Buy Vanilla Beans For Preparing Homemade Extract Cost-Effectively

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Buy Vanilla Beans For Preparing Homemade Extract Cost-Effectively Slide 1- Introduction Did you know that you need only 2 ingredients for making extract from vanilla beans? Yes, you heard it right! Homemade Vanilla beans for extract are possible to make at home with easy by using two easily available ingredients: vanilla beans and vodka. Even the recipe is simple to follow: soak vanilla beans in vodka and allowing it to set down for minimum 8 weeks. Keep shaking the bottle at regular intervals to get the desired flavor and aroma.

Slide 2- Benefits of Homemade Vanilla Extract Some of the main benefits of preparing the extract at home are as follows: •It is 100% natural product with no added chemicals and preservatives •Preparing vanilla extract at home is a cost-efficient process •Once you prepare it at home with the right recipe, you will gain confidence to prepare it for the next time

Slide 3- Where to Use Vanilla Beans for Extract? Vanilla is one of the most popular ingredients to use in a variety of baked products. It has a sweet and fruity flavor. The flavor of vanilla extract is more intense than the original vanilla beans. Some of the baked recipes where vanilla extract can make a great addition are vanilla cupcakes, vanilla cake, vanilla butter cream, vanilla ice-cream, etc.

Slide 4- Is it possible to buy 100% Natural Vanilla Beans from Online Marketplace? Yes, it is possible but you need to make an extensive research for finding the original product. Most of the brands offering vanilla beans for extract contain chemicals, added sugar and preservatives. Therefore, look for ingredients carefully for purchasing the 100% original product. Simultaneously, check for the expiry date as well. The shelf life of original products is maximum 1 year. Therefore, check the expiry date before making purchase and throw away the bottle once it gets expired.

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