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PE 151 This class is a designer class! You will have multiple opportunities to choose what you want to read about, learn about and then write about. Remember, I will talk about tons of information not in the textbook but will use the book as a resource. So you should always bring your book, be prepared for class, be ready to take notes, and do an in-class activity or quiz!

Class Web Site:


Choosing Your Internet Topics! You will do six IEs from C4–9 on topics of your choosing from the links found on the textbook site.

Note: You will not have to turn in these pages this semester. You will be Blogging them instead. I will give you complete directions later.

Note: this date is August 31.

Support Files:

Each chapter may have additional links or files that you will need to do an assignment including PodCasts.

Contract and Study Tips! You will need to read and sign the class contract. Your signature means you understand what is expected of you in PE 151! The first assignment will help you develop good study habits and/or find new ways to be ready for your college educational experience at Covenant. Remember, you should not talk about the class with other students who will be in the class later in the day.

Class Buddies This class works well when you have a few class buddies with whom you can talk to and make sure you understand what the assignment is and when things are due.





This is the final project that you will turn in toward the end of the semester. Each week you will do an activity that may help you discover information to use when you write this paper about yourself. The paper can be done using the extra credit or standard formatting!

Please note: You will need to keep any information or assignment created during the semester on your computer and your backup device. The S2E2 can be worked on all during the semester!

Will’s Wee Bits of Wisdom Will’s Wisdom Bits along with Quick Tips are all through your textbook. The ones listed on the next slide are BONUS bits of wisdom that will be talked about in class!

What will you learn from WWBW? How to not get sick! How to sleep better! How to brush your teeth! How to buy shoes and socks! How to shower/wash your hair!

It’s all about learning!

in 1 5 1 E P

The First Two Weeks!

Chapter One What is your health focus?

Chapter Two Where are you?

Chapter Three Not covered in class!

What’s Next!

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

LE One

This covers both Stress and Sleep! You will do a time management project for this chapter.

This is all about Eating, when, how much, and what type! You will do an eating inventory for this chapter.

The First Learning Experience over Chapters 1, 2, 4, & 5. I will talk about the format in class and hand out a basic study guide.

The Second Half!

Chapter Six Body Composition and how to lose or gain weight. The importance of understanding the total picture.

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Strength training, how to workout and to use the equipment correctly.

Cardio activity and what do you need to know to do it safely and well.

Gym Activities!

Body Composition We do not pinch. We will use the Futrex!

Weight Room Tour

12 Minute Walk/Run

You will get to learn about the equipment in our weight rooms.

To find out what you will need to do to get ready for HPE 152

The Rest of the Semester!

Chapter Nine

Odds & Ends

LE Two

This covers how to take care of your back. Eighty percent of people have back pain during their life.

I will add several topics of interest as the class develops.

The Last Learning Experience over Chapters 6, 7, 8, & 9. I will hand out a basic study guide.

Final Essay: What does the Bible say about health?

This is done in class during finals week. There is no cumulative final in PE 151. It is a two page, handwritten essay written so that a new Christian can understand what the Bible says.

This ESSAY is Required to pass the PE 151 class. It is a low stress activity done during finals week.

Have a SUPER Semester! This class is up to you! You can learn or just muddle through.

Your Choice!

Introduction to the Class  

This is the introduction to the class.