  Compiled  by  Dan  Clay  of  and

Stripe is a great software for accepting credit cards online. You will need a programmer to get it set it up but compared to other credit card processors it's very easy to get started with. The other option is Paypal, Paypal is very easy to set up and is well trusted but it's not as good for accepting credit cards as Stripe. Your customers will need to have a Paypal account otherwise they'll be forced to fill in a long order form. This is why I use both processors to give my customers the option of paying by credit card (through Stripe) or through Paypal's interface. Go to Go to

Landing Pages/Squeeze Pages When it comes to building landing pages and squeeze pages you have a few options. The two that I have tried are Leadpages and Optimizepress. I started with Leadpages but switched over to Optimizepress about a year ago. I find Optimizepress more flexible, easier to use and like the fact that I can edit the pages within my own Wordpress dashboard. The website was built using Optimzepress. Go to

Wordpress Plugins The list of Wordpress plugins I could add to this section is almost endless so I'll just include the select few that I use on all my sites. Contact Form 
 Contact form 7 is an excellent free plugin that quickly allows you to create contact forms on your website. 
 Go to On Page SEO Yoast SEO is another free plugin that helps with your on-page-seo and has a built in XML sitemap generator. See the on-page-optimzation video for a full explanation. Go to Wordpress Database Backup Always use a database backup plugin. If anything goes wrong with your hosting company you want to have a backup. Go to The SEO  Tool  Box  Was  Compiled  by  Dan  Clay  of  and

Opt-in Box The opt-in box I use for the majority of my sites is Popup Ally. They offer a free Wordpress plugin which will be enough for you to get started. I use their 'Pro' package which has advanced features such as A/B split testing, but you won't need to upgrade if you're just starting out. Go to

SEO Tools I have my own accounts for most of the tools I recommend but I realise this can get expensive. So, I'm going to share with you a little 'hack' where you can the tools you need cheaply. Option #1: Buy the tool for 1 month and cancel when you have all the data you need. Option #2: Use a site like Konker to 'borrow' someone else's account for a short period of time. Go to and create an account, then watch my resources video to see how I select my vendors.

Free Google Tools Webmaster Tools The first thing you'll want to do after you create your website is to add your site to webmaster tools. Webmaster tools will give you much of the data that Google has about your website. Go to Analytics Another free tool, allows you to track visitors, conversions, bounce rate and a whole heap of other stuff. A very useful tool for your tool box. Go to Keyword Planner Another free tool from Google, will tell you how much search volume there is for your keywords and will give you a list of related keyword ideas. Recently Google has limited the data it will give you unless you're buying Adwords. Watch my video for a workaround option. Go to

The SEO  Tool  Box  Was  Compiled  by  Dan  Clay  of  and

Spy Tools There are a couple of 'spy' tools you'll want to add to your tool belt, you will only need to use these tools for a week or so to get the data on your competition.
 These can be expensive but you can get a 'borrowed' account at Ahrefs This is a powerful 'spy' tool that tell will you which websites are linking to your competitors and what anchor text they are using. See our training for a full video on this method. Go to for a full account Or go to to buy a 'borrowed' account Majestic This tool is very similar to Ahrefs, I often use in conjunction with Ahrefs but you can get away with just using one or the other. 
 Go to for a full account
 Or go to to buy a 'borrowed' account Semrush This is another great little spy tool I use from time to time. This tool will show me what keywords my competitors are ranking for so I can rank my site for similar keyword terms. Go to Or go to to 'borrow' an account Copyscape If you hire a writer for any type of article writing you must run it through Copyscape to ensure it is 100% unique. Putting duplicate content on your site or a site you're getting a backlink from will not do you any good if the content has been scraped from someone else's website. Go to

Outsourcing I try to outsource as much of the repetitive tasks as possible to outsourcers (watch this video to see how I select my outsourcers). However, if you're just setting up your business and cash flow is tight, much of the tactics in the training can be done by yourself with just your time investment. The SEO  Tool  Box  Was  Compiled  by  Dan  Clay  of  and

Konker This is the #1 site for SEO’s, it’s excellent for finding SEO tools, graphic designers, buying social signals and finding outsourcers. If I recommend a service in the training area i.e building citations, please only use the service I recommend as I have used them myself. Never hire anyone in here to do the SEO for you. Go to Upwork A great site for hiring outsources, if you want to hire a VA to do your blog commenting, Web 2.0's or forum posting, you'll find someone on Upwork. Go to Knowem I use these guys for setting up my social profiles. They are expensive but the time it saves me is worth it. If you want to save money you can do it yourself by simply entering your brand name into their search tool and it will give you the list of social profiles you can set up. Go to That's it for now, be sure to return to this book as I'll be adding more resources in here soon!

The SEO  Tool  Box  Was  Compiled  by  Dan  Clay  of  and

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